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Attorney PAUL PRENDERGAST, 1901 West Littleton

Boulevard, Littleton, Colorado, telephone 303-797-3300, was
advised of the identity of the interviewing agent and that the
purpose of contacting him was to schedule an interview with his
client, MELISSA SOWDER, a student at COLlJMllrNE HIGH SCHOOL (CHS).
SOWDER had informed two students at CHS she knew of the 04/20/99
attack two weeks ahead of time and that she supported the actions
following information:
PRENDERGAST refused to make SOWDER available for an
interview by the FBI. SOWDER was a "special ed' kid who suffered
from mental problems and would be further traumatized by an
interview with law enforcement officials. SOWDER had preViously
been sent by her parents to a mental health facility as a result
of the Columbine incident.
SOWDER's father was also slowly dying from a severe
heart ailment and would also be traumatized by having his
daughter upset.
SOWDER did, in fact, know either HARRIS Or KLEBOLD, but
PRENDERGAST could not recall specifically which one. SOWDER
belonged to a social outcast group at CHS, but it was not the
SOWDER was known by her friends and family as being a
liar and could not be counted on to provide investigators with
truthful, accurate information.
PRE~~ERGAST and SOWDER's parents believed that for
attention, she made-up the story of knowing about the eRS
shooting two weeks before it happened. None of them believed she
truly had anything to do with the incident.
PRENDERGAST was advised by the interviewing agent that
SOWDER could possibly be subpoenaed to provide testimony, if
deemed appropriate.


'"" 174A-DN-57413 D.",d~.."" 10/27/93

SA MARK HOLSTLAW/mah # JC.o01· 004501

nil; doCUmfltl ;Ol' rc:~()('(tmendaliotu llOt eorn::lllSions 0.)(ee FBL It is the pmpert}' of dle FBI and u lOJAed to your igt:nq:
11 .and HS,;:onlt:l'l€1are rrm rc :,e :hstl1btiled OUlSlGt yeur 1ge",,~

JC-001· 004502
CO'ImCtO,ing , . R.epon No
............. Rq'ortHli Qffi¢¢r

Victim NIM OriSIMlleport

99-7625-P ThiJ RePort
COLUMBlNE 05-07.99
("l""if~ljOr\ X FIRSTDEGREE MURDER Oiftolw $wv:sc Ofles\ X &:l;qltll,l!lollly Clt:md a RCI;(lnlmend c~: Rcvierw a
,ifictl1M 0 a.r.d i? A!'l'IlSt
" Unfoundc4 0 C10!lJrt"

!~ I Qwintlty I Mnd Nttnt I Oescri~it)cl I $(fit! No r.=. I RJc~~ I ~~~


Tiffany Marie SpevakI DOB 052283

7703 South Yarrow Court
Littleton, Colorado 80123
ColumbineHigh School! 10th grade


On OS-05·99, at about 9;57 a.m., I interviewed CHS studentTiffany Spevak as follow up on DN248S. The interview was
onducted at Tiffany', home, in the presenceof her mother, Michelle Spevak.

Tiffanytold me that on 04·20·99, at about 11:10am., she hadjust finished her fourth period historyclass. which is located on
the upper level of the school. After leavingclass, Tiffany said that she walkeddownstairs to the cafeteria to meet her mends.
as part of ber normal routine. Upon arriving at thecafeteria at about II: IS am., Tiffany said tlletshe met her friends at table
AAA. Tiffanysaid that she placedher backpackon topof said table, whereupon sne and Itermends stood in line and received
their lunches. Upon retumtng to table AM Tiffany said that she remembers seeing students Leiba Murphy (10th}, Tasha
Nygard(10th),BrittanyDavies(10th),JamieMunkeby(lOth), lear Richer(l2th], BrandiWiseman (lOth).and Lindsay Wyant
( lOin] seatedat said table, Tiffany said Ihatupon entering the cafeteria, and, whilestarting to eat, she did not recall seeingany
duffle bagts) or anythingsuspiciousor out of the ordinary. Tiffanysaid that thereare usually a lot of backpacks aI tables. and
thai she was engaged in conversation with her friends.

Wltile eating her lunch,Tiffanysaid that.he remembers looking up at the cafeteriaclock. which indicated 11'20 a.m. Tiffany
said thatsiteremembers taking a bite of her pizzawhena "kid" came runninginto the cafeteria from (she thinks)the northwest

7 Sigm;rure Uilil ,,- SupcrviSOt Init~~~ and Dite Assigl'lcdTq

JC.o01.00450 3

/:rMI/70-- /;'1'1". OS'tIS Ior ; I

1i<VESTICATQR; VK1"lM SaRvK'u , tmll!R I ASAfJ4lflJCSOI16c'"
Rq)l)l'un" Age!ic:}' R.,.,mg Officer Case Rep(l(l ~Q


C(l1\t1eccina CaM' ~ No Victim l'4tne OrijWli Rc;lon OltC'Th!lR~

COLUMBINE 05-07-99
C'-',ftat* X FIRST DEGREE MURDER OftiMc S/;all;:l.; '»eft X &~C'1Ial"4d C Reeommtml c~; Re«I/lW C
, .;ir.Cf,!i"rl C C1a.n::d by A/Tl:'It 0 UIl'bvndc!rj 0 cr05U~ c
l~ I QoJ.orttiw I Bfaftd N..". 1O=!crincion I SerialNo V." I
s;o~ R~vq
hlll¢ ! V11<lt

door, and yelled for everyone to "get down," Tiffanysaid that she and others at her tabledid nothingat that time because they
tnought it was a senior prank. Tiffany said thatshe then saw teacherDave Sandersrun into the main areaof the cafeteria. also
from the northwest corner, and tell everyoneto"get down." At that time, Tiffany said that she then got down underneath table
MA. Whileunder the table, Tiffany said that she heard a single "shot" or vboom" that she thoughtcame from outside, near
the northwest corner of the cafeteria. Tiffany said chat theremay have been morethan one such noise,hut remembers hearing
only one. She did not remember if it was a gunshotor an explcsion.

Within seconds,Tiffany said that students withinthe cafeteria began to get up andstart running in variousdirections. Tiffany
said tha, ,he stood up, but didn't know whe' to do. At that time,Tiffanysaid that studentJean Richertold her to grab her stuff
and "let'. go." Tiffany said that she and Jean Richerthen grabbed their backpacks and started running eastwardthroughthe
cafeteria, toward theauditorium. Tiffany said that she ran past thebathrooms and into the lowerportion of the auditorium, onto
the stage. At that point, Tiffillly said that she remembers the fire alarm sounding. Thinkingthat there was a fire, Tiffany said
lat she and othersthen hogan to maketheirway up the auditorium stairs toward the exitsat the upper portion of theauditorium.
Tiffany said that as she nearedthe upperportion of the auditorium, she saw choir teachers Lelandand Lee Andresattempting
to lock tbe upper doors and direct srudents away and back down into the auditorium. Tiffilny.aid that she also saw Spanish
teacherJudy Brug inside the auditorium. Tiffany said that the reachers told the students to get down into the aisles.between
the seals. At that Orne, Tiffanysaid that sbe heard "a bunch of booms,in a row"coming from what shethought was the science
area on the uJ'ller level of the school.

Tiffany said that she and other students remainedinside the auditorium for several minutes. "perhaps fifteen," during which
time she heard several additional explosions and/or gunshots thatshe placed nearthe science area. Tiffany said that a janitor,
whom she identifiedas "Mike,.. holding a walkie-talkie, then enteredthe lowerportion of the auditorium and announced the,
the cafeteria was cleared out. He then directedstudents down the auditorium stairs, to an exit locatedat the lowerportion of
the auditorium. Tiffany said that she and others then exited the lower portionof the eudirorium, and ran past the east side of
the cafeteria. Tiffany said that as she passed the cafeteria,she noticed that it was filled with a great deal of smoke j haze,
Tiffanysaid there also appeared to be debris on the floor, Tiffany said that she and others then ran east down a hallway, then

-0 Sillf.lltufoe Uliir ",,,,,,,,,," SUl*\'lSCi' IlIiti.\;/s itlO Dm Assigru:d To Pagt' ~

or l.
()Il.tca~ ...t, !1",V lt5.1'l CAro", V1C"TIM U"'Vl,U 1OThfll
_ .. "-> Rcporrifti Officer Cue Report NQ
COOI1~nj CoDe ~ No Vicril'l'l NlrM Onio RqIott o.~ TIlls Ilepcln
COLUMBINE 05-1)7·99
Ct-.i(lOIf:Q<l' X FIRSTDEGREE MURDER 0l'TerRSIalllll; Qpm X ~~lll'Claml a Recommend Caw: Review a
"iroeli!ie... a C!e::u'ed:l)yAl'I'e$t a UMIb!.l'/ldEd 0 C!OSl.I~ a
(~ ! Quanury , Qn;nd Nallie I DecrilldOl'l I Send No ~~ ! R::~~ I oi~~
south down the foreign language hallway andoct of the school', southeast doors. Tiffany said that 'he then ran across the
juniorparking 101, across Pierce street, and into Leawood Park.

Tiffany said that she left her backpack and a sweatshin inside theauditorium. Tiffany said that at no timedid she seeany
shocterts) or anyone wearing a trench coat. Tiffany said thatshenever approached the northwest comerof thecafeteria, and
never sawanyone outside, down 01\ the ground. Tiffany saidthatshe did nOl personally know Eric Harris or Dylan Klebcld.
noranyof the names presented bythe media as known associates of them. The interview concluded at about 10:40 a.rn.

The names of those students I teachers provided bY Tiffany were run through Rapid Start and Denver Detective Mark
Woodward; lead sheetsforteachers LeeAndres, Jr., andJaneBrug were prepared andsubmitted by me. All others hadeither
been interviewed or were scheduled to be interviewed.

;ee attached cafeteria map and school map.


JC.QO1· 004505

'( SI,g;naUIrt" Unil Number Supm-isor hlldal! anti Date Ms'aMd To , age J
0' l.
"ll(IU".u !1WESTICt'lTOIt \/l('Tt'A SIHt\'fCU IOTHn 1 _~F3-4J98JCSOiI67"
fl~ ,:>!"'W-tn:.-
I:J ~'" / ""1-'1'- 2:5

i ,
I i ~ 1 I I ' I I ' I ! ! '
! i ; : , I 'i ';
, I I '
, : I j I 1,1\,:] /1/ ' I I' r
I ~ I I ' '1~';i· I i I"'lii~U,'/1 I, I
, ~ I !; " tIl No. i I ' ,
! I • i ~'!~ ': ~ I I I i ~pl
0 , I,," 'l'J : I! \ , j ,~~I
, I 'I ,! ! I! i i ' !: I :
!, I I

I i !

I '
.. ~ I _, .. : ,:,' "'i T !"' , I I j

I I ,1:.l:!l i (1-'1 /,,:\1 <"7\, ! I/"i--. 1

\ ! I I I
, I i ; ; ,1 '-.;.../1 \J/ , I"-"'} I ~ I i I!
I I Ii : : i i : iii, I! : 1 Iii
! f : iri, ---.. i !---.. i H ; iii !
\..'"'l \.:"')1 iV'(» I \I"'Y I I :
I I ,I: i j! i, I! ! I : , I
I I i ! ,I I I ! I , I j
i I I IX,':::--l I "'"' , A::'l I IX! j 1. I I ! ' ! I j 1 1
I, I ,,,} :"..<:I} i '<."""" Ii i:' I {~," I I,~ I I I : I "]
I i I I I ; I 1 I I I j'l! ~'I 1- II I I ; I i
I ' I I I I !: i ; I I! I I I I I i ! i ! I
T ,v.::'-. ~I I H ; IAI ! i Ii:
I I 1 \ : i I V" I, I I I f I I
'!I ! I ,I I I ;;, ; i : I i I, I j I ! I I I I I I 'I' i I i
~I : I I ,<;,I:li i ! I: I !! i:: i I ~ I i I I ,
£::1 : I ' I If j 1 1 ! I I , : I 1 I " I I '
lit I , I j I. , \ "" !o:'": i !! ' ! I I ! I
, : ! 1 I : . I I I I :
, ! ' 1 'i'i I ,\.o I , , I .. I I ! :
I : , 1 I ! ! I ! i 1 ! ! I I I
I I 0.,; I I ! I I! 1. . . . . '1 III II , : I I ; I I
, ! , I I I If..... I 1 II: I(!'" (oJ, 1"';\' (. I I ! I I I I
I ! I I ! I i ";-'" i 1'"'7 I............ t j ,-' I I I !
, i ' I \ I I I ~ I I I i I I I I I I . ; I I I '
Ii. I : r-l I I iii I I i ! • , ! i ' i :
I I, I
1;- i ''''""''
I'''''') I I ~.'

r: : , I
; I I . I I , 'I (~l I ,'1"')' I Y : I ' Ii! i '
I I Iii
1 I 'I I /":'\, I ,.J\ Vi : I
, I
I i
, I! /' I , ! ' I
i '1.::.11 I '=1 I I I '
i i 111"''"''''1 II' ! I
, I
! 11.'-1 ! i ' ,I I I i I
,_: ! I" II' ; I , i

I ~ i j ! l ' I i ! 1
JC..Q01· 004506
-- .


.5 !!:I JC..o01.004507

Case No, _
Denver Police Oepatt/l'lel1t


J hliVe read the foregoing statement 8ftd the 'acts contained the/em.,. Utle to the best of my JcnowllJdge and belief. }
do nor maintain that it r;'Js an of the fact:s or details of the uu:ldtitrt* but anJy t./w3"lac't$ about which I have been
JC.o01· 004509
FBI 174A·DN·S7419
Detective: Made Allen - Denver Police Dc;partmenl / (303) 640-1183

lIE: CONTROL 1# 3039

Nikki Spurgiesz
6553 S. Salisbury Ct
Littleton, CO 80123
(303) 978-0131
Subject: Columbine High School Shooting,

On 5/14199 I interviewed N'lkki Spurgiesz at her residence 6553 S. Salsbury Ct., with her
mother and father present Nikki reponed !hat she entellJd the cafetcria,.,at approx.
11.15AM and she sal a table0H:. m ret,Mandy Nicols, Diana Batkei:'
Mary lou Barabu(Mary &ek:;' ysce ikki said-ibedidn't see the duffel
bags or anyone carryingthe bags. . . 't see any TCM or associates in the cafeteria
area. Nikki said KimBlair came intothe cafeteriasayingshe needed some help and they
all lookedoutside. N'lkki said !hat she heard someone yelling10 gel down so she bid
under the table. Nikkisaid that she ran out of the cafeteria wheneveryone else started
running OUI. Nikki said that she left her bacl<pack: at the table and she ranhalfWay up the
stairs and she heard andsaw some gun shots, bur didn't see the shooters. Nikki said she
ran back down the stairsand then shewent In the Spanish hallway and then out the exit
doors. N'lldd then ran In the Seminary Building. NUdd didn't see any of the TCMor
associates on the outsideof the school.

Nikki said thaI she thoughl Kim B~ght haveseen the shooters and that her friend,
Lacy Smith saw a third shooter and said it w a s - " i k k i said !hat she didn't
know any of the TCM and she didn't know any~le pierced eyebrow. Nikki
said that she dida't hear any further rumors and she didn't haveany further information
to provideabout the incident.


