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JC.o01· 003201

JC-001- 003202
?age__ 01___ Page. Ca.e No.~ _
Oen_ Police Department
N Lest, Fwst. MkJd1e lruliaH 1:k.in9,Statem&nt is:
~ a, .«:.. 111" ,[of! (.<J IJ " u>. o Officer Ii' Witness CJ Pt:$.On ad<yi..d
Residence seeee~ Clty JCovntY tip Cooe
\.u ~v.-LA,",!'> s-r 1...,.,...,.( "TO'" i ,d...rl<." eel..
F«nidence PhOM I~USine$$ ?hor,e iSoctal S6G'\Jrity No 'Date: of aJrth ! Serial No.
en \-doC;

( I I J I i
SuS!""' Sue•• Addre:A; Clty ICOunty IState Zip Code

Off~~~~ ~H,,3..... IO'<5/Gt J'17

Concerning en inci<Utnt a~f,.g at: jlOUtion Wh«~ 3atetnent «Iken:
O.\.<., L..':>7 W p.,....}... A~r.> 5-;-
Summary of Statement.

I 'T..-r,€~\!\e\;,:::l~" \1-<':.<'0"'(<-'" C....e,.{{,TC... 0", S{4/ '11 ,,-r- ~. . tI-o,.,.... (::;>,73 W

~--.LA",') S"- \j-e<.u.. ';<'A R-e\AT'"'(,) \1.\"" slj- 'E.",T~~,')--;1J,.. c""f"~"L4­

AT Appt..:>i 1\.\<: ........ AN!) 5,\.l.r Le+T'r.v- \.l",-_ c..~;""(,\r-)) \1""'1t~~,'A
'SA;,!> ;s.\->( \8""<' ::;,:-r-,iVS /7-r IN'!,I ...... \-l, 'oN;W \';"""-~\",.,'')5. \J~"'.{A
~\A\"'l»)i.l-Ie L",+-T ~ C~T.«",:'" \N~,.) f-V<?y'c....... ~""\".....:r»('i) e'-" ....... ,!:6

DV'r ,;:.± Ii.l,:: cp"f""T<t-:p.. s,l..t.,. {LA"j v.~S""'A.'(!<; e",r)-rnr-,-.J ~\

-\R<.4 (,,(~ \\1,- CyV.';"" IA-Al\ \,,"'1-,/ ,\Je.~"",L'" $Ai!> S\.'e))\bNT Y<N?v='

I have rlNJd the foregoing staTement and the facts C4I'Itained therein are true to the best of my knowledge and be/itlf. I
do nor maintain that it contains all of the facts or t:ifroIi'/$ of the incirJent~ bur 01"11'1 those facts ebout Which I have been

DPM Statl~rlt COmpleted

JC-001.003203 Illmlll
Page -.-l ct__I_ Pag•• Ca•• No. _
Denver Police Department
, lr: Fi~a~iddl. JnitiaU
,-,(, ',m \!.'UaAd'""'"
Makiflg Statement i$~
0 Officer f/C WltM .. C p"rSQl'1 advim

Re$1denee S!:~ d!&S W '7 ~LA",r.>

it. f""'rJ"~f'J J..:...
COlln-tv .f.t:c

Ill) Colie

I Re$ldtft~ Phone !.:Usiness Phone SocialSecurity No. Date of Birth f Serial No,
., I "\i 1_ 6(.,"'11 ,( I
6u$irnJll$ StrUt Addr!S$$ iCilY c.""lY ISt>ttt l1p Code

Offk:ar ~t~ fO OO"\-- lS.'i~(;5 joate Time

CQru;;etl'lin~ Vt iJicidi!ll'll OCC\Jlting ee iLoctlrlon where statement uk.n:
~ummary of Statement.

\, h'ltR
• y."

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(,) \bI~ '?\s< \W........

'7.",,',j ,I HA<:.l6err
r i

-d 0,", I- £!j fI ~C o\.T<" )


~ -....." ~
) (
( '\

"" \

r have read the foregoin" StaTement end the facts contaJ. ad therein 4J1'8 true to the best of m 1nowledge and beliet: J
10 nar maintain that it aonrllms all of the facts or details 'sf the incident. bur aniy those facts about which I have been
JC.oo 1- 003204
L I -Jr.;!i.f- 0 AM

TuneState-ment Completed
o PM

1. Did you eversee the two large duffel bags in thecafeteria? N6

2. Did you see anyone carrying or in the possession of those duffel bags, at a previous
. ?
nme . No

3. Did you see Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold eitheron Monday of Tuesday 1 Whatwere
they doing?
Whatdid theysay 1 Werethey with anyone else 1
}>a.."""fllt SA ... ~",'<- 0"-' rrv.IVDtJ.', iN'1-tJ, Ho.ll""'""5
4. Did you leave anything behind in thecafeteriaor anywhere else in the school 1
!S1l.< 6AcL< fA<.k .JAN
I s[l->";-

5. Who were you with in the cafeteria 1 Where were you sitting?
J-'5' )H:.A.
6. Didyou see or talkto anyof theTrench Coat Mafia members on Monday? Tuesday
? How about the .prior weekor weekend ? 1\10I

7. Haveyouheard anything from anybody else aboutother suspects, bomb making,

gun buying, etc. 1 Nt)

8. What were youwearing 1 Did you have a back pack 1 Whatdid it looklike and I or
have in it? All ~\A<:J.<) 'i3c1\.{ ~ 6"'cl<, ~cJ,Cs I ..,.. .. (10< Tf P"'$,~"""I

9 How did you leave thecafeteria or the building? What were theevents that made
you leave? 1..~\ up /llot' S!A-N "' ........... r 'TIJ..i: 0(.<..;-- i1 / 1I.\..r "',....... riA/{

10. What time did you enterthe cafeteria? Where did you come from (prior (0 the
cafeteria) 1 'i.",T-<"lV1'> \\.\~ 1\-'"- ,eA-"" p,.,... <:.Ho,:'" d¢,<;5

JC.o01· 003205
** UPDATED APRIL 28,1999 **

I L Have them mark where they were sining, their route out of thebuilding and whom
they were with (if known)? TA11 i" G
12. How did yOIl exitthebuilding '[ Where did you go when you got out andwhatdid
you seeon theoutside of the building? L..,fr 61 2"''''NI'''5 ""rl f T4 ' ;''>
f',{Vf') O<A r ~ m A-,.... j./4/I"""-,,

13. Do you use the Internet? If so, whatis yourscreen name? Doyou have an \CQ "
(aka: I seekyou I similar to a chat line) account? '/;5 '5C-<L"'c""' I>J_ "ve~.. i.-+ ~,'" ~
I' I I

14. Doyou know anybody with a "double pierced eyebrow" ? ~ /VO)

15. Didyouseeor hearany unusual announcements priorto the shootings? Do you ~,

know what the"Thought of the day was"over the Rebel News Network (RNN) ?

16. Canyou provide any further information on the members of theTrench Coat Mafia ?

17. Ask theparents if the kids have told themanything else? Different?

JC-001· 003206
I l i] I j I I !::!:'
i! r I I! J ! j I I I I I

, 3"')" ,I 1",.
~/ // l : . ,I I ,
, ~ I ' i ; .r! I' I
I I I I I ( ) IX r'
" I~ !~ '~ 1 I! 4 I, I; ~ H 6-' I
I '.::Y !~' !\."\"') 1 I I 1 i \ ~ ~~!

I: I i I ,", I ~ j I I I I I j' I I,
, i ~ ..1 [ ~ , • ,,::,, T k' I "1. I ' I 'I, 1 I·
i i r~) I I ('7-") ('::'II I.~' /7'\1 I: 'I i l l I I

I ~ ~ ,/.:". I ,.-..., I : ' " I H i I I '

I ' i : I I I I I I i ~ I i ' !I i, j ;

I ; I ~ ; I: II I I! j I·----!l I : I I I I!
j ! IX I , =-' '~I 1 r:?'\ [!Xl I I I Iii' 'jj....--" I·' I [
1 i 1
, i 1\ ! l' 11, I H ,Y/"ll 1 i \ I
:: j I : I! i 1111~1! Ii: ; I I I
-I 1:~.~1 ~II,H!IAI"II , !I, I
I \.""A \...!!"..J [ \. ""1 I \1""; li::;1 I iI I !,! I I I !
, i I J ! I I i : ! f I I J I ,J i' I j t I I I' ! i ! , ' I I IT'! j [ I
J:: 1 i , , [i ,I ., I ! I I I ' i I II i I I I,
, 1 1 I: i ! I I ! ! I ! I i I ji I ! l ~ i

l ~ I , , ~1 I ! \",".J ' ,'-1 I ': 'I~ I \.'i) , I, 1 !. ' I I

1 I 'V' I ' ill I I IY'I I 1 I I I I I I I [ " I: [ 1 I •
! I '-.:;;;

r ! I I I
i ! I I
I i I I I I I I I I i I I ': I: I' I I, i
I l ! II: ~ ; i~ ;-..., I : Ii! I r ! i!! I ! I I

1 1
I ' 1 ! Iii Ii';:) 1\.."')' i 1""'-/1 ! iJ' I, I

! ! ! I I" ~ I I ' : 1 ::/1! I; I

~' I I
I ! I(:;:\, I G"'\I V, I i I '
\..'"' ~I, rr:\ I ("" I C/, 'i/"'" I I I,
1 I , \..-i)l V I 'C/! I : !/'I : I . I , i I
_1'1 : :I,..!--'" 1,1:111
\~ ~ 1 I I L._._ ii" ,,! I, I' I
'0 ''';'--1 'II I I', I
, ! I . i I I
JC.o01· 003207
Rt?Ol'lIIlg "'g~it~y Reporting Qtrli;tt C:J.$~ R!:l'K"rt "'0
CJMectmg Case Report No Vi;;;llm ~vne Onginal Rt;IQI"< Dare n'H~ Rep..m
COLUMBINE 05-14-99
- c:!tlon X FIRST DEGREE MURDER Offense Sttnw D;7cn X E~'tflUOlllll!y Cl~ 0 R~mmenriC:.l~ Rcvlew .

R...11l'~'(I<:;qI<;ln 0 Clea~ 1)1AITt'U 0 l)l'llOl,lrlde(l 0 Closure -

I~ j Qli4"llt'j I eMit.:! ,"aIM I O1:slJ(1J'1infl I 'S.m,d~" ~~I~ [ V~I",~
I \!J)"'!:l


Veronica Dee Griffith,' DOB 122083

6373 West RowlandCircle
littleton, Colorado80128
Columbine High School/9th grade


On 05-14-99,at about 10:05 a.m., 1interviewed CHS student Veronica Griffith as follow up on DN3065 The interview "as

conductedat Veronica's home in the presence of her mother. Christy Griffith. and older sister. April Griffith

Veronica mid me that on or about 05~06-99, she was told by her twin sister, Kristin Griffith {9th), that she (Kristin) was told

by fellow student Daniel Romero (9th) <hat student ~eliss. Sowder{9th} told him that she (Melissa) 'knew about the
Columbine shooting before it happened', and that 'he (Melis,a) relt that the students 'got what they deserved.'

Veronica said that sne had been at homeduring an eveningaround 05·Q6.'l9, and that Kristin was also at home, talkingon the
phone with Daniel, Veronicasaid that when Kristin finished her phoneconversation, Kristin told her what Daniel had said h.
hearddirectly from MellsSll. Veronica said that Kristinwas angry,and <hat upon hearing this, she also becameangry Veronica
said the idea that someonemay have known about this in advance. but chose no' to tell anyone, 'hocked and angered both she
and Knstin. Veronica 'aid that both she and Kristin immediately told their mother what Daniel had saio about Melissa,
Veronica's mother confirmed this.

Veronica: said that she and Kristin are twins, and that both are in the same grade. Veronica said that both she and Kristin are

Ull«.:l.':r S1!rl'l1l«.lre Ul'lrl Number $1lp<rvl~O( !lll1lah srrdDiUe A$$ll'lled To p,.. 1

ffU'~ tNI/. 11?5t1'S

" 1
ORIGI'",L I ;'IlHSTIQA rCA \ 1(71:0-1 5~J~;VICES
t OTH"ll; i ASAFJ 4.Ri JCSDIl614

RtpOl'ung ,""lttrn:y Repmtlllil; Otf«:er C ~~ R~l'Crt \j"
CO:'iTlNl:ATlON c
C(lnllllCttng ccse Report ~ vicum ~a""tl: Ol"lSlnal Rtf:lO" DaM; Th1S Report

COLUMBINE 05-14-99
- <:~llM X FIRST DEGREE MURDER Offn"" Sill4\!: ~ X E"C~'OM1\j' Cleared 0 .R~otM'!cnd C~~ Revflf'<M D

R~lib,jH<::ilf'Ofl o Cl('Jl!'N lw .\1'l'es1 0 l..'nti.NIl4td c (lcS\J,~ 0

l~ I OIlMlllljl I StllJ'la Na!Pf I OcNtnllooll !S=ri~j:"/,, ,,,",,

Yalut I Val"e
1 v.;h,ll'

friends with Melissa, and thai she (Verornca) is probably closerto Melissa thanKristin. Veronica said thatshe and Kristin have
known Melissa for several years, gomgbackto elementary school. andthatMelissa lives nearby in the neighborhood. Veronica
said that although she considersMelissa a friend. she and Melissa havegrown apartover the years and Melissa now hangs out
with a different circle of friends.

Veronica said that Melissa is somewhat odd in her everyday dress and behavior. and considers her "kind of on ihe fringe"
Veronica characterized Melissa as "nice, but a littleweird now," Veronica said thac Melissais somewhatora "loner' who has
relarively few friends. and is very' selective as to who she hangs around with. Veronica said that it almost seemsas though
Melissa"doesn't want a lot of friends."

Veronica said that the day after Kristio told her what Daniel hadsaid. fellow student MichelleCastro{9th) told her "exactly
what Daniel had told Kristin," Veronica said that she assumed :-Alehelle also heard this from Melissa, but isn't sure Likeshe
and Kristin, Veronica said that Michelle was veryangryupon hearing this Veronica said that since the shocnngs.she has heard
talk amongseveral students that somestudentsknew what wasgoing to happen on 04-20..99 and decidedto stay at home that
day Melissa was unableto provide specific names

Veronica said that to her knowledge. Melissadid not know Eric Harris or Dylan Kleacld. Veronica said that she and Kristin
do not haveany classes with Melissa. and have not seen \.1elissa since priorto 0:5~06~99.

I was unableto Interview Knstin Griffith at this time because she was at work. IarrangedthroughVeronica's mother. Christy.
to have Kristin call me on 05-11·99 for a phone Interview

Veronica said that her backpack was left Inside the cafeteria. and thaI she was previously interviewed about what she saw and
did during the shootings. The interview was concludedat about 10:25 a.rn.

The namesof those students provided by Veronica were run through Rapid Start. Lead sheets were prepared and submitted

Orucer S 1~l'Iarurt' Unit Ncrober $lIPff\'lscrll'titli.ds and Date Assigaed To ?aye


l1;(ICI;'"L I N\ EST""" TOR ~'¥1Sf.R\It'ES
I QTl4£/t
J C..o01- 003209
Rl:'pMtJAlf },,~<:l'1I;? Rt'1X'l1ll'1!: Oflicrf ("SOl Rl!pOn "'O
C0i'tI'lt'Cti1!i LJ.'Je R~rt ~o YjCIJm "lame Onglll.!1 fte;>ort [}tIt' fi);s Rt!",PIH!

COLUMBINE 05-14-99
-, <::lIlf'r. X FIRST DEGREE MURDER l)f"frr."", Sl~l\a; 0'-11 X E;'\<;;tf>l,(lll4ll~ Cleared o Recommend C;nec- R~VlC\$/ C

Relit~~"llinmm 0 CiGM lly .l"ne>t a Unf(,v!ld«t o Cfcsure c

I y""ffill' I Br:md Same I Dr«;riplmn I S«rlllI ~l) V,ullt
I V~IIlOlo
I Vll'lJlil

by me for students Kristin G.riffith and Michelle Castro. All others were either previously interviewed, or scheduled to be

NOle: On 05-13-99. at about 9:00 a.m., 1telephoned Melissa Sowder's residence and spoke to Melissa', mother She told me
that Melissa was admitted to the Cleo Wallace Youth Center 00 Cl5~06-99. where she is undergoingtherapy with a counselor
named Sharon Olson. She told me that Sharon Olson has been Melissa's counselor for about the last year She told me that
Melissahas been having difficulty dealing with the Columbineincident.and has been a problemat home. Melissa's mother
told me thatshe and her husband are aware that Melissa is alleged to have toldother students that she had previous knowledge
of the shootings. but that Melissa was known to "embellish" storiesand tell lies. She told me that she would not object to
MelissaBeing interviewed by law enforcement, but requested that she and her husbandand/or Sharon Olson be present during
{he interview, Before cornmirting to a specific date and rime tor such interview, she told me that she wanted ro discuss the
matter with Sharon Olson. She said 'hat she would call me back after doing so.

On 05-13-99. a' about 5:00 p.m .. 1telephoned Melissa's mother She mid me that she had spoken with Sharon Olson, who 15
on vacation until next week. She told me that Sharon Olson did not object to Melissa being interviewed, but that the patents
needed to be present. Melissa's mother said that she did not want Melissa being interviewed. at Cleo Wa.lace. and that she
expected Melissa to be released some timenext week (05-17). I told herthat f or someone else win tall her next week to set
up the interview with Melissa.


