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#2 30/09/2008

Dear Albion members,

It is already been a whole week since the fist Albion newsletter was
sent to you. Firstly, we really want to thank you for your positive
feedback, which helps us to improve our newsletter.

A lot can happen in just one week!

Albion Afternoon
Lokaal Negen is still open on Wednesday afternoons. It is quite
successful, but: the more, the merrier!
So, to convince you:
- discount on your drinks
- the chance to meet your fellow students (not only first year
- a possibility to practice English pronunciation
.. and so much more! Just join us, if only for one afternoon.

Every Wednesday afternoon, 15.30 until…

Lokaal Negen, Trans 7

Promoteam needed!
As you might know, Albion and the Albion activities/parties need to be
promoted. Of course, we have our dear Esmé to do this, but because
it is quite a hard job to do on your own, we are wondering if there are
some enthusiastic students who want to help her once in a while with
the actual promotion, and with ideas.

If you are interested, you can contact us by email, or by visiting us!

Drift 21, 2.11

Membership cards
Please do not forget that we need your picture if you want a
membership card. Without a photo no card, and without a card no
discounts and other offers. We can only accept passport photographs.
If you want a card, please come and bring your photo before or on the
1st of October during office hours.

Albion Newsletter 1
On behalf of the A5 committee:
Wat is A5?
A5 is een feestcommissie van 5 studieverenigingen van de faculteit; Awater
(Nederlands), Alias (TCS), AKT (TFT), ART(kunstgeschiedenis) en Albion. Drie keer
per jaar organiseren zij met z'n vijven een feest voor hun leden (ook niet-leden zijn
zeker welkom!).

Wat wordt er verwacht van A5-leden?

De commissie vergadert zeer regelmatig, en als je in de gelegenheid bent om mee
te vergaderen, zeker doen! Zo heb je als vereniging ook inspraak en blijf je op de
hoogte. Indien je niet kan komen moet je je even afmelden, wel zo netjes.
Verder hoort helpen bij het opbouwen van het feest, het versieren van de zaal ook
bij de taken van de commissie. Ieder commissielid draait een aantal diensten op
het feest, krijgt daarbij een aantal gratis consumptiebonnen en heeft gratis
toegang tot het feest. Je hebt de rest van de avond voldoende tijd om je te
vermaken, dus je bent niet alleen maar bezig met organiseren! Na afloop even met
z'n allen opruimen.

Veel mensen leren kennen buiten je studievereniging en nieuwe contacten leggen;
erg handig! Je krijgt ook een idee van de organisatie van een feest, wat er allemaal
bij komt kijken. En verder de gratis toegang, een aantal gratis consumpties en

Many of the first year students ordered a sweater. We want to let you
know that these will be ordered this week.
For all the other students: there is an Albion sweater, which you can
order soon. More information will follow!

Let’s go!
Last Thursday, the 25th of September, the Let’s Go kick
off party took place. The board spotted a few Albion
members, and we were really delighted to see them!
There was a great turnout, and it was great fun! We
hope to see you all at more parties.

Pictures at:

Little Britain
Great news! On the 3rd of October, the BBC will broadcast a new
season of Little Britain at 22.30h (Dutch time). But this time it is
special; it is a new version "[f]ilmed entirely in the States, the series
features familiar Little Britain characters in new sketches, as well as
brand-new characters, all performed by Lucas and Walliams" (BBC).
We hope you will all enjoy! (Thank you, Heleen, for sharing!)

Albion Newsletter 2
Hopefully, you are now once again fully updated!
If you still have questions, you can send us an e-mail or a letter, call
us or, of course, visit us during office hours.
We would also like to point out to you that tips and suggestions are

Yours truly,


Albion Newsletter 3