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PROGRESS REPORT Control Number: 2978


CASE NUMBER: 99-16215

On 05-12-99 at about 0920 hrs., this Investigator responded to 5792 Lamar Lane and


ooB: 09-10-84
(303) 798-8670

Steele indicated she was in either Science Room 5 or 6. The teacher was Dick Will.
JnitialIy when they heard shots, Mr. Will thought that Mr. Friesen was blowing things up
again. The door to the classroomwas shut.

They heard another shot. They thought it was possibly a senior prank. It then sounded
like gun shots and the fire alarm went off. They decided it was real. Steele went down
the back hall and made it to the top ofthe stairs.

When Steele got to the stairs, there were crowds of people coming up. People were
going the other waythan where she wanted to go, so she turned around. Steele went back
to the science office. In the science office, there were eleven students and two teachers.
The two teacher were identified by Steele as:


There were some big shelves pushed in front of the office doors. They got under some
tables. They were in the back COrnet. They heard shots going off fur a while. There were
some computer wires in the room. The teachers took the wire and tied it to some shelves,
then to the door. This was done sincethe door opened outward.

At one point, Steele said they heard some shots and running on the roof. The running
occurred between 1200to 1430 hrs. They also heard running outsidetheir door.

This Investigator asked Steele ifat any time, she ever saw any of the gunmen and she said
no. At one point, she went to the sink and tried to get a drink of water. She heard one
girl screaming in the hall. "Please don't shoot." Someone then said, "I don't give a
damn." After this statement, Steele heard some shots. This occurred at about 1200 hrs,

This Investigator asked Steele if she knew Harrisor Klebold? She said she bad a class last
semester with Harris. She has never met Klebold before. This Investigator asked Steele if
she recognized Harris voice as one ofthe shootersand she said no.
PROGRESS REPORT Control Number: 2978
CASE NUMBER: 99-16215

This Investigator asked Steele, while they were in the science officl:, did anyone ever
attempt to get in and she said no. No one ever attempted to get into their room. At one
point, a SWAT team came. Initially, all they saw was a guy with a black mask. They
thought it was possibly one of the shooters.

When they left the school, they all left in a single file. Once they left the school, they went
to the fence across the street, where they were all patted down. They got on a bus, where
they were taken to another school.

While in the room, all of the kids called their parenta and let them know they were OK.
Steele was the 2nd or 3" to the last to call She called ber parents at about 1508 hrs,

Steele indicated Mr. Long came in their room about two minutes after it started. When he
came in, he had blood on his bands and arms.

Steele identified her back pack as dark bluein color. It is a Jam Sport and is located in the
science room. Her wallet, which was in her back pack, contained a $120.00 check.

At about 1400 to 1430 hrs., per Steele the sounds died down, after they heard possibly
fiw shots and hit the floor,

This Investigatorasked Steele if she knew II person by the name of Brooks Brown. Steele
related the person dresses in black and has blond spiking hair. She does not remember
seeing him that day.

On 05-19-99 at about 1110 hrs., this Investigator telepboned Ashley Steele. This
Investigator asked Steele about her comment reference the custodian. She related she had
heard that a custodian had seen Eric Harris in the school on Monday night. She indicated
this was II rumor and does not remember who told her.

The custodian who possibly seen Hartis in the school was described as short, bald and
really skinny.

Jc.o01• 002202
Page__ Of _ Pages C..... No. _
Denver Polic:e Department
o Peqon advised

Ddt of Birthf Serial No.


Summary of Statement,

-:s:... <..uu..o L~~ S.C' onu rO<:rcQ C¢Y\.Cl-Ftoo~ rJ I"J...)a.t:J

~ rx '1t C! hs+- ) N Q.., d iu L\.,c< 0 cayn I...l.J:..& Q.~ I i

6I,'):t o±o..'11 d ,iA- j: ku. I b M'f\.<1:ilJ SL-<-' CL,+ eel VV\...£"

a od. ;;.}-+ ~'

I halle read tile foregoing statero""'t and the fscm contained theteIn are t1IJe to the be:rt of my Itnowfedge and belief. I
de not maintain tllat it contains an of the fact'$ or details of the inc.ident. but only thOSIJ facts abollt which I have been

- - 0ii8 - - 0 AM

Time Statement COltlpkmrd

JC.001· 002204 11111I Ilil mi II[[III

" 0 8- 0 0 ~

Jc..o0 1- 002205
RqlOl1mS Agency Reporting Officer Cese Report No
{,'onfU:(;tmg CaseReport No VictimNItl'ItOriginal Repot1 Date This, Repon
ieation X FIllSTDEGREE MURDER X taxuptiQOllly ~ 0 Rce~C*: R.evicw 0
0ll'<N<"""" """"
R«;~r~iGn IJ C~f:lJl'edbyAnnt o lJrtfoundcd c C10$un'i o

tt: I QIlamity I 8nmc1 Na:m<: I ~~on , £.tTl.1 No v.~

Sw I Val~
I Vl'jlu¢

Am)' Terry, DOB/02·14-83

5797 S. Garland Way

Littleton. CO 80123

On 05·05.99, at about l l l S hours. I contacted Amy Terry at her residence for the purpose of a follow-up interview. This

interview is in connection with lead sheet #DNI595. Terry is a lOth grader at ColumbineHigh School.

I askedTerry to describe to me whatsheobserved the morningof 04·20·99. Terry stated she parked her car at ClementPark.
ind then walked to school with friends. Inside the school, she talkedwith some of her friends in the hallway, and then went
to class for first period class, at 0730 hours. The class is Math with Mr. Havens.

Terrywent to her secondperiod class which is Language Arts,whichis Mrs. Nvkannen, [asked her if she watchedany of the
RNN announcements. She stated she did, but didn't notice anything odd in the announcement that morning. Terry's third
period class is Spanish with Mrs. Killion. Her fourth periodclassis Choir with Mr. Andres Junior. Terry told methat during
her time at school that morning, she did not see anyone associated with the Trench Coat Mafia.

Terry's fifth periodclass is Science withMrs. Williams. Shestateda studentdid some breakdancingat the beginning of class.
and then theclasssat down to reviewa test. She said they heardscreaming fromdownstairs. Terry told her friends, "You guys
be quiet." She thenheardstampedingstudentsrunningeastdown the main hallway, whichis on the south side ofthe building.
She then heard gunshotsand the fire alarm sound.

Terry stated that student Jason Baer looked through the door window. Gunshots could be heard, and Mrs. Williamstold the
class."Get down." Baer then ran into the green room which is adjacent to their class on the west. Three to five studentscame

UPit Number Supervisor Initials and Dale Assigned To Page 1

/ of

OTHEIl Jc.o0 1- 002206 ASAF3 4mJ JCSD,'ltji4

ReponingAgency Rq'.IOning Offiecr Case Rl:'pOl1 No
CoonectingQl$e RepnrtNo Victim Name Ort!inai It,qmt f)a(e This RqIOtt
(i~til:m X FIRST DEGREE MURDER Offi::l'I$l! ~~ Open X ~titlMl!y ('leamf 0 Recommend Case: .Ile\iiew 0

Rtcl;w;ifiarit.'m 0 ~b,Af"/'H1 0 U""""", 0 Clc_ 0

I~ I Quan!i!)' \ IlnM NarM I ~lipfWn I 5e'riar

No ~~ I R~~ I ~Ved
in from the hallway, andthey all wentintothe green roomas well. Terryidentified twoof thestudents as Alicia Encinas and
Ellen Promishberger,

Terrystatedall thestudents in the Science classthen went intothe green room. Theycrouched downtowards the floor. She
statedshecouldhear shots beingfired. Shestated thereweredifferent sounds indicating different types of guns. Shedid not
hearany explosions up until that point. She stated the gunshotswent on fora very long time,perhapstwentyminutes. andthen
thegunshots stopped for perhaps five or sixminutes. Terry remembers Alicia Encinas bleeding on herkneefrom having fallen
down. Terrystated theyweresittingatthebackof the green room nearthewindow, whichwouldhe thesouthendof thegreen
room. Sheasked Encinas what was going on.

Encinas toldTerrythat she hadbeeninthecommons areawhenpeople withtrench coatsand masks on. cameintothecafeteria
shooting. She didn't knowhowmanysuspects there were. Terry Slated shedid notask Encinas whichdoor the suspects had
entered intothe Library. Encinas toldTerry thatshe ran upstairs towards the Library. When shewasinthe hallway, just outside
theLibrary, she couldsee perhaps fourpeople intrenchcoatscoming through theglassdoorswhichareat thenorth endof the
westhallway that runs alongthe front of the Library. Encinas toldTerrythat it wasthe "TrenchCoat Mafia." She slated the
suspects shotat her and a teacher. Terrydid not know whatteacher Encinas was referring to. Encinas saidshe turned and ran
hackinto Science room #1, which is Mrs. Williams' class. Encinas stated shedid not know where theteacherwho had been
shotat went.

Terry then stated thatthe students began hearing gunshots andexplosions while they were in the green room. The explosions
were so loud that they shookthe room. She stated the shootings andexplosions went on and off for a very longtime. Terry
stated she hearda malevoice yell, "J wantto fucking kill myself," or "I want to fucking die." She couldnot remember which
term was used. She stated she could hear the male voice clearly because he was yelling. She then heard a singlegunshot
immediately after this statement Terry does not weara watch and could not tell mewhat timeit was whenthatstatement was

Unit Numb« SUptrVIW tnitWs- and Oall:i ASSigTlect To PJ2g-e .!

I ,,..v
of ~
JC·001· 002207
Reporting Agency Rept»tinB OffICer Case Report No
Cormecting Case ReportNo. VictimNamti OrigmalReport Date This Report

ficalioo X nasr DEGREE MURDER Dffilil"$!l~~~ X E.o.cepmmafly Clcami 0 Recomfllf:1ld Case: Review a
ltecl_ifK:ation 0 C'I~by~rmt o u_ 0 CfO$W'C o

I~g' I Q\laflcitY I DraM N3mt t l')cs¢riJttitm I ",",'N<> :(.,'\'r., lR~~l ~~

Terry remembers hearing the school bells go off for the different periods. She stated it was sometime after this that the fire
alarm went oft: She later heard bells ringing continually. Terry statedshe moved up to the door that leads into the hallway.
Terry said it could have possibly been about 1415 hours. She stated she heard no more gunshots after that. Sbe heard male
voices yelling back and forth. but couldn't tell what was being said. She sat down and waited.

The handle to the doorinto the greenroom from the hallwaybeganto jiggle. She heard someonesay "Police." Mrs. Williams
told them to open the door. When the door was opened, tbey could see the SWATTeam. The SWAT Team then took the
studentsoutone by one, tellingthem to keeptheir handsover theirhead. They then wentdown the stairwayto the first landing,
and gave litem instructionsto not touch any bags. The studentswere then led downstairs and through the commonsarea, and
out the west doors. Once outside the building, they went up the stairwayto the gym area. There they were palled down and
placed into a police car, and then taken to Clement Park.

Terry statedshe does not know either ofthe suspects, Harrisor Klebold, nor does she know anyone in the Trench Coal Mafia.
She stated she had seenindividuals who were known to be in the TrenchCoat Mafiabefore, but did not know them personal! y.

On 04-20-99,Terry never saw any suspects. nor did she see any weapons.

A map ofthe school, which I used to make notes on from my interviewwith Terry, is attached to this report.


Unil Number Supavisor Initials. and Date

of J
0l!C1NAI. OlHEIl JC·001· 002208 ASAF34J98 JCSDtI-674


....l .a
0 w 1
0 (.)

:: It
en w
:t: i e
_I Q

::t: \ Z
m'~ 'C

~ ~~
o a:l a:l
ell Q
(J W

.. ...............

lteponing Agency Rep«!ihg 0 fflcer Case Report No
CQOnt'tting Case Report No vknm Name 01lgina~ Report DaleThis Repon
CONTROL NUMBER 4607 06-17-99
~ljje&h(>fl X HOMICIDE Offc:roe SnUU$: Open X El:.ceplmna.lly Clu raj 0 Recummend Case' Review 0
~~dl~sifh::uiQTl a Cka~byA~t a Ul1fotK'l4rd a CkJ!itJr,C 0

!~ I QI.llll1hty I Bmnd N,"M I o.."llCflpm:m ISi:tial N(l ~g~ I Valll~

I Value



7823 W. Oxford Circle
Lakewood. CO 80235
(303) 914-9827


On June 17. 1999. I interviewed Janelle Thibault. by telephone. Thibault said that she had been in Mr. Manuellos 5th hour
Physics class for about 10 min. When she heard several students running and yelling in the hallway outside of her classroom.

Thibault said that one of the female student sin her class opened the door leading into the hallway and asked a student that was
running by what was going on. Thibault said that the student that was running said that there was someone down the hallway
shooting a gun Thibault said that Mr. Manuello told them to run towards the Tech, Lab. And out into the hall in order to get
01Jt of the school. Thibault said that they tried to get out that way but were told to run out the other doors by some other
students. She said that then ran to the other doors and were told not to go out that way and to run out the doors by the Tech.
Lab. Thibault said that she and her friend Rachael Danford ran out through the Tech. Lab. Into the hallway and then ran
towards the front offices. She said that they were told to run down the hallway towards the counselors offices and to go out


Thibault said that she ran out the doors which are located across the hall from the Post Grad. Center She said that she and

several other students had to climb over the fence in the smokers pit and then ran to Clement Park. She said that after going
to the park she and Rachaei Danford were told to go to the Columbine library.

I asked Thibault if she had seen or heard anything strange or unusual the morning of the shooting or before or after the

shooting. She said that she had not. I asked Thibault if she had ever beard of the TeM before. She said that she had never heard

Unit Num~r SupervisorIntWills and Ollte Page

of 2

ASAFJ 4/98 J(:5D1I614

JC.Q01· 002211
Reponmg Agency Ileportmg O1'flcer Case Report No
COMCl:ttng elISe ReportNo Victim NameOriginalRepon Date This [tepc-rt

CONTROL NUMBER 4607 06-17-99

jr«:alio~ X HOMICIDE orrm~ Stllle~: ~ X El\'\'C9tlonally Clnr«1 o Recommend Case: Review I:l

k(da~ilica(ion 0 Cltat'td b~ ArtS1.1 c Unfrn.ll~ o C1Mure a

!lmr I Qvamily I Stilrld Namlt I De1cnP1i~ I Strial No ~~~~ I R; Value
I Value

of the TeM beforebut had seen students whowore trench coats to school all the time. Thibault said thatshe did not everhave
any problems or run ins withany of those students. The interview was then terminated.



JC-001- 002212

f:i' Assigned To

Nj,lmfltf $1.lp-miS& Initialsand Date Page l
/0 MiQQJ 1
1M" 1VC7/ of l

'R;Cl'''l 11..{(;1 ,,,,, "'](,1"'1 Si'R\1{'F.S tt)'!1!'U I AS"fJ -4lit!JCSOil674


JC..(101.00 2213
Colorado State Patrol
Investigative Services Section
CaseNumber Connecting Case # Report Type
99-3UOI4IK J.C.S.D, I 99-7625 Assist - klferson County Sheriff's Department
Date Time Location
04-10-99 H2O Columbine Hi2h School

SYNOPSIS: Assist to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department with the investigation of the Columbine
High School homicide,

COLORADO STATE PATROL - 2207 N, HWY 402 LOVELAND, CO 80537 (970)663-0219
-Investigator Greg McComas


(W)Thompson, Adam 08·31·81 (Student - Columbine High School)
Res, 8020 S, Upham St. Littleton, CO 80123 H-(303)979-8379


Per information control sheet #3298, I contacted (W)Thompson at his residence, regarding information he
might have of possible suspect accomplices,

(W)Thompson stated, on 04-20-99 he left school during second period with his marketing class for an
awards banquet The function was held at the Welshire Inn Restaurant and lasted through s fourth period He
explained he returned to school at approximately !0:50am. parked his car in the Clement Park lot and sat in
the commons area until it was time for fifth period

At approx II 05am, he went upstairs to his fifth period chemistry class, instructed by Mr Crem Shortly
after the beginning of class he heard what he described as a "hollow explosion" At that time he felt it was
possibly an explosion in the other chemistry lab or a senior prank Shortly thereafter, he heard people running
and screaming and the instructor directed the class through the Tech, Lab and down a hallway, near the art
classes He and his classmates exited on the north side of the building, near the gymnasium weight room, He
stated, he felt the gunmen were nearby, in the area of the science classes as they were escaping due to the

... Date of Report InvestillatorllBM# Palle

I Mav 17. 1999 GS McComas I 5560 lof2
oJ l '. /?"-""

JC.001- 002214
soundofthe shots being fired.