JC.Q01· 004510
S f-rT, .. S c;, csr»: rl-I .£.5........::: Bj...I1",,/ ~)/ NJ'ctl-o/r

GllIINI'\- SAa~ MMjsu'I' 6Nl-A-e,.../(vt,Mj 6.c!'e.-'). *·£'t~Wtterr
/),.J 1"';~1
, ,
I ! \ Ii! I j i ~ : I I

: 1 I I 1 : ~ I I

I ~ ! I ! ' ; I i' i ~ :
I ! ' : I I ! ;
I ~
_, I i i ! ( '1IXH I

! 1""..., ,\ ; l~_ j
;";;' ...#. ~!
,; ~~ i~ I ; ,'" !" "" ,
, ' 1 i ! ; i~ ,. ;
, i t : 1 ,
f I ! : I '
f '\ I I 1 i
I ' I I ii, ,

I I I I 'I I 'TI .. 1 r I I

I I ; {~ i r::Y11 .I'J':\ ~ I/"", I ! i

j ;

I : i ! I , I I

I I i I 8 1 t j ! i I: I I

i I
! ! I ,;~

I i I ~ ! i ~j i " .... , ,
I 1 I , ' I i r : I, f I I

i i l ! l ~ i I I I: I! I 1 : ,
I ; I )< i ' 1';-" IIXl: I I I 1 1'\, I I : I :
i i ; I '(~)il{ <"I . l i : ! '
I f I I 1 , I I 1'-':" ..... ,/1 1 I !
I i I I I 1 ! j I I I I'" 1 ; ,

iii I- I ! i 11~ -l I ... J
,I I
I \II: , I"'" ,
i 11/!
1 I i I I I

I '
, I
.., 1)
I I\
J ~
I... I , I , .. I

i I
I I I i I I 1 I ! ! I i
: I 1 I : I I I I I ! I I
.. : I ; ! - I I I I I \ I ,
, :
I I II~ ~ ! I ! I

I I 1 I\ ll> 1 I I I I I I '1 J I
f j : 1 s: i i i
~ i : I i I 1 ( l
I I -; ! \I I I Ii: I 1 "

I IfN ,I I [;: ( ,.J ) i I I , ! i

I I I I 1('"
,,-, \ I I
I I : I """I I -, I'-*' I YI I I I ! I

j I I I I i I I ~ I I : I I I I I I : i I - I I

I ; iii Io.lh 1 b I
, I
I I i i !

I ! ! \.' , I
i i! i I I r~ I I 3")1 i YI' I I I I I
, I - I I 1 I I i/ I

, 1 If ,'I i ,...1 V' I

I , I 10 "'-"'I I I

, ,

I I I I '

, "c'\ D _ ,,6f I I I " I 1 'I I I ' I

'f=": \e) I ,
, I '-..-'1" I I I : I I
JC-001· 004511

JC.o01· 004512
In_gall.... R"J)Olt
Deleellve Mad< A!loIlIl84063
Denver Pollee llepattmeot

oe, 05/10199 at appro~ 0900lIa I inllll<'liewe<l "",,y Sr:'l.!OY, at herbu-. 9233W.llcty A.... "",,y
J:IOI"l'lEd t!latslle didn't """""" OIly dulfel bop or ~glllll' dulfel bop illtl:l die caf<taia .....
Jolly said sbe didtl'! ""'""'" anyTCM <llOltlI>el'\I in die..... Jolly said sIle diecafeteria lltappr<:>X
I03S1n dIlring4- bout. Jolly said $be ,aUt tableJJU. with her Il:iellda, Kim McllrllsdlIr, DOll
Mobrbsd>or, T,..,. Koapko, LisaSleepIot<a, Ao_llommIl!, Ry1Ill M"""IIlIllIJosh Casey.
Amy said t!lat at _~ IllOlln $be !lit at _..,.".. fro.. dle Robel Stolll widlll. J s-mt. Bn:><>l<
Allisc.. Elaioe Mllller, SIlaoooo Zelle ODd 0&.... ScboI... Jolly saki sIledidn't..., ..y duffel b"S' or TCM
~ in tlle caCeteria _ g tIlia timo. Jolly saki sIle bemd SUJl'b.0Il ODd sbe bid ~ her table
far few minuteollllll!bell !be llIIl out die_ exit douR by dle Rolle! Stolll. Amy said sIledidn't ob....,.
die_ or aoyurll!> beIog mUl.

Amy remomilmId tbo 1lJuuibtofdle day_ "It'oallil:e day oollide. 1 bot yOU wishyou werea't her today.

./f11~(c$L. i4 -(,~

JC-001· 004513
** UPDATED APRIL 28, 1999 *.

1. Did you ever .... thotw<>larp dlIll'el bop in tI>l car._? "b
2. Did you see 1Ill)''''''' <:myiJ!g or in tho pouessioo of tho.. dI1fJoI bop. " • pmvio.. tiIIlO? f""
3. Did you ... Eric llm:ri& or Dylan KliOll<lJd oitl>lr oa MO<Iday ofTlllOday? Wbm-.. tI>lY doin& ?
WbmdidtI>lY say 1 Wee tI>lY witlllllY"""tIse 1 1II0

4. Did y<IU lea"" a.ayI!lillg beIliIld in tI>lcatelerla Of lIl)'W!>I:nl elsein tho sdloo11j><.<"lt" g..<.L<j2A t>C.<
t:f.>t:>l'# " ...~_ J $, ..........\ • • "1'tt' ""'•........, l..",,~s~ p-... _ F(....,...
S. Who ....... Y". widli" tho catelerla? w:lIod __ Y". Sillillg ? )

6. Did y<IU seeor!3ik tllllll)' of tho T _ Coat Malia JllllDlIlcs on Molll!ay? T.....y? Haw alx>ultI>l
prior- ' : « _ 1 WD
7. Have Y'" heonl ""ytlling ft<lm anybodyelse.- _suspects, _ -Ida& IlIl'I beylnr, etc. ?
S. WW..... you,..,..;"g 1 ~ Y'" haw. ba<:k I'1l"& 1 What didilJook: liD andl or have in it ?
..\-.l ~"") ell< a."... 51 1:>-.... $1+:"',-
9. Haw<lid y<IU loa'" tho eal'e!m'Ja ortl>l building1 Wbm _tI>l.....". tllai IllIlde y<IU Ioave ?
~ ...T1\Io' .,. "" ~1 (',)1 '"'It.!,. (l"l3""\" '-<>"""",,"'S""" .
10. What lime <lid yOll "'""" tho catelerla 1 w:lIod did y<IU COlIlO ft<lm (priorto llle cafel!!ria) 1
\c,3~"""'_ $Tl.-".. _ .... ~y~ ~,.
11. Have 1IIem lIlO<l: _ tI>lY silting, tlloir"""" out of tI>l building and whom tI>lY """" with (if
Imown} ?

12. Haw did Y'" mltl>l buiIdirlg 1 w:lIod did you go wbel! you jOt out and wbat did yeusee on llle
outside of lllebuildinS?

13. DoYO. use dIe!nlmlol? 11'",. whatiayOlll'''''''''''' """"'? Do Y". have aDlCQ (aka; I _you I
silIliIar to. cha1line) """....I? No I
14. Do yce kaowanybody with. "double piIm:e<l eyebrow" 1

IS. Didyou .... or beat allyIIllllSWll_<lll1I",""""" prior to !be _lIS ? Do y<IU ImowwhattI>l
"'ThOUgbl of!be daywu" over!be R.oboI N""'" N_odt (RN:N) ?"'J:'1"5 ,.. .ili' 1)<." (J...T'S i Y, r ~'1'"'
"..... W 1<;' \ ¥-- wc...:I"'""""".
16. ea.. you proYitle any filrIIIc< intomwioa on tile JllllDlIlcs of tile T.-tt. CoatMalla? )J"',

17. AsktI>l pttreIlIS if tI>lldds ttaw told d!<manythi.q else? Diflinlll?


0 ,--,--,
JCSD M.Russdl
l3tulO Ni1tl'.Wl
Clel;f'ed by .4m:It
;, u_
E~j<Jlllllty c1aroe



I Va!\Iil:

I V&.ll.w
I Damtpi

Narrative :Re: Control number 3036

Danielle Stanek
6537 S. Ammons Cl
L.ittleton, CO

On 05-1Q.99, a11200, contact was made with Oanielle Stanek, a Sophomore cheerleaderal CHS, who
confirms being present at CHS em 04-20·99 and being assigned to 'A' lunch. She noled being seated at
table 'ODD' with 1. Sarah Anderson; 2. Sara Ryan; 3. Samantha Roman; and 4, Tina Chavez.

She had arrived in the cafeteria at 1115, followingher 4'" hour math class. She had placed her books on
her table, gone through the hot food line, eaten a piece of pizza, when she heard 3 unknown freshmen
studentsrunning through the cafeteria yelling that someone was in the parking lot with a gun. Shortly
thereafter, she heard an explosion and observed dark grey smoke in the senior parking lot. Sheobserved
other students getting under tables, and she and her table matesdid the sama. After a shortlime, they
stood and ran into lhe cefeteriabathroom, as students began running from the cafeteria. After a very short
tir I the bathroom, she and Anderson and Ryandecidedthey could not stay there, and exited and ran up
the main stairs, eventually arriving at the auditorium and exiting via the north doors. As she was exiting
lhese doors. she heard 8 gunshotsfrom inside the school.

Stanek reports never confronting gunmen while in the school, nor did she observe any suspicious activity in
the cafeteria prior to the incident. She noled wearing a light brown shirt and blue jeans on 04·20·99,

She confirms using the internet, and provided her screen nameas Cheerno@ao!com. /

She d08S not know either suspect nor any other members of the 'TeM",


JC-001- 004518
_ •• As=Y R.oport;ng Offioor Cue: Report NO'
Conncc:ting Case RtpQrt NQ, V"t4tim Name OriBinal Rcpon Oak This Report
r--·3049 05-13-99
c......'u~ X FIRST DEGREE MURDER O~ SWwI: Opel\ X ~jycloW'td CJ Recoln!m'nd Case: Review IJ
Rbc~ifi¢lliOO 0 Cl<md by ""'" 0 UnioU!ll.toed CJ Closure IJ

'~I~ 1.....-- 1o-KriPtlon I....""" ¥~\~ I ~~ I o~;a



7031 S. NewlandCourt
Littleton, CO 80128
Freshman Student-Columbine HighSchool

(Parental information)

STARK. DORENE A., ooBI04-30-56

Same as above.
Work: 12109 West Coal Mine Ave.
Littleton, CO 80127

STARK. BRUCE J., D08104-27-52

Sameas above.
Work: 65 Tejon Street
Denver, CO 80236


On 05-12·99, betweenthe hours of 1101 and 1215 I bad an opportunity to speak with Tyler in reference to the incident that
occurredat the Columbine High School on 04-20-99. Alsopresentduringthe interview was Tyler's mother, Dorene.

Tyler statedon 04-20-99, he arrived at school about 0715 hours. Upon his arrivalat school,he entered theschool through the
southcafeteria doors, also known as Rebel Corner. Fromthere,he proceeded up the stairsand wentto the library. Afterhe had
fmished in the library, he statedthathe wentto his first hour language class, which is taught by Ms. Nykanen. After language,
he wentto his matb classtaught by Ms. Dimanna, Aftersecond hour, he has thirdhoursciencewith Mr. Mosierand his fourth
ourgovernment classis taughtby Mr. Savino. Afterbeing released from fourth hour government, at 1110 hours, he wentto

Vnil Nu...... JC-001·004519

Reporting Agcnq R~PQftifllOfficct Case R¢pol't NQ
COMectitlg Case Report No. Victim Name Original Repon: DateThis Report
1'-"'3049 05-13-99
C~lm X FIRST DEGREE MURDER Off«lu Sl&l;a$: {)pm X ~illflf;l})' Cleared D RecOmMend C~; Review o
Il~ifii:i.timl D or Arte:l
Clll*I'td 0 Utlfuundlld D Closure Cl

1~ TQu;N!'ity T BrandName T""",_ I Serial toOq ~:\~ I ~~ I ~eed

the cafeteria area. He believes he arrived at 1113 hours,

Tyler stated that after he arrived in the cafeteria. he went to the school store, which is located in the Rebel Comer, where he got
his lunch and he proceeded to a table where he sat down. I showed Tyler a map of the cafeteria area and asked him if be recalls
where he sat. After looking at the mal', be told me that he sat at table ce, I asked bim who was seated at the table with him.
Tyler stated !hal there were three people at the tablethat he didn't know andone ofthe individuals,he later saw outside, just west
ofthe cafeteria and this individual had been shot in the leg. He stated he believes the shooting victim was a freshman student
at the schooland he thinks his first name is Patrick. He couldn't provideany additional informationabout this party or the patty's
two friends, He did tell me that he had two friends seated at the table with him, Brad Miller, telephone number 911-0667 and
Nathan Anema, telephone number 972-3032,

"yler advised shortly after he sat down at the table that Nathan had gotten up and left the cafeteria area as did the other three
unidentifiedpeoplethat he talked aboutearlier. Tyler stated while seatedat table CC, he had his back to the window and initially
he remembered Mr. Sanders over near the vending machines, who was telling students to get down and it appeared as if
something was going on outside. Tyler staled initially he got down underneath his table, but he had an opportunity to look out
the window, He describesthat one ofthe freshman SllIdents that had beensitting at his table, the party who he believes firstname
was Patrick, he saw him outside the cafeteria. probebly ten to filb:en feetwest of the sidewalk, directly west of thecafeteria door.
He stated the patty was picking himself up off the ground and then the individual started to move but he was limping. Tyler
looked northto the stairs at the tOP ofthe sidewalk, at which time he told me he saw Dylan Klebold coming down the stairs, He
told me Dylan was dressed in a black trench coat, black pants and had some type of black military boots on, Dylan had a dark
baseballcap On which was turned around backwards. I asked Tyler if Dylan was carrying anything, He stated Dylan had some
type of a semiautomatic pistol with a long magazine, holding it in his left hand, I asked if he saw him carrying anything else,
He said that he saw a pipe bomb in Dylan's right hand and Dylan lit the pipe bomb, Tyler described the pipe bomb as being
similar to a sand weight or a small barbell. Tyler said that the pipe bomb was tbrown toward the senior parking lot and landed
near a black Jeep, Tyler explainedthat he beard the explosionand saw smoke from the explosion, AJ\.er this, students who were
near the west windows, started to move toward the east stairs. I asked Tyler if Dylan ever made an attempt to come into the
afeterie, He said that while Dylan was up on the stairs, after be had thrown the pipe bomb, Dylan appeared to look toward the

Unj, Numbc:r Supervisor fnitials and Date A$$igntdTo JC-001· 004520

I.. P
Ilopollm& Apncy Il>pomn& Offi<" CaeR~rtNo
ConlWCttng Cue Report No Victim NameOtigmat Report OateThis Repon
['- '3049 05-13-99
Chw.rriCll.'ictl X FIRST DEGREE MURDER Off- Swus: Open X ~1)'Cland C Recommend C/tSle: Review 0
bel_imaMn C 0 o Closure 0
CJaRd'" Anm
'~ 1_ I."""N"'" I 0-;"'00 I ""'" No. S: l V1ll1,1!1:
I vetce

cafeteria area, at which time he believed that Dylan was goingto come into to the cafeteria.

Tyler Slated that he proceeded to run to the stain and ran up to the main level of the school. As he reached the top of the stairs
and started to head east down the math/science hall, he recalled hearing anywhere from six to seven rapid fire gunshots behind
him. He continuedeast down the math/science hallway. Aboutthe midpoint ofthat hallway, there is a middle corridor» where
he ran north towardthe main hallway and main emrance, Oncehe reachedthe main hallway, he told me that he stopped in the
event that there was another gunmanand proceeded to lookdown the hallway. He told me as he was looking west toward the
area of the library that he recalls seeing a dark figure. He couldn't provide any additional information about this parry, as far as
identity. He told me the individual frred five or six gunshots at him and again he described it as being rapid tire, one of the
roundshit a ceilingtile near him because he recallsseeing the dustfrom the <oiling til. falling around him. After this, he turned
south, down the corridor and ran back10 the math/science hallway, wherehe exited from the schooland went to Leawood Park.
, fter Tyler completedhis initial statement, I asked him a few morequestions in reference to his observations where he stated
that he saw Dylan Kleboldout on the stairs,just west of the cafeteria. I asked how he knew the person was Dylan Klebold. He
told me he recognized Dylan as beinga studentat Columbine and itwasn't until he saw news reports thai he actually put a name
with the face. Tyler was asked if there wereany other information or clothing descriptionor possible weapons that Dylan was
carrying, any information he could provide. He told me Dylanhad rome type of a shotgun with a sling on it and it was down
near his right side. Tyler stated that he really didn't get a goodlookat the other weapon, but he believedit was some type of a

In referenceto the Informationthat Tyler providedaboutthe individual he saw near the library, I again asked him if he knewthe
identity of that person. He told roe all he recalls is that the person was wearing black and he couldn't provide any additional

Tyler was asked specificallyhow well he knew Eric Harris andDylanKlebold, He told me that he knew the two were students
at Columbine High School, thai he had seen them in schoolbefore, but he never associatedwith them and once again, he didn't
know what their names were until it wasreportedin the news media. Tyleralso recalledwhen he was down in the cafeteria area
-henhe initially saw Dylan out on the stairs he saw • golf cart up near the football shed and he saw several peoplearound the

Offf/aturt: Un. Number ~ Initials andO\\tC: I A.ssi~d To p.... J.

i ~lCfSAl \f 1 ;";\ t~""IC" TOll
:"<- ""S""
r 1,'1CTlM s:S-vIC5 '''I OntER JC-001· 004521
of ~

.734198 JCSDil6 74
RoponingA_ l«porting Officer Case~No
COMCCting Case: R.cport No, Victim Name Original Report Dab; "ThIll .R,eport
V····J049 05-13·99
C'l"",.ueatiofl X FIRSTDEGREEMURDER 0ffcttIe StIlUS: 'Op;!n X £~orWly Cl-.. CJ Recommend Case: Review <:1

~ifi~i«" a Cltami by A.rrest CJ "0_ a c..... 0

'J.i:. 1_ 1...... N"'" I ~d¢n I

Scrill1 No, ~~ f~~J~ed
golf cart but he had no idea who it was or if they were associatedwith this incident.

