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Codex Exodites ...................3 Outriders ........................ 11 Exodite Army List ............. 19

The Exodites ........................4 Wind Knights ................. 11 HQ ................................... 20
Exodite Armies ....................5 Wild Hunters .................. 12 Elites ............................... 22
Exodite Highborn .............6 Bladedancers................. 13 Troops ............................ 23
Household Guard.............7 Exodite Militia ................ 14 Fast Attack ..................... 25
Exodite Seer .....................8 Dragon Militia................. 14 Heavy Support ............... 26
Shamans ...........................9 Megadon......................... 15 Reference .......................... 27
Dragoons ........................10 Terrorwing...................... 16 The Exodite Warhost ........ 28
Dragon Knights .............10 Exodite Wargear ............ 17

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of the galaxy. Codex: Exodites is a guide to collecting and playing (and maybe some day modeling and

To play an Exodite army in the universe of the The codex is split into four main sections that
41st millenium you need the Warhammer 40,000 deal with different aspects of the Exodites:
rulebook. If you want to use the Exodite Army to
The Exodites
full effect you also need Codex: Eldar, because
The first section gives you a close look at the
some Exodite troops are available in this codex
Eldar of the Maiden Worlds. The society, culture,
but their rules are not written out due to
history and methods of warfare.
copyright reasons. This codex is a fanwork and
you will need your opponent’s agreement to play Exodite Armies
an Exodite army by the rules in this codex. If In the second section every character, troop type
your opponent does not agree on using this and creature in the Exodite army is listed. Each
book, there is a short guide on how to use your unit is examined with a detailed description and
miniatures built for use with this codex by the special rules as well as unique equipment are
rules of Codex: Eldar. explained here.
Exodite Army List
WHYCOLLECTANEXODITEARMY? The third section contains the complete Exodite
Exodites are a fast and close combat heavy army list categorizing Exodite units into HQ,
force with little, but powerful fire support and the Elites, Troops, Fast Attack and Heavy Support.
for the Eldar race typical mighty psykers Here you can pick your units and find their point
enhance their troops’ effectivity even further. The costs to field an army of Exodites. It also
whole army can be compiled of Troops mounted contains a short guide on how to play your
on different kinds of creatures ranging from Exodite army by the rules of Codex: Eldar if an
agressive beasts to huge, even more aggressive opponent does not agree on using this book.
The downside of the Exodite army is that their The Exodite Warhost
troops are low in numbers and can only rely on The last section will contain pictures of Exodite
sporadic fire support. conversions and guides how to build or paint
If you like armies consisting mostly of cavalry them and what models you can use to create the
formations, the feeling of a savage tribe individual Exodite units. This section is soon to
combined with the highly advanced technology come.
of the eldar or simply are interested in reptiles or
dinosaurs, Exodites are an excellent choice for FINDOUTMORE
you. You can also convert your army with other While Codex: Exodites contains enough
creatures as mounts, you can use whatever you information to build and field an Exodite Warhost
see fit to customize your army to match your there is more to learn about the possibilities
taste. open for your arms. For inspriation, more
information on the Exodites and their history or
Citadel Miniatures you can use to convert your
ermy from or discuss your army with other

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This section of the codex details the units of the EXODITESPECIALRULES:
Exodite army, their special rules and wargear. Some Exodite units have special rules common
Each entry gives a description of the unit and to many units.
details the unit’s rules to use them in your games These rules are listed here:
of Warhammer 40,000. Each entry is broken up Exodites: Exodites are savage compared to
into several categories: most other races of the 41st millennium. They
Special Rules: These are rules that apply to the live in the wilderness of the Maiden World they
unit individually and make the unit indivdual. made their home and know it better than
These rules always apply to that unit. anyone else. They know how to use their
surroundings to their advantage and are trained
Wargear: Many Exodite units have individual at passing through the thickest undergrowth
wargear detailed in their entry. These items are easily. To represent this every unit with the
only used by Exodites and most of them are Exodites special rule adheres the universal
exclusive to the unit they are listed with. Some of special rule Move Through Cover. Exodites
this wargear is automatically included in that unit mounted on Pterosaurs instead gain the Skilled
while other items are optional, this is detailed in Rider special rule.
the army list in the next section of the codex. As long as an Exodite unit is located in terrain
or cover designated as woodland or something
similar (such as jungle or swamps), it benefits
from the Stealth universal special rule.


The Exodite society is ruled by noble dynasties. out of the terrain available and launch
Several Exodite Highborn rule territories of devastating ambushes, flanking attacks or raids
various sizes on one maiden world. In times of on the enemy forces.
war the Highborn gather their armies formed The Highborn themselves recieve excellent
equally from trained warriors and hired or drafted combat training and ride ahead of their army on
civilians and lead them into battle. Based on their own favored mount to lead them into
their knowledge of their home the Highborn form combat personally. Some wealthy Highborn
strategies and plan ambushes on their enemies. favoring brute force over speed even ride on
Guided by a skilled noble the Exodite army can monstrous Megadons.
take any possible advantage over their enemies

Lord 6 5 3 3 3 7 3 10 5+
Hero 5 4 3 3 2 6 2 9 5+
Megadon Lord 6 5 6 6 4 5 5 10 3+

Independent Character, Exodites, Fleet

Guerilla tactics: Exodite Lords are masters at

ambushing and flank attacks. They know the
terrain of their maiden world exactly and can
coordinate their troop movements easily. For
each Exodite Lord in your army you may reroll
one reserve roll or one roll to determine from
which side of the table an outflanking unit enters
the the table per turn. Additionally at the
beginning of the game, before scout movements
are made, you may move one unit per Exodite
Baron in your army 12 inches in any direction.
The unit or units moved this way may not leave
your deployment zone.

Megadon Rider: Some of the more wealthy and

eccentric Exodite Lords prefer larger mounts
than others. A Megadon Lord rides a Megadon
that changes the Lord’s unit type to Monstrous
creature. The Megadon Lord gains the Furious
Charge and Fearless universal special rules but
loses the Independent Character special rule.

Spirit Shield: A spirit shield charges the
wearers armor with the psychic energy of the
world spirit and makes it almost indestructible.
The spirit shield however isn’t powerful enough
to surround a whole Megadon. A model with a
spirit shield treats its armour save as an
invulnerable save.