1.,",~erSI!:lmm.ire Lnu Ncmber S..pen.I$Or [l'1l!i:>ls ami Dille "l,,$$IJPl,:.j Tli Page ~

'lliILI ......t- II"" ESTIC" roe Vk,lM 'ir;IlVlC~ i ut1t~R. I ASAFJ 4198 JCSDJ16i.l

JC-001- 003210

Force Denver Police Department

Metro Gang Task Force

Date: 04-29·99
To: The Jefferson County District Attorneys Office
From: Detecive Terry Demmel 78007· Assigned With The Coiumbine Law
Enforcement Task Force

Supplementary Report
Ref: interviewwith Senior Columbine student Vannessa Grimes DOB 05-18-81 at her
homelocated ar644 I So, Quay St. [303] 904-9695

On 04-29-99 otl0:25 A.M. Denver Police Detective TerryDemmel and Colorado StareTrooperJill
Reuteler, hath assigned with the Columbine LawEnforcement Task Force interviewed Columbine
Hign student Vannessa Grimes DOB 05-18-S1 at her home. Vaanessa's mother KarenBadalamenti
and stepfather Charles Badalamenti were both present. Vannessa stated that she knew Eric Harris
and had met him this year after transferring over from BearCreek, Vannessa reported that she also
knew Dylan Klebold and that her good friend Aljeandra [ Alex] Marsch was also a mutual friend.
Alex had told her that the Trench Coat Mafia was the art studentsand tha; they liked to wearthe trench
coats, Vannessa stated that she thought that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold wereon thefringes of the
groupand added that she had never been to either of their homes nor had theyever been to her home.
The morningof the incident, TuesdayApri120U'. Vannessa stated that she was in 3" hour Philosophy
Class with Eric Harris. She described Eric as wearing blackcargo pants, black boots. and was unsure
about the shirt but thoughrit may have been a greenish color, She stated that the class was talldng
about Chinese Philosophy; that she had a discussion with Brooks Brown whomshe was close with and
that their teacher was a Mr. Kritzer, Vannessa stated that Eric normally carried a dark blue or black
back pack but she is not sure if he had it with him that day. When asked if Eric had made any
statements that day or given any warning of what he would be doing Vannessastated that Eric made a
comment about 4-20 which she thought was in reference to marijuana day or something. She stated
mar she did not ever see either Eric or Dylan smoke marijuana bur that they talked about it a lor.
Vannessareported that she had 5~ hour off for lunch and had walked home the last half of 4 hour

going then to the nearby King Soopers store to check on some prom pictures, She came back to the
school at about 11:10 or 11:15 A.M. and was in the Commons area near the cafeteria when she heard

JC-001. 003212
what she thought wasback firing, When asked to explainthe sounds vannessa stated that a lot of the
high school kids had old cars and that they werecommonly back flring. She explained that some one
yelled and screamed and that the students started leaving and she stepped back to see if her friend
Alex Marsch was getting out. Vannessa then stated that she then saw Dylan Klebold outside the
cafeteriawindow wearing a balaclava [ dark blue or black 1, and a trench coat; did not see if he was
wearing a hat or not. When asked by beth Investigators how she knew it was Dylan Vannessa stated
that they made eye contact, that the party was the same build as Dylan and that she just knew. She
said Dylan walkedup to approximately 15 feet from the window and then saw the window glass
explode with a boyinside being shot and falling backwards. She stated that she thoughr the victim's
was a Brian Anderson but was not sure. Dylan then walked into the cafeteria through the doubledoors
and was approximately 40 feetaway when they made directeye contact and she knew withouta doubt
it was Dylan Klecold,

In talking about her association and knowledge of both Eric Harrisand Dylan Klebold Vannessa stated
that Chris Morris. Ericand Dylanbelonged to a paint ball teamcalled the" Fighting Amish" and
talked about doing it a lot, She described Chris Morris as always wearing a black beretand sunglass's
that were prescription. He also always wore black army fatigue pants with at times the matchingshirt.
Vannessa staled she was not close with Robin Anderson and then gave the name of a Tiffany Burke
who she said was a good friend of Robin
Vannessa then mentioned Zack Heckler and admitted to being close with Zack and acceptingrides
homefrom him frequently. She added that Zach worked as a stage technician and did the lightingfar
the theater groups and plays and was reachingDylan how to do it; that he used Mrs. Sue Crothers key's
to get access where he needed to go. Vannessaknew that Zach was very knowledgeable about
computers and that Zach, Chris Morris, Eric Hartis and DylanKlebold were close friends.
When asked about the kinds of video games they likedto play Vannessa stated that Eric and Dylan
Iilced to play Dungeons and Dragons and a gamecalled Magie. She said that she had never playedany
videogames with them. Vannessasaid that they used to like to playa card game in the mornings that
consisted of setting the cards up like towns and knocking them down, and that aspects of the game
included food shortages. diplomacy ect,
Vannessa reported that she went out a door into the auditorium and out an east door with
approximately 40 otherstudents, She did'nt hear any explosions or bombs go off and denies having
any prior knowledge of the events.



JC-001_ 003214
R~IX)l'l;1'l8 Alene;.; RtpfJrtiIlgOfflc~r CascRepon ~
CONTINti A1101'1 CJ
C\lr'll'lec;~l'tg (::lSI: k.epon:'4o Victim 'S"JJM OrigitllU ~pctt Dm This Report

""#2129 05-13-99
:C1.II,m X FIRST DEGREE MliRDER O~Stlt!.l5: Open X :aC'l'PJlQMtly CJ&tAtl! c Rcoommcl'ld: Cue: Review C
c o .=
" C~~y .\,tn'$! l.:rlfQlmI:l.c Closun

l~~ I OlWlcilY j B'2.Ild :-Jll!Ie I ~n~ton I SenuN'o ~~~ I ~t~ I ~::ed



6026 We" Roxbury Place
Littleton. CO 80128
Freshman Srudent-Cclumbine High School

(Parental information)


Same as above
Work: same as above.

HACKETT. DAN W , DOBiOz,c"l-51

Same as above.
Work; ISH Sheridan Blvd,
Lakewood. CO 80214
303 M233·4111


On 05,13-99. between the hours of 0901 and 0940, r had an opportunity to speak with Emily Hackett in reference to the
Columbine incidentthat occurred on 04-20-99. Also presentduring the interview was her father, Dan Hackett.

Emil; lold me that she arrived at school on 04-20-99, at about 0800 hours, and that her father had driven her to school that
morning She stated that she entered into the school through the main entrance, located near the main office area. After
proceeding to her locker, which is locatedbetweenthe mathis.iencehalls, locket #701. she went '0 her second hour handclass,
taugnt by Mr. Biskup, After being released from her secondhourclass.she went to third period, which is gym class, which is
taught by Mt Marshall. Her fourth hour scienceclass is taughtby Ms. Wyatt and after being released from that class at about
1110boars. she proceeded back to her locker. and then Went directly to the cafeteria and believed she arrived at I] ! 5 hours,

Unit JC-001- 003215


Rtportmll A~C:; ~rting Ot1k:r C~e Re/Xlr(No
CtlM«;llng Case Report No vrcn.n"'ameOriginal Repcrr DaleThIS Report
1'''i#2729 05·13·99
1~"llOO X FIRSTDEGREE MURDER Offl:'l\Sll Sl..lna, Ot:wn X El:.(eptioNtlly (teart<:! c R«OMmcno Case: Re'<l-\,:t\ ::
a o
Redil5J>(i~(ltm C :Clf!llA'll!f:.'4,~ l.'nfW/ldt-d Ooscre ::
I ~
I Sl'llnc! "arne I O«emmotl I geria.l~ ValLIe':
'Sl{jit!'\ I \olil,l~·1
Dam;;.gf4 f

Emily was shown a diagram of the cafeteriaareaat the highschool andasked if she could tell me where she was seated After
looking at the map. she told me that she was seatedar 1.). I asked who was seated at the table WIth her. She told me that Sarah
Roseberry was there, Sarah Wehmeyer, Gina Rohde. Breanna (lastname unknown) and Veronica Griffith. Emilyproceeded to
tell me that after placing her backpack at the table, she went to the food service line and later returned to the table where she
beganto eat lunch. Upon returning to her table, Emily stated that her and Veronica Griffithgot into a verbal argument and while
the two of them were arguing, she recalls at about l125 hours,seeing two janitors near the south doors and the janitors .....ere
telling students to get down. to get underneaththeir tables. Emily also recalls seeing Mr. Sanders near the same door and he
appeared to be runningeast toward the stairs of the cafeteria. Shortly after Mr Sandersdisappeared near the stairs. she recalls
that the janitors started yelling at the srudents telling them to leavethe cafeteria area. at which time she got up and ran to the
stairs. Whenshe reached the top of the stairs. she stated'hat she ran eastdown the math/science hallway and exited the school.
whereshe went to Leawood Park

Emily was asked if she observed two large duffle bags or gym type bags. one being blue in color and the other being a
reddish/orange in color, which were located in the central core areaof the cafeteria, She was asked if she- observed who
have of brought those bags and she stated thatshe had no Information about the bags. and she could have seen them but she
doesn't recall it because there were so many backpacks and otherbags located in the cafeteria area. Emily was asked if she
observed any gunmen whileshe was in the cafeteria or if shesawany gunmen to the westof the cafeteria outside, [was told that
she neversaw any gunmen while she was in the school or after sheexited fromthe school.

Emily wasasked a few questionsaboutlbe Trench CoatMafia, specifically questionsabout Eric Harrisand Dylan Klebold. She
statedthat she did not know Eric Harrisand that her family knew the Klebolds but she did not socializewith Dylan Klebold.
I askedher If she knew any other members of the Trench Coat Mafia. She Slated that she knew Chris Morrisand hi. girlmend
by rhe las: name of Markhamand that Robert Perry and Brooks Brown werealso members. She proceeded to tell me 'hat she
knows Brooks Brown and she can'! believe he isinvolved in this incident I asked herabout Eric Harris' website and if she had
anyinforrnanon about it. She statedthat she had no ideathat he had a website. Emily was asked if therewere any rumors or an)
information that would lead her to believe that something was going to happen On the 04·20·99 She told me Aprii 20th is
National Pot Smoking Day. I asked her if 'he knew what the phrase of the day was and she 'aid that i' was somethingto 'he

OfW;7 w.(il Untt Number Supe'lfiror Initials andDate ml A$sigM<t Te p,,, 1

(. .r; ..,.,., c»S? of l
l :"'\EST;(jA;Of( 'de"'!'>! $I:it\ KLS- I 01HI:1I: JC-001· 003216 I ,-\SAn ;J..''18. JCSDllti ';" J
Reporting ,4.gMcy Repol'tlrtg Off"u;¢t Cue-Report So
COl'ln~itlg CaseReport No Victim Nante" Original Reporr. Dlte Tb~ Reptlrt

D"'I#2129 05·13·99
,.;wQn X fIRST DEGREE MURDER O~ Starns: Open X Exce;:n¢MllrCluad Q ~(ImmendC_: Review C

R~lll.»ill,;atlol'l c CI~by Vtwl 0 l,;tlfQ'.I1ld«! o Closure :

:-i<l I Q;w>ti~ I SI'\lI'IIINI.fU I OwlriP11¢rl I Striat NQ ~~\~ f R V!hJt
! \i",u~

effect. "Today is not a good day to be here,"

Emily also stated that one of rumorsthat she has heard around school is that the bodiesof Eric Harrisand Dylan Kleboid were
found in the gymnasium. She also stated that she heard Eric Harris had shot Dylan KJcbold and that Dylan had run to to.
gymnasium to get away from Eric Harris, but tater committed suicide in the gym and Eric also committed suicide in the


I had Emily describeher dress on 04-20·99 She stated she was wearing dark blue Abercrombie Fitch pacts She had a white
Gap tank top shin and Over the tank top was a purple Abercrombie shirt. She also statedthat she was swearing brown American
Eaglesandals, Emilycouldn't provide any additional information reference this incident. At the completion of this interview,
I had Emily depict where she was seated in the cafeteriaand draw hermovementsour of the bcildmg A copy of that map is
attached with this supplemental report


FBI Case #4DN5 7 4 19 (DN2843)

DlSPOS!TIQN: Open, pending further investigation.

JC-001· 003217

Ulti! Number SUpeI"Iisor ltIil141s and Oak A$~lgnedTo
P"" l
L ; ..-_- oar> of 1
<ilUOr. ...l
I~\.snQ-\TOR 'ICIlM:>Ell.liKES , om'"lt ! ASA.F3,&l98JCSD/16".I-
. ~

T , I
, (::,\ .,-.>::",
- ! I
I ........- !
~i -~
\ ';]I,

7 I I , I :...rl' c I : !
! I / , I I '~ iF" >-, ! I ,
L: ' r " , I l .. j 'x<.J) . i"-/ r",,'\ I
. I ! / ( ; ...... 1) V)I . I ~ I ,

· I ! 1/ I I . ! ! • I ,
I i ~ . -"" I /_'1 ,~ : I I , I I r - -
I , 11 · <:» I (=\ . ! r",'\ t >-.\ I .
I . I , II
, :!
'\ "
, ,
I . I
. 1'-' . I~
~ ,~ -, !
I I : I , I I I i I .
, I •
: I I , • ~I ..:-
...-! I- I
..J , I J--,J I I : !
r , I . i ! : \""Ti TOT TNT I : '"T :; I ! \'~V : I , I ,
i I
, , I , I , , ! _II I i I ,
\ , h : r ,
, ,
• 16/. I r"T
I t I I I ! i j I I I A
, I , ,, 7;:;"f I -: , I <!I\
I " ,

, I ' "--':
.... '
, I [',..)
I (!~)

I !
I ;;;: ) I I
' I

, -c-
i" ,, ,..
! : !
iI i !
[ ,
:l , , I I ! I ,I ! ! ,
I : , I ! I I I . ! ! I ,! . , I ! ~

. ,,,,
, '" ,I
! , :

.do 'i I .
, I I
I (",'i
!/ ..., I
Q..' \ -
[ I
, I I
I-, .

t I j 'C7 I T"--'
, . I' <:» ! c;;:;7 f'-./ ~ I I I ~
- !

- ! ! ,
i: , I I I I , I I ! I i I ,
, , ~: , -: I I --.. ~
! , I ! , I ,
: .

' II",
\""0 i \ 'J I
, ! ! ,' . I
,i' " If",,, '
lxi' >-::I
'-'=1' I M
I ,
: II , I I ! I ,, I ! !
, , , , :

I I i
II (u..!\
! (W>\
If:", \

I f ....'\
.,,, ~' , ""i
i [

I . II <:» i "-/' I '--J i 'C.:/ ~ , ,: I

· i , I I ~ i , I ,
I ,, I r","", I /'~I
~" I I I i ,
,~j I {''';j { :;r I ~

, · , '!' I
' if I .:
" 'j
lit I
.. I \. ...-I
! I I , I I !
I -/ I ,, I I I ~J,

..- ....
I , , , I I
I 1 I I i/ I ! !

~ I
I, !
/'" 1

: .. ,!
~" . \''-:'/,
/:;;-.. ,
i i

. , ...::'II :

I, I

, I I i. I ~

I, , ~·f.
-'"• ,
,,' ,1 S . ,
! ,
i , i , , ,
! , , I
I ! , j : I ' I

JC.Q01· 003218



Defendant: (Columbine shooting) Docket NUl:lIber: 99A062 {oo)

Date: 051899 Case Nullil:l<llr: 99-7625
Deputy D.A.: Itlvestigatcr: Mike Heylin

**** * **** ** ***


Joshua Halder DOa, 021383

6319 willow Springs Dr.
Morrison. CO 80465
c/o mother; Sharron Halder (no work I
father; George Halder (101) 303-761-2291
-eRS student; in cafeteria at table X for lunch with Joe Tran. Dan
Yeager. Zach Thompson, Scott Streeb, and possibly Pat Rybal; went to
lunch line with Mark Radtke; no suspect information or duffle bag


On May 17, 1999 at 1107 hours I contaoted Joshua Halder at his home
for an interview. His mother was present. Joshua then told me the

• He is a sophomOre at Columbine High.

• When asked about Eric Harris, he said that he has seen him
around school before. He thought Eric was the student who had "NIN"
on his backpack which are the initials for the rock group "Nine Inch
Nails. u He did not know Eric' s name until he looked him up in the
yearbock after the shooting. He never saw Eric in a trench ecac ,
saying he was usually in jeans and a flannel shirt.

1 JC'001- 003220
• When aSked about Dylan Klebold, he said he also saw him a~ound
school before. He said Dylan was the student who usually wo~e a
dark blue with red letter Boston Red Sox ball oap on backwardS. He
did not know Dylan's name until after the incident. He said Dylan's
hair always Was "flying out" from under the hat. He had seen Dylan
last semester pulling into the school lot in his BMW during lunch
time. He said Dylan would be with others who wore the black trench
coats. He said that Dylan also wore a black trench coat to school

• When asked, he did not know or

• When asked about IIIIIIIIJ he said he graduated last year. He

knew this because a frian'" of his knew He also knows
He said did
wear the trench coat last yea~.

• When asked about he said he thought he was the

student he saw from time to time at school also wearing a trench
coat. He said that student was tall. He does not know anything
about that stu"'ent. (His mother thought that was the student that
she also saw at times while dropping off or picking up Josh at
school. )

• He thought this student also played cards during lunch period

last year. He said this student played cards at table WW (referring
to the diagram). He said he noticed that the card games we~e
"Dungeons and Dragons" and "Nuclear War."

• When asked, he did not know any other trench coat student or
associate. He thought only 5 or 6 students wore the trench coats at
school. He has heard of the name 'Trench Coat Mafia" befoX'e but
never thought much about that name.

• When asked, he did not See any trench coat student or associate
in school the day of the shooting. He never saw any objects out of

2 JC.(l01· 003221
place the day of the shooting. When asked specifically, he did not
see any duffle bags.

• He remembered wearing is white t-shirt, hiking pants, and black

sa.~dalsto school the day of the shooting.

• On the day of the shooting, he had French class for 4th hour.
When the class was over at 11:10 a.m. he walked to the cafeteria and
to his lunch table. Looking at the diagram, he thought the table he
went to was Q or X. The backpack list showed his backpack being at
table X.

• Once he went to the table, he dropped off his backpack and went
to the second lunch line from the east. He had walked from his
class to the lunch line with Mark Radtke. After getting lunch, he
went back to table X.

• He said he was at t.hat table with Joe Tran. Dan Yeager, Zach
Thompson, Scott Streeb, and possibly Pat Rybal.

• He said that he was about 5 minutes into lunch when students in

the cafeteria started getting down under their tables. He heard
student.s talking about something going off in the parking lot. He
got down under his table.

• He then saw Mr. Sanders and a janitor running in the cafeteria.

He thought the situation was a senior prank. He heard yelling for
everyone to get down. He said that a few students got up but were
yelled at again to get down.

• He had not heard anything up to this time. He said that

everyone from the cafeteria then began to run out and up the stairs.
He ran up the stairs and once he got to the top, everyone began to
slow down. He then heard 4 or S shots that he thought carne from the
cafeteria below and to the west.

:I JC.o01- 003222
• He turned left at the stairs and ran out the school via the
east doors for that hallway. He did not hear any other shots or

* He ran to' Leawood park. and to another student· s home. !le

thought the total time from when the students started to get under
tables to the time that he ran out of the schOOl was about .2 minutes.

This concluded my interview with Joshua Halder.

Investigator Date I

JC-001· 003223
; 1 I ;~' I!
, , I , '
! I I ' I I' I
, , I",,! I : Ii 'Ill ; , , I
I, ~ I I ! ; I I I I i I
, ,, 3:~ ;;" , I , , ,
., r~ '11/ I, I I I I
I j
I , i 1 I I
. . I , ~ I I I i ! I , I
11/'1 'I , , I I i , ) IXI,...,
, , ,1 ,
I ~i 1 I '7,' ,," 1(,-' I
I/~' I~I '~ .
I "
'I[ i
, ...
, , I~ !~./ ' !\.~j i '/ I , ~,.,~.\ : ~'~1
f 1 1
• ;

I I i I , I I
1 : , I i I ' 1 II I I i I ~
,,.. ,
i I I I
: I i I I : ; I i I : , I I ':Ai I
I ! .1 ~ 'flI ~ I ! " I I
I " I
1 I I ; i I I 1 : ! i
1 I i 1 I I I ,• I 'I r • I I , I I :
: i ;
, , n i . ['1, I i
I,J- I
! -r~, I • : i ~

; cxn I
.J I
•011; ":i I
; 1
, 1

I ,I A I
I ~ I I (~)I
i , 1 \../: 1'-.;/1
I '/7'..'
irl,-OYi , I
I I I !
,, I ,

I I i I
I "
, 1 II , ! " I I
I I , 1 1 : ~ I : I II I i , i
, ,
: ! I I 1 !" ! ;,;:;.... : J=-.J .:~!, ' ~, ! i~:ii ;.-.; II I I 1
i , I , I~ I : I VV I I.%.4 I.'"') I l, :"',;1 i :,'f\)! 111"'/ : II I I , ;
I 1 ; r 1 I , : II I
I .
i I ! I~ ~ i t I 1
, 1 1 i ,,I I I 1 .'
I I ; i
1 i ! ':::""1 I I I ! ! I , 1 1 .Ii I 1 i ! I' I
, I , I ! i (
I I I ?>', IX I i );:--;. ~I i b ,lXI' I 1 r
I I I ! :1 ; 1 ! I I I !