I hodTyler describewhat he wearing OIl the incidentdare. He told me he was wearinga pair of khaki colored shorts, had a red
T-shirt on anda black baseball cap with the Adidas logo on it. I asked if he bad left any other personal property down in the
cafeteriaarea. He stated that the only thing he left was his bluish green Sierrabackpack. Tyler was asked about the two duffle
bags that were located within the cafeteria area, one being. blue and the other being an orange/red in color. Tyler could not
provide any information about the bags.

At the completionof my interview,I had Tyler diagram where he was seated in the cafetteria and his movements when he exited
from the building. A copy of that map is attached with this supplemental report.


FBICase #4-DN51419 (DN3049)

DISPOSITION: Open, pending further investigation.

JC-001- 004522

otr~1Ul'e Unit Nu..nber SUPfTVisor !niti;tJ$ andDate A.s<i gned To Page

cT . Lr~i.. /?o-J' > of



I , i , ! I ': 1 '
; ,I i , I
I 1
I . I 1 '
I I [ , ' I 1
. , I I : ,: 1 v..! :! I ! i , I ' :
I - -.;, III
, ,
i I ! :

. :

>:: :-, ! I
~ i
I !
i ] :
( I
:~ ," 1).'

, , \C""'" 1\'1') \., I I 1 , , '0004 ~~\

I i ; i ; i i~ ! 1
,, I
i I
, ' i i ! , I f , i , ! i
,i ' I i

i =1 1 I 1 I I i I ; 1 i I I~ 1 I : ,' I ,
! ~ I -f;tft,,\ ;;: J.' If I • I • i ! I :
1 ,~ \!!:-1 i !J I G~I rc. i I I ! 1
, I : I , il \...J': : i j

I I i I ~ i : : J I

1 i 1 1,...- I ,
I , , I I : .
I I I J 1 ~ , : I ! i
I I Iii I 1
I I I 1'>< I ::::-{ I ~ I tC{ IIX! i .1 I I I II i I : ' ,
1 i

, 1 I I i j i I I

i i ,
! I! I i N~, I '
j 1 , ] ; ,I ,
_I I
I I :
\ I I ' ~, I : I \

1 V ! I I I '..... I J-... , ,
1 I
! 1 I I \1: I \.r'" ! \"'] , ! i : i
Ii' I I 1 I I! ! Iii [ i ; i ~ ; I I
I I ! I i I I I I I
I I ' I Iii I I I I I II! :- I I
I II I I Ii!]! i......l. I 1 I I I
:- ,i ,'
I I ! i I : I (~' I I ~ 1 O:n! 1

I ' I I I I \ Ill> ! ! I II '1): £1

i , ..., i I I IV'l , ,I I I I I I . i 1 : iii
'-' I I I ,..... , 1 I II I I I , I I ! I ! ! '
i ,
I I I I N, , I (:l: I (J'" (" '\ "d II (' 'I 1 ! : , : ! : ! I
1 1 I R I! r 1'1-"1 , , i I

: I I r V I 1 I" 1 '
! i i i 1- i I VI I I 1 I i ,i j
1 V A I : I (!..\, I ! I :

I ! i i I '
, I f I , I i
,, ,

i . I I ' i
1 i

1 I I~' :
_ !! Iii ! i Ki:lf" ! I
' c \ I t::"!_ ~ 1 ~I,ii!lll! , ,I I "

,~ : ~A' i
, ,,<:oj
i I
i I ! I
: j 1 ! l
I i
i ._....:..--

JC-001- 004523

Interview Trevor Staikreference a COnfrontation with Eric Harris.

Investigator Larry Erzen of JeffersonCountySheriff's Department interviewed Trevor Stark
prior to my contacting him. I spoke with Investigator Erzen and he hall covered this lead in his

R eport by: number/date Approved by: DtUllber/date:

JC·001· 004524
Page lof I

JC.001· 004525
, ;
, .I 'F ,......
Il4portio,ApMy ~O!I!... c... ~N<t
SUl'!'LEMENT y rcso PETERSON 99-7625-D
• C _ , C... R_N", V_!l_Orifioal~
Du TIli$R""'"
-Ctaa.oriQQon x First 0....., Mllrder ~_Oom x E 11 Ily~ a
_C!R: ltrIfew 0
b;l_~ 0 0-.<""_ 0 ...- c Cl..... 0
'ml~I __ I~ I_No. ¥..'I: I~'=.. I ~,


6872 West Moraine Drive
Littleton, Colorado 80123
(303) 933·1502
Student:Columbine High School


Same as above
Bus:46 B West Springer Drive
Highlands Ranch. Colorado 80126
(303) 791·2632


Same as above
Bus: AT&T
Denver, Colorado
(3031 299-5854


On 4-27-99, at approximately 12:27 p.m., I coraacted wimess Austin Stecklerand his mother, Tara Steckler, at their residence,
6872 West Moraine Drive, littleton, 80123. I contacted them in reference to the homicide investigation currently being
conducted at Columbine High School.
JC-001· 004526

Austin Steckler advised methathe was at school on4-20.99and at 11:15 a.m, hewas in tile C<lfeteriaarea oftM school. Austin

°T l::"
Number ~lsor lnida1s and. Date AaipdTo

A _I ...,.., .. P:Is<
;.1fllO['Ije\L .• , I:ooVt$T'!GAi'Oit r l,."iCT1M SEl;V/CO 1m I ASAl'3 _ JCSM."
· ,
COl'ITll"f.UATION t:l
RAo;>otUn. ~ ~omc#t' C... IWponNo,

C_aC... R.polt No.
. rcso
N_Oripw R.opon

- .....
Cl.o. x First Dttlne Murder ~_o,.. x ......_..a.... c Rcwmm~d Case: Rrn.... c
RecfUl1~ C CIond", ........ 0 u..- 0' CloNro o
'Il::: I 0-'", I..... N. . . I""""".. I sm.lNo. r.= I~~I~
Stecklersaid he was simg at a tabletbat was close to d1e centerofd1e room with several ofllis friends, including Jeff Maroney,
Tim Miller. Zach Cobb, Chris Dotmony, and Devin Castilla. Austin Steckler saidthey were eating tIleir lunchand talkingat the
table, and had d1eir backpacks that they had broughl into the cafeteriawith tllem layingon d1e floornext to this table. (Austin
Steckler showed me on the map of'the cafeteriaarea at Columbine High School wherehe believes he was sitting at the time of
the incident), AustinStecklersaid suddenly that d1e janitor of the school yelled out in the cafeteria to the people there to get
down and get under the tables becausesomebody was shooting. Austin Steckler said he did get down under the table and he

waited approximately one to two minutes beforehe golup, and ran up the stairs IOwards the library, but insteadof turning right
at tile top ofthe stairs towards the library, he turned left. ran downtbathall.andoutthe doorof the school. Austin Stecklersaid
while he was runningup the stairs and our of the school he could heargunshots and said he may have heard gunshots coming
from the library, however, he wasnot certain. Austin Steckler said after he was out ofthe school somebody (unknownwho)
told him that while in Leawood Park, acrossfromthe school to the east. someone had shotat him. however. he (AustinSteckler)
'oes not recall this occurring.

Upon my asking Austin Steelclet howhe Was doingsince the incident, hesaidthat he wasdoing okay,however, his mother,Tara
Steckler, said that she had set an appointment for him to go to counseling, alongwith his friend by the name of Kyle Hayes. I
left my businesscard withTara Steckler, and also wrote the numberdown fortheJCSOVictim Advocate in the eventthat they
wished 10 call them and usethemforcounseling. 1also advisedboth TlIIlI and Austin Steckler if they had anymoreinformation
they thought of or if theyneededany help dealing with the situationthathad OCCUlTed to giveme a call and [would assist them
any way I could.


AustinSteckleradvised me that he did notsee anyofthe dufflebags in the cafeteria. nordid be seeanyone in possession o~ duffle
bags, and the only thing he recalledanybody carrying was d1eir backpacks. Austin Steckler said he does not know Eric Harris
or Dylan Klebold,other than JUSt seeing them walking down the hall of Columbine High School. Austinsaid he did leave his
backpack in the cafeteria next 10 the table be was sitting at. He also said he does not personally know any members of the
Trench COal Mafia.~ however, he said that they ~ looked a! as "a joke,«and he knows thet!? to he identified by wearingblack

JC-001· 004527



. ,.
1lq>cnlo• ......,. ~Otlicor C_~No

Victim _
99-7625-D I
C~lAl ClIR 1Uport No, 0... Th~ IUjx>rt
Fint Decree Mllnler 0-_0,.. a_Clam! e JUc.omrnmtd- Case:; RC'iiew


0 o--I~~
"0 u,_ c Closur<

lJS:' o.oom, 1.- NOM 1- IS<NlNo. ~\: I~I~
clothing and a tren<:b coal. Austin Sreekler told llll! he does not knowof anybody that makes bombs or that is in possession 0
any firearms, and if'he hears of anything in the future he will contactme and giveme the information.

D1SPQSmQNj Open,pendingfunher investigation.

JC-001· 004528

Officu Siplltlolft N...bow ~r Ialtiais and On: ~T. Pace 1

A.P • ~~ ... ct......... of 2

, VICnM SE"~
f1ItlO/~AL 1lH\'LmQ.O,.TOR
I"""" , ASAF:) 4198JCSW!6':",
f O'041~·llt
f\"".."'- .... ~~ h lH I"5<

I '" Kitchen ...,o

Serving Line
oo .J . . L--I ~
i 00 0 O~iJ.Q 0
0 0
0° 0 0
°0 ° 0 ~
0 00
0°00 ~StaiJ o
0 0
o DPilIar 0 0
C),iIlar 0
0 0 0 &xi~ 0
<food Cart
! I\.store

'.~.t-;'frJ!. lJc.* Mvvr ~ "'/(01../ folice.. }J;.Mi ci J.t. •
4- 'i» - ,}4

JC..Q01· 004530
Denver Pulice Department
MIlking Statement is:
CI Offlcot a
eO Date of {Sinn 1 SerialNo.


///S M Hour<

Summary of Statement:

y.. ;u,..,S .z: 6t2/~ t:Jrc:.",,~A4).

, uti: \hi .!o.u;:.JU P....;2.c:.;l4l;./§4 ..... '1.

C'we·..:S'l:.. e;J,,> • ,i;

4- '"Pi" IN -4
.,..., 16k 12.....,,14· "l 69¥ IN A W4-q";P; .s; /.),IM.I:.I'~

S"'<:,,<,,\'tA ~ It-y)"> Por;s "t!..t ~iJINcl

%~.:c.RM" ¢:pIue f\'Ie. :t S'J"?t't'1<' Jl 1?#s:,JiJ V'-' 171.. I:> 7HJ£J(U. S T'A,e.J1W

'7"" R.';J,;" J:' A.AJJ uP f?hf;.. Gmt# 1'1> 7»11!1 ~//:l() t.<J~;j.r:" ~IU)

I Mve r""d th" foregoing stlflement and the tlfCtScontilined therem are true to the best of ."y KMwledge atld belief. I
do not _mrs;" that it COI/tains aUof the facts or details of the incident. tnn only those facts soout which I have be"'"

__ 1_._1_-
u.'" ClAM
Tidii $ . . - COf1iPlO1iliI ~\~~
ol men ang nature tement

01'0386 (lkw. :!I95l

JC-001· 004531 III~I~ INImll i
l 6 0 0 •
Page _ _ of___ Peges Case , _

Summary of Statement lcent.l _

L4r uS

, ,
~<dt? 2.z..

I have fead the foregoing statement and the facts contained therein Me tllJe to the bfJSt of my knowledge and belief. I
do not maintain tha t it contains a/l of the facts or details of tn« incident, but enly these fects ebout which I have been

__ I 0-'-- n AM
tim. StatementCompleled [J PM

JC..Q01- 004532
.- - - .__(}}~Cl.",-IStt!'£'1/~..e. J'd,3._7.7). -?;-7~S; ------.--.-
Y::.ll,,:,7f .&tI(!d.-Su,JJIIr~/-'l:::/L- ...E'jlJ.C.54/£-J.. n7L4~~4L.5-__
...../.Q.<I)( -!f1acA.iiv.:e=_·._ _. ._. . n_

'-:.gZ"1.f . .uar«. jl4Jlv~-: Ft1.f-.~h~.(.d..._ ki~v7 _:%dtfi'r'I.t:fWi!Pd ..
._.__.......iy__iJet_ ibJlo-<:k~ 5!?_'?::_LL7L . . ._ "__ '_.'_"
---_._--_._- ~,.-.-- -~,.~~~----~---~----,------~ ----- __ __
. ... .

i - J..7 -:!Lf--:_.--. --< ---------

-1.1:'/2 ----- - - - .---

JC.o01· 004534
suPPUlMENT X r;;- .. .... I-."'"""


CONTROL # 2256 115·10-99

ctt!!!rifiMrioo 0lfDe $_: C1plD 1!x"'!""'"'!Jy CIemd _e-
~ C1<>Ill<e

:: I B_ N"", r~ r_No. Volue

I v.... Illolna"'

On 5-7-99 I spoke with the parents of Megan Steckly, her name was idantified as possibly the Megan being
referred to in the video as one of the girts Eric and Dylan did not like. Mr. Steckly requested thet no
additional interviews be conducted with his dal.Ighter unless absolutely necessary. I explained to Mr. Steekly
the infonnation I was working from and was told he and his wifehad spoken with Megan several limes
reference the incident and the knowiedge she had aboutEric and Dylan. Megan had told them she did not
know or associate with either of them and had not participated in any teasing of them for wearing their
trench coats.Mr.Steely told me when Megan was interviewed whatshe observed in the cafeteria and her
knowledge of Eric and Dylan had been discussed.

I did search rapid start for the interview and i feel it is not necessary to conduct another interview with
'vlegan as requested by her parents and as we are not surethis is the Megan referred to in the video.

Lead closed.

JC..o01- 004535


__ _ t_4_~ ...... _""l"


JC·001· 004536
' 0

STJPPLEMENT 0 M. Russell '9-7625

'"""'''''''' c ... _ _ "" w••.,""""""
_ e-,
,itkalion g 00.... s","" Qpon

Urtf,unded n
0 &<view
~ I Brand NlIDlC I Value Vlllue I Value
on SomlNo Slolm
Ro;(lvered D~d

Narrative .Re: Control number 1436

On 04-26·99 contact was made with Patricia Stevens, a One on One Special education aide at Columbme
High School. She noted being in the lunchroom at the time of the initial shooting, seated with a number of
apecial-ed students at a table between the exit door apd the serving line. She identifies the students at her
table as 1. Nathan Sansler; 2. Ryan Deatherage; 3. Melinda Hollingsworth; 4. Adam Kyler (a wounded
victim); and initially 5. Kyle Velasquez (victim). Another aide at the table was identified as Samantha
Meyers. (!>~..... ~ +.0.."'- fi.!i.1!.)IOV.