Exodite Lords maintain a retinue of Warriors that servants and are sheltered in quarters suitable
guards the Lord’s household and escorts for a noble.
members of the noble Family in battle. The Enemies who have fought Exodites before know
Household Guard is recruited from the best and respect the elite of the Highborn, as they can
warriors of the Lord’s army and is adopted to the deliver swift and devastating strikes together with
noble house. As part of the Lord’s house the their masters. Depending on their Master’s
retinue enjoys many privileges at the court. They preference the Household retinue will fight on
have access to the best equipment and training, foot or attack from the backs of their wide
are allowed to call for the household’s personal selection of mounts.

Househ.-Guard 5 3 3 3 1 6 2 8 5+
Guard Captain 6 4 3 3 1 6 3 9 5+

Exodites, Fleet



Exodite Seers, like all Eldar psykers, belong to troops with the help of their knowledge of the
the most potent Psykers in the galaxy. They future.
draw psychic energy directly from the World The Seer’s range of powers is very similar to that
Spirit that surrounds them anywhere on the of the Craftworlds’ Farseers. They can predict
planet. With this strong bond the Seer can the near future or focus energy to lay waste to
unleash powerful psychic attacks or guide their enemy troops.

Seer 5 4 3 3 3 5 1 10 4+

Exodites, Fleet, Independent Character

Psyker: The Exodite Seer counts as a Psyker

and has access to the psychic powers
Executioner, Fortune, Improve, and Restore.

Spirit Hood: Exodite Seers wear helmets or
coronets created from wraithbone that conceal
the psyker’s spirit’s presence in the Warp. If a
Seer suffers a Perils of the Warp attack, the
Spirit Hood prefents it on a d6 roll of 4+.

Spirit Armour: Forged from the world spirit’s INSERT IMAGE

wraithbone structure a Spirit Armour projects a
psychic force field around it’s wearer. Spirit
Armour grants its wearer a 4+ invulnerable save.

Spirit Resonance: A Seer can use stones

containing spirits from the World Spirit to
enhance their connection to the World Spirit. A
Seer with Spirit Resonance may use two psychic
Powers per turn, the Seer may not use the same
power twice though.

Spirit Token: Many Seers carry a small token of

wraithbone that channels the Seer’s psychic
energy. A Seer using a Spirit Token rolls 3d6
and must use the lowest two rolls for all psychic

The Shamans of the Exodites are exceptionally A few rare individuals are very gifted and
gifted psykers able to reverse the effects of mastered handling the Worl Spirit’s restorative
some potentially lethal hits on another Eldar. powers and can heal troops much more
Their powers are able to close and heal wounds efficiently than regular Shamans do. The rare
instantly and painlessly. Shamans accompany and precious talents of these Shamans, known
squads several different Exodite troops to makeas Master Healers are reserved to the most
sure losses are minimized. important troops of a Highborn’s warhost, which
is usually his personal retinue.

Shaman 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 8 4+
Master Healer 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 9 4+

Exodites, Fleet

INSERT IMAGE Psyker: Shamans posess the Heal Psychic

Power. Master Healers have the Psychic Power

The Seer projects his spirit away from his body
to attack an enemy. This psychic power is used Improve
in the shooting phase instead of firing a weapon. The Seer’s power flows through the bodies of
Choose an enemy model in line of sight and his brethren and empowers them to
within 24” of the seer. Place a round marker of supernatural feats. Choose a unit within 6” of
the size of the Seer’s base in contact with the the Seer. All models of the chosen unit gain +1
chosen model. The Seer and the model or unit on one of the following characteristics: weapon
he is in contact with immediately resolve an extra skill, strength, attacks or initiative. If used for
combat phase as if the Seer were in place of the the strength bonus on a megadon or megadon
marker. The Seer counts as charging and lord, choose wether the regular or the Riders
attacks with an initiative of 1. He benefits from all attacks are improved.
wargear he is armed with but no psychic powers.
After the combat has been resolved remove the Isha’s Grace
marker and continue the shooting phase as The Seer concentrates on the future to foresee
normal. If the marker was wounded the Seer the enemy’s attacks. Choose an Exodite unit
takes no damage. within 6” of the Seer. This unit may reroll any
failed saves until the start of the next Exodite
Heal turn.
Shamans conjure the psychic energy of the
World Spirit to heal the wounds of his Restore
companions. Healer is a permanently active Master Healers are much more familiar with the
Power and does not require a Psychic test to World Spirit’s healing energies. The psyker’s
work. The psyker’s unit benefits from the Feel no unit benefits from the Feel no Pain universal
Pain universal special rule but rolls to ignore special rule.
unsaved wounds suffer a -2 penalty to the rolled

Dragoons are the elite of the highborn’s warhost
Exodite dragoons are excellent riders and utilize
and are only outmatched in martial skill by their
laser lances or similar versions of these weapons
master’s personal retinue. to charge the enemy and break even heavily
fortified lines.

Dragoon 5 3 3(4) 3(4) 1 6 2 8 3+
Dragoon Master 6 4 3(4) 3(4) 1 7 3 9 3+


Wraithbone Harness INSERT IMAGE
The more wealthy or privileged Exodites can
afford additional armour for their dragons. These
are helmets or harnesses forged from
wraithbone to fit the mount. A wraithbone
harness improves the armour save of a model
on an exodite mount by 1.

Exodites mostly swore off technology. They Knights, they almost always appear between the
almost entirely renounce vehicles but rather rely
ranks of any Exodite Warhost.
on animalic mounts, both for transport and Dragon Knights are the common cavalry troops
battle. The most common and most popular of the Exodite warhost. Knights are trained and
mount of the Exodites is known as Dragon. equipped for a similar role as Dragoons, though
Dragons are sturdy and fast bipedal, predatory less skilled than Dragoons they still are an
reptiles which are versatilely employable but efficient assault troop to be reckoned with. Being
these creatures are best known for their use inmore numerous than dragoons, Dragon Knights
combat. Mounted most commonly by Dragon can launch comparably massive Cavalry charges
and devastate whole flanks.