- ,I I

I ,
... .....
I I '0: I

, 1,

I l
\..0/1 , ,<".J
I I ,
I I i I
if c';1 ! (_1\ I f'r:- '\

,, i I '! :......".., I '-"

1 .r 1 I I I i I
, II I
I I I i
I: i . : I I I I I
1 I I !
I I'{ I : '1....1 ! ;-.. ! ~ , ~ D ....', I K I IAI Ii I I ,I ,
I ,
I ! I
:'.l! I 1'\1. I. N \~ '-"':A I \5') 1/ \\..><.., I ,,><>Y I 1\,.. )1 II ! i I , , 1 I I
:'-, I ~' I I I 1 -'-"1 ,7"1 I ! 1 I I ! 1 i If I' , , I 1 '!' ! I ,
'!; I!
r I 1 ,, I 1"'- I I I I ,i I ! I .J--1'"
I I i ! : I I I II I
, I 1 I ! I ,I ,1
c: I I , I I
I I I , :>.1 I I 1

I I I 1 I I I I II I :
, I I I 1 I
I I I : , ,
"II ,I , , II 1I .LI ! II
I : I .
I I ! I I "'j!~ I I I I I i I I' I :
i I

,I (,i
I ! I . (I:;: I) I ~-<::) I I r -e ) I i~i " i 1
, II I '" I ir,
J ,
i , I I i
! II." !:.'l' I I I I 1 I I I ~"1}i : I : , I I, l:: i
1: i i
, • I I ,I i i i I~I I I I I 1 I I I I I I , I I I ,i I I I
,!, I .J-< !, II I I
f-' I I I , I L 1 ! I I"":"' I I I I I I I I I , I I i
I 1 I ,I I ,I
I ,, I 1 I ,,
I If.... 1\ I I (;: J( "1 I f,.J'I I (,.;'11 I (,I ! II I I I I ,
I I , 1
I 1 1 ! I I I I ! R I I II i ;-'j I i,-( I 1"-:' I I YI
, I 1 I I !Jl
II I i

I 1 I
, I ; I I I I I I i
I I I I ,
1 C I I I I I I I I 1 II I I I I ; II;

I i I I I I I 1 i 1 II
, I'"E"""
I i I , 1 1 I ~ I~ I ~I I d I
I I 1
I, I I .
1 " I ,,""'1 ,' '''')1 1 \." ' ) ! I I r--.,' I( ;.. 'II II I I I I ;:PI
I I I 1"'1 I i , , I ,
! {~ ) I I\J'JI I 1'-"1 II I I I I
,, I

, I I ,, ! ,• I i ,, 1/1 1
! I I ,
I I I I I ~,
! I I .
I : I, l"l-'-
i I I
, , I- I d I , ! I ! I
I I f.:\i 1 r-IIY I I a I : , I rrT
I I i I i ' \'.'j !

'~I i tn\ I ("'~ 1\,,:...11 I ~

, , I I I
, I II' '
I I I i
,, I , ' \"-;)1
, \:.;Y 1 ~ I I 1 / I I 1 I I I I I ,~

I : I I 1 i I I I I .....:.---r 1 1 ! i , I I 1 I , I .ii> '

1 1 i I
: I rc: \ l~_ ~ I I I 1 ..-: ! I I , I I ! I I I I ! I
; 1 "f"'Y. , ;\..51- \.S.I, I, , ! I ~ I I,
: I
, --
, , I, I I I I 1 JC.()01- 003224 --
llALES, 1.

JCSO 99-7625
Detective: Mark Allen - Denver Police Department 1 (303)640-1183

RE: CONTROL # 3201

Ian Hales
6347 S. Benton St.
Littleton, CO 80123

Subject: Columbine HighSchool Shooting,

On 5/14199 [interviewed Ian Hales at his residence, 6347 S. Benton St, Ian reported that
he entered the cafeteriaat 11.12AM and he sat at tableAAor N with Ali Boukalfa,
Jeremy Orban, Seth Biggi andRavikanth Rao, Ian said that he didn't See any duffel bags
and he didn't see anyone carrying the bags. Iansaid he didn't know any of the reM and
he didn't see any of them in the cafeteria. Ian said he mighthave seen one of the suspects
Standing over a kid near thecement stairs. Lan said he hid underneath his table for a
couple of minutes and !henhe ran out when everyone started leavingthe cafeteria. Ian
said he ran OUt through the commons area to the foreign language hallway and then out
some exit doors by the junior parking lot area. Ian said he did hear gun shots whileinside
and outsideof the school. Ian said he didn't see the shooters and he hasn't heardany
rumors about what happened

.. NO new leads generated,

JC~01. D03226

J_SON COUNTY SHliIlll'J'"S DeAllT1lll!HT • 7
91'-7(, Z. ~ I
00_ a !"fC1OENi toeo_TICM ...4. -10-._ 1--- 1
1m "".. 1-""'"' 1 CI Fa.oli'f OM1sll_. OPImYO_

- Me"'" DAY V",," TIoIf! i.aeJ.TIOII 01' BUS1--_(P' #5 ,

. ;z.,u- iAoCf'£Sil: ~<:n/ :s
() ; 2 .. 'f'"3' 4",.J"'-"- <7'
OA1'EIT... QNOI! 0"-/ "<1' //.".., iem-: ~~ S'rATE<:'C ZiP:
QCClJAIll!ll Bt'i'\'VEEN:
00/ za .,."" 1.1';<;;1-- I"""""
V.V""", sa·SUSJe<;r a-

<;<.>0"5: I'll' • RllPQlmHG F'""" W • \IlIm<1lll$ Fa • F...err I G'-""l!.... RO • RE<llSTI!l!l!l:l
COOE MIiMllWT ;::.., ' ,..IU;;U:U c"".

/. dv:~ ;::: I/o~~,,, Ii? L:: 1'::'1' I N I

Wi 6~o '" AJ, .4FA ,,.,..'" LlL
".,..,;:it.d'- ::<I" //>':b &JAde''''-
,"" ......n" .......
.$"], - ?9? :; 5'Z-z..

C Of. "" I", .........

ji;J::;~1 .. IOl"z..;r; I~ I~ I~

wz. ~;;"4'ST':"""
,." d, M I
C~. _""4/.- At.s
J SCIcIal.l~ • ....-aI
/ 0 " At; L~
4a;;;:~7~"'~ .,.........,,"'"

COOl! I"""'''''''' llWt' \oMllIOl,IJ

........... """ I..... l"" 1- 1''''''''Ic ... ,g u " .. c"'" '
I_CA1:lrNS,C:1'f 5'tATL~ ~

§':'::"- 1-'
CQlll! ./Wiall...wr "'!M1' ~)
I "'" 1- I"" .... i~am.."'lc;;:_. "<>0'
~t"'Ol:ll'l!lA em ST41&ZJ"l Sl- .......
. . . . . .1 SOIol;a.,1VMtl-.
:,..ii.I4T ':IUT.........,
Ir - - - . iM:QlllM, c."T'l' :",ATLZJoI
I' "" I-I"'" .... ,''-''1' _.
,010 ~.,. o~.

1. . . . .1 SOO:'a.l/ilMf:"~ . =~- :

. •

- -'_.
CQOl!S. S ~ SUSPEC'i' sa. SU"'EC1' RU • RU""WAY iNCIC: 100'0,
""'DE '~l~;:iMflAlCll:lUl

I .... 1-' .... i- r-,- 1.... 1- I""

...... .:JItl

os.ll I S'rAf!
I- i""· 1- 1~""""l~iShm
p.....,. ~ ilJ¥'MooMI:
O¥BCll'tO !ORO 1- 1r».11I~ 1"""141~
1- ... 1.... 1- .... 1-1-1 ....

COOl. 'tw.IIl:;1.AT '::'~ ~

~;~ ...IT'Y'. STA1t.ZlM

1l..i:IM'sl' ~,~4~

....... '..-r _.
1Ul.-1f $'1'It.11!: iSs.:
, I"'· 1'-- 1""'"'-",,"'.., ;,j¥'f'l

,~ ~
C~O 1- Q,t,111 illC I~ToIIil&L~
Ix"'" \0.,..11:1 fl-.:

" V""",*
I- i"''''' I- I- 1- 1-' I"..... l~-rtl

OS'roI.!l< .... LM&IN.F.~

1·- ,-,

1""""' ,
JC.o01. 003229 ...
IJ (lANG OO_MT>t. OHANC_I.....-n·
CATCl'lS OGAMI.G o OOMESTll: VI/). oa IfN~ I
- C AlCOHOl. c SH<lP\JFT OJ\MltUc.o CA'I'O: IINV~ OA OB CC 00
0IPvI"r,--,P!'Ml'; s.:..fUJIlll
'~ .0':'.:
, ,
. J


-'--OF-l- !
.", .ll::::SD_!5
~ CiM R10cn No.. I vlCBlTl NtIn'l* ~ Pl-.rt

~ En CI c-..c I)y >VrWIl: 0 c
'0. 1 ~ ; anu.: NltrnI:
I ~
'i SitnaI, No.

...;:;z:;i"',.-S">'"'....17.....L c~ ~_ ~ c. _. '__ _

?,N ",.,,~!"t5!~t4;- .~~~b"4 .z:::_ """?1:"!lV.Bi;;"<c.:l<'<i::l"'-!;l- --1

(W ~,l,U.N/~~g-L~.-r:~';:jR,w'wd ,4,.. &tr";ed5L<;,d 1~~"!""'1",t:/:" -J
~r:; ~"'3tCf. ./A/(1 =2"::- ..,.I...:~.,S ,..J ~ &t,,?!,.k'a"t ~_ ~-
-;f''I'5¥ ~~~'j! ,.,.;r CN~::fJe.!r M $', "'7"' .L!'!P~"""I"'". Li.~A~"""~=~D~,=====j
//00 ;./Ai.s, &/IV I-!'.J ~~ ~~,>. .~~.:::~t&
"c'!"%.""'1 ,
A>;£l' ~.",...-L.~_:z?'!!!"._ ~~_!::,""FJ /M'<fJ #f:<J ~/""'= A(,,<~"'!'!Ii , .. ..
7'€~'Ild.Ji: 7l-/"..- t@.fl't'-:L.R:!d,. ~ ~J_::f:/{!<£:_ 4::_.. ~ H~1,r~. ,
'(t.I' / Ao'11'¥GM..I i'#;a._7J'H7' ~.~ :k'>~4rl.I::.. d;,z.eo/ flA~_._.. .
~J!"). Add_~ .z?>1£. .4otJiU':".?i\ ~ 4FY(=-7?;~5 ,4!"':!H~,!-:<1. .__._,
-11<.."':'<. L' ~..LLter:""<"'ec:fT" . __ . . _.,__ .
__ eM). ~ ~ ,/A/£7 ~~"~I"'!:.J!!" ~,J; -""7.>""",,,/...:,~ ,_ _
__!:'!"L.£&.,.J.~~~~".y,.t",)( ::roc _~~_":7.. ,.~ ';::4"''''-~'.''<J<::- ~<i~~J--.~_ ,
/I-rr....$::!p:,;.d. ~-r:.. <"Y"!,,<//qr..W..":- £'''''''t'.~....:z:~E!<'~ 7""-4f' oF: .f'~ ___
,-.... ntJiI'..!t._7?J. <;'J......~1!£41i: ~"":'~._4:,S7'r!"" L""", #!,:i ~ ...... _
~.:.L~..J ..:ire!!? ,":i.f'" _'~,i _,.[(t:~_~ 4-,'?I'!"~rq,.j":f~ ,~ _
__~~41. L-:'d..A_~,"" .:;~~&~~~ ..?,#C]':; ~ /~/ 221'.~
_di~7;,i:!":'!.l.R'=:~·)~~;e<!!SV<,:!N',{?_~ d:~ ?".J;~$ ... _
_ F-f"."i:":"..~A!lr .t7'.d<"'..........q~ /-c.l b~.~~. ' .. __, _ .
___ ~'.J~/~?-' .!¥/":? 7'FIrIr . .bI.~ .T/I'F?~' ~N #t::-'S-:
___ Ar &.6...' <,JT ;:. a "'r~4't'tk _4_ ;;:;"-?"\'1?v'..<:!""';~,('.;.,J"-j ... .
.........c:"'t;i/';;;:=-,y r-l~//'L!/~ / ....'. ~- ,(/~-J.ilYA/ 4~·'?!"";o<:&~~~~~_.
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~ '::..1-#~if",6J Jt"(,-t? 72~.r: t"f.€"_4!!'!_;; ..!~ 7'7tliC CO,", ';:;;~n9. A r .. ~__._.
.--.:'!:£ "'~J!fr~ ~~_.~<i"d#~. /i''7.::;irt-.. dE" ~.;, j.; "'.J -"/..-/#/r¢A.) _. l
........M,;C: 7'~4"f ..&:<!'::.. _d'::--.,J'~ ~".- ~?:~ ¥.!.l"'<:L '7 __ ~~ _
_ -:ZZ:- 4.,<rr.€F ~]:::~ ,(# ')&!t't~~"';) $-I/.a~:r' ,H",- ~ ... _

_ ~,.c:;<4r "'T~-;2.,. .1""".'i.l:Jr!i:]V r !k (l",::l:::'~"/f!" A .:;u::-F);::c'"4',/"'" ~ ._.~_ !

__..&'1.1f~/r~.~4 _£":'.e( ~ tf_~-t"§'.jr"'~{f-'Yr ~ /~7"f? .~ j
~ _~ ~77<' ~~.q.~'&"!4? .".-r~ kn.i:J ~,,//,,:,-:<,) I
_~~ ~.;::'<;:<1~_?"'f:7 :F?::~:""""''>_&~ /i<J:')At'I,.fJ/~ JM;r.l !

_.Z¥A7"" .71'1¥_.1zp~<'i"r.ZI2q;2 M---t _~c ~- ~1~ I

(/p.I~ .~j~ ~ .b"d~~.Y~&~?~ L'Jrk~<J;:
-=--... _ tf./.")~/Ff.:V4rl/'4 7~_~~-Z~( .~~ fz::-t,l~~~
---.2LV.4''''7y7~ J4JN. ~,Jr !?,z:: ~<"..._4t'~-"...(...... . 0'';' ~
;;!Wf 14..j <::& /.J) i& I./p,
JC-001·003230 .. ::.
1-·' . 3T--

«I1iICfrlC e- R:tacrr riO.

i:f/ r -....~;<;:'
,.,.... ---- I-~~r
--- -
"""'~~.H 0;- I

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0. I

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irwct,... 1-
..:zw~--~4-........... )
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I =. 1::.-: ... 1 ="'1

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IAI~) ~/~~:?" ""'" 7C ~V .,....~7 .u'<:i"" P'O"""t/ ,;4IF,(""-4J

.:[iF'''1f;U< <.4:> £iiJ<.I4 .&w'.a.t oJ AAq,~_v:r& y ~/..rtJ":; ,.....,..~ r,:w;;::

~/b 7?JI'...rr KG" 7!¥t!"A"" #<F"~ Av'~::.r...--:.#c::~==-,

(/.J").I/;k//r,;:v ....:
I ,
~4w"'r Z'O 1.;::" '" ;rAZe:" ~.jKa-r- ~ :1"-:1- ,.....fl.,w~~.!."'..:.~~:a::::::..."l:..-. _
• ,t.</:I/~_ Z2'k ;e;,4.l.r+ @% / #~h'F",.,j :f!!!!-.p_~'f:_~
,d,t""EE . ..
Ar+~::J -ZCtLM"'~" /C~ ~ff""N ~£. 11'7~"':- _~_ m ._

~#l>r...Ml!~";;~ .
/0/' ..) ~.I'~..:!,LZ";b ~-"~ 7.r~_.~ .:tl"~ ~(~~S-. _n ~__ ,
......+;2 ";I'f.:f:$:!!i2_..lft!.1'tf11-tL<;J"'" ~,,_~y 5J~~ d$o''k~6:5 .. «

.,...,.."......,... 1'1'<!: A-..!d .:t5£~(_t2Z:~ U<.Ji:l<::-:<J?:::?:.-:::::~<Q'!$::?-d

. i
_ -w 7"" or- ~ ~I"'? AfAii- tf~.,. ~".:.-4i¥. -~ "...-~..:;, . . ----'
........... ,; 7"~ <f.h!>/ k:.~ ,,-=- 7'~_~/<-:l4; f;L.I!!!~_£~~~"?!? Z""....:.. _

--- .~-_. . ~ --_. -- _.--- -- --- --_. -_._---- "'

--_._--_ .•. ------_._----_...__.

_. -'~_:~.:--- ~=j
--~----~- ",,- ~-~---_

• _ ••.. n
. .• _
.. _._--=_:=_:=~ ii
- ._-- ---I
_. - "--1
_ _ _ _• . h • • • _ _

-_.- ~_... -_._---_._-----_.

-- _.-_._---

JC.o01· 003231 ~ _I
""" 1--
I,1tIF :¥b z..,.
I ~'l'l!llU.~c..
_ ;7_-...:
" ..3

JC-001. 003232



Date: 5/17/99 FBI #, 174A-DN-57419
CONTROL NUMBER: 2757 Inveatigator: VQndenkamp

On 5/17/99 I interviewed 17 year old CHS student Krista Hanley at her

home in Littleton, cc , Krista's mother was present during this

Krista was inside the ellS cafeteria on 4/20/99 when the shootings
began. She stated she had left Ms Haringls history class around
11:1sam and walked with Lydia Perry, arriving at the cafeteria a few
minute1s later. I showed Krista a drawing of the cafeteria with the
tables depicted in this drawing. I pointed out specific areas of the
cafeteria such as the west windows and kitchen to give her a better
understanding of the drawing's lay-out. Krista looked at the
drawing, and recalled that she and Lydia stopped at table QQ.
Sitting at table QQ were Nicole Markham, Jessica Brown and Alex
Marsh. She believed that Patrick Leiker came by the table, but she
could recall if he sat down. Krista stated she sat down facing the
west at table QQ for a few minutes, waiting for less people in the
serving line.

