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SUPPLlDIlD!'l'AL UPOlil.'l'

Del!!N1d.ant.1 T»eket. :ll'WIIba:r1

Dat.a' May 19, 1999 ca.e :ll'WIIbar, 174A-ON57419
CN 3519
DlllpUt.y D.A. : Investigator, Lauck

Jordan Grimm
6238 W, Ken Caryl Pl.
Littleton, CO., 80123
303/972 -8666

On May 19, 1999, this investigator contacted Jordan Grimm by

phone to schedule an interview with him as information indicated
that he was in the school cafeteria at the time of the incident.
Jordan advised that he was not in the cafeteria at that time and
explained that he had been in the cafeteria only briefly because one
of the school's supervisors who he identified by the first name of
Sidney, had removed him from there and had taken him to the school's
Administration Office. He stated.that he had been sitting there in a
Conference room for some time when he noticed a numller of students
running through the hallway. He said a school Dean thre", the fire
alarm and within a few minutes, he heard several explosions. Jordan
stated thathe stayed in the conference for only "a couple of
minutes," and then he ran down the hallway closest to him and out a
west door. He advised that he saw a friend of his, Simon Duran who
was in the parking lot in his vehicle. Jordan said he got into
simcn's vehicle and drove to Simon's residence.
JC.o01· 005701

Jordan stated that he did know who Dylan Klebold was. He said
that he used to make fun of Klebold when he would see him in the

cafeteria. dressed in his black trench. coae , He a.dvised that he did
not know any of Dylan' s friends nor did he associate with any of the
trench coat people. He categorized himself as a "jock-prep."

He said this incident was "totally unexpected." He knew of no

rumors relating to the incident and said he saw nothing unusual at
school that day.

Investigation continues.


JC-001· 005702

JC.o01· 005703
CONTINUATION I:::~Apaq _."""" """R_ No.

"""'--,-- r. "CHOSlIKE


C~I CJM.Report No.
CONT.#3828 0_ _: Opoo 6-21-99
OusUi¢MiOO ~yCleo«d R"""""",,, c...:
R·~~l ..ssifical:ion 0 ....... tI' _ Closure
~~. I B~NlB I
D=iplion I Serial No.
s..... f Value
I Value
Holden. Ken 1-14-53
6446 S. saulsbury St. Littleton, Co. 303 972-9884
On 6-21-99 I spoke with Holden who told me that on 4-2Q.99 he was in the counseling office when he heard
aboutthe call from the teachers lounge regarding somecne in the cafeteria with a gun. He went to the main
Jf!ice, heard 4-5 gunshots in the main EastlWest hallway that sounded like "snaps", that probably took out
he front doors. Holden went back to the counseling office then made his way to the north doors with Ryan
~ollins (another counselor). At this point they heard the fire alarm and began directing the kids out of the
)uildlng thru the "north doors". Holden then ran to Clements Park. He did not see or hearanything else.

-iolden furthertold me that he did not know either Harrisor Klebold.

JC-001- 005704

Supervjsor initials and Date

1,tj::fR /, ~ ;19
--_.. ,'~ -,., .......... _,.. - -". ,.'""



On060499, this Investigator met witll the Deanof Students ar eHS, identified as:

Horvath, Po",r
DOB: 051161
1819 W, Springwater Lane
Highlands Ranca, CO 80 126

Also present duringthe interview was AllenT.ggart, who is an attorney with the schooldistrict.

Peteradvised thisInvestigator of the following:

That on 042099,Peter was in his officeat CHSaddressing a disciplinary actionagainst ODe of the
students, whichcausedhim to be late for hi' "lunchduty" thai:day,

That bothPeter and 'vir, DeAugelis steppedout of theirofficesto go down to thecafeteria when
SusanWI1ite came down the ball (in the office area)in a panicand told themthat there wasa
studemshcc in JudyGrieco', classroom.

That Peer larer Ieernedthar Judy Grieco had calledthe office from the teacher lounge in the
cafeteriato repon the shooting of. studeatoutside the school.

That Mr. DeAugelis ran out iato the ballahend of'Peter, and P_ stopped to radio theschool
resource officer, NealGardenerto advise him of the incident, although Nealdid not answerIrim.l
that time.

That as Peterran aroundthe mailboxes in the ofllce, he beard the soundof two gunshots, believes
he saw two flashes and beard glassbreaking (in the front door),although srared that be did not see
where the saots came from or the shooters.

That Peter than ran back through theoffice warning people, and out into tbe art hallway wbere be
gathered somestudenrs and wen' au, through theeast dOC!

That Peterstayed outsidedirecting people away fromthe building and eventually endedup On the
north sidaof the huilding wherehe met up with 'vir. DeAngelis and othersthatllad exitedthe

Thateveryone on tbe north side: of the building. including Peter, waseventually directed to

That in regards to his dutiesas Deanof tbe School, Peter 'lilted that one of Iris firstdisciplinary
actions involved Zack Heckler, Dylan Klebold, and Eric Harrisfor nacking intolila school
computer system.which he advised OCCUIred duringthe Fall of 1991.

That as a result of that incident, zack was ,",pended for 5 days and both Dylan and Eric got. 3
day suspension.

That Peter also met with the parents of the boys in regards to the incident.

That Peter describedZack's parents as initially supportive of the disciplinary action,although later
criticized the 5 day suspension.

JC·001.00 5706
CONTROL 113624
P;\OE 2 OF 3

That Peterdescribed Eric's parents as being nice and veryeducated and stated rbarriley were
Cooperative but did not agree with rhe 3 day suspension for Eric's "minorinvolvement",

That Peterdescribed Dylan's father(be did nor meet Dylan's mother) as an "Einstein", &raring mat
he was very intelligent, and alsoadvisedthat he did no' agreewill! suspensions in general,

That Peter wasaware of a group ofboys thatwore IIencn coats last year (1997/1998) and labeled
themselves the "TrenchCoatMafia",although advised that Dylan and Eric were nee• part of that

That Peter i<lentilied me members of that group as Chds Morris, Joe Stair,and EricPutro

That Chriswas still a student at CBS, although Peter has only seen Chris weariDg a trench coat a
few times this year.

That Joe graduated from CHSlast yearand Eric (Dutro) wasexpelled fromschool last yea< due to
drug violations 00 school grounds,

That Peterdescribed Joe and Eric(Dutro) as dle ringleederof the (TC\1) group I..r year and
described Joeas beinga good student and very respectful but statedthat Eric (Dutro)was "a dark,
mean kid and flat our asshole"

That Peter recalled tharduring an incident last yearthat Ellc (Dutro) was involved in. he bad asked
one of tile subjects, "Do you believe in GOOT'

That about to days before the incidenton 042099, Petersay Joe walking south of CBS on Pierce
weartng a black trench coat and black gloves,

That Peter hasseen Dylan in a trench coat onceortwice thisyear but hadnever seen Eric in a
trench COat, statingthe Ericwas a "cleanCUt kid and preppydresser',

That Peter staled thatbe was not totally shocked that Dylan and Enc did this because in his
dealings with tham It. saw tbe pe.eotialforan "evil side",

That Peter Itas not deal, with any disciplinary actions against Eric ether then the computerhaclcing
incident last year,

That Peter has dealt with Dylan during the spring of 1998 for an incidentwherebe was caught
scratching "something" intoa freshman's locker door.

That Dylanbecame very agitated while waiting for his father to come tI;> scbcolto discuss the
situation with Peter and began pacing around the room.

That when Peter attempted to talk to Dylan and calm himdown. be advised that Dylan began
cussing at blm, although be did not personalize anythiog towardPeter.

Thatduring the incident, Dylan advised thatbe was veryupsetwith the school systemand the way
CHS handled people, to include tbepeoplethat picked 00 him and ethers.

That Perer stated that Dylan was a "prettyangry kid" and be also bad the impression that Dylan
wasupset with his Dad and "stuffathome".


That when Dylan's father arrivedhedisagreed with the disciplinill'Y action takenagainstDylanfat
the lockerincident and Petersensed thatDylan had some angerissues with his f.ther

Thar about 3 '04 weeks prior to the incident on 022099, Dylan and Eric approached Peter and told
him that tbey were havtng some problems with a sllJdent named Luke Crowley that was parking to
close to one of their cars and was "mouthy" withthem.

That Peter described both Dylanand Eric as being verypolite,respectful and calm aboutthe

That Peter passedthe information to Luke's counselor, wbo addressed !be complaintwithLuke.

That Peter stated that Dylan and Eric were usually together when he saw them and pretty much
kept to themselves, although he occasionally saw themwithZaek Heckler and BrianSargent.

That Peter was awaretlIat Brian hang out with Eric[DuIIO) last year, and advised that Brian had a
not temper and was very volatile.

That Peter bas also dealt with DavidCaravan, who he described as • lot like Dylanalthough David
did notaesoctare withDylan and Ericto hisknowledge, suring that he was a "druggy"

That Peter 'rased that ill cceversations WIth David he learned that David idolized Marilyn Manson
(gothi<: rock star) and Timothy McVeigb although did not agree with wbathe (McVeigh) did,

Thar he believed mar. . . capableof doing sornethi<:g like rbis,

That Peter was aware that Joe and Eric (Dutro) were physicaily "making out' in front of the
"jocks" last year to harass them, but again stated thatDylan and Eric (Harris) were no,a parrof
that group then.

That Dylan and Eric havenever cocoplained ro Peterthat theywere barassed by anyone, or bas
anyone complained that Dylan andEric harassed them (other than thelockerincident involving

That Peter describedEric and Dylanas "brilliant Kids" and staIJOd thatEric conrinued to do his
school work and kep' his grades up to the lastday

That Peter staled mat ab<>ut a momh prier to this incident, Dylan was broughtto his off,co because
be was suspected of smoking pot, which be wascleared of, but during thar conversation Dylan
appearedexcited about hisfurore and graduallDg

Tbar Peter also described Eric as a shy kid butstated that Dylan was very direct, mature. and

That when asked his opinion about this incident. Peter advised that be thinks that there wasa
violent, angry streak in these kids and theytriedto make • statement and to bring down CHS
because the)' wanted the rules their way

That Peter also stared thar he thinks that it did notgo down as lltey planned and feels that
everyrbing doneafter that wasrandom. advising that there cere no indications that they had
targeted the "jocks"

JC·001· 005708

JC.{l01- 005709
Page_ _ 01_ _ Pages Case No, _
Denver Police Department
Making Statement ~:/
o Officer 'iJ,I' Witnus


! have lead the foregoing statement: and the f~ct$ conteined therein are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. 1
do nor maintain that it contains all of the facts or details of the incident# but onlY' these fscts about which I have been

I I JC·001· 00571 0
- - --nate - - 0 AM

fj-me: Statement Completed 0 PM

-::;:-,,;:;=="'== Signature of Person Making Statement

DFt: 366 {Rev. 2!96l 111I11l11~1111111111I~

Page _ _ 01_ _ Peges Case # _

Summery 01 Statement (cont.l -;-_ _-:- .,.-_ _

50sa b out

I /lave read the foregoing statement end the facts conteined therein are we to the best of my knowledge and belief. I
do not maintain that it contains all of the feclS or deta/7s of the incident, but only those feclS about which I have been

__ 1.....,...,..../- JC.(l01· 005711

u". Cl AM
o PM
"'nm"'.'""'S"""....... Signatute of PW5011 MakingStatement
Reporting A~' l Re~mg Officer Can Report NQ


