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A BYTE OF LIFE Monday, April 13, 2009

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ENTREPRENEURS on Sachin, IPL and Dhoni
Sramana Mitra on her book series

Karthikeyan of the 3,000 students

is a 27-year-old
TCS employee.
He is also the
founder of a
trust that is
3,000 students
of Valangaiman
village in
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02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Monday, April 13, 2009

Mom n Me
What better way to know your kid even
better, along with giving him/her oodles of
fun, joy and knowledge at a camp where found to be an unemployed MBA. dalur Zoo, has attracted many
both kids and their moms are involved She didn’t want to register a com- VIPs and VVIPs of the city. The
together! plaint and requested the release biggies are on their heels to catch
At Mom n Me, kids and their mothers learn of the man. But the cops weren’t a glimpse of the white cubs but
various forms of creative arts together. The ready for it, saying, “Chain- the zoo officials have denied
camp comprises five days of activities like snatchers are a prized catch for them permission citing that the
paper quilting, envelope-making and Prized catch us these days.” mother tiger could get infuriated
designing, chocolate-making, perfume- An accused in a chain-snatch- and injure her cubs if they have
making and Iris art and dance.
Mom n Me is being conducted at 4A,
ing incident in Saidapet was ap-
prehended by the public and
Cub watch an army of visitors.

Abhirami Krishna Tulasi Apts, No. 34, 2nd

Main Road, Kasturibai Nagar, Adyar,
handed over to police. The victim
in the incident, a young girl, took
The birth of two white tiger
cubs at Arignar Anna Zoological
Raining DVDs
Chennai – 20, from April 21 to 25. pity on the accused, who was Park, well-known known as Van- It was raining DVDs for some
To register call 9884049371/9381059721. mediapersons and policemen at
a recent press meet held by the
Power Yoga time City Police Commissioner to an-
nounce the seizure of 25,000 pi-
Get ready for some Power Yoga, as Varahas rated DVDs in the city. As soon as
Gurucool is conducting a camp this summer. the meeting was over men
The classes will be conducted by Sastri dashed to the DVD display and
Arunachala and his trained disciples. The stuffed as much as they could in
Power Yoga course is designed and their bags and walked away with
structured by Sastri Arunachala, under a big smile of satisfaction.
the classes
Louder than words
will be A police officer attached to the
conducted. Mylapore limits is known to be
The classes the action man there. Apparently,
will begin he is the best khaki there to ex-
from April tract the truth from the accused
20 at persons in his own ‘police style’.
Bamboola, The man is so proud and com-
New No.73, mitted to his work skill that he
Venkatakrishna Road, Raja Annamalaipuram Policemen and others select their favourite ones from a box of seized CDs and even cancelled his one-day leave
Chennai - 28 . Two batches will be DVDs, which were on display at the City Police Commissioner’s Office in and came back to ‘question’ a
conducted, one between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. Chennai on Sunday. PHOTO: S.S. KUMAR robbery offender.
and another between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m.
from Monday to Friday. For details contact
9941295549/98412 14778.


쒀 Children playing at the construction site of temporary shelters for fishermen

families at Nochikuppam in Chennai. PHOTO: S.S. KUMAR
Monday, April 13, 2009

the people who take care of topper in both the class X and welfare of his village. I am able

To teach is
the trust in their son’s absence. XII Board exams. to witness a steady growth in
Manoharan says he is happy “I never had proper guid- the education of the students
to serve others. “I want my son ance during my school days. after the commencement of
to follow me. Let him not save When I opted for Computer tuition centres. If each village
everything in a bank and call Science group in Plus One, my has a person like Karthikeyan,

to change himself a rich man. I want him

to share knowledge and mon-
ey with others and lead a sim-
ple and normal life. If he does
that, I will be the world’s
family was not in a position to
buy a computer. So I made a list
of my classmates who had PCs
and befriended them so that I
could learn computers. Now I
rural empowerment is not far
S. Kubendran, director, Jan
Shikshan Samsthan (Makkal
Kalvi Niruvanam), Thiruvarur,
V. HARIPRIYA paternal grandmother, who he proudest father.” don’t want that to happen to also had the same words to de- says is the saviour of his family. these kids,” he says. “There are scribe Karthikeyan. “Villagers
“My grandfather died early Taught process a couple of computers in my are migrating to cities in search

