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Subject: ICT Date: 13th April 2009

Prepared by: Dk Etty Marliny Pg Rosli Class: 3A and 3B

Topic: Webcam (file-transfer) Resources: Mac iChat, msn, projector,
Vocabulary learned: file-transfer IWB, blog: www.studydudes.blogspot .com.

The Set-up Unit Goals:

Pupils will learn on photographing themselves using a webcam.

Learning Objectives:
• Able to use different tools on iChat widget (Mac)
• Able to take pictures using a webcam
• Able to indicate/ allocate where these files are kept.
• Able to transfer the file (i.e. pictures taken by webcam) to their peers/
Materials: Laptops (Mac) with build-in webcam, projector and Interactive
Whiteboard (IWB).

The Lesson The Hook: Teacher will show a video called “Apple Quick Tips: iChat Bonjour
File Transfer” where the student will be able to learn on how to do file
transferring using iChat. Last week, they learnt how to communicate with peers
1. Set induction either by texting or video conferencing. Today, teacher will show the pupils on
(5 minutes) how to do ‘file-transferring’.

• Show them tools on ‘iChat’ (Mac Book) and what they can do with it.
2. Lesson • Explore more functions of webcam and how to do file transferring to peers
Development 1 within the same network.
(15 minutes)
• Practise: Student will need to experience file transferring, which is one
method of communication and one way on how to share their work with
their friends collaboratively (i.e. file transfer). Teacher will explain that
they won’t need to use pendrive to pass their work to their friends as long
as they are having internet connection. Teacher will assist the pupils
throughout this hands-on activity.

Summary: Transfer and synthesize current knowledge to a new learning of

technologies. On previous lesson, they had learnt and experienced on how
to use webcam for video conferencing. Teacher will relate this knowledge
with new ways of sharing files (i.e. file transfer) with their peers in the
absence of other storage devices such as pen-drive and floppy diskette.

The Closure Webcam Application: Student will learn and experience a new way of
(3 minutes) communication and how to do work collaboratively in the presence of internet
connection. They will be able to share their file as well as transferring it in order
Another 7 minutes are for them to have a discussion with peers.
reserve for morning
greetings, reciting ‘Doa’ Assessment: Students will be assessed on how they are able to explore and use
and any other delaying. webcam collaboratively with their partners. They should be able to discuss the
functions of available tools and apply their knowledge.

The Preview: Next lesson will be combining photographs which were captured
by webcams and publish the pictures by using Microsoft Publisher to make a