I CcnnecnegCase Report: No Victim Name Original Repcrt DateThi$ Report

I 04·30·99
ChU$di~iIDQn X First Degree: Mur-der Otfem:e StaW~; Op<:l'l x E~liol1llay Cltari!!d o RecommendCase: RoC'> iew C
Rtda;;liiri~ilot;Ql'l c Cl~b~ \iT~1 0 Ul1(rnl1'lded o Closure 0

i~~ I (,ll>ilwit} I tlr:llld "lilm~ I D~tt:ri'p(irjf\ 1Serial Nc V'illl<t

I \'~!ll~


KEATING, SYDNEY 10, D08107·24-56

SSN, 522-91-9702
:2.33 Reed Street
Lakewood. Colorado 80226
(303) 238-3105
Work: Campus Supervisor/Columbine High School
(303) 982-4415


On 4-:n-99, at about 1350 hours. ( interviewedSydney Keatingconcerningthe ColumbineHigh School shooting Keatingtold
me that on -1-20-99 she was In her office making a telephone call to her husband. Keating's office is located In the school's main
office In the same hallway as the Principal's Office. Keating stated that at 1115 hours she heard Peter Horavath (School Dean!
over her school portable radio Keating knew it was It 15 hours because she just looked at her watch. Horavarh's transmission
on the radio was to her (Sydney Keating), Neil (Gardner) or Andy {Marton). Horavath was airing that there has been a sheering
downstairs in the school By the time Horavath completed airing this information. he was standing at Keating's office door
Knowing that Deputy ;-.Jeil Gardner was in his patrol car. Keating picked up ber school radio, called him. and advised him of the
shooting Keating then starred walking down the hall toward the open area cf the school's office where the secretaries Sit
Walkingdirectly in front of Keating were Chris Mikesell Ischool Dean) and Peter Hotavarh. Keating stated that she took about
two steps into the open area of the office when she heard the front office door open from the main lobby. Keating then
immediateI: heard gunshots (three or tour). Chris Mikesell then yelled, according to Keating, "On my God.everyhody down'
Keating turnedaround (toward the hallway} and saw secretary Susan Whitestanding in the doorway ofPeter Hcravath's office
Keating pushed White into Horavath '5 office and shut the door, The light inside the office was already turned off Keating stated
that she crawled under a table, then dialed 9·1'1. She was able to get through to Dispatch and advised them of the shooting
Keating was then looking throughthe office door windowand saw three males, all together,run by. Keating described the males

Unit JC-001· 005712 , 1

Reporting Agt!1~ R¢pon:irtg OfflclI'r Cue ~pPrt '\;0
COmlecting Case ReponNo
V«;tim NameOriginal R<:port DateTOB Report
, 04·30-99
First Degree Murder O~1"dt' StalW: 09<!"

ClcNtd ~ o\ro:sl

ExcepliililaHy Cl¢1ll'O'(J

Rt::ccmmend Case: Review


I '.m I
"'0 Quaruilcy 1Bm'1dN4rtJ¢ I Oe~l:riPli(}:\ I SffiaJ::-Jo
I value
I ,>;tl~


Number one

WIM. approximately 17 years old, approximately 5'5", wearing a black coat, No hat, no mask. Unknown hair color

Number two;

W·'M. apprcximateiy 5'5", teenager. wearing neon yellovv baseball cap and a black coat

Number three:

Shorter than number I and number1. Looked "real young:'

Keating staled that the males were running down the hallway from the mamoffice area. After the three males ran by. Keating
stated that she heard more gunshots or explosions [hat sounded real dose. Keating remained in the office under the table umi!
evacuated by the SWAT Team. sometime between \415 and 1430 hours

On 04-10·99. I "poke briefly to Chris Mikesell on the telephone. [asked Mikesell if she saw the shooters in the main office
Mikesell told me that she did not.

On 4·13-99. I again spoke to Keating at Columbine High School. She reportedthe following additional information Columbine
High School teacher Judy Greco was downstairs in the Teachers Lounge when the shooting started, The: Teachers Lounge is
located near the cafeteria. Greco made a phone call to the main office advising them of the shooting It is currently unknown
who took the call in the office.


Otncer Signature Unjt Nl,1mCer SuperviS£l! lfliti"lsand Dare Assigntd To

Page 1
I '0r? . .......
!SVES!lu ...TOR \ Ie re,
sseVICES f OTHEA I A$AFJ 4191;($0

R~rtin8 Apm::y Rcpott1na Offieer Ca.wRepon ~o
CQflneWns CaH Rcport No c Victim Name Ori,inal Re;xm Date Thu: Report



Ql.IIrtmy I BNId Name ~ ~1lti¢iI

O(f4tl~ SW\lll': ()I'J('!'I

Clear:d by ArftM

I Sfrid N<l
Recommend Que:

~= IRJ~I~

On 04-21-99.I was infonned that the BombTechnicians and ATF were requesting a list of lockers assignedto students,as well
as vehicles and parkingspaces assigned 10 students,so that it couldbe determined where Eric Harris and Dylan Kleboid parked.
and where their lockers were located, I was further informed that the campus supervisor for R-l security, Sydney Keating.
dobi04-24-76. would be able 10 provide1hat information for me. Witness Keatinghad been interviewed previously, and 1was
only requested to accompany her into the senoei to retrieve the information that was needed for this investigation.

At about 1233 hours, myself and Sergeant Randy West accompanied witnessKeating into the east main entrance.and then into
the offices locatedon the east sideof the schoolwherewitness Keating was able to print out the listof lockers. as wellas provide
copies of the assigned parking. We left the scene at approximately 1251 hours.

'look witness Keating back into the sceneat 1320 hours,in orderto pick up a diagramofthe parking lots that didn't havesrudent
rnes in Jr. We left the scene again at 1323 hours.

During my conversation with witness Keating, she indicated that there are cameras that come on every day between 1500and
0500 hours. which show lhe exterior of the library, the exterior of the south entrance and patio. and the exterior of the east
entrance. l provided that information to the evidence liaison. and arrangements were made to retrieve those videotapes as


JC-001·00 5714

I Officer;iV'alUrt Unit N~bcr SIl~l.'Vioor IllItia~ an<1 Oat: Assigned To Page !

)pt U~ ,r
IfN.. . f,;sm''''TfJI( 'i;CTl~ SElt" ICES I OTHER l
ASAFJ.v98 JCSDflti74
· I .


Dllce of transcription. 05/1.0/99

The following investigation was conducted at the

Jefferson County Administration Building in Golden, Colorado:
Sydney Jo Keating, date of birth July 24, 1.956,
employer - Jefferson County School District, Coluw~ine High
School (CHS) , 6201 South Pierce Street, Littleton, Colorado
80123, work telephone number (303) 982-4400, X 441S, title -
Campus SuperVisor, responsibilities of safety and security of CHS
students, was shown two video tapes for the purpose of review and
identification of CHS students and associates:
1. - Review of videotape of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
filmed at the residence of Harris on 04/20/1999, prior
to the shooting incident at CHS. The videotape was
muted during the review by Keating.
2 - Review of videotape of CHS cafeteria On 04/20/1999
starting at 8:03 AM. Individuals known to be TCM
members or associates were identified as Dustin Gorton
and Brian Sargeant Lance Kirklin, victim, is also
identified on the videotape prior to being shot.

JC.o01- 005715

Investigation on OS/07/99

4~ON:S7419. Jeff~o ~e 99-7625 05/09/99

SA Rlchard H. Pr~oe
SA Jon Michael Ba::netl: ~H!'/dae
This cccurrem contains neit.iw'r reccmmendauons nor ;;:onclu5iDns of the FBI. It is till: propert}' of !he FlU apd is loaned10your ageflc.y~
tr and its ccnerns an not to he ocetde your Agency
Arvada Pol~ce/Cou~~ System Page 1
Arvada Police Departme~t 01/06/2000

Ref # 99-12067 Repor~ed Oate 04/20/1999 Time 12:39:32

Type ASSTOA Status RTF
Locat,on 6201 S P:ERCE ST

connec~in9 Jefferson County Sheriff's Department CR #99-7625.

On ll/l9!S9, Ce~~~~ive Scatrig~~ (:0) was ~eque$ced by

Detective Battan (lead deteccive!Jef:erson County She~iff's
Departme~c} to re-in:erview Sydr.ey Keating. a ca~pus supervisor at
Colu~~ine High School. Detec~ive Sat tan specifically requested IO
address scatements Sydney Keating made to F.B.!. Special Agent Rich
Price on o4i~3J99 as ic pertained co her obser~ations on 04/20/99.
Specifically, Sydney Keating had reported seeinS a ~~man enter the
school via the east front entrance and begin firing a weapon.
sydney Keating :ur~her reported to Special Agent Price at some
point af~er the assault began she cbs erred three suspects
(described in the recor~} who were in the main office area also
firing weapons see· lead ~DN1:5e completed by Special Agent Price
for de za i.La of Sydne:; Keating's ec s cemenc 0;:: (;4/23/99

o~ the date indi~a:ed at a;?==ximace:y 1435 hours, IO

responded co 6201 So. Pie~ce Stree:, L~:tle~onr Colorado (Columbine
H:gh School) where he met with Syc~ey Keat~~g< IO s~b$equently
exp:a~~ed to Sydney Keating he tad ~ee~ requested to cond~ct
anocher interview with her regardi~g observations she made on
04/20/99, IC tol~ Syd~ey Keac~ng ;~e bulk ot :he invest:gation was
comoleced and th2S incerview dea:: w~~h soecific iss~es thac needed
to be ~esolved. Sv~ev Kea~i~q seated sh~ would submit ~o an
interview a~d then~ e5c;r~ed IO-t~ ~er of:ice located in the
admin~s:~ac~on sect~c~ of the $chccl_

Uoon arrival at ttat loca'~t~. :0 ccr.::rme~ with Sydney

Keati~g her full name was sycn~y Jc ~~a~~~gr DOB: 07/24/56. Syd~ey
Keac~~g explai~~c =or :he last 6 § years see has bee~
emplo:e~ ac Co~~~~i~e ~isc Sc~;ol as :he campus supe=v:sor and was
respcn$~~le for the security of the building as well as i~s
ccccpenc e

r next informed Sydney Keat~ns he had the opportun~ty to

review her state~er-t which was prepare~ by Special Agent Price with
the F.3.1. IO r~mindec Sydney Keat:~g she provided the above
statement to Special Agent ?r~ce en 04/23/99. Sydney Keating
sta~ed sr.e clearly recalled t~e i~:~=view wi~h Special Age~c p~ice.
IO ~e~~ en to explai~ based O~ s~a~emen~s made curing t~at
interi':'ew several areas of c-::ncern. had be~r:. identified IO told
Syd~ey Kea~i~g when cOffipar:ng the $~at~~enc she provided ~o special
Asen~ ?=:ce to othe~ witness state~ents as we1: as ph¥s~cal
ev~de~ce collected f~om the scene, the=e were several cor.::~c~s
Syc::.-e":" Keati!1g t hen told IO the i::.i:,ial z.nt ezv· she p rcv i ded co
the Mr." I." was somewhat "co:::u5:':'.9. 'I Sydney t o.Ld 10 it
was possible there had be-e:': acme «mj sunde r sc endz ag e ' in respect to
the in=ormation she i~i:ia~ly supplied, Whe~ asked to elaborate,
Sj~~ey Keat:ng st~ced it was pC$$~~le s~e became confused with what
sr,e "t:::'c'.lght hacpened" and t!Jhat s:-~e had ac':.ually seen. IO
s~cseq'.ler.t:: tclcl Sydney Keaci.~g t~e best way to resol'le those
iss~es wculd be co hale her recall he~ ac:iiities and observacions

JC-001- 005716
A~vada ?olice/Court System Page 4-
Arvada Police Department 01/06/2000

Ref # 99 12067 Repor:ed Date 04/20/1999 Time 12;39;33

Type ASSTOA Status RTF
Location 6201 S PIERCE ST
DE~13a 01/04/2000 1:~099/g0ATR!GF.T/MO

on the date in question.

