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Advance Personnel
HCL Technologies performance appraisal system

ROLL NO 60, SEC- P-1
Brief description of HCL technologies
An HCL Info system is India’s premier information enabling
company. Leveraging its 3 decades of expertise in total
technology solutions, HCL Info systems offers value-added
services in key areas such as system integration, networking
consultancy and a wide range of support services.
HCL Info systems is among the leading players in all the segments
comprising the domestic IT products, solutions and related
services, which include PCs, Servers, Imaging, Voice & video
solutions, Networking Products, TV and FM Broadcasting solutions,
Communication solutions, System Integration, ICT education &
training, Digital lifestyle Solutions and Peripherals.
HCL has a direct sales, channel sales and retail sales network pan
India. Continuously meeting the ever increasing customer
expectations and applications, its focus on integrated enterprise
solutions has strengthened the HCL Infosystems’ capabilities in
supporting installation types ranging from single to large, multi-
location, multi-vendor & multi-platform spread across India. HCL
Infosystems, today has a direct support force of over 3000+
members, is operational at 360+ locations across the country and
is the largest such human resource of its kind in the IT business in
India. HCL Infosystems has pan India presence across metros and
HCL Infosystems' manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 & ISO
14001 certified and adhere to stringent quality standards and
global processes. With the largest installed PC base in the
country, four indigenously developed and manufactured PC
brands - 'Infiniti', 'Busybee' 'Beanstalk' and ‘Ezeebee’ - and its
robust manufacturing facilities, HCL Infosystems aims to further
leverage its dominance in the PC market. It has been consistently
rated as Top player in PC industry by IDC. The 'Infiniti' line of
business computing products is incorporated with leading edge
products from world leaders such as Intel. Constant innovation to
meet the customized requirements of its customers has enabled
HCL to create the trusted ICT infrastructure platforms, powerful
value adds like HCL Embedded Control & Continuity (HCL EC2)
technology and the future generation of digital lifestyle enablers.
The Imaging, Voice & video solutions segment has strategic
alliances with industry leaders to provide services in various
domains which include Audio Video system integration solutions,
broadcasting solutions, imaging products and solutions. The
company has strategic alliances with world leaders for voice and
video conferencing solutions, TV and FM Broadcasting solutions
and for Imaging products and solutions to provide documentation
products like copiers, MFDs, Duprinters, laser printers and large
format printers. The Channel Business of HCL Infosystems has an
extensive network of over 3000+ resellers across 900 locations.
It has actively promoted the penetration of PCs in the home and
the small office/home office (SOHO) segments. HCL Infinet Ltd,
100% owned subsidiary of HCL Infosystems Ltd. is a class A ISP
focusing on providing the corporate networking services like
Virtual Private Network, Broadband Internet Access, Internet
Telephony Hosting & Co-location services, designing & deploying
Disaster Recovery Solutions & Business Continuity solution,
Application Services, Managed Security Services & NOC Services
over its state-of-the-art IP / MPLS network and end-to-end contact
center solutions.
HCL Infosystems (HCLI) draws it's strength from 30 years of
experience in handling the ever changing IT scenario , strong
customer relationships, ability to provide the cutting edge
technology at best-value-for-money and on top of it, an excellent
service & support infrastructure. Today, HCL is country's premier
information enabling company. It offers one-stop-shop
convenience to its diverse customers having an equally diverse
set of requirements. Be it a large multi-location enterprise, or a
small/medium enterprise, or a small office or a home, HCLI has a
product range, sales & support capability to service the needs of
the customer.
Last 30 years apart from knowledge & experience have also given
us continuity in relationship with the customers, thereby
increasing the customer confidence in us.Our strengths can be
summarized as:

• Ability to understand customer's business and offer right

• Long standing relationship with customers.
• Pan India support & service infrastructure.
• Best-vale-for-money offerings.
HCL Infosystems is known to be the harbinger of technology in
the country. Right from our inception we have attempted to
pioneer the technology introductions in the country either through
our R&D or through partnership with world technology leader
Using our own R&D we have:
• Created our own UNIX & RDBMS capability (in 80s).
• Developed firewalls for enterprise & personal system
• Launched our own range of enterprise storage products.
• Launched our own range of networking products.
We strive to understand the technology from the view of
supporting it post installation as well. This is one of the key
ingredients that go into our strategic advantage.
HCL Infosystems has to its claim several technology pioneering
initiatives. Some of them are:
• Country's first Desktop PC - BusyBee in 1985.
• Country's first branded home PC - Beanstalk in 1995.
• Country's first Pentium 4 based PC at sub 40k price point.
• Country's first Media center pc

