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Recap from “Nightfall” : (Scroll down)

We pick up 10 years since the Cullen family fought the

Volturi. Bella has everything she ever wanted. Renesmee, who is now fully grown, is marrying

the love of her life, Jacob. One day, Bella sees a human boy harassing Renesmee, and something

in her snaps. She kills the human after she ravages his body. She broke out of her trance before

he died, though, and the transformation process began. Carlisle tells the family that in just one

short day he looks as if he will transform, and Alice has a vision that he will be gifted with a very

special power.

Bella falls for this newborn vampire, who is very special. He has the gift of manipulation, he can

control anyone’s actions. Bella feels this pull like her and Warren must be together, but she

knows Edward is her other half. She researches online vampire legacies and reads a prophecy

that will change vampire existence forever!

I won’t say anymore, if you have read Nightfall you know what happens in the end, if you

haven’t read it!


I was no longer in Edward’s arms, but rather, Warren’s. I didn’t glance

back to see what Edward was doing, nor did I care at that moment. It was

just Warren and I, and nothing could separate us now. I stared into his maple

colored eyes. They went from looking dull to bright. His smile was so

genuine. I could sense that the past two years were far rougher for him than

they were for me.

It didn’t matter that we were in a place with human activity, Edward

was charging towards Warren. With a wave of his hand, Edward’s stare went

blank and he became immobile. Warren’s gift did come in handy in times like


I was so close to just walking away with Warren. I could have gone

with him anywhere. I was at a crossroads, and I was still undecided. As I was

pondering which path to choose, a very small thought tugged at me, You

haven’t seen Warren in two whole years, are you really going to abandon the

family that was and will be always there for you for some physchotic

vampire who has the worst intentions of all, to destroy vampire existence? I

knew that now, since seeing Warren again, I could never leave him, but I also

knew that what Edward and I shared was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. After

several minutes of gazing at his impeccable beauty, I spoke. “Warren, I don’t

know what to do. I won’t turn my back on my family, and I’m not going to

join you in your killing spree”.

“You might change your mind after you hear the news that I am about to tell

you, Bella”. There it was again, that thick, clear voice.

“What is it, Warren? You sound as if something is wrong”. My own voice

didn’t sound normal, it sounded almost depressing. “I’m so surprised to see

you here today, of all places. I’ve sort of been living the nomad life-style”. He

chuckled. “After I left the Cullen’s place I didn’t really know what to do. It was

sort of like being given a toolbox and not quite knowing how to use the tools

inside. That was me, in some sense or another. I knew that I was a vampire,

very strong, and possessed my manipulation gift, but that was about it. I was

still learning how and how not to use my powers. Sometimes I wanted people

to do things for me so badly that I couldn’t push the thoughts out of my

head. Sometimes.. I gave into temptation”. Where was this going? I thought

Warren was going to tell me why I might change my mind. “Warren, where is

this going? Can’t you get right to the point? Why do I need to here this idle

information when you know what I want to know?” I said. “Bella, I would

never play you for a fool. I am telling you from the beginning why I have

changed my mind. I am certain that you will too when you hear what I

know”. Warren said.

Now he really had me. I desperately wanted to hear what he had to say,

so instead of fighting him I nodded and he continued. “Where was I. Oh yes,

like I said I gave into temptation. I vowed never to lie to you Bella, so I’m not

going to sugar-coat the truth. I stayed in a little place in France called

Cavallion. I was so angry back then. I couldn’t resist killing a human. I know I

wasn’t meant to be a good-natured vampire, I just tried my best for you.

After I killed this human, I looked to see if anyone had seen what I had done.

There were a couple of witnesses who, to my dismay, had watched me

during the killing. I left France as fast as I could, but news came flooding in

from everywhere about the killing. The witnesses told reporters of they saw.

They were two separate witnesses from two different angles and they had

both admitted to seeing a man bite a woman.

I wasn’t even aware of where I had taken the plane tickets to. I found

myself in New Mexico. It didn’t take very long for a member of the Volturi, I

believe his name was Aro, to come and find me.” I gasped. “I knew he

wanted to kill me from the minute I stared into his eyes. His exterior was

quite friendly, he even smiled. But I could see through him, underneath he

was indisputably lethal. He discussed how a young vampire shouldn’t

behave this way in front of an audience. I knew he had something up his


sleeve. He placed one of his hands on mine, and I flinched, but didn’t back

away. I didn’t want to do anything that might annoy him, after all, the Volturi

is infamously known for their powers. “I have seen your thoughts. It looks as

though you are a gifted vampire. I couldn’t see what your power exactly was.

Care to explain”. There was no point in not telling him, he would find out

soon enough what it was. I told him how I could manipulate any person to do

anything I wanted them to. He definitely looked taken aback. “That is most

interesting. I am going to offer you something that the Volturi rarely ask of

vampires, would you like to join our coven? We, together, are the most

powerful of them all”. I could sense the urgency in his voice, he looked

uneasy. I remembered what you had said about the Volturi and how they

were terrible vampires. “You tried to hurt Bella and her family. For that I will

never join your coven!” I said to him. I started tackling him when I realized

there was no reason to, I could just make him do what I wanted him to. I

concentrated on him for a moment. His stare went blank, and he started a

fire in my small house. I don’t really want to discuss the morbid details, but

he destroyed himself. This was just last week. The Volturi will know that

something is wrong, that their leader hasn’t returned. I decided to flee from

New Mexico, and came here. Your arrival was totally unanticipated, but

essential. You play a pivotal role in this”.