P~~$~an~ to ~~e$ticning, sydney Keaci~g explained she arrived

at columbine High School at approximately 0700 hours on 04/20/99.
Sydney Keating stated she parked in ~he faculty parking lot located
on the east side of the school. Sydr~ey Keating explained she did
nat make any unusual observations when she arrived at sc~aol.
Sydney Keating next indicated a~ter encering the school (via
che front east entrancel she immed~acely went to the adminiscration
area where her office was loca~ed. Sydney Keacing statec on the
date in question she along with fac~:tl members ftc include other
administrators) had made- arra!'!get::len~s to go to t he UDEC;'~'1 breakfast
which was being held at the llWel:!.shire Inn" located ne:a:::- Hampden
and Colorado Boulevard ir. Denver. Sydney keacing stated the DEC~
break=ast is an annual event honoring the students who participated
the business education program. Syd~ey Keat~ng explained she
believed the breakfast began some~~me becween 0830 and 0900 that
date Sydney Keating went on to ex::ain prior to leaving for the
breakfast she did not recall her exac~ acci'li~ies but indicated she
would have been involved in per~o~i~g her normal du~ies_ Sydney
Kea:i~g indicated ~rom t~e poi~~ she arrived at school ~n~il she
left to go to the breakfast she d~d ~ot make any unusual

Sydne'1 Keatinc indi:::a':ec s~:: ::e:'ievec. she left for ::::'e

breakfast sometime~betwe~~ 0815 a~c 0830 hours on the date in
quescion, Sydney Keating stated she obtained a ride from a co-
wo~ker idec~ified as Mona Madde~. S~·dr.ey K~acing indicated Mona
Madden had pa~ked her vehicle in :he east :ac~::y parklng loco
Through acL'i.:'.,>;:.ional cr..leg~ioni:'1g, 5yc.':'~e:: Kes.ti:-.; _:-.:;;'cat-ed Mona
Madde:'1 pro~ided several people w::~ a ~ide ~o the b~eak~ast When
asked to identify those individua~$, Sydney Keating stated in
addition to herself she knew that S~$an White and at least one more
individual were prege~t in Mona Macce~fs vehicle. Syd:.ey Keating
could noe recall t~e name of the o~~er employee bu: be:ievec the
person was female,

According co Sydr~ey Keating, ~~e DECA breakfast wen~ as

Flann:d and she did not recal~ any ~~usua: activicies occurring.
Sydcey Keating estimated she along ~ith those previously named left
the Well$hi=e r~n sometime bet~ee~ 103Q ~~d ~45 hours. Sydney
Keat~~g estimated she arrived back a: Col~mbine High School ac
apprcximately 1100 hours. Syd~ey Keating clar~fied when returni~g
to Col~mbine High Sc~ool Mona Madde~ again ?arked her veh~cle in
the east faculr;y Loc , Syd:1ey Keat.i::g explained ·...hen az-r-; ving back
ac :he school and i~~::ally enter~ng i~~o the admi~istra~:on area
she did not note anything unusual. IO verified ~ith Sydney Keati~g
~hen e~~e~i::s iia the east fron: ec:rance and
the school she die S
c~e;. ~~~ed~ately we~t to the admin s:raticn area where her office
is :~ca~ed. Sjd~e: Keat~;.g d:d po ~~ out O~e obSerj8tion she made
b~: re::era~~~ it was roQt unusual Sydney Keating stated whe~ she

JC·001- 005717
Ar'lada ~olice!Court Sysce~ Page 3
Arvada poliee Departmenc 01/06/2000

Ref. ~ 99-12067 Reported Date 04/20/1999 Time 12,39,32

Type ASSTOA Status RTF
Lccat~on 6201 S PIERCE ST

DET138 Cl/C4/2000 123099/BO~TR!GHT/MO

returned to Columbine High School from the breakfast she made a

ment.a.l note that "Neal s'' (refe:!."rir:.s to Deputy Sheriff Neal

Gardnerj vehicle wa$ not present in the park~n9 loC. Sydney

Keating reiterated it was not unusual for Deputy Gardner to leave
in his vehicle for a variecy of reasons.
Sydney Keating explained after arriving in the administration
area she then walked nor~h through tne hallway arriving at her
office. IO would note Sydney Keating's office is located at the
far end of the north hall in the ad~i~istration area of the school.
Sy~ney Keating stated when see ar:ived at thac location she
recalled ret~ieving her radio and considered calling oeputy Gardner
and another security person refer~ed to as Andy Martin. Sydney
Keating explained the reason she wanted to reach those individuals
'Alas to show them she was wearing a "cress"" Sydney Keaclng seated
she almost neve-r -dz-e s ses up" and :.ta::ced to shew some of her CQ-
workers what she locked like i~ a dress. Sy~,ey Ke~ti~g explained
she did ~oc act~ally recall ~he~he= she made radiQ con:act wi~h
Deputy Gardner at the time but remec~ered t~inkin9 he was in his
pol~ce unit somewhere off camp~s

Keating stated she su=se~~ently walked ou: of the
admi~is~ration area to the foyer a=ea of the school where a large
hanging c~o9hy case is disp2ayed. Sydney Keating stated she stood
at tha~ location for a short time speaking with various students
who were making comments ee eeeeace t::e euc e she had "dze e eed up,"
£y~~ey Keating told 10 based on her recollection she believed she
rema#~ec i~ the loco: area of ~he sc~ool for several minutes
speak:~g wi~h $tude~ts pri~= ~o ?rcceedi~g to the cafeteria.

sydney Keat~ng stacec she subsequently walked west th=ough

the sc~ool pa$s~ng the library and :hen down into the cafeter~a
area" Sydney Keacing scate~ it was her inte~t~on to go to the
teache~'s lounge where she thought she possibly could contact
Deputy Gar~~er and Andy Martln. Sydney Keac:ng reiterated she
wanted to show them what she was wearing this date. Sydney Keating
also po:~ted out she usually me= bot~ Depu~y Gardner a~d ~~d'l
Ma~":in down in the teacher's lounge ch..:.ring z.he 'rA. lunch." IO
clarified w::'t;h svdnev KeatinCl st.e -o::coceeded through the cafeteria
a~d s~=seqae~~ly~entered the-!acu~~y lounge (located to the fa~
west of the cafeteria). Sydney Keacing pointed cut while walking
to the faculty lounge she recal:ec numero~s students ~yellin9 out
and c Lapp i nq" reference c he f ac t; she was wearing a dress

S!d~ey Keating stated upon enter~~g ~he fac~lt1 she

noted no one was present. Sydney Kea:ing made a ~oint of stating
she ~as disappointed due to the fac~ she wanted to show he~ CO~
workers what she looked like in a d=ess Sydney Keati~g lndicaeed
a:~e= :i~ding no one in the fac~l~y lcunge she was disappointed and
s~cseq~e~cly walked back up to her o::ice passing by the library
a~d p~cc~edins east dow~ ~he hallway to the main lobby area
Syd~ey Keacin9 s~a:ed she sUb5equen~ly entered the administration

Ar7ada PoliceiCourt Syscem Page 4
Ar:ada Police Department 01/06/2000

Ref # 99 -1206, Reported Date 04/20/1999 Time 12,39,32

Type ASSTOA Stacus RTP
Locat~on 6201 S PIERCE ST

DET138 01/04/2000 123099/aOATRIGH7/MO

area and walked back to her office.

Sydney Keating stated when she re~urned to ~er office she kr~ew
the time was 1115 hours due to the face she had recrieved a phone
message. Sydney Keating stated she specifically recalled picking
up the phone and retrieving the message thus recalling the time,
Sydney Keating went on to state she then realized the message was
f40m her husband and subsequ~ntly called him. Sydney Keati~g
clarified up to this point she had net made unusual observations as
it related to activities occurring at Columbi~e High School.
Sydney Keating explained when phoning her husband she was
initially placed on ho:d and very soon t~ereaf:er heard ~he Dean of
s eucent s . .geter xez-vech. armounca.nq tae xe had been a !l shooting. "
Sydney Keating Statec she spec~ticaLI: recalled ?eter Horvach
tryi~g to ccntac: he~self, Andy Ma~~~~ a~d Deputy Gard~er, Syd~ey
Kea~ing further indicated it was her ~nders~anding based on che
rad~o transmission che shooting had oc=u~red ~in Mrs. Grecko's
class.r:::;.oro. '. Syd..'"!.e: Keating poi~teci cue Mrs. Grecko's classroom :"5
located in the lower level 0: c~e sc~ool. Pu=suan~ to questicn~~g,
Si'dney Keatlng statac she never aC:' spoke wi t:t her husband and
afte~ hearing the ereergency transmission by Peter Hor~ath hung up
the phone a~cl proceeded south dO+Nn ~he ~allway towards the main
administration area. Sydney Keati~g ~cinted out as she began to
walk down ~owards the main admi~~$c~a~~on area. She d~d see Peter
Horvath also moving sou~h (i~to ~:'e ~ai~ admi~istra~~on a=ea)
dur:'ng which time he was repeating :::.e~.e: had been a "scooting in
Mrs. oxec kc ' s room.:l

When asked for additional clar:':~ca~io~ =esardi~9 Pe::er

Ho~tath's location, Sydney Keaci~g s~ateci ste i~~~~ally $a~ the
forenamed as she was ex~ting her dec=~ay i~:~ the hall wi;h the
intention of pr.oceeding south. Sy~~ey Keacing explained Peter
Horvath was already proceeding scu;h ~nto the main adminiscracion
area and it was also at that time s~e obee=ved Chris Mikesell
(administracorl leaving her office a~d proceeding south. Sydney
Kea:ing then corrac~ed that statemeh~ by indic~ing based en her
recollection she believed Chris Mi~esell was accually ahead of
Peter HC~7ath as they proceeded c=~~ ~~e ~all ~~tc the ~ai~
adx~n~stration area,

Sydney Keating explained by the :ime she reached the main

admi~istration area Chris Mikesell walked out into the main
lebby area while Pe~er Eorvath was s~a~d~ng near one of the
sec~e~ary desks (possibly Susan Wh::e's) Sydney Keat:r.g stated
she ~as uncertain as to the exact ac~ions of Peter Horvath bue
believed he was sci:l a~tempti~g ~o ~ake ccn~ac~ wit~ De?~ty
Ga~dner Vla the scho~l radio

K!a~i~s tc:d

:~ a: :~e pci~t she actually enterec
int::: rna i c area s ae r ece Ll ed hee r i nc "c~=ee to
:fou::- pops, pc-p, pop, pop, pep 'I S::'c:"~e:: Kea-:ir.g stated at t.he time

JC-001· 005719
P!R.NARR Artada police/Courc System Page 5
Arvada police Departme~t 01/06/2000