According to (W)Thompson, he was out ofthe building between 11:30am - 11:3Sam. Once outside he ran
into Clement Park, got into his vehicle and left the area. He did not observeany ofthe individuals involved in
the attack, or theirvictims. (W)Thompson stated he did not noticeany strange activities, itemsor individuals
around the school prior to the shootings. He always parks hisvehicle in the Clement Park parkinglot and did
not detect anything unusual in the area that morning, prior to school or upon returning from his banquet.

(W)Thompson didnot know Eric Harrisor Dylan Klebold prior to the incident. He staled, he bad seen Dylan
around the school on a few prior occasions and bad a friend, Steven Partridge, who knew Dylan. According
to (W)Thompson, Partridge went to the school prom in the same limo as Dylanand his date. Partridgetold
(W)Thompson, Dylan acted perfectly normal duringthe evening and made no references of the pending

(W)Thompson stated he was also acquainted with Brooks Brown and his brother, who lived about two
blocks away He had not talked withBrown since the incident but felt Brown was taking the situation
extremely hard, walking' around likea "zombie". He staled he did not know how well Brown knew the
suspects and had never heard him talk of the plan on prioroccasions.

(W)Thompson did not think Steven Partridge had been interviewed by investigators, reference this case.
completed an information control sheet for an interview with StevenPartridge.

Date of'Reoort InvestillatorlIBM# SUllervisorlIBM# Page

I May 17,1999 0.8. McComas f 5560 20f2

.u •• _~ •• • _ _ • ~~;;..;..;.;...._""'-

JC·001· 002216
Reponing Agency Reponing Offlcer Case Report No
(;O~'T1NUATlON a
c' 'lf~lln!:! Case Report No VictimNameOngmal Report Date This Report

COLUMBINE 05-03-99
-c aliol1 X FIRST DEGREE MURDER Otreese S/aIU.ll: Open X E;>;~ptm",lly Cle:lttd 0 Recommend Case: Review 0
R«la~~3j~Mion 0 Clellmi i)y ""~t 0 Unfound1=d a Closure a
I~m'-' I . I
~11!lty .
Slalld N.:Imc I Descri~IOO I S~rUl1 N(l ¥""
m'en I Value


On 05-03-99,at about! :00 p.rn., I obtaineda 6Q-minule videocassette tape from a companycalled Video Monitoring Services
of America, LP., located at 100 Broadway, Suite A21O, Denver, Colorado, 303-733-8000, as follow up to DN 1108. Said
videotape contained livecoverage from Denvertelevision stationKCNC TV, a CBS affiliate, for the time period 9'00 p.m. to
10:00p.rn, April 20, 1999.

Upon reviewing the tape, which starts out with anchors Aimee Sporerand Bill Stuart. I located a series of three previously
recorded interviews with Columbine students. This section was located approximately 35 minutes into the tape. The tlrst
interview is with a white male, wearing a white ballcap, and a graycolored t-shirt underneath an open light coloredplaid shin
This student.later identified as John Vandemark (10mgrade), saidtbe following: '" was in the Biologyroom.up above or right
above the stairs and we didn't hear anything downstairs earlier. But uh, they came up the stairs to us and it sounded likea big
tight was going on in the halls, we thought it might be a senior prankor something and it sounded like people slamming up
againstdoors and then a big gunshot and a teacher ran by with a bloody shoulder."

The second interviewwas with a white male, wearinga black baseball cap. backwards, and a white t-shirt underneath a light
colored plaid shirt This student, later identified as Christopher Wisher (10th grade), said the following: "I was in back of the
school behind the cafeteria when we heard what sounded fireworks, so we went back, We started running. We came back.
weJust figured It was fireworks, We lookedup. Wesaw two kidsin trenchcoats with guns and another ktd just standing there
on the side of the school, in white. We saw them. one of them turned at us...yes, toward us. We were probably 100 yardsaway
We fel! to the groundand then the bulletssopped. I don't knowwhat he wasdoing,he might have been reloading or something,
so we gal back up. We looked over. We saw the kid In the whitethrowing the bombson top of the school. It was some kind
of grenade or something. I don't know what it was:'

The third interview is with an Hispanic female. later identified as Bree Pasquale (II th grade}, who said the following' "I was

Oiuccr Srgnature Unu Nl.lInbcr Scperviscr hlltnlf> and Date I AS""",d To Ptl!!-e i
~m--- INV, If)';iiEi$
"I ~

lR'GI"~1 I ''''ESTiGAfOl<. \ ICTl'<1 ~H\ WI'S 1 OTHf:R JC-001· 002217 J ASAfj..tmJCSDI1614

I Rl!:porting Agency Reponins Otlicer Csse Report No

7: J::~:~:~;~n No X !JCSO BROOKS

Vkttm Repot1
Date This Report


OlfenR'Stan.!I; Opotl X £';cltptiuJlally CI=rc4 0
Recormnend em: Review 0
RI%Iil!~ificatwn 0 C".eami by Arresl 0 Un(llllflde!J. D Closure 0

'\5:r I f,;Jt.lll.lltl\)' I 8rana , ~rif;KiQIl t Seri:.!No ;tt~\: I Y.alml

I ~ml~

in the library. We were like copying, and wedidn't knowwhatit wasand then l looked out the windowand there wasthis guy
throwing like a pipe bombat all the cars. Then be camein, then he likestarted blowing up and using everyonein the cafeteria.
and then we could hear him laughing and running upstairs and they were shooting anyone of color wearinga white naror
playing a span, and then he (inaudible) who it wasand it was all likecloserange...(crying)...Everyone around megorshot and
1begged him for ten minutesnot to shoot me, and be putthe gun in myface and started blamingeveryone and started laughing,
sayingthatit wasall becausepeopleweremeanto him last year." Whowere these people? "I don't know...(crying)" You saw
other people get... "He did it right in front of us...(crying)" Howmany kidsgot shot" "Like. I don't know like fifty kids got
shot, there's like ten that least dead in the library that wereround up that he ShOI in the head. or.i.tinaudible, crying)"

Identification of thesestudents was madeby Columbine Student Dean Christine Mikesell, who reviewed the videotape on 05·
04·99, at about 2:00 p.m., at Chatfield High School.

This videotape was purchased by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Officeon 05-03·99 by way of purchaseorder #74395. for
$199.80. Billing informanon was provided to Video Monitoring Services for subsequentbilling, and a copy of their invoice
IINDV5080 was given to JCSO's billingoffice.

Lead sheets for the abovestudentswere prepared and submitted by necessary. The videotape was submitted by me into
the JCSO evidence vault.

DISPOSITIQN; Open. Signatufe .
Unit Number Superviwr Initrals. and D"II; I AsS,"ne07o f',1ge I
0' •
')ll.IC["''''~ II,q::;;;TH:;'>"'OR VI(II", StR\', [5 I OT!iEii JC-001· 002218 . ~ ASAFH198 JCSDr"14
-~-----~- - - - - - -

-----_. - .~-~-~~-~ _.. ---- -_. -.......,--

-- - '- ._--- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

' \
.t ~'f -
t\, ,f
-\ --
.. ...

- ~...i .. -
\.'<£: \


_. -S/3-/-19-
Jc.o0 1- 002219
-- - ->------ ------
oe,W'¥ News Oreer Order" NDV5080 Printedon 513/99 9:12::52AM
Order oee 5/3199 09'01 AM Sales P'eI'SOt'!;02J PATTY ZlMMERMAN

Moh rue Wed Thu ~" i Sat s..,

euYv liz
ProdvcliOf'l Notes: PI~ement

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, I
~ ~~fl\~


FrOOfl~d By:

Faxed: By:

lContmtJe 011 lM ack 01page if lleesssaryj
Shipped By:
A;, ait It

sales hlS1l1J¢tlonSi


6~ :~~ERSON :f::)NTY PARKWAY •
S OFFle ~ TO Phon.
GOLDEN, CO 80401
11Z" ORIGINAL Quantity: 1 Due: Monday, May 3 at 1:00 PM MT
1) Live COVERAGE TZ: Std.
KCNC·ry tCas) Ch '" DerMH MTR, 9-10 PM FULL HOUR
412.0/99 9-10 PM MT

PriCIng Instructions
H15 00 FOR FUll HOUR

Sill To: Vi!HO Cassette Net Sales

TV Traoscrlpi!\.aseroosrd _ Freighllr _
3D3 F~ 5633 Radio Transcripl _ Freight Out _

MiSC _ Fax Char\)eS _

aecots _ S.'es Ta' -.,


TIS&H _ Grand retar

JC.o01- 002220
Colorado State Patrol
Investigative Services Section
CaseNumber Connecting Case # Reeort Tvne
99-311014!E J,C.S.D. 199-7615 Assist - JelFenon COllntv Sherift"s n-artment
Date Time Location
04-2lI-99 H2O Columbiae.!!!l!!..&11001

SYNOPSIS: Assist to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department with the investigation ofthe
Columbine High School homicide.

COLORADO STATE PATROL - 2207 N. HWY 402 LOVELAND, CO. 80537 (970)663-0219
-Investigator Greg McComas

(W) Vandemark, Jonathan 02-20-83 (Student - Columbine High School)
6888 S. Yukon Ct. Littleton. CO. 80123 (303) 979-4878


Per information control sheet #1688, I contacted (W)Vandemark reference information he may have on the
suspects inthis case.

09:30am - I contacted (W)Vandemark at his residence. He stated, on 04-20-99 at approx. 1l:22am, he was
taking a test in Mr. Peterson's science class, when he heard a loud boom. At the time he felt it was probably
some type of mishap in the science lab and continued to work on his test A few minutes later, he overheard
teachers in the hallway talking and stating they thought there were gunshots in the school. At approximately the
same time he heard people screaming and running up the stairs, from the lunch room area.

(W)Vandemark stated, he then observed Mr. Sanders, being helped by another teacher, Mr. Johnson, walk past
his classroom and into the classroom next door. He noticed Sanders head was down and he could see a lot of
blood on the upper right sideof Sanders chest By that time he was hearing rapid gunshots and someexplosions.
He and the other students got down into the comer of the classroom and turned the over tables to hide behind.

rflBM# Su ervisorflBM# P e

JC-001- 002221
- 1mhis locarion, he could see out of one of the two doors in the classroom into the hallway He explained each
y"those doors had a window in it, about four to five feet offthe floor

(W)Vandemark stated, the gunshots and explosions continued for what seemed to be about thirty minutes. He
then observed two individuals with guns come down the hall and, he thought, glance into the room. They then
walked away for a second and he heard another shot The two individuals returned and starting banging on the
door to the other science room, where Mr. Sanders was,trying to gel in. He observed both lean down, then saw
they hadwhat appeared to be a bomb. He described the device all being a white cylinder about one foot longand
one and a half inches round. The two taped the device onto the wall, near the door to the Sanders room and
walked back down the hallway, toward the library At that point he heard more gunshots and people screaming.
(W) Vandemark stated, he watched the device on the wall and saw it was sparking and smoking for a short time
It thenlet off a largepuff of smoke, aboutthree foot longand stopped all activity

(W)Vandemark estimated the gunshots continued in the area of the library for approximately another hour He
and the other students remained in the classroom, behind the tables for about an additional forty-five minutes,
unt:iI the SWAT team enteredand ledthem out

(W) Vandemark explained, that due to the height of the windows in the doors of the classroom, he was not able
to observe a complete description of both gunmen. He described the first one as being tall and skinny with long
dark hair, wearing a black shirt, black pants and a black hat, which was on backwards. He also saw that the
individual had a small black"two handled" gun strapped around his neck. He stated he did not personally know
tne individual but had seen him around school before. He stated he had seen the photographs shown by the media
I couldpositively identify the individual as Dylan Klebold.

He described "the other kid" as being about one foot shorterthan Dylan, with dark hair that was spiked on top
with blonde tips. That individual was wearing a white T'-sbirt and had on what appeared to be a dark green
backpack. He was unable to see what type of pants were wornbut stated he also had a gun strapped around his
neck, that appeared to be similar as the one carried by Dylan. (W) Vandemark stated he is not one hundred
percent surethe individual was Eric Harris. He could not recall seeing Harris around school prior to the incident
and did not think the gunman resembled the photograph shown by the media. He then stated it was possibly the
individual was Harris and hejust lookedolderthanthe photos.

(W) Vandemark stated, as he was watching the gunmen outside his classroom he couldtell they were talking back
and forth He was unable to hear anything said, due to the fire alarms He also stated he had not noticed any
usual activity at the school that morning or on the priorday

(W)Vandemark drew a diagram of the area where he was hiding and observed the gunman. That diagram is
attached to this report

I Date of Reoort lnvestillatorJIBM# SuoervisorJIBM# Palle

I Mav 5, 1999 r: , /~"
2 of2

JC.001- 002222
, ~'1 r

r! /'
----- < .. _- --
. -- - - - - - - -

.~- ~
--- ~, ,--_.

- ---~ -----~----- ----.. -_.~- ._---- -_.~

- . - -~<...·r -.~ - -- . - ~ . ~-----

. - - -
. _-
- -'---~ ,lOSe. • tf"'iL: i.. - ------ --~---- ---- - --- - .
~-- ~~ . -- --
W,"7 \
I"" \

. -- --. S~.5/~~t·------ -_. -


- - - - - - - - - - - _.... _~~.~O\r. ~" ·\Jo.,~be.~Li.(._.

.,s I> / 1r JC.o01.002223
- _ •• q - - -. . ._ - - - _ ••

Jc.o01- 002 22.4

Reportlq Agency Rq>art;ng om"" Case Report No
Connecting Cas.;Report No Victim Nsne 0ti3ma1 Rqart Oe this Repcn
CONTROL NUMBER 4008 062599
C \:IIhon X HOMICIDE ~SI,ll;U5.;Opeo X E)u:eptioully Cit:Ilftd a Recoml'JUl'l'ld Case: Review 0
ReetauifieallM 0 Cl~byAtt'I'l!tt 0 Unfbunded a CIowre 0

I~ T(julIntity T
!moo Nlme T"","';';M I SftlalNo. V,\ve
SWIm I R~l'rt'l!d I ~~


7956 S, Vance COUll
Littleton, CO 80123
(303) 978·0 II 0


On June 23, 1999,1 spoke to WilliamVandermere, by telephone. I told Vandennerethat I wantedto interviewhim in reference
to the Columbineincident. Vandermere said that he was willing to answerquestions.

. asked Vandermerewhere he was when the incidentat Columbine started. He said that he had been in Mr. Manuello's 5 th
hour Physics classwhen he saw severalstudents runningand screaming down the hallway. He said that Mr. Manuello and 13
other students and himself, had ended up hiding in a storage room until they were rescuedby the SWAT Team.

Vandermere said that he heard a couple of'loud bangs and a coupleof gunshotswhile hiding, He said that he never saw who
it was that was doing the shooting.

Vandermere said that he heard a TV. get turnedon in theroom nextdoor tot the room he was hiding in. He said that thealarm
was sounding and he could hear the T.V. over the alarm. but he could not make out what was being said.

Vandermere said that he never saw who was shootingand does not remember much of wha; happened. I asked him if he had
ever heardof theTCMbefore. He said that he had heardof them before butstated that he did not think they were as big a group
or as well organized as everyone thinks they are.

