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Prepared by: Selected students of the College of Human Medicine at the University of Damascus. D.

Mohammed Asim parsley, Mohammed Adnan Al-Kholi. Us medical consultant with the Arab and medical Labuan

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Introduction article in the scientific examination of STEP 1 block autopsy block behaviour block Biochemistry block germs bloc medicine bloc pathology bloc physiology proposed plan of action ..... Plan CDs questions ................ Questions observations concerning Bal STEP 1 from the viewpoint of the progress of STEP 1 before STEP 2 observations concerning Bal STEP 1 for students who begin STEP 2 and now want to make STEP 1 Introduction: As we have stated from the outset, the first sixth year (the month 8-9-7) (in the example of the first plan) preparation time 8 months Cost $ 805 System exam: -- Blocks 7 each question 50 -- A term exam 8 hours -- Break for an hour distributed among them. Notes: -- Block him every hour. -- There is an hour's break divided by the

desire of the student -- Rationale is to provide step1 before Step2 regardless of some students who are investigating and perhaps vice versa success. -- Step1 is easier than Step2 because it directly, and more pronounced. : Note: We will talk about the materials aa STEP1 some detail, as we noted may find different opinions about the book most appropriate and the final decision will go back to your calendar are: Article in the scientific examination of STEP 1 STEP1 examination consists of 7 blocks: 1 bloc Autopsy: Autopsy year and include anatomy, neurology, science tissues (and which sociology cell), informed the fetus. 2 bloc behaviour: science and include private conduct, and statistics. 3 bloc Biochemistry: science and include private biochemistry, genetics. 4 bloc Microbiology: Microbiology contain private, and immunodeficiency. 5 bloc of Pharmacology. 6 bloc Anatomy patients. 7 bloc flag physiology. Note: Books mentioned at the beginning of each section is dependent mainly books, and what is within the following paragraphs observations and comments and additional suggestions for other books. Autopsy bloc: And divided into: Autopsy visual ..................................... ........... ....................... HY gross anatomy Autopsy nervous .................................... ............ ...................... HY neuroanatomy Autopsy tissue and cell science .................................... ......... .................. HY histology as the time (considering the first 40 pages of the book) Fetal autopsy .................................... ............ ............................ HY embryology Autopsy visual and nervous: The importance of an autopsy neurological equivalent of the rest of the autopsy together any sections that half an autopsy is important for dissecting the nerve. must attention during an autopsy study of neurological and MRI images CT_SCAN because it is very important and in many questions,

instead of the image that comes stanza Anatomical Eye comes X-ray image and asked to identify what is required after clinical Story (For example, the story satisfactory to Parkinson's disease and then asked to identify the relevant disease). the remaining sections of the autopsy must focus on is very important is the clinical dissection of the autopsy as the questions are inevitably questions inevitably selections except clinical CT and MRI in the chest or abdomen. Autopsy tissue and cell science: studying the science of cell and tissue consists of two parts: 1. Atlas: Photos comes in the exam Atlas purely without a story. 2. Frequently purely theoretical, of course, these questions were not of any clinically relevant (requiring a full stamp) It is necessary to read the reference cell science. Better reading of + High_yield liters Water Atlas and most of the questions from microscopic electronic atlas and enough merely to view it. Dissected and learned the fetus: In general questions are a significant clinical applications, and of course there are some things in the fetus needs to preserve and have no significant clinical applications (three leaflets ...). book High Yield adequate and excellent book does not need more of it. There are books of it: new and old, if you do not have time to read an old because it is shorter and often the mark would not be affected .. Question addressed: Is it necessary to know the age of the fetus specifically affected in terms of medicines and poisons? Such a question comes in the form of applications: For example, give the medication in phase X fetal life and then ask whether the medicine causes distortion in the digestive tube. Bloc conduct: and divided into: Psychology (Conduct) .................................. ........... .............................. HY behavioral Statistics ................................. ............... ............................ ............ HY biostatistics Psychology (behaviour): Material strange and difficult questions. The Book of High yield replace him half the questions?!! So if you read the new