She noted that whereas Kyle Velasquez always ate with them, he generally finished early and wandered
around the school visiting with other students. She attributes this to his being fatally wounded.

Stevens noted being seated eating When she heard another student run into the lunchroom and announce
that '(a name she can not remember) has been shot!' She then remembered Dave Sanders yelling for
everyone to 'get down'. She recalls a series of rapid gunfire, and students being running from the
lunchroom. She and Samantha Meyers ran together from the school with the students, exiting via the
au....'torium to a door on the north side of the school. They were then directed by officers on the scene to
pr, Jed to the Jefferson County Library.

While at the library, she had occasion to talk with a CHS student, Breanne Cook, (303-948-2129), who
talked of knowing the 2 gunmen, and also of having seen them at the school with another person. While
explaining this to Ms. Stevens, Breanne Cook became noticeably alarmed and pointed to a male standing
among the students at the library and identified this individual as the same person she had seen with the 2
suspects. This individual was described as a white male, 18-20, red, dirty, malted down hair, 6-2 with a
slender build, wearing a pink/yellow tie-died shirt. He was described as having "wild eyes", and did not stay
at the library, but wandered west from the library toward the lake present at that location.

Ms. Stevens had shared this information with Penny Zerr (303-978-943316985 So. Kendall) a Home-Eo
teacher at CHS, who immediately identified this individual as a former student,

Ms. Stevens noticed no suspicious bags or other items in the area of her table, and did not observed either
suspect in the lunchroom prior to the incident

JC-001. 004537

:r0Y- I IS'Jpe,,,,,,,,,
Nombii, ln~ial. and 0...
I:'90 I
_, ·";·,,.·"""lIl ~ _-." ' _, ;.
REPORT DATE; 05105199
Jeff Kreutzer

Possible (S) information of knowledge to include - Beforethe fact - Seentalking w/shooter.
WIM, 6'2", Red Hair, Bad Complexion, Weird Byes.

Interview Patti STEVENS. Teacher 935-1343.



DOB; 01101164
CO DL: 92-223-3414
5151 W. 2" Ave.
Denver, CO 80219
(303) 935-7343

STEVENS' phone has beenout of order,whichdelayed her beingcontacted.

STEVENS did not personally observe the suspectdescribed in the lead sheet,and further
describedin accompanying notesas having "mousey red hair, very greasyand matted" a "very
bad complexion" "jeans, tie-dyed shirtred, blue, yellow" and "veryweirdeyes" who was "seen
talking to shooter minutes before shooting started".

STEVENS was interviewed at her residence dnringthe evening of May3,1999. She was
distraught, having returned to school (at Chatfield) for the first time since the shooting.
STEVENS had been drinking.

STEVENS is a handicapped children's aide. She was sittingin the cafeteria when the incident
began, She does not recallmuch abouther escapefromthe school.

Investigation reveals thatthe information on the lead sheet is further documented in the lead
sheetfor ControlNumber 1436; the witness beingBreanne COOK.

STEVENS reports thaton Monday, ~A was told by one of the Special Ed students,
Jeremie SMITH,that his sister saw ~fore the incident.

STEVENS said she asked SMITH who his sister is, but he wouldnot tell her. STEVENS
described ~ a "tall ugly guy",6'2" - 6'3", with"massive zits" and "reddish brown hair".

I JC-001. 004538
rcsn CASENUMBER: 99-7625
REPORT DATE: 05105/99

STEVENS also said she was told by a teacher, whose nmne she does not know that the teacher,
whowould walk around the lakeduring 6tll hour. fuund a trenchcoat by the lake,but that later it
was gone. There is no furtherinformation regarding time frame or details of this.

2 JC-001- 004539
In order to be of service to you in case of accfden-t or sudden illness when
you are unable to give d1recti~s~ it is necessiry that you indicate in the
sQaces below your individual preference.
Emp1oY1t!'s N_ MH/ ':?[('fV'fn $'
St. Addre.. 5Ji:::/ .1.j I :J'" <U./'( cr ty l)~
H_ relepl1o"" 3{) J - j '1JS- -73 Cl3 zr P Code SO 2J .,.
Soc. See. No. :(,1;5"- 8's -lIS i!J.d Slood Type 0 .....
~C.11 W,II--d- ~venS &~« ?7>'7~'/3
Name It.litl on~ falei'hCrte
[ ) C.11.....,,,.,,.._ _..,... ......===r=- ==,,,.
r'! Co11 Nillle
"Y1 - -I ReHt,on~~{
Ct'2"b'<'f'tL!Kt q:,~~'llle
~ . ' ee one
Individual H.a1th N..dS,~~~·~~I4:Lna~<t~r--..,c__--------ct-?r------------
[Medication. oJlo"llie., ou::r' ~ .~
~s S$1f.CuN
Jefferson County Public Schools Fo"" 947/Rev. Otlt: 79

JC.001· 004540

JC-001· 004541
Colorado State Patrol
Investigative Services Section

Columbine High School Incident

Date of Report; 04129199 Control Number: ..,154"",,2_ _

j_"""N'' ' __
Mike Jelfries I Per!y PoweU

Susan Srewan and Aaron Srewan dob'IOl12!110

COllla()ted Susan S!llWlIrlal her home 1Il71l11 S. MalsbalI Ct,on 04121/99

Ms. Stewart said her son Aaron has melltal problems. He was enrolled in specialclasses at Columbine and is !lOW
in le£reo jail for steallitg money ,he bad for her ehuteh group. Aaron has memal problems and was in jail during
the time at Columbine and is not enrolled at school at this time. He did not know anyone involved just liked to
dress ill the gothic look.

His sister Emily K. Stewatt dob'08l10133 was io the lunch room at aboutll;2S on the 2O~. was told to get down.
beard shotsand ran downbacl< ball imo the 'llIdilorinm and 0Dl0 the stage into tile band room and outof tile
building onto the Sll<X:ef field. This lookaboutteo mitis. Sllcsaidshedid not see anything. Shethougb their was
about 10 to 15people in the TCM. Tho only I1lIltle she knew was PrankZirger.

JC-001· 004542
Colorado State Patrol
Investigative Services Section
ColUDlbiDe High Sellool Incidellt
Date or Report: 05103199 Coatrol Nl1IIlber: J.:14:!J1....5,--_

I==1:::: ~",::'~,,-=-dAJ;:,~------1 ;;-

SIISlIII Stewart aDd Aaron Stewart dol:w'IOII2/8Q

Ms. S - saui her son Aaron lias menial problems. Be _ eIIIllI1cIl in special t:lassl:s at Colwnbine and is now
in JelIi:o jail fur stealing lIIllIIllY slJe bad for her dIwdl group. Aaron lias menial problems and was in jail during
tbe time at Colum1liDe aIIli is DOl eIIIllI1cIl at sdIool a1tbis time. He did _know anyone illVOlved just liked to
<iniss in tbe golhic IIlOl<.

Hill sistI:r Emi1y K. Stewart dol:w'lllJ/lOI83 _ in tbe luncII room'llabouIll :205 on tbe 20'". _told 11> get down.
llolm;l shots aIIli ran down bIlck lIaII iJttotbe auditorium aDd
orno!be_ iJttothe band room aDdoUl of the
building orno tho _1iekI. TIlis took abouI tel11l1ins. SIlc sauislJedid _ see aeylhing. She though their W1IS
abouIlO to IS people in tbeTCM. The onlynameslJelalllw was FI1lDkZiIger.

On 05103199 Aaron StewartW1IS <:olIIaC:ted at tho Jefferson COIlItIy Jail.

Aaron S - adWedTCMW1IS a _ of 0UlCa5t studeIlls. The indMduallllllmbmhip did not like scltool and
did DOl like tho jocks. The illdMdnaIsfelt tbe jockswere getling all Lbe lllCOgnitlon in scltool The individllal
lIllllIIbers would hang JI1'01II1d togetber. drink b=r and 5IIIOke marijuana. One of tbe meetlng places LIley would
alw1ly$ use was a tunnel uador Ptl= Sucet.

Aaron Stewart stated he never became a ItlClllber of Lbe _ aIIbough LIley lried 10 get him to join. Aaron stated
he IaIllw the individllal that started Lbe TCM but could not remember his name. Aaron dtscrtl:IeQ him as being
S'II'1O 6'0' talI, alw1ly$ wore a blade 1llIl aIIli worlred at Black JackPlzza. The individllal gtllduated from
Columbme High School in 1997.

Amoll. Stewart adWedErik Hanis bad mentioneclon prevtOllll ilCQlS101lS tllaI he was going to get evl!1I With the
Jccks and make tbe high school famous.

Aaron Stewart was UIlS'IUO of tho lWIleS of Lbe members of TCM but thought theirwas ~ IS 1tlClllbers.

Aaron Slewart lias lleen in I:1I5tOdy at Jeifer.son. CounlY Jail since 03111/99. rk claims he lias 00 knowledge oftbe
incideat or who could be involved.

JC-001· 004543

Jc.OO1- 004544
page_/_ of ~ Pages Case No. _
Oenvllf Police Department
Ma tRemont f:._
C om- ~W""'""'

Phone Social Security No.

Zip Cod<>

Summary of Statement:
:r: \0

~ h iJ :s \-c:,u. (dec'S. @s S6(71eolJ(hal

bocx 1!.C\c\.s nc..\J\j bILl c: bq,se. {j:; \ I

I have the foregoing sUlrement ."d the facts cOlltained therein are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I
do not maintain that It contains all of the facts or details of the incident but only those facts about which I have been
JC..o01· 004545

C /11tut. ~.
xet 1nfoo
t1O'1....'" /2fn 1119 St.t.""'",

OPO 366 ,Rev 2I95}

Page ~ of --d::: Pages Case tJ _

14 I ,'.fb q 8 VII
I l
N )<(5

I have read the foregoing statement and the facts contained therein a'e troe to the best of my knowledge and belief. I
do not maintain that It cont.ins aN of the facts or details of the incident. but only those facts about which I have been
ott....., MURDER on, 99038856
V1m:.ial SCOTI' ..." 05/12/99
......t, 1173 STEPFES, TIMOTHY ''''; 1 v! 2
Inv loS'" 1197 GIRSON ~: 11.SS·~110·1173

.. --_._-----------------------~-----------------------
- -- -- - ---- - -- - - - -- --.

Jefferson County Sheriffs C.R.: 99-7625
FBI control number: 174A-DIV-57419
SUBJECT: STINTON, Courtney Christine
POB: 08/02/83
2943 South Zenobia Street
Denver, CO. 80236
(303) 937-9576
MOTHER: Paula Stinton
FATHER: Vince Stinton
On May 10, 1999 I was assigned to conduct an interview with Columbine
High School student, Courtney Stinton, who was possibly in the cafeteria at
the time of the shooting. I spoke to Paula Stinton and made an appointment
for the interview on May 12th at 1000.
On May 12th at 1050 I arrived at 2943 South Zenobia Street and
contacted Paula and Courtney Stinton. Courtney said that she was a student
at Columbine High School, in the tenth grade, and was in the cafeteria
during the shootings.
Courtney said that she arrived in the cafeteria at about 11:05AM, and
was seated at the table identified as "M" but she was not exactly sure of
the table location. She continued to say that she was seated with Melissa
Porter. Courtney believes that she had left her back pack on top of the
table as only she and Melissa were sitting there. Courtney advised that
she did not see a duffel bag on the floor in the cafeteria when she
arrived, nor did she see anyone carry a duffel bag into the cafeteria While
she was there.
Courtney said that she first realized there was trouble was when
students ran to the windows and were standing all. the tables looking out the
windows. At this time a male subject, Who Courtney does know, came run:ling
in the west door near the faculty lounge. The students then started
craWling under the tables. She said that she also got under the table, and
then looked out the window. At this time she saw Dylan (Klebold) shoot
something all. the ground near the west door. Courtney said that she saw

J C.o01· 004547
I.AKEWOOD CO PI' ._:2 •• :2 .- 99038856
Supplement 05/12/99 1173 STEFFES, TIMOTHY
Dylan point a gun, which she said that he was holding with two hands, and
she heard a shot. courtney said that she did not see who was shot. At
this time a female teacher crawled to her table and told her and Melissa to
crawl to the stairs. She said that she crawled to the stairs and then got
up and ran up the stairs. Courtney advised that when she reached the top
of the stairs she heard a big boom possibly in the libary. She continued
to say that she was moving down the south main level hall. As she
approached science room eight a teacher directed her and eight other
scudents to hide in the science room which ehey did. Courtney advised that
a table was placed in front of the glass window. Courtney
continued to say that after about fifteen minutes someone fired a shot
through the dOOr window and table into the room. Courtney said that she
could hear at least two people talking outside of ehe room in the hall.
She could not hear what was being said that and neither subject doing the
talking called the other by name. Courtney advised that after about two
to three hours of hidding in the class room she and the others crawled
into a storage room to the east of the class room where they remained until
a swat escorted them out of the building. Courtney said that she is
not aquainted with Eric Harris and only recognized Dylan Klebold because
his picture was on T.V. and she had seen him around school. She stated
that she had no contact with either subject, and does not know anyone who
is a member of the TrenCh Coat Mafia. She continued to say that none of
her friendS is a member of the group nor do they associate with its
members. Further Courtney is not familiar with any names that Harris or
Klebold used on the internet.
Courtney described her pack as a navy blue bag made by Western
Produces or something like that. The bag had a tag advertising a candidate
for class president on the strap. The bag contained pictures of France,
two three ring binders, a book, a house key, a supply bag, her school
identification, and her wallet.
Courtney had no further information and the interview concluded at

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --
....,.. 1173 STEFFES, TIMOTHY _ ..... 05/12/.99 13,03
S&:rgaar:o.t- e


JC-001· 004548
, ,, I ! , i i , ,, I I ,
! I II ,, ,
,i I \ ,~, II 1!
i ! I I I
, ; , I, , I,
I 1 !
,,i I I I I i I i
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, I j , I 1~' fI"
, I ~1;;
'/1'1/ I I I 1 I , I
, , I ~
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i j I
,I ! ,
, , I f:/J! I ! ; ! I , ( 1) fX' ,...\
, ;:......., ! I~,i 11'1:\ , ,, i",,;;","
! -, , ! I I I ..... I ! ! I I , >\ : II


, i t
I ; , \,::/ I !~, I\.. '!' J ! I , 1 ! I i
; I , : .... "'-I
"" I ,
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I , '"
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i , ! I I I I 1 ,, , !
I ! I
! j ! 1 I I
, I ! I ' y~ 'iI I i l: I i ~ I ~.. ! 11""1, II I : ! I I i,
1 I
I I I ~ I (e) I (1'"11) ;r.::\ I fT.\1 I I f f i l I 'I , I I I I ! I
. I ,I ; I I '" ,
, I ! I I ,1 "-71 WI i I\. "'J I I I ! I j I ,I
, ! ,, I I i I I j I 1 1 ,I i 1 I ! , ! ,! ! I ! I i i

I ,i ,
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II i i I I
! ~ ~ ~ I 16! ~I I 1"+"1 I '..-..{ , ,I I I ! ,,
I I i , I~i
, ,,~) 1 . \..:";i 'TI Y ~
,I \.~)! 1 I I , ,
,,I \';""
I ! \ ~..1 1I ! I
I I I I ! I ; 1 ,, I I I 1 I I I 1 ! II I I i ! I : !

