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Meeting the Boys; Becoming THE Man
f you haven’t realized it by now then you might want to look into therapy, but it’s a fact of life that the most important goals in life are those that take the most effort and time. You don’t become an expert on anything overnight (unless you’re in a Matrix movie); it takes time, dedication, studying, discovering and experimenting. Becoming the man that women want to go to bed with is just the same. You can become that man—this book shows you how—but it isn’t a miracle method—you can’t just take a pill or some miracle


medicine. Instead, it takes work and determination on your part. Ask yourself if it is worth it before you even get started. Is having beautiful women in your bed worth some effort? Are you willing to make some changes in your life in exchange for countless nights of great sex? If you said no, put this down, walk away and check out the self-help section. You may think you are already hot shit, but unless you are scoring with most of the women you are meeting—or at least as many as you 4

can handle—then you probably have room for improvement . . . sometimes, a lot of improvement. Becoming a stud in the bedroom takes more than raging lust and a few kinky sexual tricks. Before a woman even considers going home with you, you have to pass a lot of other unspoken tests. This is where most men fail. Not only do they have tacky, boring and even ridiculous approaches, but they are so busy thinking about what they want that they forget to think about what every women needs! If you want to become the man that makes women want to throw off their clothes and forget their inhibitions, then you have some internal work to do. examining the first one of the boys, the alpha male. In the world of nature, the dominant male who leads the rest of the pack is known as the alpha male. Out in the wild, the alpha gets his position simply through good genes and inheritance. In the human world, it takes a lot more work. Becoming an alpha male is like learning any other skill—it takes a great amount of learning, observing, imitating, practicing and determination. Entire books have been written about becoming an alpha male and they have some excellent advice and ideas. Let’s go through these ideas quickly—minus the fluff—but realize that each one is like a can of condensed juice. A lot of flavor is packed into each one and you are getting the abridged version. If you want to add water and get more details, check out the books in our recommended reading list. If you want the nugget, the core of the idea so you can get started NOW, this is your chance. This is why we wrote this book. Transforming yourself from a lonely follower who can’t recall the last time he had sex with anyone other than himself to a Lustful Leader who gets all the women he wants is an ongoing

1.1 Working on the Inside
et’s look at the man you need to transform into. We’ve already talked about simple shit like brushing your teeth, taking showers, putting on deodorant, wearing decent clothes and all of that. We also discussed the importance of attitude, an idea that we will keep returning to in order to make sure you understand its significance. Let’s expand on those concepts a bit by



process. Here are some of the steps you have to take—and take them as soon as possible. The longer you wait to get started, the longer you wait to get laid. As you go through this list, make note of how well you think you have achieved each one of these qualities. Are you fairly confident that you have it covered? Great! Do you suspect you aren’t even close or at least need some more work? Even better! Now you have a place to start for your goals. As a Lustful Leader, you should be: BUSY at all times: you do not have time to wait for a late date; you do not leave messages on her machine; you do not have time to sit on hold when she takes another call (that’s right, hang up or ask her to call you back when she’s got the time to focus on you); you do not have time to deal with a woman who is moving too slowly—you have places to go, things to do and women to screw. SELF-INTERESTED: No, you are not self-centered but focused on making sure your life is fun and that your needs always come first. RESPONSIBLE: Your life is not the responsibility of your parents, your boss, your friends or your women. It is yours and yours alone and you have to accept that. Don’t whine and put the blame for a crappy life on anyone’s shoulders other than your own. Take the initiative, be proactive and become a success in your eyes and in women’s. INTELLIGENCE first, MUSCULAR second: Rely on what is between your ears before you turn to what size your triceps are or how much you can bench. Use your smarts and instincts before your biceps. INDEPENDENT of other’s approval: You don’t need mom and dad’s approval anymore—or your boss’s or anyone else’s. You live a life that you approve of with your own rules of behavior. Other’s opinions are secondary, including women’s. ABLE TO SOFTEN: No, we don’t mean that way — we mean emotionally. You have to have room for gentleness in your life. Being a hard ass all the time won’t score any points with people and it certainly won’t let you score with women. Use your emotions when you need to but make sure they are appropriate. AWARE of what you want in life: You need goals and steps to achieve them. Otherwise you are just wandering around aimlessly and