Dragon Knight 4 3 3(4) 3(4) 1 5 2 8 4+
Master Knight 5 4 3(4) 3(4) 1 6 3 9 4+


Outriders are mounted on the more agile not intended for a prolonged melee fight, but can
Raptors and scout ahead of the Exodite warhost deliver quick and deadly strikes against small
or patrol the wilderness of the Maiden World. units or destroy enemy vehicles with Haywire
Outriders usually are the first to fight, aiming for grenades.
the enemy’s artillery or heavy fire units. They are

Outrider 5 3 3 3 1 6 3 8 5+
Master Outrider 6 4 3 3 1 7 4 9 5+

Exodites, Hit & Run, Scouts


Wind knights ride Pterosaurs. Armed with potent Often Wind Knights dash down upon the
short range weaponry they swoop across the battlefield from the sky in the middle of the battle
battlefield to distract and wear down enemy to strike exactly where they are needed or to
troops. distract and confuse enemy troops.
They dash out of cover to deliver a precise salvo
and immediately turn around to take cover, even
before the enemy can return fire.

Wind Knight 4 3 3 3 1 5 1 8 5+
Wind Master 5 4 3 3 1 6 2 9 5+

Exodites, Deep Strike

Wild Hunters are Exodite trappers, they are they face. These cloaks grant them better
usually hunting animals for consumption as well protection than the usual Exodite armors.
as for beasts of burden, and mounts. They When In times of war Wild Hunters infiltrate territories
hunting Wild Hunters imitate the hunting rituals held by the enemy to set traps and ambush their
of the predators of their world instead of just forces or simply spy at them.
waiting and shooting their prey like hunters of With their poisoned blades Wild Hunters fight
most races would. set traps and ambush animals tougher enemy infantry and can even bring down
to tranquilize or kill them with various poisons or resilient enemies such as Plague Marines or
a pair of sharp blades. They wear coats or even large monstrosities like Carnifexes.
cloaks made of the hides of the toughest prey

Hunter 4 3 3 3 1 5 1 8 4+
Huntmaster 5 4 3 3 1 6 2 9 4+

Exodites, Fleet, Infiltrate

Trappers: Wild Hunters infiltrate the enemy

territory and set traps to hinder their advance.
For each infiltrating unit of Wild Hunters you may
mark a piece of difficult or dangerous terrain that
is no larger than 9”x9” as a trap. Any enemy unit
moving into, out of or through the trap must roll
for dangerous terrain in addition to any other
difficult or dangerous terrain check they have to
Dragonhide Cloak: All Wild Hunters wear
cloaks made of the hide of dragons or other
particularly resilient animal they brought down
personally. A Dragonhide Cloak improves the
wearer’s armor save by 1. This bonus is already
included in the Wild Hunters’ profile.

Hunting Blades: Each Wild Hunter is armed

with a pair of poisoned swords or knives called
Hunting Blades. For the hunt these blades are
only covered in a tranquilizing poison to bring
animals down with and either tame them or kill
them with a clean knife to prevent contamination
of the flesh, for the battle they are covered in
deadly poisons though. Hunting Blades count as
a pair of poison weapons that wound on a 4+.

Cobra’s Teeth: Huntmasters sometimes use

specialized blades with hollow chambers filled
with a corrosive poison that can eaven eat
through armour. These weapons have to be
wielded with extreme caution so the wearer
doesn’t injure himself. Regular Hunters are not
skilled enough to wield these dangerous
weapons effectively. Cobra’s Teeth count as a
pair of poison weapons that wound on a 2+ and
have the rending special rule.

Like the Harlequins bladedancers are performersThe blade dance knows four different styles, the
using their unnaturally graceful dances in battle.
Hawk’s Talons, the Hail of Blades, the Whirling
In times of peace they perform their dances on Tempest and the Dragon claws. Only a master of
celebrations and rituals. The blade dance is a all four styles may call themselves a
graceful and dangerous spectacle of whirling Bladedancer. In the battle these dances are used
blades shining in the light of the evening sun and
to confuse and elude the enemy. The
flying bodies between them. bladedancers know how to use the same motion
to dodge an attack and strike back fiercely.

Bladedancer 5 3 3 3 1 6 1 9 5+
Warsinger 6 3 3 3 1 7 2 10 5+

Counter-Attack, Exodites, Fleet

Dances: In combat Bladedancers perform

elusive dances to confuse their opponents and
deal out devastating strikes. Bladedancers are
almost permanently in motion and change their
dance style for different effects. Because the
carefully choreographed dances would be
disturbed by anyone not proficient at them, the
unit may not be joined by independent
characters. Bladedancers receive a 4+
invulnerable save against attacks in close
combat. At the beginning of each assault phase
you may pick one of the following dances for the
Bladedancer unit. The dance stays in effect until
the next assault phase starts. You may not pick
the same dance on two consecutive turns:
Hawk’s Talons: The Bladedancers use wide
swings to deliver precise and powerful strikes
against their opponents’ weak spots. The
Bladedancers’ attacks count as rending attacks.
Hail of Blades: Extremely fast movements and
complicated manoeuvres grant the Bladedancers
+1 attack each.
Whirling Tempest: The Bladedancers move in
unpredictable patterns making them hard to hit.
Models directing attacks toward the Bladedancer
unit lose one attack in each assault phase.
Dragon Claws: The Bladedancers sink their
blades deep into their opponents’ flesh. The
Bladedancers add +2 to the result of their rolls to

Whistling Storm: The blade dance teaches the

dancers to move with unnatural swiftness.
Bladedancers can run relentlessly without being
stopped or hindered in any way. Bladedancers
ignore difficult terrain when moving. Further,
when a Bladedancer unit is running it is always
treated as having rolled the highest possible
distance. This means they always run up to 6

Like all Eldar Exodites suffer from a decreasing Most units use heavy weapons, often either
population and their armed forces are low in mounted on a primitive grav platform or even on
numbers. In times of war civilians are recruited the back of a large animal because the weapons
or volunteer to fight with the Exodite Warhost. are often too large to carry by hand. Assault
These militia support the Lord’s troops either Militia however prefer light special weapons to
with heavy fire or by attacking and tying enemies decimate the enemy with before assaulting.
in close combat. Militia is deployed in large Militia squads are often accompanied by a
squads including a few Eldar armed with special Shaman who uses the world spirit’s psychic
weapons suiting their designated role in the energy to heal squad members.