Ref # ~~-12067 ~eported Date 04/2011999 Time 12:39:32

Type ASSTOA Status RTF
Location 620~ S PIERCE ST
D~13e 01/04/2000 l23099/50ATR!GH~/MO

she heard the popping noises she also heard Itgl a s s breaking" at the
doUble set of doors locat~ct at the eas~ front e~trance of che
school. Sydney Keacing stated almcs~ at the same time she then
heard the "bar jam, bar popping noise." Pursuant to quest.ioning,
Sydney Keating explained she was describing the noise made when the
bar la~ching mechanism is depressed on the interior doors to the
school. Sydney Keating stated the "bar popping noise" wa.s very
distinct and she was certain it had come from one of the double
sets of deors located at the eas~ en~~ance to the school.
Sydney Keating stated it is at this poine she believed she had
previously become somewhat confused during her previous interview
w:th the F,B,I. sydney Keating statec she ini~iall'l indicated a
au~man had encered the school from tha~ location but now realizes
that was not the case. Sydney Keat~~9 stated at the time she began
to hear the gunshots (previously ~e:e~~ed co as pepping noises)
along wit~ the glass breaking and ~~e bar jam nc:se (all located
near the east entrance to the $~hool; she concluded the gunman must
have entered from that acce e.rca . Syd..~ey Keating added, "I
think it's a gunman. IO con t i.zmed ',.;:"::h Sydney Keating at no time

did she ever See anyone entering the school nor did she se.e anyone
a: that lccat~on in possession of a~?~hing resembling a firearm.
Sydney Keating stated she new real:zes (based on what she recalls
of the l~cidentl no one, s?eci:~callJ a g~nman had entered the
school via the eas~ entrance. IO subsequently confirmed with
Sydney Keating she did not see anyo~e at that location cau$~ng any
ct the previously described noises 0= actions. Sydney Keating then
told IO she was cer;ai~ about her obse~Jations but clarified at no
time did she see anyone at O~ near t~e front east entracce who she
cou:d associate with these ob5er~atic~s.
Sydney Keat~n9 did indicats based on what she had heard and
seer, she was ce;;tain a llgunman l' was ::'ring a weapon at or in the
schoo: Again, 10 confirmed with Syd~ey Keating she was uncertain
as to che location of the "gunma!1.." Sl"d,ney Keating stated as a
res~~~ of her obser7ations, she immediately turned, proceeded norch
in:c the hallway {from where she or::'9::'~aced). Sydney Kea~ing
exp~ai~ed at the point she began to e~:er the hallway she noted
Susa~ White was standing in close p~cx::'mity sydney Keating stated
aae then physically lIgrabbed susar; '..;hite and directed he r into t.he