subjects in the high yeild myself and which are not located in the HY behavioral similar books by 90 percent. There is also a book Board review. Statistics: There is a circulation: The question will be viable to solve whatever they allowed writers who examined him, the question will not be difficult to whatever book they allowed even his mark valve. The remainder of such rules derived from personal experiences and do not necessarily represent the reality. books previously adopted by others-the HY biostatistics: a book of Lange, with the reading of Statistics Section b crash the board for step2. Bloc Biochemistry: and divided into: Biochemistry and Genetics ................................... ..... Kaplan Biochemistry (K too) Of molecular biology .................................... ....... HY molecular biology And the adopter is also required ................................... .......... .............. GI .. BRS Science Biochemistry: the most important advice is to restore this article and review before the examination and that the student has studied the little book is already easy oblivion. focus of the questions put to the socalled Rate Limiting Step in the chemical reaction, and never concentrate on keeping the formula or sequence of interactions do not tire yourself formulas never conservation, formulas and charts, which was included in the examination of formality and to raise the terror in the same student only. wrote accredited to some other (non-books suggested above): * Book of Lippincott very large and are advised not to read and better than the following books and almost all the same level: High Yield, Made Ridiculously Simple, Kaplan, Board Review. * The last 40 pages of b Ibncot good, but can be dropped in by reading a book and the HY Cell and Molecular Biology, but the book is very summary must focus. focused on diseases (von Jirga - Ghoshr ---) It is essential reading too clinical vignette is a wonderful book. Genetics: hereditary diseases question comes in the form of the scheme is hereditary (family tree) and identifies people living in the

first generation and second generation and third generation and then ask about the pattern of inheritance. There is an interesting question which is always repeated pattern of inheritance Almitokondria (where the mother had inherited the disease in each of her children Gil). question addressed: In chromosome disorders and cancers, are asked to identify chromium and unnecessary injury and place him? Usually does not, further questions do not come out, because almost no disruption of chromosomes only have identified genes misplaced on maps but chromosome position becomes important when the gene discourage tumor example P53 .. question addressed: Do you ask about the nature of the current turmoil (exchange sites Translocations for example)? Not expected to bring many questions about it, the maximum could ask for is a pattern Inheritance (autosomal dominant) This is a rough rule. Kaplan book well in genetics with another 40 pages of Ibncot or high yeild molecular biology Bloc germs: and divided into: Microbiology ............................... ................ ........................... . HY / Kaplan microbiology Immunology ................................. ............... ............................ ............... Kaplan immunology Microbiology: question addressed: Do you ask about the bacterial fermentation of sugars or Alanzimat they contain? No, to ask them only in cases important example to differentiate between streptococci, staphylococci by Alkatalaz. And a piece of advice: do not delve into these matters. Book of High Yield and an excellent new book series are all excellent, as we noted earlier. For the book lange book is very large and is not recommended it because it needs to return several times and takes a lot of time if you want to read In the third year after that, however, prefer either ridiculously because it serves to step1 & 2 together. If I study the book of Rediculously simple and I felt no need for another Repertory Study of HY, and no infection in another section of the book HY is an important section. Immunology:

Book of Kaplan immunology book is appropriated. Some find that the book of Lange quite enough. article is immune stamp rule, not only for understanding the General example: You should be archived posts IL, TNF .. Because they are screening, clinical applications for immunity in AIDS and congenital Alaawaz either, except that it remains essentially rule stamp. must focus entirely on this article because it is a material that may bedevil much in check, try to solve the largest possible number of questions and I understand them very well and tried to check the day before retreating. Bloc medicines: Pharmacology: approved books: Pharm cards-Kaplan (Pharmacokinetics) - FA The most important thing in medicine is that every medicine to work and side effects and Hira Pharmaceutical distinctive, with no regard to giving Hira of the patient and clinical (Example of Digoxin and Al Digitoxin, R, which gives inflammation of the prostate). drugs task: self (Aladrnireign and Alkulinireign), heart medicines, antibiotics are mild. Book of Pharm Cards and easy to book an excellent audit will remember more than in testing and can be read with the High yield. b attention must first aid is wonderful in medicine, most of the questions it. The Book of Kaplan (Pharmacokinetics) from the approved textbooks. Some students read the Lippincott but too much and it lists the side effects without reference to them but important task is usually what separates it writer, is the most important of which is the first 100 pages + medicine task. Read from the Ibncot cancer medicines and pharmaceutical wholesale and self-pressure medication, at least. Bloc pathology: Pathology: Approved the book: BRS pathology rule and rule easy task Forgoer is easy for those who studied clinical materials, better to be the student had read the decision Batinah at least before they submit the examination. which is important not to forget the pictures, and comes in the existing examination colored completely in a book Robbins Textbook and photos of more macroscopic pictures passages textile, with