don’t want to save and it was my grandmother The trust provides free eve- house, which the children can of better jobs. They are not uti-
money for my future. I who struggled hard to bring ning tuitions to about 3,000 use. Every weekend I go home lising the services provided by
am ready to spend up her kids. Though illiterate, students, from Class I to XII, and teach them computers for the government. Through
each and every paisa of she provided basic education everyday in 14 centres, out of two days.” Karthikeyan’s basic ARAM Trust, Karthikeyan
my salary for the uplift of my to my father and his siblings by which 13 are handled on the aim is help these students com- makes them aware of the ser-
village,” says 27-year-old TCS doing menial jobs. And if I am a school premises itself and one plete their basic education and vices provided and also encour-
employee J.M. Karthikeyan. software engineer today, it’s in the corridor of Karthikeyan’s learn technical education. ages them to take up technical
And true to his words, he because of her. She parted small tiled house. “We can’t af- The trust also provided food training. We are now certifying
takes care of the educational with her pension amount for ford separate buildings for the to villagers for more than five the technical courses conduct-
needs of about 3,000 students my Engineering studies,” he classes. So we sought permis- days when the village was hit ed by ARAM Trust. When a
from the poor and downtrod- says. “And even during those sion from the school author- by cyclone ‘Nisha’ last Novem- youngster like Karthikeyan
den families of Valangaiman days of hardships she adopted ities to conduct classes there in ber. does so many welfare mea-
village in Thiruvarur district, two orphans and brought the evening. The students are sures for the villagers, this is
and provides free training in them up with her kids. So we taught by staff we have Praiseworthy our small gesture towards
computers, technical and tai- thought it’s apt to start a trust recruited. Through this we When we spoke to P.Guna- him.”
loring courses for widowed, in her name,” says Karthi- aimed at giving employment vathi, deputy educational offi- For more information on
poor, destitute and adolescent keyan, adding that the funding to educated girls whose par- cer of Valangaiman, she was all ARAM Trust, you can visit
women through Annai Rajesh- for the trust is from his salary ents are not interested in send- praise for Karthikeyan. “With ■
wari Ammal Memorial (ARAM) and contribution from his ing them out of the village for the job that he has, Karthi-
Trust. friends, colleagues and rela- a job. We provide the students keyan could have built a pala-
tives. snacks before class starts, since tial house and bought a car.
Grandma shows the way Karthikeyan’s father J. Ma- we know that kids can’t con- But instead, he uses it for the
Karthikeyan, along with his noharan, who works with the centrate in hunger,” says Kar-
father J. Manoharan, runs the police department, and moth- thikeyan, who was a school
trust started in memory of his er Malarvizhi, a housewife, are

J.M. Karthikeyan (extreme

right) and his father J.
Manoharan with the kids.

A TCS employee is catering to the educational

needs of 3,000 students in Valangaiman village in
Thiruvarur district. And the village is responding
04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Monday, April 13, 2009

Ask your query

I have 3 credit cards and an outstand-
ing balance of over Rs. 2 lakh. One of
the card companies has sent me a let- Long jump lo n g
ter stating that my limit has been re-
duced from Rs. 62,000 to Rs. 30,000
based on my activities. Is it legal for

sigh i t
tedn w
them to do so? And how do I get out of
my card debt?
Shankar, Thiruvanmiyur
The card company is well with its

limits to reduce your credit limit with-
out asking you. The problem is most of
us fail to read the fine print and the

he SENSEX has shown excep-
rules and regulations booklets that ac- tional growth over the past
company our new card. It will surely be week as compared to the last six
stated that the company can at any months.
time enhance or reduce your limit It’s a time when those on the edge
without a need to give justification. of the markets feel the itch to start
As far as getting out of the card debts investing. So is this a good time to
is concerned, there are a few strategies invest in equities? The answer is that
that you could follow. First try to liqui- any time is a good time as long as
date as much cash as possible and set- you let time nurture and grow your
tle off what’s possible. No point in money rather than greed.
keeping cash in a savings account Sounds philosophical, eh? But it’s
which give 5-6% when your negative true; any long-term investment in
out flow is 36% ! Second could be to strong stocks will surely give great
take a personal loan and clear off the returns in spite of various condi-
outstanding. This helps in two ways, tions.
one, reduces your monthly burden and Why stocks perform in the long
two, binds you with a commitment to term?
pay the EMI. The third and most effec- Dividends: Dividends give imme-
tive method is to break your cards into diate cash to the share holders. Even
four pieces and forget them. Learn to though the ratio of dividends to the
live on cash and forget credit. current market price may be less (1
(For queries related to personal to 5%) in the long run they will be
finance, mail your queries to significant as the companies grow with ‘doctor’ as the larger and the profit base is large.
subject line) Bonus Shares: Sometimes, com-
panies may need cash made from
their profits to grow further and
may not declare dividends.
Mini Quiz They continue to reinvest
profits in the company it-
self. When the accumulat-
1: Surgicare is a health insurance ed profit of a company is
product launched by large enough, they
may declare bo-
A) Apollo Hospitals nus shares. This is
B) Cholamandalam MS done by convert-
C) TTK Health Services ing the “retained
D) HDFC Standard Life earnings” into
capital. Thus our
2: ________ Management Company holding value in
manages a mutual fund. the company goes
A)Audit up. In a 1:1 bonus,
B) Automatic our 10 shares will
C) Allocation become 20 shares.
D) Asset Companies Inherently Take Time
Send your answers to or to Grow: Can our company’s sales
SMS your answers to 92813 98889. For exam- increase by 40% in a month? Can we
ple, if you choose A as the answer to question 1 expect the projects that we handle to
and B as the answer to question 2 type it as jump by 25% in a month? No way. including – political issues, terro- an increase in your wealth too if you
1A2B and send it. Winner will be chosen by Companies are made of people and rism, cost of inputs, management hold its shares.
lucky draw from all correct answers. Winner processes; and growth can be ex- change, labour issues, international Would you believe it if someone
gets a free 2009-10 budget planner. pected only over a period of time. financial markets, takeovers, new said that investing Rs 10,000 in equi-
But can all the three above happen technology, social structure chang- ties in 1992 would be worth 1.5 crore
Answers for last week’s mini-quiz in say a year? Definitely. es, inflation, financial policies of Go- today? You better believe it. Keep a
A) 11 The stock market is an indicator of vernment, strength of the rupee, the watch out for the next Monday to
B) Zero Coupon Bonds the companies’ growth, leave alone cost of crude and so on. But as a know more … ■
the short term rise and fall which can company grows, its value is reflected Send your feedback to
be influenced by a number of factors in its share price in the market and
Monday, April 13, 2009