Krista stated she did not see any large duffle bags anywhere in the
cafeteria, nor did she see anyone carrying a large duffle bag

She stated that she, Lydia and Nicole got up from the table to
purchase a lunch. She believes this was about 11:25am. Krista
recalled walking to the east window in the serving line. While in
line, she recognized Chris Markham's voice yell "get down". She
believed Chris Markham came in from the door by table WW in the

JC-001· 003233
northwest corner, but was not sure. Krista, Lydia and Nicole all got
on the floor. She looked towards the west and heard a loud "boom'' r

then saw smoke outside. She does not recall hearing any gunfire type
noises prior to this. Krista did not see anyone carry:lng, or
shooting a weapon.

Krista stated that she, Lydia and Nicole ran around the corner
towards the auditorium doors. They waited a few seconds outside the
audatorium doors near the elevators. Alex Marsh said that she saw
Dylan Klebold shooting a gun. Krista recalled she did not believe
it. Krista stated tr~t around this time, she can not remember where,
or how she got out of the building. Her friends, Nicole and Lydia
have explained to her the following information. The three girls,
along with about 20 other students went into the auditorium, ran
through it and exited out into the north hallway upstairs. They
continued out passed the counselor! s area and exited out of the
building behind the gymnasium. Outside they had to jump over a high
fence, which Zach Heckler helped her over. She recalled, she did not
"freeze up", and was definitely running. She just could not recall
details of her exit out of the building. Krista's mother stated that
Krista has been attending therapy to help her with this trauma. Her
therapist advised them that «memory lapses ff such as these under these
circumstance are not unusual.

Krista s t at.ed she has no memory of seeing any gunman after leaving
the cafeteria. She stated that her girlfriends have told her that
they did not encounter anyone carrying a gun upst.airs, or outside
when t.hey exited. When they exited the building, they ~an to Clemont
park. then onto the Hop'S restaurant an Bowles to make phone calls.
She recalled that her boyfriend, Eric Jackson was now with them. She
called her mother, who is a teacher at Ken Carle middle school. Her
mother confirmed she received a call from Krista around 12:00 noon.

Krista stated that Eric JaCKson'S father picked up the kids from Hops
and drove them to Nicole Markham's house on S. Pierce Ct. Nicole's
house was locked, so Nicole's neighbor offered ill telephone to the
kids. Krista had promised her mother she would call a second time

JC..o01. 003234
when she got to Nicole\s home. She went inside to calli and when she
came out, Chris Morris had arrived at Nicole's house with his friend
Cory Freeson. They had arrived together in Cory's small blue Or grey
pick-up truck. She believed the time was about 12:2Cpm. Chris
Morris is Nicole's boyfriend, and was hugging Nicole outside her
home , Chris was wearing black army pants, a black "e out.hpar-k"
t-shirt. and "probably" his black beret which he frequently Wears.
Krista did not speak with Chris Morris, as she left with Eric Jackson
and his father.

Krista's mother stated that Detective Rick Griffith from CEI and
another Detective had called to speak with them a few days ago. They
were asking questions about Kristals involvement with the TCM r as she
had been identified as an associate of this group.

I asked Krista about her contact with the TCM. She stated that last
school year she began hanging out with Nicole Markham and Chris
Morris. They would go midnight bowling and watch movies. A couple
of the boys in this group began wearing t r-enchcoa t s and the term
trechcoat mafia was started. She stated that ather students gave
them this name. They all thought the name was cool, because it set
them apart from other stul:ients. Krista stated she did not wear a
trenchcoat. Krista took a picture of the group, and gave it to the
school yearbook ccmmittee to have it printed in the yearbook. All
pictures submitted like these, required a narrative about the
picture. They decided to write trenchcoat mafia and a few words that
were printed. She stated that Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris began
hanging out with the group sometime after the picture was taken.
Eric and Dylan were close with Nate Dykeman, but never gave any
indicaticn they were so angry at the school. Krista said she knew
nothing about any plans or the intentions Eric Harris and Dylan

Krista asked me why so much attention was given to prom night. She
stated that during "after prom" it "'as very difficult to get in and
out of the school because of the amount of teachers and parents
there. The staff would not allow any backpacks or bags inside the

JC-001· 003235
school, for fear of alcohol. Krista stated she went to prom with
Eric Jackson and they were with Chris Morris and Nicole Markham. She
said she was with them the entire night and at no time did Chris or
Eric leave the party. Krista indicated that she read in the media
that some kids may have brought "bombs" into the school on prom
night. She recalled that Dylan Klebold, Robin Anderson, Nate Dykeman,
his date and Eric Harris left the after pram party between 2 and 3am.
Krista stayed with Eric Jackson, Nicole and Chris Morris until around
Sam, when they left to go eat.

I asked Krista if there was anything else she could tell me about the
kids in the TO!. She advised me that her friend Nicole and Chris
Marris are still dating. She stated that mast eRS students are not
aware of thier relationship, so Nicole has n ~ b l e m s with
other students, Krista is aware that .............., ~s under
investigation regarding this incident, and stated t h a t " has
always left the eRS campus during his free 4th hour. He has done
this most of the school year.

Investigator oate I

4 JC..o01.003236
= $ '.....



'-~ ~- !l


I' iJ

, \.~:;
"I' .
f' II

I ' .


= - eo



'. "'~ """"

if r \



COLUMllINE HIGH S~OOL Docket Num.l:>er,

Oaten 5/2/99 FBI# 174A-DN-S7419
CONTROL#: DNI030 Investigator, Vondenkamp

On 4/27/99 I interviewed 15 year old CHS student Jillian Hart

at her home in Littleton, Co. Jill's parent were present for this
interview. Jill agreed to speak with me about the shootings at
Columbine High Sohool on 4/20/99.

Jill stated she is an "A' lunch student, and had arrived at the CHS
cafeteria on 4/20/99 around 11 .z csm. She went to a table and sat
with Brandy Wiseman, Tasha Olson, Jamie and Tiffaney (last names
unknown I . Jill recalled she sat down facing the west windows. I
provided J~ll a drawing of the cafeteria which depicted the tables
and their locations in the cafeteria. I pointed out areas such as
food line and west windows to give Jill a better understanding of the
drawing's layout. She looked at the drawing and believed she and
her friends were sitting at either table AAA or ZZ. She circled both
tables on the drawing.

Jill recalled that she had just arrived at the table, when she heard
Mr Sanders yell "get down". She also heard someone say there was a
gun. She then heard noises, which she believed were gunfire earning
from the West. She got under the table and was looking towards the
west, out the windows. She saw a person wearing a long black coat,
carrying what looked like a long barrel ~~. She described the gun
as dark in color with about a 12' barrel. The person was near the
northwest corner of the building, on the outside. She never saw this
person's face, as she only saw the back of the person, and the gun.
Jill could give no description, and was not sure of the height, or if
the person was wearing a hat. She believed he was earrying the gun

JC-001· 003239
in his right hand. She recalled this person was looking out towards
the parking lot,

Most of the students inside the cafeteria began to run for the inside
steps. She also got up and ran, and was towards the end of the pack.
As she ran, she heard mora gunfire and an explosion behind her. She
did not look back, and had no contact with any gunman. Jill turned
into the auditorium doors by the cafeteria restrooms, as some
students were running that way. She eontinued out through the
auditorium, into the main hallway, then out the building behind the
gymnasium. She did not. encounter any gunman upst.airs, but. did
continue to hear gunfire behind her. She did not know if those were
inside or outside, or how close.

She left t.he school and ran to Clement Park with several other
students. She was carrying her backpack, as she had no time to take
it off When she sat down. Jill stated she did not see any large
duffle bags inside the cafeteria on 4/20/99, Or any previous days.
She had nothing more to add about the shootings.

Jillian Hart
9164 w. Progress Ave.
Littleton, Co, 80123

Investigator Date

JC-001· 003240
- :;J d
- - - -. ------;----;;r:r---------. "It' ~~.-
---_.:.. .~ ' j ' . -~_._.




: ~-- 'r-,;"-

• . <"" •.•

I ~--- -

r JC-001- 003241


JC.Q01· 003242
RcponiuiAscn;:y ~nin8 om," Cue [tepa" SO
C;)n.rt~ling(;lSI:' Report ~o yictim Name Origituu R~!i Omt:ntis~

~#3944 06-07-99
CI. 00 x First Deg,," MQrder O~ 5wut: O\lm x E!t~«l.hy Clutti1 a Recomllle:nd Case: j{(\ii'¢w D

Rt<.':jwlf:~SI'o" a O-"!?rA:r= a !J1l~ a C10$u~ 0

1~ I QlRltlity


! £lttt\d "<<<tl\t' 1 ~~iqt\ I SilrialNo
= r R~~~ I ~ed

HART, ruSTIN, ooB/01-15-82

71"9 West Cbesmur Drive
Littleton, Colorado 80123
Bus: Studenl1Columbine High School


HART, )0 ELLEN, DOB/IO-08-56

Sameas above
.is: Same' as above


Same as above
Bus: (303) 820-5240


On June 7, 1999, between toe hours of 1J 17 and 1136, I had an oppor!Ul1ity to speak with Justin Hart in reference '0 'he
Columbine incident that occurredon April 20, 1999,

Uponcontacting Justin, I asked if be was in the cafeteria areaon Aptil20, 1999 for his scheduled lunch,"A," Justintold me
that he had left schoci after his fourth hour newspaper class taught by Mr. Meirand believes he left the school at abou, 1105
hourswith his friend. Joe Ragole Justintold me lilatbothhe and Joe exitedfrom the schoolfrom the south Rebel comer,and
proceeded out into thejunior parkinglot, where they got into Joe's vehicle and went 10 the Burger King locatedat Pierce and

,... 1

Reporting ,a..~ncr R.epefling Officer C~ Report \;0
Conottlil'l8 Cw Re:{Xlfl No Victim Nam¢Original RI!lJOO Dal( Tfns; Report

DN1I3944 06-117·99
C 'UI!on x Ftnt Degree- Murder Q(f_ 5_~ Open X ~~*I:; ClMned 0 Rti;ommend c~ R.view C
R'l\.,~jfi«';M o C!~bYArmt a (JrtlOi.iIHfed a C]OOUR: c
l~~ I QlWYtitY I amld Nl>lM I Cle'!icrillliQll ! S<:Jial N(l
I Vii~
I \ilue

Ottawa. Afterpickingup the,r lunch,the two droveback to thehigh schooland armed at about 1 J 17 hours, where they parked
in the sameparkingspace and proceededback into the highschool. Justin told me that as they were walking into the school. he
recallshearingseveral loud pops and initiallyIltought theywere M80's, As he entered into the school,through the Rebelcorner
entrance, he recalls seeing a janitor running about the cafeteria area and was telling students to get down. Justin told me thathe
wentover near the stone partition wall with the glasswindows, which is just to the west of the school store. where he remained
forjust a short period of rime. and thenhe qui<:kly exitedtheRehel comerafter he observedstudentswho wereover nearthe west
windowsof the cafeteria get up and stan to run east Justintoldme that both he and loe ran east from the school and proceeded
over to Leawood Park. Once they reached Leawood Park, they continued to hear gunshots and explosions coming from the
school. Afterreaching LeawoodPark. Justin explained that he wentto his friend, Braden Pesusich's house, where they stayed
for a period of time.

Justin wasasked ifhe ever observedany gunmenwhilear Columbin.. HighSchoolor after he left the school. He told mehe did
lot observeany gunmen.he only heard gunfire and what he thought were explosions. I verifiedthar Justin never made it into

the corearea of the cafeteria,but hedid tell me that ifhe had made it into thecafeteria he probably wouldhave sat over near rhe
northwestcorner of the cafeteria,

Justin was asked if he had any eddmonal information to provide reference this incident, He did ten me that a friendof his by
the nameof Ali Bouldtalfa had told him after the incidentthat he was seatedover the northwest side of the cafeteria and as he
was looking out the west windows he observed both unidentified gunmen standingoutside and he observed one of the gunmen
walk overnear the grassyarea, pointa shotgunat the ground. and firethe shotgun. Justin told me that Ali did not identify either
one of the gunmen and that he has no additional information to pro-vide pertaining to the informationAli providedhim.


FBI Case It4-DN-57419,DN ~)944,

DISPOSITION; Case open, pending further investigation. JC-001.0032.44

om" JI':'::2!:=----------r-;;:;:-r;;==-'-

JC-oo,- 003245


DefendAnt, {Columbine shooting) Docket Number, S9A062 {JJI

Oa.t.. , 052099 Ca.s" Numb"r: 99-7625
Deputy 0. A. : Investigator, Mike Heylin


Anthony Hassman OOB: 092182

4231 S. Yarrow Ct.
Lakewood, CO 80235
cia mother: Kathleen Bennett (wi United Airlines
step-father; Stuart Bennett {wi 303-866-9400
-CBS student; in cafeteria in lunch line when incident started; in
lunch line with Pat Hume; backpack at table N; l? J. Capra, Miel
Hatfield, Dan Abrams, and possibly Chris Cox at table N; no suspect
or Cluffle bag information; initially hid in bathroom by cafeteria
and then exited via the auditorium a.,d the doors east of the gym; at
time of interview he ha" a frian" over named Jason Wood (5454 W.
Canyon Trail, Littleton, CO 303-904-3758, parents are Suzanne and
Kodi Hooper) who was in Mr. l?eterson' s science class (room Science
2) when shooting bega., and remained there until rescued by SWAT;
this student not interviewed because no parent was present


On May 18, 1999 at 1830 hours I contacted Anthony Hassman at his

home for an interview. His parents were present. Anthony told me
the following:

• He is a sophomore at Columbine High.

JC-001· 003246
• When asked about Eric Harris, he said that he thought he has
seen Eric around school but never knew his name, He thought that
Eric wore a green beret and a trench coat at times.

• When asked about Dylan Klebold, he said he knew Dylan from the
computer ·etore named Computer Renaissance located at Bowles and
Wadsworth. Dylan was working there last AUgust when he would come
in the store and look at computer equipment. He only saw him a few
times and thought he was introduced to him.

• He did not know

• When asked about , he said t h a t ' " was on the

debate team with him last year. He said that IIIIIPwO;ld
play card
games about world War II. He said that he has s e e n " in black
lipstick, black eye make-up, and a white face like the character in
the movie, "Crow." lie described him as 6'6" tall and said he
smelled of poor hygiene. He said IIIIII'read mythical books L~d was
moody. He does not remember S e e i n g " in school at all this

• He thought there were more trench coat students last year,

about 12 or so, than this year. He did not know any other trench
coat students or associates. He heard the name "Trench Coat Mafia"
from Robert Perri last year. He said Robert referred to his group
as the Trench Coat Mafia.

• He did not see any of the trench coat students or associates in

school on the day of the shooting. He remembered seeing Dylan at
the end of school on the prior Monday, Friday, or Thursday to the
shooting, running out the west door of the school by the library.

• He did not see anY suspicious objects around school the day of
the shooting. When asked specifically, he did not see any duffle

JC.o01- 003247
,. On the day of the shooting, he wore a polo shirt, tan short.s,
white socks and Teva sandals.

,. On the day of the shooting he had Miss Nicannon' s 4th hour

American Literature class in Language Arts classroom #11. Upon
getting out at 11,10 a.m. he walked straight to the cafeteria and to
his table. He thought he was at table M or N. The backpack chart
showed him at table N. He said the other students at the table were
P.J. capra, Pat Hume, Joel Hatfield, Dan Abrams, and possibly Chris

,. He dropped off hi.s backpack and went to the lunch line with Pat
Hume. He went to the second from the aast end, the Italian
food line.

,. The first thing he nct i.ced was tlllO different muffled
pcpa . He said One of the sounds was deep and rich sounding while
the other was a shorter, higher pitched sound. He said the popping
sounds were coming from outside the cafeteria to the west.

,. He said that a janitor and Mr. Sanders came running through the
cafeteria from the west door area telling everyone to get down. He
then ducked down by the lunch line. He thought that this was all a
senior prank. He said Mr. Sanders ran east telling everyone to get
down that some~ody was outside with a gun.

,. He said that everyone in the cafeteria started to run out

toward the stairs. He thtught he saw a dark figure run along the
west window to the cafeteria and to the southeast. He only saw the
figure running and could not describe it any further.

• He then ran east from the lunch line and then turned left
(north) into the men's bathroom in that area. He and several other
b~is hid in a toilet stall. He was with a will Beck and pat Hume.
He heard a voice say outside, "everybody get out.' They stayed in
the stall until the fire alarm went off. They then decided to run
out of the bathroom and they met Mr. Andres Jr. who was sending

3 JC-001· 003248
students into the door that leads to the hacl< stage area of the
auditorium. He heard several more shota while in the auditorium.

• He and others ran up the left aisle of the auditorium ami out
the door to the main hallway. As he went out to the main hallway,
he looked west toward the library and ssw ",hat he thought wss a
light mist and unknown pieces falling down in that area.

.. He ran down the main hallway toward tne main east doors but was
directed by a teacher to turn north down the hallway just prior to
tne main office ares. He ran down thst hallway and out the school
via the doors on the east side of the gym. He ami others ran to the
smoker's pit, over the fence and into Clement Park.

This concluded my interview with Anthony Hassman.


JC.(J01· 003249

JC..o01- 003251
• i .


Date af Ir.II:ucriplion 05/07/99

Ryan Benjamin HASTEN, date of birth: 03/20/84, was
interviewed at his residence, 7842 S. Lamar Street, Littleton,
Colorado on April 27, 1999. He was advised of the personal and
professional identity of the writer and the purpose of the
interview. HASTEN's mother, Terry HASTEN, was present for the

HASTEN advised that he is a freshman at Columbine High

School, and did in fact leave his blue Nike backpack in the
cafeteria at the high school on April 20, 1999, following the
incident there. HASTEN stated that he is on "A" lunch schedule,
and had entered the cafeteria at approximately 11:25 AM. HASTEN
bought lunch in the cafeteria, and took a seat in the main
cafeteria area. HASTEN was shown a map of the cafeteria by the
writer, and advised that he believed he had been sitting at table
QQ on that map.
HASTEN stated that he was sitting with Kyle MICHELSON,
Chris CARLSTEOT and John STOCKING, fellow freshman. HASTEN
pointed out what he recalled to be their seating location on that
HASTEN stated that he had just sat down to eat When he
heard a noise outside, which he described as a bang which sounded
similar to a firecracker going off. HASTEN saw teacher Dave
SANDERS exit out the west door by the faoulty lounge to the area
outside the cafeteria. HASTEN stated that as he was going out,
he heard SANDERS telling everyone to qet under their tables.
Within ten to fifteen seconds Mr. SANDERS came back
into the cafeteria through the same door, and was yelling for
everyone to run. HASTEN did not think that Mr. SANDERS appeared
to be injured at that time.
HASTEN stated that he ran up the stairs on the east
side of the cafeteria and into the hallway above. An unknown
teacher was telling people to go into the aUditorium, and HASTEN
went inside. Not feeling comfortable there, HASTEN continued to
run through the cafeteria, down the main hallway past the
administrative offices and out into the faculty parking lot on
the south side of the school. He then began running north toward


1';". 4-11N-57419 99-7625 05/07/99

'r A ent Frank R. Vanece

JC-001· 003252
Thit documil'nt ,ot\um, m:itt'l(1' reccmm~M,icl'<t Mt ~n.;h,;,iQn, afihet FBt It is th, prop'l\)' o!tf!t: FB! "-M l! l.unorlito your agency;
it an.d 1/.1 "OfIUlllt!l .'ItT not to i:'t JI>.tritU.ll¢d ;)Uuidt y.. . ur ar:t>Cy
4-DN-57419 I 99-7625 (Jeffco)

Ryan,. Benjamin Hasten ,"'I' _-=-_

Clement Park. He saw a marked police unit driving south through
the park toward the high school, and as he approached it the
deputy driving it told him to keep running.
HASTEN advised that as he ran out the main entry doors,
he saw that several of the doors and windows were broken out. He
also stated that he heard several bangs while running through the
building, which were not too loud. He did not know if the bangs
were coming from within or outside of the building.
HASTEN stated that he did not see the suspects at any
time during the incident. He also did not see any duffel bags or
other suspicious objects while in the cafeteria.
HASTEN stated that he did not know Eric HARRIS or Dylan
KLEBOLD. He saw their pictures in the newspaper, and did not
think he had ever met either of them. HASTEN stated that he had
seen some individuals in the past wearing dark trench coats on
campus, and had heard that they were known as the Trench Coat
Mafia. HASTEN did not know anything else about the group, and
was not acquainted with anyone Who belonged to it.
HASTEN stated that he had been wearing a white and
green plaid button-up shirt and green shorts on that date.
A copy of the cafeteria map depicting HASTEN's seating
location is attached to this FO-302.