Vanderrnere said that he only heard shots being firedduring the first 45 min. To an hour. He said that when he was hiding in
Number Supervisor Initial1i and Date , Assigned To Page 1
Y1CTlM SERVICES JC-001· 002225 ASAFl4l98 JCSt>i!674
~.A'-y ~""Offi= Case Repon No
COMcml'li CaN Rq)ort No, VictimNameOricUW Report Dlte This Replrt

CONTROL NUMBER 4608 062599

C' ·.Poll. X HOMICIDE Offillw: SI:tllJl: Opm X E:u:.epciomlily Ctcve4 c Recommend Cax: RevICW o
R=Ch.llS.llktti01l c clc:amI by r\1mt CJ Unfi:lIolMed CJ CIMuce o
115: I Owrtiry r Bnng NAIM I DtlM:ripno~ t StriII No It:\: I~~I~

the classroom they were all trying to stay as quiet as they could. He said that some of the other students said that they could
hear people walking around ill the hallways or that they could hear voices.

Vandermeresaid that he had been in storage roomTech. Lab. For about 45·60 min. Before the T.V. came On. He said that
the T,V, remainedon for about 15·20 min.. Vandermere said that he could not remember anything else and the interview Was



PaSt" 1
{iSJ of 1
CTlifR ASAFJ 4198 JCSDI1614
JC.001· 002226

JC-001· 002227
(t.~rtlng Agency Repn"log Offi~ Case geeorrNo
i Connt<.:tirlg"Case ReportNo VictimNameOriginalReport OaR: This< RtpOrt
~ ."Qfl x First De:ree Murder (}(fense SUlIUS; Open X b~lyCl¢lU't1ii 0 Reeornmend Case: Review 0
Rec!$$$i1kalioll Cl Cleared byAl'l'eS1 0 um",_ 0 CkJ~re: 0

I~ 1QlaMty I el1l11d Nilme!' I Dts:ripticm

I Smal No ~~~ I R~~~ I D~~~


5923 West Maplewood Drive
Littleton, Colorado 80123
(303) 797-8410
Student: Columbine HighSchool

On 4-29-99, at about 1745 hours, I interviewed Christopher Walker at his residence, I asked Walker to describe to me the
events of 4-20-99, He stated he arrived at school at about 0700 hours, He went into the cafeteria where he had a couple
doughnuts with friends, I asked for the friends names, He didn't know their last names, but their first names were Steve,
I'iffany, Brandy; and Jeremy, He did somemath homework and menat 0720 hourswent to change clothes for his gym class
Gym classstarted at 0730 hours, Brooks Brown was in hisgymclass that first period. Walker stated maleverything appeared
ttl be normal, they played dodge ball and nothing was out of the ordinary. I asked Walker if he had seen either Harris or

Klebold or any other memberof the "TrenchCoat Mafia" in the cafeteria when he was there, He statedhe did not.

At 0810 hours he changed his clothes to get ready for his nextclass. At 0815 hours, he begantalking with a friend named
Tiffany (unknown last name} and a male friend named Jean Richer. They talked for a few minutes and then he went to his
second period class, which is a humanities class. No "TeM" members were in that class. Third periodhe went to math. He
staled he was talking with Jean Richer in between classes andarrived late for hIS mathclassby about ten seconds. Hestated
that LauraTownsend is in that classwith him. His fourth period is Economics. He attended that classwhich endedat Ii 10

He then went to his fifth hour Physics class, which is on the second floor, the same flooras the library Walker stated that
about i 140 hourshe heard some screaming and saw students running in the hallway. He thought they might be laughing or

Unn Number Superviw Inilitlls ondDacc ASSIgned To Page !

wI/' %7 .1' ~

"/If'T!\l SERVWfS OTHU JC.()01· 002228 "SAF3 4"8 JCSD:lbi4

R¢t'f(lrtil\ll Ag~y ltep;mittg Oifl<;er Case Report No


Coonec::lwg'C:.tSo; ReponNo Victim Name Original Rtpon Dale this Report

C :atloo x FirstDegr.. Murder Offclvi,e Swus; QpetI x ElCepllOAalty Oemld Cl ~tmmdC<w:: Review a
Rcdmi til;$tU;n CJ Clt!an:!dby~ !J Unmunded !J Clos!J1'( a
!~ I QUlliltily I Bf'#l1d Nlme Il::Ieleription ~ SerialNo ¥~: I v~
I l1miatffi

having some kindof fun activity. An unknown female student came into theirclassand he asked her whatwashappening. She
stated, "Sorneone's been shot." The Physics teacher, Mr. Manueilo, said,"Everybody in the back room," Walker stated that
mis is a store room near the Physics room, Thirty to forty students went into the store room. As Walker was telling me the
details of his day, I made notations on a map. which he pin his signature on afterour interview,

Walker stated that the studentswerewondering whattheyshould do at thatpoint. Walker followed Mr. Manuello intoa second
physics classroom. Walker peeked his headthrough thedoorway•looking mtothe main hallway on thesouth sideof theschool,
He stated he didn't hearany shots,that the hallway wasempty, except for a male teacher which had a beard. The teacher was
at tne endof the hallway to the west. Hehadfallen down, The teacher wasyelling, "Everybody get back in theroom, get back
in the room," The students and Mr. Manuello, whohad been in the second physics room returned to the storeroom.

Walkerstatedthat after returning to the store room he heard gunshots for the first time. [t was only a couple of gunshots,
IValker statedhe left the storage room with ten 10 fifteen students behind him, Hewent to peekour the tech lab door, which
looks into the second floormain hallway on the north, I asked Walker to identify the students whowere with himat thattime,
Hecould not identify anyone.

Walker stated when he looked out the door into the main hallway he saw twowhite malescasuallywalking towards the west.
which would be towardsthe library. The twowhitemales wereboth wearing blackdusters. They were walking Just east or
the fire doors which are in that hallway. The two males hadtheirbacks to Walker He statedthat he did not see any weapons
and thathedid not recognize eitherof thestudents wearing theblack dusters (trench coats). Walker Slated he thought they were

just students who werewalking towards the westexit.

Dueto the firealarm sounding, Walker did nothearthe two males saying anything to each other, He stated there was no one
else in the hallway with the two males. I asked Walker if he attempted to say anything to the males. Hestated he did not I
asked him if he could describe their stature. Hestatedthat he couldnot. I asked him why he would not say anything to two
studentswho were casually walking, given the fact that he knew someone was shooting in the school. Walker said he "Just

~~ Unit Number Supervrsor Initials and Date I ASSoigm:d T D ,

~~ ~ /AiV Slt:7 JC.o01.002229



OitJGl"'''''- 11"'''E.S;mArOR VlC'TlMSERVICES I (iTliER TASAf3 4fJ8 JCSOfl6j,i

R~tn. Agency Reporting Officer Cue itepQrtNo
Cooner;ti1\glCMC Report No Victim NameOriginal R~rt Date thi$ Report
r .;anon , Fint Degree MUrder OtT~ SrlW5; Open x E.\cepl;iooaHy Cta~ 0 Re¢ommend Case: Review 0
R.~fit::tijotl 0 Cll!ilfett by Arrest 0 UllfollllWd 0 Closure 0

'iSW I Qu.amilV I Bnnd Nlme I Oesi:riplion I seNI No

~= I RetO~
Valtlit I DXalllt

didn't." I asked him if'he had thought aboutasking students, who he sawwalking in the blackdusters, if they knew whatwas
happening in theschool. He statedhe did not. Waiker stated thathe recognized thedusters, but did not notice thateitherperson
walking was Harris or Klebold.

Walker has previously known the suspects, Harris and Klebold. Hestatedbe bastaken German with Harris for3 V, years, He
also played soccer and volleyball with Harris afterschool. Walker knew Klebold as a friend of Harriswho bungaround with
Harris, I asked Walker if be saw any members of'the "TrenchCoat Mafia't in the school. He stated he did not.

Walker statedthatwhen he leftthe tech lab he turned easttowards the main doorsof the uppercommons, Hesaidten to fifteen
students werewith him. I askedhim to identify thestudents. Hecouldnot give me anyone's name. Walker statedthat In the
upper commons lobby hecouldsee thatthe interior glass doors hadbeen shattered andan adultmale, whom be could notname,
waspointingpeopletowards tbe hallway where the counseling offices were, Walker went down that hallway and exited the
school. Hewentto Clement Parkwhere therewerea lot ofColumbine students, Walker Slated that the otherhalfof hisphySICS
classremained in the schooland were rescued aboutthreehourslater.

Walker walked to his hometo get his grandmother's car. Hestated it wasaboutnoon. He stated he wanted to go looking tor
hissister, Melissa Walker On his way hesaw a friend of hisnamed Clinton Moore, (303)933-3759. Walker stated thatMoore
had gone home for lunch and did not know about the shooting. When he told Moore what was happening, Moore got in
Walker'scar and the two of them drove to the neighborhood southof the school. They parked the car on a cul-de-sac where
a pathway leads to Clement Park, They could see police cars and police officers. The police officers were trying to rescue
students. Walker stated he heardshots,perhaps 15to 20, on the outside of theschool and thoughtthat it was the police officers
shooting. He quickly dropped to the ground. He climbed the fence which separated the football area from Clement Park
Police told him (0 go further back into the park,away from the school.

At Clement Park, a female police officer began asking questions about Klebold and Harris, such as the cars that theydrove,
the space numbers they parked in,their address and phonenumbers. Walker thought that they had been shot. Walker stated

Unit Number SUpervlWInitmJs< and Dale Assigrred To

JC-001- 002230 ASAF3 4198 JCSDJ!674

~tting: A8CtlQ R¢pOl"linli OffiQ:J" Cau neeorr No
ConnectingCaK Ropon No Victim NameOrigjnal Repon: DaleThis- RtpOtf

C Ilion X Flr,t Deg ree Murdor OflOnM SWiIUi: Open X €~tI(lnally CINl'1ft'I c
Rc1;ommend C45C": Review
Rcdu~jf:'CatIOlt 0 Cl;:md by AI'ml!
U""""'' ' ' C1 CiDS\lre' C1

l~:r I QoR.d!ily I Bnnd Name I ~ripllon IS<NINo ~l~ I V/illle

I vatce

that a student named Ryan Shumberwas there and gave the police officer information on Harris and Klebold. Walkergave
his grandmother a phone call, She told him that his step-dad and his sister, Melissa, were at Leawood Park.

I asked Walkerwhat kind of vehicle he borrowed from his grandmother. He stated it was a dark blue Ford Tempo. 4-door
I asked Walkerwhat his personal vehiclewas. Walker stated he drives a 1969 primer gray Mustang. He stated it was in a
parking spot of a senior lot, numbered 2t I or 112. Hewasn't sure.

I asked Walker whoowneda red GeoMetro. He Slated that hissister, Melissa Walker, ownsa red Geo Metro. Hestated that
Melissaparked It next to Rachel Scott's vehiclein tne Clement Park parking areaalong S. Pierce St. and W. Bowles Ave. I
asked him if he drove that vehicleat anytime that day. HeSlated hedid not. He statedthat they did not get Melissa's vehicle
out of the Clement parking lot until the nextday afterthe shooting because the police wouldnot allow anyone to take vehicles
out of that parking lot Walkerstatedhis step-father and Melissa retrieved the vehiclethe nextday.

r asked Walker what he knew aboutmembers of the "Trench Coat Mafia." Walker stated that he knew that Nick Dykeman was'
a member of the "Trench Coat Mafia." A week before the shooting, Walker saw Dykeman in a brand new trench coat.
Dykeman was by himselfat the school. Walker asked him whyhe boughtthe new trenchcoat. Dykeman stated that"it was
cool"and'just for the hellofit." Walker stated that Dykeman hadnot previously dressed in a trench coal,although he did wear
black a lot. Walker talked to Dykeman about Dykeman's new truck. I asked him to describe the truck. He stated it wasan old
mid 70's pick-up truck with primer on it. big wheels. it looked beat-up. Dykeman's previous car had been a Dodge Lancer, a
tannish browncolor, The body style is similar to. Tempo. It was4·door, and according to Walkerit was "very ugly"

I askedWalker if he knew_ He statedhe did not know him. Walkerdid not know whatvehicle"'drove
He stated that_ did not havea vehicle. He did notknow whether the vehicles were associated With the"Trench
Coat Malia,"

I askedWalkermore abouthis SISter, Melissa's, red Geo Metro. Walker statedthat Melissa has a set of keys and he has a set

Unit Numb« Stlptl"\'UOI' [nitials. ami Date Page :l

0' 2
I OHlER JC.()01- 002231
Reporting Agel'lt)' Reponing Ql'ftcer Ca5¢Report No
CODnettinjl'Casc Report NQ Victim NameOnginal Report Oat~ This Rli!fIOrt

c "00 x Fint Degree Murder OI11::/lr.e Staws: O;.ttl
• E>.¢.tptil.mlllyeldred 0 Rocommend CaM: R.cview 0
Rl;Cllwifir;ali<;m 0 Clared by ;, m!M c UnfOunded c Closure o
(IS: I Qt.aantil)' mr Bl"Iitl4 Name I De$criP~OIl I '5cri,,; No S~\; I VtlWl
I Vallie

ofkeys. He statedon 4-20.99, he and Clinton Moore attempted to get hissister's car out ofthe Clementparking lot. Hestated
the timewas somewhere between 1330and 1400 hours. Walker stated a police officertold him that theycouldnot retrieve the
car because the area had not been cleared yet Moore and Walker thenran backto Walker'shouse and watched t.v, Walker',
father, MikeWalker. came over to the residence at about 1430 hours. Walker stated that somewhere between 1700 and 1800
hoursthatday. his father took him over to pickup the grandmother's car which hadbeen left in the cul-de-sac. I asked Walker
what he was wearing the day of the shooting. He stated he was wearing bluejeans and a shirt with horizontal stripes. He
showed me the shin, It had small horizontal stripes, the colors included white, medium blue. and green.

I asked Walkerif he ever talked with members of the "Trench Coat Mafia" about bombs,particularly Harris or Klebold, He
stated,"No," Walker then madethestatements, "Eric liked things to go boom." I askedhim howhe knew that. He stated that
Harris talked about always wantingto build bombs. He told him thata person could get information on howto buildbombs
"'om the Internet and from the school library. Walker Staled Harris never claimed to have made a bomb or blown up any

Walker toldme that in December of 1998 Enc Harris asked him to purchase a shotgun for him. When Walkerwanted to know
why, Harris stated he wanted it for hunting. I asked Walker if it didn't strike him funny that Harris would be interested in
hunting. Hestated it did not becausea lotof kidsgo hunting. Walker's 18th birthday was on November 28. 199&. Hestated
he celebrated his birthday with his family and did not see Harris on that day. Walker believes Harris may have heard him
talkingabouthis birthday a few days beforeit actually occurred. Walker suggested that Harrisknewthat because of his 18th
birthday that Walkerwould be old enough to purchase a weapon for him.

Walker stated that Harris asked himabout buying the shotgun at the beginning of one of their class periods for German class.
Hesaid that Harris askedhim if he was 18. When he said yes, Harris replied, "Then you can buy me a gun." Walker stated he
replied, "I'm sure I could, but I wouldn't." I asked Walker why he felt Harris wouldask him to make the purchase. Walker
said it was becauseHarris"confided in me." He quicklyadded, "but not about his dark side,"

Unit Number Supervisor lnhial.s and Dale Assigl'l¢d To

ot 2
INVEST10/>.TOR V1C1'1 M s rI<VK es JC..()01.002232 ASAFJ 4198 JCSOlf6"1J,
ReportingAgtncy Reporting Offie« Case ReptJl't t"lo
COl'm~;llli Case R'l:pOrt NQ Victim NameOrigmalReport Date This Report
( ~l"'" x First Deer"" Murder Offewr:SI,UU); Open x E!\tep4100l1l)" Clean:d 0 Reco1lUt«md case: Revitw 0
Reda~si1luJiOIl 0 C1ft!'ed by Amllit 0 UnfoonOed 0 Cloil.l~ D

I~ 1QlI1llltiry TB~l\d N1Ime TD¢Sa1?c iOO ! Se1'lal No ¥'~i I R Vaj~

I Vahll:

( askedWalker why he declined 10 purchasethe weapon for Harris, Walker at first statedthat he didn't want to haveto wait
for the background checkto be done on him, hejust didn't wantto takethat much time, I asked him if'therewas anything he
was concerned aboutin regards to a background check, He stated no, Walker. lateron. statedthe reasonswhy he declined to
make thepurchase as beingbecausehe was "100 youngto have a weapon", and that he was"afraid10 buy the gun" incase his
parents found out about il.