‘If you trip,

you just need
to stand up and
keep walking’
Technology entrepreneur, writer and
strategy consultant Sramana Mitra on her
Sramana Mitra
book released by Hachette India
Sridhar Vembu is one of the
her books and more: most important Indian
We know of films inspired entrepreneurs working today. I
by books and books inspired
by real-life incidents. Do
believe Sridhar will change how
start-ups take inspiration Indian entrepreneurs view what
from books? is possible completely and, yes, I
I think entrepreneurs take in-
absolutely love his guts, his

here are way too many spiration from books a lot. Ask
things keeping this 38-year- hundreds of entrepreneurs who resourcefulness and his
old technology entrepre- have read Atlas Shrugged, for in-
neur and strategy consult- stance. And ask me this question
unassuming ways.
ant in Silicon Valley busy. two years from now. I will point
Sramana Mitra is working on five you to those who have drawn in-
books in an 18-month period, spiration from the Entrepreneur they and what’s the For the moment, I am about to have already created those ven-
four of which are releasing this Journeys series. That is why I am potential these sectors hold? release Volume Two (Bootstrap- tures. We are in 2020, looking
year. Besides, she has a very ac- doing this project – so that we can Many. Education, healthcare, ping, Weapon of Mass Recon- back on how we created those
tive consulting practice, a weekly unleash a vast mass of entrepre- alternative energy and water. I struction) in the U.S. It will mega brands, big successes. It’s a
column in Forbes, and her blog, neurial energy upon the world. have discussed some of them in release in India in October. Vol- really fun book and I am having a
Sramana Mitra on Strategy How is How to Stop Looking the book. There is a story about ume Three (Positioning, How to blast writing it. I think readers
( pub- for a Job…And Start Up an entrepreneur who has built a Test, Validate and Bring Your Idea will have as much fun reading it.
lishes close to 100 articles per Your Life’s Work different water desalination company, ERI. to Market) comes out in the U.S. And my hope is that entrepre-
month. from other books on There’s Harish Hande who is in September. neurs will actually go out and
“I run a full-fledged online entrepreneurship? Who is it building SELCO with solar ener- Volume Four is on Innovation, build these ventures. I will be
magazine on top of everything aimed at? gy. These are great stories, inspir- Need of the Hour, scheduled for happy to work with some of them
else. Then, I do Strategy Round- It is one of the first books ing case studies that point to October. Volume Five will be Vi- who decide to pursue these ideas.
tables, where I mentor entrepre- where entrepreneurs themselves ways to tap into what I have sion India 2020, which will be out Sridhar Vembu of AdventNet
neurs online. They’re like reality tell their stories and strategies of called ‘Planet Scale Problems’ in in India next January. is among the few Indian
shows, where entrepreneurs how they have navigated their the book. I have written 2, 3 and 4, and 50 entrepreneurs who are
pitch me their ideas and I give ways in the midst of entrepreneu- What are the greatest per cent of Vision India 2020. It’s featured in the book. What
them feedback and strategy guid- rial waters – in their own voice, lessons you learnt as an been a very busy period of my inspired you the most about
ance,” she says. guided by an experienced entre- entrepreneur? life, but also extremely produc- the company and Sridhar?
Entrepreneurship has been a preneur – me – who knows what Where do I begin? I learnt most tive. I hope entrepreneurs will Sridhar Vembu is one of the
way of life for the Massachusetts to ask. It’s like sitting down and of all to fail. If you are a good en- find these books helpful in navi- most important Indian entrepre-
Institute of Technology pass-out having coffee with an entrepre- trepreneur, you have to know gating their journey, and find neurs working today. I believe
who did her Masters in Electrical neur whom you admire, and how to take risks. Conduct exper- both inspiration and education in Sridhar will change how Indian
Engineering and Computer Sci- learning the lessons from him/ iments. And by definition, all ex- them. entrepreneurs view what is pos-
ence. her directly. It is aimed at entre- periments do not succeed. My How is Vision India 2020, sible completely and, yes, I abso-
Since childhood she grew up in preneurs who are trying to learn message to any and all entrepre- your next book with a series lutely love his guts, his
an environment where she saw from others who came before neurs out there is: Do not fear of essays on entrepreneurial resourcefulness and his unas-
her father (who started one of the them. failure. It is a necessary piece of opportunities in India, suming ways. Indian entrepre-
early container shipping ventures Technology entrepreneurs the equation. If you trip, you just different from the current neurs need to learn a lot from
in the 70s, Himalaya Shipping) are some of the world’s need to stand up and keep book? what Sridhar is doing, and I en-
make, lose and remake money. youngest and richest, and walking. Vision India 2020 is fiction, courage everyone to go read the
After MIT, where she wrote her there are many aspiring to You are planning volumes whereas the rest are real-life sto- chapter on him in Entrepreneur
thesis as well as first business make a mark in the tech (Two to Seven) with the ries of entrepreneurs. In Vision Journeys Volume One right away,
plan, Sramana floated three ven- world. At the same time, current series. When do you India, I am showing readers big without wasting a minute. ■
tures. there are other emerging plan to bring each of them opportunities based upon which Entrepreneur Journey (Volume 1)
Sramana Mitra in an email in- sectors which can be tapped. out? Have you started work big companies can be built, but is published by Hachette India and
terview with Ergo from the U.S. on What, according to you, are on them? the essays are all written as if we is priced at Rs. 295.
06 VILLAGE ERGO Monday, April 13, 2009

Corpse hits cyclist

A cyclist in China was knocked unconscious by a corpse
thrown from a passing car. Wu Dan was riding home in
Dongyang when he was hit by the body – thought to be a
victim of an earlier crash that was being dumped.

