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(3 credits)
Set 1
Marks 60
Strategic Management & Business Policy

Q.1 How does an organization’s vision get translated hierarchically and step by step
into programs of action? Illustrate by a diagram and explain each step in a sentence or
two, supported by an imaginary example. (10 marks).

Q.2 Explain with any real or imaginary example, the four generic Strategy Alternatives
for Marketing. (10 marks).

Q 3. Explain in a sentence or two, each of the elements of a Business Plan and why it
is necessary. (10 marks).

Q 4. Case Study:

S. C. Computers has been mismanaged by its promoter> The Company has over
50,000 employees with software expertise. It has clients over the last 15 years in 50
countries. The mismanagement has led to a severe cash crunch with no cash to meet
even salary requirements. While the internal situation is one of financial and employee
morale crisis, externally it enjoys the confidence of its clientele. The Government wants
such a valuable institution, built over several years, to be saved so that it can continue
to contribute to national wealth creation, but at the same time does not wish to extend
direct financial assistance,lest it amounts to encouraging or subsidizing
mismanagement. In one page, suggest the broad elements of a Business Continuity
Plan covering all aspects (not just financial alone) specifically applicable to this
situation. (10 marks).

Q.5 Brand has become an important aspect of Business. What are the advantages of
building a Brand and what steps are available under IPR to protect its ownership? (10

Q.6 “Corporate Social Responsibility is outside the scope of Business houses”. Explain
why you agree or disagree with this statement. (10 marks).

(3 credits)
Set 2
Marks 60
Strategic Management & Business Policy

Q 1.Imagine you are running a leather garment unit for export. What data flow in
terms of ratios as part of the decision support system would you install, in order to
monitor and manage the key aspects of the activity? Explain how you would use
them for managerial decisions and actions. (10 marks).

Q 2.What are the elements of a Marketing Plan? List the steps necessary to
implement, monitor and control it to achieve its objectives. (10 marks).

Q.3 What are the preparatory actions necessary for Strategy formulation and which
functionaries of the organization should be involved in shaping them?(10 marks).

Q 4. What are the types of capital needed by a business and explain their
purposes.(10 marks).

Q 5. Which are the main functionaries in a business? How do they share

responsibility for the Business Plan, in terms of key result areas, and how do they
coordinate with each other? (10 marks).

Q 6. Explain with any real or imaginary example, the four generic Strategy
Alternatives for Products. ( 10 marks).