first office to the left: (facing nor:~l. Sydney Keating stated it

was her intention to get both hersel~ and Susan Whi:e into a place
of safety fearing there was a "qunmar; in the building. 't Sydney
Kea~L~2 s~a~ed when arr~ving inc~e a:o=eme~ticned office she :hen
ide~:if:ed it as belonging to Pete= Ec~vath" Sydney Keating stated
s~e ta:d S~san White it was her belie= the~e was a gunman in t~e
bi.:.::t.:::':":;;<j adc i nq , "We'~e be i ng she!: a::" Syd:;,e:l stated she
nex: c:osed the or:ice doer and proceeded to place a 911 te:ephone
cal: When asked if she was certain she ac:ually closed the deor
a: ::'a: cime, Sydney Keating respc~ded in the negative Sy~~ey
Ke~~~~s rela:e1 she was u.ncertain as to whether or not she or Susan
~~~~e c~o$ed the door but was certain che doer was closed_

Jc..o Q1 - 005720
PIRNAAR Arvada Police/Court System Page 6
Arvada Police Department 01/06/2000

Ref # 99-12067 Reported Date 04/20/1999 Time 12:39:32

Type ASS'I'OA Status RTF
Location 6201 S PIgRCE ST

DET138 01/04/2000 123099/BCATRIGHT/MO

Sydney Keating next indicated she dialed ~~l from a phone

located on Peter Horvath's desk (desktop attached to north wall).
Sydney Keating explained after dialing 911 she then positioned
herself underneath that Same desk facing a westerly direction.
When asked as to the whereabouts of Susan White, sydney Keating
stated the forenamed was underneath a circular shaped table located
in the southeast corner of the room.
Sydney Keating sta~ed she uleimately made contact with a
"dispatcher" whom she assumed was with the: Jefferson County
Sheriff's Department. Sydney Keating stated she then explained
there was a "gunman" at Columbin.e High School and the school itself
was "under fire. ,I

Sydney Keating explained she could not recall her exact

conversation with the dispateher pointing out she actually was on
the phone with that person for a total of approximately tr~ee
houri. Sydney Keating did indicate very soon after making contact
with the Jefferson Ccunty Sheriff's Department she recalled Susan
White pushing the circular table in front of Peter Horvathfs door.
Sydney Keating told IC sne was uncertain as to whether or not Susan
White was attempting to block the door with the table or she was
slmply using it for conc6alment as she Moved closer cowards the
door. Sydney Keating explained once Susan White arrived at the
door she then reached up and turned the locking mechanism believing
she had locked the door. Sydney Keating stated at the time both
she and Susan White believed the door to Peter Horvathls office was
locked however, later learned ~eter Horvath always leaves his deer

locked. thus when Susan White turned the locking mechanism she
actually unlocked the door.

Sydney Keating stated after Susan White thought she had locked
the door she (Susan White) then positioned herself underneath the
same desk top where Sydney Keaeing was located, When asked as to
their positioning at that point, Sydney Keating seated she (Sydney
Keating) was facing west while Susan White was facing east. sydney
Keating- went en to describe their as somewhat HIndian
scyle,H however, point.ed. out there were cimes when Susan White
would lean forward causing her head to rest in her {Sydney
Keacingts} abdominal area. Sydney Keating also pointed out once
both she and Susan White had positioned themselves under the
desktop, the office chair was pulled up to the desk providing what
they believed was better concealment, IO did confirm with Sydney
Keating Peter Horvath's door had a window which allowed viewing
both in and out of ~he office. Sydney Keating then told IO at no
time while she wa$ in Peter Horvath's of=ice was she in a posicion
to look out of the window. Sydney Keating speculated it was
possible Susan Whi~e eould have looked out of the window based on
the fact she was facing east but was not certain that ever
JC-001· 005721
PIRNARR Arvada police/Court System page 7
Arvada Police Department 01/06/2000

Ref II 99-1.2067 Reported Date 04/.0/1999 Tim.. 1.2:39:3.

Type ASSTOA Status R'rF
Location 6201 S PIERCE 5T

DET138 01/04/2000 123099/BOATRIGHT/MO

Sydney Keating explained as time passed she maintained

telephone contact with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Departmen~.
IQ confirmed with Sydney Keating she was never disconnected from
the J~fferson County Sheriff's Departroene, however, there were
times she was placed on hold. Sydney Keating went on to explain
during times where she was not actually speaking with the Jefferson
County Sheriff's Oepa~tment she recalled both she and Susan Wh~te
ttprayed" and talked about their children.
Sy~~ey Keating then recalled at aome point after making
contact with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department and Susan
White repositioning themselves underneath the desktop, both the
forenamed discussed turning off the radio. Sydney Keating stated
as the situation evolved she could hear over her school radio
various individuals calling out their locations as well as
providing basic information as to the development of this
situation. Sydney Keating also recalled other staff members
calling har on the radio reques~ing she identify her position.
Sydney Keating stated it was agreed by boeh herself and Susan White
they would not disclose their location in the event the susp&ces
had acquired a school radio. Sydney Keating then expressed
concerns she had at the time related to the possibility the
suspects would possibly be seeking her out for retaliation based on
the fact she provided security at the school. IC confirmed with
Sydney Keating at the time this inciden~ began and for a
significant period thereafcer l she was totally u~aware as to any
suspect information. IO then eonfirmed with sydney Keating as this
incident began she was under the assumption there was only one

Sydney Keating next told 10 even though they had turned off
her radio they were still hearing transmissions from a school
radio. Sydney Keating explained soon after turning off her radio
boch she and Susan White realized Peter Horvath had left his radio
in his office and had not turned it off, Sydney Keating stated
both she and Susan Whit .. briefly discu....d th.. po•• ibility of
getting out frOm underneath the desk and curning off the radio but
both decided not eo engaSe in that activity. Syeney Kea~ing
reiterated as time passed she periodicallY spoke with ehe Jefferson
County Sheriff's Oepartment and when not talking with them prayed
or talked with Susan White, Sydney Keating stated she did not
believe she could be more specific concerning conversation she had
with the Jefferson county Sheriff's Department or Susan White,
Sydney Keating did add all of the above conve~sations did deal with
their situation and the hopes of a successful outcome.
I subsequently asked Sydney Keating up to the point where she
stopped he~ explanation of the incident if she had been hearing any
gunf~~e or explosions. Sydney Keating responded in the negative.
Sydney Keating reiterated she initially heard what she believed
were gunshots and glass b+eaking coming from the front of the

JC-001- 005722
Arvada Police/Court Sys~em Page e
Arvada Pol ice Department 01/0./2000

Ref # 99-12067 Reported Date 04/20/1999 Time 12,39,32

Type l\SSTOl\ Status RTF
Location 6201 S PIERCE ST
05,126 01/04/2000 12J099/S0ATRIGHT/MO

scheol, however, after entering Peter Horvath's office she did not
specifically recall hearing additional gunfire or explosions until
later. When asked to elaborate, sydney Keating stated
approximately 30 minutes after she and Susan Wnite originally
entered Peter Horvath's office she then heard the far north hallway
door open. Sydney Keating stated she is extremely familiar with
that sound due to the fac~ her office is located at that end of the
hallway and she hears that door open and close multiple times on a
daily basis. IO confirmed with Sydney Keating the so~~d she heard
was consistent with someone opening the door and entering into the
administration from the north end of the hall. Sydney Keating
stated moments later she hears what ahe believes are the suspects
shaking the door knobs of each door as they 90 down the hall.
Sydney Keating stated ie was her belief the suspeots were
attempting to find any administration personnel and then shoot
them. IO clarified with Sydney Keating as she was hearing what
so~noed like the suspects attempting to gain e~~rl to each office
she was not hearing any gunshots at that time. Sydney Keating
stated eventually she heard the suspects Ujiggle the door ~~ob to
the office we're in." IO asked sydney Keating if she ever looked
back in the direction of the door where she would have had an
opportunicy to vi$~ally observe the suspects Sydney Keating
responded in the negative. IO subsequently told Sydney Keating
during the preVious statement she provided to Special Agent Price
she indicated she had an opportunity to observe the suspects and in
fact described them. Sydney Keating stated she believed that was
a "misunderstanding," sydney Keating stated as before when
providing her statement to Special Agent Price there may have been
some confusion in terms of wr~t she actu~:ly saw varsus what she
thought was occurring. IO reconfirmed w:~h Sydney Keating at no
time did she see any suspects associat~~ with the incident
occurring at Columbine High School ito include the specific time
frame previously described in ~his reporc,)
IO next aSked Sydney Keating how she was able to provide a
description of th~ suspects if in fact she never saw them. sydney
Keating again staeed there was a misunderstanding pointing out she
was able to hear various different suspect descriptions via Peter
Horvath's radio. Sydney Keating speculated Special Agent Price
possibly misunderstood what she was saying during chat portion of
her statement, IO again verified with Sydney Keating at no time
did she see any suspects possibly associated with this incident nor
did she know the number of suspects involved.
IO next asked Sydney Keating to clarify what occurred after
she heard the door knob "ji991e.n Sydney Keating related eo her
knowledge no One actually entered Peter Horvath's office adding, rtI
was surprised." Sydney Keating reiterated based on what she knows
now the door to Peter Horvath'a office waS actually unlocked when
the suspects came Qown the hallw~y and were shaking or jiggling the
door knobs When asked if she heard any conversation associaced
with that activicy, Syd~ey Keating responded in the negative. 10

ArVada police/Court System Page ,
ArVada police Department 01/06/2000

Ref II ~,,-12067 Reported Date 04/20/1999 Time 12:39:3_

Type ASSTOA Status RTF
Location 6_01 S PIERCE ST
DET138 01/04/2000 123a~,/BOATRIGHT/MO

did verify with Sydney Keating she waS actually speaking with
dispatchers with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department at the
time the suspect(s) proceeded down the hallway,
Sydney Keating related atter the suspect(s) had passed Peter
Horvath's office she then believed they entered the main
edmdn Lecxec Lon area where she then heard a "Dig boom." Sydney
Keating seated the floor began to shake as if the noise she had
heard was an explosion. Sydney Keating stated she assumed the
explosion occurred in Or. Maria Reskhe's office. Sydney Keating
stated there may have been some additional "bangs or pops,rt
however. at that point she was so terrified she could not recall
all of the details.
Syaney Keating explained after hearing the last of the
aforementioned noises it then became very quiet. Sydney Keating
speculated for approximately one half hour she did not hear any
additional noises. Sydney Keating told 10 after the half hour
passed she then pagan to hear what she thought were people crawling
~in the ceiling in the vents banging,n Sydney Keating told 10 she
assumed since the suspece{s) ere not able to gain access to tha
offices via the hallway they had now made their way into the
ceiling and were attempcing aCCeSs to the offices via the heating
or air conditioning vents, IO ~onfirmed with Sydney Keating she
was unable to verify the suspect's) were responsible for those
noises. When asked if it was possible those noises could have been
Associated with SWAT team members, sydney Keating responded in the
affirmative adding, HThaC's prooab;'y what it: waS,"
sydney Keating then estimated within approximately another
half hour to 45 minutes she was advised by the Jefferson County
dispatcher that SWAT members were nearing their location. Sydney
Keating stated it was at that: point she began to hear mOre "boom
noises," Sydney Keaeing stated the aforementioned noises were
different than the noises she previously heard, Sydney Keating
seated the noises she previously heard were possibly either
"explosions or gunshots," Sydney Keating then described the noises
she now hearing as "more like shotguns," Within moments Sydney
Keating stated the Jefferson Councy dispatcher told her the noises
she was hearing were being caused by SWAT members attempting to
clear the building-
Sydney Keating stated her nexe recollection occurred when she
begins to hear talking. When asked what she heard. Sydney Keating
stated she heard a male voice state . "Berets a blind fucking
corner. II At that point Sydney Keating a9ain heard activity
directly outside her door and then began to see "sha.dows on the
office floor" directly to her lef~ {south) Sydney Keating stated
that the shadows did not have definition, chus she could not
specifically determine what caused them but believed it was the
SWAT members standin9 outside the doorway to the office. IC
confirmed w~th sydney Keating up to this ppint the office 400r had

1?IRNARR Arvada Police/Court System E'age 10
Arvada Police Department 01/06/2000

Reported Date 04/20/1999 Time 12,;$,;2

Type Status RTF
Location 6201 S PIERCE ST
OET1;B 01/04/2000 123099/BOATRIQHT/MO

not;, been opened..

sydney Keating next inQicated it was confirmed to h$r through
the Jefferson County dispatcher that members of SWAT were outside
her door. Sydney Keating stated even though she was provided the
above information she waa still noe certain she and Susan White