women will notice — and go in the opposite direction. ADVENTUROUS: You must be willing to take a chance, to reach beyond your grasp and to explore who you are—not only will it make you a more interesting person but also a more sexually attractive person. It is not what you do in life that you usually regret—but what you pass up. BALANCED: Moderation, my man, moderation. Too much of any good thing is often a complication, whether it be food, alcohol or women. Know when you’ve had enough and step back FORGIVING of yourself: You screwed up? Damn, guess that makes you human after all. Forgive yourself, learn a lesson and let it go. Move forward building on what you learned. Don’t ask others for forgiveness (unless you did something really dumb, like shave her cat because you thought it would look cool) and apologize for things, Beta males do this but you don’t. EAGER to learn: Whenever you stop learning, you might as well curl up on the floor and die. Learning is life—read, set goals, talk to people, go to classes. Never decide you know enough because there is no such thing. WILLING to put women second: Yeah, second, not first. First is a good life full of rich experiences and relationships. Of course, sex is part of this but women are not your primary goal—that is life. Women are secondary goals and your secondary priority. SELF-AWARE: Admit your weaknesses, focus on your strengths and be willing to improve on your vulnerabilities ABLE to laugh: We will explore this further but one of the hottest attributes you can possibly have and the one that will get you and your dick into more beds is a good sense of humor. Be able to laugh at the world and yourself (but don’t make demeaning jokes about yourself, she might laugh but she won’t be getting turned on). Make her laugh and chances are, you can also make her come. Women often equate fun with sex, i.e. if you have her laughing and happy, she will be looking at you with lust in her eyes because for her, laughter/happiness leads to sex. Laughter can be an amazing part of the seduction process, but make sure that you do not tell vulgar jokes (dirty, yes, gross, no) and never


make fun of yourself or her. To become a funnier guy, rent videos of stand up comics, spend some time watching Comedy channels or go to some comedy clubs and pay attention to what makes people— especially women—laugh the most. Don’t be afraid to use someone else’s material on a woman later. It’s not illegal unless you’re charging money for it! TIME CONSCIOUS: Time is priceless. It is limited. Make the most of it. If you find yourself killing time by vegging on the couch with a beer and porn instead of being out in the world actively looking for a woman, then slap yourself and remember that time is never, ever returned. You cannot get it back. Do not wait for tomorrow; the time is now. A GOAL SETTER: It’s a simple idea: If you set goals but do not take any steps to achieve them, of course you will never reach them. It’s like the guy who moved into a hot singles complex looking to get lucky. He sat in his apartment for six months and damn, he never met even one woman. What a waste of time. Of course, the key was that he SAT in his apartment, WAITING. What did he expect? Eager nymphomaniacs pounding on his door? (You can bet that apartment building would never have any vacancies!) He may have had a goal (getting laid) but he never acted on it. He just waited for the world to bring it to him. FOLLOWING a personal code of honor: What values are important to you? What qualities do you want to reflect in your life and relationships? Give it some thought. The most powerful men have an internal set of rules that they follow, so you should also. Ask yourself what principles you follow because that will set your pattern in life. Ideas to consider include honesty, simplicity, generosity, loyalty and honor. Once you have it figured out, write it down. Study it. Think about it. Then make sure your actions and behavior reflect those values on a daily basis.

AWARE of your decisions: Remember that your decisions, whatever they are, affect the world in some way. If you decide to hold the elevator door open for the guy running for the elevator, who knows where it might lead? Perhaps that guy has a single sister who he does something really nice for and that night the sister, who also happens to be the hot blonde at the bar, is in an exceptionally good mood because of it. And if you think that you can get out of this by just not making