I I I I I I ! I I I I I , I I I I 1! I I I ! II I is
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i~1 I t!::'i i.I ! I
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X I 1 I:::"-.t
! II ~) 1\''')1 I \["'1 I
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I I !
1'\ I ( Ci') 1 ~ I
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i I I I : I iii I r'-(' i
i I H , J I I
,, II II I
: i I
, 1
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I Ib ! 16 !, ~! i ),-",,1 ~
I !' /"i'.
I ! I 11 I : 1 I I, I I ,
foIA I I i I I \.iil f I \.I'V I \.~,; 1\1""1 "'y' I 1\ 'f)1 i !,, I i 1 I I I I I 1
\li' I I I i I 1 I I i I I I , I ! 1 I 1 I t I I i I I 1 ,i I I 'l' I I 1i
I" I I Ii I ! 1 I I I I ,1 I 1 I ,
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t 1 I I, I I I ,I I ,
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'I" II II II I I i i I
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I(~ I~ I (I:' I , 1-:1 I 1/-,;11 Ihl I I! I I ! i !
I ,I i ! ;
I '1'1 j i\> ,1'"'1 1 -, 1 1'-'1 ~ '1) I I I I I t I I I

- rv , i I I'O'lI 1 I ,I 1 I ,i
I I 1 I 1 I I
I I I ! I I
I 1 I I i ! I
I I I I I'-' I I I I I I I I I -:" I 1 I I I I I i i I ! ! I I ,
I II i ! I I I N 1\1 i (,;: 1("'1 !
r,J,1 .-ill i flc.l I II i ,, I ,I i ,,
I , i
,! I ! i i
I I ,I I ! I, "'" I 1, I i 7"l 1'Y 1"-( I 1 'i-'i ! I I
i I ! I , I , 1 i I , I r
, I 1 ! I i I ,1 I I i 1 I I
, I
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, ! i \<:. I ,:.-. ! iAI I~ I I !
I 1 I 1 I , ,I
; ,
I I I I, ! I i
*,1 : ,! ,
i I I
, \.."V I
I - I " .... !

!, ""'" i
~! '1.. \1")1 ,I '+"1 ,
I " , i I I I I
, , I ,i ,I !
,,I I
, I ! 1 , i I ,i I! !I I
i I !
! . I ;
,, I I ' l"t I I , I ! 1/ 1 i i I
, I ,
,i .
, , ,,
I I I I I l- Ib) , , I 1 ; 1 ! I r. :,\, ! r- 1) VI i
, ,, ,I !
I , ,
! I I I ..1 I ~ I
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! I I
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' .....
!\ "" ; f'@I
I '-.:;r
/j i I
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1 I
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.....,I I I I I I !
i , I
, !

, I , ,,
,,i II I ~
I 1 i i I I I
-' I . ( <.'1 I f«,'_ ~ I ,
i I
, I i I I
I I I I I 1
I ,
i i ~ : \.:> • \S) I , , I .;.....--;- ; I I i I I I i I , i I .......,.,
, , , ,
I !
JC.o01· 004549 -


JC-001· 004550

JC.00 1. 004551
":::'$r I7Ll ~.I)r' - 'T7't /'(
i of "2- Pages J " '" 0fi-7v..,
Case NO. _
Denver Police Depanmem
h. Making Statement is:
~... Middle lnillall.d-r'")!
,-,104(\ tVZ r-J 0 Officer A-wltneu a Person advised
Residence Strut Address - { City CountY lState IZip Code
( l
?hOM !(~SinUS lPhon. Social Security No. ,Date of a;:;
i 1.&>1 I'.'??
,~er1af No.

BU$ineS.$ StrlMt Add*a: City CountY ~Stat& Illp Code

Off!'*' Taking Statatmmt Serial No.
l°ot.'!,/;J.t:-j,':::;C/. rrime
i 12.<- 1101,1'$
Concerning -an inr;ident occurring at.: 11.'' '0' '" "'"""" .-mont ••ken:
Summary of Statement:

~ 'u, I) p" SC' e fttiy L,a...ey J),..t:fr.( &'=5" IN '77J... CA{...-r<!Z:."",

Q '0; /) )'<6<1 y.#< ANy:,,,,,.? CI'r€/1-Y~N(,·. ANy W';e i\,.,tt,.C f'S',.>'SS

(,):'?i::;:f/tr ;J-/;r c,&byLcN k7£ 0>11) ClN /Y1"M)4,11


f:.. t.{D

QU ""
C,) 1)61 j"r.'I.' !<A(l/V LWHu Ll",'c5 SIT/I"'S t-TXk.j/,..:; 4£I"'M~
)&)~t .
I have read the foregoing statement and the facts contsined therein are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I
do not mqlntain that It contains all of the facts or details of the incident, but only those facts about which I have been

0.1 I:l.' I q 'I JC-001· 004552

- .- tr.ti"' - - I:l AM
I>o~ ClPM
TUl'Ml: Statement Com~ted
Page 2 01 2- Pages Case , _

Summary of Statement (cont.) -::::- ---,.,-- _

_J.. --:r: I-( I\..(..,..,,;l -rz.,,,, y

WA S $y,..<I'} , "'S

71le CUIo1 ...15e!" .... S "u',e 4M.. . . IT Co.!/v:;-et<..>r-- u.'.....c

( ) \}Jlbt b; C) >k...
I.,M.!..c ---oJ.,- G4<T~1. 10
A --t-'"b1e 4IY"\ s±/-Pi5. A""C;, 4 2, "1) 13,-,,0,
O_b1jl-l4T=r1MR "'1->; 0 \J.... &-r-«_ '"":7'lJ=:' Cd"<f.....-ri"' ''''
f:= g-eIt.", -c.. . ,.J 1/ I /.) Am l' l/ n:A M .

W U itk,'-<" 'D: i) \A-..... Co../Y\(? ~ 'h

t-- ,--r.
ND I ,,('£\}..;'.. SAw:..cIL:""

~) '7): n l" S--r<' )A.t1/,;;rJ~ s;j!MJi' rJ5 CU,71k'JLL"-'''5 7?f'NS (

A /\JD )
O/" \y If' rR,'pk lJ'!¢'oJ S";TT,i-t; r;..-! H-~,- Tps /...
I have read the foregoing statemoot and the facts contained therein are true to the best of my knowlsdge and balief. I
do not maintain that it contains all of the facts or details of the incident, but only those faCf$ about which I have been

':. c; 1..3.J..
-'"'- I oau Cl AM
, \rr t:lPM
Time Statemen~ Completed

JC.001- 004553
}.:""'3r 'jy ,A-I)N - 5')i.f I '7
cJ S( \ol ore; -;(..2 <)
I ' , I I ,I·! I , I I
I i : 'I 'I
, ,
. I , i I
I , Ii' I I ' ,,-': . if I , I!
i J
ii, I . . ,J,' j" I r .. '~/I'f/l : I
I , .. I I ' . I i if! I i I, 1J)< ..... !
1 ••
• 1 / .;;\ ' I.r.::' :~ I I -""ir :l~' i -
I ! \..::,.) I\.1"- ( I\. 'I" / ~ ; : ;
-f ~:::!
I I 1 " I i j I

! ! : : I ' , I I ' I I : j "' 1 !

'" ~ 1 I I I I !: : ~ I !! I I I I [ , I j

r : !! - >.,.." r.. I 'W: J lit ""----":'r '"'J.;"I , ' i I ,

I I .. ~ I ,(!:1 I {:"II (".:\i l~i ~ ~ I i \ I I
i i I I '""'" " \..7 ; : I :

I • i I ::,;..; : b , i/""!o.. I ~i i~ h Ii
I\. '!'); I \I""j .1 I ,
I " : : Iii I ,I i; ! i [I J

[ 1 r ! i I j ! I: I :! I ; ,
, i i I I ;<. i I c-;. Ir:--.. I b llX!, I ! ~ : ! ! i ll ] I I i I
} ,i ,; Iii ! 1 ... j l\.'" 1 ""'-1 '! ~ ! 1 ( ' \ I t:", \ i " I ;
_ j \' i \ l i l! j l\ i N I 'l-" Ii I , I : ! ,
,II I I I I ,'I V I ! 1 I I Ii! II I ,
! I !

:-T I iii 1)-.. , .rl v.:'>. \ ';"""1 ..f--.l I IAI i i i 1 ! , \ i

1 A I 1 I 1 "Ii 1\."" \.....) J \, >< 1 ",."y I 1\''7'' il i ! I I I IIi
~I I I Ii, ! I , ' ! 1/ ' i I I, I I I' 1 '"' , I ;
I" I I 1 I I i I I I 'T' I I I I I I ' Ii I ! i
cI I I I I I I I ii' I 1 1 I ,! I I I t i
." I 1 I! I! !!' I ' i I ! iii tt I
I f -e )II""'" I i ! ! I i
II 1~I"j) I I ,
I j! I , ,,",I! I 1 1 : ' 1 11":7l: I I I I Iii I I I I !
1 l..l I 1 '-' I I I i I I I I~: ' I \ \ I' ~ ! J \ \ I \ I I •
I I I I I I I A..... ,j! I (.i: 1("'1 IN)I r ~ '\: I r. ,1 ' I i I ) I ! 1
I I I i I ! <, I ,: i Y i ,'-J i'''"''', I "y', I : 1 ' j : 1
! I j I, I 1 , i I' I " j I 1 , I : I I '
; 1 j l j ! d I
! L I ~ 1 "'<:Yl vi) ! ''''' J I r".: 1/_11'
, ' , ! I r,;: 1 r !\.~)' ,1'-:./, I , I ! r

I I , i 1 '-' " I ' 'I ./ 1

I 1 ...........1 · I 1

I , I \."") . ~I ! fr-7\ I ("'1

. I I I ".. '..J i ,-=-,', : !-"i I I I , ' I '
1 ! i I : ; ,j : 1 Ii,
i , : I I I .I
, I I ,
, !

JC.001· 004554
S'lmE, A I

JC·001- 004555
OJ,,....,,, _, 99038856
v'"d., R-I SCHOOLS ...., 04/28/99
"""••, 11 73 STEFFES, TIMOTHY 1Iqe; 1 of 2
!l'lV Aee: ~: 1~"1·~~~.·1~1j
Jefferson County Sheriffs C.R.: 99-7625
FBI Control Number: 174A-DIV-57419
SUBJECT: STONE, Aimee Kathleen
DOB: 07/24/84
5577 West Hinsdale Place
Littleton, CO.
(303) 948-3097
Eric Hammond Stepfather
Denise Hammond Mother
On April 27, 1999 I was assigned to interview Amiee Stone a student a
Columbine High School who may have been in the cafeteria at the time of the
shootings. On April 27th at 1600 hours I spoke to Eric Hammond, Amiee's
stepfather and made and appointment to interview Amiee on April 28th at
At 0915 I arrived at 5577 West Hinsdale Place and met with Denise
Hammond and Amiee Stone. Amiee advised that she is in the ninth grade at
Columbine High School. Amiee also confirmed that she had been in the
cafeteria at the time of the shootings. She reported that sbe wa~ seated
at the table identified as lIon the diagram labled STONE I. Amiee said
that Kelsy Fowler, Natalie Baker, and Bae Gattont were with her at the
table. She also confirmed that she had left a back pack in the cafeteria.
She described her pack as a blue Jan Sport and that it contained a math,
government, and spanish book along with a math binder. Amiee related that
she got to the cafeteria around 10,30AM on Aprl 20th. At about 11,15AM
Amiee noticed a janitor running across the cafeteria talking on a radio and
shortly a teacher instructed everyone in the cafeteria to get under the
tables. After a while they were instructed to leave the building so she
ran up the stairs at the east end of the cafeteria and into the south main
level hall. From there her group ran into the auditorium where they stood
around for a very short time. At this point a teacher ordered them to get
out of the building so they ran across the back of the upper level of the
auditorium and into the north main level hall. They then exited the
building by way of the main enterance and ran to Clement park. Amiee
reported that while they were in the auditorium she heard shots and a big

JC.Q01· 004556
LA1CSWOOD co I'D Pogo 2 o. 2
Supplement 04/28/99 1173 STEFFES, TIMOTHY
CRt 99038856'

explosion which sounded like they were coming from the cafeteria.
Amiee advised that she observed on one with a gun and did not see who
was doing the shooting. She also advised that when she entered the
caferteria she did not see either a large duffel bag or gym type bag
anywhere on the floor. Neither did she observe anyone carry such an item
into the caferteria while she was there.
Amiee advised that she and Eric Harris shared a gym class last
semester (fall 1998) but she had little contact with him. She did report
that one day when the heater broke she and Harris were sitting at the same
takle, inscead of gym, when another st-udent came up and said something to
Harris. Harris replied "shut up, don't make us mad, leave us alone".
Amiee reported that she had no problems with Harris or anyone else from
the Trench Coat Mafia. She stated that she personally does not know nor
does she associate with anyone from the group. Arniee continued to say
that she had heard no rumors about pending trouble at the school prior to
April 20th. Neither has she heard anyone talking about bringing guns to
school, making bombs, or buying guns.
Arniee did reI aced chat Harris had asked a friend, Kacie Thompson, out
but she did not accept the invitation. Arniee reporced she did not believe
chac Thompson was associated with the Trench Coac Mafia and was just being
polite when she spoke to Harris. Amiee could provide no further
information and the incerview concluded at 1020 hours.

-- ----.---- --- - ------
""on" 1173 STEFFES, TIMOTHY o.r'ne", 04/28/99 15,12


JC-001- 004557

- -. --

JC·001· 004559
.- .- '

Jc..o01- 004560
CONTINUATION I """""""".....,. """"'''' umeer
.. ~ qx'l.,nu


0,_,,,,-,,,,, V" m ~,-,,-, _ ,m'.."..'
C,""lfi01lli... Offense Swus: ()per; X """"",ooally Cloami Recommend Case: Review
X HOMICIDE CI"",," by _
R< "Beacon CIM ee

I Brand Name I ,,-,ption 1 SerialNo.
) Value
I Valut:

Streeb, Scott, dob/02-09-84
Littleton, CO 80123
Ph: 303-972-3066


On 05/07/99, I met with Scott Streeb at his residence reference the Columbine shooting. I brought out a
sketch of the cafeteria and asked if he'd show mewhere he was sitting the day of the shoaling. Scott
looked at the sketch and said he was sitting at either"GG or PP". He circled both and put a mark where he
would have been sitting at both of the tables; however he could not remernber at which table he was sitting.
I asked Scott to tell me what happened that day. Scott said that he had fourth period off and was coming
from a Math class and met some friends in the cafeteria. Scott said that he was in the cafeteria at
approximately 11:15 a.m. He heard the Janitor and Mr. Sanders run in and tell everyone to get down
underneath the tables. Scott said he heard an explosion and approximately threeor four gunshots while
un the table. Scott said that the stUdents then got up from the floor and ran through the cafeteria by the
Science and Math hallway and out the door at the end of that hallway. Scott said while running he believed
he heard another 4 to 5 shots, possibly coming from outside, and one explosion that he believed originated
from the inside. Scott said while running through the halls he heard, what he believed to be, windows
breaking and gun fire. I asked Scottif he saw where the shots were coming from or who was doing the
shooting and he said, no, he did not. I asked if while in the cafeteria he had seen two large duffel bags and
he said, no. I asked if he had seen anyone carrying or in possession of large duffelbags and he said no. I
asked if he had seen or talked to Ericor Dylan on Monday or Tuesday. Scott said either on Friday or
Monday, he's not sure which one, he sat nextto Dylan in the Tech Lab, but nothing was said. I asked if he
remembered what Dylanwas wearing that day and Scott said Dylan was wearing a black shirt and a
Brooklyn hat. I asked Scott If he left anything In the cafeteria on that day and he said he leflhis red
Timberline backpack and contents. I asked if he had seen or talked to any of the Trench Coat Mafia on
Monday or Tuesday and he said no, he hadJust sat by Dylan on Friday or Monday In the Tech Lab. I asked
Scott if he had heard anything from anyone else about other suspects, making of bombs or buying of guns.
He said no. I asked what he was wearing on that day and he said he waswearing a blue shirt and Ian
pants. I asked if he uses the Intemetand he said yes, but he doesn't have a name. He just uses a
common word that everyone's allowed to use. I asked if he knows anyone with double pierced eyebrows,
and he said no. I asked if he remembered hearing any unusual announcements prior to the shooting on
Tuesday and he said there was a thought of the day, he doesn't remember the exact quote, but It was
something like "I bet you wish you weren't here". I asked if he could provide any further information on the
Trench Coat Mafia and he said the only thing he's ever heard about the Trench Coat Mafiawas that they
co be bi-sexual. I asked Scott if he could provide any further Information and !'Ie said he does not
remember anything else. I gaveScott a business card and asked that he call with any further infomnation.

lt umber upeNl50r ni· an ate

JC-001- 004561

_ _ "''-iMlOGJl. _ " " ' ... _ _ ........ _'i/Ir. .. "~'

1;;- _ _ . . . . . NO,

0lUtlsc_ , Open 05110/99
X ~_lyC_ Recommend Case: Review
R. 'ficuioa U.- Closun>

I _<IN_ I0-:...... I Serial No,
I Value,I

and he said that he would, A~ this time the interview was concluded.