I asked Walker who else was in the German classwith him and Harris, and who mighthave been in the area to overhear this
conversation, Hestated that a girl named Christy Epling is the ex-girlfriend of a guy named Rhine Schurners Epling sat next
to him in German class, He stated that as he was talking to Harris aboutthe gun purchase. Epling was talking to a girlfriend
in theclass, Hesaid perhaps she did not heartheirconversation, I asked himaboutRobyn Anderson, HestatedthatAnderson
was intheirGerman classat the same time, At thispointI could hearWalker clearing his throat. He Stated that Anderson was
~alrick McDuffy'sex-girlfriend.

I asked Walker what kind of weapons Harris wanted to purchase. Hestated that he wanted a shotgun or a rifle. Walker stated
he doesn't remember exactlywhichone. I couldseethat Walker wasnow swallowing hand, Hemadethe statement thatHam'
was"fascinated with shotguns," I asked him how he would know that. He slated that Harris would oftesn make sounds and
motions with his arms as if he wereracking a round of ammunition in theshotgun. I asked him if Harris asked himto purchase
a handgun, He stated there was no talk about buyinga handgun,

I asked Walker how this transaction was supposed to work out. Walker asked Hams how much money the gun would cost.
Hams told him It wouldbe a couple hundred dollars, I asked him if he knew whether Of not Harris hadthat money at that urne
Hams did havethe money at the time of theirconversation. Walker said, Walker Staled that he was to give Harris the money
and Harris would then go make the purchase. Walker stated that Harris did not mention any particular place to buy the
weapons. Dylan Klebold's name did not come up in their conversation. Harris did not mention a time that he wanted the
purchase to be made, I asked him ifhe knew whattime Harris needed the shotgun, and he stated he did not,



~ ...\ ES1'lGATOR
JC-001- 002233
ASAf'J 4!9!JCSO/16'7-i
ReponingAg««:y R~rting Officer Case RtpOn No
Connet1inlfCase RelX»1 No VictimNameOriginalReport n.W:Thi$~n

-c ~'3tlon X First !legr.., Murder OffeMlO &allIS: 0\:Ietl x Eillr;q:ttioftJlly Clwed 0 Rocommel1dCa:se: R.eYiew 0
IleellJi$i!11:1110l\ 0 Owed by Aof'*l 0 tJtUOl.IAdcd 0 CWSIIre 0

I~ I Quanm;.- I Bl"3ncl Namt 1~t1~n I Sm'iaiNo ~~\I,'\ ! Val~

Reccv 1 QaVaNt
magcrl I

Walker thenmadea comment that he hada conversation with his step-father on 4-28·99, askinghis step-father aboutthe laws
governing an adult purchasinga weapon, He stated his step-father told him that an 18 year old could buy a rifle,

I askedWalker how the conversation between he and Harris cameabout, Hestated that he thinks it was because there was a
girl in theirGerman class who was a vegetarian, talking about noteating meat. Ericmade the comment that he liked hismeat
"bloody red." The girl's name was LisaSeeler, Walker statedthat he believes it was that conversation that lead into Harris
talking about guns and hunting, Walker indicated that his reluctance to purchase the weapon caused the conversation 10 be
dropped and they went on to talk about something else. Hartis did 001 mention any other potential buyers.

Walker told me that he never saw any guns, eitherhandguns or shotguns or rifles, belonging to thesuspects. Walker Slated he
never knew whomade the purchases for Harris. Harris never talked io him aboutowning a gun. butonlythat he wanted to own
'. gun. Walker said that he and Harris had a discussion about whata shotgun wound would look like. He stated he doesn't
remember how the conversation came up, but thatthey weretalking together in German class again. Walker told him that his
step-father had an EMT bookwhich showed the extensive injury a shotgun wouldcause to an individual. Walker stated he never
showed the book to Harris.

Walkerslated that about a weekbefore the shooting at Columbine he had heard that the school locks had been super glued.
Hestated that after the shootingat Columbine he wondered if Harris had done that to try and trap students in the school.

I noticed that Walker was wearinga Bronco jersey with the number 87 on u, I asked him if he was a Bronco fan, He stated
he was and that number 87 was Ed McCraffrey's number. I asked him if ne participated in any sports. He stated he was a
wrestler, but he had been injuredthisyearandcouldnot continue wrestling, Even though Walker considered himselfa "jock."
be staled that Harris had neverthreatened him. Harris was a friend to himand was always nice. Walker stated he didnot know
of any medical problems Harris might have, norof medications that Hams might he on.

Walker showed me his 199711998 school yearbook. Harris made the notation in German, "Ish BinGott.' I asked Walker what

Unil Number SUpe1'\'isor IMials: and Dat;:: AssigtledTv

JAIl! JC-001- 002234 'f

Reportms Aaency Repooing Officer Case R.e9ort No
COfIJm;:tmg Case Report No Victim Name Ongln81 Report DateThi$ Revolt
-c """" x Finc DegreeMurder Offense St8'\1"~ Open X EAcepl1:01Isil, Cl~ C Ro;:QfI'lm~Cll.'jC: Review C
Rf$;lf$!1ilicatK'ltl C C1ul'Nby A~' 0 U/lfuo.llidt'd CJ CIO!Ure C

I~ 1().wltil'o' I e"nd NiJm~ 1OeK:rip'ioll I Slmll! No ~~: I R~~~ I ~W:tO

it meant. He stated that it meant, "I am God." In Hams' written notation was also a German phrase that meant, "FU<:K the
world." Hams signed his name and then put the word "Reb"below il. There was also a drawing which appeared to be that
of a grenadeat the bottomof Harris' written commenrs.

I asked Walker if he was nervousaboutanything. He stated no. I asked him if he was holdingback any information or was
scared or reared being in trouble. He answered no.

Walkerthen went on to tell me about a time in which he. Dykeman, Harris, and a couple otherswhom he couldn't recall the
names of, went down to the Cooper 7 Theaterto look fordiscarded movietrailers, Trailersare previews of films. He stated
that Dykeman had showed him two frames of a movie trailer oneday and then after school they Went over to the Cooper 7 to
see if they could find more. Walker told Dykeman he wanted some. Walkerstated this occurred last semester. Hecouldn't
'emember if'Klebold was with them at the time. The two males thathe couldn't recall the names ofwere friends of Dykeman
Walker slatedthat when they went to the Cooper 7 he wasableto get somediscarded film showingthe preview of the movie
"RlJSh Hour." Afterwards. Dykeman dropped his friends off at a house and thentookWalkerto Dykeman's house. Therethey
cut up thefilm in Dykeman's garage.

I asked Walker when was the last time he socialized with Klebold and Harris. He staled thaI they worked on some video
productions together. Walkerrecalled thathe played the German rock band"Romstien's" music as the background of a video
that Harris and Klebold filmed. In the videoa person playing the partof a "jock" begins to "lease" and "beat-up"a guy who
looks likea "nerd." AImal point Hams and Klebcld walk In to theroom and stare into thecamera. I asked Walker if Klebold
and Harris then shoot the "jock." He Slated no. He Slated no weapons were involved, Harris and Klebold only scared the
"jock" away and that there was no touching, I asked Walker if this was the videoentitled"Hitman for Hire." Walker stated
he thought lhal was the title.

Walker recalled two other productions he assisted them with, He stated he and a guy named Mike played detectives,
investigating Hams because Harris had shot someone. Hestated in that video they used a prop made up ofa backpack with

Unit Assigned To


OTHER JC-001· 002235 ASAF3 4/98: JCSDJI614

Reponing A!llJ;Jl~ Reponing Officer C_ R.l»ort No
C'i>ntll:clingCi,1se Report No_ Vir:ltm NameOnginal Report DateThis RlI'pOn
C, ~IIOI't X Fint Degree Murder 00_ Slllu5: ()pcn X uuptil)rlally Clared 0 Rceornme:l".4 Case: Review 0

R~fiQli(m 0 Clare4 by Amo=>t 0 Unfounded 0 Closu~ a

I~ I Qllllnlity f Iftl'ld NaMe! I QeM:riflllO\1 I serial No
I V,awe
I vetee

a water bottle and straw. Walker stated hedidn't finish the film withthem because he ended up getting injured duringthai time.
I believe this injury is related III his wrestling injury.

Walkerstated that in the fall Harris and a anotherstudent,who hejust described as a "film guy", played the part of robbers in
a video. They rob an individual and Walkerplays the pari of a cop who gives chase to them all the way 10 Clement Park. He
slated they made the video as part of the Friday Feature presentation at theschool, but that it neverwas aired. He staled Klebold
was not in tms film.

Walker stated that there was an idea that Harris and Klebold bad, bUI the idea was never filmed. The idea had Hams and
Kleboldbeing the bag guys wno go intothe cafeteriaand shoot students. Walkerand anotherstudent named Mike played the
good guys who come to get them. The idea had Harris and Klebold standing on tables in the cafeteria hurting people. There
vas no ending to tile film discussed. Walker stated he has neverbeen to the Hartis or Kleboid residences. I asked him ifhe
ever had Klebold and Hams to his home. He stated he could not recall. He did say that Dykeman was over at his house for
Walker's 17th birthday.

Walkerstatedthat two days afterthe Columbine shootinghe saw Brooks Brownat ClementPark. Brooks wasat Rachel Scott's
car, He was crying. Brooks was saying, "Eric and Dylan wouldnever do this:' Brooks continually repeated this statement

Walker stated he has not seen Nate Dykeman since the shooting. Walker describes his friend, Clinton Moore. as Nate
Dykeman's best mend. Moore told Walker that be had called Dykeman after the shooting to see if he was alright and to check
on him in case he was suicidal. Moore told Walkerthat Dykeman toldhim of a time in which Klebold was"very scary." A fight
had occurred and he described Klebold as going "crazy." It is unknown when that fight occurred.


URI! Number SUptrYlS& initial'S and Date:

JC..o01- 002236 ASAF14i98 JCSOll674
. ~

~ ~

• ~

• ~

~ Cl
41 ,~
• ~


I~ f~ l~ ~'

~ I~ i I- ~

~ r: G

' ..

. ,
II ..
,l ..

~ \" '\ ~
Uu ~
" ~ "- J
Q "
JC.o01· 002237
<. +
JC.Q01· 002238
Repor:ing Agency R#portini Offir;t:r Case Repon~
Connc:cting Case Report No Vi-:tim Name Onginal Report Date This Report
s:nl\jTROL NUMBER 4610 06-17·99
c, .:atmr. X HOMICIDE Of'ftflW StlIM; 0Jlt'n X Exe~naJ Ii' c;eaM o Recommend Case: Review 0
Rel:ln5ifl~i('Jn (J Cloeared by A~1 0 UnfOlilldecl c C10wre n
J~ I QuantiTy I Br:t"dN3T1U1 I ~n'!XjGl\ i $eri,l No
Stolen, I Va~
Rot¢O'ie1'td I naVahlf



6446 S. PierceCt.
Linletcn, CO 80123
(303) 904-7685


On June [7. 1999, I interviewed Charles Wactman, by telephone. Wactrnan said that be bad been in Mr Manuellos, 5th hour
Pbysicsclass when he heard several students screammg, Wactman said that one of the female students in his class opened the
"<lor and looked out into the hallway and asked a student that was running by what was going on. Wactman said the student
yelled that there were people shooting guns down the hall. Waetman said that he heard two gun shots atlbat time.

Waolman said that Mr Manuello told the kids to run out the doors that lead into the Tech. Lab.. Wactman said that once they
madeit to those doors they were told by studentsrunningdown the hallway, to go back the other way. Wactmansaid that they
then ran back to the other classroom door, and were told upon arriving at that door that the people that were shootingwere
down that hallwayand they sbould find an other way QUt of the classroom.

Wactman said tbat they then ran back to the Tech. Lab. doors and ran out to the hallway towards the front of the school. He
said that they then ran through the north hallway towards the weightroom and ran out the doors that lead into the smokers pit,
Wactman said that he had to climb over the fence and then ran through Clement Park. He said that he was then told to go to
the Columbine library and finally ended up a Leawood Elementary School.

I asked Wactrnan ifhe ever saw the shooters. Wactman said that be never saw them and did not know who they were. I asked
Waetman if be had ever heard of the TeM or knew any of it's members. Wactma»said that he did not know anything about
ie TeM and bad only been in the school for about one year. He said that the TCM is not like any of the gangs he had seen
Number Su~rviw Initiais andDate As:signed To P'age

cr 1
JC-001· 002239
ASAF3 .ma JC50i16'?4
Cooneeting CalleReportNo VictimNapu! ooginal Report Dale' This R.eport

_Ct'lNTROL NUMBER 4610 06-17-99

t "'". X HOMICIDE Of'Wtue s~~: Open X .ElUlcptitmllHy Cleam:t o Recommend C4SC~ Review Cl
Ree!Ul\ifi;;,IWrt Cl elaNd by A1'l"tIU Cl UnioUNled ::J CIDJu~ o

beforein his homestate of Texas. Wacrman said,,. the gangsin San Antonio Texas are real gangs not like the Trench Coat

I asked Wactman ifhe had seen or heard anything unusual the day of the shooting or anytime before or after the shooting.
Wactman said that he has not heardor seen anything unusual and hadnot heardof anyoneelse that may have assisted Hams
or Klebold with the planningor executionoftheir plan.The interview was then terminated.



Assigned To Page

of 1
JC-001. 002240
A$AF3 41," JCSOi1674

"age__ o f _ _ Pages cue NOo _

Denver Police Depau biillll1t

CI _ _ sod

_ SocuiTy ilo.
Cate of ! SMal No.

Summary of Statement:

:r tv ell) {J'\..., +tv A C Ie" <:.R... h..ltZ;'YY\! --A..o. 4.0 d §U ~of"'::::,

C:fha u.& (J: ( 't (J ltv? IU. t1.&N il2""YR -:«; J. (f.2 Q./\..o1

'5 u OJ, tWf> :f:! ~ 0 ') J...C./i.--e y, W J!/ OC<. Lt....: -.fz.~TV
€ 'P ,()-r-l-U7 d-U7 (f L-«\... t-Cu.. c.QCdVGWG if to fx<.,«.,o
-1& tuJ - ~ 4.A d d - 5:> ~ ~-i'5. -
-rt:-o /VI hU
&ftlrr Cn.C<..A.J ~(~$kCLQyds (-f<...,.. .oe.u;'<...L
I <; rscrr.') ~ Vi k

I f
- - --o.te - - 0 AM
Time StlJtament CompietliC

OPO 366 lRoy. 2I95l

JC.Q01.002242 1llDllmlllllmi~
• a 6 00'
PROGRESS REPORT ControlNumber: 1950
CASE NUMBER: 99-16215

On 05-01-99at about 0910 brs.• this Investigator responded to 8310 S. Saulsbury St. and


DOB: 08-06-83
(303) 919-0450

Walton related when 5th hour started, she was in Mr. Petersen's room. When he left the
room, Ms. Miller, Mr. Johnson and Ms. Wyatt entered the room. This is also the room
that Mr. Sanders was brought into.

The boys who brought Mr. Sanders in, is identified by Walton as:

AARON (Last name unknown)

When they brought Mr. Sanders in, he was bleeding really bad. He slipped in and OUI of
conscientious severaltimes.

This Investigator asked Waltonif she ever heardMr. Sanders say anything. She related he
was talking and told a couple ofjokes. Then he started talking about his children. She
neverheard him say anything about the incident.

This Investigator inquired as to who the people were applying first aid and she replied
Kevin Starkey and Aaron. The teachers were trying to keep them calm. At one point,
Ms. Miller looks out the window \0 see what is going on. Miller is the person who put up
the sign that said, "I am bleeding to death."

Walton related it is Mr. Johnson's room which faces towards the parking lot. This is
where the signwas put.

This Investigator asked Walton how long after the class began, that they knew something
was wrong. She related about live minutes into the class, they were taking a test. They
heard a big boom. Then they heard a lot of people running and screaming. Walton
thought it was a senior prank.