decisions, forget it. That’s a decision too. PERSISTENT: You never, ever give up. You don’t throw up your hands and say, I quit! You may have to revamp your goals. You may have to add some steps you hadn’t anticipated, but you don’t just forget them. PASSIONATE: Slow down, this means more than just horniness. Passion means an internal energy or drive which certainly can be for women, but also sports, competition, your career, adventure or wealth. A passionate man is a sexy man. POWERFUL: There are few attributes in the world as sexy as power. Kissinger once called it the world’s strongest aphrodisiac. Women love men who are clearly in control of their world and their lives. So what if you aren’t a CEO of some billion dollar company? That is just one kind of power. You can also be powerful by becoming an expert in something from martial arts to sales, computer technology to sail boats. Women can sense power without your saying a word and they will fly to it like moths around a flame. There are different kinds of power. One is legitimate and is afforded to the authorities within our lives such as politicians, policemen, bosses or physicians. Their power comes from a combination of their titles and the knowledge they have that affects us. The second is referent or power that comes through association. If your uncle happens to be a buddy of Steven Spielberg, he has some power through his acquaintanceship. The third type is expert which simply comes from developing and honing a skill. Coercive is the fourth type and it is what your teachers used to make sure you did your homework—do it and you will pay a price you won’t like. They are the negative consequences of your actions that your parents always warned you about. The last type of power is referred to as reward, which can take the form of anything from cash to love and everything in between. Think of it as the power we have over our dogs.


Of course life has its tragedies and we aren’t advocating putting your head in the sand, but focus on the positive aspects. Watch a lot less news because 90 percent of the headlines are only going to bring you down. Read and watch positive material so that you can maintain a belief in the world and its people. At the end of the day, the world is a wonderful place so enjoy it. Don’t be the old man years from now who has no adventures or stories to reminisce about. Be that old man who is a story-teller; who’s lived a full life and can recount the fun times (read: sexual times) he’s had. FLEXIBLE: If your approach isn’t working, be able to seamlessly switch to something else or even walk away and move on to the next gorgeous babe. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking, “Well, that didn’t work so I am a loser. I’m going back home to my beer and my hand.” Instead, remember that, according to many psychological theories, there is no failure, only feedback. You don’t fail, you learn. The only failure is not learning something. You don’t make a mistake, you find out important information on what does and does not work for you. GENEROUS: Be willing to give and share but don’t do it unless you can

Power is used every day by every person, one way or another. There are three main responses to it too: resistance—we simply fight back when someone tries to force us; compliance—we go along in hopes of a reward and commitment—the best response of them all. ABLE to spar with women: Face it, guys. Women have us long, long beat in the communications department. They are much better at written and spoken communication than most of us will ever be. They are quick to have a funny response, they pick up on tones and clues that we never hear and are often able to manipulate words in ways that leave us in the dust. So, if you want to score some points, and then later just score—learn how to spar verbally with a woman. Have quick come backs, funny jokes and cynical but amusing comments ready. Think of it like fencing—she parries, you thrust (naturally) with words instead of swords. This is a game she loves and if you can keep up, you’re in... in more ways than one. OPTOMISTIC: Everyone loves Eeyore but wouldn’t you rather hang out with Pooh all afternoon? I mean, pessimism is a drag to be around and if you’re always looking on the dark side of life, then you are a drag too.


do it without any expectation of getting anything back in return. The gift only given so that you can get something in return is not a sincere one. The rose you hand her will certainly not smell as sweet if she recognizes (and remember, women read things about us that we never dream they can see!) that there are strings attached to that flower. SERENE: Remember the deodorant commercial that always stated, never let them see you sweat? Well, this is true of a leader also. Even if she has pissed you off royally, do not react but instead respond. Take a deep breath, pause and then get out of the situation. Leaders do not explode in a barrage of angry emotion. They are calm, cool and collected—at least on the outside. MYSTERIOUS: Ever noticed how every evening’s television line up includes some kind of murder mystery? If nothing else, the USA Network has to be doing another “Law and Order” marathon. People love mysteries, especially women. Once the mystery is solved, however, interest tends to dissipate. This can happen in your relationships with women also. Don’t reveal information about yourself too quickly ... keep her guessing. It holds her attention. Tease her with little clues and then let it go. It will drive her crazy and keep you on her mind for hours. After all, familiarity does not breed contempt—it breeds boredom. PATIENT: You are not in a hurry to meet a woman because you know you will soon. You’re completely secure and know that if the first woman you talk to doesn’t work out, however unlikely, there are a lot more waiting for you to light up their lives. NEVER APOLOGIZE OR ASK PERMISSION: If you walk up to a woman and ask if you can sit next to her and she is already rolling her eyes at you … Sit down. Start talking. Don’t act like a wimp. She has had her fill of those. COMPLIMENTARY: Everyone loves flattery and that goes double for women. However, when you compliment her, make it worthwhile. If she had long, silky blonde hair or a great rack—don’t compliment them because that is what every guy has already done countless times before you. Be different. Instead come up with something original and insightful. Show her how perceptive you are but make it sincere too. Tell her, “You have a glow of happiness around you”, “You have a great energy” or “You seem like a person