JC-001- 004562

Unit I I
Number SUpoMSOt InitialS ana bate
I Ii! I.! I I I ! I 1 I 'I I I i I
I I I " I I I
: 1 ! I r i : !~j<:l i l"'ll/IJ. I I!
I I i
; i j I ~ ! I i I j ~;'/,"! i t ~~ ...../ "If , I Ii, i
; I I I 1 I I , ,'I tI I i I" Yilrx e- i i
, ' ·0 ! I~ i 1r:::",1 i~ ii, I· I ; I 1';(;11 ~! ,
I i I I ~ i\.'""""/' 1\'l' ) ; I I 1 1 .... ;e'l:.!1
, I I ! i I ! i l '1 j r I ! ; : I ~ ,
iii ~ 5 f I I! j j j i I I ~ I j ! ! I ; I I
Iii I i
i ! i ! f ' " 1"11: J" ! It I I -:r-r .1.- 1 T
w r-.:. " I! I i I
I I I ~ I I r,E) I i {["II ('"'::'\1 11':\1 I II"i\ I 'I! I I i I
I i : ! : 1 ~1 ' i : t i l i ! '-..,;,.;.I: l\...i./,i j !~ I l I !
! I I!! [ I ' I i 1! 1 I ! I, l! 1 ~ ~ I I f I ,

iii I I I' I 1;';-" i /.:::-, 16 /-..:! i ~, I .<-.. I I I Ii!

i I I I ! I ",,-'oJ i\:t., \'"')11 ,:"")1 I I''f')! i \fh) I III iii
I I I ! i I I I I i I I ' I iii i i II I I I I

i I I : A I i J=..:. i rhi i c ifXl ! I i I I ii' I i I I I '

I I I ,! ,is
~ Ii,Q 11 ,\,... !r t II I
-i\ I -n;;;,'\' i I I i I : I i I
I I ii' i I Ii! I I I I I "1'1 I ""'" I Y , I' I ' I I iii i •
, I ii' ! I I : ii' : I ! I I I i i ' I I ! I ' i
I I! i d ' I-*,' , ~, I ) ~ I r, I I A i , I I Iii
" I I I I I I I \ ...1 ' \1 \:-0 \ ~J V I. ?'< ! ,p<> V I !\ "FI i ,I I I I I ! ;
§ I i i i I' I I I ' I '>-- i.-t-"'I! 1 ! I I I I I ,'! ! '1" I r I '
! I .
to I : I I I I I I I I I i I I ! I I I I I Iii I '... I i i I I '
,. I j I 1 I I : 1 I ' j I I 1 Iii ! j I! I I Ii I I I
I I I I ' i { ~ 1 l,,-.j (i::: I I 1-<,) I I I .... '\ i ........ I I I I: : j ,
I i i I: I II i I "il1) I ,- I I 1 I'r' I H) i I I, I t i I I
I I :
; ! !
I I I I I j I ""'11 I I I ~ I i (,.., • (.J'\I "":'\1 n '\ i I I I 1 : I , I
1 1
I I ,I
I I: I
i R : ! I I i '7'1
I I I I I I i
= 1"-'"
"-'" I "Y:'
I i , 1 II i i i
j I I
1 I I i
I I'
! I !
I !,

I L : I I'. I \",< ~ "1) I i \:'" 1 I I rl'--. i ' r I v : I I I , I I

...L.ll. i ! 1 I I I I! , i ~, 1 I\.'FJI i Y iii' I I I ii,

11,1 I III II '-':11111' /1 ill I ' i
I '
, i I1\....',.-'-..1 ' 1M I rOo '1 1\VI i 1'7:'" i
I I I ! I
_1_, I , I j I '\..... )1 'I.:..:.V "C/j I I 1.......r'1 I , • I I I I I
.J-:i II:' 1:,1 ii..J..-1"'"l, I' .\ ' I I I
'irlt:'\ !~_ I,::-.J 1 I 1.--r"'1 I I I ! 1 i i 1 I ' ! ~ r

I I F ' : 'S'. \.c; :'! ~ I I I I " I I

I . I ,
, ,
" !', I I 1 I I I I! !
I I' ~ ! I :
JC·001· 004563

Date 0{ transonpUC/Il 5/1/99

On 4/29/99, Johnny L. Strobel, DOB 2/13/81, 7791
South Carr Street, Littleton, Colorado, was advised the identity
of the interviewing Agents, and the nature and purpose of the
interview. He provided the fallowing information.
On 4/20/99, Johnny arrived at Coluwbine High School at
normal time, approximately 7:10 a.m. He went into the
commons/cafeteria area and met with sorne of his friends to
1. Artie Mar
2. Ian Marris
3. Paul Banker
4. Mike and Justin Nafee
He didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, to
include any large duffel bags. There were several other students
in the commons as well, which is not unusual for this time of the
morning. He then went to his normal classes, to include his
science class which is the last class before first period lunoh.
He then walked down to the cafeteria to go to his lunch period.
After arriving in the cafeteria, he exited the
cafeteria through the south exit doers. This was at
approximately 11:15 a.m. There were a large number of students
in the cafeteria at this point. He then sat down at a table
outside of the cafeteria, and noticed two males standing in the
parking lot apprOXimately 150 yards away. He could not identify
who they were at this distance, but could see that one had a long
gun and a mask, and the other had just a long gun. They were
both dressed in black. Johnny thought that this was a prank,
because there had been talk of senior prank day. He then went
back in the cafeteria, and exited the cafeteria through the west
cafeteria doors, and walked around to the library. For reasons
that he could not explain, Johnny did not enter the library, but
went back down to the cafeteria. When he arrived in the
cafeteria, there were a lot of kids looking out the west windows,
and he heard a teacher yelling to get down. He went over to '
table X or Q, to find his friend, and got down under one of the
tables. He was under the table with the following students:

J C-001· 004565
trwesugancn on 4/29/99 at Littleton, Colorado
FIle * 174A-DN-57419/ 99-7625/ eN 1558 Date dictated ..:5"'/"-'1""/:...9::..9:::- _
SA Russell J. Atanasio
~ SA Ricky Wright
174A-DN-S7419/ 99 7625/ eN lSS8

CMtinuatton otJ'D.302 of Johnny Strobel , On :2


1. Scott Streeb
2. Zack Thompson
3. Dan Yeager
4. Joe Tran
After getting under the table, he believes that this
is the first time that he possibly heard a shot. Along with many
other students, he ran up the stairs and down the hallway
adjacent to the math and science Wing, out the exit near the math
wing, across Pierce, and into Leewood park.
Next, Johnny thought that his Erother, Bobby may have
still been in the school, so he returned to the school on the
south side. He entered through the business hall, alone. He
walked back in towards the cafeteria, near the school store.
From the area of the school store, he could see a gunmen dressed
in black next to the trophy cases. From the point that he re-
entered the school. he heard large amounts of gun fire. The
gunmen turned toward him, and although he is not certain, the
gunmen may have pointed the gun towards him and fired. He also
heard what he believes was a second gunmen at the top of the
steps next to the trophy case, laughing. Again, for reasons that
he cannot explain, he told the laughing gunmen to 'shut up'. He
cannot recall exiting the school, but he does remember walking up
to a house very close to the south side of the school, on a
corner inte~section, and some students yelling for him to get
inside the house. He remained in the house for a sho~t time, and
then walked to his Grandmother's house located in the vicinity of
Coal Mine and Platte Canyon.
At no time during the school day did Johnny notice
anyone carrying any duffel bags that stood out as noticeable or
strange. He did not see anyone resembling Harris or Klebold on
either Monday or Tuesday. He knew of the Trench Coat Mafia
(TCM1, however he never talks or associates with any of them.
Johnny does use the Internet, and has a screen name of
"KilLBUNS·. He does not use any chat rooms, and never
corresponded via E-mail or otherwise with Harris Klebold, or any
TCM members/associates.

JC·001- 004566
TI t I ! i i i '1 I ': ! i !! 'J I ' I I I i I I I
• ! I I 1 i I I ~! I I I I j I ! !. !
: '! I ! I '. I I: ,,! I Ii I. : , ' I I i ! iii ,
I I I I I ! ,;'~' i r""'11"/1 ! i I I I! I, i
, ! ! I ' , I ! I, ' : I Afl i 'i I f 1)[X,..! i
, , I ! -.. ! I t:"'!\ i r,:::-., I I~ '. I '! I :
, T • I~ 10, I\..'I'.J !" I I i I'" i:::: "- I ,
, ' I i i I I I I 1 j t I • : J I j
j: I j ~ j : I ! 1 l i I ~ 17 i ! i
I i i ,. f I j ! l I 1 i
: I ! I y... I.. :r :! " '':'I: T 'l T " i" I I ! j i
, I I ~ I I !~J I (:~ I 1':-::\ I 1.1""1':'11 I t'T\;! ! I i I I I
I I ; I I' r r.
, I I \..::/; I \..v ! , \.:VI I
-I i I ! !
Ii! I ; I , • i ' I 1i" I ' ! i
.1 I I I , I i I h:;- ! r.:- i~ "","" I I,-,.! hi!, I ! '
I : I ' , ' ~ 1 I ~I I \.2., \.~J I..~JI I il..'l"JI V") II I i I:,
1 I I 1Ii: I Ii, i I I 1! I I 1 1 'i I ,I! I :

I I ~ ii' i I Iii iii I I I I i I I 1 I,; I I I I I i

I I I I I )<, I I ~ I ~ l i d IXI I I I I I I I' I I I I ' I , I 1

I I I I I' I ! \iri y Il..oJ! I ,,=1 ' i ( e II I ''1 ('~'\ I ! I ! I I I 1 I I ,

11'1 I I 111: 1 1 1 ' 1 IYIIr'-rI'i-" II II Ii i ,
T'T I i i : IIIII!I i : "III III' I'll! ! j
i I I I I I l.d i I d Y.=Jo, . AI 1;-. I I A: ! II I I I I
1 ;.: I I I I I i \1.. 1 ' I \.......,A , \.IN I 'i i"" I I \P V, \ =;: Ji I I, I i I! I
I l! i i
I I 'I ! i , I I I Iii I I I I ! I I I ! ;, I I I ! !
I ! I 'I i I I i I I Ii: I I ( I I I I I I I !Iii
.. I I I I , I .L. I I I , i! 1 i--l I I I , I i ' iI I 1 j
1 I I ! i!' 1 ! 1;::-.1 " (I:"'!) i G-::,) I I -e ) I/""',.' I, i I I I i j
! I: I I! ! I \.D I , , I l I I 1...,.- i'"1 J i !: i It! I i
I ~ 11,"'"'11 III Ii r;;;'lllllil III I III i [ I
I I J II ""'1111',1' L.,;ll 11111 lilll III I I :
iii ! ! I I ifNI' I Ill: I ! (.... 1 N '\1 ,.; 'I! I ru ! I I i i I I : 1 [

! I ] f '
! ,t !
i I I I i II I I : I I I I I r I I I I I' I I I I 1 , ! !
I ' I I
, I l i
: I ' I I ; I
1'1 I I ,I I -; I ! I ! I : I V I ; j
I I I : ' I b' , ,I : I I t::'\i I ,..n VI I I I I
, I I ' " ... , : !,.......,. . ~ {""'t i \.L/i I /'r' I I I 'I I
i I I ' I I ' ,\...., : ':..:.l' ~! I I !/' I: I I I I I I

, ,

JC..o01. 004568
JCSO 99·7625
Detective: Mark Allen- DenverPoliceDepartment 1(303) 640-1183

RE: CONTROL 1# 3101

Kathleen Sullivan
9105 Progress 51.
littleton, CO 80123

Subject: Columbine High SchoolShooting,

On 5/14199 I interviewed Kathleen Sullivan at her residence with her parents present.
Kathleen said she entered the cafeteria at approx. 11.15AM and she sat at table HH or IT
withBeck Goodwin, AndreaLauner, Lauren Bonin, Kristen Schefield, NiJd Lawsonand
SarahDodril. Kathleen said she heard people yelling and screamingand someoneyelling
for people to get underneath theirtables. Kathleen said she hid under her table am:! all of
the suddeneveryone got up and started running out of the cafeteria. Kathleen said she left
her backpack at the table and she ran to thebathroom by the elevator. She rode the
elevatorwith a bunch of people to the second floorand when it opened she saw a lot of
smoke. She rode the elevatorback down the first floor and then she ran throughthe
auditorium acrossthe stage to the upperseating area. At this time she heard a couple of
really loud explosions and then a custodian came in and got them out of the area. She said
they ran throughthe Spanish hall to some exit doors and then to Leawood Park.

Kathleen said she didn't see any duffelbags in the cafeteria and she didn't see anyone
carryingthe bags in or around the cafeteria area. Kathleen also said her friend; Brittany
Davies saw a duffel bag by Kathleen's table. Kathleen said that she never associated with
the TCM or their friends.

I asked Kathleen all of the questions on thelist and she couldn't provide any further
relevant information.

JC-001· 004569

Dale -"+--4--'--'--- _of_

JCSO 99-7625
"Detective: Mark Allen - Denver Police Department I (303)640-1183

** "NO new leads generated,

JC-l101- 004570
Deteetive; _

JC·001· 004572
Page_ _ 01_ _ Case No. _
Denver Police Depertment
hi.king Statemen'iI:.
tJ OffIear ...a::
Social Socorltv No.


I have read the foregoing statement and the feets contained therein are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I
do not maintain that It contains ell of the facts or details of the toctdent, bur only those tect« ebout which I have been

..:tJ~..:iL DAM

""fim""."'StW"=.m"",n:::'tcl"::.=mp::l:I.=ted J), PM

CPO 366 (Rev. 2J9Sl JC.o01· 004573 ~m1I11111~1111111!