JC-001· 003253
I ! i I I'!>. -,1
I 1
:I , ,

I 1 .~',' I r~f'Q7'/ i , I

, i , ~ , I I I ' IN''/ . . t :Hx,..

! •• I A;"'\ 1/'1:' .~ I/' I I i:"'

"',- T
I ,~
,\,:') y

: ...
I ! I ,

, l. I T , ,I iA i' i: I j
i 1'; I IT
i ,i i 1

, I , : I f'~ I ; I ' f ' I I E : '::i T' 1.-: 1 "1.,: I i j

I' I. ~ I : r ,!;T! I ('''''iT I /">; !r-:\ I r;-.,., I! i ~ ; : !

! ! : I I i '! ,I '-..::/' i"-:./, ""J,, I
; i Ii! T ';; I , I I I I I i . I
: I j I
, , i I~
ii, ! ! ' ! : ! j ii, I j :1
in iii I , I 'I: I I , ii, i II
I I ,i x ' , .J--.. :.---.1 d 1M' , I i ' I I : ! II
~ 1 ! i I I I I
! II! , ! I ii' i I :! '7", I i'o-!' '-" I', I I
i j;! I !, i I I I I I I I I i I I : I i ,

- i f i ~ ! : I I : r--J . ,r-J ~ i ;.-..1 I h , I A, , Ii : . I ! I

I' ,
,TT I I i I \ I I! i I I I : I ! " ; 1 [ ~! \ • I

i I I Ii! I I I 'I I , i I I ! I I
tT I 'T !T :; ! l i ~ I I I : I I ! I 1 ! j j f , 1
Tll'l I .
1 !j 1 I I : ! j
1 11T ' I ; t: I l' i
i~ IT
: IJ I j
iii ; !
i' Iii: " I i"-" I I I I 'i Ii' ii' 1

! !! 1 , I ,~I,:!: '-' I I :~ I i"-r' I '-,-1 I I I

Ii' I :
, il i I I '--.J '",,"", I "'""'" I :, I ' : I I i , , I. i I . i
i 1 : i ! 'j I

I 'I I I I' "" i l l . " J! , 1"'-'" 1 I I I

t I : I ! I j I "'-. ! I I! I ,:/,;
1_ ';'--'i ! 1 I I I r:;:'\, I n,..1) ' / i i I

: I I'''' \,y I ~I I i i/ I ! : I I I ! i
_'I: ! i I ; ~ I f IJ......or' ' I I I: ~ j I !
!:'; '/::;_~i I 11 ......... , 1 1 : , 1 , : I: . I
1''.':5' ,e) I I __ 'I ,I I I· I ii, : i
, "
. I I I I I: I !
JC.o01· 003254

JC-oOf. 003255
Pag.__ 01__ Peg•• e... No, _
Denver Police Department

'(1,L. I~ t.J~ ~.Z;Z bled, k~ C.cllj- CL ~ ~ ~,Y", blc-..H (,...$IL I.".l)

r'1? ~S} kl/. /-k. ~5 s4,.aFr~ a. Sa.W~ 4- s:b:>?!i<J'1' -$ !k

/ "av. read tb« foregoing s,aramant and tile feet. contained Illarain ara trua to tha but of my knowledge and balief, I
do not meintl#n thar tt contain. 11/ of the feclS or d.tail. of thelneidant, but only '11o•• about whlcll t have bean

JC.o01· 003256

tf/J:A r/.KM,........ kin; S.........,

Page _ _ of___ Page. Ca•• # _

f htJve read the foregoing statement and tJul 'acts contained thetein /IlIA tffliJ fO the best of my knQwl#Jdge and belief. I
do nor maintain thllt if contains 611 of the feers or details of the Incident, bur only those facts about which I have been

Q!L I."...
;n) 1..i:I-

r 32.-. a AM
T7M Statement CompWtad
)ll PM

JC.o01· 003251
Supplemental Report
JCSO ')9.7625 I FBI 114A·DN·S1419 I CONTROL NUMBER, 1994
Investigator DanPfannenstiel I WestMetroFi",,1 J03.989-4m ExteftSion 5311 ~

,''Ocl_'''~_''_ ~
OnApril 29. 1999" 1300aouea I met with Joel Hatfieldand his father, John Hatfield. at ~
Drivein Littleton, CQlorado fur the purpose of an interview

Joel Harfield provided tbe fc

""cwTai on April 20, 1999:

• Joel was in ECll!lsh class umilll 10a.m, wilen the hell rang. He 'wed !ha' be got CUt of class and
went to hislocker across from the Math Department. He stated thac be was with "Pl" fora shon t:ime
.lOU then "P,F' went to his 0\0\']] lockerwhile 10el went to the cafeteria via the interior stairs. Joel swed.
that then: was notblng unusualat that rime.

• Joel ,tated mat be was at me 'OP of the stairs when <be second bell (11:15) rang, He swed _ be
walked alongthe south side of the cafeteria and then sat at 11table along the west windows, He
identified _ he sal as rable "M","BB" or "Cc- as ooted in tlle FBI Evidence Diagram. H e _
tbat he Sal down and faced to me east (stairs) with his back to tile windows,
• Joel was wearing blue jeans, a dark checkered flannel shirt and a .,Amber Crombie" hat (normal
dltect\on), Joel did bave his eY"g1asse, on at des lime. Hestated tbat be boda putple bac!<pack with
the following in it: SSO,OO cash, Math book.EatdISeieece book, clack blllder. ted folder, LouiSLamar
book and. OMC manual. He left his backpack 00 the flooe.

• Joe! statedthat PI returnedto the table and that Joha Owens and Brian Halewere also sittingat the

• Joel s",ted thal be was silting at the table for about 15 minuteS and theo be beard a single"pop", He
stated that it soundedlike it was a paint ball gun. Joel stated that moments later be got up to threw
something in the trub end as he did SQ,Ile looked out the west wicdcws. Joel gave the following
accountwhile 100kmgout the window

I Observeda single gunman described as a white mal. ..boul6 feet tall, with a medium build, An
ovalface, noglasses, 0.0 facial hatr and red, ear length hair. He was wearinga black baseballhat

2. The gullm>l!l was standingnorth of tbe chain litiI< fence and east of the sidewalk. The gonman was
facing Joel.

3. Thegunman did not haveanything overhis face and was wearing clack bluejeans with 110 holesor
patches, Joel stated tbat be bas. white shin (believed be. T·.1un) and alight colored vest wi!ll
pockets. Joel sesed "'at me vestwas "weighteddown, because it was not llapping like <be fron' of his

4, Joel staled1IIat the gunman had a black <reo<:b c.", on that went 10 about the middleof his lower
legs He stated that it was open and "flapping in the wind" Se swed tha' there were no logo. or
identifierson the trench cca.

5 Joel staledthat me gul1I1Wl did 00' bave any gloves 00 and that be could DD! see hi' feet

6. The gonmanbad a gray, semi-automatic handgun in his right hand. He staled that <be gon was "T·
'b.ped" and tbere was about S Iocbes ill front of and belliod the pistol grip. The gun he<! a Ioeg clip in

i. Joel stated that the gunmanfireda single SOOt at Mike JOhnSOIl, whowas on the hill west of the
sidewalk. He stated that this SOOt was fired at Mike Johnson's knee.

JC.Q01. 003258
Supplemental Rel"'1"t
JeSO 'l').. 7625 1 FBI174A·DN·S1419 1 CONTROL NL'MBER: 1994
Invmiptor D1ln Pr....1IStiel1 West Metro Fire 1300-989-4300 Em".;oo 530

8. Joel stated tilat the gunman turned (unknown dlrecrioc) an<! fued "a bunchof shom (rapid fire)
while turning"

9 Joel stared that tltegunmatl th•• fired a single 'hot at a guy that was staIIdiltg neat the <halo link
fence (northside) 10 the upper body. The sbQoting victim fellcothe ground 00 the east :ndeof the

[0. Joel stated :bat he did not bave anytlting in his left hand at tbts time. He staredthat the gunman
tbea "changedclip,", but dees not know what be did with the clip thlll he took out.

[I Joel smeed :bat the gunmatl :ben walked up thellill (nottb)and pickedup • sho,gun :bat w.. lyUlg
on me grQund. Hedoesnotremember if it wason the sidewalk or Dot.

12. Joel described the shotgunas • "shon, side by side. double b_l shor gun" Joel 'wed tha' be
pickedthis shotgunup and betd it in his left hand.

13, Joel stated that the gunmancame back down the hill towards the shooting victim near the fence
(the cbest wound 01.1 the ground) and "pointed tbe slIDt gunat him and fired two times".

• Joel swed tbat ajanitorthea came in '0 :be coleteria and yelled ., everybody to get down " wbicb
point he did. Joel stated lbat hi' right arm was againSt:be wall and be was facing '0 the "'nth. He
stated[bat he was"croucheddown" and did Dot see the gunman come intothe cafeteria. He stated that
be never saw a second Of a tbird gunman.

• Joel stated that be wason the floor for about one mioute and does not rememberseeing any big duffel
bags at that: time, Joel stated that be than got up and ran southto the wall and then east along the south
wall 'owards the ,tails. He seared :bat be gorto aboutlitecommonsarea and heat "two (2) sborgun
blast, from above". Heswed the!one of:be "blasts camedown tlte SllllI"' an<! lb. otber Wen! down :be
hall.because be11_ it male along the Icckers" Joel stated :bat be did nor hear !lily 'hom ftom
hebind at :bat tiIm.

• Joel 'wed ,Ilat everybody started to run back down tbe stairs at th" time. He stated rhat be ran
towardsIllel<itcilen and <ben into the "laundryroom" in the rear of:be kitchen. (see attached

• He smted that tbe laundry room locks: when you dose lrand can only be opened with a key or from the
inside, He stated the, tbere were about 18or 20 people in the reom with him. He s....d th" the
following were in the room with him:

Paul Andrews
Kirsten Garamone (sit)
Austin Mears(sic)
4 lunch ladies(unknown whom)
3 reachers(unknown whom)
I custodian (unknown wbo)
9 - I i unknown,tudenm

• Joelstated that thejanitor bad a radio and that hecommunicated (0 somebody on the outside and they
toldus to stay in there Joel St31ed:bat he heard what be tlrought wasa "fire exanguisber gningoff a
coupleof minutes afterthey got into the room" Hestated that they continuedto hear gun shotS from

Jc.o0 1- 003259
Supple......ta1 Report
JCS099-7625 / FBIl74A·ON·S7419 / CONTROL NUMBER: 1~
Investillllm, Dan~ / West Metro Finl/ Jro.9ll9-4J07 Exte_ 530

• Joel 'tllIl>d d:at "somebody knockedon the door and wanted to coree in" He 'tllIl>d rbllt tlli' person
"slipped Ills lD under the door wlochread Jeremy", but that tbey "did no' ope. the door for bim" He
stated <hat Paul Andrews sell bas the ID '0 dare.

• Joel ,tatod d:at the SWAT reamevenrually gut to them and theywentfrom thelaeadry room, to the
reachers lounge,out the window and up theluJ!'o a fire deportment vehicle. He 'tllIl>d that theydid so
about tbteo at a time and d:at they bad to bug the waJI .. tbey wen.

• Joel stated d:at he did nor know the gJlllIllaIl. bu' couldreeogni2e the one sh...... in a pho'o line up if
he had '00. He.tllIl>d d:at he aever heardor Dylan K1ebold oc Ericllatri. prior to the evett' and only
saw them on the television or the _aper.

• Jeel stated d:at be bad never heard of the Tnloth Coat Mafi. (fCMJ prior to the ....L Hestated that
he basseen trenCh coots only • couple of _ at school. Hestated that be bas no knowledgeof
anybodywith. "dooble pierced.)" brow".

• Joelsratod that he does use 1ll. family COUlputot. but does no, knowwhat an "ICO" is. He stated that
their family ..mail - . Is www·hotl6cllevv. aol. Hestllll>d that be does.', do....yrh:ngkooky 00
the internet". Mr. Hatfieldcoollrmedwha, Joel had said and ll$/cod if wantedto see anyrh:ng on tlle
compu..... He stated that Joel gollel':l!ly uses the .·mail rocthe Boy ScOUt proj_ that he is involved

• Joel sra"'d that be did not see or ..... tbe RNN llleSS3i" of the day on April20· H. statedrbllthe did
no' hear anytblng about "guns or bombs" prioc to tll••varus on the W· of April.

I gaveJoel Hatfieldand!li' rather my business card should !lley need to have• contactregarding this
Incident, l.cludad witlllhi' report Is th. diagramthat Joel drew Ills locatio., eneaece lIltoand exit cut of
the cafell:ria.

JC..o01- 003260
) -

o 0 o
o 0 o
o 0 0 0 0 0
o 0 0
~1!V:>aOOd - - --------,

D tJ JC-001· 003261
<Iii--- H.1~0 N

. .........

\.l> '
:s N
-L. l
\..J J::

... es- c_

t ~
Q ~

~ JC -001· 003262

JC-001· 003263
It<potting A8~CY ReportinG Off~ C*, Report ,'\,;o


COlltte<:thlg Case RcponNo viCtim N~ Origmai R¢pert Diue Tha Repon
.tlwt<m X Firs'! DegreeMurder O~ Stand; Open X E:~OIII:Hy Gl"l1'W a Recomrruend Case:: ~\rMW a
Re:ol*,1ifiWtcm 0 Cleve4 by It!r$ 0 UrfuuncIeU a ern""" 0

~~ I QIlwl('¥ I tlrand ~t 1~10\'l i S«i~Ng ,- 1f(~g~J~

9551 West Hlal.ah Plate
Littleton. Colorado


On April 29, 1999, at approximately 1650 hours, I Interviewed David Haulman at Ins residence concerning the incident at
Columbine High School. Haulman stated thal on April 20, 1999, he Went to school at approximately 0710 hours andhadclasses
first through fourth periods, Haulman stated!hathis lunchperiod started at approximately I J 10 hoursand that he wentdirectly
to the lunch room, arriving at approximately 1115 hours...... "en shown a diagram of the cafeteria (attached), Haulman stated that
he was seated at table KK.

Haulman said thatat approximately llZS hours, he hearda "bunch" of gunshots, aaulman stated that he immediately got up
from table KK and ran through thescience and math areahallway andexited out the front doors of the school bythemain hallway
leading to the east doors.

Haulman staled that once outside on Pierce Streethe stopped a vehicle !hatwasdriving by and obtained a ride from an unknown

Haulman stated that he left hi, blue Janspcrt backpack in the area of table KK. furtherdescribing his backpack as dirty and
containing school books. H.ulman also Slated that his schoollocker was number80.

DISPOSITION; Caseopen, pending further investigation,

JC-001· 003264

I'lli' !
e-f !
I , 1 : I r:>\ I _"~ '---I.
! , , I~ '-::Y ! -f,:"':)' \:lI J
1 i
, i I ! I - I,
, 1 ' , I 1 I I
I 1 A ' 11"7'\ , .. r '...-/. Y... ,
I -: I :/ 'I""' 'I i '\:Y ' 1 1 ' T
1 I I til, 1_ ! I I
I ' , I 1 i [,i;\, {~) I ! ! ; i : I
I :1 ; i\
1 ~

1 i i !
I I I I i I r l j I 1 I I I I 1 i !
I ;;! I Irl I ~I ! 1

iii I I I 1 ~ J' I ..... ~ I , I , .

I 1 , i Iii J I I i I -:1,1 j !: J I I 1 , i
I i I I ! If! I ::lSJ i i i I I I ,, '' ! 1 I I
I I I I i i j , I I I
I 1 i ! ,"'-/! I I .... I ! I (::>-1 "l) ! I I

1 i , 1 I iJ
I 1 I I I

~ ! ..

I I : i I

,, , , Ii!
1 I Q..:\ j :

, ! I IY I ! '!--Y ! 1'-'" ~ '-'" I .;:;; 1 I

1 i \ i i \ \ (
, i , I I I :..-< :,k' I~' i 1 ' I
i ! I i , I ,!oil, I I :

,lil:IIMp' , I

ill I : ' I, I I 1 i j I i'

I I l ,I ! I 'I I, , I !
, !
\ I j I
, I , 1 ~ i ''...-/ I 1 ''-...7 I '-:..:/' I
, i i i I i - !
I ; I I : r;. .\1 ' ["7'., 1-';;:;;::::: I . I

I ! ! I i I 1\.:./ , ~I ,'-:."J (,,.;.1: I~I 1 ~ ~ I

I ' 't. I I.If L';:. a A , .. I I.....;"J. I I
! ; -I j I I :, I I I ! : : '
; .. I I ,I I ,
'" d ; : I ' l'!
:.,.;:, ... : T : I -,:-r..., :

~ I
T 1
, I
, . i_I
1 ii /t >«
I~ ".
: 1
rt f:,~ I I
, : I I , i I 1 i ,I . : I
1 I , , 1 : : l I I ' i I

JC-001· 003265
JC·001· 003266
Case No. _
Oenver ponce Deportment
1~~~' Middle IMiaIl Mlklng: Sl~ , ;
'A1j,I.-f'Ni". /'" ~4Ajfl~p. CJ Officer WItnea c

P$rton advised
Residence -=77o,)J
s. 5 -r-
City CwQtY
L .rt)" (I"'; .J(~"
. rei,-
Zip ColD

~.~ ,..,,~ 7<1- 43b 3

Busi"",, SUtet Address

I ...
""""' J
SoeiAt SeClJrilV No.

COIl"'" Sf...
O",t.of 9ltth,. S.rial No..