They could hear people coming up the stairs really fast and the fire aIartn went off.
Initially they thought it was a fire drill. They started \0 leave the class room and Ms.
Miller told them to get back in the room. After going back in, they went to the back of
the room
PROGRESS REPORT ControlNumber: 1950
CASE NUMBER: 99-16215

About ten minutes lateI', Mr. Johnson comes in. Walton could hear gunshots and
explosions going off: They heard several big booms.

Walton related about 45 minutes after the incident started, she saw two people come to
the door. She could see them both. Walton saw their backs and sidesof their face, Both
people were standing together. They fired three to four shots at the science teachers door.

This Investigator asked Walton to describe the two people she saw. Walton gave the
following description:

Suspect # I: Taller, long black hair, wearing all black. Had

a black hat, with the bill turned backwards. He was wearing
a black shirt with writing on the back. She does not
remember the words. The letters were Red, white and blue
in color. Walton did not see this person's face.

Per Walton, he is the only personwho didany shooting. Shesaid she saw a shot gun. His
left head was extended. At one point, the person held the gun up, that is Walton saw the

Suspect # 2. Walton saw the side of his face. He was

wearing a white T-shirt, real short blond hair. Walton
stated he was just standing there with the other person.
Walton did not see a gun.

Walton related she could not hear what was being said. The two people stood at the door
for about three to four minutes talking, then the one did the shooting. They went to the
science teachers lounge. Shesaw smoke coming out from the room.

Both subjects left. Walton related they were in there fur about thirty more minutes, then
they hearda couple moreexplosions. The SWAT teamcame and took themdownstairs to
the cafeteria. Theywent out the back door of the cafeteria.

This Investigator asked Walton where her back pack was and she stated it was in her
locker. She identified her locker number as #761. Her locker is right outside the science
room. The onlythingshe had with herwasher science notebook.

In regards to Harris and Klebold, Walton related she saw them on TV. When asked if she
knewthem, she related she did not know them, but last year I hung out with kids who did
knowthem. She indicated she knewthem last year.

Walton related shedid not recognize suspect #2.

JC-001- 002244
PROGRESS REPORT ControlNumber: 1950
CASENUMBER.: 99-16215

When leaving the building, Walton related they went downthe stails and out the cafeteria.
WIlen they were going down stails, they were told not to touch anything, Anyone ofyou
could be the suspect.

Walton related when they saw smoke from the science lounge, she never heard an

i s . 'ator asked Walton if she knew a person by the name of

T hInvest' She
said hung out with the trench coal people. He is a tall guy and described by
W i:eally scary looking. Waltondid not see~ day of the shooting,

Walton related why they were in the classroom, Mr. Johnson. Walton and several others
were the ones who turned over the tables. The tables were then used to hid behind. A
drawing was made by Waltonreference various locations in the school.

JC.001- 002245
JC.001- 002246
Reponing AjmQY Reponing ()ffic, er Ca$eRepMNc

CQMe<::ting Case R¢pOTt No Victim Name: Origiml Report Oatl:l This R.eport
-c" Flrtt Deane Murder x
.-ion X omme SIlItW: Opcll
"""'" 0 Recommend Case~ Rwiew 0
R.ctlutili;atioo 0 C~b)-Amw 0 Un"""" 0 Ct!,)$U~ 0

~ I Qut1'ltiry I BraAd Nmt ~ o-nptWo -T s.mtNQ, ¥.= I V"". I

:Recovered v,,~


ERINWALTON, 008/08..06-83
8310 South SaulsburyStreet
(303) 979..0450
Student:Columbine High School


Same as above
Bus: Same


Same as above
Bus: (303) 792..0520


On09·13·99, atapproximately0715hours, I contactedwitnessErinWalton's father,ScottyWalton,by telephone, Mypurpose

for calling Scotty Walton was to set up an appointment for a reinterview of his daughter, Erin Walton. Scotty said that Erin
Waltonwas not home when I called on this date, I explainedto Scottythere werediscrepanciesin the reports that Stephanie
Williams made to me when I interviewed her, and the report made by Erin Walton to Arapahoe County Sheriffs Office
Detective Moomawon 05..07-99. I briefly explainedthe differences in the interviewstatement, andasked ScottyWaltonwhat.
if anythingErin had told him about the shootingat Columbine High Schoolon 04-20·99. Scottysaid she had not told him very

much about the shooting incident Scotty said he did not remember that Erin Walton said she had seen somebody shoot a
shotgun,other than to say he did recall that she said she saw someoneshoot a shotgun at a door, Scotty said, however, that
.orin had reported she did not see who the suspect was, and had not seen a completeview of'his face. ScottyWaltonsaid that

Numb« SilF'iSOf Initials and Date I Auip4To

Unit Page !
•rn, ,_. "'...... ...... ,1 .- JC-001· 002247

~ JilJ<:;L'>.oJ. I rs.... E.SncATOll. Vlrn!'-i S£RViCl:.$
I or"" I ASAfH198 JCSDiI6"
RqlonmgAil='Y Reporting Om... CaseReport No
Conr:tCCting C;.,e R~tt Nc, Victim Nome 0ri1liMl Report Date This Ropon
-c. .:aD0Il x Fint Degree Murder o_,~" 0.,. X E.:r;ceptionally Cleared 0 Recommt:rtd Case: !!<view Cl
Rill;\a$5l&ation Cl Clll::ll.ted by Am:lt 0 U""""'... 0 C"""'" tl

,~ 'Qwmtity I Blfmd Name I~tion I S«ialNo. $:,~ I V"'"

R~v~ I V"'"

the information Stephanie Williams ,gave me about him identifying the gunman on 04-20-99would be heresayand it did not
occur. This information was in the original report made to Detective Moomaw on 05.Q7-99.

Scotty Waiton told me that Erin Walton is fmally becoming successfulin puttingthe incident from 04-20-99 behind her an
said she is doing much better. Scotty said be did not want Erin Waltonto be reinterviewedbecause it will cause her to once
again think about the incident. He was afraid that would cause Erin Walton a Jotof problemsandhe did not want to take that

DISPosmON, Open, pending further investigation.

Officer Signanm Number Supervisor "Initials a:l;l,i Date Assigned To

JC-001· 002248
'- ....J -'-- ....J omu --J ASAF34198 JCSDn'14

JC-001· 002249
Conl"i9Cting C4&8 ~ Nc

QagI~ca«On EltC6ptlOO:a!ty Ctemm

Off:ens. Staws: 0p6n 0 Recommend cue:
CfMtfld by AttM1 CJ
Cl 51.6 2'dl,.

umt •• JC-001· 002250

1 P3g6,-----j
bl i of

JC-001. 002251
Control Number ~

Interviewing Agent: Larry A. Brown,Colorado Bureau ofInvestigation, 690 KiplingSt.,

Suite 4000, Denver,CO, 80215, phone(303) 239-4211

Place of Interview: Telephonic to 6428 Ingalls CT., Arvada, CO 80003, (303) 431-4119

Person Interviewed: Columbine school teacherRichardWILL, 6428 Ingalls CT., Arvada,


Mr. WILL stated Iris fifth periodclass began at 11:15 a.m. and there were30 students in the
class. WILL said be bad DO recollection of the morning announcements of April 20, 1999
and did DOt noticeanything out of the ordinary that morning. His first knowledge of
something wrong that day was the soundof the fire alarm. WILL stated the preplanned
evacuation was to route was towardthe exits at the eommons. All of Iris students left the
room but soon many of them came running back. A teacher,Ms. TheresaMILLER, was
yelling for everyone to get back into the rooms because someone bad guns and was shooting.
According to WILL, the stodentsthat reentered Iris room were a mix of Iris students and
studentsfrom other classes and possibly the cafeteria. Wll.L stated he saw several students
in the hallway unprotectedso he left Iris room to escortthe kids into a storage room. \\1LL
said there was a total of II students in the storage room lriding with him. He said he was
sure the kids in Iris classroom would be taken care of by the teacher from the aqjoiningroom,
Chris MOSIER. WILL also said teacher Rich LONG joined lrimin the storage roomand bad
blood on Iris clothing. LONG told WILL that he bad helpedmove teacherDave SANDERS
into a classroom and that SANDERS bad been shot. According to WILL, the studentsdid
very little talking while hiding in the storageroom becausethey were in fear of their lives.
WU.Lcould not rememberthe namesof any ofthe studentsthat were with him in the storage
room because he was too traumatized. WILL said be stayed in the storageroom until SWAT
officers arrived to escort them out between3:30 and 4:00 p.m, WILL stated he has not heard
any rumors of others being involved other than HARRIS and KLEBOLD.

ColoradoBureau oflnvestigation

JC.00 1• 002252
Reference: ControlNumber 4536

Interviewing Agent: Larry A. Brown,Colorado Bureau of Investigation, 690 KiplingSt.,

Suite 4000, Denver, CO, 80215, phone (303) 239-4211

This report is referenced to Control Number 4536.

Mr. WILL'S fifth period science classwas interrupted by the sounds of fire alarms and
students screaming and running. While evacuating the room, someone in the hall told them t
get back into the classrooms because someone had a gun. Mostofthe studentsreturnedto
their classroom whileelevenof the students tookcoverin a storage room with Mr. WILL and
Mr. LONG. None ofthe studentssaw the gunmen but all of them heardthe explosions and
the soundof neamy gunfire, Everyone wasevacuated safely by SWAT team members after
a waitof approximately four hours.

On June 15, 1999, studentGenevieve MarieKLERMUND, 7215 S. Zephyr, Littleton, CO,

telephone number 303·972·2947, was interviewed regarding her observations at Columbine
HighSchool. KLERMUND stated she was in her fifth hourclass withscience teacher
Richard Will whenshe heard the school firealarms sounding. KLERMUND said she left the
roomat the direction of Mr. WILL and ran into lots of screaming and running students. An
unidentified teachertold everyone to get back into the rooms and hide because someone had
a gun. Duringthe short time KLERMUND was in the ball,she saw no one with any
weapons. KLERMUND went back into her room and hid. Mr. MOSlER and his class from
the adjoining science room combined underthe supervision of MOSlER. They stayedthere
for approximately four hoursuntil SWAT team members arrived and directedthem out the
school. KLERMUND said she has not heardany rumors of anyone else being involved in
the attack.

On June 15,1999, studentJacob A. MAlHEWS, 8063 S. Jay DR., Littleton CO, telephone
number 303.973-6762 was interviewed regarding his observations at Columbine High
School. MAlHEWS said he was in Mr. WILL'S fifth hour class whenthe fire alarm
sounded He left the room and headed 1D the direction of the commons when he saw a large
crowdof students running in his direction. He turned andenteredthe roomthat Mr. WILL
usedas an office and storage room. According to MATHEWS, he did not see any of the
gunmen whilehe was in the hall or in the storageroom. MAlHEWS recalledteachers
WILL and LONG werein the roomalong withstudents Kenny ELSNER and Christopher
HOLICK. MAlHEWS said they stayed in the room until SWAT team members directed
them out of the school three to four hours later. MATHEWS stated he has not heard of
anyone else beinginvolved in the attack

On June 15, 1999, student SarahNIELSEN, 7153 Hinsdale DR., Littleton, CO 80123,
telephone 303-933-9097, was interviewed regarding her observations at Columbine High
School. NIELSEN stated she did not attend school on April 20, 1999 because it was M
'National Pot Smoking Day', NIELSEN and several friends wereat the residence of student
Stephanie HART smokingmanjuanaand making plans to attenda rally at the state capitol g
and protest marijuana laws. NIELSEN said she arrived at HART'S residence at
approximately 8:40 a.m. Other students at HART'S residence were Chelsea ...•
LAMONTAGNE, Matt RAY, WesTHREKELD, Justin WILLIAMS and Amanda(last name 0;>
unknown). According to NIELSEN, mostmarijuana smokers knowofApril 20 (4-20) as ..,c
being a day to smokemarijuana. She said she heard aboutthe attack on the school when she
Reference Control Number 4536

returnedfrom gettingcigarettes. The other kids told her of the shootings at the schooland
they all watched the events on television. NIELSEN staledshe knew HARRlS and
KLEBOLD only in passing. She said she made an effort to talk to them occasionally because
they weredifferentfrom other students. NIELSEN statedshe had not heardany rumors
regarding of anyoneelse being involved in the attack.

On June 16, 1999, studentDerek. RyanPONTIUS, 5182 S. EverettSt., Littleton, CO,

telephone 303-979-5164. was interviewed regarding his observations at Columbine High
School. PONTIUS stated he was in Mr. WILL'S fifth period class when he heard an
explosion followed by the sound of the fire alarm. PONTIUS exitedthe room as instructed
and saw a large numberof students TUlIIling from the areaof the commons. PONTIUS heard
senior SarahALYSON say there were men with guns in the building. PONTIUS said he did
not see anyone with weapons but he could hear the sound of gunfire. PONTIUS enteredthe
room next to his science class that Mr. WILL used as an office and storageroom. Others in
the roomwere teachers WILL, LONG; classmates ChrisHOUCK, KenELSNER,Chelsea
BROWN, AshleySTEELE, Brittany BARRY, and Pamela KARAKUSIS. Other students in
the roomwere Sarah ALYSON and RobinCLARK. PONTIUS stated they stayed in the
room until they were foundand escorted out of the school by SWAT team members.
PONTIUS said be did not know HARRIS or KLEBOLD and had not heard of anyone else
being involvedwith the attack.

On June 15, 1999, studentJustin Craig SAVOtE,6689 vi. CaleyPL., Littleton, CO,
telephone 303-794-8822, was interviewed regarding his observations at Columbine High
School. SAVOtE stated he heardthe soundof gunfire and the fire alarms going off. He left
the room and returned immediately after seeing a largenumberof students runningand
screaming. SAVOlE said he never sawanyone withweapons. Mr. WILL guidedeleven
students into a storage room next to his classroom and Mr. MOStERtook control of beth
classrooms. According to SAVOlE, Mr. FRIESEN passed through their classroom without
his shirt. FRtESEN said Dave SANDERS had been shot. SAVOtE saidhe could hearthe
sound of gunshots coming from different parts of the school. SAVOlE said at one point,
someone triedto open the door to the classroom he was in butthe door was locked. SAVOtE
stated be saw the shadows of whomhe believed to be the gunmen pass by the windows of the
room in which they were hiding. A shot was fired from the hall and a bullet passedthrough
the wall and enteredthe room. Oneof the female students screamed and SAVOlE was
concerned the gunmen would force their wayinto the room. SAVOlE saidthe group stayed
in the room until SWAT team members escorted them out of the school. He stated he did not
knowHARRIS or KLEBOLD and had not heardof anyone else being involved with the

On June 16, 1999, studentTrevor DavidVANDERMEER, 7956 S. Vance CT., Littleton,

CO, telephone 303-978·0110, was interviewed regarding his observations at Columbine High
School. VANDERMEER statedhe was in Mr. WILL'S fifth hour class when he heard the
soundof gunfire. He thoughtit was a senior prank until he heard the firealarm and saw
people running down the hall. VANDERMEER said he heardsomeone yell to get back in
the rooms because someone had a gun. VANDERMEER said he ended up back in his
classroom and Mr. MOSlERtook. charge of the twoadjoining classrooms as Mr. WILL had
movedsome of the studentsinto a nearby storageroom. According to VANDERMEER,
Andrew SWANSON, Stuart WILSON, Patrick BINGEL, SarahOLEJNICZAK, Preston
JORD.A.N, ATtorn MARand Nathan HOCHHALTER were inside the classroom with him.
Reference Control Number4536

VANDERMEER. said he did not see the gunmen or any weapons duringthe attack.
VANDERMEER stated theystayedin the room untilthe SWAT team arrived at
approximately 3:45 p.m, and. escorted themout of the building.