Militia 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 8 5+

Exodites, Fleet

Weapon Mounts:
Exodite Militia usually carry their heavy
weaponry on weapon mounts. Wether a player
models their militia with their heavy weapons in
hand or on a weapon mount, is entirely up to
that player’s decision. If the weapon is mounted,
the weapon mount may be placed on a 40mm
base and the model equipped with the weapon
should either be placed on the same base or be
clearly designated as the firer. For all purposes
the weapon mount model is counted as the
militia armed with the weapon and lines of sight
are always drawn from and to the weapon
mount. The militia designated as the firer, if on a
separate base is treated as a wholly decorative
model and should simply be moved to one side
if it is in the way.

Almost all Exodites are skilled at riding dragons,
Dragon Militia are fielded equally as ranged fire
some Militia who in their civilian life work a lot
and close combat units. Thanks to their mounts
with Dragons, such as Dragon herders or and their ranged weaponry Dragon Militia are
caravan traders, will form cavalry units if they are
effective in both combat styles. They most
called to arms. These light cavalry units are commonly decimate opponents in a hail of fire
known as Dragon Militia. before assaulting and taking the rest of them out
with blades, claws and teeth.

Dragon Militia 3 3 3(4) 3(4) 1 4 2 8 4+


Megadons are considered the most fearsome forward and crash into enemy lines with an
creatures the Exodites offer by many of their almost unstoppable force.
enemies. They are usually not very intelligent Generally megadons can be described as large,
and thus very easy to herd with a few well monstrous reptiles that are mounted by one or
placed laser lance shocks. Exodites keep herds two Exodites who lead the creature to battle and
of Megadons for various reasons: as beasts of fire heavy weapons mounted on the howdah on
burden, food supply, source for clothing material
its back.
and sometimes as warbeasts. Usually a Megadon keeps charging forward while
Megadons can have different variations. Most ofits riders deliver covering fire until it can break
them are either large predatory creatures that into the enemy lines and impale enemy troops
move with a remarkable agility or horned with its horns, crush them under its feet or
behemoths that when galopping can rush ferociously tear them apart with its claws and

Megadon 4 3 6 6 4 4 4 10 3+

Fearless, Fleet, Furious Charge

Megadon Glaive: Some Megadon Riders carry
polearms with large powerblades, that cannot be
used effectively on foot or from the back of a
smaller animal. These weapons usually take the
shape of large scythes or glaives and add to the
power of the creature considerably. A megadon
armed with a megadon glaive adds +2 to its

Terrorwings are large avian creatures that can the enemy and hunt for heavy units, such as
carry a by human standards heavy load without tanks but can also be equipped to attack infantry
being impared in their speed significantly. units.
Exodites herd these animals to equip them with Whatever their purpose a swarm of Terrorwings
a small but effective assortment of weapons and can quickly change their position in the battlefield
one or two Exodite riders on their back to fire to adapt to almost any unexpected situation that
them. might occur during the battle and strike wherever
Terrorwings are the mobile fire support of the they are needed.
Exodite warhost. They often are used to flank

Terrorwing 4 3 5 5 2 4 2 10 4+

Exodites, Fearless

Rending Beak: Terrorwings have strong beaks

or mouthes filled with razorsharp teeth. In close
combat a Terrorwing counts as armed with a
rending weapon.

Flying: Terrorwings are fast and for their size

surprisingly agile creatures. Terrorwings count
as Eldar Jetbikes but do not benefit from the
Turbo Boost special rule and don’t gain the +1
bonus to their toughness value bikes usually INSERT IMAGE

Weapon Mounts: Terrorwings carry sevaral

weapons but often only one rider. The weapons
in this case are linked to each other so the rider
may fire them all at once or in case of more
technologically advanced Exodites one of the
weapons is activated by psychic commands of
the rider over a relay in his helmet while the
other is fired by hand. In some cases the
Terrorwing simply carries two riders, each firing
one of the weapons. Regardless of the model’s
actual number of riders a Terrorwing is always
treated as having two riders for the purpose of
firing weapons.



Blast Cannon Lasblaster

The blast cannon is a larger, far more powerful Exodites using less advanced technologies than
version of a lasblaster. The blast cannon is their starfaring relatives most commonly use
reminiscent of the Hawk’s Talon in both look and laser technology instead of the more powerful
function. Some exodites also use a more shuriken weapons. The most common weapon of
primitve variant of the Eldar shuriken cannon. the Exodite warhost is the Lasblaster. Though
Range S AP Type being less powerful than the Craftworld Eldar
Blast cannon 24“ 5 5 Assault 3 shuriken weapons, Lasblasters have the
advantage of a higher range. Some exodites
Blast Pistol having advanced also use primitive shuriken
A pistol form of the Lasblaster, this is an ancient weapons similar to shuriken catapults. These
weapon replaced on the Craftworlds with the weapons are very similar to lasblasters in their
more powerful shuriken pistol. The Exodites, effect. Lasblasters can either be represented by
who don’t have these weapons, still favour this the appropriate model or a shuriken catapult.
for close combat troops. (Designer’s note: this is to allow players without
Range S AP Type access to the materials to convert enough
Blast Pistol 12“ 3 5 Pistol lasblasters and blast cannons for a whole army
to build an Exodite warhost) Lasblasters use the
Fusion Spear profile below.
Fusion spears are a variant of the Eldar fusion Range S AP Type
gun built in a similar riding lance like shape as Lasblaster 24“ 3 5 Assault 2
laser lances. Fusion spears work the same way
as laser lances, except they have strength 8 and Shock lance
roll an additional D6 for armour penetration on Shock lances are a more powerful version of the
an assault and when fired have the following laser lance. Shock lances work the same way as
profile: laser lances, except they have strength 7 on an
Range S AP Type assault and when fired have the following profile:
Fusion spear 6“ 8 1 Assault 1 Melta Range S AP Type
Laser lance 12“ 7 4 Assault 1 Lance
Laser Lance
A Laser Lance is used to deliver an intense short Soulblade
ranged laser blast while charging into close Soulblades are ancient weapons that come in a
combat. Exodites using all kinds of Lances to wide variety of types. They are crafted with a
herd the different Megasaurs of the maiden spirit stone crafted into the blade. A model armed
worlds. Each turn they charge models with laser with a soulblade may reroll any failed to wound
lances are treated as if they were armed with rolls in close combat. Additionally a Soulblade
power weapons with a strength of 6. Additionally counts as a power weapon.
Laser lances may be fired as ranged weaposn in
the shooting phase. If fired this way laser lances Spirit Spear
use the profile below. Some exodite psykers wield a spear shaped
Range S AP Type variant of the typical witchblade. These must be
Laser lance 6“ 6 4 Assault 1, Lance wielded in two hands but can be thrown over
short distances and then return to the wielder.
Spirit spears count as witchblades. They must be
wielded in two hands and when used don’t grant
additional attacks for two close combat weapons.
When thrown the spirit spear also always
wounds on a 2+ and uses three times the
wielder’s strength to penetrate armour and has
the profile listed below.
Range S AP Type
Spirit spear 12“ X 6 Assault 1