Man divorces wife via SMS Kim would

A Saudi man has divorced his wife by text message, a
newspaper reported. love to be a
The man was in Iraq when he sent the SMS informing
her she was no longer his spouse. He followed up with Bond girl
a telephone call to two of his relatives, the Arab News Socialite Kim
reported. Kardashian is
A court in the Red Sea city of Jeddah finalised the split - desperate to become a
the first known divorce in Saudi Arabia by text message Bond girl, insisting the
- after summoning the two relatives to check they had role is the dream of
received word of the husband’s intention, the paper her life.
said. After doing reality
Reuters show Keeping Up With
The Kardashians, the
28-year-old is keen to
crack Hollywood.
Obamas finally get a dog “I would love to be a
The first US family has reportedly gotten a new addition - Bond girl, that would
a dog promised by President Barack Obama to his be my dream of life,”
daughters months ago. Contactmusic quoted
The identity of the first puppy has not been officially her as telling
disclosed. But The Washington Post reported that it is a
6-month-old Portuguese water dog that has black fur over Kardashian also admitted that she’s a huge fan of
most of his body, a white chest, white paws and a white Twilight, and would love to play a sexy vampire in a
goatee. sequel to the teen hit.
It has been given to the Obama daughters, Malia and “I would, like, die to be in Twilight... being around all
Sasha, by a close family friend, Democratic Senator Edward those hot guys. I want to be a vampire. I kind of want to
Kennedy of be evil,” she added.
Massachusetts. ANI
According to The Post,
the girls named their pet
Bo in part because their
cousins have a cat named Mom fined for phoning son too much
Bo. An Austrian woman who bombarded her son with phone calls
Bo charmed the first over a two-and-a-half year period was fined by a court for
family, the paper said, stalking him, Austrian media reported.
citing an unnamed The 73-year-old woman, who phoned her son up to 49 times a
source. He made no day, was fined 360 euros by the court in the southern city of
toileting errors and did Klagenfurt.
not gnaw on the “I just wanted to talk to him,” the woman told the court,
furniture because he has according to Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung. “I can’t talk
been receiving lessons in to my son, nor my daughter. I’ve never seen my grandchild -
good behaviour from the who is already 15-years-old,” she said.
Kennedys’ dog trainers. Reuters

Cricketers head for

match on Everest
party of 50 cricket-loving raven’ in the language of the Buckingham Palace was sent to
explorers departed for an Sherpas who will accompany the the two teams.
unusual tour. In 11 days’ cricketers. After the match, a proper Brit-
time, after flying, driving The teams, named Hillary and ish cricket tea will be taken and
and finally trekking to a plateau Tenzing, will play a match of 20 the Union Jack raised in the
17,000 ft up in the Himalayas, overs a side. Queen’s honour.
more than three miles above sea They will use wooden stumps The match is being played for
level, they will play a match of and bats, a pink leather ball charity, and it is expected that
Twenty20 cricket and set a world (which stands out better against over 250,000 pounds would be
record: the highest altitude rec- the snowy terrain) and a full- raised for the Himalayan Trust
orded for a field sport. sized artificial pitch that has been and the Lord’s Tavernier’s.
According to The Times, the broken into three parts and will Andrew Strauss and Alastair
Nokia Maps Everest Test match is be carried up the mountain. Cook, the England Test captain Gareth Wesley (L), captain of the ’Tenzing’ team; Rebecca
due to be played on a frozen lake The match is due to be played and vice-captain, have agreed to Stephens (C), the first British woman to climb Mount Everest;
near Everest base camp called on the Queen’s official birthday, be the honorary captains. ■ and Richard Kirtley, captain of the ’Hillary’ team, pose for
Gorak Shep, which means ‘dead and a message of support from ANI pictures at Lord’s in London. AFP PHOTO/LEON NEAL
Monday, April 13, 2009

IPL says no to
political ads
It is estimated that the total ad spend of the political parties will
be around Rs. 1,000 crore

fforts of political parties to not to entertain any political ad- decision, Shukla, also a Con- portunity for the political par-
cash in on the popularity vertisements and we are not go- gress MP, said: “It was a unani- ties to connect with the young
of the IPL have suffered a ing to reconsider it,” Shukla mous decision and BJP’s Arun voters. I do not know why IPL
setback with the league said. Jaitley was also present at the decided not to allow political
management making it amply Shukla’s comments came in governing body meeting.” Asked ads,” said Rao. According to es-
clear that it will not allow tele- response to reported efforts by whether BJP was disappointed timates, a total of 100 million
cast of any political advertise- major political parties to get the over IPL’s decision not to allow young voters will exercise their
ments during the second restrictions lifted on the telecast political ads, BJP spokesperson franchise in the elections.
edition of the mega cricket of political ads during the Sidharth Nath Singh said the As per the estimates of CMS, a
event. matches beginning April 18. party knew about the decision. total of about Rs 10,000 crore
Chairman of BCCI’s Finance An official of the IPL broad- “We are aware of the IPL con- could be spent during the Lok
Committee Rajeev Shukla said caster, Multi Screen Media, re- dition. It does not allow political Sabha elections, which includes
IPL Governing Council has de- fused to comment on the advertisement,” he said. about Rs 2,000 crore by the
cided to ban advertisements by development but admitted that Bhaskar Rao, Chairman of the Election Commission and other
political parties and there will it would definitely affect its rev- Centre for Media Studies, said government agencies and the
not be any ‘rethinking’ on the enue generation. the IPL decision had dampened remaining Rs 8,000 crore by the
issue. On whether a section of the the enthusiasm of the political political parties and candidates
“The IPL Governing Council Congress and BJP leaders had parties. for campaigning. ■
in its meeting in Goa decided requested IPL to reconsider its “It would have been a real op- PTI

“It seems to be
a manifesto of
a party living
in 19th century
while the
nation is
aspiring to
lead the world
in the 21st

08 SPORT ERGO Monday, April 13, 2009

Federer ties the knot

Roger Federer married his long-time girlfriend Mirka Vavrinec in his home town of Basel in
Switzerland on Saturday. “Earlier today...surrounded by a small group of close friends and
family, Mirka and I got married,” Federer said on his official website. “It was a beautiful
spring day and an incredibly joyous occasion.”