• 0 6 0 0



1. SUNDE, ERIK, WIM, DOB: 06·10·84

9251 Wesl Brandt Ave., Littleton, CO 80123, 303·973-6261
Mother: Sunde, Cynthia, 9251 West Brandt Ave., Liltleton, CO 80123, 303·973-6261
Father: Sunde, PaUl, 9251 West Brandt Ave., Littleton, CO 80123,303·973·6261, work: 303·979·7200

On 04-21-99 at 1100 hours Detective MoGlynn and I interviewed Erik Sunde in the presence of his parents
at his home. Erik stated that his mother took him to sohool along with his friend, Chris Fielding, arriving at
approximately 0815 hours. They entered the school through the main entrance He stated he did not notice
anything unusual in or around the school that morning or In between classes as he moved throughout the SChOOl
Erik stated he did not know KLEBOLD or HARRIS personally. He stated he knew who KLEBOLD was
since he had gone to the same elementary school as KLEBOLD did. He stated they were separated then for a few
years and he did not think KLEBOLD el/en knew who Erik was. Erik stated that he knew HARRIS by Sight but not
by name, Erik staled he dld not know any of the other "trench coat mafia' members He stated he knew whicn
kids were in the group by sight simply because of the clothes they wore He knew of one other member and he
described him as a tall, lanky kid that wore a long, black coat with black boots and the pant legs lucked Inside the
boots. He did not know his name. Erik stated that he had seen this kid after his third pence class which was tus
govemment class and it ended approximately 1015 hours. He saw this kid walking down the hall atone He stated
this kid was walking toward the public telephones by the front entrance
EMk stated after his fourth period Spanish class, which is located on the lower level. he entered the

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JC·001· 004574

cafeteria approximately 1110 hours. He stated he entered this through the ha"way on the lower level and was
alone. He stated there were already a lot kids there and he indicated on the attached diagram which table he sat
at. He also wrote on this diagram which students were silting at the same lable with him. Erik stated he did not
see anything out of the ordinary in the cafeteria. He stated that it is very typicai to walk into the cafeteria, set their
backpack down on the floor, chair, or table, and then go get Into "ne to get food. He stated it is not unusual for
backpacks to be left unattended.
Erik stated he was in the cafeteria approximately five to seven minutes before the commotion began He
stated he heard a kid comment that there was a fight outside. He stated he got up and started to walk toward the
window when at a point when he was half way there, Mr Sanders appeared near the northwest cafeteria exit door
Mr. Sanders yelled for everyone to get down and Erik described Mr. Sanders as frantic Erik slated he hears what
he thinks is flrecrackers. A friend of Erik's, Nathan Vandereau. tells Erik it is gunfire Erik stated as he IS on the
floor he put his backpack in a chairln front of him to help protect him. He stated he hears explosions that sounded
<e It was coming outside. He stated he started to run east in the cafeteria toward tlle stairs He stated he ran
up the stairs and he noticed that many kids were running up the stairs. some trampling over others to get out of
there. Erik stated that he thought Mr. Sanders was with one of the janitors at that time
Erik stated that as he was near the stairs he looked back over his shoulder quickly and saw two guys in
black trench coats near the west cafeteria window. He stated one looked very close, almost possibly inside the
cafeteria. He stated they both had sawed off shotguns and had on the long, black coats. He stated they were
randomly shooting the area. Erik stated that one of the two had a black ski mask on. Erik stated he cculd not see
the other's face.
Erik continued up the stairs and as he turned east at tbe top of the stairs he looked back over his shoulder
and looked quickly to the west toward the library entrance door. He saw a guy wearing a long. black coat and a
raggedy black hat standing near the library doors. Erik stated that this guy had his arms held in a position which
made him think that this guy had a gun in his hand. He stated the arm and hand were up and stretched out Erik
stated he did not see a gun. Erik stated he heard shots being fired which they sounded like they coming from the
second floor. He stated he continued to run east In this hailway. which eventually iead him aut of the school
building on the east side. From there he crossed Pierce Street and went to the park east of the school As he
waited in the park to re-group with his friends, he heard more shots and more explosions.

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Erik stated that he did not think the guy that he saw upstairs near the library was one of the two he saw
downstairs outside the cafeteria. He also stated that a friend of his, John Fries, had heard one of the Gothic Girls
that attended the school comment that she wanted to go oil campus that day because something big was going
happen. Erik did not know who this Gothic Girl was. Erik also added that one of the Ben Oakley s friends has a
copy of a video tape where HARRIS and KLEBOLO are mocking two guys running through the school ShOOting
guns. He also added that a guy that he only knows by Rusty saw two guys on the roof as he was driVing out of
the parking lot during this lunchtime. As he drove out, the back window of his car was shot out
Erik stated that he had a daytimer, sunglasses, a Casio calculator, a math book. government book and
folders in his backpack. He stated he was wearing Khaki cargo pants, with a gray muscle shirt and white lank top
He had on a dank, blue jacket and a blue baseball cap.

~0.-J,2.. ~---JG.: l37y

elective's signature/number/date

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JC-001. 004576
I . I . . ! \ : 1 I I
. I
i : I ! :
, i I I I
, , I

I I ; I
1 j 19:' "'1//11 . i I I

, ~
I .
I -, I
1 ,j

I II/'
I ) f:\lXrl!
; "';( ,; l¢:' j
• I ,
r , ...... l!:.,., i

'r 1 I ~ i !
l i , " I . i [ i ' I I

t :... ,I I i I ! I l I I I I
II TI f !~f It : ':~ -:l. I i I : . I :
I I I ~ .... I) I r:'\l AI I I I I i I I
: f I i , I "-.i.../ ~}l I 1 ;
, I

I ' \ ! I I ,

! I I !£ Til i i : i :
---... :
I , I I r I\~} ,,",.. 1\ "') ! i
! j i: : ! I ; : r 1 !I I I : .
I I I r i!; I
' i 1 j I ! I j !
II i .d 1M: ; I I : I j r : t i i i
, I l\r'))]\<=> i r.j' (<;''\; I"
, I I I : i 1 '"7' I H -" I I ; I,

i I I : ; j ;! :! I I I I I I i . , i !

Iii, i I /"'- J.--.j A: II

T I, \1"<1 \IJ"> V I T JI I I ! , I ,
11;1 1 I : 1 I i I r ! I ! I I i I I I <r' i I
~T ! j . I 1 I I 1 I I I I i ! I I I I I J ' I I
1::1 I ! ~ I j I 1 !
: I

I !
" I I 1 j
! : I I ~ I
! !
," i ,, ,I

: 1 : (..,,)I lA' I ! J ,

I I ! i I ? ; 1\,ll) I I I :""-( 1 l 'i ) ! I i It! j ;

! j i ~ : I I I I i ; ~II : 1 'i j l I i \ ! I i i I
! I I! JL:: ! I I I L I I ~, \ I !
I I I i I I ifNI', I r,;:
I I ( ,.., (,J,\ i : r I ! I I

: I ! f i I ; I
I ! i I I e-L , ,'
, ( I i I I j! \ I

I ' 1 i [ I Iii i ! ! ' , I

I l I I r:-"\ ' I ' \, , ,

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~ ; i I j I ; ! ,
I "-" I

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, I ~, II/I' " I I I I '
: ! I \ I J..-.f'1 \ I I ' ! ! I ,

_ 1te:'1: r.:: _ ~. ~,il, II I

; I i :
I I~' : \':::9~ \':::JI i j i: iii I i l i I

: , t f 1

JC-001· 004577
S;:~:r. ~

F o 00
- .. ~ tr:

4:- 00 O® 0 t"'''''
g ill t ~
.""F- ~ o . 0 '" '"
'l'iEi \:'
} ~ o 0 0;$ 0 r U'
-. "
~. l' o 0 §:'-'? 9! i5 !'.t:>/

~ -'l (j ""
OO~O "" e,
~ Cfb
00'0 en
~ ~
-- -

0 0 0 <-
--:::l 5'

~ cj' GO 00 0 (JQ
_. :::l
m .
o. '"n
00 .."0
r- 11"

o ,''''0
;.; :::
00 ~

Q"' 0 0 0

"0 o 0

JC·001· 004578




JC-001- 004580
• 1•


D... of~pCon 04(29(1999

Jadara Lyn Taliaferro, DOS 10/22/1992, 71aO South

Marshall Street, Littleton, Colorado, telephone (303)979-6723, a
Sophomore at Columbine High School, was interviewed at her home
in the presence of her mother, Daryl Taliaferro, by Special
Agent (SA) Ricky V. Wright regarding the incident that took place
on 04/20/1999 at Columbine High School. After being advised as
to the identity of the interviewing agent and the nature of the
interview, Taliaferro provided the following information:
At approximately 11:10 am, Taliaferro got out of Math
class, went to her locker, and then to the cafeteria. Taliaferro
set her bookbag at the lunchroom table (marked cce on diagram
sketch} and got in the third serving line with her friend, Casey
Sandusky. Taliaferro remembers that Steph Larson; Angie '"'
urquhart, Margaret Burns:' Jill Shakowsld';" and Kelsey Sane"'""had
also put their book bags at the same table.
Taliaferro had just gotten her food and was waiting to
pay for it, when a freshman student ran into the cafeteria from
the door by the teachers lounge and yelled that someone had a
gun. Taliaferro and Sandusky ran into the girls bathroom on the
northeast corner of the cafeteria and hid in a stall. After
about two minutes a few other girls ran into the bathroom,
including Margaret eu-~s and Jill Shakowski. They waited for
about a minute more and heard a number of shots. The group of
girls then exited the bathroom and a janitor herded the girls
through the back door of the auditorium. There were about 20
students in the auditorium and they hid under the seats. While
they were huddled down, they heard gunshots coming from the
cafeteria. After about five minutes, the janitor opened the
south door to the aUditorium and checked to see if it was clear.
Once he said it was clear, all the students ran out of the
auditorium, then east down the foreign language hall and then
exited the school at the end of the hall. Taliaferro then ran to
Leawood Park.
Taliaferro did not see the gunmen and did not remember
seeing ~~y large duffle bags sitting in the cafeteria.
Taliaferro did not know Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, or any of the
other members of the Trenchcoat Mafia.

lnmtigati<>" on 04 (:I. 7 (1999 at -,L:c~::.·t::.t=l:::ec:tc:0:.:n::.,'-.:C=.o=l:::o:::rc:a::d~o::.... _
Jeffeo #99-7625;
FUe' D4A-OM-S7419; Control #26 D""di""te\I 04/28(1999

by SA Rickv V. Wright flNl

This aocumem ;Qnuif'.s. 1ea,b,er reccmmeeaeces 00; corcicrons of 1'Ie FlU t. ~ me ~roperty of:he Far ;o.n;j is loaned ic yOU! agem:y~
it uill :ts ~'1.t\t£:~ts are rtot .o ':e- :!;1~b'J~ ~iJtSl4e vcur aeencv
174A-DN-57419; Jeffco #99-7625; Control #26

Jadara ~yn Taliaferro 2

That day, Taliaferro was wearing a Columbine Rebels

soccer warmup and blue jeans.
A description of Taliaferro is as follows,
Race' white
Sex, female
Height, S/7 r1

Hair, blonde

Jc..o01- 004582
i I : I I ! ! ; I I ", ! ; I T
, I , I I I ! ! ' . I ' , I I ! I I
, I I I ~ : i,~,! " t {I
I ~ j !
I l i , 'J~';" i i ' ro~""'II/ . I , I . ! : i ,-
I ! I f; III l i i I ! ( i)IY ... 1 ,
~,!!~ r i r> l:;
C' I\. '!') I: I;!. I '
! I • ; I 1:: ! \ l I ~
: I j I ! r t ~ I::! l
: i I r; I I I: I:! I I iii: I i
iii I I I I I I i
! I I Ii' ! I
l ! _ ; j;: Ii! I 1 ~. l\..J:,)l ! I\.~)i ! i : lit
I I ~ I (i i j j \: f i ! 1 I :

: ~

i I !
j • I iii I : ; I I 'i I !! I" ,I j i i
II i! X i I~,~ I ,c.. IIXl 1 I ! : I I i II i i I I
_' '14--, _,.~iu," i ..' .L 'L~ I I : ' 'I 7', i ,~'t--'" I:
ildJ.i.., i j I ! ltl ! ! I I j ! I I I I ! ' II I
~ ,--... 1 k I IAi II i , I : i !
~A I I I " 1.1 I "ill : ! \.." '\.<1') \.><1 i \,1'"',,' I I\T)! ! I: I I I I i I I i
,!! I I I I I ' I I! i I I , I i , ! i i i I Ii
r 1 1 j III iii ; : I I ; i ' i I I I I I. ,
1 I I I I
I I \ i l j \ Ii! i l i I I I
~ I I 1 i j i I r : I ! I I 1 ' 1 Ii! I' i I ' I i I
,II I I 'l:1eli·,~i ; f,:::,1 I ~-<:,) i I (..,,) I I~' !I 1 , I I I
! ! I I i i i i 1 : \. ! I I : ! I I, (1-1), I ! i I
1 1 1 1 I
I I : I I
: i I I I , Iii [Nj\ i i (~ I ( '" l' , ( "n I ( ... 1 I I (.'I 1 I I I I I :
i ~I I i"-" I I'-i'" I I ,+-"I! I : 1 ' 1 I .
'! i I I I I I I I I , I I : : I !
'r--iI,IIIIII:,1I1 . i i ! i 1

i \"" 1 !,.-...i I I{'\; I I I

1 I
: : 1 ii' I 'I, I I "-/ I 1 1 I: . i :/ i j I

,I I i~' I i 1 : I 1::\, i ....n Vi : , I

I . ,
, I I ; i
I 'I 'I \.... ;~I ~:III""""'II"II i 1 I : '
_i: Ii' I ' j 1 Il~j:till I : I I \ !
_ C1! r?i_ ~ ! I 1 i I I ' , 1 I I : I
'F' '~1' \..C) 1 ,1'- ,II',!"I I
, I
I 1 : I I I'
JC.o01- 004583

JC-001· 004584
,,-,NllNUATION 0 1-- -~
,-,._-- .... M. RusseU 99-7625

ommo. SUD: 0p<:Il Reo::lmmtnd c..~
ct=i.fkaUon 0 a
n u_
0 0
R iliQtion 0 Clt=dbyAmst n CI"""" n
I BrandName I o-Jpri<m IS<rialNo.

Narrative :Re: Control number3137

Gl'Snt Taylor"
6225 W. CoalMine PI.
Littleton, CO

On 05·13·99, at 0830, contact was madewith Grant Taylor, a Sophomore at CHS, who confirms being
presentat CHS on 04-20·99 and being assigned 10 'A' lunch. He noted being seated at table "MM" with
Tim Rawal and 3-4 other students whom he could not remember.

He had arrived in the cafeteria at 1115, following his 4"' hour math class. He was first alerted to the
situation by 3 janitors who began running through the cafeteria yelling that someone was in the parking lot
with a gun. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Sanders ran through the cafeteria yelling for everyoneto get down under
their tables. Students soon began running from the cafeteria, and he followed the crowd up the main stairs,
eventually arriving at a math room. He entered the classroom, which was in session, and told the teacher,
a substitute for Mr, Blackford, that someone with a gun was in the cafeteria and was coming his direction.
Tr 'ass then exited via an emergency fire door in the classroom, and he accompanied this class to
Leawood Perk where they waited with other students.

Taylor reports never confronting gunmen while in the school, nor did he observe any suspicious activity in
the cafeteria prior to the incident. .

The only 'TeM" member he is associated with is Joe Stair, and that is only casual, as Stairworked at an
Arny's in the Southwest Plaza Mall.

Jc-001. 004585
un< Sl.J perviSOr and Date Pillge-..'.-,..

Page__ of _ Pages Case No. _
Denver Police Department
Making tJ~nt is:
o Officer 0:
County Zip Code
Socia! SecU1'ity No. Data of Sinn J Se~ No,
1-2"7 -[;'1
Zip Cod.