Exodites employ various animals as cavalry mounts to charge to battle on. Traditionally the animals
used are some form of large reptiles or dinosaurs, but not every maiden world is ihabited by these
creatures. An Exodite army may as well use animals of different kinds. Instead of Pterosaurs they
might use large birds, or sabertooth cats instead of Dragons and a more slender kind of cat for
Raptors. Instead of a Megadon a kind of Mammoth might be employed. In this codex the animals used
as mounts or warbeasts are each given a specific name according to the traditional image of Exodites,
but this should not stop you from using anything else suitable.

Dragon Pterosaur
The most popular of Exodite mounts is known as Pterosaurs are flying reptiles that are employed
Dragon. A fast but resilient bipedal, carnivorous for their sheer speed and mobility. A pterosaur
reptile. These creatures have a thick hide that does not have any valuable abilities for close-up
can even protect them from small caliber gunfire. combat, but it can traverse great distances and
Most mounted Exodite troops are mounted on hindering terrain easily through the air and evade
Dragons, which not only carry them into combat enemy fire with nimble manoeuvres. Pterosaurs
swiftly but also deliver attacks with their claws are usually used for close range firefights, where
and teeth, effectively increasing the rider’s the riders dash forward to hail the enemy with fire
efficiency in close combat. The Dragon mount and then retreat into cover before enemy troops
confers a +1 bonus to the rider’s strength, can return fire. The Pterosaur mount changes
toughness, attack and armour save values and the rider’s unit type to Eldar-Jetbike. A model
changes its unit type to cavalry. Attacks using a mounted on a Pterosaur does not recieve the
fusion spear, laser- or shock lance do not gain bonus to toughness bikes usually grant and is
the strength bonus from the dragon mount. not allowed to use the turbo boost special rule.
Attacks using a weapon multiplying the wielders
strength add the dragon’s strength bonus after Raptor
the base strength value has been multiplied. Raptors are of similar build as Dragons, though
lighter and even faster. They are not as tough as
Dragons but make up for this disadvantage with
wild agility. Raptors being more nimble than
Dragons are commonly used by Scout troops for
quick and silent manoeuvres. The Raptor mount
confers a +1 bonus to the rider’s weapon skill
and initiative values, adds +2 to the rider’s
attacks and changes its unit type to cavalry.


The following pages contain an army list that USING THE ARMY LISTS
enables you to field an Exodite army and fight To make a choice, look in the relevant section of
battles using the scenarios included in the the army list and decide what unit you want to
Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. It also provides have in your army, how many models there will
you with the basic information you'll need in be in it, and which upgrades you want (if any).
order to field an Exodite army in using Codex Remember that you cannot field models that are
Eldar without any unofficial rules. equipped with weapons or wargear not shown on
the model. Once this is done subtract the points
The army list is split into five sections. All the
value of the unit from your total points, and then
squads, creatures, and characters in the army
go back and make another choice. Continue
are placed into one of these depending upon
doing this until you have spent all your points.
their role on the battlefield. Each model is also
Then you're ready to do battle!
given a points value, which varies depending on
how effective that model is in battle. Before you
choose an army, you will need to agree with your ARMY LIST ENTRIES
opponent upon a scenario and the total number Each army list entry consists of the following:
of points each of you will spend. Then you can
Unit Name: The type of unit, which may also
proceed to pick your army as described below.
showa limitation on the maximum number of
choices you can make of that unit type.
Profile: These are the characteristics of that unit
The army lists are used in conjunction with the
type, including its points cost. Where the unit has
force organisation chart from a scenario. Each
different warriors, there may be more than one
chart is split into five categories that correspond
to the sections in the army list, and each
category has one or more boxes. Each box Unit size: This shows the number of models in
indicates that you may make one choice from the unit, or the number of models you may take
that section of the army list, while a dark-toned for one choice from the force organisation chart.
box means that you must make a choice from Often this is a variable amount, in which case it
that section. Note that unless a model or vehicle shows the minimum and maximum unit size.
forms part of a squad or squadron, it is a single
Wargear: This is the unit's standard wargear.
choice from what is available to your army.
Where models in a unit possess different
equipment, this will be noted. Where equipment
is noted as 'All' every model comes equipped
with it in addition to any additional equipment
they may be described as having.
Special Rules: This is where you'll find any
special rules that apply to the unit. See the
INSERT SAMPLE FOC Forces of the Cult section for the details of these
Options: This lists the different weapons and
equipment options for the unit and any additional
points for taking these options. It may also
include an option to upgrade the squad to
include a character.