the majority of the questions resolved without considering the accompanying photos and this applies to science and cell tissues. question addressed: Is the question about the autopsy patients prisoner? Possible, but not often, any image that comes selections prisoner colored alone and then ask them this does not come, but inevitably comes with a story set in understanding the questions they face in working life will come in the form of clinics stanza without a report of the prisoner facilities. Bloc physiology: Science physiology: Required books: Kaplan physiology: K too must move away from big books, even though the study of which the most enjoyable. GI BRs it is a key article and important and significant part of which is covered in medicine and biochemistry among and within the mechanisms of disease in clinical materials. The main thing is useful in physiology schemes, sometimes half the questions this article about the schemes, especially schemes heart and breathing This is very important. Some of the book depends Board Review with resolving questions of simulator special breathing and his heart and college, save equations board review it by a large number of questions .. : arrow advice again: Add new information on the first aid and then when you review this book another ten days to find the most information exists for Proposed work plan ..... Plan * 3 months: - face first -- Quick reading - time is more important than quality -- Questions: Qbank from the start - the meetings in resolving questions apportionment II -- To expand the information * 1 month: - a quick survey of Al-Batun -- Is now ripe for the Med study exclusively, as if time was not enough time simply by reading a heart attack + apron + College. * 3 months: - Lower II -- The period in the study of basic Step1 -- Reading and understanding and conservation in light of the questions resolved, download the First Aid or alternative plan hearings questions

intensive + Qbook * 1 month: audit CDs : This additional Alsidiat but good and help. Kaplan DVDs -Mosby Anatomy 3D Brain Atlas -Web Path -Harrison's CD - which the search was useful. Questions ................ Questions Kaplan Q bank-is not much in support of the inspection which is a CD Kaplan Q book-comes the second stage USMLE sample NRMP sample-is a certain amount of the payment for 4 blocks similar questions step entirely with you Kabbamanm repairs Kaplan simulated-. Pretest Medicine-. Observations on Bal STEP 1 from the viewpoint of the progress of STEP 1 before STEP 2 Is examination of STEP1 is also examining a terrible event that speaks so students before submitting it? Step1 examination is not and must not scary illusion thereof. examination is not impossible and not easy and it is your real returns. the project must be done away with the psychological comfort from delusions What are the best books? This research is subject to amendment and dramatically changing rapidly, but overall the series of High Yield and excellent book Pharm Cards in good medicine, and must adopt textbooks small + questions are better than large. FIRST AID book of the most important and most important book ever in the STEP1, which is divided by blocs (TB autopsy _ _ physiology) must be read each section immediately after the completion of the reading books in the corresponding theory for the first time and then returned in full. Some felt that studying this book for the unity and understanding all of which is a + adequate coverage questions = sign between the 85 and the 90 and possibly more! What are the best written questions? Book of the Board Simulator excellent book in physiology only, and except that the book does not deserve this suffering and unnecessary presence of cable and you have to consider the book's source of information rather than an exam. There are also questions of Kaplan and generally found wherever this name is

excellent (there are a lot of the books KAPLAN of all the questions come down to a new book will not cite any book here and you know that you this information). : arrow Important Notice: Must deal with questions when reading the complete answer to both questions which I replied, correctly or incorrectly. How is the examination questions? About 70% of the examination questions are in clinical 4-5 story lines are quite typical, clear and telling of diagnosis, and then comes the question Beyond Basic and example of this: What is the mechanism of a medication that must be given to this patient. general examination Basic, but without a minimum of Clinical information you will not register a good sign. And this of Clinical solved by the Greek you can get it by reading the Clinical only once before proceeding to draft the Basic and prefer studying a book or Greek NMS BLUEPRINT seriously and strong before starting b STEP1. About 30% of the questions directly and question the prospects. a large number of questions are indirectly example, the story gives you descriptions of the disease and then ask him Hercpring disease and is not brain nerve cells, you must know the disease and response to the question. Observations on Bal STEP 1 for students who begin STEP 2 and now want to make STEP 1 Study For step 1 is much more difficult to test. Where you will find you have an urgent desire to understand everything that is being studied by, and if followed, this desire did not restrain yourself, you will consume considerable time and lost in the jungle of step 1. The move is intended to test it saves you a lot of time and allows you to collect the best mark. as in step 2 there is a certain level of information they want to be known to the student and not more than that, for example, no one wants you to be competent in biochemistry or other ... This examination originally directed to the level of thirdyear students. What helps you to this trend is the first aid. a study of step 1 is the first aid, but a study this book and literacy is not an easy task, because that book is mainly based on a review that you know all the information contained therein is summarized and will be reviewed within you and what you need to step 1. To overcome the drought of first aid There are two ways you can use one or even both