who enjoys life to the fullest”. If she is wearing something unique, like jewelry or other accessories, comment on those. “What is the story behind that great necklace?” or “How in the world did you find those shoes?” Occasionally you may encounter a woman who is so drop dead gorgeous that even she is keenly aware of it and fully expects you to comment on it. When you don’t, she may make reference to it herself. “I’m hit on a lot but with the way I look, I guess that is to be expected,” she might say. Don’t agree with her even if inside you are drooling like a puppy at chow time. Instead, take a long, slow look at her from head to toe, frown, shake your head and then say, “Really? Huh.” It will throw her off enough to get you at least a chance that all the other guys never got. Looking for a role model that exemplifies all this incredible shit? Try James Bond (especially the Sean Connery version). Yul Brenner. George Clooney. Richard Burton. Jack Nicholson. Antonio Banderas. Brad Pitt. Tiger Woods. Russell Crowe. Captain James T. Kirk. How do you find the motivation to do these things? Think of it this way. What is stopping you from achieving some-thing? Usually it is fear. The force of that fear is powerful. To overcome it, you have to find a force that is greater than it is. Often lust and/or the need for love and women and relationships is strong enough drive to do it. Is it for you? It better be! Dominance is essential—and most of the time your ability to dominate will be challenged repeatedly — even daily. But wait, you say, taking a look in the mirror. I don’t have six-pack abs. I don’t have bulging triceps. Stop thinking that dominance means physical strength. Dominance starts between the ears and centers about the ability to be wise and clever. With enough of those skills, you can quickly take over the rest of the chumps who are wondering how the hell you do what you do.

1.2 Developing a Code
verything you do in life centers around your own personal code of ethics, beliefs and values. No two people have exactly the same code but the alpha male certainly has a strong one that guides what he says, does and lives. Here are the elements of these codes. Which ones speak to you? These are what will determine who you are and what your character is like. 12


What is the opposite of the alpha male? The beta! The beta man doesn’t try to get women; he just hopes they will come to him. (Fat chance!) They live by one law alone: excuses. There is always an excuse for not getting a woman. You can’t get laid because you are too short/fat/ugly/poor/stupid/shy/bori ng, etc. Just fill in the blank. Excuses are comforting. They wrap around you and protect you from life. They take away the blame. It’s not YOU women don’t like—it’s your lack of _____________ (fill in the blank again). Get rid of the excuse or it will do an amazing job of keeping you right where you are right now: lonely, bored, horny and no sex life. Make sure that you are not a beta male by getting rid of: • Anything you connect to old girlfriends • Any music that makes you depressed • Any clothes that are not flattering to you • Anything that makes you reflect back on crappy times with other women • Anything you have around the house that is insulting or derogative to women • Every bit of that emotional baggage you still stuff in the closet from

• Loyalty, love and /or respect to your parents and other family members • Good manners/etiquette • Courage and bravery • Ability to be hard and cool— and soft and compassionate • Always in control • Patient and honorable • Sincere and honest • Respectful of others You have to create a code. Believe in your code. Live your code. This is what will make you a true alpha male. As an Icelandic proverb puts it, “He who lives without discipline dies without honor.” Author Norman Mailer also phrased it, “Masculinity is not something given to you, but something you gain. And you gain it by winning small battles with honor.” Do you have a code of honor? You need one. Take a moment and list out the top ten values you hold most dear. What principles do you want to honestly live by? Write them down in order of importance and then repeat them to yourself every day. Put them where you can see them many time a day. Make that list the roadmap to the man you are working to become.


precious relationships • Anything that would look better in some young boy’s bedroom than that of an adult male (Hint: think superhero figurines and Batman pillowcases) Now, let’s take some time to meet some of the other “boys”. These are some of the personas you can take on when approaching a woman. Some may feel very wrong to you—they just do not mesh with who you are, while others may feel quite right and you may go, hell yes, I can do this.