EXODITE LORD 60 points
EXODITE HERO 50 points
0-1 MEGADON LORD 130 points

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv May replace close combat weapon with one of

Lord 6 5 3 3 3 7 3 10 5+ the following:
Hero 5 4 3 3 2 6 2 9 5+ Power weapon .................................10 points
Megadon Lord 6 5 6 6 4 5 5 10 3+ Soulblade .........................................15 points
Laser lance (mounted only) ...............5 points
Unit size Shock lance (mounted only) ............10 points
1 Fusion spear (mounted only) ...........20 points

Unit type • A Megadon Lord may replace his close combat

Lord and Hero: weapon with one of the following:
- Infantry Soulblade .........................................15 points
Laser lance ........................................3 points
Megadon Lord: Shock lance .....................................10 points
- Monstrous Creature Fusion spear ....................................20 points
Megadon glaive................................30 points
Blastpistol, close combat weapon, plasma • A Lord or Hero may be given one of the
grenades, haywire grenades following:
Dragon mount ..................................30 points
Special Rules Raptor mount ...................................30 points
Lord and Hero: Pterosaur mount ..............................20 points
Exodites, Fleet, Independent Character Dragonhinde cloak .............................5 points

Megadon Lord: • One Lord or Hero per army may be given a

Exodites, Fearless, Fleet, Furious Charge Spirit shield at +20 points. If the model’s save
is 3+ the spirit shield costs +30 points instead.
• May replace Blastpistol with the following: • A Lord or Hero on a mount may be given the
Lasblaster.................................. no extra cost follwing:
Wraithbone harness.......................... 5 Points

EXODITE SEER 55 points

Seer 5 4 3 3 3 5 1 10 4+ • May be given any of the following:
Spirit resonance ...............................20 points
Unit size Spirit token .......................................10 points
• May be given one of the following mounts:
Unit type Dragon mount ..................................30 points
Infantry Raptor mount ...................................30 points
Pterosaur mount ..............................20 points
Blastpistol, witchblade, spirit hood, spirit armour • The Seer must buy between one and four
psychic powers from the following list:
Special Rules Isha’s grace......................................10 points
Exodites, Fleet, Independent Character Executioner ......................................30 points
Improve ............................................15 points
Options Restore ............................................15 points
• May replace witchblade with the following:
Spirit spear ........................................ 3 points

0-1 HOUSEHOLD GUARD 18 points/model

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv The unit may be accompanied by a dragon

Househ.-Guard 5 3 3 3 1 6 2 8 5+ mounted Shaman at +38 points or dragon
Guard Captain 6 4 3 3 1 6 3 9 5+ mounted Master healer at +68 points. See the
One Exodite Highborn (Lord or Hero) in the entry in the HQ section for their wargear and
army may recieve a Household guard unit as a options.
Unit size • Any number of household guard may replace
3-9 their close combat weapon with the following:
Power weapons....................... 4 points/model
Unit type Laser lance (mounted only)..... 5 points/model
• If the Highborn is riding on a mount, the
Wargear household guard must be given the same
Lasblasters, plasma grendades mount:
Dragon mount........................ 20 points/model
Special Rules Raptor mount......................... 20 points/model
Exodites, Fleet Pterosaur mount.................... 10 points/model

Character • If the household guard is mounted the

One model of the Household guard may be wholeunit may be given the following:
upgraded to a guard captain at +15 points. The Wraithbone Harness ............ 5 points/model
guard captain may exchange his close combat
weapon for a Soulblade at +10 points. If the unit • If the household guard is mounted up to two
is mounted he may exchange his close combat household guard may replace their close
weapon with a shock lance at +15 points or a combat weapon with the following:
fusion spear at +25 points. Shock lance........................... 10 points/model
Fusion spear.......................... 20 points/model

SHAMAN 18 points/model
MASTER HEALER 48 points/model

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Special Rules
Shaman 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 8 4+ Exodites, Fleet, Psyker
Master healer 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 9 4+
A Shaman can only be bought as upgrade Options
character for another unit. The shaman does not • May replace close combat weapon with one of
occupy a slot in the force organization chart. the following:
Witchblade........................................15 points
Unit type Spirit spear .......................................18 points
• If the unit the shaman is attached to is mounted
Wargear the shaman must be given the same mont:
Blastpistol, close combat weapon, spirit armour Dragon mount...................................20 points
Raptor mount....................................20 points
Psychic powers Pterosaur mount...............................15 points
Master healer:

0-1 DRAGOONS 45 points/model

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Character
Dragoon 5 3 3(4) 3(4) 1 6 2 8 3+ One Dragoon may be upgraded to a dragoon
Dragoon Master 6 4 3(4) 3(4) 1 7 3 9 3+ master at +15 points. The dragoon master
Shaman 3 3 3(4) 3(4) 1 4 2 8 4+ may replace his laser lance with a shock lance
Master Healer 3 3 3(4) 3(4) 1 4 2 9 4+ at +5 points or a fusion spear at +15 points.

Unit size The unit may be accompanied by a dragon

3-10 mounted Shaman at +38 points or dragon
mounted Master healer at +68 points. See the
Unit type entry in the HQ section for their wargear and
Cavalry options.

Wargear Options
Laser lances, lasblasters, dragon mount with • Up to two models may replace their laser lance
wraithbone harness (bonuses already included with one of the following:
in the profile) Shock lance ............................ 5 points/model
Fusion spear ......................... 15 points/model
Special rules
Exodites • The whole unit may recieve the following:
Plasma grenades ......................1 point/model

WILD HUNTERS 10 points/model

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Wargear
Hunter 4 3 3 3 1 5 1 8 4+ Hunting blades, dragonhide cloaks
Huntmaster 5 4 3 3 1 6 2 9 4+
Special rules
Unit size Exodites, Fleet, Infiltrate, Trappers
Unit type One Hunter may be upgraded to a huntmaster at
Infantry +16 points. The huntmaster may exchange his
hunting blades for Cobra’s Teeth at +10 points.

0-1 HARLEQUINS See Codex Eldar

DRAGON KNIGHTS 25 points/model

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv One dragon knight may be upgraded to a

Dragon Knight 4 3 3(4) 3(4) 1 5 2 8 4+ master knight at +15 points. The dragoon
Master Knight 5 4 3(4) 3(4) 1 6 3 9 4+ master may replace his laser lance with a
Shaman 3 3 3(4) 3(4) 1 4 2 8 4+ shock lance at +5 points or a fusion spear at
+15 points.
Unit size
3-10 The unit may be accompanied by a dragon
mounted Shaman at +38 points. See the entry in
Unit type the HQ section for his wargear and options.
Wargear • Up to two models may replace their laser lance
Laser lances, lasblasters, dragon mount with one of the following:
(bonuses already included in the profile) Shock lance ........................... 5 points/model
Fusion spear ........................ 15 points/model
Special rules
Exodites • The whole unit may recieve the following:
Plasma grenades ......................1 point/model