were safe. After receiving that information, Sydney Keating
recalled the office door opening very quickly causing the cireular
table to move abruptly, Sydney Keating seated almost
simultaneously a male voice announced "SWAT come out." Sydney
Keating s~ated the male voice then repeated "come out. II Sydney
Keating stated she nex~ informed the dispatcher ~hat someone was
inside the office and wee requesting they "come OUt, It According to
Sydney Keatins, the dispatcher told her to comply with the requesc
due to the fact it was a SWAT officer and they were n.ow going to
lead them to safety, Sydney Keating etated she next recalled
letting go of the phone and both she and Susan White came out from
underneath ~he desktop where sha verified the individuals in the
doorway and hallway area were in fact SWAT officers. Sydney
Keatin9 did explain while positioned underneath the table both she
and Susan White experienced muscle cramping in their legs and neck.
Sydney geating attributed that situacion to the fact they did not
have good circulation and were in cramped conditions.
Sydney Keating stated she along with Susan White were then
escorted out of the builciog via the east front door. Sydney
K&aeing stated she could not recall the exa=: method in which they
were escorted out but. xeceLked it was in a "staggered fashion. l.
Sydney Keating did state as she was being escorted out the building
a SWAT officer asked her to identify herself which she did. Sydney
Keacing stated she was then question~ as to any information she
had relevant to the suspect{s) I description or ~dentification.
Sydney Keating explained she subsequently informed the SWAT
officers she did not obser~e any suspect(sl and would be unable to
assist them in ~hat capacity. Sydney Keating did indicate after
being evacuated from the school she provided assistance to law
enforcement reference background information related to the
suspect {50 f •
10 told Sydney Keating he did understand she provided
assistance to law enforcement on scene, however, he felt that went
beyond the scope of this interview and was not going to pursue that
matter. IO again clarif~ed with Sydney Keating at no time during
the incident on 04/20/S9 did she ever observe any suspectlsl at
anytime. !O further clarified with Sydney Keating the information
which is now contradie~ed in Special Agent Price's report was
e imply a "mi sunder at.anddnq" and the information she supplied. this
date was ~n fact accurate, IO subsequently concl~ded his contact
with Sydney Keating.



JC.oo1- 005726
Rl;\Qrtini Agency R.e'pOrting Otlicer Case Rl:p(lrt No
ConOOl:Ung Case Repel"! No. Vil,;tlm Nam~ OriginalRepot1 OuteThis Report

,. First Degree Murder c

IlJMlOfl X 00_ SIMWI: ~ X ~UyCI&lwed Recommend Case; Review o I
~11l"jrtCalion o Clca;Wby ~ 0 U1l1'ou111l«! 0 CI"""" o II
I~:r I Quantity I 13lW'1d N.tttJ. I ~~rrt«m I~NQ ~:\~ I ValliII'
I Vlliue j


LAYMAN, LESLIE, ooBI03·14-67

9071 WestLake Drive
Lntleron, Colorado
(303) 932-0715
Occupation: Math teacher/Columbine High School


On Friday, July9, 1999, at approximately 1011 hours, Icontacted witness Layman by telephone at her residence, t advised her
that 1 was inquiringof any further information she could provide in reference to this incident Witness Layman gave me the
roilowing information:

On April 20, 1999, she told me that fifth hour was her planning period, She had JUSt finished fourth hour instruction and had
dropped offsomedocuments to the mathoffice, She indicated that she wasgoing down to the cafeteria/commons area when she
wasstopped by a student who wanted some tutoring, Shesaidshe turned around, hadgone backintothe rutcrmg office with this
student. identified as Matt Buckner, Shesaidthat she was intbe tutorofficebetween 1120 and 1125 hours, the doorwasclosed.
and she did not hearor see anything unusual or significant. Shortly after thattime she said she heard the fire alarm sound, had
goneintothe hallway and saw numerous students running everywhere" She saidshewas 'till uncertain as to whatwas happening
when shewasconfronted by a couple of teachers. whoadvised. "There were gunshots," Shesaidshortly afterthattimesheexited
the mathdepartment fire exit, locatedon the east side of the building, the furthest mostsouth door in that part of the building
Shesaidthatshehadgone across the street to the Leawood Parkarea andsawStephanie Munson on thecornerof Pierce andFair
She said that she had learnedStephanie had been shot in the ankle, Shesaid that she had mingled in Leawood Park withother
studentsand teachers until approximately noon.whensheheard twoto threebooms or gunshots coming from the building She
wasnot specific as to where theseparticular sounds werecorning from" Shesaidthat she continued to stay in the parkandnoticed
that students and teachers were gomgto neighboring houses in the area where the bomeowners were inviting these people into

&~.i .... _,.-r,.,

OfficerSignature !Jolt Number !;lage !
~Q.; !oor JC-001· 0(}5127 If 1
-QR./GNAl. 'dCT1~ SERVICU "SAFJ ..{193 JCSDIl67.$
Reporting Agen¢)' Reporting Officer Case Repon No
ConnectingCase RtpOl't No Victim Name Original Report Date This Report:
~UljM X First Degree Murder Offmtse SIatus: Opm X e!rotptiooally C~ OJ R.ecommend Cese- Revtew D

Rel;'J45lIificl.liml Q C1oIre<l b'!! Am'$( Q Ul1.foundc<l OJ C"'~ c

'!Sir I Quanlity I BmmNvnt I""",..." I Soria! No ~~~ I~l~~
their homesto makephonecallsand to contact other individuals. She said thatapproximately 1230to 1300hours. fellow faculty
members Ray Bundy and LisaMcWilliams and she went 10 a house owned by a Elisa Long. She said this particular individual
invitedthose people into her residence, where she had calledher husband at that time. She said that she madearrangements for
him to come pick her up. She walkedto Leawood Elementaty between 1330 and 1400hours and stayed there. She askedif she
could be of any assistance and said there was basically nothingto do because everything was so "chaotic." She said she really
didn't do anythingof significance whileat the elementary school and her husband picked her up at approximately 1515 hours
from the elementary school. Witness Layman said she had not heard of the "TrenchCoal Mafia"prior 10 Ihisincidenr occurring,
as she was a relativelynew teacherto the building.She said shedid nor see any gunmen, see any fire or smoke coming from
withinthebuilding,and as previously mentioned, heardthe fWO ID three reports of bombs or gunfire while in the park. WImess
Layman did not provide any further information,


JC-001· 005128

om,,, 5i,""";( .1), ~ Unit Number Supei'\<iror lainals and Dat~ Assign¢d To

)(<.0 loal
111e'11M S£RVTcrS I OTHER

I ASAFJ.4198 JCSDI1614

JC-001- 005729
FD·302 (Rev 10·&95)

- I -

Arthur "Kiki" Leyba, date of birth August 26, 1961,
4760 South wadsworth F-107, Littleton, Colorado 80123, telephone
1720) 339-3120 was interviewed at his residence. After being
advised of the identity of the interviewing Agent a~d the nature
of the interview, Leyba furnished the following information:
Leyba is a Freshman and Junior English teacher at
Columbine High School (CHS). The 1998/99 school year his is
first full year teaching at CHS. His classes are taught in
Language Rooms LA-Ii and LA-12. First and forth periods are
planning period for Leyba. During second, third, fifth and sixth
periods, Leyba teaches Freshman EngliSh. During seventh period
Leyba teaches a Junior EngUsh class _ Leyba has "A" Lunch which
runs from 11:10 a.m. to 11:40 a.m .. Leyba is also assigned "hall
duty" on Mondays,
On April 20, 1999, at 11:10 a.m, Leyba had a meeting
schedUled with Guidance Counselor Susan Peters, Assistant
Principal Karen Studenka and Dean of Students Kris McSesl in
Studenka's office, The meeting was to the discuss the school's
mentor project called the LINKS Program. The meeting started at
approximately 11,12 a,m, and ended at approximately 11,15 a.m, to
11:17 a,m,. Leyba remembers locking at a clock when the meeting
finished. Leyba was heading to eat his lunch and meet up with
Principal Frank DeAngelis in the hallway outside of the main
office. De~ngelis was returning from the English Office and had
been looking for Leyba, The previous day Leyba had interviewed
for a permanent teaching position at CHS, Leyba and DeAngelis
headed to DeAngelis' office arriving at approximately 11:20 a.m ..
Within a couple of minutes of arriving in DeAngelis'
office, Susan White, DeAngelis' Secretary, screamed through the
glass window of the door. She said she heard over the school
radio that shots had been fired in the Cafeteria. DeAngelis
asked her 'are you kidding me?" White responded "no". DeAngelis
and Leyba headed out of the main office moving west to the main
hall that runs from the front entrance to the west entrance,
DeAngelis tOld white to call 911 as they heading out of the
office, DeAngelis started to run down the hallway and Leyba was
follOWing him, Leyba remembers seeing several students standing
by the pay phone bank on the other side of the hanging trophy

6/7/99 JC-001- 005730

Pi'" 174A-DN-57419 8/5/99

~ SA John M. Elvig control Number #DN2450
This J,'·_~mcfll <,;,'nI;'lW' neither recommend.nions Ikif ccnclusions <'f {hC' fBI 11;; 1)1.: [l1l1pcrty (If {he FBI ;lOU i, lOB oed {Il your agency;
it and :t_ ,\'\lc.:;i, :H~ :1<'( h' b<: J;~lobuted ,'ut:iidc .'P(lf ;1;'::1;;!l(;~
FD·302a (Rev IO·6·9:5)


Colli:mutioo of FD·3(i2 of Kiki Leyba ,Page 2


case from the main office. As they got next to the hanging
trophy case, Leyba looked down the hallway and saw a silhouette
of a person against the backlighting of the west entrance doors.
The distance to the west entrance doors from Leyba's position by
the hanging trophy case was approximately one hundred yards. The
silhouette was holding a gun, pointing it down the hallway toward
the Library. The gun was longer than a pistol and had a barrel
that extended beyond the gunman's hand. Leyba thought the gun
was a semiautomatic and may have been a rifle. Because of the
distance the gunman was from Leyba and the backlighting, Leyba
could give no distinguishing features or a height for the gunman.
The gunman than fired seven gunshots down that hallway. The
gunshots were in a continuous pattern and there was no pause in
between the gunshots.
Leyba ran to the English Hallway. He heard several
more gunshots behind him as he was heading south in the English
Hallway. The gunshots were louder and seemed closer. The
gunshots were still coming from the area of the Main Hallway.
Leyba turned east running down the hallway by the Social Studies
classrooms. He ushered out the exit at the end of the hallway,
some students that had been sitting on the floor studying. He
also yelled into the Social Studies Office "shots fired in the
building get out now". He remembers Chuck Herron, Gordon Hayes,
Ellen Hayes and a substitute teacher being in the office.
Levba than ran out that east exit and ran to his car
parked in the Teacher's Lot. He drove out of the parking lot
onto pierce Street heading north. He turned into Clement Park
and parked his car by the shelter. He tried to call 911 on his
cellular telephone but got a busy signal. He could see students
running out of the school and yelled for them to come to the
shelter. He than heard a couple of more gunshots and started
pushing the students further into Clement Park. During this time
he seeing police units arriving at the school. Using his
cellular telephone he than paged his friend Kallie Brown, a
teacher at another Jefferson County School. The time that the
page appeared on Brown's pager was 11:37 a.m.. Leyba than
telephoned the English Department Office and talked with Eric
Friesen. They talked for about one minuce and Leyba gave Friesen
his cellular telephone number. Friesen and several other
teachers and students had barricaded themselves in the office.
Friesen called Leyba back a short time later. By that time the

JC·001- 005731

Kiki Leyba 3 _
,Page _...:::._

police were on scene and were in the park. Leyba gave the
cellular telephone to a police officer to assist tre police in
locating the English office in the school. The police used the
telephone to maintain contact with Friesen until th~y were
rescued by a SWAT team.
Attachment A is a diagram of CHS. Leyba indicated on
the diagram the location of Studenka's office, DeAngelis' office
and his movements to exit the school.
Leyba had seen Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris around the
CHS. Leyba did not know Klebold or Harris as neither wers in any
of his classes during the 1998/99 school year nor during the time
period he was a student teacher at CHS.

JC.001. 005732



JC-001· 005734
PIRNARR Arvada Police/court System Page 1
Arvada Polic~ Department 06/08/1999

Ref # 99-12067 Reported Date 04/20/1999 Time 12:39:32

Type ASSTOA Status RTF
Location 6201 S PIERCE ST

DET98 06/04/1999 060399/VONDEROHE/SH 7304/ I';PP8606

The following supplement will be in reference to Arvada Police

Department CR#99- 12067 and will correspond with Jefferson County
Sheriff's Department CR#~9-762S regarding the Columbine High School
shootings/murders thac occurred there on 04/20/99. IO {Det. Jim
Vonderohe} is a member of the task force thae was formed to
investigate the murders at Columbine High School and in conjunction
with this duty, IO is assigned investigative leads to follow.up on.
Regarding this supplemental report, IO wag ass~gned a lead with
control ~3749 that ~nvolved a Columbine H~gh School employee who
wae allegedly threatened by a student and IlTrench Coat Mafia"
member at that school. The studenc is identified in the lead sheet
as being David Caravan, with it also l~sting him as a friend of
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

On OS/24/99, IO conducted a teleohone interview w~th the

Col~~ine High School employee identified as Ramona Lea Madden,
nOB; 11/03/53. Ramona Madden stated that she resides at 667S W
Polk place, Littleton, CO 80123, and that her home telephone number
is 303- 798-4255. She further stated that she has been employed as
the financial secretary ac Columbine High School for the past five