Zip eo.
Qffi'"'~*(7'a) .....~/6; IO'~11<f/<t'<'j

Concerning '7nem
...; ..; neo...rrino at: I
Location whM'$ ~nt taken: .
'7<,; ,-2. "i.
.c noA,-.. )-r
Summaty of Statement:

(,,1 )y, ,) :1',.. S,e-e'""Tt.Vu L~() ')R }\"it:.,-( ''Y=S $" 1.-' 11..L,.
C jl. C. "f-<1. .:'"
A. No
(yJ:>o !Q~ Sa A"1<rs..- CAB"')I'~ fJ'-'j Djctl.", 20cs
, N"TD 'j1.l..;> cAfeT.,eI!:,,A.
A: I\J()
G' b ~ D y..;"c 'See fc. (- H-4"'-4. if OA" byLAfV KIf' 8.. /!> ON

M~i\ij)""'l (2<>- -r,-...... s,.,...;{

u..:. l-tl\y..; I,,'" A"'"m; N5 E"'- 11\ AN'1I ,,,]-< 4'3"'..T"'""11±r

=0.... /Vi t± C .. ,,,,T 1l(Ie-f!f;.... M4l.(,"') c:>, i'Y'~ 5 6" g')i" d'5 G.;,.., NS".
A --r \:tA-v'=< A- R ,-< '" 1) G\ II LL< \Yt,. .... MG:.H-.. ~ r -rfl..ll'l 1<N-r/N
) Q

eA !-( H
Ae,t. i 5 d'''; *\k< ",h- r-1-1 . C. IT . S c.(..lz: .> L ,4 7:,'''; i T t" N ,-::;. ,

f /
I have read the foregoing ;starement and the facts contained therein are true to tht1 best of my know/edge and belief, I
do not maintain that it conteins .Ii of the "',,1:1
or dOlo/Is of the incident. but only thos. facts ebout which I !lava be."

tLllt1/1~ 0 AM
page).. of ~ Pages C..ef _

Summary of State"",nt (c""t.l _

Di!) ye '" :fAV'" A BAct< fA'- k

)I.e; ,I T(, LII.. I7!k G,"rbJY') ey 17k "DAlIA'? C4=.T

U;? tW#4 j{7A-r"-;';""'''''' p, ,) 7"'-' £/VT1'r-I7..(' C:..HT-(·i"1.,:a.

4. 7llc /3KJI 1f1-1) A/.t."AO>1 eclvj, jYJv.,-r/J. ;r4'"

( \
7 J /
f (
J fuwe read the foregoing statement and fhl! facts (;Qf1tsihed t.herf!in are tru« CD the bUt of my knewledge and belief. t
do not maintain that It contains a(1 01 the fi!JCts or der'li/$ of the jrtCident~ but only tnQ&e facts about which J have been

Date D AM
TIm&Statemem Completed
t:l PM

JC.o01. 003268
5",,,,,,,"Ct~\t'j '-<.\C;.S' s ;-it: ~'j' "V H-I.t ('9I+l '''' W~:~~ 733-05"4'<
S+e.~a:.",-; e, U 0","" s.k" 71;z.,- t(;Ze., 7 q v-d A/<l BQ .-ker-
'1 .
S"\ . . . . .;;~q h,,-d ~ 45+ +a, lKed' w ~ C,-",;~ 5+~fP 3'17- 7"3 f;;
"",d "I ~~_l.a. .t;l"; e ",i ¢ ~ t:-.; ~~ - ~ '" h qd b~ Ii ~5+
j ~"'- e, ~ he.. 5 +-<=p"5' -n; ~ ,y"",-,-p '-' q 5 -f-,:; V<" ':J c::1xJ "< 'h 0'-<1 +
L. v-.ds'J httl.t ~;:.eV\ j<>v-.e.. ~,- 5'""-10 "",;",'-{+~'$ .....;!.,e"" .;! J;,-I s
,-",,,,, '''''' +-t-..,,- et:c..- $C''''-'''_;:; -
5" ->4.'1-H-t«t &'' <::5 Vlrr j.<;'44«) •

",..Jt-..o ..f-1A":j q.reo - 5~ivj :S"""e.b{)~ "'czd j'-ts-t- s-": S/.,,,+)

7-~tlt+ -+v.e.. e- e, i-V'Q5 SC:W\,bC)~ w i-t-k "" J~"\ /!1e 0."'+""- J

C $ W\... Il -e..- s-k '. "'''''; e .... c '" ~) "l ",d K't"' .sq ~ ec.-s (;""i k", .-d'5 VI

~e.. ,-,-".""d"1.0S' A -b\~l¢. C.J;:. Joe-KS I N.:ck 8-::;$ a.vv1 K';;""HCIA5 we ...... ~~+t:-:; c,,+ "\. +Ctlc,le icc",:+ed ne-t+ +c,
+'-"e W~V\.dO~5, /\l'C.K W.e",+ c'-'\+':5.J~ C/~d W<:Z5 d.. . c.K,.\,

be.."';",.-J be\AC..!-tj 4*e~p+-;Vl.C +0 See w~~ '-'-'''is J",''j 0"'\,

7h e. ~C-l "" :-1:",. ~'- -v 'j<.:\.l o /2 e, '-<.I; ",dow s +0 IN/ a k e, 5,-,'-e...
e.; e..~'j I,;; v'~'j '-<Jc,:5 .:r~"+f-, ~ J6wct,
S"''''''''4''\~''l <..V«S h ;ch"'1 b.e.k:V\Ct' +k.:. Ca e- Civd +
h.~, s:J wlA.",,+- ~"'-c~e& /;ke.' J;-::;-e.., C"";r:5 .q+q d:S"'!-",,,,<,
cve';;-jlo O(.~ hAd 5+a.,--t-ed +t \''-<V\, S... W\¢i"l~ c:; vt:i «e r-
4-.~ U\,J"::l ""'''' "\'\:-0 ~e.. qu.d :+0,; \..<W1 +L-t4i- l/ltZd 't

C; \..<.: +Ct ,,- da ~ :) 'j'-"\ '5 e::5 :5 : "wI 771 e. ''S+4deh $ V\ S+'" q e,
,J v
~"o.'rfd fl-,.e.~,- .j'-<.:~""S C\.",J ~,--+eJ +0 ..... wl· 5"""""''i-fi'
C\.V\.(,,1 he..- ~'l":e.d!~ ;roC\.", ",p
~e. s-k:';-j q,,,.} h:J 'V\ "t.
$O'--<~ ba-4-\..., -yi;i~'f h~4 '5"'-(, 0'-"-'~ s~ot':5 #Iq!- S<J...,..Je;:
Ve7~ do'S e. , -ri1:; ~O<~yl1+ ~e. 3'-<"'-""'''1''\ Itt Ci J CO"'1e.

-?1=- JC.()01· 003269

1")" "'.'" //
" """,,
~ ~
,. , 1

,, ,, !
. "
I ' i

\'\......../ I ..

.. ' \<
I '

II ,
u I
r "\' (' " ,,
, t; ,
, '" Ji
H l I

I I I 1 ' 1 ' I II '

, t I , I I, """,, I r-,: I
..... 1

"j ,
I \ ... I I:
~i ~ I 1 ! i I ! ], , '
,. 1 II I I I , ! l ! I
t'ljj , 1 j I

I 1 i I' I I

I 1 ('" i I
T I I \" I
1 ' I , , I
I ] I I

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: II I i
,I I I I
,I I I I I
-;- I
I 1

, -<) \ ".,! , ,~ ) I
;(>!!T !f ,\, 1

=1 I I "'1 1
1 -

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\>< J 1 1

"....... '
I" I 1 !
I' I I! T I I I
r: S-_,-... : I I : ~ ! ; I i
, 1
~j. 1 \<:! 1 I
, 1


JC.o01· 003211
F';'YllS, K \
. .,--

JC.oo 1· 003272
::>3ge _ _ 0 1 _ Pages Ce•• No, _
Denver Polioe Department

wmmary of Statement:

A:lJ cJr;.,ie"""".A /5" ~:..,y 'VA , 'I-k'.., &; l2e';' £..JQ ;:;"- 4/.e
:; uA...I ~.r (il/),

hav~ read the foregoing st8tt#Ytent and the fllcrs contained therein are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I
1)not maintain that it contains all (Jf th. f~ts Of details of the incident; but only those facts abovt which I have been


a in9 Stlm~ment
~':; 366 ~Rev 2/951 !ilm DlllllllllOOIJ!lllt
~ "'" .t ., .f' •
Pag• .-b. o f _ _ Pag•• Cas. # ---


I h.". '".d tl>f! farsgaing $t!ltome/lt .nd the t.cts canttliJled therllin .re tru« to tile but of my knowladge and belief. I
do ncr msinrain that it contaifl$ 4/1 of the facts or details of thft i'ncident~ but en/y those facts about which t have been
'\. ,II
Ar~ada Police/Court System
Arvada ?clice Oepart~ent
j)(\} I a,1l..D Page 1

Ref 11 99-12067 Reported Date 04/20/1999 Time l2:39:32

Type ASSTOA Status RTF
Location 6201 S PIERCE ST
DETl4 05/04/1999 a50199/BOATRIGH~/SH



On 04126/99, Det Boatright (!Ol was assigned a lead sheet

identified by Control #1216, requesting he conduct an interview
wich Kyle Hayes. The lead sheet information indic.ted Kyle Hayes
was located in the ch~mistry lab when the incident started and
observed one of the suspects fire into that room through the glass
winoow of the door.

On the Same date at app~oximaeely 1630 ho~ra, IO r~5ponded co

8233 S. Quail Way, Littleton, CO. for the purpose of contact~ng
Kyle E. Reyee , ooa, 0,/26/84 (pito,,", 303-919-08561. IO had
previ~usly made a~rangementg to :nte~Jiew Kyle Hayes through hie
mother, however, she did not remai~ f~r the interview. IO would
note, jusc prior to the conclusion cf ~he Lnterview, Kyle Hayes'
father, identified as Don Hayes, a:::;-:""led home and SaC through the
remainder of the interview,

Upon speaking with Kyl~ Hayes, :0 con:irmed he is a freshman

at columbine High School and was present at school on 04/20/99. ro
subsequently had Kyle Hayes review his ac~ivities on 04/20/99,
beginning when he arrived at schoel Kyle Hayes explained he does
not have a firsc period ar.d usua::y ar~lves at school sometime
between 08::'5 and 0920 hours Kvle Haves confir!ned he did arrive at
Columbine Hlgh School around the ~ime'frame p~ovided above on the
date in question. Kyle Hayes f~r:~er veritied he was provided
cranspor:ation to school via h~s moc~er and recalled entexing the
school through the dcomrnons area. n Kyle Hayes confirmed the
encraace he uaed was locat~d on the south side of the schoeL, near
the cafeteria, Throush addi~ional que~tioning, Kyle Hayes stated
he did not observe any unusual activity when arriving at $chool.
Kyle Hayes next explain_d, upon arriving at school, he then
went co nis second period class whi=h began at approximately 0830
hours and lasted until approximate:y 0920 hours. Kyle Hayee
identified that class as "weights 'I Kyla Hayes seated his
in$tr~ctor for that clas$ was "Mr, P:ace ~ when asked where that
class was located in the school, Kyle Hayes stated the weight room
'WaS located near the "gym" on the nor-zh side of the scncc t

Kyl~ Hayes next stated he went to third period class, which

began at ap?roximaeely 0925 hours, which lasted until approximately
1015 hours Kyle Hayes identified that class as language arts and
is taught by Miss Bohack. Kile Hayes explained his thir~ period
c Las s ' located in the "math hall" and believed the 1='oom was
Lde nt.Lf Led as "MAi' , I'

Kyl~ Hayes next reported he attended his foa~th hour class

which began at approximately 1020 hours and lasted until

JC-001· 003215
A~~ada Pol~~e/Court System Page 2
Arvada Police Oepar~mene 05/06/1999

Ref !i 99--12067 Repo~ed Date D4!20!1999 ~ime 12:39~j2

Type ASSTOA Status IttE'
kOcation 6201 S PIERC~ ST
DET34 05/04/199, 050l99!BOATRIGHT!SH

approximately 1110 hours Kyle ~ayes ~dentiEied that class as

"Spanish," which is caught hi" Ms. Ki.llon. Kyle Hayes seated that
aforementioned class was locaced i~ the "downstairs" port-ion of che
school. near che "commons, ,j For purpo$l!!s of <:la1:;'ification, when
Kyle Hayes refers to the "commons or commons area." he is- refe:.::ring
to the cafeteria area, As that::. discussion continued, Kyle Hayes
clarified his Spanish clas$ i$ only approkimately 40 feet east of
the commons area.
Kyle Hayes reported after the eourth hour bell rang, he left
his Spanish class and walked to the commons area with a friend,
whom he identified as Austin Steck:er 'p~one: 303-933-1502;. upon
arriving in the lunch room, Kyle Hayes stated he along with Austin
Steckler, got in line and purc~ased :heir l~nch, after whic~ both
he and Austin Steckler sat down at a table With other friends In
terms of a cim~ frame {referring ;0 ~he activlty above}, Kyl~ Hayes
r~iterated he was only approximat~l: 40 feet from the commons area
when he left his fourth hour class and recalled the lunch l~ne was
very "short.." Kyl~ Hayes stated ~e did not believe it. took eit.her
he or Austin Steckler mere than f~7e minuces to walk to the
lunchroom, ourchase a lunch, and e~an find a table, IO
subsequently supplied Kyle Kayes with a diagram of the commons area
and asked him to approximate wh~~e he sat in th~ lunch4oom. Refer
to the aforemencioned diagram for de~ails, however, te would note
Kyle Hayes placed himself at a lcca~~on which appears to be close
to che center of the lunchroom a=ea
Once Kyle Hayes had identi:led his location in the lunchr~om,
IO eonfir~ed when he arrived a~ ~~a~ location, he was ~n possession
of a "east pack" backpack, wnic:1. he described as :blue and black in
color Kyle Hayes went. on eo stata the backpack has a "net" In the
front with a "red and yellow draws'C:.::;ing." Kyle "Hayes added his
backpack has a rubber non· slip 5ho~:der strap. According to Kyle
Hayes, contained in his backpack was his $cudenc I.D. along with
variOUS school books and papers.
When asked to identify othe~ individ~al$ located at the table,
Kyle Hayes stated, in addition to h~mself and Austin Steckler, he
raealled the following list of $euden~s sitting at the same table,
The st~dent$ were identified a$ ri~ Miller, Jeff Morroni, Devin
Castel, Chris Donnelly, ~ohnny S~~oble, Pat Vasser, Alex Slosner,
and Jacob Hanelacrand IO woul~ note all of the spellings for the
above named individuals were prcv~ded by Kyle Hayes In addition,
Kyle Hayes identified all ehe fo~enamed students as freshmen, When
asked if he could identify any ot~e~ students located at nearby
tables, Kyle Hayes responded in the negative.
IC next asked Kyle H3yes if he was familiar with a paxty
identified as Jordan Grimm, IO wo~ld note Jordan Grimm was
identified as a party possibly locaced at the same table with Kyle
aayes per thia information provided ~n the lead sheet. According
to Kyle Bayes, he was f~miliar wi:h Jordan Grimm, ~ut was

JC-l101· 003276
~facta Po:ice/Court Syst~m Pose 3
~rvada Police Department 05/06/1999

Ref f*: 99-12067 RepOrted Date 04/20/1999 Time 12:39;32

'Type ASSTOA Status RTF
Location 6201 S PIERCE ST
DE~34 05/04/1999 DSC199JEOATR!GHT!SH

relatively certain tne forenamed was not located a~ his table.

When asked why he may be associated with that individual (pursuant
to the recovery of backpacks), Kyle Hayes stated he did recall
having a ~ath paper of Jordan Grimm's in his backpack Kyle Hayes
was unable to provide any additional explanation ccncerning that
When asked iE he ~ould recall any unusual activity occurring
in the cafeteria during the time he arrived and found a place to
sit, Kyle Hayes responded in ~he negative. When asked if he had
observed any individuals carryins unusual backpacks or duffle bags
into the cafec$ria during that tim$ fram~, Kyle Hayes again
responded in ~he negative. Kyle Hayes ~~la~ed it would noe be
unusual to see stud.nts with either a backpack or duf:le bag in the
commons area Kyle Hayes pointed o~c he was relatively certain
most students at lease carried a backpack when attending school
IO again stressed wlth Kyle Hayes, the possibility of seeing any
individuals carrying what could be co~sidered an unusual duffle bag
into the cafeteria area Kyle Hayes continued to respond in che
When asked if he observed any unusual a~tivity in the
cafeteria that dace, Kyle Hayes responded in the affirmative. Kyle
Hayes $~at:ed approx.imately "five mimit:as" after down at hd s
~able, he observed a teacher, whom he lcentified as ~Mr. Sander$,"
enter the commons area and begin "yelli::.g." When a.sked t.o describe
the t.e acne r , Kyle Haye s $cateq, eh~ f,:>renamed was "older" and
wearing a lighter colored shirt ana jeans. Kyle Hayes stated he
was e i ee certain the teacher was '.... ea:::~:1g "glasses.
J1 As the
i~terview continued, Kyle Hayes sta~ec he was certain as to his
identification of the teacher Jrefer=ins to Mr. Sanders) as he had
seen th~ forenamed pictured on television during a news ~~port.
Kyle Hayes was next asked to describe the specific activity as
ic related to Mr. Sanders, Kyle ~aye$ state4 he observed Mr.
Sanders enter the cafet.eria from the "west door" near the faculty
lounge. Kyle Hayes seated Mr. Sanders was "running" at the time
and began yelling for students to "get down, he's goc a gun>" Kyle
Hayes stated Mr. Sanders repeated Chese commands several times as
he proceeded in an easterly direction through the cafeteria 10
subsequently had Kyle Hayes idencify the location where he first
observed Mr Sanders. Kyle Hayes subsequently affixed an nx" and
wrote Mr Sanders on the diagram where be had previQusly idQncified
his location in the cafeteria. ro would rtoce ehe location wh~re he
originally observed ~r. Sanders as close to the faculty lounge
area, in addition eo a western entrance to the commons area.
Kyle Hayes next reported to 10 he forgot Qne point prior to
seeing Mr, Sanders When asked to elaborate, Kyle Hay&s stated
just prior to seeing Mr. Sanders, he saw a group of people moving
to the west windows of che commons area. Kyle Hayes s~ated he
thoughc peopl~ were going to thac locat~on because there was a

PIP.NARR Arvada Pol~ce/Court System Page 4,
Arvada Falice Depar~men~ 05/00/3.999

Ref ij. 99-12007 ~eparted Date 04/20/1999 Time 12:39~32

Type ASSTOA s ee ece R'It
Location 6201 S PIERCE Si
DE734 05/04/1999 OS0199/BOATRrGRT/SH

