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Water lilies load all over

The blue lake amid the woods,
That imparts, while in white circles
Startling, to a boat its moods.

And along the strands I'm passing

Listening, waiting, in unrest,
That she from the reeds may issue
And fall, gently, on my breast;

That we may jump in the little

Boat, while water's voices whelm
All our feelings; that enchanted
I may drop my oars and helm;

That all charmed we may be floating

While moon's kindly light surrounds
Us, winds cause the reeds to rustle
And the waving water sounds.

But she does not come; abandoned,

Vainly I endure and sigh
Lonely, as the water lilies
On the blue lake ever lie.

Sleepy birds

All those sleepy birds

Now tired from flight
Hide among the leaves

Only the spring whispers

When the wood sleeps silently;
Even flowers in the gardens
Sleep peacefully!

Swans glide to their nest

Sheltering among the reeds
May angels guard your rest,
Sweet dreams!

Above a night of sorcery

Comes the moon's graceful light,
All is peace and harmony

O Remain

"O remain, dear one, I love you,

Stay with me in my fair land,
For your dreamings and your longings
Only I can understand.
You, who like a prince reclining
Over the pool with heaven starred;
You who gaze up from the water
With such earnest deep regard.
Stay, for where the lapping wavelets
Shake the tall and tasseled grass,
I will make you hear in secret
How the furtive chamois pass.
Oh, I see you wrapped in magic,
Hear your murmur low and sweet,
As you breqk the shallow water
With your slender naked feet;
See you thus amidst the ripples
Which the moon's pale beams
And your years seem but an instant,
And each instant seems an age."
Thus spake the woods in soft entreaty;

Arching boughs above me bent,

But I whistled high, and laughing
Out into the open went.
Now though even I roamed that
How could I its charm recall ...
Where has boyhood gone, I wonder,
With its pool and woods and all?
And If...

And if the branches tap my pane

And the poplars whisper nightly,
It is to make me dream again
I hold you to me tightly.
And if the stars shine on the pond
And light its sombre shoal,
It is to quench my mind's despond
And flood with peace my soul.
And if the clouds their tresses part
And does the moon outblaze,
It is but to remind my heart
I long for you always.
Down Where The Lonely Poplars Grow

Down where the lonely poplars grow

How often have I erred;
My steps that all the neighbours know
You only have not heard.
Towards your window lighted through
How oft my gaze has flown;
A world entire my secret knew
You only have not known.
A word, a murmur of reply
How often did I pray!
What matters then if I should die,
Enough to live that day;
To know one hour of tenderness,
One hour of lovers' night;
To hear you whisper's soft caress
One hour, then come what
Had you but granted me a glance
That was not filles with scorn,
Out of its shinning radiance
A new star hab been born.
You would have lived through lives
Beyond the ends of time;
O deity with arms so cold,
O marble form sublime!
An idol of some pagan lore
As now no more is seen,
Come down to us from times yore,
From times that long have been.
My worship was of ages gone,
Sad eyes by faith beguiled,
Each generation handed on
From father unto child.
But now I very little care
To walk along that lane,
Nor heed the face I found so fair
Looks out for me in vain;
For you are like them today
In bearing and in guise,
And I but look on your display
With cold and lifeless eyes.
You should have known to value right
With wondering intent,
And lit your candela at night
To Love that God had sent.
One Wish Alone Have I

One wish alone have I:

In some calm land
Beside the sea to die;
Upon its strand
That I forever sleep,
The forest near,
A heaven near,
Stretched over the peaceful deep.
No candles shine,
Nor tomb I need, instead
Let them for me a bed
Of twigs entwine.
That no one weeps my end,
Nor for me grieves,
But let the autumn lend
Tongues to the leaves,
When brooklet ripples fall
With murmuring sound,
And moon is found
Among the pine-trees tall,
While softly rings
The wind its trembling chime
And over me the lime
Its blossom flings.
As I will then no more
A wanderer be,
Let them with fondness store
My memory.
And Lucifer the while,
Above the pine.
Good comrade mine,
Will on me gently smile;
In mournful mood,
The sea sings sad refrain ...
And I be earth again
In solitude.
Time flows by...

Time flows by, and has passed like

Since that hallowed moment we first
saw each other,
Yet I'll never forget the love we had
You miracle, with large eyes and cold

Oh, come back! To bring words only

you can inspire,
Watch over me so your gaze gently
Let me marvel at this moment that
For those new words you wring from
my lyre.

You're not even aware that when

you're near
A great peace descends to quell my
Just like the silence at the rising of a

If I could only see you like a child,

smiling up at me,
All the suffering of my life would
My eyes rekindle, my soul grow within

Eve On The Hill

Dreary the horn sounds in the eve on

the hill,
Sheepflocks return, stars on their way
twinkle still,
Watersprings weep murmuring clear,
and I see
Under a tree, love, thou art waiting for

Holy and pure passes the moon on the

Moist seem the stars born from the
vault clear and high,
Longing thine eyes look from afar to
Heaving thy breast, pensive thy head
doth recline.

Tired with their toil, peasants come

back from the field,
From the old church, labourer's
comfort and shield,
Voices of bells thrill the whole sky high
Struck is my heart, trembling and
burning with love.
Ah! very soon quietness steals over
Ah! very soon hasten shall I to thy
Under the tree, there I shall sit the
whole night,
Telling thee, love, thou art my only

Cheek press'd to cheek, there in sweet

ecstasy we,
Falling asleep under the old locust-
Smiling in dream, seem in a heaven to
For such a night who his whole life
would not give?
Years have trailed past...

Years have trailed past like clouds

over a country,
And they'll never return, for they're
gone forever,
And I no longer enjoy such light
As the magic of folk songs or the land
of faery

Which as a child filled me with

Not quite understood yet meaning so
much to me,
And now these shadows try to
recapture me
In this hour of mystery, this twilight

These trembling fingers touch the

strings in vain
To find the right notes from the fading
Of youth, so that my soul can vibrate

Everything's disappeared from the

horizon of that distant plain
And you can no longer hear the voice
of past harmony.
Behind me time gathers . . . and I


Come now to the forest's spring

Running wrinkling over the stones,
To where lush and grassy furrows
Hide away in curving boughs.

Then you can run to my open arms,

Be held once more in my embrace,
I'll gently lift that veil of yours
To gaze again upon your face.

And then you can sit upon my knee,

We'll be all alone, alone there,
While the lime tree thrilled with
Showers blossoms on your hair.
Your white brow with those golden
Will slowly draw near to be kissed,
Yielding as prey to my greedy mouth
Those sweet, red, cherry lips . . .

We'll dream only happy dreams

Echoed by wind's song in the trees,
The murmur of the lonely spring,
The caressing touch of the gentle

And drowsy with this harmony

Of a forest bowed deep as in prayer,
Lime-tree petals that hang above us
Will fall sifting higher and higher.

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