ways, where one of the methods used in some way other materials and in other articles, those methods are: First: During the examination of each article of first aid examine this article from first aid, but keep to your side Repertoire (or book a little detail) Traha so as to not understand each paragraph of the first aid to the op understood and not only kept the remains in first aid . Second: Examine the role of books and then returning to first aid, which is a fingerprint. important not postpone the study of first aid was never any way to be pursued. In the second method does not examine all books and then taught first aid, but examine every article of her book, then read this article directly from first aid, because the method of first aid is very difficult therefore needed to restore more than once in order to have the information so it is advisable to begin by directly and Might feel yourself with time, you have not taught him despite evidence of other books, this is not a problem if you never filed first aid and actually understand what it (because every word and every word which sometimes meant the idea had come upon a question (> Almost half of the examination questions are the questions from step 2, either half rest is purely step 1. Almost 70% of the questions step 1 pure enough first aid to answer either of the remaining questions require other books, and books high yields are not enough to answer them all, but it is unreasonable to read books such as Mothers robbins or lippincott pharmacology and biochimestry or nms physiology or. To answer it, for several reasons, including: First: that you should not answer all the questions to get excellent mark (get rid of this obsessive who is accompanying students from the Faculty of Medicine). Second: reading these books you need much time and need to be reviewed several times to possess all the information, and this means that you need to more than 8 months to study the step 1 and no need for that because time never an important factor. * III: Add to this factor which affects fatigue and which would have a negative effect on your performance last month of the study which is supposed to focus the important information which constitute the largest proportion of questions. In the last two weeks must review of first aid and the High Yeild Molecular. There is an important observation in the step 1 and that there is a difference

between the questions asked of each article and another has come to many questions asked about biochemistry or mollecular biohogy or behavioral science where that luck plays a role in this test. For questions books recommended: Q book is very important, CD Kaplan simuated also very important (though difficult not commensurate with the level exam). For CD Q bank it contains a large amount of questions, mostly easy but contains some important questions, the easy questions addressed to a student did not provide step 2 of that could be considered for the step2 also be able to about 40% of the important questions exist b Q book, therefore, has no Many prefer to cancel the time of his calculations study this CD. can be resolved during the questions that were due for the first aid to each question, so as to alleviate the drought of first aid and to facilitate its conservation through the questions (so you can add information directly to the first aid course of resolving the questions). You can ask students to experience in the STEPs pattern of questions answered in his exams. For each article separately: Gross Anatomy Questions examination sections: Section I And theoretical questions are often easy and the information in high yield significant proportion of many of these questions and possible to read only once. Frequently autopsy found b CD Q bank often cover the real exam questions. Truth CD Q bank with a distinctive autopsy. Section II A photo where usually comes (4-5 no more pictures) and often is a photo CT OR MRI of the head, trunk and parties. Truth to answer all these questions you must have little experience of reading these images (inquire about where things are clear, remember that questions of third-year students) and help you on that CD imaging atlas addition to the existing photo Bal high yield. Revision to forget the images where first aid They are the most imports in check. Neuroanatomy Possible reading of high yield only once, but some research should focus on a brain functions cloves, Roy brain nuclei and basal and trunk and spinal cord and also CNS angiography, ways spinal cord, nerves Qahver Noi. Note that you will most questions dissection of neural information step2. Mollecular biology

Material is very important, high yield book very valuable and should be well motivated and well-mark and also is one of the books, which must review the final week before the exam. Some ambiguity as possible back to understand the lippincott biochemisty. Kaplan less value than the high yield, contains some information does not exist b high yield but few could read so fast after reading the high yield or nutsells only possible reading. Cell biology The first search b high yield histology very valuable, and the cable is quite remarkable in this area. Physiology BRS read a one-time (since it contains much of the information contained in the exam will not) and solve several questions physiology of books and board simulator that sections heart, chest, college and possibly solve the Endocrine and also questions of physiology Qbook and then becomes your BRS . . Biochimestry first aid . %85 high yield . first aid lipincott first aid lipincott . first aid. undergruond biochemistry. Immunology high yield . CD interactive immunology(Mosby) . Pharmacology first aid . %95 lippincott Updates. Histology High yield . . . Microbiology first aid . Embryology 3-1 first aid high yield ** . Pathology

step 2 . . 6-5 first aid ( NMS review ( 50 robbins . Behavioral science& Psychiatry step 2 high yield psychiatry lange Do and Don't do Ethics Board Review .

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