Sania-Chuang in Florida
Sania Mirza and Chia-Jung
Chuang extended their
brilliant run by sailing into
the final of the USD 220,000
MPS Group of
‘Sachin is very,
Despite his initial
Championships after a
convincing straight set
victory over Liga Dekmeijere
reservations, Glenn
and Angela Haynes.
The unseeded Indo-Taipei
McGrath is back to play
pair carved out a 6-4 6-3 win over the in the second edition of
Latvian-American pair in the semifinal
match in just one hour and eight the Indian Premier
In the summit clash, Sania and Chuang League (IPL). This 40-
will fight it out against top seeded pair
Kveta Peschke of Czech Republic and Lisa
year-old will spearhead
Raymond of the United States, who
scored a 4-6 7-5 15-13 victory over
Delhi Daredevils bowling
Barbora Zahlavova Strycov and Caroline attack in South Africa.
Wozniacki in their semifinal match.
Sania and Chuang converted both the McGrath spoke to A. Roy
breakpoints that came their way to race
away with the first set apart from saving on issues ranging from
two on their own serve.
The second set saw a fierce fight as both
security to Tendulkar
the teams traded seven breaks but it was
Sania-Chuang who managed to get the
vs. Bradman.
maximum out of those chances.
They dropped their serve thrice but broke

their rivals four times to emerge winners. espite initial
PTI reservations you are
now in India to play in
the IPL. So was the
decision taken because the
Buchanan blasts Gavaskar IPL is now being held in
Former Australian coach John Buchanan South Africa?
hit back at Sunil Gavaskar for taking a dig
It was a tough decision for me
at his modest playing career and
to make. I was in two minds
questioning his success as coach, saying his
whether to come or not. It has
similarities with ex-captain Steve Waugh
been a terrible year for me. But
took the team to dizzy heights.
the challenge for me was to take a
“There were always people who were
step ahead and fulfill my commit-
more than willing to put the knife in, and
ment. I have a two-year contract
the fact that I never played Test cricket
with Delhi Daredevils. Look mate, I had no choice. I It is going to be a different
was simmering in the background of
am contracted with Daredevils. I IPL this time since it is being
these digs, particularly by a select few,”
You lost your wife Jane last feel sorry for the incidents that held outside India. How do
Buchanan was quoted as saying by the
year. Tough time for you? are taking place in the sub-conti- you feel about it?
That was another reason why I nent. But still the England team
“I never shook the feeling that the axe
was initially reluctant to come also came back to play in the Test It is unfortunate that the tour-
was always
and play in IPL. My children are series after terrorists attack in nament was shifted out of India.
hovering,” he
with their grandparents and it Mumbai. So why can’t I? Last time we got a wonderful re-
was tough leaving them behind at sponse and will feel bad for our
Buchanan, who is
a time when their mother has International teams have fans in Delhi. But on the hind-
now the Kolkata
passed away. It was a tough stopped touring the strife- sight, this time IPL will have a
Knight Riders coach,
choice for me to make. But again torn country that has given a global appeal.
last week drew
I am a professional cricketer and lot to the game. Do you feel
strong criticism from
had some commitments. sorry for Pakistan cricket? Last time Daredevils came
Gavaskar, who
It is unfortunate that cricket in very close. What do you think
described the
The Federation of Pakistan is suffering due to insta- about the team’s chances this
Australian “failed former cricketer making
International Cricketers’ bility in the country. It is, in fact, a time?
a living telling international players to do
Association (FICA) had raised shame and the most horrific I think all the guys are in a fan-
what he couldn’t do”.
its reservation on Australian thing is that now cricketers are tastic form. Be it our openers (Vi-
“Steve Waugh and I were similar in some
cricketers visiting the sub- also being made target by terro- render Sehwag or Gautam
regards and this helped Australian cricket
continent in the wake of rists. There are lots of talented Gambhir) or our bowlers. The
to reach the heights it has. We both
Mumbai incident and Lahore cricketers in Pakistan and they side is much balanced and the in-
challenged the existing parameters and
attack on Sri Lankan are not able to get the taste of clusion of a youngster like David
norms, and created a vision of life
cricketers. So why did you international cricket. You can’t Warner will make team special.
education outside the dressing room,”
come to India? You could help them until and unless the Warner is a special talent and I
Buchanan said recalling Australia’s dream
have flown directly to South government comes out with a feel he will be the guy to watch
run during his tenure as the coach.
Africa. strong policy to stop terrorism. out for this time.
Monday, April 13, 2009

Sourav Ganguly is a good captain but sometimes you need new ideas, which Buchanan theory
can generate. Buchanan is a very good coach and bit of support from other players can turn the
things around for KKR.
Ishant on Buchanan’s multiple captaincy idea

, very special’