DRAGON MILITIA 15 points/model

Dragon Militia 3 3 3(4) 3(4) 1 4 2 8 4+ Special rules
Shaman 3 3 3(4) 3(4) 1 4 2 8 4+ Exodites

Unit size Character

3-9 The unit may be accompanied by a dragon
mounted Shaman at +38 points. See the entry in
Unit type the HQ section for his wargear and options.
Wargear • Every third Dargon Militia may replace their
Lasblasters, dragon mount (bonuses already lasblaster with the following:
included in the profile) Blast cannon ........................... 5 points/model

0-1 BLADEDANCERS 18 points/model

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Special rules
Bladedancer 5 3 3 3 1 6 1 9 5+ Counter-Attack, Dances, Exodites, Fleet,
Warsinger 6 4 3 3 1 7 2 10 5+ Whistling Storm

Unit size Character

5-10 One Bladedancer may be upgraded to a
Warsinger at +16 points. The Warsinger may
Unit type exchange one of his close combat weapons for a
Infantry power weapon at +10 points or a soulblade at
+15 points.
Two close combat weapons, plasma grenades

MILITIA 8 points/model

Militia 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 8 5+ Options
Shaman 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 8 4+ • Two Militia may replace their Lasbalsters with
one of the following weapons:
Unit size Blast cannon ......................................3 points
10-20 Brightlance .......................................30 points
Exodite Missile Launcher .................20 points
Unit type Scatter laser.....................................15 points
Infantry Starcannon.......................................25 points

Wargear • The whole squad may be upgraded to assault

Lasblasters militia at no extra cost. The whole squad
replaces their lasblasters with blastpistols and
Special rules close combat weapons. They do not have a
Exodites, Fleet weapon mount but up to two militia may
replace their weapons with the following:
Character Fusion gun .............................. 6 points/model
The unit may be accompanied by a Shaman at Flamer..................................... 6 points/model
+18 points. See the entry in the HQ section for
his wargear and options.

0-2 RANGERS See codex eldar


OUTRIDERS 22 points/model

Outrider 5 3 3 3 1 6 3 8 5+ Special rules
Master Outrider 6 3 3 3 1 7 4 9 5+ Exodites, Hit & Run, Scouts
Shaman 4 3 3 3 1 5 3 8 4+
Unit size One outrider may be upgraded to a master
3-10 outrider at +16 points. The master outrider may
exchange his close combat weapon for a power
Unit type weapon at +10 points or a soulblade at +15
Cavalry points.

Wargear The unit may be accompanied by a raptor

Blastpistol, close combat weapon, haywire mounted Shaman at +38 points. See the entry in
grenades, plasma grenades, raptor mount the HQ section for his wargear and options.
(bonuses already included in the profile)

WIND KNIGHTS 20 points/model

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Character
Wind Knight 4 3 3 3 1 5 1 8 5+ One wind knight may be upgraded to a wind
Wind Master 5 3 3 3 1 6 2 9 5+ master at +16 points. The master outrider may
Shaman 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 8 4+ exchange his lasblasters for a scatter laser at
+20 points or a blast cannon at +10 points.
Unit size
3-9 The unit may be accompanied by a pterosaur
mounted Shaman at +33 points. See the entry in
Unit type the HQ section for his wargear and options.
Wargear • Every third wind knight may replace his
Lasblasters, pterosaur mount lasblaster with one of the following:
Blast cannon ........................... 5 points/model
Special rules Brightlance ............................ 35 points/model
Deep Strike, Exodites Exodite Missile Launcer ........ 25 points/model
Scatter laser.......................... 20 points/model
Starcannon............................ 30 points/model

MEGADON 60 points

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Options
Megadon 4 3 6 6 4 4 4 10 3+ • The Megadon may be given one of the
Unit size Blast cannon ......................................5 points
1 Brightlance .......................................35 points
Exodite Missile Launcer ...................25 points
Unit type Scatter laser.....................................20 points
Monstrous creature Starcannon.......................................30 points

Wargear • The Megadon may be given one of the

Laser lance following:
Megadon glaive................................20 points
Special rules Shock lance .......................................5 points
Fearless, Furious Charge Fusion Spear....................................15 points


Terrorwing 4 3 5 5 2 4 2 10 4+ Special rules
Exodites, Fearless, Flying, Rending Beak,
Unit size Weapon Mounts
Unit type • Each Terrorwing may replace their Lasblaster
Jetbikes with the following:
Blast cannon ......................................5 points
• Each Terrorwing is armed with a Lasblaster • Each Terrorwing may be given one of the
and one of the following: following:
Blast cannon ......................................3 points Power Weapon ................................15 points
Brightlance .......................................30 points Laser Lance .......................................5 points
Exodite Missile Launcer ...................20 points Shock Lance ....................................10 points
Scatter laser .....................................15 points Fusion Spear....................................20 points
Starcannon.......................................25 points


WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Range S AP Type
Bladedancer 5 3 3 3 1 6 1 9 5+ Brightlance 36“ 8 2 Heavy 1, Lance
Warsinger 6 4 3 3 1 7 2 10 5+ Blast cannon 24“ 5 5 Assault 3
Dragon Knight 4 3 3(4) 3(4) 1 5 2 8 4+ Blast pistol 12“ 3 5 Pistol
Master Knight 5 4 3(4) 3(4) 1 6 3 9 4+ Ex. Missile Launcher (Krak) 48“ 8 3 Heavy 1
Dragon Militia 3 3 3(4) 3(4) 1 4 2 8 4+ Ex. Missile Launcher (Splinter) 48“ 4 5 Heavy 1, Blast
Dragoon 5 3 3(4) 3(4) 1 6 2 8 3+ Flamer Template 4 5 Assault 1
Dragoon Master 6 4 3(4) 3(4) 1 7 3 9 3+ Fusion gun 12“ 8 1 Assault 1, Melta
Exodite Lord 6 5 3 3 3 7 3 10 5+ Fusion spear 6“ 8 1 Assault 1, Melta
Exodite Hero 5 4 3 3 2 6 2 9 5+ Lasblaster 24“ 3 5 Assault 2
Megadon Lord 6 5 6(3) 6 4 5 3/3 10 3+ Laser lance 6“ 6 4 Assault 1, Lance
Exodite Seer 5 4 3 3 3 5 1 10 4+ Scatter laser 36“ 6 6 Heavy 4
Househ.-Guard 5 3 3 3 1 6 2 8 5+ Shock lance 12“ 7 4 Assault 1, Lance
Guard Captain 6 4 3 3 1 6 3 9 5+ Spirit spear 12“ X 6 Assault 1
Megadon 4 3 6(3) 6 4 4 3/2 10 3+ Starcannon 36“ 6 2 Heavy 2
Militia 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 8 5+
Outrider 5 3 3 3 1 6 3 8 5+
Master Outrider 6 3 3 3 1 7 4 9 5+
Shaman 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 8 4+
Master Healer 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 9 4+
Terrorwing 4 3 5 5 2 4 2 10 4+
Wild Hunter 4 3 3 3 1 5 1 8 4+
Huntmaster 5 4 3 3 1 6 2 9 4+