The Alpha male follows his code and knows this: if he doesn’t achieve something, it is HIS fault. If he doesn’t improve, it is HIS fault. He doesn’t blame the dog, global warming, the political environment or anything else. He takes complete responsibility for the failures and the successes he experiences. He is accountable. But what if people don’t like me? Are you actually whining that question to yourself, or worse, out loud? Quit being addicted and dependent on the approval of others. You haven’t needed your parents’ permission for a long, long time. You’re a grown up now. If you believe in yourself strongly enough, the opinions of others become completely irrelevant. This includes women’s opinions, by the way. An Alpha male does not define his value by what any woman thinks of him. Believe in yourself—and others will follow.


Meet the “Mind Reader”
hen you are eyeing a sexy woman and preparing yourself to approach her, you may not be thinking about terms like language patterns, embedded commands and weasel phrases, but once you read this chapter, you will. You will not only know what they are but better yet, how to use them to your distinct advantage. Ross Jeffries is a man who studied and used a well-known process called NLP or neuro-linguistic programming. After using it with patients as therapy, he realized it would also work well with picking up women (You can find out more about it at www.seduction.com). That is an understatement. Using some of the principles of NLP for seduction is like the ultimate mind fuck. You will make your way into a woman’s heart 14


and soul (as well as other places) in faster ways than you had ever considered before because sexual arousal does not start between the legs but between the ears. NLP was first described in the 1970s and is based on how language affects the mind and vice versa. In seduction, NLP is used to subconsciously implant ideas and suggestions to a woman in order to induce feelings of passion and sexual desire inside her. In other words, you can use your words to make her horny and since you are close by, guess who benefits from those feelings? Here is how it basically works. First, you start by creating a certain state of mind in the woman. You do it by having her recall a wonderful experience in her life that has nothing to do with you, so she doesn’t feel threatened or like you are coming on to her. One of the best ways to do this is to start with the phrase, “Have you ever . . . ?” Remember, that the goal is to have her connect emotionally and psychologically to a fantastic experience in her past. So, you might start with something like, YOU: “Have you ever been so completely in love that it is all you could think about?” HER: Oh, definitely. YOU: “Remember how your heartbeat would speed up when you heard his voice? How you would think about his arms around you? Can you remember what it felt like for him to kiss you and the rest of the world just faded away?” As you talk about this, she is going into her memory and re-experiencing these things. Think of what this does to her state of mind. Hormones start to flow. Heartbeats speed up. Pulses race. Breathing intensifies. Be sure to bring in all of the senses. Talk about what she might have smelled or tasted. “Do you remember what his kisses tasted like? Did you like to wear his shirts because they smelled like him?” What sound did she hear? “What was it like to hear his voice on the phone?” What did she see and feel? “Did he have one of those great smiles? What were his hands like?” Bringing in all of these details will make the experience more intense for her and heighten her feelings. Her memory has nothing to do with you, but yet will put in a perceptive mood for the love and sex she experienced once before. As you


describe the things she might remember, you will literally guide her into a state of arousal. As you guide her through this experience, you will use what is called embedded commands that will send a subconscious message to turn those feelings towards you. You will point to yourself more often as you speak, such as, “You feel such a drive to spend time with that person” and subtly point towards yourself. If she talks about sex, respond by pointing at your dick. And words like, “I told her to go down to the first floor... On my desk was the memo she needed...” will stick in her mind as “Go down on me”. As you describe things, you can also build in key phrases with double meanings like “create an opening,” “she came back again and again”, “the relationship was rising and rising to this amazing moment” and “the roller coaster was going up and down, up and down ...”. Again, each one of these phrases will subconsciously help you to create a state of arousal in the woman you are talking to. You want her to be filled with lust, desire, passion, horniness—whatever you want to call it, as long as she ends up wanting you. Now, combine that with what is known as anchoring in NLP. As the woman you are talking to describes her feelings of love, reach out and gently touch her somewhere, like her shoulder, hand or knee (don’t make it something sexual because you want this touch to be subtle not startling). At the same time, say the same phrase like, “That’s amazing” or “What a memory” or “Incredible”. This creates what is known as an anchor. If she is feeling positive and intense emotions at the moments you touch her and say those words, she will later associate your touching her and that phrase with those same emotions. As she is talking, listen for what are called trance words. These are the specific words that she repeats often and with strong emotions. Once you have those figured out, be sure to mirror those back to her two or three times in what you say. By doing to, she will have this odd sensation that you are really “get her” or are on the same wavelength. This draws her closer to you and gets you closer to having sex. As you mirror her words, also try mirroring her breathing (breathe in and out when she does), her tone of voice (excited, subdued, intimate, animated, etc.) and her speed of speaking (slow, fast, pauses, etc.). All of these will increase the feeling of connection she has with you.