Sehwag and Gambhir are in a Viru. He is a guy who will give you lot of Who do you think is a better there should be one captain while senior
great form. Do you feel India has chances but if you err marginally he will captain - Ricky Ponting or players should help him in decision
the best opening pair in the world punish you hard. He is a very destruc- Mahendra Singh Dhoni? making. At the end of the day there
now? tive batsman and can take the game should be one leader on the field and he
away from you. He is also a fine captain I have great respect for both captains. should be accountable for all.
I feel players like Sehwag and Gamb- and I have enjoyed bowling under him Ricky is undoubtedly a great leader. I
hir have made a great contribution in last year. haven’t played under Dhoni, so can’t You are pushing 40. Players like
India’s success overseas. Opening was say much about him, but I feel he is a you and Sanath Jayasuriya have
always a problem for India whenever Who do you think is the greatest – fine captain. shown that Twenty20 is not just for
they played Tests overseas. But now Sachin Tendulkar or Don Bradman? youngsters.
they have a set opening pair and both Sachin has something very special in What do you think about John You can play as long as you are fit. For
are aggressive. They have done excep- him. It is very difficult to say whether Buchanan’s multiple captaincy bowlers it becomes a bit tough while
tionally well over the last few months in Sachin is greater than Don. I am also an theory? batsmen can play till 40. Sanath is a great
all forms of the game. I am lucky that I Australian loyalist but when it comes to Don’t know why he (Buchanan) has cricketer and he is a fine shape. He has a
don’t have to bowl to them in the IPL. stats, it is Sachin. come up with this idea. I have played great hand and eye co-ordination and I
If you talk about the special factor be- under him for a long time and he had a feel he can play for another couple of
Do you enjoy bowling to Sehwag? tween the two, Sachin is the very, very lot of such theories, maybe this is an- years if he maintains his fitness level. ■
Yeah! I really enjoy a lot bowling to special. other. I think what he meant was that Trans World Features
10 FLICK ERGO Monday, April 13, 2009

What’s with the moustache, Miss Miller?

Sienna Miller’s new film, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, has been panned by critics,
with some saying she has a “moustache”. “You know a movie’s got problems
when the most memorable thing about it is Sienna Miller’s moustache. That
growth above her lip is clearly visible in two scenes, once in profile,”
quoted a New York Post critic as saying.

‘‘II d idn’t w
didn’t ant tto
want og et iinto
get nto
yyetet a nother w
another ife’s rrole
wife’s ole
a fter R
after ock O
Rock n!!’
Prachi Desai on ‘Once Upon A Time…’
SUBHASH K. JHA it was made by Ekta’s cousin, Gattu
(Abhishek Kapoor).

rachi Desai has teamed up Though she didn’t want to play
with mentor Ekta Kapoor for wife again, Prachi couldn’t resist
Once Upon A Time…, in this role.
which she plays a don’s wife. “That’s true. I didn’t want to get
The role requires Prachi to look into yet anoth-
like a Muslim working-class girl in er wife’s role
1975 who gets involved with a don after Rock
(played by Emraan Hashmi). Prachi, On!! and Life
along with Ekta, has been catching Partner. I’m so
up on all the video footage and young. I want
hunting for clothes all over to pre- to have fun
pare for the role. She went to the and I keep get-
Muslim localities of Mumbai last ting these seri-
month, including Haji Ali, to pick ous roles. But A still from Rock
up salwar-kameez suits. playing the On!!
“This character is from a time don’s life part-
that existed before me. Yes, I’ve ner in Once Upon A Time… was a
done plenty of reading on my char- challenge that I couldn’t resist,”
acter. I want to look and feel like says Prachi, who made her big
Mehjabeen. And it’s such a chal- screen debut as Farhan Akhtar’s
lenge,” says Prachi. wife in Rock On!!. “My second film,
While Ekta is producing it, Milan Life Partner, has Ekta’s brother Tus-
Luthria will wield the megaphone. shar Kapoor as my co-star.
“Doing a film with Balaji is like And now I’m finally doing a Balaji
coming home. Shobha aunty, Jeetu production,” says Prachi, who start-
(Jeetendra) uncle and Ekta are like ed her acting career with Ekta’s
family. I remained connected with popular TV series Kasamh Se. ■
them when I did Rock On!! because IANS

‘Big B’s persona Enough of tragedy

tends to S aakshi Tanwar, who played the character of
distressed Parvati in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki,
says she would return to the small screen if
overshadow offered romantic comedy roles.
Saakshi is now working for her upcoming film,
a character’ Coffee House.

F ilmmaker Rakeysh Omprakash

Mehra says Amitabh
Bachchan’s larger-than-life
“Right now I am not working in any soap
because I have no interest doing the same kind
of roles. I have done lots of roles that portray
screen presence sometimes sadness. Now I want to play some romantic
outshines his characters in films. comedy roles,” she says.
“Mr. Bachchan is a school on Saakshi essayed Parvati’s role for eight years
his own. His persona is huge and later hosted a reality show, Yeh Hai Jalwa,
and he has a style of his own. and played the role of Ganga in Ekta Kapoor’s
He has given birth to a different mythology-based show Kahaani Humaaray
kind of acting approach, which Mahabhaarat Ki.
has generations to follow. But it Talking about her role in Kahaani..., she says,
is a double-edged sword as “It was great! When I started I never thought people will like Parvati’s character so
often than not it tends to much. While playing that character, I learnt about different relationships too.”
overshadow a character in a Now Saakshi is gearing up for the release of Coffee House, where she will be
film,” said Mehra. playing actor Ashutosh Rana’s wife. On Coffee House, Saakshi says: “The story of the
Three-film-old Mehra debuted in the Hindi film industry film is about a coffee house and groups of different people…It depicts youth,
with Amitabh in the lead in Aks (2001). The actor was also unemployed, retired and old people. The film has feelings, humour, pain and joy
seen in a cameo in his last film Delhi-6 (2009). ■ which will make the audience search for a few answers in their own lives.” ■
Monday, April 13, 2009
Robbie Williams won’t rejoin Take That
Take That’s Gary Barlow has confirmed that Robbie Williams
would not be rejoining the band. “People constantly ask if
Robbie will rejoin us. But nothing’s changed,” the Daily Star
quoted him as saying on Quiz Night.