In discussing he~ p~oblem$ with David Caravan, DOS: 09/20/81,

she atated that towards the end of the last school year, spring of
1998, she be9an having problems with this individual, She stated
that during that time, he attempted to persuade the personnel in
the f~nancial office to refund his school fee money that his
parents had paid by check in the amount of $45 for a yearbook
Ramona Madden stated that David Ca~avan came back to the financial
office three or four times on one single day in an attempt to
persuad~ them to give him that amount of money. She stated that he
even cried to get money from her a~de, while she was out of the
office, but she had already tipped the aide off regarding what
David Caravan was attempting to do. She stated that whenever he
attempted to make such a demand on them, they would conslscently
deny his request, at which time he began calling them obscene

Ramona Madden fur~her ad~ised ro that she was aware of the

fact that David Caravan admitted to ano~her student that he needed
the money ~hat he was attempting co get from the financial office
in order to make a drug payment. She staced that David Caravan
to:d her a~d and her to watch t~eir backs and that they didnit know
who they were dealing with far refus~ng hig request Ramona Madden
stated that as a result of these threats, and fer various othe~
thi~gs, David Caravan was suspended for a few days from attending
Ramona Madden then advised to that once school scar~ed this
past fall, David Caravan enrolled and was very pleasant to them and
other school personnel, but was later expelled for some reason that
she was u~aware of, She stated that David Caravan would have been

JC.001· 005735
PIRlIARR Arvada Police/Court System page 2
Arvada Police Department 05/08/1999

Ref # 99-12067 Reported Date 04/20/1999 Time 12,39,32

Type ASSTOA Status RTF
Location 6201 S PIERCE ST
DET98 . 06/04/1999 060399/VONDEROHE/SH 7304/ APP8606

a junior this year had he not been expelled.

In describing what type of a individual David Caravan was,
Ramona Madden stated that he was "strange and intimidating. il She
stated that he always wore black clothing and that he wore a black
leather jacket, but that it waS not a trench coat designed garment.
She further seated that she always observed him to be alone and
that she never saw him hanging around with either Eric Harris or
Oylan Klebold or any other "Treneh Coat: Mafia l l member.

With Ramona Madden being unable to provide any additional

information regarding this investigaeion, IQ conCluded the
interview with her at this time.

Rapot'ting A~"Y Re;:mtint Officer Case Re'fXjrt 'vc
COfmt'(lti!1g Caee Rl:lpoM No VictimNameOriginalRtpOrt DaleThisReport
COLUMBINE H.S. 07-06-99
Oft"ensf Swus: Op&m beJ!'PliOOJ~!Y Clnml o Recommend Case: Review o
Reclllftlifu::;;t,(ltt 0 Cltllre'dby ArteJl Q tJflfoun<led 0 Closure 0

l~ I Quantay I 8nmd Naml! I DestliptiOll , Seri4lN¢ ¥~~ I vetce

I Value


MADDEN. RAMONA, D08111-03-53

6679 W Polk Place
Littleton, CO 80123
(303) 798-4255
Financial Secretary-Columbine High School


On Tuesday. 07-06-99, at approximately 1048 hours. I contacted wimess Madden by telephone [asked her to provide anv
...levant informarion she hadspecificto this incident. Madden told methatshe was in the Financial Officenear the mainoffices
of the school She said that a teacher (name unknown) had called up and gave her misinformation that a student was holding
anotherstudentat gunpoint and that at leastone student had beenShOL She advised that numerous phone calls werecommg into
the office at that time and shortly after that pointshe had heard gunshots coming from the hallway area. She said that she was
instructed by other teachers of the building to call 9-1.1. however, other teachers and counselors took that responsibility to do
so She said she stepped out into the hallway of the main office and saw "tons of kids" running through the hallways down
towardthe weight roomand to the counseling office. She saidthatshe continued to bearshotscomingfrom the west sideof the
building, but those soundswere being muffled by students screaming andcould net bespecific as to how many shotsshe heard
Shesaid that her aide had alsocomeout in the hallway andwasholding cash andthey decided at that time that the money needed
to be put back into the safe, so theywalkedback into the Financial Office and locked up the money. She said that at this point
she heard five gunshotsright outside the financial office window, but it is unknown which directionthe shooting was coming
from She said that she had locked the door to her office, steppedback out into the hallway, did not see anybodyand Went
through the administrative hallway through the An and Shop classes and out the north side of the building toward the tennis
courts. She said that she had overheard a teacherby the nameof Joe Marshall say that he observed three kids with guns. but
could not positively ID them although he could pickthem OUt if he needed to. Witness Madden said that she had went around
'he leftside of the tenniscourtswhich was a bad ideabecause sheeventually had 10 climba six-foot chainlink fence and required

Offl>:l:f Signature Unit
JC;001·00 5737 }I)!:~ !
I{. \( I.~ )=> ,f 1.
,jlliGf'>\L. J.. \lESTiGA f()ft "len\; $SR'HoCE5
Rt:pQJting AFn!;'J' Reporting OfT'~er CDC Report No
Connecting Case R~ No. Victim Name OtictnaJ Report Date This "lWport
COLUMBIl't'E KS. 07....6-99
.eati(>tl X FIRST DEGREE MURDER Olfenae SlIM: Open X E~ionalfy Cletltl\d Q Recomrm:nQ CUt; Review 0
/ttI;:JassificaUl'l1'l 0 ~lloyA.rt'ffi: 0 Ull(Ol.lrn1e4 0 ClOS'J:re tl

J~~ I Quanll')' I Brud l'>I$;JlU" t~Ptii:l1i r Smal No ~= f R VtJue

I Vlh.l~

the assistanceofother faculty and studentsto helpher do so. She saidthat shecontinuedto hearyells and screamsfrom teachers
and students and was instructedto get back further in Clement Park itself. She also heard explosions in the area and additional
gunfire, however,she felt that this may have been frompolice officers outside because the sounds were so distinct She said that
she was instructed to go back farther mID ClementPark and finally ended up at the north east comer of ClementParknearBowles
and Pierce. She has a daughter(name unknown) insidethe schoolwhoworkedat the student store and was veryconcernedabout
her welfare and said that she stayed in the park approximatelyfour and half hours until she was able to make contact with her
daughter. She then went to LeawoodElementary and stayedtherefor a period of time and was eventuallytaken home by friends
of her daughter. She said that she got home about 1745 hours, Witness Maddensaid she could provide no further information
She did not see any particular individuals carrying or shooting weapons and indicated that she had heard numerous ShOIS and
explosions both inside and outside the building.

JC-001. 005738

OfficerSignature Unit Numb<t Supervisor tuitials and Dau~ Assigned To

P1<ge 1
./I , tJ '{ (."> 1."""1 of l.


JC-001· 005739
CASE NU~mER 99·7625

McGregor, Brianne DaB: 100280
7802 W. Ottawa Place, Littleton, Colorado 80125
Phone: 303 9731667 Work: 303 741 3609


On 081699, I telephonically interviewed Brianne McGregor. McGregor a

student at Columbine High School told me that she was in school on April
20 th 1999. She was in the counseling office. She was a peer counselor under
the direction of teachers Mr. Collins and Ms. Peters.
A teacher, (un-identified), ran into the room and told her to hide. McGregor
hid in the office for a short period then ran out of the school. She ran out of
the school by the weight room area. She recalls seeing nothing and never
heard shooting, nor bombs. She did not see any of the incident. She ran
from the school to Clement Park, then to the Library.
She reported to not knowing Harris or Klebold and had no prior knowledge
of this incident. She reported to not being in the cafeteria on the 20 •


JC-001· 005740

JC..o01· 005741
Cor'ller;til'lg cue Flepcrt No.

Cl~, ~ 4 OffenMSwua: Open ~ally CiMAtO 0 RecoIn~ can: 0

111""- Cl Clew" I!Y .,.... Cl Unto,"""" Cl 0
N... QuantItY BnVIl:!, Nam. 0Mc1iPtioo SenaI No,

._~. - .,.~-_ ..._--- ~,- ..



CR # 99-7625c
I" Degree Murder
Sgt. Chris Tomford


Amy Elizabeth Montague

363 Van Gordon # 367
Lakewood. Colorado 80228

On 04/20199 at about 2045 hours, I spoke with (W) Montague at Leawood Elemenrary
SChool. (W) Montague said that she was called in to ColumbineHigh School on
04120/99 as a substitute teacher for Brenda Haggett, (W) Montague arrived at the school
at about 1130hours. She went in through the main doors and went to the administrative
office. Several people were saying things about gun shots and calling "911". A "blond
kid" came into the office with an update of information ofthe shooters. Shortly after he
arrived, four or more students came into the office. (W) Montague then heard several
gunshots in an area "past the gym". Someoneyelled, "Down!" Everyone got down on
the floor. Someone from the back of the office area yelled, "Get out!" (W) Montague
left through the back exit area of the office. She left the scene and returned to Leawood
Elementary School to ensure that she was accounted for in the staff count.

J /.1

JC-001· 005743

JC-oD1· 005744
· l .


Date of transcription 5{25{99

Darlene Rae MESCH, OOB 9/30/57 was interviewed at her
residence, 6970 S. Lee Way, Littleton, Colorado on May 11, 1999.
She was advised of the personal and professional identity of the
writer. The writer was present at the residence interviewing her
son David MESCH, a student at Columbine High School and was
informed that Mrs. MESCH Was also present at the school on April
20, 1999. Mrs. MESCH advised that she is employed as a Financial
Aide at Columbine High sChool, and was working in the finance
office at the school, which is located in the administration area
in the northeast portion of the school.
MESCH stated that she was in the Financial Aid office
standing by a safe counting money with the blinds to the office
drawn when she heard approximately five pops. She shut the safe
and spun the combination dial, and ran into the adjacent business
office. She continued past the Principal's office to the Art
Department, where she locked out a window which faces east toward
the faculty parking lot. MESCH advised that she did not see
anyone in the lot, which did not seem right to her. She then ran
to the band room, out the hallway and out the north doors which
lead to the area of the tennis courts.
MESCH saw a lot of students standing by the fence line
near the tennis courts. She heard a man's voice shouting that
someone was shooting outside of the building, and the students
began jumping the fence and running north into Clement Park.
MESCH stated that she remained in the area of the park, and was
picked up there by her husband approximately 1 ~ hours later.
MESCH advised that she never saw the gunmen, or
anything else unusual during the time period described. She
stated that she had some contact with Eric HARRIS and Dylan
KLEBOLD in the finance office in the past, but never had problems
with either student.
MESCH stated that she had heard that someone had Seen
four sUbjects carrying bags on their backs on the day of the
shooting. MESCH heard this from her supervisor, Mona MADDEN, who
stated that the party who supposedly made this Observation was
student Matt KATZEMEYER.

JC-001- 005745
InvtMigat~on on 5/11/99
Filei 174A-DN-574l9 / 99-7625 (Jeffco)
by Agent Frank R. vanece~JCBI
This >;!rx:u~nt ,;Qfl11iM Il~ithl:r recommendeticns '1M ";Ol'ldusiOfli>';( th.: FBI h is the pWtwl1y \lr lhi: FBi and is leaned t<J your 1tlltrll<Y;
,t and '($ ~ont<:"tl:& ere !l01 to ~<' ji~t~bl.ll<:d out$io\l- y"ur J'g<:ncy
174A-DN-57419 / 99-7625 (Jeffeo)

Darlene Rae Mesch ,.... --=--


The writer checked the Rapid Start database for this

investigation and determined that KATZEMEYER had been interviewed
by Detective Rick Reker of the Jefferson county Sheriff's

JC.o01- 005746


JC.o01· 005747
COIllI'OI #2461

1m""";"",Chrislinc Mikeoell OOBI04Q8S1

Address 5551 Morning Glory Lane, Littleton, CO
Home phone303-195-1945
Deanof Studenu at Columbine HigbSebool

Mrs.Mikeoell wu int.",.,;_ on 05-05-99 by Inv f t l l _ (1394), Colando Slate Patrol, at approx.

9'OOam at b... reoid"""".

[ ..ked Mrs. MikeoeIlto tlliate!.be events of April 20, 1999 Mrs. Mikeoell_td that she arrived to work
around 8 208m on 04-20.99. Sho..... 1IOt feeling welland had called in to lIlY she would be late. Shodro...
a red Honda Del Sol and patked in !.be fiIaIlty parking lot. first row on !.be north end She said that other
l!Jan arriving iJ:l'" it started oifas a r>otmal day

Mrs. MikeoeIl said that .be was in a meeting with K.uenStucenka, an AsaiSlMll Principal, K.iki Leyba, an
English ,eacher, Susan Pet.,.., a counselor, and herself MikeseU said that !.be meeting was in the main office
I ..." and that she hadheard the belllTllII"king tbe end of ~~ period and the meeting was!11l\lling a little late, as
she had careteria duty during A lunch Mrs. MikeoeIl said that the meeting ended between 11 is and

Mrs MikeseU stared that she and K.iki Leybawere coming out of KarenStudenka'. offi<e at approlcilnately
11'18"", whenJao FeidJer. ~etarylreceptionist received a phone can from Judy Won8"Greoo. a special
oducotion teacher Mrs Mikesell heUev.. that J"" Feidler told Peter Horvath, • dean of students, that shots
were being fired downstairs in special education. Mrs. Mikesel1 saidthat the special _ o n classes are on
tile lower level Mrs MikeseU said that some oonfusioo arose because JanFeidJer did llOt realizethat Judy
Wong-Or""" was coUiDg fromtho/lIeu!ty lounge. Mr. MikeseU said that she iJ:ler that Dave
Sanders and Chri, Redmorski were in the /lIeulty loungewitbWong-Oreco. Mr, MiI<eoeU said that Peter
Horvath, was coming out ofhi' ollice and 'he heilid lnmsaythat shot. wore being fired downstairs in
special education She said that Peter HoMnh imm<:diately called NellGardnerand Andy Marton. the
campus supervisor and that they had beeneatinglunch by the smoker'. pit

She saidthat she dumped her books in her om"", ll'" herwaJkie.talkie and key' and when ,he carneout of