"fighc outside" Kyltt Hayes stated at the c.ime hEt had. no other
explanation for why groups of people were going over to the west
windows of the commons area
10 clarified with Kyle Hayes the f~rst unusual event he
observed in the cafeteria was when people began moving cowards che
west window and it was moments l~ter, he OO$erved Mr, Sanderg
in the cafeteria, !C subsequently asked Kyle Hayes to explain what
occurred after Mr Sanders began warning students. Kyle Hayes
st.ated he recalled everyone, "drops to the ground. Kyle Hayes ,j

reported he next looked out towards the west windows of che

cafeteria and observed a "brownish black smoke" coming from a
vehicle parked in the south senior parking area When asked to be
more specific conce~n~n9 tha location where he saw the smoke, Kyle
Hayes stated he belieVed the smoke was coming from one of the
"f:t.rst couple of cars" parked facing north in the south senior
parking lot.
Kyle Hayes stated about the same time he made that
obser;ation, he observed one of cbe suspeccs en~er the cafeteria
near the same location where he originally had seen Mr. Sanders
Kyle Hayes was speculating both Mr Sanders and the suspect had
entered the cafeteria via a west doer, rtea~ the facul~y lounge
araa When asked co describe chis suspect, ~yle Hayes stated he
appeared to be iii white male, approximately 6'1" in heighc, wich a
thi~ build. Kyle Hayes specifically describ~d the euspe~t as
"skinny, '1 pointing out the aforemen::ioned WAS "hunched over" as he
proceeded to move into the cafete~ia, In respect to the suspect's
clothinS, Kyle Hayes stated the suspec~ was wearing ~ dark ~olcred,
ski style mask, with holes cue Q~t for the eyes, nose and mouth,
In addition, the suspect was wearins a black "trench coat;" wi.t.h oil
black hac, which was worn backwards Kyle Hayes was unable to
provide any additional description regarding the suspect. Pursuant
to questioning, Kyle Hayes stated he co~ld not recall seeing any
weapons in poasession of the suspect: during the above observation.
When asked to describe the suspect's actions after entering
the commons area, ~yle Hayes stated, ~! don't know, I just saw him
run in" Kyle Hayes stated, a~ that point, numerous people began
following Mr. Sanders, who was now moving towards the stairs
leading to the upper level of the school. Kyle Hayes explained i~
was his perception there was a maS$ exodus of the library at that
po~ntr and he could not provide any additional description of che
suspect's actions, other than his ieitial observation. Kyle Hayes
clarified he began following the group of people which were moving
towards the stairs
Kyle Hayes explained as he followed the group (he along with
numerous others) ran upstairs to the upper level of the school.
When asked why he did not exit the school via the south common$
area door, Kyle Hayes sta~ed he was uncertain, adding, ~! was just
following the cro'Wd. ,1

JC-001- 003278
Pr2."ARR Arvada ~clice/Court Syscem Page S
A4Vada Police Depar~ment OS/05/199S

Ref If- 99-12067 Reported Date 04/20/1999 Ti~e 12:39:32

Type ASSTOA Stacus RTF'
Location 6201 S PIERCE ST
DET34 05/04/1999 050199/BOATRIGHT/SH

Kyle Hayes explained after running up ~he s~airs, and arriving

In the upper level of the scheel, he ~ecal1ed a female ceach~r
(unab Le to id¢ntifyl yelling to al: of the students to Uget in the
classIooms. h Kyle Hayes stated he entered the first classroom he
saw with an open door. Upon arriva: at that location, Kyle Hayes
stated he believed ~here were approximately eig~~ students
{including himself} along with one te~cher located in that room.
IO subsequently provided Kyle Hayes with a second dia9~am which
depicted the upper level of the school, Kyle Hayes was asked to
identify hi$ path of travel af~er reaching the upper level area,
Kylt Hayes subsequently drew an ar=ow to a room which he idencified
as che chemistry lab See the afo=ementioned diagram for details.

Kyle Hayes was next asked to identify any others present in

the rOom. Kyle Bayes seated he knew only t~o stlldents by name
Kyle Hayes identified those scudencs as Bartholomew Foster a~d
Justin Albert ibot~ ninth grade=s: Kyle Hayes ~ent on to sta~e
there was another male scudent h. =ecQSniz~d from his Spanlsh class
wbom he knew as nBrad" (also a nin~h grader) Kyle Hayes reported
he believed there were at least four ether girls in the class who
were possibly "juniors and seniors," but he did not know their
names. When asked to identify the ~eacher, Kyle Hayes sca~ed he
thought the t.eacher's name was "Mr. Graves," but late:: indicated
it was pOSSibly Mr Kraft Kyle nayes was unable to be more
specific concerning that point
When asked what ccc~rred after he ente4ed the chemistry lab
room, Ky:e Rayes r~la~ed it was scmewhat chaotic Kyle Hayes
stated, eventually, the teacher locked the door from the inside and
placed a ".barricade," later desc:r~bed as a. "lab table," in front. of
the door In respec~ co a time frame, Kyle Hayes stated he
believed it had only ~e@n "a couple minutes U afcer entering the
chemis~ry lab when the door was locK~d and the barricade was put
into place When asked what occur=ed after the barricade was put
lnCO place, Kyle Hayes stated it was approximately One minute later
he was looking out the window of the chemiscrf lah from behind a
table and cceervee the "same guy" (=efe-rring"to the suspect he had
seen in the cafeteria prio~ to going upstairsl. Kyle Hayes ppinted
out when he saw that suspect for the second time, the
aforementioned was not wearing a mask and had long, clark brown
hair When asked how he knew it Wa$ the same Suspect, Kyle Sayes
explained the individual was weari~g the same clothes and had on
the same hat {backwards}, Kyle Hates went on to state he was
positive that suspect was "Dylan." Pursuant to quescioning, Kyle
Hayes confirmed his iderttificacion of "Dylan" came from photographs
he had seen of that i~div~dual on television after this incident.
When asked what the suspect was doing at the time he made the
above obser7ation. Kyl~ Hayea stated the forenamed was moving in an
easterly direction down the hall ~nd had stopped in front of the
chemistry lah Kyle Hayes stated it was at that point he observed

JC.o01.00 3279
Arvada Police/Court System Page 6
Arvada Police Oepartment 05/06/1999

Reported Date 04/20/1999 Time 12:39:32

Type AS 5T01\ Status RTF
Location 6201 S PIERCE sr
DET34 05/04/1999 050199/aOATRIG~T/SH

the Lndd vLdua L to be carr)":;.ng: a "ehccqun" sCi'le weapon, which he

believed had a wooden style stock Kyle Hayes stated tha~ sU$pect
then pointed the weapon in his direction and fired one shot Kyle
Hayes stated he ducked at the t~me the weapon WaS point&d in his
direction, but heard the gunshot and recalled being struck': by "wood
chrps " from the cable which was used as a barricade. Kyle Hayes
reiterated at the time he heard the gunshot, "wood chips and glass
were flying everywhere." IO clarified with Kyle Hayes the table
usee to barricade the door did nOt completely cover the window
area, thus, allowing him a view out into the hallway.

When asked what occurred af:$r the gunshot, Kyle Hayes stated
Kyle Hayes
he heard uhe chl1!!'mistry lab door handle ., j isgle."
reikeraced the door was locked, thus preventing the suspect from
gaining entry Kyle Hayes stated he next he~rd laughter and then
what sounded like and individual running eastbound down the
hallway When asked how he Gould be ce~tain about the suspect
running, Kyle Hayes stated he could hear "feet pounding" which
sounded like runni~g.
Kyle Hayes next related af~e~ the above events, he along with
all others in that room, took cover in the northeast corner. Kyle
Hayes explained he along wi!:h the others had "set; up desks .in the
cor~er that we ware hiding behind." Kyle Hayes estimated over the
next two hours, he heard numerous gunshots and explosions which he
believed were coming from inside the building. Kyle Hayes seated
after approximately two hours, he did noc recall hearing any
add:t~onal gunshots or explosions, When asked for additional
informat~on concer~ing that point, Ky:e Hayes stated ehere was
approximately a 20 to JO minute time period wh@re he heard most of
the gunshots and explosion$, Kyle Hayes was unable to be more
speciEic concerning that point,
Kyle Hayes related after the ~wo hour time period, he recal1~d
the teacher in his elass receiving a telephone call. Kyle Hayes
explained most of the classrooms a~ Columbine High School had
telephqne access. Kyle Hayes stat~d after receivin9 that phone
call, the teacher indicated he had just spoken with another faculty
member ~n an adjoinins classroom, The teacher then stated he
thought it would be safer if everyone moved to that other
classroom. According to Kyle Hayes, the teacher then instructed
everyone to crawl through the storage ar~a which led to the
adjoining room" Kyle Hayes stated everyone complied wich the
teacher's re~~est and, upon axrival in that rQom, believed there
we:e nineteen total students with four adults, Kyle Hayes stated
he did not know a~y of the additional students or adults located in
that classroom. IO suhsequently had Kyle Hayes indicace his path
of movement into that room via the diasram. ! t should be further
noced Kyle Hayes placed an "X" with an arrow a e a loc"aticn where he
had seen ~he suspect, just prior to the $hot being fired. See that
diagram for complete details,

JC-001. 003280
Arvada Pcl~ce/Court System Page 7
Ar~ada Police Oepa~tment 05/06/1999

Ref # 99·l2067 Repor~ed Data 04/20/1999 ~ime 12:39:32

Type i\.SSTOA Status RTF
Loca~ion 6201 S PIERCE ST


Kyle Hayes r~lated after arriving in the adjoining $cience

room, he along with the others present simply "sat around and
waiced n Kyle Hayes estimated during ~he next 30 minut~s, it was
possible he heard approxlmately five to six gunshots corning from
inside the building. Kyle Hay~s seated thoae last five to $ix
gunsho~$ seemed as though they were close to hi$ location.

Kyle Hayes reported he was in that second science room for

approximately One hovr prior to being conta~e.d by SWAT officers
and escorted oue of the building. Ky~e aayes stated to his
knowledge, SWAT officers evacuated h~~ (along wieh others present
~n that room} Que a east entrance/exi~ of the school,

ro did confirm with Kyle Hayes t~e written statement which he

signed dated Q4/20/99 at 1540 hours, ~a$ actually prepared by a
detective who had conducted a brief or- Scene interview. Kyle Hayes
did indicate the written 5tatement prepa~ed by Dat. trank Rino,
~74053, appeared aceu~ate. IO sUb6e~.ntly concluded hie contact
with Kyle Hayes. IO would noce the d~asrams referenced in this
report were initialed by both Kyle Hay~s and IO and chose diagrams
will be maintained as evidence in this case. IO will maintain
care, custody and control of the above diagrams until they are
turned aver co the Jefferson County S~eriff's Office.

JC..Q01. 003281
di!'b ~

'= IF


• '" •
• •

JC-001· 003282
\~ L

p; z: J74,4-' Of'!- '57'1 v.. TifF .'7'/4 '!l-
dp~c.) '71- :<;.;<, /.)N !a2-!.:?
Page --l of--l.- Pag•• Case No.
Denver Police Department -------

Zip Cod.



Summary of Statement:

(, \r:JPAT'Thq1f l.,,\r'''-''ykb S .i'7"""M"

6.> ' .\J:U ',."'; {IV l'!' :; .~::z:t:"",> ,.,,4 t,..

'A-. /....; (T,' I .elL "l m

, /
i.Y ~ (; f' [,(j"',,,1>-J I,;,.) tb- I \jA- 5 S iTIj ''is
A-- N,'.J
1,' ,Pi> r \,NXM y!<~ vJ<·"'liZ INS
..l... ,"'1" sJ:'"'"'~ , III 1l±\ -r

i /
'-", (
} I
/ \ )
Jh~Vtt read the foregoing $t8te~nt
and the fact:J contained th.rei~ at,
tru, to the best of my kltaJ,edge and belief. I
de ncr mtJtntain that it contsins all at the fact$ or det/J1h; of the incident, but only those facts about which I have been

Opt) 366 (flav. 2f95}

JC~01. 0032.84
1)f'J lOJ-0
0'SL "t )14 A- 'I:::xJ '=;74('7
JS(u F1 44 -iUr
I I ! I

, I . , I I

'" ~/ill: • I I
'I I I
! fS\ Ir.:::-- '~ r ! " ~i
I \.::.J ."-"
. I , I 1 ., ..

- ,
, , . I I ' : I I . l I
L I t : ~

"':'Ii , ... 'i j i I I I I

I I '-7: ~); \. ~/i I

I i • i , i ~ ,

, I
\ < ,1
! I : ; : uI I
: n [ I i j l I I i I i ; , I I I ! I I
IX i I .....,; ,...--. 1)(1 ~ J
; ; ! ! J , 1 l I '
I , II I i i \=) I t ; '\ (,~ '\ ' ! ! ) I ) ! l i i
! I ; ! i H ~ 1 , , i !
I ; I j J Ii! I I !
! \, I • 1 \ /' h11A11 I i \ I ' i ,

'" j I : ! , \:ill: ! I I ' ; I 1

j " ' , \ \ , 1 ! , I I '

1"1 i J : i : t ! t ! i ( I
1::1 1 '
~ : , I ! I ; J '
, I
.. I ' I I ! i 1. ,' .i ! , '

, ' 1 . r '" , ' I :

I ' I , I I I ! i I I
I I ,tv T I I ! I 11'Vl, I r I ! I i I I ! I 1

, I.J I I , I I I i I 1 I"'""", ! 1 j i ! I I 1 ! ! ! I

I ; fi I I i i I I I ' I I
I ~ Ii I··.. . . . . I ! : ! I I '
~ I i [ , , , ! I i 1 ! I !
,,;;:; !...--. ! I , i ! I

f I i j

I ! \.,'"'<: If -'-
-' .. I i ~ i '
I '-'! , ,/ I I' I
, I ' !
.q ~1 1'............ 1; ! i
I l iii / I i I , ! ! i , ,
; I ~I , ' I I
'f="'< , \_~.o \c) , : I . I
I ,
, 1 •


,I .


JC.oo1 • 003286
Rl:pllrting: ABetlC)' Reporting Offi-c1:f Case RePQrt N(I
CQI\I'1eclingCuc Report:..le Victim NIlM Originat ~ DateThis Report
COLUMBINE 05-25-99 I
,,,.- X FIRSTDEGREE MURDER Off'mtot mao ()pc'n X r::~tIallrCll:lU'l:d 0 RecomllleOO C4Se: Re"iew a ,
0 Cl'l1&l"ld try AfIWI: C u..(~ a I
i'<.OIt:ia,w"<:'U'''" C!CJ\l1'I:' Q

!~~ ~io:-I I ImnQ:-_

I """""~ I SJrti.ti N"(I ;;~l~ ! Vlll~
Villll~ I

Candace Haywood. dobi08-25-83
8059 We" Hoover Place
littleton, Colorado SOI2}
Student at Columbine High School

WandaHaywood. dobi02-12-56
same as above
Work: UnitedAirline. - DrA

Greg Haywood. dobill-20-56

5604 South Harlan Street
Littleton. Colorado 80123
Nark: United Airline. - DlA

On 05..25..99. at 1900hours, I respondedto 8059 West Hoover Placeto contact and interviewCandace Haywood. This interview
was in reference 10 the shooting that occurred at Columbine HighSchoolon 04..20..99,

I interviewed Candace Haywoodin the presenceof her mother, Wanda Haywood. Candace Haywoodtold me on 04-20-99. at
about 1110 hours. she got out of her Math class,whichis,", the secondfloorof theschool, and this is also when her class ended,
She then walkedto her school locker (#1536), which is locatednear the main entrance of the school, Candace Haywood said
after she went to her locker, she walked 10 the cafeteria, arriving alapproximalely 1115hours. She said she looked outside of
the cafeteriawindow, on the south side 10 see if the outside table thet she usually sits at during lunch was available, and to see
if her friendswere Ioeated at that table. She said she did not see anything unusual upon lookingouethe window" and said she
saw ll,at the table was available; however. noneof her friends Were Out there, She said she saw someof her friends Inside the
cafeteriaat a table near the south side windows. CandaceHaywood showedme on a diagramof the cafeteria at the school, the
table whereshe sal wilh her friends. She idantified!fle tableas heingeither "P," "0." "Y," or "Z:' on the diagram. She saidshe

wasfacing in a northwesterly direction from thetable. and said the following mends wereat the table with her, Elena(unknown

omcerSi~ Un. N.....", Suptrvisct Initials and Due I",-"•.,dT, .... !

A9.h_ ~.l of ~
ORJ(Jr><.. t.
I "'''UnGATO!\, ""'"'
VlCT1MSEl"ICES I OTHER JC-001· 003287 ,-n.we JCSI)Il(i74
Rej:ll;lrtltli Ag¢ll'<y Reponlng O!1iw CaseReport '\iQ
CQnnRtinl C~ Report NQ Vi¢ltM "am, OrigHlal R~ Datil Till§: R,cvcrt

COLUMBINE 05-25-99
e- X FIRST DEGREE MURDER Offttlg~; Opal X EllUjl(ionall:;- CJ~ a Ibcommen dCue: Review 0

flt:(iUIi/il;lll'\lll D Cl-=d ~ :!,mIIl a vmoU!ld«< a Clc!-bl~ c;

~~ I t;;NMtit"f I ~\l "l_ I OC'!!:"MllI"iom I S"iill,'lQ

I vetue
j Va!~

last name). Lacey Holm. Kitty Carlson.Nicole Boudrcw, and JenniferBarnes. CandaceHaywoodsaid a male. standinginside
the west door of the cafeteria. began yelling to the students in the cafeteriato get down on the floor and get under the tables. She
said she got under the table. as did her friends: however.they were laughingabout it, and believed the incident was a Senior
prank. She said Nicole Boudrow began to crawl away from the table in an easterly direction. so Candace Haywood said she
grabbedher. pulled her back.and said to her, .•Are you crazy?" Candace Haywood said she then saw several studentsJumpup
and beginn.m.ning throughthe cafeteriain an easterly direction alongthe SQuth side windows of the cafeteria. CandaceHaywood
said she also got up and ran, and ran past the bottomentranceof the stairway and behind II pillar next to tile hallway She said
she stoppedand saw the other studentsrunningup the stairway towards the secondlevel of the school. so she did so also. She
said when she got to the top of 'he stairs, she turned to her left and ran about 5 to 10 feet where three teachers trcrn the high
school (one female and two male teachers)were trying 10 stop the students from running In the halls, as they else believedthe
incident wasa Senior prank. CandaceHaywood said at mat time. she heardthree to four "pops" that she described as sounding
like comingfrom a cap gun She said they soundedlike they were coming from the cafeteria downstairs. She said these were
...hefirstshots she heardduringthe incident. Candace Haywood saidsheran towards the main entrance, and was helping Jennifer
Barnes run, because Barneshad high platform type soles on her shoes making it difficult for her to run. Candace Haywoodsaid
as she was running towards the main entrance, she saw a female layingon the floor who had fallen, so she jumped over the
female. She said she then stoppedand turned around to help the fallen female get up: however, the female had already gotten
up off of the floor. Candace Haywoodsaid she tan out of an ease door of the school, across Sooth Pierce Street. and onto the
soccerfield at Leawood Park. Shesaidshe looked for mends in the park foraboutfive minutes. and thensalon a brickwall until
the studentsin Leawood Park began scatteringand running Candace Haywoodsaid although sitedid not hear any shots.she
ran also.going '0 a person's house, by the nameof Lindsey. Shesaidshe laterheardfrom other students that an unknown person
wearing a black mask and a trenchcoat was shooting from Columbine HighSchooltowards the soccer fields in Leawood Park.
She said she did nat see this unknown person or hear any shots at that time.