I started to understand what Warren was getting at. Would the Volturi

really check the Cullen’s house, our house, out of vengeance that their

leader was destroyed?

“Warren, if this is true, and the Volturi seek justice for what you have

done, they will find you. They have no limits! You’ve put my family in danger

as well as me. We have to go back to warn them, to protect them. Edward is

coming too”.

Chapter 2

It baffled me how my feelings can change on the flip of a dime. One

minute Edward and I were on cloud nine, in Barcelona; the next, we were

packing our belongings in our little hotel suite, preparing for our return to the

Cullen house.

While Edward and I packed, Warren was exploring the many wonders of

the sleek black limoseine. Why did he have to rent something that was so

noticeable? I watched as he ran his finger across the interior of the car. I

could tell that Warren appreciated upscale items, while Edward thought of

them as mere objects. I couldn’t’ let my mind wander, I had to prepare how

to go about the battle, when the time came.

Getting packed should have been easy, not when you had Alice for a

sister, though. There was no point in fighting her when she insisted on me

bringing along my black cargo jacket, although the month was June. Now I

regretted caving in. No one would have anticipated on our second day of

staying in Barcelona that we would have to be summoned back home by

Warren. I had concluded my existence wasn’t meant to be a simple one,

there would always be some sort of upheaval or drama.

Edward, like the gentleman he was, carried both my bulging luggage and

his much lighter to the limo. I could have done it for myself, but I figured that

it would be best if Edward’s hands weren’t free, after seeing Warren. “Where

is the driver?” I said to Warren. Warren had a mischievous expression written

all over his face. “Didn’t you rent this limo, Warren?” I asked. “Well..

Desperate times call for desperate measures, let’s leave it at that”. Warren

said. I said no more.


“I’m going to drive us to the air-port, after all, technically this limo belongs

to me right now” Warren said. Edward was reaching his breaking point, I

could tell, but it was impossible to say no to Warren, something in me never

wanted to hurt him. Warren reminded me of myself, in some ways. He was

quiet, but he loosened up when he was with people he loved, or knew for

Edward’s case. Warren wasn’t very outgoing, yet he had this personality that

hooked me in. He walked a lonely two years, without any friends or family.

He did it for me, for my safety as well as my families. Say if I couldn’t’ leave

him when the battle ended, saying we won. Now since he was back in my

existence, I was unsure of my next move.

I didn’t even know that we had arrived at the air-port, because I was

consumed by my thoughts. Warren came around and took my luggage from

the back seat, which I didn’t argue him for doing so. “Edward, it’s just

luggage. There are more important things going on right now”. I placed a

comforting hand on his shoulder. “Fine. I’m booking the flight to Astoria, I

know the fastest way there. We won’t have to run that many miles. Warren

had better not contradict me, since you know him best, can you tell him? I’m

sure he’d rather hear you speak than me”. “Don’t worry, I heard. I’m not deaf

you know”. Warren said from the other end of the air-port, while he was

dropping our luggage in the chute. I couldn’t help but smile at him. He

returned the smile.

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When we boarded the airplane, I hoped that Warren had a seat behind

either Edward or I. Edward took the window seat while I took the seat beside

him. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of Warren, who, to my

consternation, was seated a row over, to my right, in the nearest seat next to

me. He saw me glance up and made a waving gesture with his hand while

grinning. I leaned back in my seat and groaned. I heard him beginning to

laugh but it was silenced when Edward gave him his deathly stare.
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Chapter 3

I tried to avoid both Warren’s and Edward’s eyes whenever possible. Occasionally, Edward

would try to start up a conversation with me, but I would only nod my head or give standard

answers. I could feel Warren’s eyes on me the whole time we were flying. I didn’t give him the

satisfaction of staring, even though a part of me desperately wanted to look into his impeccable

face and register his beauty into my memory. There would be time for that later. Hopefully.

The plane eventually landed, and we collected our luggage from the air-port. Once we were

outside, Edward hauled a cab to come and get the three of us. We sat in silence while the Indian

cab-driver spoke in a language that I couldn’t understand. Luckily, he seemed to be an impatient

man and he sped across the highway rather quickly for a human.

It was nighttime when we arrived at the Cullen house. Warren, Edward and I cut through the

forest to get back home, which turned out to be a good decision, because the pupils in my eyes

were huge, and my eye color was black. I needed to hunt.

Alice and Carlisle were waiting out front, while the rest of the family joined them when they

heard we had arrived. “Bella” Alice said to me “Shortly before you came back, I saw something

that really disturbed me. I couldn’t quite make sense of it. I saw the Volturi preparing to for

battle, and I knew that something must be wrong. What did Warren do? I just know he was

somehow involved in this, who else would betray us? Why is he here by the way?” Carlisle

nodded, as if to confirm that his questions were the same as her’s.