Performance Appraisal Methods

Electronic Performance Monitoring
Electronic performance monitoring” refers to the use of
technology to monitor the employee’s performance
Organisations across the world are incorporating the use of
various advanced technologies for all functions at all levels. Many
organisations have incorporated technologies in the Performance
appraisal and management processes. The electronic and
computerized systems are being used to monitor and evaluate
the performance of the employees.
The concept of electronic performance management has been the
latest trend in performance surveillance in the foreign countries
where almost every job has the potentials of being monitored
electronically. But with the increasing number of MNC’s, the trend
is catching up fast in India.
Although HCL is just a three-decade old enterprise, HCL
Technologies (henceforth referred to as 'HCL') is a relatively young
company formed, eight years ago, in 1998. In the 9 years since,
we have transformed into a global technology brand. IT has
changed the way world works and HCL is changing the way IT
works. Having established our credentials in global delivery
models, domain expertise and corporate governance, we are now
focused on delivering value to forward-looking customers.
But to experience value, you need people who are
engaged, equipped and empowered. At HCL, we believe in
EMPLOYEE FIRST. HCL’s enlightened approach to employee
development focus on giving people whatever they need to
succeed: be it a virtual assistant or talent transformation
sabbaticals; expert guidance or fast track growth; inner peace or
democratic empowerment. At HCL, what we have is Five Fold Path
to Individual Enlightenment. This ensures they are given Support,
Knowledge, Recognition, Empowerment, and Transformation.

It’s about creating a new kind of corporation.

Performance Apprasial system followed by HCL

Employee first Customer Second (world’s most modern
management idea)
• HCL Technologies is a leading global IT services company
with over $2 billion revenues.
• In February 2005, Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies
announced a radical new philosophy, “Employee first,

Customer Second” (EFCS) through this philosophy the aim

was to create a unique employee organizational structure,
create transparency and accountability within the
organization, and encourage a value driven culture.

Why performance appraisal system began in HCL

HCL realized that in service industry the value gets created not in
the back office but in face to face interaction between the
customer and employees.

Hence it is important to empower employees so that they deliver

more value to the customers. When an employee is delighted, he
will delight the customer.

This gave birth to a path breaking philosophy called :’Employee

First, Customer second’, termed by fortune as “the most modern
management idea”.

Five pillars of employee first philosophy

Smart service desk
An automated query resolution mechanism for employees.
SSD enables employee’s raise their concerns for adequate
reddressal in just three clicks. On an average 31,000 tickets are
raised every month.

i4e xce l
Employee performance portal which handles end to end
appraisal process of all employees. 24,000 appraisals are
completed in 30 days in 2007 vs. 9,200
In 45 days. I4excel transparently shares ratings and views of
manager’s manager (reviewer) with the employee.

Di rection s
“Directions” is an annual company-wide event that takes
strategic discussions out of closed-door meetings to all
employees. The CEO and the leadership team present at these
meetings share the vision and strategy of the company as well
as respond to questions in interactive sessions. Directions allows
everyone in HCL to speak the same language and understand
how their individual contributions fit in a larger organizational
Vineet, CEO HCL Technologies takes two weeks each year to
prepare for the event and spends another two weeks attending
Directions events across the world.

A two way dialogue mechanism between CEO and the
employees. Nearly 90% questions have been answered by Vineet
himself. He spends 7 hrs. in a week replying to the queries raised.
U&I started a reverse blogging, where in CEO posts questions to
the employees.

Employee First councils work on goals that are of common
interest to all employees and also help maintain a balance
between work and life.
The councils allow employees to unleash their creative talent.
Last year over 1,500 events were conducted by EFC councils.

Women F ir st C ounci l
The purpose of this council is to focus on women development
and to create an
Inclusive, supporting and caring environment. A women exclusive
website was
Launched which has information of all women related policies,
safety and security measures, work-life balance techniques.

Car eer Power

A comprehensive career planning and development program,
which provides a
framework where each employee is empowered to plan desired
career path.

O2 lea gue of Extr aor dinar y

O2 is a system created in HCL to recognize high performers.
The league constituted those employees who have been
outstanding performers since last 2 years.

Xtr am il es
HCL’s created a unique reward and recognition portal where
all employees can see extraordinary efforts & performances and
appreciate them at a click of a button. The purpose of Xtramiles is
to ensure timely and public instantaneous
Recognition of employees who have displayed exemplary

MITR lends helping hands to all HCLites and their family members
by providing them expert counseling 24X7 on any issue
concerning them.

Gen ie
The personal assistant, the all purpose coordinator, the private
shopper, the
Entertainment guide, the travel planer, located within the office
premises &
Programmed to take any request. Genie can manage all trivial
and not so trivial

F.U.N.D.O.O. F.R.I.D.A.Y
Is synonymous with fun @ work at HCL Technologies.

Weekl y P oll s
Polls are conducted on weekly basis to gather employee
feedback on various issues. The results are shared on the
intranet and guide decision making.

Ca tal yst
A employee driven team building program, catalyst enables much
of the desired work-life balance for his/her team by rolling out
Activities in a year.