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# 7 12-12-2008, Utrecht

Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh, o'er the fields we go,
laughing all the way. Bells on bob tails ring, making spirits bright. What fun
it is to laugh and sing a sleighing song tonight..

Is it December already? We guess it is; it is snowing, the lights are bright

and Albion has a special treat for you.. Read more below and enjoy this
festive Newsletter!

Albion Newsletter © Albion 2008 u

15-12-’08 15:00 High Tea @ “De Schrans”
17-12-’08 Groot Dictee der Nederlandse Taal
18-12-’08 18:00 – 21:00 Dickens Film Night @ Drift 23, 0.20
20-12-’08 Dickens Festival
12-01-’09 09:00 – 14:30 Book Sale @ Drift 21

Long ago, there lived a poor man and his three beautiful daughters.
He had no money to get his daughters married, and he was worried
what would happen to them after his death.

Santa Claus (or Saint Nicolas) was passing through the village
when he over heard the discussion of some villagers who were
talking about the situation of the three girls. Santa wanted to
help them, but he knew that the old man won't accept charity.
He decided to help in secret. He waited until it was night and
crept into their house through the chimney.

He had three bags of gold coins with him, one for each girl.
As he was looking for a place to keep those three bags, he noticed
stockings of the three girls that were hung over the mantelpiece
for drying. He put one bag in each stocking and off he went.
When the girls and their father woke up the next morning, they f
ound the bags of gold coins and were of course, overjoyed.
The girls were able to get married and live happily ever after.

Would you like to enjoy this English tradition, as many millions of children do all
over the world on Christmas morning?
Come by our office and drop off a Christmas stocking or sock with your name on it.
You can pick up this sock on the 17th possibly filled with goods!

Next Monday, 15 December, the Acie will be organising a High-Tea in

“de Schrans” at 15.00hrs. You’ll be treated to a lot of nice and tasty

Albion Newsletter © Albion 2008 u

stuff like cakes, pies, scones etc. and there’ll be more than enough tea
to keep you warm in these wintry days!

But not only will the Acie host this tasty activity, you will also be able
to show us your favourite High-Tea pies and cakes by participating in
our Baking Contest! Read more in the separate e-mail about the High

Hopefully you’ll all share a cup of tea with us coming Monday! Feel free
to bring non-members as well: everybody from the English department
is more than welcome.

Kind regards,

The Acie
Marlies, Chloé, Jolien and Marie-Claire

Every year around Christmas, the Dickens Festival takes places in

Deventer, and the Activity Committee is organising a trip to this
splendid festival! During the festival, people are dressed up as
characters from Dickens’ books, and there are several stands were you
can buy food, books and gadgets! So, if you like to join us on the 20th of
December, send an email to before Thursday
(18th of December) and we will send you the additional information!

To get you all in the mood, we’re organising a Dickens film night on the
18th of December as well! The costs will be €2,- for Albion members,
and €2,50 for non-members, and the night will take place
from 18:00 till 21:00 at Drift 23, room 0.20. If you like to
join us, please mail to before
Wednesday (17th of December)!

Hope to see you all,

Your Activity Committee,

Chloé, Marie-Claire, Marlies and Jolien

Albion Newsletter © Albion 2008 u

As you have all heard, we were planning to select a
teacher of English to compete in the Universtiy of
Utrecht’s Teacher’s Price contest. Unfortunately, we had
little idea of the work and time that went into this project, and since we only
heard of it two months ago, we haven’t got nearly enough time to prepare for the
contest. Therefore, we have decided not to take part this time and put it on hold
until next year, so that when we do compete, our teacher actually stands a chance
at winning.

However, we do not want to give up on this initiative entirely. The Ablion Board
still feels it is important to thank our teachers for all the hard work and time they
spend on us and we agree that a Teacher’s Price is a great way to do that.
Therefore, we have decided to hold our own Teacher’s Contest for teachers within
the English department only. You will all receive more information about this
contest in the very near future. Please immediately start considering who you think
is the best teacher we have and why!

The price for the winning teacher is a surprise, but it will be just a little something
to show our gratitude and respect. We would really like this to become an annual
event, so please help make this first edition a success!

First year students: we are very sorry for any unnecessary panic we
caused by sending you an e-mail about a supposed extra book: as we’ve
already let you know by e-mail, this was a mistake. All the books you
need were on the list we handed out, so if you ordered everything, you
will be just fine.

Just a reminder for everyone who ordered books from Albion: the book
sale will take place on January the 12th, from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm.
Please note that we’d rather you’d pay by debit card: cash means a lot
of extra work for us. Thank you in advance!

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All of you who are in their final year: please pay attention!
You have the opportunity to compete in one of the
most prestigious contests Holland has to offer and climb the ladder of success
faster than anyone else. Meet top people from huge companies and show them your
many talents in a series of rounds, and maybe you win one of the fantastic prizes,
among which €10.000,-.
Visit the website for more information and a quickly
filled in application form, and maybe you will get the chance to participate in this
exciting competition!

For money reasons, the university is considering to expand the hours in

which exams can take place. These changes come down to this: exams
will now also be scheduled on Saturdays and between the hours of
8:00 am and 10:00 pm during week days!

To stop this from happening, sign the petition online:

Be proud of being an English student!
Be proud of being an Albion member.
And most of all; FLAUNT this pride!

Many first year students have ordered and received their special ‘first year Albion
sweater’. Now, do you wish you had ordered one as well? It is not too late, for we
will be placing a new order end of January. That is, if we get enough new orders.
So, if you have your mind set on getting one of these sweaters, urge your friends to
do so as well, and chances are big you’ll be receiving your own sweater in the new

Older students cannot order this sweater, but they obviously can order the
extremely comfy ‘Albion sweater’. These will be ordered near the end of January
as well. So be quick!

Albion Newsletter © Albion 2008 u

- Send us an email at bestuur@albionutrecht.
- Subject: Albion sweater AND/OR first year Albion sweater.
- Please include the size you would like (S - M - L - XL - XXL, Unisex sweaters)

(You can find pictures of these sweaters on the Click

on the Merchandise tab)

Mix it Up-party

The Mix it Up-party was a raving success: many students of English were there,
together with lots of students from other faculties. For those who couldn’t come:
luckily, we still have the pictures! (It doesn’t sound that well in English, does it?).
Check them out at our website:

Yours truly,


Albion Newsletter © Albion 2008 u