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Instead of letting Edward or Warren tell the story from their point of views, I knew that I

would be the only unbiased one out of the three of us, and I told them of what had happened.

“You mean.. This is the battle? Someone will come out on top? I cannot believe this! In my

vision the battle was taking place three days from today!” Alice said. Her voice was hysterical.

Two days was all the definite time I had left with my family. Vampires were going to die.

There was going to be tragedy and loss and worry. I loved every single member of my family,

and I wouldn’t allow them to get hurt .

Carlisle addressed the Cullen family, and Jacob and Renesmee when he spoke. “There is no

time for accusations, there are much greater things at hand. You all heard what Bella said. Warren

was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he did what he could to protect himself. With

Warren’s aid we will have a better chance of defeating the Volturi, but we need everyone’s


“Renesmee, I won’t let you fight. You should go with Jake someplace.” Edward said. I

agreed with him, and piped in with “ I won’t let my daughter engage in what could very well be

the battle of the millennium.” My voice was shaky.

“Mom, I have to fight. Jacob will be beside me as well. I remember what the Volturi did to

you, to us, and I can’t sit on the sidelines when my family is at stake. If one of us perishes, I

won’t be able to live with myself”. She said. Jacob looked frightened that Renesmee would fight,

but he didn’t want to contradict her. Renesmee was single minded, and when she set out on doing

something, she would do it.

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“I’m going to call the Romanian Coven first. Vladimir and Stefan will be more than willing

to fight with us. Kachiri, Senna, and Zafrina might be up for it, we could really use their support

as well. We need as many vampires on our side as we can get”. Carlisle said.

We all headed inside then. Everyone glared at Warren, as he made his way into the Cullen

house, except for Renesmee and I. Renesmee sensed that something was going on there, but I

was blessed with a daughter who never pressed for information, so we didn’t discuss that.

Minutes passed and Carlisle joined us in the living room. “Well, it looks as if just Vladimir,

Stefan, Kachiri, Senna, and Zafrina, and Tanya’s coven are joining us.

“Okay, that’s still better than just our coven. We will have a better chance of winning.” Esme

said, supportively. Esme was always an optimist. I wished my pessimism could be reversed, how

I would favor seeing the glass half full.

Alice’s stare went blank. We all knew what this meant. After a minute or so, her tensed

expression disappeared. At least this vision would not be bad like her previous one. “Well,

Vladimir and Stefan will be here very shortly. Tanya’s coven will be a bit longer, but they

shouldn’t be held up for too long.

While we all waited in silence, Carlisle was looking intently at his phone. As if he knew it

waagoing to ring, sure enough a soft beep sounded. Carlisle snapped open the little phone, and

spoke clearly and concisely, “Oh, hello Benjamin! I do appreciate you saying that, and I

fervently hope that the rest of the coven will join us. I understand, they are a bit reluctant. If they

opt not to join us, don’t fret. Say hi to the family for me. Bye.”

“Let me guess, Benjamin wants to partake in the battle, but the rest of the coven don’t exactly

see eye to eye with him.” Emmett said.

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“I couldn’t have said it much better myself, Emmett.” Carlisle said. Emmett looked superior,

purposely pushing out his chest so his white shirt molded to his muscles.

Once again the room fell silent. It was oddly relaxing to not have to start up a conversation.

The wave of dread that had washed over us before had now vanished, and tranquility took it’s

place. All there was to do was wait for the other coven’s to join us. Just wait. We were doing all

we could given the circumstances.

“They’re here.” Alice said. Carlisle went to go greet Vladimir and Stefan. In walked the

Romanian coven, as expected, but behind them was a young looking vampire boy. His hair was

chestnut and fell in wavy locks, cut right below his chin. This vampire’s skin was ivory, paler

than any vampire I’ve ever seen. The boy must have been no older than ten or eleven. His nose

was quite small and curved up at the end. His lips were not as full as an adult vampire, yet just as

perfect. What an adorable looking boy. Although he had a baby face, he was just a few inches

shorter than Vladimir. “You’ve brought along a friend?” Carlisle said, his voice hopeful.

“Yes, Carlisle. We must have forgotten to tell you in all of the excitement. This is Thomson.

We found Thomson a few months back. He has been a vampire for several hundred years, but he

decided to join our coven.” Stefan said.

“Hello. I would be glad to help you defeat the Volturi, it’s about time.” Thomson said.

“Your help is appreciated. I want everyone to know that killing was not our motive, in fact,

we were firmly opposed to it. It’s unfortunate its come down to this, but we are certain that there

is no other option”

“Say no more. This shall be great fun.” Vladimir said, a crazed look in his eye. “Renesmee!

How enchanting you are.”

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Renesmee’s alabaster cheeks were blushing. “Hi. So glad you’ve come to help us.” She said.

I could see the pair made her uncomfortable, but she knew they meant no harm, to her at least.

After we all introduced ourselves to Thomson, and greeted Vladimir and Stefan, the doorbell

rang again. The Cullen’s house went from being dull to lively in a matter of minutes.