Candace Haywood said 'he did not know Dylan Klebold or Eric Harrisprior 10 the shooting. She said she did no' know any
members of theTrenchCoat Mafia. andsaid the onlythingsheknewaboutthemwere tIlat theyalwaysdressedin blackclothmg,
stayed to themsetves. and would gather under thestairs on the east sideof the cafeteria. CandaceHaywoodsaid she never saw
anyoneharassing the Trench CoatMar", student', ncr did she see the Trench Coat Mafia students harass other people.

Offl(erSignllUrt' Utili N..." , Suptrvis.or 111iti!b md Dale I AUi,MoT, Page !

.- I '<-'"
ro••' ~
'IlCT1M SER'I1C5S IOTlI'e;1. J4.SAfJ 4198JCSOIJ67:
cr !

Reponing Agfl1c}- ReponingOffice:r Cue Report s"o
: Coon«tmgCm- R<:port No
I~~L;;{;:~~R~n Dak This Report

l'C:nk•• X FIRST DEGREE MUlUlEll. I OfflmKSW\l:l; Optn X E.:cC¢j1liJ; Clelt1ld Q R:tol'Mm¢rld Case: Review C
R¢(:I,auI(iUtial'l 0 I CI~ tly ~em:£ a \In.fil~ 0 Clo&un: C

1~·To~il) T ~IU I "' I !t~~cM I o~

I""'"_ Serial No

I showed Candace Haywood the photographs of the duffle bag and the propane tank which had been later recovered in the
Columbine High School cafeteria. She said she did not see either item prior to or during the incident.

Candace Haywoodsaid she left her backpack. described as a purplecolored "Grand Lakes," with her student lID inside of it, on
the floor next to the table she was sitting at in the cafeteria. Candace Haywood said on 04·20-99, she was wearing "Candies"
tennis shoes, tan in color, olive colored Cargo pants, and a brown plaid tank top with. collar She said she did not hear the
thought of the day over the Rebel News Network "RNN" on 04-20·99, but said she later heard the thought of the day was
something to the effect of"¥ou do not want to be here today," She said she does not nave an Internee screen name because she
does not use chat lines. Candace Haywood said she believes she has seen students at Columbine High School with a double
pierced eyebrow, but did not know their names, She said she wouldcontact me in the future if she was able to learn the names
of these students.

Candace Haywoodsaid she has done fine dealing with this incidentsince it took place'On 04-20-99:however.her mother.Wanda
Haywood, has had a. difficult time' dealing with it Wanda Haywood. advised that she is currently visiting a therapist to help- her
through with this. l gave both Candace and WandaHaywood one of my business cards and asked them to call me if they wanted
to talk with a JC50 Victim Advocate in the future, and r told them I would make the necessary arrangements for them.

Candace Haywoodsaid a friendof hers by the name of Jessica Mowry has her school lockerdirectly across from the Columbine
HighSchool Library. She said she believes Mowry was at her school lookerwhen the problems began in the Library. Candace
Haywoodsaid she did not know if Mowry had been interviewedas of yet by law enforcement

DISPOSITION, Remains open, pending further investigation.

JC..Q01· 003289

! Officer Signawre Unit ~umbtt SUptn'iKlt Initials and Dati': AUiBfled To p,g. ~
, A(J.
. V"'" rru\ ~ ... " I
Ofl.ICN"l I JWESTlCATf)lt V'CTIM ~£"VIClrS I OTh'El' f "SA'3.Ji9$:JCSDI[(j14
-, I I '! I I I : I : 1 I' I ' I' I
I 1 I I 1
! I l ,i! ! 'I !! J! 1..... 1 :,/.1 I A : ~ f' I! ~
'I i i • I ",'," ii, i":li'11I/1 I I I I ' I"
, I Iii p :' I' 1 I ,'I ,! 1-/ /' I 1 I I r ,I r 'lrX r- :
I ; I J !.~ ; I ~ I [~, 1 ! r:;"\ J I I:' I ~ llj~,n¢-':~
, : I '='" I v - I\.'!'.J I 1 I I,', I I ! -of :~~! I

i i ~ ! : ' 1 1 I j ! I; I l i I I j I i j j I, 1 I
iii I 1

I I I'r..."'i I .. I I \I' 1 I c ! . r I .l. -1 r.. , i I I ; I 1 1 I I 1

I I I 'e1 I , Io!ll 11:'"'ill I,"" 1 10":\11 /'7".1 ! I I I I I I 1 I
I I !
I ! I I;;
I,! I I I I I ,I I 'I II ; I I i 1

! !~
i"; I ~
1,6 I !r-..I I h i ! i AI I I I
i I I ; I • I I \....~ I \.:>;A I \:"-)1 i 1\ 'f'J!
\..'"V if"l II I I I 1 ' 1

I I i ii I I ! I I I ' I I I; I I I I I 1 II I . I I I :
I I I 1 I I I I I iii I I I I I I I I I I 'II I ! 1 I 1 , 1

I : I ! !X I I 1::--1 I " " ' l i e II)(I! 1 I I ! I 1 I I : II I : I ! I I

I I I I 'I ' I \fi'y 1\"')1 i \f!'-J I I( ~:I I r."JI I ('",'I ' II I I I I : I : !
11 /1:11 1111111" 1'/..,....111"-(11-"·111 ' I I I I I ,
'-I'~ II: 11/111 ill 11111111" Ii I ! ! I ' I
I I I I \II)
I I ill j
Idil-""" 41 ).....:IH:IAIIIII
, I I I
. 1.....,/ I \ 1"' J I IJ"" V I 1\ ::=)1
I I r } I I j l I ! I I I
jj ~
I I i
I ~! i I
.. I I I, I I Iii I I ! I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I 1 I I I I
t:: I I I I i : I I I I 1 I I , I I I I I .. I I I I ' I II j I' ii' I
~ I I I I : I I Iii I' I I '.-I ~ I I I i I ; , I I ' I I , : : ,
I I' I ( ~ I I i'-::-" I 1'""1 I '""'1 J. I .... l I Le--, 1 I I I
I ' I I I I j \e I, ....... I JI ,'"! f I 1 I
. I, I'''''' I I 1· I I I! IV'!. 1d" I I i I I I I I I , I
I I <..; I I j I I I I ~" ;lit' I j I I I . I ! ! I I I , I
I i I NI\ I I (1: 1('" 'r... I 72\ j (.1 I I I . I I I I I 1 i

-, I
I I I I '-f I I I I I 1""'! 1"-, I R I -'1! r : I I I I ! ! I

i'-I j. I I I I I I ! I r 1 I I I 'I I I I I I I ! I I
I I ! I 1 \
I' I', I "'.... , \y'U I ! \}'" I I t I ~ I' I. II ' I I I ii,
.....!. I I' ! I I i I . I I (;:> \ I i U")I I y I. I'
I I I I·· ! i I I I I I' 1 ~! I I I ! I I I 1/ I ! f : j I

I' 'I I - -.- l;,--.j" i l , ! I I I r.::\1 I ...11 /1 i I I I ! I

: i I I \ .. ..1 I !r-.. 'rM I fa. j'l/I l:::>r I I I 1 I I

! I I I
: I,
! i! I , I I I I ,! I I ! ...-r-i I I! ! I '
I __ \ I /:_' _ ~ I I : I -.-.: I I I ! I I 1 I I i I : i j

I 'P< I \.,."". \,.c:;.;, I I I 1 I I I I I I : I I I I , I

I 1 ; f ) ~: I I I I I I: ~ I
, ,
I ~ i. \.. I 'I !
Jc.o01" 003290
Cl"\- 'lfo;J5 ...
t>"~f't ~
\-l-"I""*" g

I .
Serving Line
O.J L J ~

II I o 0 000 9mQ 00 0 0 0Pillar
o 0 0 000 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 0 0000 o
!, - L.t.c.'1 ~

u.- 'L''1~
o 0
o o 0"
0PiI \ 0
L~mar 0
~' Z
'3- r....k (b...,~.,J '00 0
"J;.....~t........... o 0 0 xit!i; 0
,., , F=='


~+-;~ ~* MVr'f ~ '1lOt. 1

1)eM...u- fol; c e, }J.,Mi ci ~

tJ -210 1'1

JC-001· 003292

on 5-18-99,Inv. Reker did conduct an interview with

Ashley Heesch at her residence with her mother present.
Heesch states that she was in the cafeteria when a girl
came in the west door of the row of doors that face south in the
cafeteria and that the unknown girl was asking for help.
Heesch then heard 2 shots and then got under the table
and after a minute then ran to the stairs and then to a roam in
the lanquage arts r ooms.
Heesch then went aut a s.e. daor of the building to
a house on the carner of Pierce st. Heesch was sitting with
Julie Brunaugh,Kim Dottenwhy, Brent Sessions and Emily Stuart,all
of which have been interviewed.
Heesch stated that she had been in the cafeteria
duriung second period and did not notice any unusual duffel bags
at that time.
She also states that a girl whom she believes is named
Bae GattoniJand works at the pretzel time at S.W. Plaza had an
unknown girl state to her that she "was glad it happened"
refering to the shoootings.
Heesch also states that when she was running to the
stairs that she glanced bac~#a=ds and did see a gunman in a black
trenchcoat in the cafeteria and he was holding what she felt was
a pistol,and as she was running she was unable to prcvide a
further description of this g~an.

JC.Q01· 003293
, I I :
I I , I I
, I ',. l !A ,
I , , , I , "1i;r':" , I
r '.j.,i

,i"-, tilI
:'I j
~/ I I I I ,

1 I ; ~,
I' I ,
; 1 i 'I l I I t ,11)( r-'
, , 1/..., Ir;::-, ' '~
" I I I I l~ " b: 1

I ,
I I ,

1\::.' I\.'l'j
i , I ,
, :
I ,
! !

! 1 Ie
I !
::;:, ~,

, ,

, ~. , ,, i i I I I , I I I
I , : I I I I I I , I !
, ; i ,
,, "
',""~"'I , I ... I I I iii : ':! ;, ,
I ! ! i ; 1
r "" 1 ,
i i I I I l : : I
i I I~ 'e-' I : r ~) I ! C'"'i) I f':'\i !r::\1 11'0 1 , I , i I I I I i I
, , I I 1..1 i ,-; I '~I I ~: 1\..:./, , I\. "'J ' I I , , ,

! ! I '; ; I 1 I i I
, I
I ,, I !I 1 I ;

i , ;
: I l": ~ ~ i~ r--., I : - I r--. II ' I , 1 ,

1 , i , \J:>~ , \~A ,"'ji \ :cj: I '1."'), I \1'" i ' !i I

, ,, ; ! I :
I .... '
, ,
! I I i ! i ! i i I , i II ,
: I
, ! I
I I , , i ; 1 i I : I I I I I ! : Ii I ! , 1 i
, I , ,
i i IX 1.:::-\ '~; , /:-i IIXI 1
I I i ! I I II I i
,I I I ;

, I ;
i I , Ii") (....';) II ' \""'-1 I , "il i ( " I ('" \ II
,; ! I
I , i ; I
: I i I ;
, ,
I I : i i I :'-i'" I <;»
I ! : i ,
1 I , I I : I
, I I I I I I ! I I I I
" !
H I I I I ;

rr» I I I i I : ?:-.. i,d

""'" I "..-.! I h- I I,....., , II ,, I : ! i
~k I ! I : I : ,IS) : , \"0)
\5'..) I \""') I IJ"'V I i\;- J I! I
, I ; : I :
:; : , I ,i I : ~ , I
i i I I I I I I i PI ,

.. I i I I
\ !

I I i I I I J i , I I
I , , I I I I I I I I : : II I I I : I i
l:: I I I i I I , i

I I, I I I I I I I i II , ! i , I
J i

I !
: . ! ! , I I ! ! I i . ' I
I : !

, I ,
. , I •
! I'

, (.:"') I I I 1-..11 i...-..
! I I i ( ;;. 1 i ,--..J \-< ) I ri ; I i I I
i I i j -., ! : r-r, I ~"') I .. I

i 71
I ,
I I j \...,) I I ! I I ,
I -....J I I Iv 1 I I j I I I
I I~t I I I , I I i , ,I I I I I
I : I ! I i
,, ..II II ! I
I I':'
I I 1 rtNI\ .
, ,
I I i 'C/
I (l:
i I
! ,

I 1"-" i I
(I", i
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(,..j11 r.-ill I 1:""1 :! II I
! I

i ""'( 1 I''''''' I lI-..W/'j iL-L

""." · , I I I , I
, I ,, I

i !
, I I I 1 I I , I I I ! i I I I' I I I I I ~.'.i./ I II I I I ! I I I
, ! , I k I ,;.-,; ,
I~ I ..-.i I i , I I I I I I , iI , i I, 1
i I I ~ 1 1/"<1 \."'1)1 ' \."" j I I IA! I
II' " liT I
I ; I I
I j I 1IW: I ! , I I I ! :b , I I U"j! I I '-'-". iJ I · i , I : : ,

: , ,,
, ,
, I
,i ,~!
I I ! I
I I I !
, I I f.:\! I
I '/1 !
11,..')"/ ! ,
, ,, I :
'- , :
I I \.><) ;~I ((';\ I I to 1 i '-:./1 [;;>'" 1 I I I
! I I , I \"... \.:.;;I I "-'='-'1 i I 1/1 I i I I ! i I
I i I ; ,, !
- I 1 : I I I ~ I I I ! I

, I ,

, I
: "'="

, \.e:J,

"-;::::-,, I
, I
I ,, I
, I
--- ,
I j I
I i ,

I I i
i i
, I
I ! I

JC..o01· 003294
, .

JC-C01. 003295
• 1•


~.r~~~. 06/02/1999
Laverne Helm, 3663 South Sheridan Boulevard #K4,
Denver, Colorado S0235, telephone (303l9S4-0460, a kitchen worker
at Columbine High School, was interviewed at her home by Special
Agent (SAl Ricky V. Wright regarding the incident that took place
on 04/20/1999 at Columbine High School. After being advised as
to the identity of the interviewing agent and the nature of the
interview, Helm provided the following information:
Helm has been working as a kitchen worker at Columbine
High School for the last two years. Hel~s duties include
cooking, cleaning, and serving. Helm normally works from 7: 30 am
to 1:.30 pm. On the day of the shooting, Helm a=ived at work at
approximately 7: 30 am and served breakfast until 9: 30 am in the
breakfast serving line. Helm did not recall seeing anyone bring
in any large duffle bags that morning. Helm advised that the
janitors have the responsibility of cleaning up in the commons
area, but Helm thought it unlikely that any duffle bags or
backpacks were in the commons area before the students Came in
first period. Helm had read in the newspaper that there was a
bomb in the kitchen area. Helm did not believe that any large
duffle bags could have been in the kitchen area, because of the
traffic from the kitchen workers.
During lunch, Helm was serving lunch in the easternmost
lunch line. Helm first became aware that something was going on,
when she heard squeals and saw students running and climbing
under tables. SOmeone yelled for everyone to get down because
there was shooting. Some students ran behind the luncb lines.
Helm and other members of the kitchen staff took COVer in the
laundry room located at the back of the kitchen area. Helm later
learned that other students and members of the staff hid in the
neighboring office. Helm advised that there were 18 individuals
in her room, including teachers, students, and kitchen workers.
Among the kitchen workers were Linda Last Name unknown(LNUl,
Marlene Netterman(phoneticl, and Sue LNU.
The laundry room door is a heavy door and locked
automatically. The laundry room is quite small and was very
crowded. Helm and the others were in the room for approximately
two hours and 20 minutes until a SWAT team came and rescued them.
About 30 minutes after the shooting started, Helm heard voices

In>...ption on 06/01/1999 It ..:L::;i:.;t:.;t:.;l:.;e:.;t;:.o::;n:.:.<..,_C;:.o;:.l;:.o=ra:::d=o _

Jeffco 899-7625;
Filil. 174A-DN-57419; Control #3745 D... d~_ 06(02(1999
by SA Ricky V. Wright

nil dowment eceatnsOOdttr recammc:~ l)Qf COf'IClIWolll of I.1:l8 FBI. It iJ,1tIe pl"DpCt'ty of !he FBI and is 10lllli JC-001_ 003296
it .00 illl CCBlenu itt oot ttl bt ;!istribuccod: ouulde yow -aeney
174A-DN-5741~; Jeffco #99-7625, Control #3745

Laverne Helm 2

outside the door. Someone outside the room tried the door knob.
but it was locked. Someone then knocked on the door and said to
open the door because they knew there were people in the room.
No one moved or answered the people outside the room. Helm could
not distinguish how many individuals were outside the room.
Approximately 30 minutes later, the same people came back and
demanded the door be opened again. They did not shoot through
the door and did not try to break down the door.
While Helm was in there, she could hear shots and
occasional explosions. At one tillle, Helm heard one explosion
which was louder than the rest. Helm still thought she heard
shots until about ten minutes before she was rescued by the SWAT

JC-001· 003291



On 081799 I telephonically interviewed Lavern Helms, a food services

worker at Columbine High School. Lavern told me that she was at school on
April 20tb 1999. She was workingin the Italianline cash register when the
shooting began. She heard a "pop, pop". She thought it was a prank. She
soon realized there was shooting going on in the school. She went into the
laundry room near the kitchen and hid for three hours. She said that she was
in the laundry room with eighteen others.
She had served Harris and Klebold in the cafeteriabefore. She only knew
them because she had seen them frequent the cafeteria.
During the shooting incident she heard voices knock on the door she was
hiding behind and said, .. We know you are in there, come out." She did not
know who was saying this. She reported to seeing none of the incident only
hearing it.


JC-001- 003298

JC.o01· 003299
Repotting A~ Rtportiltg Officer C~R;,po" No
COMC'C!ini CaseRc-pol1 'Ji.l- Vi~tirt'l Name Original Replil"t DmThjsR~

j>N1530 04-36-99
x Fin' Degr.. Murder CtfI'mit ~ Open X ElIol:e'jXiOl'llll!yC1~ Q Ile<"..ommend Case: R4~lew


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I~ l Wintiry l BlWIdNm.e ! DeKrip;ji)fl j SeriIl1Ne ¥.:I:: I ~t;~ I D~~



1005 SouthSheridanBlvd.
Littleton, Colorado 80123
(303) 933-3681
Bus: Student/Columbine High School/Freshman


Same as above
Bus: !4{}1 17th Street
Suite 750
Denver, Colorado 80202
(303) 293·2800


Same as above
Bus' Same


On April 29, 1999, between the hoursof 1523 and 1650, I had an opportunity to speakwith Jacob in reference to the incident
thatoccurred at Columbine HighSchoo! on April 20, 1999. Alsopresentduring the interview was his mother, Sheryl. and his
step-father. Doug.
JC-001· 003300

lacob srated on April 20. 1999••fterhe was releasedfrom his fourth hour geometry class. MA·j 1, taught by Ms. McWilliams.

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