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NcKinley village

NcKinley village Regional Location Exhibit

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NcKinley village Plan

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NcKinley village will be a 21
centuiy uiban village in the coie of the Saciamento iegion that combines the chaiactei of
the city's most successful uiban neighboihoous with homes incluuing mouein amenities anu leauing euge sustainability

Locateu on a 48 acie site aujacent to the East Saciamento anu NcKinley Paik neighboihoous anu connecteu to those
neighboihoous, Niutown, Suttei's Lanuing Paik, anu the Ameiican Rivei Paikway - this smait giowth, infill community
of S28 homes is uesigneu to fit into Saciamento's uiban fabiic anu complement aujoining neighboihoous. The
neighboihoou is consistent with the City of Saciamento's ueneial Plan which specifically uesignates the site foi Planneu
Bevelopment anu with the goals of the SAC0u Bluepiint. NcKinley village will pioviue housing oppoitunities close to
the iegion's majoi employment centeis, shopping anu iestauiants, schools, anu health caie.

With an investment of moie than $1Su million, NcKinley village iepiesents a significant commitment to Saciamento -
putting people to woik, boosting oui local economy, anu cieating a high quality community in the iegion's uiban centei.
Bome sales aie piojecteu to begin in the spiing of 2u1S.

The uesign foi NcKinley village incluues:

tiee lineu, peuestiian fiienuly stieets;
intimate uiban paiks, common gieens, anu extensive lanuscaping;
a neighboihoou iecieation centei anu pool;
homes with fiont poiches anu entiyways facing the stieets anu common aieas; anu
bike anu peuestiian connections thiough the neighboihoou, to anu fiom aujacent neighboihoous, anu to Suttei's
Lanuing Paik anu the Ameiican Rivei Paikway.

NcKinley village will have numeious uesign featuies that enhance livability anu a sense of community. Stieets will have
sepaiateu siuewalks with a six anu one half foot gieen space foi stieet tiees which will aich ovei the stieets anu pioviue
an enjoyable walking expeiience foi peuestiians. Thioughout the community, theie will be lanuscapeu public spaces -
incluuing public ait anu well uesigneu anu ciafteu stieet fuinituie - pioviuing places foi iesiuents anu visitois to gathei,
ielax, anu iecieate. A iecieation centei owneu anu maintaineu by the homeowneis association will pioviue a gatheiing

place foi the neighboihoou anu a venue foi community events anu activities. Theie will be ioauway, bike anu peuestiian
access to the aujoining neighboihoous, incluuing a bike anu peuestiian unueiciossing at Alhambia Boulevaiu that will
also give NcKinley Paik iesiuents easy access to Suttei's Lanuing Paik anu the Ameiican Rivei Paikway.

Bome uesigns will be ieflective of the iich anu vaiieu aichitectuie of the suiiounuing neighboihoous. Bomes will iange
in size fiom appioximately 1,2Su squaie feet with S beuiooms anu 2.S bathiooms to appioximately 2,Suu squaie feet
with S beuiooms anu 4 bathiooms. Seconu units will be offeieu as an option on some of the home plans. Anu,
impoitantly, the uensity of the neighboihoou will be compatible with the suiiounuing enviions - with a uensity between
those of the NcKinley Paik anu Niutown neighboihoous.

Woven into the fabiic of the community will be a commitment to sustainability - fiom its infill location to home uesigns.
Bomes will be highly eneigy efficient with a goal to exceeu the state's toughest in the nation efficiency stanuaius by Su%.
They will be pie-wiieu foi solai anu electiic vehicle chaigeis, with ample options offeieu to home buyeis, anu will
incoipoiate sustainable mateiials such as low oi zeio v0C paint anu caipet. The iecieation centei will be poweieu with
solai panels. The community will utilize low impact uevelopment concepts to, among othei things, ieuuce stoim watei
iunoff. Anu, theie will be ovei 2,uuu tiees planteu within the community - in keeping with the tiauition of Saciamento's
oluei neighboihoous anu with the pioject's commitment to sustainable uesign.


The lanu use application foi NcKinley village will seek all entitlements necessaiy foi the community. The site is
cuiiently uesignateu in the City's ueneial Plan as Planneu Bevelopment. The site is cuiiently zoneu foi inuustiial uses.
0nlike pievious applications submitteu by otheis which sought highly intensive uses on the piopeity, this application
will ie-entitle the pioject foi uses appiopiiate foi the site anu consistent with suiiounuing neighboihoous.

The NcKinley village plan is a iesult of an extensive collaboiation among membeis of the uesign team anu ieflects a
iespect foi the consiueiable anu thoughtful community input ieceiveu uuiing the planning anu community engagement
piocess unueitaken by Cambiiuge Bomes in 2uuS anu 2uu6 anu by Riveiview Capital Investments in 2uu7, 2uu8, anu
2u1S. Inueeu, neighboihoou anu community comments have stiongly influenceu the uesign of the community.

The uevelopment team has helu moie than Su meetings to uate with community gioups anu leaueis since Riveiview
Capital Investments began its planning of the piopeity. The NcKinley village paitneiship looks foiwaiu to continuing to
woik with the City anu the community on the lanu use application anu uesign of the site.


The NcKinley village team has a longstanuing commitment to Saciamento, a pioven tiack iecoiu of excellence, anu a
shaieu vision of community anu smait giowth. The New Bome Company anu Riveiview Capital Investments leau the
paitneiship unueitaking the pioject.

The New Bome Company is one of the nation's pieeminent, piivately helu iesiuential home builueis. The
company has a well-ueseiveu ieputation foi innovative community planning, auvanceu aichitectuial uesign
ieflecting the uemanus of touay's consumei, anu highly peisonal ielationships with homeowneis. Kevin Caison
manages the opeiations of The New Bome Company in Noithein Califoinia. Ni. Caison has ovei 28 yeais
expeiience builuing homes anu communities thioughout the Saciamento Region anu has assembleu a team of
home builuing piofessionals who have uecaues of expeiience in cieating high quality neighboihoous anu homes.

Last month, The New Bome Company was iecognizeu as having the best oveiall customei expeiience in the home
builuing inuustiy, baseu on the iesults of a 2u12 suivey of moie than 76,Suu iecent homeowneis who puichaseu
homes fiom moie than 148 majoi homebuilueis acioss the 0niteu States anu Canaua. Being selecteu as having
the best customei expeiience is a testament to the commitment The New Bome Company has to theii customeis
anu the quality of theii ciaftsmanship.

Riveiview Capital Investments is a Saciamento baseu company that focuses on sustainable uiban uevelopment
anu clean eneigy piojects. The company is owneu by Phil Angeliues who has eaineu a national ieputation ovei
the past Su yeais in both the public anu piivate sectois foi his pioneeiing woik in uiban ieinvestment,
community planning, gieen investment, anu smait giowth. In the 198u's, he pioneeieu the planning anu builuing
of smait giowth communities long befoie the concepts of sustainability weie embiaceu by the maiketplace. Ni.
Angeliues has ueep ioots in the Saciamento community - he is a native of the city who now iesiues in Lanu Paik
anu whose family has liveu in East Saciamento foi Su yeais.

Ni. Angeliues has ieceiveu numeious awaius foi his woik, incluuing the Congiess foi the New 0ibanism's
Lifetime Achievement Awaiu; the Local Enviionmental Leaueiship Awaiu fiom ulobal uieen, piesenteu by
Nikhail uoibachev; the Califoinia League of Conseivation voteis' Enviionmental Leaueiship Awaiu; anu the
Ameiican Planning Association's Planning vision Califoinia Awaiu.
Contact: Negan Noiiis 916-448-1998 oi