Location wheM statement taken;

Summary of Statement:

:Z Jl?#5' N ?J~ .LaU~ , :z:.&P¥'6' ~ <9AJE ed ~akJi

I5bt[Ah((./ll_ WA!' h-<-~iPV4r!!lfr ~t4 J.1 ~<il/J.¥~
S~ 4:!WNVq i f .i?k ~ (7)GB ro~ ;F~ T"?Z2 7J,.iC t:.{fe/.iLk
rv.---tAIl:14L HltfiUT ",ulP 17& ~/J! of&C£/

I have read the foregoing statement and the facts contained therein are true to the best of my knDwledge and balief. f
do not maintain met It contains ail of the facts or details of the Incident, bur only those facts about Which I have been

__ f~ __
(S'2-~ I:l PM

;:;PD 366 {Rev. 2/95) 1111".. u' .~ mll~ 11\

JC-001- 004587 0 0 •
· I -


D... ofttlU1S<ription OS/24/1.9.99

Jennifer Ann Taylor, DOB 01/27/1.984, 6526~Bouth Teller
COurt, Littleton, Colorado, telephone (303)971-0991, a freshman
at Columbine High Bchool, was interviewed at her home in the
presence of her mother, Marilyn Taylor, by Special Agent(SA}
Ricky V. Wright regarding the incident that took place on
04/20/1999 at Columbine High School. After being advised as to
the identity of the interviewing agent and the nature of the
interview, Taylor provided the following information:
At approximately 11:10 am. Taylor got out of science
class. taught by Ms. Wyatt, and went to her locker, which is
located in the south main hall directly outside the science
department. After going to her locker, Taylor went directly
downstairs to the cafeteria and sat down at a cafeteria
table(either KK on diagram sketch). Taylor recalls that Laura
Green, Allison Reardon, Shannon Myers, Keira Odell, Tori Owens,
and Nicole Ziccardi were also sitting at her table. Taylor was
sitting facing southwest. Allison Reardon was sitting to her
left and Laura Green was sitting to her right.
Taylor had brought a sack lunch and was sitting there
eating, when she noticed students on the west end of the school
looking outside at something that was going on. Taylol: could
hear people saying that someone had a gun. A janitor and Mr.
Sanders stal:ted telling everyone to get under their tables.
Taylol: climbed under her table and stayed there for approximately
one minute. Taylor then noticed that everyone was getting up and
running toward the stairs. Taylor started to run with them and
ran up the stairs. Taylor lost a shoe at the top of the stairs
and had to go back and get it. Taylor then ran into the choir
room looking for her sister Alma Taylor. Anna Taylor was not in
the choir room, but Jennifer Taylor stayed in the choir room
anyway and went and hid in the choir room office with about 60
other students.
Taylor was in the chair room office for approximately
four and one-half hours. The students barricaded the dOCl: with
desks and a cabinet. Taylor could hear shots and explosions
coming from west of the room and underneath the z:oom. Taylor
stopped hearing shots after the first hour of being in the room.
Taylor could occasionally hear muffled voices in the hall outside

lnv..tigallononOS/24/ ~99.9 .. ..;L=i.;:t.;:t:;:l",e:..:t:..:o::n,,-,-,_C=o;:l.:::o.;:r"'a"'d:;:o"- _

Jeffeo #9.9-7625;
.;1•• 174A-DN-57419 i Control #)086 D....i<:wod OS/24/1999
by SA Ricky V. Wright~ JC-001· 004588
This doe!.lme:nt contains neittler recommendations nor cceclesicnsof the FBI. It is tht property of the FBI and (s loaned to YQUf :agellC)';
it J.I¥1 il$ W~flts are 001 to be discribuu:d cumde rour agency
l74A-DN-574l9; Jeffco #99-7625; Control #3086

Conti.nuation of FDw302 of Jennifer Ann Taylor

the choir room. She could not understand what they were saying.
A SWAT team eventually came and rescued the students in the choir
room office. They exited the school by going through the
auditorium into the cafeteria. The cafeteria had several inches
of water on the floor. Once outside Taylor and the other
students were taken north to waiting pOlice cars, which
transported them to Clement Park.
Taylor walked by the cafeteria during first period but
did not go in. Taylor did not see any large duffle bags sitting
in the cafeteria during lunch or first period. Taylor did not
see the gunmen during the shooting. Taylor did not know Eric
Harris, Dylan Klebold, or other members of the Trenchcoat Mafia.
On the day of the shooting, Taylor was wearing a long-
sleeved gray shirt, khaki pants, and sandals.

JC-001· 004589
Iii I I I i I
I iii . I 'I I' I r I I '! I
I i I ' ,! j J I 'Ai:.:.f J ! !; i! I
; ! I I, I 3~'~" I I i 0"' . . . , e / I ! I :' i
, i e, 1 _I e.1 , fl i, i I l 111X,..1 i
1 ~ *.
i ~ ~! 1"""'"./ . 'rj \.! ; r I'" :i:::!Eo I i
; !, i : i ~!; I I 1! I
i , , ,
1 f: j i i i ' 1 I til ] 'i I '
I i
I I J l I"' 'I " :r It I I It,. 1 1 ~ I i i l j : I r

! ! ; ~ I rJ:j I C,:--il r; ,I""t\i I I~I! , ! iii I i

I I , I
i '
! I r I ,~J j 1 j I '! I ! f i : ! ! iii . i i I I i ,
I I i I i'" I I ~ i~ , i~ I ,...-..,.1 I I~! I HI" :: I ;
I :
i !

~i I
'i I ; I
I \""-1 I "z.I ;
i I
\.:"')1 I 1\'l'I
I I I I ' I I i II i '
i \j"" i I
1 :
I I J! I
i) i
j ,

I A ill I I! I ',i I I I I I I I Ii 1 : , I i i , I I !

I I I i 1
! 1 I I
i ~ , Ii Ill' 111 1i'-i'l ,-1 II Iii I ,
i I I I I! I I I I
1 I I Iii I 1 I ! I" e I 1 I I i
I iii ! b i I r-, l i,6 1 )-",1 I H I ! A I 1 I I , i ! i I
I I i I I
I I I I I I i I : Iii 1 I I I ii' i i i '1" I I :
I Iii I I' I' I I I f I! iii I I I I
1:1 : 1 ! Iii I \ I I I i I Iii I " I I
;1:1 I I I
I ;
'I i I Iii' ' I I I i i i ' II I Ii: I I :
I I i 1 Ii:§!: I rz» 111:::1)1 i-<::) I (..,,)! !~ i l l ! i I I I I 1
I ' I I "I i i ".. 1 : - ' ~ I I 1"-( I ll1 I , I I I I It! I I
I .... I ,""'II III Ii l'::7lil 11:l11! 1111'1 1 I !
1 I 11'-'11 111111-:"1111111111'1 III I ! I
I IN, I I (,l: I ( I" . (,J 1 '...;, I i r; I I j I I ! I
I I I I '-" I i i 1""- 1'-( I"-i" I '"+-" I I, i I I ! I I
, I 1 I 1 J: I: :e I I I I I I I I I I I!, i I I
I '. I i ~ir I I~ Ir I I I I I I I i ,1" I ! ;
I I !' I \[-<' \l"V 1\"" ' I ~I I f 'ell: I,:
II ""I ,: 1~)I\.1"J!iIYI! I', i I
I , I ; \ 'I - I Iii '1/ I i r •

1 I ! i I /C" . i! , I 1"-."'\' I ,...1) VI i : I : I ! 1

. ~... : r-, ,I"''' ("" '-L/I i ~ I I i I , I I '
i fI ~ ! I'\'''' l'(y '=" II/Iill 1" i I
_ilil I I i I I
; 15:) I r._' _ -e-, ,i : I ~I lilli' I ' I, I'

, ,~ ,~. \..<::.J I I I I I; I i I ; I

I , I I' I" I . ' ,


, ' ,

JC..o01· 004590




Date. 5/13/99 PBI # 174A-DN·57419
CONTROL NtlKBEil.. 3106' Investigator. Vondenkamp

On 5/12/99 ! interviewed 14 year ald CHS student Candyce Therrien at

home in Littleton, Ca. Candyce's step mother was present during this

Candyce stated she was in "An lunch at CHS on 4/20/99. She had
walked with Angie schwart/ from Ms Dimanna' s math class to the
cafeteria, arriving around 11.20am. They stopped at a table and put
down their backpacks and walked towards the food line. ! showed
Candyce a drawing of the cafeteria which depicted all the tables. I
pointed out specific area to give Candyce a better understanding of
the drawing's lay-out. She looked at the drawing and pointeCl to
table 0 where she had placed her backp~k. She believes that Billy
(unknown last name} anCl Jennifer Barnes were sitting there.

CanClyce went to the food line, near table ZZ and was preparing to pay
for lunch. She believed this was about 11:25am. Candyce stated she
did not notice a large duffle hag anywhere in the cafeteria, nor did
she notice anyone carrying a large Cluffle bag into the cafeteria on
4/20/99, or the previous day.

Around 11:25am she recalled hearing ·firecracker" noises outside the

west windows. A student came running in the cafeteria through the
doors in the northwest corner by table WW and rlled there was a
gun. . She thinks the student was Chris Markham, but could not be
sure. She got down on the floor near the cash register table. She
continued to hear the same noise outside. The kids in the cafeteria
began running towards the inside steps. She ran to the auditorium

1 JC-001.004592
doors north of the steps, but the doors were locked. She then went
back to the bathrooms in the cafeteria, which are near the auditorium
doors. She recalled that several students were in there, attempting
to hid in stalls. She was in the bathroom about 1-2 minutes, then
ran out into the auditorium because someone had unlocked the doors.
She ran into the auditorium, then out into the the north hallway.
She continued running and turned left near the administration, and
exited out the building behind the gymnasium. She ran to Clemont
Park, then onto the public library because a policeman had informed
them to go there.

Candyce stated that she did not see anybody shooting a weapon, or
anybody wearing a trenchcoat during this time. When she exited the
bathroom, she did not see any gunman. She recalled that when she was
upstairs running through the hall, she heard more "rapid fire" type
gunshots behind her. She believed these gunshots where coming from
the cafeteria, or downstairs.

Candyce had no further information on the shootings, and had knew

nothing of the TO!.

candyce Therrien
7740 S. Sheridan ct
Littleton, Co.


2 JC-001· 004593
I ' i i ,
I ,
, I ! iii
! I , ! I 1< I

i ; r I I

III \ ~ t JlfJ~" ";:; ~/I" / l \ I' ! I

I ~
, , iii I I ,N I' III I '( ,)f'xr-I ,
! •
, , I
i ; I I
: l -f ,;::. ~ l
If i i ; ! ; I 1 I • I I 1
f I : : I ! l i I i
, I iii I I I
iT I I 'll i r i i ; I Ii,
i (~) /'7."', i I r <, , I ! ! I i I
I ! , I i l j ! ~ I iii \,..1./1 i \.'VI I I ! I i
IT i ! I , i ; ! I I I , I, ,
I ' \ Iii ! i
, I \. < )! ! I I I
, j !! i : ~ I i " I I I i ! I i !
! I ! r i
1'5(11 I !
Iii ' 1 :
I l
I I xi r : I,J- I l ! ! 1

I I i I I
I I If,-!-!-+--+-+-L+--+-!-+-+-I-'--'-+-l--'-+-I-+-~-+-+-=-J--H+-+--+-+-+-+-'-:!-+-+­
i i
I !
' ! ! , I

! I !
t I
, ' ,
; ! I
i iY
, i I
I"- f-1
I '
i i
I :
I !.~
i I\''''' i \.<1'1) 1 : I
ll! : I I I ! I I I , I I I I I I i , I
i I I r,I ' ! i " i i I '
, i ' 1 I I I ! I i I I I I I I ! I !
~ I : i--:- I I ! I ! i I I I , ii' I I i I !
,I ' i (~ I I k- i ("",,\ I h ' I I !

I I \ \l> ,, ! j I I: ' \-j ) , I ! I , iii

II... I I I i j I iii I I I i I I I I I
1" ! I ! 1 I i
! I I
I N I ! (,~ I (I" r.J\ 1(,..;\; ( I I ~! !
I"-f' \ 1"-7 P! , i ~ ! i I
I I I I I I I i i r i lYi ! ~ I 'i ",
I i I i i)-. I I ! I I I I : I , 1
, I , \vi) l-\~' , I,r'-,. , II' i,)l I
'" 1 I (::z., I 1\1"J[ i '-.,;../1 I I i
, 1 '-", I Ii: : 1/ I ! i I
! , i ,- ,~
I ' , ! "','
! ! ! ,;:::::
i i I 'CY ~l 11/ " I It; l ! \,
I i , ! ;
I i !
i iV"
Ii' I
! i
: \:> • i "C) I I I I,' I I I ; !
i I :: I ;
, 1

I~ ,
JC'OO1- 004594

JC·001· 004595

9182 W. BelmontAve.
Denver, CO.

05/11/99, 1125hrs, zachary Thompson was interviewed by Detective S.C. Shott #72049
(OPD) at his home at 9182 W. Belmont Ave. zachary's father, William Thompson was

Thompson stated that he got out of his fourth period class at 1110 brs. and ~ed
directly tl} the eafut~ met with his friends, who he identified as Joe Tran; Daniel
Yeager,'1"om Clagget; Tim Madison and Scott Streeb:/They sat at a table located in the
center of the cafeteria tbat he marked as either table GG or X on the diagram. They sat
there fur approximately 10 minutes before they realized that somethingwas going on. He
heard a teacher yell for everyoneto get downand duck. When he went under the table he
heard wbat sounded like a muffled explosion thet sounded like it came from the parking
lot. Thompson said thet he stayed under the table fur about two minutes than he ran to
the main door and ran up the stairs by the library. He then ran down a hallway to the
oppositeend ofthe school and exited a doorat that end. He said that while running down
the hallway, he heard four gunshots. He said tbat his whole group stayed together and
they all ran out of the same door. After they exited the school, they all ran to Leawood
Park until things settled down.

Thompson described his backpack as being black in color and it contains books and
papers. He left his pack under the table he was sitting at and did not take it with him
when he fled. He did not see anyone carrying in duffel bags prior to the incident nor did
he see any ofthe gunmen prior to the shooting or during the shooting. He does not know
Eric Harris or Dylan K.lebold. He said thet he was aware of the TeM's existence;
however, he does not know them personally or even by sight.

,, I' I I I
I I ! ,I : ii, ! I I 1 I ! !
~ ; I: : I i i "'~ \.i / 1 ~! ! \ i' I i
1 ~ 1 i ! 3~/:;" I j .~ ~ j I i I, r;
I ~ ; !:i Ii ~I 1/1 '-tll Ii ( f ) fX' r- I I
1 ] -. , I"i'\! r:::.:-,: !r::'-. I / I 1 I rY i~ 6-"' ;
, ,; \.V r». I\. ''J' , i' /' ; I, i

i I I I I
1 j ; f ! I 1 1: i I I I Iii i I I I i 1 I I I
! I I I -,,,;, "i.J T! .. I :r ...., I Til i I ! I I
If. ~ I (]:) I r. ... 1 (';:,\1 rl:\1 I "..'" I i I I I i I I
I I ; ! \.; 1 I!] i! '-.:.../j \ ..1.:'/) j \JVi I ; 1 I i I !
I i I I \1 1 I I i I I ! I! I Ii, ! ! 1 \

I ,,
J !
! 1
I ,
I I I ! I ! i I ! I I ! ~ i I I I I II i i i I I i ! :
! ! ! I I! I ! I 1/ I I!! I i 01 ! i I
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.1C-001- 004597

JC-001· 004598
FBI CASE #174A-DN-S7419
6711 w. Portlaod PI.
tittleton, CO.

OS/I U99 1030!lr.L Justina (fina) Thorsen was intetV!ewed by Dete<::live S.C. Shott #72049 (DPD) at her
residence in the presence of her mother, Sheny Knight.

Ms. Thorsen reponed that she was at school on the day of the incidem and she enlImId the cafetetla during
the fourth period, which was at approximately 1035 brs. AI this time, she sat wi!b ... veml of her mends,
woo sbe identified as Valerie Jugert, Lcreee Beyer, Naiomi Lucero, KeIsy Powler, Natta1ie Balrer, Jenny
Pollock, Aim.le Stone, Nicole Ray, Renee ShUel: and Undsy Blair. They sat at two adjoining tables near
the main entrance that sbe identified as IJ and U on the seating cbart. She said that Reoee, Valerie and
Loreen arrived later to the table at around IllS brs. Ms.Thot'IIell said !bat she WllS sitling at the table doing
her OOmework while the others ate. She was !lOt awm; that anytbing was wrong until she heard chairs
being scootedback und srodentsbeganduckingunder the tables. She then hearda teaclier yell for ever:yooe
to get downs and stays down. After about 30 seconds, she looked up and she could see that several other
students were doing the same. A female teocber then yelled for all the students to leave the cafeillria are
and 'rodents began ruDIling i:n all directions. AI this time she thinks that ,be heard wliatappeared to lie two
gunabOts. Ms. Thorsen said ther she raa to the stairwayarea, bid for a momen~ thaa ran up the stairs. She
continned running down a !lallway !ben out a door !bat was on tile opposite end of the aehool from the

Ms. Thorsen said that sbe left bot backpackon tile floor near where she was sitting and did not take it with
bot when she fled. Sbe described bot pack as navy blue and it ~ binders (Englisli, Frene' and
go_t). Her schoollD mould also lie inside.

Ms.Thorsen said ilia! she did not see any daffel bags in tile cafeIllria area oor did she see anyone carrying
one inside. She does norknowEric Harris, Dylan K1ebold or any of tile Trench Coat Mafia gang. Sbe said
that tile only person tllat she could tblnk of that would fit that profile was a person she referred as tile Devil
GirL She knew thi' person as Courtney (LNlJ). She bed heard that this person might bave bed knowledge
of Illeincidentbefore it happened,

Ms. Thorsen 'aid that one or two days after the incide~ she talked with Ashley England. Ashley told her
£bat a guy with a gon chased her down a hallway and be was shootingat her. She said that tile goy who
chased bot

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I I , "f'Y, i \.S-: I i 1 I I I I I
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