On June 16, 1999, student Jenny Lynn MOORE, 8127 S. Lamar CT., Littleton, CO,
telephone 303·944-8621, was interviewed regarding her observations at Columbine High
School. MOORE stated she was in Mr. WILL'S fifth hour classwhenshe heard people
running from the commons area. A loudexplosion was heard followed by the soundof the
fire alarm. Everyone started to evacuate the classroom and an unknown womancame down
the hall tellingpeopleto get back into their rooms because there was a guy with a gun.
MOORE went back: into the room and took coveralong the WlI1I that was the furthest from
the door, MOORE said shecould hearthe soundof gunfire nearby in the hallway, MOORE
recalled that Jenny KLERMUND. SarahOLEJNICZAK. Lauren KROLICKI, Pat BINGEL,
Artufo Mar, and NathanHOCHHAL'fER werealso in the roomalong withteacher Mr.
MOSIER MOORE said they all stayedin the classroom until the SWAT team came for
them approximately four hours later. Whenaskedif she heardanything about anyone else
beinginvolved, MOORE said she heard from sophomore Christopher THERRlAN that he
sawa person withlong hair in the cafeteria or outside during the attack,

Colorado Bureauof Investigation

PROGRESS REPORT ControlNumber: 1581
CASE NUMBER: 99-16215

On 05-Q5-99 at about 1125 hrs., this Investigator was at Chatfield High School and


DaB: 03-20-46
213 CamrilSt.
Castle Rock, CO
(303) 688-5206

Williams related she was in her classroom, ready to give a test. Two weeks prior, they
bad a unity day and one student was danciDg in class prior to the test. They bad a radio on
in the room.

WIlen they turned it offilr the quiz, they beard the kids running and heard pop, pop, pop.
Williams thought it was firecrackers at first. Williams saw Theresa Miller and Rich Long.
They were close together. They said to get everybody down, there were gun shots.

Williams related there were five other kids who came into the room that were not her
students. They were beIped into the room by Theresa. Miller. Sire identified the kids as:


DeHoff, KRIS (F)
AMBER (UnknoWllIast name) - (F)
One more student 1IIlk:nown.

TIre kids went into the green\1oU$ll, which is lecated at the top of the stairs. The door
which faces the main hall has a window. Two lllOnths ago, Williams put a poster on the
window. You could not see inside becauseof the poster.

Williams figured as long as they stayed quiet, mayl)e the suspects would not know they
were in there. Williams related the door between her classroom was not locked.

In regards to the shooters,Williams related they did not see anything. They heard a lot of
shooting and bombs goingoff. Sire stated about 10 to 15 minutes after it started some kid
shoutedat the top ofhis voice, "Today, I am going to die."

The fire alarm was going all the time. Williams believes that a bomb went off right outside
their door. TIrey beard a lot ofdistant shots. They also beard someoutside the school It
was bard for them to teU the direction.

JC-001- 002257
PROGRESS REPORT Control Number: 1581
CASE NUMBER: 99-16215

Williams related they heard a lot of talking. Several of tbe kids heard one refer to tbe
other ~~ This Invesligator asked WiIIiatns if she knew wbich kids heard tbe
name",-she identified tbe tbllowing students.

During the incident, Williams related she wu apiost the imcr door. This Investigator
asked what she did in the room lllld she related they ptayed lllld were soothing each other.

Aller about one bour, there was a lu1llllld the kids began standing up to stretch their legs.
Williams related they stayed in the room the entire time. At one poillt she looked at her
watch and it was 1130 hrs. Later they heard tbe bells at 1430. At about 1440 to 144S
hrs., tile SWAT team came.

This Investigator asked Williams how she knew it was tile SWAT team. She heard a. lllIl1e
voice say, "Get tile shields up," It was a vr:r:y huskyvoice. She abo heard a lot of'people
coming up the stairs.

The kids were holding tile door knob. WIlen they heard tile SWAT team, they started
ca.IIing to them. When the door was finally open, !be SWAT team told everybody to put
tIleir hands up in a very stem voice.

Williams stated they left tbroush tile ~ holding their hands over their head.
Williams relatedtile kids were in absohrte terror. At one poillt prior to leaving, Williams
related they were frisked, asked if anybody was hurt and if anybody had any weapons.

Whenthey went tbroush the cafeteria, they saw one person dead. They went up the stairs
where another person was dead. They got into VlIIl$ and were told they were still in the
line of fire.

Williams related they bad absohrtely no clue wbat was going on. One boy in the room bad
a. pager and was being paged by his mom, dad and sister. No one in the room bad a cell

Initially when tile incident started, they were in her class room. When they heard tile
shots. theycrawled illto the green house. At onepoint, Williams opens her inner door.

She later talked with Doug Johnson, a telll:her. Johnson told Williams he saw a shooter
go into her door recess. It was unknown to Johnson ifhe tried !be door or not.

JC-001- 002258
PROGRESS REPORT ControlNumber: 1581
CASE NUMBER: 99-16215

Williams assumes they saw 110 one was in the room. When Williams lookedout, she saw
her outer class room door was open. She couldsee into the hall

Williams related that one of her goffim; and student of Theresa Miller saw II gunman and
someone else on the roof: Williams identified the student as.


Williams jndjcated that Conwell WllIl scheduled to speak with someone on Wednesday, 05-
04-99. It is UIlkIlOwn to Williams ifConweR actually spoketo llllYOne.

She related when Alicia came into the room, she was bleeding from her knee. Williams
thought when Alicia came into the room, she thought Alicia said there was three,
however, it may have been just two.

Per Alicia, one suspectpossibly graduated the year befure and was not a student now at
the school

On 05-06-99 at about 2030 brs., this Investigator telephoned Williams. She identified the
other two girls wbo cameinto her room as:


JC-001· 002259

Rcporfj,pg Agency R~ilrl' O{ffCCT Case Rcpm1 No
Co:1\necrmg C3$¢ Report No Vichm Name Original Report Da~ ThisRepcn
.E0NTROL NUMBER 4(ill 062899
c ~iM X HOMICIDE Off~ StlIIUi: Opm X Ext-o;lrieuUy Cl¢tn!d o Recommend Cue: Rcvie'w c
R«lwirM:alion 0 Cletmt by A~t C Unfounded c Closure 0
I ~ I Qulntity I 9"1\0 Name I~~rt I S-erill~ ~~\g I~~~ I ~~II~


(303) 979-3251


same as above


On June 23, 1999,1 spoke \0 John Wilt by telephone, John Witt said that his daughter Carly is in boot camp at Fort Jackson
and then is off to school after she graduates from boot camp.

John Wilt said that Carly told him that she had been One of the students who had stayed behind in Mr. Manuello's class, He
said that Carly told him that she had stayed in the room and did not hear much of anything. He said that she wid him some of
the students heard a T Y, come on bot she didn't hear it. John Wilt said that Carly told hrm she was rescued by the SWATTeam
around 3:30 p.m.

John Wilt said that Carly told him she never saw the shooters nor had she ever had any type of problems with the TCM, H.
said that she had told him that the TCM was not as large or well organizedas everyone thinks they are, John Wilt said that he
had no additional information that he felt would be beneficial to the investigation.



Number Supmoisor fnilials and Dale AS!>lgned 10 Page 1

of 1
JC-001.002261 ASAFJ .aIM JCSDt1674
wgnn: ,1

JC-001- 002262
MCA, D. A.

On Oi2099, at Ibout 1150 .0Url, I WII pa,ed lnd directe4 to rllpon4

to Colulbine High School 10 Illist Jefferson county un I Ihooting at the
scbuul, Opon Irri'al, I III directe4 tu inter,iel, leachers a.d
ulher eIP10leeS IS thel 'Irl e,acualed frut thl school. I intlr,iewId:
Jalun Richard Vood
SISI t. CaftlOft irail
littltlon 10111

,t.deot rho .id in tht biul09l rOOI; didn't let lit l'ooters

Jc.o01- 002263

JC.o01· 002264
Page__ of,___ Pages Case No. _
Denver Police Department

Making Statemem is:
0 Wltn... 0 Person atMaed

Clly C..,ntY
ts' ~-"J
lip Code
d /'tJ1
I J 7,/5", I()~"

f I
Sociai Security No.
0c;;";'';'";l5'"'' No.
CItY Coumv Is.... lip Cod.
A /'

IO~$I',.& 7'9
, :;(C .r': -!7IMV IT'''''''/~ 6S Hou"
at" ~.., 1.........· - . -tal<""'
ofSta_nt: ~

/ have _ the fot'egoing statament and the facts contained thetein are tsu« to the best of my mow/edge and belief, I
do nor tfItIlmBin that It ClJlltains a" of the facts or details of tile tnciaem, but only those facts about which I have been

__ 1 _ _1 _ -
Dot. 0 AM
/6 1(
nnfIlI Stltemertt ompl8t1!d
Signature of Person Making StatlWent

JC·001· 002265

Defendant. Harris/Klebold Docket 1ll'umbeZ"

Date. May 20, 1999 Ca.e H\ullber. 99A062
Deputy D.A •• I11veat:Lga tor. Gallagher M.


Witness: Sara Wood

DOB 1-13-83
6543 W. Euclid Pl.
Littleton, Co.

en May 20, 1999 this investigator conducted a telephone

interview with Sara Wood, who is a sophomore at Columbine High
School. Ms. Wood made the following statements.

Ms. Wood stated on April 20, 1999 she was in Doug Johnson's
science class taking a test. She heard gunshots and Mr. Johnson
told the class to get,down on the floor.

A few minutes later Mr. Sanders came into the classroom with
Ms. Miller another science teacher.

Ms. Wood stated she did not see the gunmen. She was facing the
floor When she heard the gunshots.

Ms. Wood stated she left her back pack in Mr. Johnson's science
room. The back pack contained her school supplies and her purse.
Her purse contained her student ID.

Nothing further.

1 JC-001.002266

JC..Q01· 002267
page_ of Case No.
Denver PoRce Department -------
C Officer [J PeRon adviud

Coomstil. . . ft:Iidlrnt 1:; lit:

Surnma'y of 5_,.£
GtV1lS4..P6a ~ N~ ~ W~ . 4 !'JI(Ar"'-/
6)pw.::: ~4<, tAlea hu",""5U ~fr., &- -:3 ?~, T
mcGp ~I 4b-4- /~ -tLfW'...! . ?()L ~ & ~
J.h,... h ulAn );;hr,,(' ~ . ttl <:. ~...e ~'f--"A£. )
If"";" ti? I S(J-!oCJ /~I., k-?<pl ~~~. 6~l.i-:-:
~ ~ ~~t zLz,k<:>. If ~k b~~r~
. "--'-'t 1<) L ~

I h_ tRd the fol egoing _ .....01 and the mts

contained therein are true to the luIst of my Iuwwledge and belief. I
do not maintain /hat it <:onllIiIJ$ III of the facts or details of the 1n<:ldent, but only tnos« facts about which I have been

_ _ I D* / - - ClAM

oiiliiiiiiilr [J PM

JC.o01· 002268
·0600 •

Stl1?l'L1OODrUL RDOitT

Defendant, Harris/Klebold
I>oeket N'um.ber,
Dat.e. May 4, 1999 Case N'um.ber, 99A062
Deputy D.A., Investigator, Gallagher M.


On May 4, 1.999 this investigator conducted an interview with

Caprice Wyatt, who is a teacher at Columbine High School. Ms. Wyatt
teaches Earth Science and Biology. Ms. Wyatt made the following

Ms. Wyatt stated on April 20, 1999 she did not have a class
during fifth hour which commenced at 11:15 A. M.

Ms. Wyatt stated she was in the science office grading papers,
when Mrs. Teresa Miller raced into the office to call 911. Ms.
Wyatt asked Ms. Miller what was wrong. Ms. Miller replied there was
someone with a gun in the building.

Ms. Wyatt stated Ms. Miller went over to Frank Petersen, who
was the Department Chair for the Science Department to tell him what
was happening. Ms. wyatt followed Ms. Miller to Mr. petersen's
room. During this time Ms. Wyatt heard gunshots and screaming.

Ms. Wyat.t stated she went to Doug Johnson's room (science room
#3) to tell him the situation. Mr. Johnson's kids were taking a
test. At that point Mr. Long another teacher and Ms. Miller brought
teacher David Sanders into Mr. Johnson's room. Mr. Sanders was
bleeding real bad. Mr. Johnson made a sign which read Bleeding to
Death and placed it in the window of the science room.

Ms. Wyatt stated another teacher identified as Kent Friesen
took off his shirt to help Mr. Sanders. You could hear more gunfire
and explosions.

At this point Mr. Long, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Friese."1 left the
science room to go and get paramedics to assist Mr. Sanders. She
and Ms. Miller stayed in the room with the students and Mr. Sanders.
They put up tables to use as barricades in the room.

Shortly thereafter Ms. Miller saw the gunmen coming back

towards the science rooms. Ms. Wyatt stated they got real quiet.
The gunmen tried opening the door but the door was already locked.
The gunmen went over to Ms. Wyatt's room where they threw a
firebomb. Ms. Miller told Ms. Wyatt later that one of the gunmen
said "that ought to do it". Also in the room at this time was Libby
Schneider, who was an assistant in the science room. After the
gunmen threw the firebomb Ms. Miller was able to extinguish the fire
with a fire extinguisher.

Ms. Wyatt stated Ms. Miller was able to call 911 and they were
getting instruotions from 911 on how to help Mr. Sanders. They
meaning herself, Libby Sohneider, and Ms. Miller were taking care of
the students. Eventually they were rescued by a Police Swat Team.
They had left Mr. Sanders in the room and he was still alive. She
saw a Swat team member at Mr. Sanders side.

Ms. Wyatt was asked if she saw on a marquee or heard an

announcement over the interoom this was going to be a bad day or
that it was Hitler's birthday. Ms. Wyatt stated she saw on the
school TV at approximately 8:25 A.M. that said something to the
effect Thought for the day; "I'll bet you wish you were not here
today" .

Ms. Wyatt was asked if she had any valuables or belongings that
was left in her classroom. Ms. Wyatt stated she had left her purse
in her car that day. They had collected approximately $600 in money

.2 JC·OQ1.002210
and checks for a field trip. The money was left in Mr. Friesen' s

Ms. Wyatt was asked if she knew either Dylan Klebold or Eric
Harris. Ms. Wyatt answered she did not know Eric Harris. She had
met Dylan last semester. Ms. Miller told Ms. Wyatt later that she
met Dylan Klehold last semester when he came to the science room to
help out, on the web site. Ms. Wyatt stated she was impressed with
the way Dylan Klebold had presented his self.

Information: caprice Wyatt

OOB 2-29-56
902Q W. 55Th Ave
Arvada, Co.

Investigator Date

JC..o01· 002271


.. ,~ .'




DefendlUlt, Docke t HwlIber:

Date: May 5, 1999 Case HwlIber: 99-7625
CN 2583
Deputy I).A.: Inve.tigator: Lauck

** •• *.***********************.**************************************

CHS student, witness in cafeteria on 05-20-99.

Daniel Abrams
5154 S. Hoyt St.
Littleton, CO., 80127

On May 5, 1999, this investigator met with Daniel Abrams at his

residence. Present during the interview was his mother, Nancy Abrams.

Daniel stated that he had gone to the cafeteria after

completing his fourth period science class. He said he stopped at
his locker prior to going down to the cafeteria and believed that it
would have been approximately 11:17 a.m. when he arrived there. He
was shown a diagram of the cafeteria and asked if he could recall
where he had been seated. Daniel marked table M by circling it and
placing his initials next to it. He advised that there had been
several others at his table: John Owens and Ii? J. capra. Daniel
stated that had been at the table for a few minutes when his friend
John began to sit down. He said at that very instant, he heard what
sounded to him like a gun shot, corning from outside, just west of
his location. He said that John Owens told him that he just saw
somone outside get shot and fall to the ground. Daniel advised that
one of the school custodi~~ inside thhe cafeteria'S west end began
directing students towards the stairs. Daniel stated that as he was

1 JC-001·oo2274
looking out the windows in the direction where he had heard the
gunshot, he saw a male subject dressed in a black trench coat, black
pants and possibly wearing sunglasses, walking in a southwest
direction. He said this person was holding what appeared to him to
be a long gun, in his right hand t and that the gun was held with
the barrel pointed to the ground, his arm was down his side. Daniel
said this person might have been Dylan Klebold but he was not sure.
He advised that he has seen Klebold and Harris on occasion but never
spoke to them or associated with them.

