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Mirza Md. A. Hu. Al Rakib

C/O.Waheed Shams
49/5 C, Indira Road (5th floor),
West Raza Bazar, Dhaka-1215.
Cell phone: +8801717543971

To have a challenging career in which I have to work hard, practise creativity,
take greater responsibilities, keep honest and express my leadership qualities
and communication skills to the highest level.
Working Experience

1.System Executive,
National TeleCom Ltd., Mohakhali, Dhaka.
Duration: August’2008 – Continuing.
 Monitoring Alarm of Microwave failure and troubleshoot the problem.
 E1 distribute for client and troubleshoot E1 problem.
 Monitoring HLR database and add internet user to AAA server.
 PDSN configure, monitoring and maintenance.
 High way Router configure and maintenance(NE-40)
 Huawei switch, Huawei firewall, Cisco Switch, Cisco PIX, Cisco Router
 VPN configuration for SMS purpose with other mobile operator.
 DNS, DHCP, Proxy and Mail Server, Mrtg Server configures and monitor.
 Site survey
2.System Administrator and Programming Assistant,
Destiny Associate (Pvt.) Ltd.
Duration: March’2008-July’2008
 Samba server, DNS, DHCP, Proxy, Mail server configure and
 Hardware and Networking Troubleshooting.
 Programming with C++ in Linux system.
3.System Engineer,
Albert IT Solutions, Sylhet.
 System Monitoring & troubleshooting.
 Networking monitoring & troubleshooting.
 Different software packages testing.
 Server configuration: DNS, DHCP, Proxy, Samba server.

B.Sc Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering

 Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet, Passing year 2007.
 Result: 3.1/4
Higher Secondary Certificate Exam in Science Group
 Notre Dame College, Dhaka, Passing year 2001.
 Result: 1st Division
Secondary School Certificate Exam in Science Group
 Thakurgaon Govt. Boys High School, Thakurgaon, Passing year 1999.
 Result: 1st Division
Undergraduate Thesis____________________________________

 Integration of WiMAX with Optical Fiber

Proposed a model of integrated WiMAX-Optical fiber networks and designed a
simulation using OPNET to measure the performance of different configurations
of the integrated WiMAX-Optical Fiber Networks.

 Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) using WiMAX

Proposed a wireless network (WiMAX) in combination with the existing optical
fiber network of Bangladesh.

Research Experience/Area
WiMAX, WiFi, GSM, CDMA, GPRS/EDGE, MIMO Antenna, OFDM, Optical Fiber
Communication, Optical-Wireless Integration.

Skill Summary
 Telecommunication: WiMAX, WiFi, GPS/GIS, GSM, CDMA2000,
GPRS/EDGE, VSAT, MIMO Antenna, Cell planning-frequency reuse, Op-
tical Fiber Communication, Satellite Communication,PDH,SDH,SS-
 Networking: TCP/IP, LAN/VLAN/WLAN, VPN, WAN, Cisco/Huawei
Router, NE-40, Cisco/Huawei Switch, Filewall, PDSN, AAA Server.
 Server System: Proxy Server, DNS, DHCP, Mail Server, Samba Server.
 Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, Assembly Language, MAT-
 Database & Web Development: Oracle 9i, MySQL, PHP, HTML.
 Operating System: Microsoft Windows, Linux (Red Hat 9, Fedora core
8), Sun Solaris 10.
 Office Tools: MS Office, Open Office.
 Sound Knowledge in management information system.
 Expert in logical and mathematical Problem solving.
Development Projects
Design and simulation related
 IP based network design for all over Bangladesh.
 Designed “Optical Fiber Communications System” for given region and
 Develop a simulator for sampling of a given signal using MATLAB.
 Develop a Digital signal processing tools using MATLAB.
Analog and Digital Data communication
 Analog Modulation and Demodulation.
 Pulse Coded Modulation.
Fiber Optic Data Transmission
 Study of Laser behaviour in different temperature.
 Measurement of the spreading angle of light from Laser.
 Implementation of a small fiber optic system which could transmit and
receive data using Multimode fiber (MMF) and different ICs (TTL, ECL).
 Studying EYE diagram of the implemented system using Oscilloscope.
 Implementation of a Power meter using OP-AMP.
 Measurement of Bend loss in Single Mode Fiber (SMF) using Power
 Theoretical Bit Error Rate (BER) measurement.
 Study of Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA).
Design of a Digital Clock
This project was done in the second year undergraduate Digital Electronics
course. We designed a digital clock using only basic gates like AND gate, OR
gate, etc.
Voting Software
Developed a database application to automate the result of voting system. It
was done as a project of the course of Database Systems. The application front
end was written in Visual Basic and the back end was supported by MySQL.
IP Analyzer
Develop an analyzer for subnet masking and broadcast address generator using
Proxy Server
Develop a proxy server using Java.

Extracurricular activities
 Member of CSE society of SUST.
 Ex-Member, SUPA, Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet.
 Organizing member of CSE festival’06 in CSE department, SUST.
 Ex-member of ‘Science Club’, Notre Dame College, Dhaka.
 Ex- Member, University Student Association, Rajshahi in SUST.

Language Proficiency
Good communicative skill in both Bengali and English.
Personal Information
Name : Mirza Md. A. Hu. Al Rakib
Father’s Name : Mirza Md. Abdur Razzak
Mother’s Name : Most. Aktary Begum
Date of Birth : 3rd July, 1983
Nationality : Bangladeshi
Sex : Male
Religion : Islam
Marital Status : Unmarried
Interest : Traveling, Mathemetical Problem Solving.
Permanent Address : Vill/PO: Aliabad, PS: Durgapur, Dist: Rajshahi.

Prof. Dr. Muhammed Zafar Iqbal
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology,
Sylhet - 3114, Bangladesh.
Phone: (PABX):(88) – 0821 – 713850/714479-154

Md. Mesbahuddin Malik

IT,VAS & Billing,
National TeleCom Ltd.,
82, Mohakhali, Dkaka, Bangladesh.
Phone: +8801920705518

I hereby declare that all the information’s are authentic to the best of my

Sincerely yours,

Mirza Md. A. Hu. Al Rakib