Cine City

No ‘I do’
Arya pairs up with Shriya
fter three years of their on-off romance, Kate
Hudson and Owen Wilson have finally called it Arya, the actor in demand after the release of
quits for good, according to reports. Bala’s Naan Kadavul, has signed a new project
The couple started dating in 2006 after with Shriya Saran. The movie, titled Chikku
working together in You, Me & Dupree, but later
split in 2007. Kate Hudson Bukku, is being produced by Media One Global
Entertainment. Preetika, the younger sister of
However, they reunited again earlier this year.
But, according to In Touch magazine, they finally and Owen Bollywod star Amrita Rao, is debuting in the
movie. Chikku Bukku will be directed by
ended their relationship for good after Hudson
turned down Wilson’s marriage proposal. Wilson finally Manikandan, the man who took over the mantle
of Dhaam Dhoom’s direction after the untimely
“Owen wants to get married and he proposed to
Kate soon after they got back together. But she’s not split demise of director Jeeva. The music is scored by
Leslie Lewis and Hariharan.
ready,” the Daily Express quoted a source as telling
the magazine. ■

Say it like
L indsay Lohan continued her love-hate
relationship with the paparazzi by pelt-
ing them with eggs from her kitchen when
they followed her.
The incident happened Thursday night,
The 22-year-old actress, who recently
split from girlfriend Samantha Ronson,
desperately tried to get rid of photogra-
phers who followed her during a club-hop-
ping night out in Hollywood. But when she Sathyaraj to do Periyar again
couldn’t, she started attacking them with Actor Sathyaraj, who donned the role of E.V.R.
eggs. Periyar in the film Periyar, will be donning the
The actress and two of her friends play- same role in Thangar Bachchan’s next flick. The
fully hurled eggs at photographers who movie titled Kalavadiya Pozhudhugal has actor-
had gathered outside her home at 2 a.m., The actress desperately tried to direcor Prabhu Deva and Bhumika playing the
said the report. ■ get rid of photographers who lead roles. Sources said that actor Sathyaraj is
IANS planning to concentrate more on character roles
followed her during a club- rather than looking out for hero roles.
hopping night out in Hollywood
12 ERGO Monday, April 13, 2009

Friday’s query:
If you were a politician and had to make an
election promise, which you are very clear that
you will break, what would it be?

■ There won’t b election 4 d next Deepa, Slashsupport, Nirmala, Perot

time Systems
Karthik, Sathish, TCS-eserve
■I’ll present a car to each house
■Makkalai eamatra maaten and 5 litres free petrol in ration Lokeshkumar from Gtech has nominated his friends as
Venkatesh, TCS every month Partners in Crime. The picture was clicked at Eagle
Anto, TCS Town Mountain.
■No power cut
M.Venkataraj, Perot Systems ■Laptop to students, Palmtop to
teenagers and Rooftop homes for d
■Veetukku veedu pipe connection poor
directly from Tasmac Rajiv, Allsec
Hashim, Allsec
■Rs.1 lakh to all people who vote
■All outgoing phone calls within for me
India will be made as free Sheik, Perot Systems
irrespective of the network ■I will make sure the auto
S.Narasimhan, RR Donnelley rickshaw guys don’t demand any
■Free PC with unlimited BSNL thing more then the meter fare or
broadband connection 4 everyone they would be in remand and
Solomon, John Allsec license cancelled
■Solve the drainage problem in Imran Sherif, Wipro
Akil, TCS ■I will promise to be an honest
■Will start a govt IT company, politician and abolish corruption
provide job to a person from each Harish, Wipro
Rajasekar, TCS ■Nano with ten litres petrol every
month for the family that does not Lekshmi Kurup from Infosys Technologies has
■This would be my last election own a car nominated her team as Partners in Crime. The picture
Senthil, CSS Jihush, Allsec was taken at Kodaikanal Vathakkanal Falls.

■A Nano car for every family who ■I will bring Godavari river to
will vote 4 me Chennai
Harsha.R, TCS Harish, Hewitt

■AC will be given to everyone in ■I will break reservation in IIT

the ration shop for free Mohan, TCS

Today’s query:
If you were a colour, what would
you be? Why?
Prasad from California Software Labs, Velachery, has
nominated his friends as Partners in Crime.
The pic was taken in Kodaikanal.
Monday, April 13, 2009

Shweta and Deepali from

Accenture have nominated
their team mate Jani as their
Office Angel.
Jani is a gem of a person
with an amazing attitude
towards work and people ■Dear Mani,
around him. Always ready A birthday is just the first day of another 365 day
and delighted to help others. A journey around the sun.
very soft-spoken guy who Enjoy the trip…….
treats everybody with a sweet We hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come
smile which not only helps true.
people forget their stress but Wishing you another wonderful year of happiness
also brings Life at work. Truly and joy.
an Intelligent guide, a Nice Happy Birthday TG Mani.
colleague and a Great Friend. With Tons of Luv,
Route No. 4 Friends, Scope International.