Daniel said that this person walked purposefully and had passed
by the window adjacent to where he and his friends has been. Daniel
advised that he crawled on the cafeteria floor for a short distance
and then ran toward Coach Andres who was holding a door open which
leads to the aUditorium stage and he exited the school through a
door by the entrance to the gym. He said he then hopped a fence and
ran into Clement Park.

Daniel advised that on the day of this incident, he had been

wearing blue jeans, a white Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt, and White tennis

He did advise that he had heard something about the phrase of

the day being nthis will not be a good day· or words to that effect,
however, he could not recall when, where, or how he became aware of

Investigation continues.

~vestigator Date

** UPDATED APRIL 28, 1999 **

I. Dili you ever seethe rNO large duffelbags il:l the cafl!leria1 Ai D

2. Didj'llu see onyone cmylng or in tile possessice of those duffel bags. at a preVious time? ;oJ?

3. Didyo. see EricHmis or Dylall K1ebold either on MOIlday ofTuesday 1 Wbat were Illeydoil:lg? AIv
What did mey say? W"", tlleywimonyone else ?

s. Who were you with in thecafeteria? W1l<ml were yon sillillg ? (tIro .... r:

o. Didyeusee or talkto aoyof theTl':11eh Coat Malia ~ on Monday? Tuesday? How about tile
pl'ior week or ?

8. Wbat were you""""",g? Didyou havea baek pnck ? WbaJ: did it looklike""d I or bave in it ? (l.f.()O''\. r-

9. How did youleave tile cofl!leria or the huildillg ? Wbat were tile eventS <hat lDIld<: you 1=.. ? fit ,'1)",.-
10. What time did you en"'" tile cafI!leria ? Wh"'" did youcome from (pl'ior to tIIe~) ?
II. Hnv. them mark where theyweresillillg. their rou~ O<lf of tile building alldwhom Illey were with rlf /
k:1:town} ?

12. How did you e:titrlle building? W1l<ml did you go when you got out 3llIi what did you see on tll. ~I""~'"
outsidll of tile buillilug ?
,13. Do you 11$. the In.."",,? If so. wbat is your ,= came? Doycuhave an ICQ(ak:l; I s.." yon I
-J similar to a cbat tioe} aceeanr ?

6 Doyou know anybody witha "double pierced eyebrow" ?

15. Did ~ou seeor hearany lJllu$lllllllllnounce=ts pl'ior to the,hootings ? Do youknow wbal lite t1.f c., ,. .
"Thought of theday was" over theRehelNews Network(It.'iN) ?

16. Can you provide anyfunber infol'tlUlJ:ion on the ~ of tileTreoch Coat Mafia? /v'
, . .,

........._-. -
-- ~ •...;. ..............
, .t".
• ....... -,;._'t'.<•..,...

:$ .....' 'Jil<'-"'<'"
.~ ~

. ""-j:

.... -~""-
L. ..i-..J.'_~~'"""

S!!'Pl'T.'pmIT¥ Ul'OR'l'

Defendant, Dooket NwIIbeJ:"'

Date: May 27, 1999 Case NwIIber: 174A-DN57419
CN 3673
Deputy D.A.: Investigator: Lauck

********************************************* ••• ******************+*

Daniel Abrams
5154 S. Royt St.
Littleton, CO., 80127

eRs student, cafeteria witness.

On May 26,
1999, this investigator re-contacted Daniel Abrams
at his residence. Present during the interview was his mother, Nancy

Daniel was asked i f he could provide any additional details

about the the person he saw outside the cafeteria believed to be
involved in the shooting on April 20, 1999. Daniel stated that the
Subj ect may have been wearing black pants. He said he did see the
person's hair and that it was light brown in color. This was - he
reasoned, why he thought this person was Dylan Klebold, as he had
seen photos of both in the papers and on television shortly after
the incident. He said this person was approximately 6' tall and may
or may not have been wearing sunglasses. He stated that the person
had something on which concealed a portion of his face and this
could have been sunglasses or the collar of his coat. As to the
weapon this person was carrying, Daniel could only add that it was
definitely not a handgun, and was black or dark gray in color.

Daniel was shown a number of photo arrays, each having six
individual photos. He did state that the photo of Dylan Klebold came
closest to the appearance of the person he saw and has described.

Nothing further.



JC-ll01- 002280
Denver PaIce Department

f1 Df\1'l'I K.ev' AN
0 Officor

0 P'em>n adYftttd
Zil,) Cad.

--- 1:--
., _ SeClJrity No. Datill of 8it'dl1 Serial rw•
CitY County Istate Zip Cede

0lIl!!'!-~:V,< CAOa-... ~-4-(9? lD'4/•.-,h '1 Time
l.:it,() Hot,lr$ ...........
, C<>\... ,.,.,R; *'
SuI'.'MV'I of Sla."a:.L
\\. i-oll ~ ,4,.\-wL 1~3t" A ,"l\·ff'\'·rJ-; . . r. r:

1"D'~ yo". '')(''Xjis:t.Jr-rw,,;> ~ b.fitrl- \S,.a,:y\l"""""j!,l,: CM:'''''l-i:~i...

.) 'b,' yw, kiwH l.\.1H,< IA 1,4.$ $" ,m,.)5 Maud>)lOlA A;--7/..I.( 11M ;",-~ S'
:....crm... >
f4. ND. '7:'/..,,,,,/ (.;"1:') MCA-/Md'/")';"" I'i-:-'""'rf~ <;AmRYMI-r" &"'T"'Tij;)"f,{

"j>?''j'b' II 'yr,.", :) Cm"'f AT ·;;'£fetwT7J'l<:/"r.

~. \ \jlJ.ef\.< J:):" ,/...... U ....V...... D y.-v
Q"...c}..; f?,¢l:Gt.<:
r::.., U kD KC>- 'Ii.\( :T/ISI 0::
~ "bh) 'f". )£ e ':11k (v"?''''''' Sflr.m",lS
1" - _ the frJIegojJg _ t IIIId the f _ corttBinedtherein are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I
do mn - . that it _ _ all at the facts or det8i1s 01 the incident, but only those facts ebout which f have been

-.:L / 'Z. I /-.fL

T_ t2 ~'lSCI:;;i"lSil S PM

JC-001· 002281 II1II1III

p a g e l of ~ Peg8ll Cess , _

Summary of Statement (cont.) _


Q 1), .. 'I t't >&""_ -{D.I "'.0> et$"(QC;....,.r.,.. L' j. (If 1:+ "J";«I-Cw+r
A L tv... <i""ptf-(Y)aAR S', :t:" rJ.....J-t-". $.:4"'" ~
h,...iT ""J!±:N\( ")L2 i

~'M-Q Al..::/[jll..~ ~ ...~...s I"\CtrN 0."- M4rk:iNS -(:;.,.:, t:J.t-Iti""".

G)-btl) If'" SRi" Ih.:ya-"f' A/:n"Nj S'r",;w5e 0,-- blf.erfl1.. r pv'' 'C-
'::0" '1Hls fd,a.p~p.,."".,;,~..;iI.,,;('T)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

f\ .
1'":1' .""
U11) ~

[i »" Yi' ~t'>'",*, 4.. Y N'vuv i " rh, "'!lCP'O/.-'

A, No.
G Atl' e y'JIA W.A" '-'='(Y MAW A.""! ')'7A'-T<NVII.?C GrJ"1ih
l\_fvQ",,-,-, _

I have read the foregoing statement and the facts contuinad therein are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I
de not maintain that it contains ail of the facts or details of the incident, but only those facts about which I have been

b\2 j AN Pl.?,>..,.", 5'
'. .,..,~"'.....
Af't"l \ _, .;''1
1, Did you ever seethetwo largeduffelbags in the cafeteria? 1,:)Q F"'"
N,) #/tr M-i'tnu
2. Didyou see anyone carrying or in the possessionof those duffelbags, at a previous time' '//27 Jtl9
Nv /2:30/>r»

3 Did you see Eric Harrisor Dylan Klebold either on Mondayof Tuesday? What were theydoing?
What did ~y say? Were they with anyone else?
f\v f'J,)
I /

4. Did you leave anything behindin me cafeteria or anywhereelse in the school?

1;'l\(_K r c.~ L.;(<<-(I'-' ?fi'C'1 hi> :r1'(Mf. ,t:-
S. Who were you with in the cafeteria? "Where were-1~u sitting 1
41v~/)Y "~I4C.I.At.4-N rvt-» ~.,.lILt;"":. _~'A~!r L;..../fl'of'}'; J~',;J';':'l.l·"!'''/J'\A~,
A~ 111'/ ,..,ml../. /A(.i(',·r O.r.v~. J)({u;J.( c;,,!V1<''W'"'' J",.,.,-~ 1'" .;......""
6. Did you see or talk to any of the Trench Coat Mafia members 0' Monday? Tuesday? Howaboutthe
prior week or weekend?
7 Have you beard anything from anybody else about other suspects, bomb making, gun buying, etc. ?
!'() I 5LMt '(j"hy OF (, -,1+,. T 71+,,/ VoW,..-' '11h" w,~ J ~ ,.<y~(,-,,..k:::.-'
8. What were you wearing? Didyou have a back pack? What did i' looklike and I or have In it? "1'
J51v... '::"-1<1 5t...'C(..",,'~SI+1.-r, Ivlf·"" t''''7,I1-''' ...;Jc~Tf
9. Howdid you leave the cafeteriaor the building? What were Ibe e...,.ts that made you leave ?
L",f-T7/M,."'-lf 'rtJ. srttlr'<''!'"' -;If-''t) Ao.. . _ ~ '71J<-,..I1f,..a-P-,tn"'7"/I".'t .-,..h.,,,~.~
e c :v - L',,,,¥v~,, ()~l<:.
10. What time did you••,er the cateterii ? where did you come from (prior to the cafeteria) ?
~/f(..; /I.IIA:" 7f/.t;:~ ",I/is At.or ~.,ll'·~fl<' 1t1~'AlJI .,.,..,II( L.H" t~"I", Crl.1v..p......
I Have{./.<m'
1. emt rIm':
where tile)'C/"'rI...
<"{.( were Sltt1ng. .'.' t b b ildi __ A • th . h ('f
tneir route out 0 t e Ul ag 4.lW wno ey were Wlt 1
known) ?

12. Can you provide any funber ieformaricn On the members of the TrenchCOal Malia?
13. Askthe parents if <he kids have 'aid them anythingelse? Differen"



JC..o01· 002285



Pate: 5/5/99 FBI # 174A-PN-57419
CONTROL NUMBER: 2584 Investigator: Vondenkamp

On 5/4/99 I interviewed 15 year old CBS student Mada Alami at her

horne in Littleton, Co. Nada's father Mohammed Alarni was present for
this interview.

Nade advised me that she was in the cafeteria at CHS for "A" lunch on
4/20/99. She arrived at the cafeteria around 11:20am, and had walked
from the administration area where she is a student assistance in the
attendance office. She recalled walking alone to the cafeteria
through the main hallway. She arrived at the cafeteria and sat at
her "normal" area below the stairs.

I provided Nads a drawing of the cafeteria, Which depicted all the

tables and their location in the cafeteria. I pointed out specifio
areas, such as food line, kitchen and west windows of the cafeteria
to give Nada a better understanding of the lay-out in this drawing.
Nads looked at the drawing and pointed to table 1.1. as the table she
and several friende were seated at. She stated that her friends at
table LL we:!:"e CBS students: Lindsy Dowling, Julie McGinley, Erica
McCluagherty, Kyly Morten, Nick Antonio, Torri Owens, Candice Kuehman
and Drew McCuskey. Nada recalled that she was seated with her back
to the cafeteria, facing the east wall. Nada did not recall seeing
any unusually large duffle bags in the cafete:!:"ia. She did not recall
seeing anyone ca:!:"rying large duffle bags earlier in the day, or the
previous day. Nada circled and placed an X by table LL where she

She recalled that shortly after sitting down, around 11:30 she heard
and explosion and saw kids stand up and look out the west windows.

1 JC.o01· 002286
she first thought it was a senior prank. Then Mr Sanders and a
janitor started yelling for everyone to get down. She and her
friends got under the table. She then heard what she believed to be
gunfire outside. The crowd in the cafeteria began running towards
the stairs near her table. She ran up the stairs with a large group
of people, and stated she was in the middle of them. As she was
running up the stairs and turned at the landing, she saw two white
men below wearing dark trenchcoats inside the student entrance near
"rebel corner". She did net see any weapons, but recalled they were
right inside the student entrance doors. She said it was a "very
quick look" as she was running up the stairs and could give no
physical description of these two males because she did not see their
faces. I asked Mada how she knew they were white males, she
responded that "she just did". She did not recall what type of shoes
they were wearing. She then heard several rapid gunshots and
believed the shots were being fired at the kids on the steps by these
men inside.

She continued running up the steps and down the hallway. She cut
through the auditorium and out into the main hallway with several
stUdents. They then ran east towards the administration office exit
doors. Nada celieved there was about 25 kids in this group. They
exited through the administration doors (main exit>. She recalled
the windows in the exit doors were shattered out. The group exited
the cuilding and ran to Clemont park. She continued running and went
to CHS senior Erica Jenning's home on Leawood street. Mada stated
there were about 4-5 students there, whom she did not really know.
She recalled Lindsy Portencastco, Lane (unknown last namel and
Dominic (unknown last name> there also. Mada called her parents from
Erica's home.

Nada was wearing tan pants, blue/White tank top. She left a green
Jansport pack with reading glasses, calculator, black shirt and
school books in it. She had no further information regarding the TCM
or any further information regarding the shootings on 4/20/99.

r CJ~)~
-,- 5(- ,-,~/f9,-,- '- -

2 JC-001·002287
Page__ of _ Pages Case No. _
Denver Police Department
.... l\.Mt. Am. _ _I

Maldnq S~ten~,t
"'~1tN:' "r ,~, e Office, !=i W...... ~$Of1
A-..... Clcy County "'l State "
Zip Cod.

D,~"_ 1.1. 1'" =I..n)/' A L.rlTLi~7CI\\ 52l"I~fi<.cr" (L' f;Cl2.1

Ruid<tnco_ BucitWl:ss Phone Social s.curlty No, Oat. of eirth: f Seti~ No.
I 1 'n'-'11~1 I ) 10/'11,,-;,
~ StJaet "'*'"'- City CountY IState Zip Cod_

Offiaw Taking St8tMJent Serial No. 0 TJme

1 ... HOUfS
Co~ an inc::idlIId: 0CICU'rirIu I t !t.oc:wtion whef'w statement taklO:
Summary of Statement:

} ;

- CVf;;" ,Xlcc 7""10 A !CIO, 7nr:;:t

, 11(\/ T!tlf 74:'';Ci~@?S I"6\..Q US rC b6'[ IYi",C (I" l"b;i" r-40DA. II7Jr,U ffltEap.<i';:

I have re"d tn« foregoing s:tBtement end th" tects contained therein are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I
c/o not maintain that it conraiml all of the facts or detaj/s of the incidem, but only those facts about which I have been

_ _ 1 _ _1 _ -
0.,. DAM
/J)J?' DPM
Time Statemmt ComPete<!

OPO 366 (Rev. ViS}

JC-001·002290 !II· 0mllll~
lmllm ~II
APr 22 1999 9:55 P.02



oro, Jeff-!rson county IllVeS1:lgators

FROM: Det. Pe~er J. 'alombi. 8S013. RObbery Deeail
l>A:l.'J: 042B9

s,n"n:c:, !neer-riewl'l while at Leaweod Ele. School.


