Physical inventory using RF step by step

Before physical inventory physically start, use LX03 report to check the stock in interim storage type 150~999. It’s better to clear all these stocks prior to physical inventory start. Transaction code: LX03

Physical Inventory Steps in SAP (part 1):

LX16 Create Physical Inventory per Storage Type Select the bins you want to take physical inventory. then push and block the bins from putaway and picking. to active inventory .1.

3. 2.You can see the inventory document no. LX04 Print inventory document if you want. . LX22 Physical Inventory documents status overview You can select inventory status to restrict the documents to be displayed. As we use RF. you may needn’t to print out the document. under the bottom messenger bar.

Physical Inventory Steps in RF (part 2):: 5. select 2: inventory count .4. LI02N Assign physical inventory task to RF user Input the use name you want to assign to account this document physically then save. Select 5 from RF main menu From subsequence screen.

System will guide you to next bin. 6. Screen after scan the check digit label.System will guide you automatically to the inventory tasks assigned to you to account. push F9 to confirm empty bin then F1 save the result. ***If this bin is empty. . Scan the verification digit barcode labeled on respective rack beam.

please mark the actual quantity and make change in the SU label directly. ***Because RF only record the SU number without quantity of that SU. Step 9 is the screen-shot of LI12N. After saving. you can use DOWN arrow to move pointer to that SU then push F6 to delete that SU from the physical result. system will guide you to next bin. If you scan a SU by mistake. later you need correct the actually quantity in physically document by using LI12N. If you really found the quantity discrepancy.Verify all the Storage Unit within this bin location one by one. Physical Inventory Steps in SAP (part 3): . you must make sure the book quantity marked on Label is consistent with the physical quantity on the bin. Repeat this step for next bin until count finished. Use F1 to save count result of that bin.

8. . Make sure you select all the bins before you push have to repeat this step one more time. After count all the bins.7. LI20 Clear difference in WM level document by document ***Please pay attention to this step: You must inform finance department and get approval from relevant departments before you clear the difference in WM and later in IM level. If you don’t believe in the count result of this inventory document and want to recount some bins with difference. because it will cause stock adjustment in SAP directly after IM level clearance!!! Push to clear all the difference in WM level if you think the count result is button. otherwise you reliable. use LX22 to verify the inventory document status. The recount screen is almost the same. you can select bins to recount. use LI14 to clear the count result of those bins with difference and trigger recount in RF. The recount process in RF is all the same as Part 2 steps.

use LI12N to change count quantity according to recount quantity as below shows. then we clear the difference in IM level.9. 10. Make sure all the status is “Cleared”. LI21 clear difference in IM level After clear all the difference in WM level. you also can recount manually without RF. To check the WM clear status use LX22. . LI12N: SAP also provides an option if you don’t recount the inventory document by using LI14 to trigger RF inventory document. After physical recount.

Input storage type 999 and then F8 to execute. Finish! . Clear by push the “Clear” button. System will give out all the difference list in IM level. Cost object maser data missing. for example. System will give error message if there’s something wrong. Verify this list again before you clear these differences in IM level.

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