girl he met in a bar. If you want her to think about how much you’d love a blow job, tell a story about some tacky guy who you work with who came up to a girl in a bar and asked her for one right out loud. As you both chuckle at his outright stupidity, what is she thinking about? Blow jobs.

There are other phrases that work similar to the “Have you ever” and they include: When you... think about making love... What would it be like if... you met an amazing man tonight? If you were to... go home with someone ... You really shouldn’t... be thinking such kinky thoughts... You might find . . . that tonight is going to be wonderful... How surprised would you be... if you had the best sex of your life in an hour? Can you see how each one of these questions could lead to a conversation that then leads right to your bedroom? Another step that uses NLP is to introduce sexual ideas is through the use of story telling. If you want her thinking about fantastic sex with a stranger in a bar (namely you), tell the story of this guy you met last week who had fantastic sex with a


Meet the “Grand Master”
his is a technique that is neither for the novice or the weak kneed. It takes guts, it takes assertiveness—it takes balls. It doesn’t work on most women and only a few men can pull it off at all— but for THOSE women and THOSE men, it can be quick, effective and end up between the sheets faster than most any other method. Those that are easily offended can skip on to the next chapter. Those that are not, read on. Your approach in this situation is crude but simple: walk up and say something sexual and startling that is sure to grab her attention. As soon as you do, soften it with a few added words. For example, “Hey baby, let’s screw . . . around for a while, shall we?” or “Gorgeous woman, you make 17


me want to come . . . a lot closer.” Then, follow that right up with as many sexual jokes as you can think of, then another sexual innuendo like before. The point is to not even give her a chance to respond before she is laughing and having fun with you. This technique, often referred to as the Grand Master, will cause one of two things to happen: she will either walk away angrily, meaning she wasn’t the one you wanted in the first place or she will laugh and you two will hit it off because she can see that you are a dominant, confident and honest man. A key to remember is that once you have started down this road, there is no putting it in reverse. You have to keep up the patter and not let her get in a word edgewise. To make sure this works, you will have to memorize one-liners and jokes so that you do not run out. For material, go online or get dirty joke books. There are examples everywhere for you to use. attitude closely aligned with the Alpha Male and is the complete opposite of a Beta Male. You treat a woman with a casual, almost uninterested attitude like they’re replaceable such that she has to work harder to get you to pay attention to her. Men hate these guys, yet women love them. Ask a woman what she's looking for and she'll tell you she wants a nice guy with a sense of humor who treats her well. She’ll then turn around and chase after a Bad Boy who will use and abuse her. The truth – women want a nice guy with some edge – a little Bad Boy. A Bad Boy is inattentive to women, arrogant, puts himself first, and does what he wants when he wants. Think of a Bad Boy as a loose cannon that exudes masculine sexuality and uses women for sex. Women like Bad Boys because they are independent, confident, and most importantly masculine - to women, these traits are aphrodisiacs. Just as we are turned on by a woman’s femininity, women get turned on by masculinity. To become a Bad Boy try walking up to her and say something unexpected like, “You look really uncomfortable”, “Have you had a bad day or something?”, “You have something in your hair” or “Feeling mad at the world?” It will startle her