Otl 042099 at 1405 hrs .• mysel:: lind. Del:.. M. Woodward, 75066. "'er!>
dispatched eo t.eavood and Piere" St.. to the Oenve " Poli"e c=-an:;!
pos,:. ~Qn a.r::::ival at lS:'2 hrs, , Lt.. P' assigned us to go to Leawood
Sle. ScI:.. <me. ineerv:i.ew students eaken from <:b.e school.
At 1521 m:-s" I ",in oonta"tedl::y Tom and Jane Morney. 730-U94. They
staeec. that cheir sce . PlIeer llall, who • at home :lOW, WlllS U1 t1:"."
lil:>rary ·.men the ae:a<::lc started. Their son told ehem chat: he saw some
of the suspeote. !:lut was al::le to run out the exit and set hOllle. DlIJ.l. never contaoted by this deellel:ive.
At 1S30 hrs .• I contaoted :Ustin Alher, 103183. 979-4187. Be seated
chae he • nti:1.9 l:,:nch whan the shooti:ig started. fle seated that he
ran 'to e.he $ci~r..ce rCCM. The wit.:less sta.ted that he saw SOtru!!¢%ut
stlmdi:ig over lmothe::, st:udent wit.':. a "wed off !lhotli"-". lie saw chis
persoll point J. t at. the party down iUld fire. licer completed a writ:tl!!1'1
A: 1541 O:s., I cc~~ac:ed Barbara Schr~~d.rf lOj18:, 972~2730. She
s~at.&c. e:1u.t: she was L'"l the e::-toi~ :~em and someone came rw:::.ning' inca t.he
class and. sa:"d tl'lac there ~as scmeene downseairs: ·..,i~h a crun. 'thilil class
was just abov~ the oafeteria. ~e? all barricaded the-doors An4 she
aevee aaw a.r..y Q'
tJle ~\1speC'l:a:. Sbe ,,'to.ted. t;.hat $1\e heara ~races and one
l&rge e bans-' below them.
At lS4. hrs .• I eont&eted Sara Lammers, 060164, 979-8747. She stated
e~ae She \\I'll:! i~ the sca ence :r:ccm a::.d h.ear~ shots. She )le::.e ee run/ but
MrS. Mi11er told them to go baok ~side the olass. She said that she
stayed in t..he room and ;leVer saw anyon.. hat.. Just ""ard the !thoes.
At 1549 hrs .. ! oontaotedSara Arhogast, 0~lS81, '3.-8848. She stated
that she was i'" O'>emist:::y class Mr, Ma,,,:~ello in ehe i'nyeics
storase room. They l:ul.:::icaded t..he dcors :and sta.yed in tll.e rocm.
At 1559 !In., I ooncac:Ud Jennifer Smull, 071lS3, 794-4136. She seaced
t.>;at she in the scieno\!l room When she heard shots. She seated tl:!aI:
an ..:'arm. wcne Q'!£ a.n.d. & t¢a<:.h.~z: W'lf:l.o.;r:"::.r..g an orange and yell¢w ah.j.;:-e eol.d.
ehem to get 'back in class. The? 10ekeQ the deon :and flipped t:..e eal::les
p for harricades. lQQking ehrough II crack to see i~ lInYone was

Jc..o01 - 002291

cclllin!r. SM seated. that me saw a pli:rt.y she has seen Ul. school bator.
With. a sawed oJ!! sIloC!l""'1. 't'his pu1:y _s tall, skinny, lIhO\ l~
h:rn l:Ia.h·, l:Ilack IIhin, pants amd. l:las!!ball hat (on h&c:lcwa.rdsl, wall
tryi.:lg' to gilt into a elan ~e cloo;\;' , we <ii.dn' t. t.ry to gee into
theirs. She chell· sa., smoke, but <ii.dn· t. know ",11.&1: it was frOlli.
Att~, a SWAT eelllll :o\l::l4 the11l. Sl::le eOlllplece4 • 1llQ"e d.etAil<:<il
At &ppl:O.1d.11II.tely 17:10 hrll ..... were <ii.ll1Usn<:l. from the seane.


~et. 'eter J. ,alombi, SSOlJ

l:lenver PolicII cepli:rt.:Ilee
l!.ol:ll:lll:ry lilUruu
lJ;;l Cl:!.erok•• ae.
D~~r. Co. 80204

DID (1)200 lSfSS)

JC..o01- 002292
-ra.z I 7tjt? -/jAl,,·..:J7//f..
Page__ of,__ Pages :Jt¥,tJ caseNo,[f-76,2S
Denver Puke DepBrlment

- -- ---
,...... u.-. ......_ _ 1"/ ~i5;

J.. i"l.'17 "1,,< ., r:."'; IJ IJ 0

Res";~"j} ...; ;
CIty Counly Is_e ZIp Codo

Residrmce PhoM
15C3 J '11'1' 11 'ill
IJulIInNs StnMlt Al:kIfeU
T,.r (J.e
t-t: 771.#"","

'1;:FI'"£-( <(J

So<uItv Ne.
¥ <:::6
0.... of _ I SIlfi. No.
ZlI> Codo
,'II nss
'ji;~ I-! " ., //\
6&:'/.7 <; ID~_2g-7 7' / '}.,':Z s"

CM~ '" '
,ve 8'1~"'9' nt~"": ..I,;ve / J ,I .
Summary of Statement:,

=:r 1.<A"#t' 7P ~e' ,5(t/JCol eu.,."..... A q. :!'J&,fi1 7A<!! fCt.'tI!"A./(!J:!. e'&r; AA/{2
~.,v" tQ IJ?€ ~ait" ~afe . ..7 k;1kt m 1/ /...t.t,A.)cA 1;4:v /.t!{'q
!Jftll2$2;": N·?'"" I'J1v
tC/e-~ ,d'VG1t 'I:;'St'lid'~ 'IJ..ll. /fJ;/:!.e .K.e//o¢
C',\..\ '12") :Ji(.l"l'gT tho' eN' ¥~'1?
.M,'1"fl M;5 {'.I.I
if/,!,I:, ,?v rueI

I have read the fOregoing stllltemllrtt and the flJcr:s <:oIit1lined therein are l1Ue to the btl$t of my knowledge md belief. I
do not l7JIIintlllin thet it COfltainS all of the facts or _ of IJre incident but only those facts about which I have been

JC..()01· 002293 111111111

UNt!Ji". ""the T'46~s ~ 4?'C{Yd ;t='A.e,re ~£ /1h;.;r
M fi1i;'v' ph: *4.1 tJeq zit' 't'he. (frY"-tI/'A'. tt-#.p c"fer

u {' 9u..-C,,

I heve reed the foregoing statement and the facts contained theteln ate tru« /(1 the best of my knowledge and belief. I
do not maintq;" that It conta/"s alJof the fscts or dettli/s of the Incident, but only those facts about which I have been

onaun Making Stiltement

'1!le _ _ af _ Pages Case No, _
Denver Police Department

NomeU...... FAt. _ _

AI~_' " ....... W
ResIdence PhoM
(J, 1'0

I 'I1'-'1ln
It \ ...:
r;<;'ff.,.r.V/; j),/J.


Matting StaU!m~.;
o Officer
Sl:F"n,q- ,,\

Sociaa s.curitV NQ.

q wttnen
0 Puson advind
Z'lp Code
!':elL ~
Date of Birth
Ii,) !~I
Serial No,

Busir'lea Strut Addr'MI City

CComly IState Zip COde

Off'tCl!lr T_king StlMment SoriaiNo. r...

1°110 Hours
Concen"ling an incidem: OCilUTing at: !Laeamn wMr8 statement tak61l~

Summary of Statement,

JT "it; JiOC iJT

; ... )

L"{\Ii:r.v. C.Jr:;" ,'5haojrN6 A 1,7:D,717/FUi I.Jfi;;;li

I have read the fo,agoing statement and the facts cMtailled therein are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I
do not maintJlin that it contains all of the facts or details of the incident. but only those facts about which I have been

JC·001· 002295
~/f~z"", Milking Statom.,,'
_ Jl£5iJ.~/,,1 1I1&:~?~7~'tI~Z
-'{Lt.-if (!v..Lkd-..S.¥/_./L:¥£.. NtlAt ~(_.A1~j'5~7e-l~ ON 'i'fW5~-
.11<-.30 __Ii2C(~~'::~.... ..~.. ~ .
. _ • • • _ - , - - _•. _ ..... _ •.• . __ ._ . _ _ .m_~n _ _ . . _Un' ... _. • _

- - _ . -.....-

_ _ _ n ._. _n

... - - ._--
. __ ._.-.

' - ' -~- - _. __ .~. --'~'--

-_._-- .... _-

_ _ . . __ . _ .. "n_" _

_______ .. __~ ~n __ ._. • _

• n • • nO• • __• _ _• •

--- ~._._--

JC.001- 002296

I. Did you ever see !be two largeduffel bags in the cafeteria 7

2. Did you see anyone clllT)'iDg or in thepossession of those duffel bags, at a previous time ?
3. Did you see Eric Harris or Dylan K1ebold either on Monday ofTuesday 7 Whatweretbeydoing 7
What dld they say? Were !bey with anyone else?
4. Old you leave anything behind in the cafereria or anywhereelse in the school?
U:FT \'J~Cl\J"'L~"If.! el\fii:l En/~

5. Who were you with in the cafeteria? Where were you sittin&,.?
'" c.cci\.il: I"!<tr.v.:(, O"u<.. c;; '1 nlZ (.~'~'f[l..L'" J) ( wZ"oc'v)

6. Did you see or talk to any of the Trench Coat Mafia members on Monday? Tuesday? How about the
prior week or weekend ?
... <.lP.W ~NE 6l'1 >'!SDP,'\. IYJCf,'J:.'J<;.!rrtlJ dlJ ~1't-s{)'~
iN 7if:.;. '1 r S1·¥?{iiU " .\
Have you beardanything from anybody elseaboutother suspects, bomb making, gun buying, ete, ?
8. What were you wearing? Oldyou havea backpack 7 What did it looklike and I or have in it ?
5i.1Jj) 6c, 'lW\SnF.T (.-S!. rtf>.3pJCi.;:3tM.,)T;v •. i':tC1\81Ci<. (~it\'),BL.'r"-!\)
) ! w'11i1 qJ,'V'''C'..:$ 7-tJ It
9. Howdld you leave thecafeteria ot the building? What were tile events llw Inade you leave 1
I L.;iT c\ff U? I",r; S·~4::KS GU).IM'tcTS ce:1.S1:tJT::
J O. What time dld youenterthecaferl!Iia ? "''here dld you come from (priorto thecafeteria) 1
AI, J ....' , Ii IS· ,3(:;:;:;'.0 e.G. ~ 1:..6..; J",\
11. Have them markwhere they weresitting, their route out of lhe building andwbo they were with (if
known) 7

12. Can you provide anyfurther infonmtionon the members of theTrench COal Mafia 7
13. Ask the parents if the kids havetoldthem anything else? Different?

Jc..o01 - 002291
': ! I i I ,
I f'::>\ • ~\ '= !
i !
I I I ,I i I::::;;;:;:" . 1\.:::V - <.:::::.J I \. 51}' ;
! ' I I I I i ! ' ,y If I ' I
I ! , I I, I I / i ! Irf 5' ! •
'<.'-v '
, : : / (j-' j I\...":J I
! I
. , I / ' i i ' fT- ,_ 1 . I
; I I i I . I , I r:-. 1(""\ .:,: I '" I' I
: ' I : (vi') ..:\ I •
i I
I ' j: : I ! 1 1 I i .....::.11 : .
! i I ':! I I I I j I I :! ~!
! l Ii,--+' i ~I':-: 1-' ! i I I ,

i ~
, 1 ,

I I , , 'lll II,..., I 1

i ! ~ . t.: : II I~ '! I I J I I C>. I I i - !

i '3 I : j
IfL.~IL.I! 'I I !
, ;! I YI (c..1 I (::>-1 (:~.1
;' 1 II I! i i ~ : i , I : ~
, i

!! iii

I 1 I I j ;
, ,
I ,
, I I , I I I iii I ; til I i i ,
i ~ I I I t I I I I ! I I ' i,! I , : i
j I i I I I I(,k \1 'rlrKl\ r "",\ I'~'\ .,.;'\ , / i I
, ' I I I 1"-V I I, M I'-:" ~ : I • I
1 I , I ! I I I I I: ! 1 : : " I
I ,
, I I '
: : : I i I I
I , ! I I ii, I I IMI P I I '¥": 1'-= I I FX' I i I !
, : I I I I 1
• • 1 I I 1 I lIT,. ! I
i ' I
, I
• I I i ,(.... f'\ I (<.ri\'i I If:;>\ (,...." .
. , R •"-../ r r : <:» 'O'! i • ! :

: ! 1 'I - ! ! ; - " i'

~ ! f '/'...""\1 ,?T->,'~ I
1 ! I ! \ 1 i I . 1'-.:./ I I .~ \I..:. '.J (i";1 I ! ;

1 ! i t

I 'Ii I I 1- i I I i
",. I : i I :! 1-;- I '
",,:;:i i ii, i : j ,I I

~.:;t.;- !' 1 I I
I -'Xl \ ) I ' , I
r r rr r r , '.;:::/
, '.. ,
i i i ,
J / I~ '!i.i • I ' !
!, I / /' ,'" I '
i , , , I , I
I ,I 1 I .1 ; I

JC.001- 002298

OOS: 082443
8889 W.C*lllne Dr.
I.ittJelOll, CO 80123
Pb# 303919-4187

IeII)' ad_ tile following:

Thallerry's SOIl, Jusdn is a sl:lldcllt at CBS.

111# Oll ~, Jerry was at tile WestB<>Wel3 Colmlllllllt:Y Chuteh with his friend. Rick
Delldorl1lt for a mornoriaI serviee hooortng tile vl<:lims of die CHS incident.
ThaI Rick's <laugh1m', Erikaaad SOIl,Matt "'" also sl11delll$ at CHS.

ThaI "Out of the bl",,' a girl introduced by Erika.. "AleX" (Mmsbl walked upto Jerryand Rick.

ThalJary described the Alex.. belng short and stocky, with hlacl< hair, and wearirlg a Miami
Dolphins cap.

ThalJary recogoized AlelI: from the news whemshe bad hee:Il in""""'wed on 042099 and
defel:l<led "tile shO<llll<S", so he was in~ in whatshe had to say.

ThaIin • verycleat and concise vctce, Alex swed, '"Yeab, theybadhee:Il p1al:mi1lg !his .!nee

ThaI imtnedla"''Yafter making the _ _ Alex walked away.

Tbar Jerryalso advised that Alex made the _ t in a very"cold" sad "!llll!1llr of fact"lllllIIl\er,
aDd he SWll<! that lli\er she waJlclld away be and Rick awed to ...:h other, "What. cold bi1l:h!",

ThaI Jerry got tile~on that AlelI: knew !his wasgoing 10hsppen.

F!>:r. "ilL{ It- -0 ~ - 51 "i I""
** UPDATED APRIL 28,1999 ** ~ t. .... "7'7 - 71.P ~

1. Did you ever see the two large duffel bags in the cafeteria?

2. Did you see anyonecarrying or in thepossession of thoseduffel bags, at a previous

time ?

3. Did you see Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold either on Mondayof Tuesday ? What were
Whatdid they say? Were they with anyone-else ?
"t1&~AJ J t- lV/\'j('j/L/ € h-I ss>

4. Did you leave anything behindin the cafeteriaor anywhere else in the school ? ,
~g,) v- 64G. $tV!J .Jt!:J;Jf+(l.[)/-,.}-!:J 't..,pe 6e-u p;t-fJ/!( I iV
~~~fJ.. ~
5. Who were you with,il! the cafeteria? Wherewere you sKIing? a.
f!ll (].;NM'L;:..,l'-t:I.J.{l" 11 .s~ £>...... & 1-4 g
I A.'< "ott ~
mE::Lt W 1-'-lA.S f.L I C'-
6. Did you see or talk to any of the Trench Coat Mafia members on Monday? Tuesday
? Howabout the prior week or weekend ?
7. Have you heard anything from anybodyelse about other suspects, bomb making,
gun bUyi~ 6' ?

8. What were you wearing? ~Did you have a back pack ? Whatdid it looklilte and! or
have in it ? g~J~,t/..J, r 6Vt..$N,/l- r;.$,.) V~~

9. How did you leaverile cafeteriaor rile building? Whatwere the events Jllitt made
youleave ? ~, (2..!:. ..,...q (i1Q.. t:'i.A rf
J; .9>1-E:1J1J...(;" KC'JI::> ~

10.What time did you enter the cafeteria Where did youcome from (prior to the
cafeteria) ? II.' I 0 ~

k' t.rurj
J C.QO1· 002300

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