Not always will your opponents agree on using Shaman Warlock
fanwork rules or house rules, as they are usually Your Shamans can be represented by warlocks
called, such as this codex. Also you might want with conceal as a replacement for their healing
to play at tournaments at which house rules are powers. Similar to Shamans Warlocks can be
never permitted, except for possible house rules added to many different troops.
written by the tournament organizers. In these
situations your Exodite miniatures might seem
useless, but in fact they are not at all. All you
need is Codex: Eldar, the following guide and a ELITES
brief explanation to your opponent. Bladedancers Banshees
If you are not allowed to play by the rules of this Banshees are quick, acrobatic and have a lot of
codex you can still play a so called count-as special rules and wargear making them suitable
army. This means using an existing official to represent your Bladedancers. Their power
codex to represent a different army or individual weapons can be explained as a part of their
units. In this case you use the rules of certain dance that lets them hit enemies with unnatural
Eldar units to represent your Exodites. The precision and strike their armours’ weak spots.
following list gives you a guide on how to The Exarch powers provide with wonderful
possibly represent your Exodite army with special rules to describe Bladedancer dances.
Codex: Eldar and which Eldar units could
Wild Hunters Striking Scorpions
represent which Exodite units. You can of course
choose different units to represent your exodite Wild hunters are a bit of a different units than
models, if you see it fit. The most important thing Striking Scorpions but there are certain
to do is that you explain to your opponent which characteristics they have in common. Both are
model uses which rules. an infiltrating close combat unit, and have a
comparatively high armor save. So the Wild
Hunters’ dragonhide cloaks represent the 3+
armour save and the strength bonus from
HQ scorpion chainswords would be the equivalent
for the poisoned hunting blades. Don’t worry
Exodite Lord Autarch
about the missing shuriken pistols, the cloaks are
The Autarch makes an excellent choice to big enough to hide a set of pistols and your
represent your Exodite Lord. The Autarch‘s opponents will hardly mind about them.
options make it possible to represent your Lord
in any combination. A fusion gun and a laser Harlequins Harlequins
lance in combination with a jetbike for example Harlequins are directly chosen from Codex Eldar
would represent a Lord on dragon with a fusion and thus are no problem to use in a counts-as
spear. And even the Master Strategist special army.
rule makes an excellent replacement for the
Guerilla Tactics special rule.
Megadon Lord Avatar
The Avatar is a base no Exodite count-as army
should miss. The eldar army list does not contain
many non-vehicle units with monstrous statistics.
If you have a Megadon Lord, the Avatar is the
best choice to represent him. If your Megadon
Lord is armed with a fusion spear, you even INSERT IMAGE OR
have something to explain the screaming blade.
Exodite Seer Farseer
The Exodite Seer and the Eldar Farseer are
almost identical in statistics and even carry
extremely similar equipment. The psychic
powers available are similar too. Improve for
example could be replaced by Doom and
Executioner would be Mind War.

Militia Guardians Megadon Wraithlord
Little if any explanation at all is needed here. The wraithlord is a large, tough monstrous
Militia have all the options to represent a creature that can be equipped with heavy
guardian or storm guardian squad. weapons. It is basically the same as a Megadon,
except it’s a lot tougher and stronger, but also
Dragon Militia/Wind KnightsGuardian Jetbikes
more expensive. Your Megadon can represent a
Both Dragon Militia and Wind Knights have the wraithlord with the respective weaponry. A
exact weaponry at their disposal to represent megadon glaive would be a wraithsword in that
Guardian Jetbike rules. Like with the Exodite case.
Lord the Jetbike will represent the Dragon
mounts. The fact that a jetbike ignores terrain
when passing over can be explained by the
Exodites knowing their homeworld have no RARE EXODITE UNITS AND ALLIES
problems in tight terrain. In case of Wind Knights
the pterosaur can represent a jetbike without any FROMAMONGTHESTARS
problems of explanation. Missing additions
Rangers Rangers With these quite limited choices it’s not always
Like Harlequins, Rangers are originally listed in easy to put together an effective battle force.
Codex: Eldar and thus are no problem to use. Since there are Eldar Craftworlds that are
working closely together with Exodites, such as
Saim-Hann and Biel Tan, you can use regular
Eldar units in your counts-as Exodite force with
FASTATTACK the explanation that these are allied forces from
a Craftworld. The most commonly needed units
Dragoons/Dragon Knights Shining Spears
will be transports such as Serpents or
Shining spears are basically the high tech specialized striking units, like Fire Prism tanks or
version of Dragon Knights. As before the Dragon Fire Dragons. You could also make conversions
mounts represent Jetbikes and laser lances are if you can think up an Exodite equivalent to the
the same equipment in both armies. Eldar Unit you need. For example a large winged
Terrorwings Vypers creature such as a Warhammer dragon with the
Many players dislike the idea of using the rules respective weaponry could represent an Eldar
of a vehicle for a creature, but it is an acceptable grav tank or a herd of slamanders for Fire
stretch. Vypers are fast, flying weapon platforms, Dragons.
basically the same as a Terrorwing. To make
sure your terrorwing can be used as a Vyper
without any opponent minding about lacking
WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get),
you can convert your Terrorwing rider with a pair
of Shuriken Catapults or Lasblasters.

[modeling and painting section still to come]


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