1.5 Meet the “Bad Boy”
he persona of the Bad Boy involves behaving in ways that seem like the opposite of what you usually think of doing. He has an



because you did something out of the ordinary. Chat nicely for a moment and then, walk away. Go order a drink, go to the restroom, walk over and chat with someone else (preferably a good looking woman) or make a pretend cell phone call. Just show her that you are done talking with her for a while. This will also intrigue her. She may very well follow you to get your attention back. The Bad Boy will chat with her but play hard to get, feeling free to disagree with her or have negative opinions. Remember that women love a challenge and will want the very thing they can’t have. They’ve already turned down all the men who have groveled and begged for their attention; you are something all new. You’re a bad boy—and there are a ton of women who want nothing more
than a bad boy!

are pursuing someone else. Some have been too hurt to be interested. Their reasons are internal and have NOTHING to do with you, so don’t take it personally. Of those 30 women, about half may not be the type you like. They don’t look right. They act bitchy. They aren’t friendly. They seem hard and give off an air of keep away. So focus on the 15 who do fit what you are looking for and put on a smile, pump up your confidence and approach. Get cocky (not that one, at least not yet.) Do not let fear hold you back. We know and you know that women are often afraid of being hurt by a man, whether one that is insensitive to her feelings or one that attempts to rape her or everything in between. While being aware of that fact is good, do not let it hold you back or make you ashamed of the male race. The truth is that if you indulge or pamper that fear, she won’t feel reassured—she may feel even more frightened than before. If you approach her with hesitancy and full of self-doubt, she will pick up on that and think, SEE! I was right! Men are dangerous creatures. Be fearless and she will relax.

1.6 Meet the “Cocky/Funny Boy”
his boy is completely confident and thus comes across a bit cocky as well. This guy knows that if you look at a room filled with 100 women, about 30 of them MIGHT be interested in you. Why? Because some are married. Some are lesbians. Some hate men. Some are cold. Some



Does it sound like we are recommending that you pursue more than one woman at a time? Hell, yes! Absolutely. Every single encounter you have with a woman, from standing behind her in the line at Starbuck’s, to sharing the same aisle at the bookstore, to renting some skis at the same time she does should be considered a potential partner. Work every single situation as if she is a prospect. Think of it as a game of sorts, not the type where you are in competition with others but where you are out to have some fun. You will lose. You will win. Most importantly, you will get so familiar with how the whole game works until it comes naturally. The rules of this game are pretty simple: 1. Take nothing personally regardless of what a woman does or does not do. 2. Play! Flirt, laugh, have fun—be an enjoyable person to be around. 3. Never give up. Persistence is your key to success. 4. Play the numbers. Remember when we said this is a numbers game? Estimate what you think your chances are with the first woman you talk to. 25% chance of getting into a conversation? 10% chance of getting her number? Take a guess and see how close you come. If you don’t get a number from the first woman you talk, then talk to another and increase your probability for success. The more chances you take, the more success you will have. And the more success you have, the more confident you get. And the more confident you get, the more your chances improve. See how this is a positive cycle? In other words, think of yourself as a hunter and she is your prey. You have a goal in mind (or a succession of them . . . get to know, get her to like you, get her number, get a date, get laid) each and every time you open your mouth to speak with her. Studies have shown that pursuing only one woman at a time is worse on your sex life than if you don’t pursue ANY women at all! If you are obsessed with one, you have no alternative waiting in the wings, no Plan B. If she is the only prospect, if she rejects you, you are back to ground zero with nowhere to go next. You will get too dependent on her for maintaining your self-esteem. All your time will be focused on her and when you two come to an end, you will be all alone once more. Rejection will become devastating instead of something to brush off and go on to the next one in line. Also keep in mind that if you only date one


woman and have sex only with her, she WILL become your girlfriend. If that is what you are looking for, then read no further. You’ve done it. However, most of you are not looking for commitment but LOTS of sex. If so, pursue more than one at a time always! These techniques WILL work for you. They will not work with every woman. They will not work every time. They will most likely not work the first time you use them. But, if you study, learn and apply the ideas here, they will work and you will have sex. Moreover, if you do the things listed in this chapter, more than your love life will improve. Becoming the man women want also means becoming the man that employers hire, friends enjoy and communities appreciate. In other words, developing these qualities means that not only are you a more successful lover, but a more successful man all around.



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