RJ Temple's Honors and Awards

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2012 GTA ISR Award for Best Children's Game
GTA Israel 1 July 2012

For the game, Ellie's Wings with the company Ellie's Toys out of Israel.

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2003 Best Gospel Contemporary Song of the Year
1230 WSOK Radio 1 May 2003

For the song "None Like Him" on the album "The X Project: Let's Lingo".

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February 2012 Platinum Egg Award for best upcoming Game
Big Goose Egg 1 February 2012

For the game "Doodle Fire" with company Juuq Mobile out of Japan.

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US App Store #1 Game in Kids and Family Game Category
Apple App Store 1 January 2012

For the game "Adventures of Rolling Princess" with Toccata Technologies.


Top 5 in Family and Simulation Game Category
Apple App Store 1 July 2012

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For the game "Juice Factory-Original" in China, Hong Kong, Tawain and others.

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5 Stars by iPad US Review
Apple App Store 1 March 2012

For Goldilocks and The Three Bears Interactive Kids Book out of Finland.

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5,000 Audio Book Downloads in TWO DAYS
Apple App Store 1 July 2012

For the interactive kids book series "Naughty Manya" out of Singapore.

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2010 United States Census THANK YOU Award
US Census Bureau 1 April 2011

For creating Audio and Visual Content bringing awareness of the importance of the Census for all walks of life.

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Sound Designer for #1 Action Mobile Game in Singapore
Apple App Store 1 March 2012

For the game "Doodle Fire" by Juuq Mobile of Japan.

10 Sound Designer for #1 Game in the Education Category for Israel
Apple App Store 1 August 2012

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for Ellie's Wings by Ellie's Toys in Tel Aviv, Israel.

11 3rd Place Winner for the Visit Savannah Film Contest
VisitSavannah.com 1 May 2012

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I composed and wrote the theme song "We Love You Savannah" for the film entitled "Savannah's the Place To Be".

12 Sound Designer for #1 Book App in Finland
Apple 1 May 2012

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For the app Goldilocks and The Three Bears with the company JH Digital Solutions based out of Finland.

13 Top 100 iPad Grossing Titles
Apple 1 March 2013

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Ellie's Wings by Ellie's Toys of Tel Aviv Israel. Sound Designer/ Composer/Voice Actor

14 2013 Parent's Choice Award Winner
The Parent's Choice Foundation 1 March 2013

! Composer and Sound Designer for Tale of a Snowflake for AppTalia of ! Washington D.C.

Game Composer
One Spear Entertainment, Inc.

Ben Marsh Commercial Manager - BHP Billiton ODD Games is developing a title for OSE and RJ was tasked with creating the theme music for this big brand title. What RJ delivered was truly magnificent as he has managed to capture the core essence of all the brands involved (I don't how but he has). Once this title is released you'll know that the theme song is all RJ. If you're looking for a gifted composer who can translate your vision into something you can hear then RJ is it.
August 18, 2012, Ben was with another company when working with RJ at One Spear Entertainment, Inc.

Nique Fajors HBS, P&G, Snyder Communications, The White House, Atari, One Spear Entertainment RJ is an extremely talented music composer that is very comfortable in the transmedia entertainment world. Most recently, he composed a piece for a soon to be launched mobile game published by One Spear Entertainment. He nailed the essence of the game and delivered an exceptional product. It is just a matter of time before RJ has a massive breakthrough.
August 17, 2012, Nique was RJ's client

Sound Designer and Composer
E-Dynamics SA

Lukie Ali Group Technology Director at Morf Dynamics Ltd. I had the pleasure of working with RJ Temple on various music design contracts for our online games. I can recommend him highly and without reservation. Throughout the course of the projects, RJ was a consummate professional. He was accurate in his initial assessment of the scale and cost of our project. He was absolutely clear in communications with our team and we were very pleased with the end results.
July 27, 2012, Lukie was RJ's client

Contract Sound Designer
Lab 927

Michael Leip Mobile Game Developer at Couch Fort Studios RJ helped my team with the sound design for some of our kids games in a subsidiary company. RJ's ear for sound effects in games was excellent. Additionally, his patience during the development process (which can be difficult at times) was unparalleled! I would definitely recommend RJ for your game design needs!
November 27, 2012, Michael managed RJ at Lab 927

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