■Hai Paanks...(Pangajam),
Enakku swasam thanthavalai patri Nan sonna
muthal kavithai ’AMMA’ Happy Birth Day
With Love, Ur daughter,
Latha Pandithangam, TCS

■ Dear Saranya @ Swarna,

Art featured in this co- Wish U a Very Happy Birthday...
lumn will receive gift May God Bless U...
coupons from Fruit Shop Enjoy the Dance....
on Greams Road. Send With Love ,
in your addresses so that Amma , appa , dhans , Sabari, Taj , Arathi,
we can post the coupons. and SMV family PDKT.

■Dear Santosh,
My Hearty Birthday wishes to U . May this year
filled with joy, Happiness and success. May God
bless u dear.
Rekha, Bhuvana, Gowthami, Pushpa Rex ( Sify)
■Dear Sainthavi,
May your birthday bring
You as much happiness
As you give to everyone
Ranjith A. from Wipro Technologies doodled Who knows you
this. Happy Birthday and a wonderful year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours Loving,
Sakthi, Gopal, Sanju,
Sadhanandham, Banu and Padmananban Family

■Dear Karthick,
It’s our pleasure to be part of your pages of life
and today we are here to wish
you both have laughter and tears
that will bring lasting joy to each other.
Best Wishes for your wonderful Future together as
a couple……………
- Route 4 friends, Scope international
■Dear Shanu,
Though we r miles apart here is a wish coming for
Man-1: Yen friend oru naalaikku 100 kai, 50 kazhutha vettuvaanMan-2: Av- u from someone who is close to ur heart....
valavu periya rowdy-yaa? Many more happy returns of the day....
Man-1: No, avan oru tailor... Regards
Man-1: Stage-la aadikkittu irukkura dancer oru tailor-nnu yedha vachu
Man-2: ’Thai Thai’-nnu aaduraarae...
Mohamed Yusufdeen J
HCL Technologies Ltd.
14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Monday, April 13, 2009

Suicide survivor
A Russian man survived after downing three bottles of
vodka and leaping from a fifth floor balcony. Alexei
Roskov managed to stagger back upstairs with barely a
scratch after the 50ft fall.


Cats sleep
anywhere...any table,
any chair...
Anitha G. of Infosys
sent this picture
Hobby: Drawing

Entries to the
column will get gift
vouchers from
Bubbles Spa worth
Rs.1,000. Winners
can come to Ergo
office on weekends
between 3 p.m. and
5 p.m. to collect the
Call 2857 6688.
So you think you would make a terrific photographer but never really had the
platform? Mail us your best work and we’ll publish it in this space, with credit.

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Monday, April 13, 2009
Lucky escape Word’s worth
A lorry driver had a miraculous escape in China after an accident Veilleuse (vay-ooz) a small and highly decorated
left his cab hanging precariously over the edge of a high flyover. nightlight. Also, for those fond of midnight snacks,
The container crashed to the street below but the driver’s cab a bedside food-warmer.
somehow managed to avoid following the same fate.



Today you will be in a very good mood as luck will
be favouring you in almost every matter. You may
not be worried about finishing off your work in
time, as automatically things will be falling in place
in time.


Ganesha finds you lost in serious thinking most of
the time. At office, you may not be able to
concentrate in work, due to which work may suffer.
On the love front, there are no issues and you may
have philosophical discussions with beloved one.


You will not be able to work with full efficiency.
BORN LOSER This may not be apparent but you need to see to it
that your work doesn’t get affected. If you go for
meetings, you are suggested to remain low profile
for the day.
You may be on the verge of finishing off old
projects and start working on new ones. You may
wish to put in lot of hard work to prove your
abilities. Health may require attention. You may not
be able to devote much time to personal life.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
It may be a very successful day on the career front.
You will be able to get work done by others.
Positive side of the matter is, your love life may
also blossom and you will be able to take some
important decisions in regard to the same.
This is perfect day to think seriously about how you
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT wish to go ahead with your current career. In other
words, it’s a favourable day to draw career plans,
try to put them on paper. You may share your heart
with beloved one.
You can be more inclined towards people who
share similar type of interest with you. Mental and
intellectual hard work is on the cards. There are
distinct probabilities of problems in the love life,
says Ganesha.
You can be looking at life with a very different
angle, as desire to progress financially rules your
mind today. Office work will be routine and hassle
free. If you are unmarried and wish to talk to your
family members about your love to make it official.
Your energies are recharged today so it is best to
focus on your prime abilities. You may sharpen your
intellect by doing some important reading or
interaction. Office work may be very demanding but
you will enjoy the day at work.
You may not wish to waste time behind fruitless
pursuits today but circumstances may force you to
deal with some mundane activities at work. Besides,
you might also have to get into problem shooting.
Your hard work will repay you good dividends soon.
PREVIOUS Important meetings, planning and joint activities
should go well today. Responsibilities at work may
ISSUE’S increase but will be good for your career progress
so don’t refrain from taking up new jobs, advises
Ganesha finds you very objective and career
oriented today. You will not waste single moment
behind activities that eat up too much time. You
may be in a mood to work on ’bottom lines’ as you
seem to be in a bit of hurry today.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ! ERGO Monday, April 13, 2009

Chihuahuas Lillybell (L) and

Sweet Pea (R) before being
blessed by Cardinal Roger
Mahony at the annual
Blessing of the Animals in Los
Angeles, California on
Saturday. The ceremony,
which takes place each year
on the day before Easter
Sunday, is held in recognition
of the services that other
species provide to humans.

Gene Simmons of U.S.

rock band Kiss performs
during a concert on
Saturday in Bogota. The
concert is part of the
band’s tour to celebrate
A model presents a creation by French designer Pierre
their 35th anniversary.
Cardin during the Fall/Winter 2009 ready-to-wear
collection show in Beijing on April Friday.