her office, she looked out the windowby the ath!<lU: secretary and saw that Su..,. White, Fntnk DeAngelo's
secretary was not there, eor was Anna Cabrera, the athletic secrewy Mrs. MikeseU saidthat Peter Horvarh
was in front ofher with Jon Vtegel, a seniorSlUdOlll and sbebeard someone, possibly Horvath, saythat
'someone ii 'bootinl! in the hail' Mikesell saw Horvath pass the SlUdent to Karen. and Horvath go around
tbe mailboxes. A$ she was moving toward the athletic window, Mikesel1 said that she beardthe bullets
"ping, ping, ping, ping,ping" She said she yellc:d, <Get down or Hit tile deck' and dropped down on the
ll'ound hehind a halfwall Mrs Mikesell said she did nOl see the shooter


Interview Christine Mikesell


Mrs. Mikesell said that sbe and Kllren St\ldenb began cleorini 5fllft' and students fromthe main ol6ce area.
She said that Studenka.lcored jordan Grim 0tJt of the conf""""", room, She said that ,he _ through the
ol6ce orcaand noticed that Horvllth', office wasdark and that Maria ResclIke', door WlL5 closed, She said
that MariaRe.cblce is all ...r..tam. principal, aM she loter teamed that Maria..... Iocl<ed inside her ol6ce
through OIIt the shootinll- Mrs. Mikesell9lid that T<llren Sl\Ide5lka elated the lltlIdcIIu aM lel!Cher. Pua,
from the DrawingRoom. Mrs. Mikesell reoalIed -mg Syd Keating, ClIIIIpUO ~, ~ toward
her witha cell phoee, ond sbe told her ClliI 911 Mikesell said sbe _ _ that Syd Ko:alins ond
SusanWhite, FrallidleAngelo', secretaty IIad hid inside Horvath's olll"" duringthuhoolillg. Mrs.
MikeselJ said lbot when the main officearea appeared to be clear, they exited t.llnlugb the doors by the
drawing l'OOIIl,

Mrs. Mikesell SOld that she recalled -mg Mr FrankPetersoncoming up '0 the oIli<es just as the evems
began and she thought that he was going to <CpOrl a prnblem. She said that as sbe was leaving the beilding
!hO heard Ken Holden, a teacher. "'Y 'Get awayfromthe building' She saidthat anotheradult male was
be!lind KenHolden, however she doesn't remember who it was.

Mrs. Mikesell said she met up with Peter Horvathin the parking lot after she1eftthe building. She saidthat
a woman in • maroon car told them to get off thecampus. Sbe said they were stillhearing gunfire from the
north ..... comer of the scbool Mrs. Mikesell that she IIad her walkie talkie and she heardJay, the
custodian, say 'The shooter i. comingdown the hallway' She said that she _ learned that Jay and Jolm,
another custodian, hid inside the refrlgetlltot

Mrs. Mikesell saidthat ,be stayed ill the ""hool.. lim dim:ting _ _ awayfrom the building and then
....sIiIIg the SWATmembers with the ....lll;lJJllion of the building. Sbe said that sbe linaIIy left the school
somlltime aller9 OOpm.
I askedMr. Mikesell if ,he knew either Eric Harri. or Dylan K1ebold. She said thot she knew both. Mrs
Mikesell ,aitl tbot she recalled an incident some1ime in the fall of 1997 invol"ling Harm, K1ebold. Zoch
Heckler, Devon Adams, and anotherstudent. She saidthat Heckler, Harris, and Klebeld had been
....pended OVOf • situation where tbe three had hacked into the school'. computer systemand obtained the
COllIbinations to the student lockers. Mrs. Mikesell saidthat Devon Adams had come to her concerned
about • <t" grader who was beingbatassed. Apparendy someone was tailing haraasing notes inaidehi.
lockerand the student'. hooks were $lolen Mrs MikeselJ said that her disciplinary lil es were turned over to
Capt Harris, JetfOrson CowrtySberiIl'Dept, Shecouldnot recall the nameofthe studentwho was
harassed, h o _ she believed that see could recall the nameif 'he reviewed her fiIes

JC..Q01· 005749
JCSO fI99.7525
Control #2461

Mr. MikeseU said tbat after llIesbootisg ""'mU students reportedto her that !.bey had s<m Joe Stair in the
building, Mrs. MikeaeU said that Joe Stairi. a former studentthat lll1\<iu8led. $he thought lao! year She
oaid that someone saidtbat!.bey had _ Stair m the sci or by the lilmIry , .
2 J Mrs, Mikeoell said:m one of the students
was Eocinias. however !lie could not recaJI the ....... of the o!bet lIIU<lemo, though $he saldshe colled or
bad someone else callthe silerilf's dept. to report uw.,

Mrs. Mikesell said that Lindsay Whit•• Susan White', daughter. bad saidthat $he bad seenJoe Slllir in •
tml<h coat in the building ,hi.year Mrs MikeaeU was cl.... that it w"
",-un. tlti. year. not on April 20,
Mrs MikeaeU said that 1lI10lh<:T teacher. Kathy Frommer, had beee worl<ing in the schoolstore withfive
businessstudent, at the time of the shooting

Mrs MikeseU alsomentioned that ,be was e chaperone for the promadivities She said tbat Eric Harris,
Dylan Klebold, Robyn AndertOn, Brooks Brownand she thought Kristin Eplingbad all cometogeth... in a
rented limousine

[ showedMrs, MikeaeU a diagramof the high school and see nw1<ed the .... of officeo tbat $he bad been in
and the exit that she used (0 get out of the building,

Mrs Mikesell showedmea copy of",""",,", by TimHarp, "'.e....

at Lakewood High School. tided d
CIQKt Look at lhe ?qp!. who """" OW in 5ecot!<Wy Sd!txJls _ 1!If UniledSIDles. She saidtbal it
included pages from Harris' web site At my request. Mrs. MikeaeU said tbal sIt.e would make arrangements
for a copy to be delivered to my office00 05-06-'19

The copy was delivered to my ofliceon OS.Q6-OP

The interview Wa!! concluded

Report Prepared by Iev rtll Reuteler ilT394 ~.

May2l,l999 ('A, 'A'~
ColoradoState Patrol C;:;r'.iJ.< ,
lnvesligative Services Section
700 lGpling Street. Denver, CO 80215

~ ,..
•~ • •

· • ,• .
,,;: ,· I
~ •
. (ill]
" " 1
s ,
= f


Tim Harp
Lakewood High School
Lakewood, Colorado
Jefferson County School District

"Researched 48 hours aft&r the Columbln& High School Massacr&"

JC-001- 005752
The following pages are exactcopies of information and graphics taken from the Intemet 48
hours aller the Columbine High Schoo! Massacre. As was asked by my principal at Lakewood
High School, Mr. Ron Casmgna, to "take a lookat what's out there on the web" In regards to what
EricHarris and his accomplice were seeing every day.

i beCame more and more shocked and intTigued by the Information that was available to not only
myself, 1M anyone (including minors). Whatbegan as a taskthatshould have taken 30 minutes
turned into a 6 hour marathon. Many of the web siteswere already goneas per FBI directives,
butwhatremamed was shocking enough in its ownright I can only imagine whatcontent was
Inyolved in thosewebsites weretaken off theweb by the F8t What remained Is compiled into
four sections in this paper.

Table of Contents


» Howto make drugs and bombs step-by-step, mainstream pressartlcie references, MUSiC
TO SHOOT YOUR SCHOOL BY, Antl-School propeganda, white supremacy statements, E-Z
PIPE BOMB ASSEMBLY and How to "Jnaway from home and not get caught.


» Militant Anarchists who specialize In technology anarchy


» Explains whata "Goth" is and what they stand for and the secret codes that they useon the
In~met Also includes sections on the darkerside of being a Goth suchas suicide, self-
multilallon anddeviantsexual behaviors,


> Includes one parson's actual webpage thatgivesa death ust, (TheFBI musthavemissed this
one) The Poem "Coolto Hate" which IS all about killing< Preps and Jocks, Finally, a copyof
Eric Hams' last web page before Is wastaken off the net by the FBI


I have not edited any material exceptfor deleting information thatwas not directly focused on
schools or youll1

WARNING: There are references and words included in

the following pages that are very offensive and
disturbing. Please do not read any further if this will
upset you.

JC-001- 005753

Tab'e of COOlants lor Web Page

Stalement of Purpose

Anarchist News S<lrvice

UAP Newsletters
UAP Books
Drugs and 80mbs
Campaign '00
Marylarnl Politics
Mainstream Media
Music And Culture


Request The KMFDM Song "Son Of A Gun"
This Is the anarchist song Eric Harris had posted to his website. KMFDM, Kein Mnleld fur aie Merheidt. "No
Pity For The Majority', is raalcalleft·wing anererust band. Personaliy. many UAp people think they're kinde
wussy. but a lot of people seem to like them, Cali your local radio stations now and tell tMm you want to hear
it playedl Also telithem to play Homegrown's 'She'S Anti-'

School Gunmen
Targeted Christians, Nationalists


Site Created 10196. Domain created 916/97. Site reopened 2/8198. Las! construction 4122/99.

JC-001· 005754
Utopian Anarchist Party
Statement of Purpose '98·'99

Article I: Purpose
Th.. purpose ollhe Utopian Anarellis' Party is to eliminate the governmenl of Ihe United States of
America and not replace it.

Article II: Goals

in pursuit of this purpose, the Utopian Anarchist Party focuses on the following goa;":
1. Elimination ollha pollee;
2. Elimination of jails. prisons, and penitentiaries;
3. Elimination of coercive public schooling; and,
4. Elimination 01 coercive iuven lie psychiatry;
by any means expedient.

Article III: Methods

In purSUit of tnese goals, the Utopian Anarchist Party seeks to strengthen and improve the people of
this country so Ihat they can carry out these goals and ll1is purpose. In strengthening and imprOVing
the people, the follOWing methods are used:
1. Alternate social services are provided for Ihe unlortunalll, partiCUlarly unfortunate youth,
including provision of shelter, lood, work, health care, counseling and olher services as
resources a!loW'.
2. Educational and informational materials, including newsletters, brochures, flyers, and
pamphlets are created and dIstributed among the population free of charge.
3. Programs to support other revolutionary groups, of all political stripes, are implemented as
resQurces allow.
4. Protests against the state and the pollcles of the state are joined for the purpose of
radlcall;,;lng partlclpanlS and empllasi;,;lng the cause's anti·stallst nature.
5, Legal organizations a»ied with the anarchlet movement eXlsllo aellieve anarchist goals within
the law.
S. Armed forces are raised, as resources allow, to defend the people and to counter the
aggression of the stele.

Article IV: Organization and Membership

1. There Is no formal or coercive organi411tlonal structure to the Utopian Anarchist Party.
2. There are no official titles or positions within the Utopian Anarchist Party.
3. There are no membership requlremenlS nor formal "membership" status.
4. There is no party line to which sympathizers must adhere.
S. Members of other organizations are welcome 10hold sympalhles towards the Utopian
Anarchist Party.

JC-001· 005755
Welcome To
Anarchist News Serviceis the internet news organ of the Utopian Anarchist Parly. On·linEiwediStribute, on
average, oetween one and half a dozen articles a day.These articles then becomethe basis for this archive
andfor \he Utopian Anarchist Partynewsletter. Here we present AnerchlstNews Service articles that we feel
are of particular importance and interest Enjoyl

4114/99 •• Parents Sue id Software. Makers of QUake, For Provoking School Shooting; Homophobe Children
Who Picked On Gay Youth Met Death In A Hail of Gunfire
• 2/2Ill9 ·2/19/99 - StUdent Protests, ThreatsChallenge Montgomery County Police and Schools
• 2I1519jj·· Youth Uses Napalm To Resist DrugTest
• 12/15198 - Wheaton High School Bombed; Hundreds Released From Class
• 11/18198 - Five Arrested In Wisconsin School Shooting Plot
• '0/30198 •• StudentArrested in Attempt to Bomb Whitman High School; School Authorities Cover Up
• 10/4/98 - Why We Oppose JuvenilePsychiatry - CaseStUdy: Kerr;MacNamara
• 9123198' •• Bomb Making Students Taking Skills to COllege
• 71798 .. Kennedy High School Bombed in Montgomery County
• 52198 •• Student Mows Down 25 Worthless Preps in Springfieid, Orego
• 51098 - Anarchist SeekS Election to School Board
• 42698·· School Shooting in Edlnboro, Pennsylvania Leaves One Dead, Three Injured
• 42398.. MagruderPrincipal Lies to PTAaboutAnarchists
• 41298 - Police, Schools FacingGreater Danger
• 32.898 •• 80mb Threats Disrupting Montgomery County Schools
• 32598 •• 5 Dead, 11 Inlured in School Ambush
• 32098 •• Anarchist Candidate Tells Off Teachers
• 3298 •• School Bombedin Montgomery Counl'J
• 21098 -- Anarchists Tell Legislature "Young People HateYou and Your Pig System"

JC-001· 005756
The Newsletter
Essay Ardlives
Drugs andIl<llllbs Arcl1ives

"In Associalton With" AMAZON.COM
by Mumia Abu..Jamll




• Against All Authority. Ail Fall Doum Slta/Punk
• Against All Authority. Destroy Whar Destroys You Ska/Punk
• Ann-Flag. Die For Your Oouemmenr Featurtng 'Die For Your Government.. Punk
• Downset. Downset Featuring: "Anger Ha.rdcore
• Godhead, Power Tool Stigmata Featurtng: "Eleanor Rigby' Goth
• Homegrown. Act Your Age Featuring: 'She's Anu-" Ska
• Karen Black, The Voluptuous Horror oj Karen Black Goth
• KRS·ONE. Return. OJThe Boom Bap Featuring: "Black Cop". "Sound Of Da Police" Rap
• KRS-ONE/BDP. By All Means Necessary Featurmg: "My Philosophy" Rap
• KRS·ONE/BDP. EdutainmentFeaturing: "Loves Gonna tjetcaa/Matertal Love", "100 Guns",
and "30 Cops or More" Rap
• KRS·ONE/BDP, Ghetto Musil:: The Blueprint of Hip Hop Featunng: "Bo Bo 80" Rap
• Marilyn Manson. Anti·Christ Superstar Featuring: "The Beautiful People" Goth
• Nine Inch Nails, Pretty Hate Machine Featurtng: "Head Like A Hole" and "Ternble Lie"
• Nine Inch Nails, The Downward Spiral Featuring: "Hurt" Industrial
• NWA, Straight Qutta Compton Featuring "Fuck The Police" Rap JC-001- 005757
• PO<>r Rlghteous Teachers, Pure Po~erry FeaturtngEasy Star" Rap
• Poor Rlghteous Teachers, Holy Il1tel!ectFeatuling: "Speaking Upon A Black Man" Rap
• Poor Rlghteous Teachers, New World Order Rap
• Public Enemy, it Takes A Nation Of .Wi1ltons To Hold Our People Back Featurrng: "Black Steel
In The Hour Of Chaos" Rap
• Public Enemy, Fear Of A Black Planet Featuring: "Figbt the Power" and "Fear of A Black
Planet" Rap
• Publtc Enemy. Apocalypse '91: The Enemy StMkes Black Featuring "Shut 'Em Down" Rap
• Rage Against The Machine, Rage ,~go.iI1sr The Machine Featuring: "Kllling In The Name Of'
and "Bombtrack" Hardcore
• Rage Against The Machine, Evil Empire Featurtng "Bulls On Parade" Hardc01'e
• Suicidal Tendencies, Suicidal Tendenctes Featuring: "Institutionalized" Punk
SCHOOL STOPPERS: The School Stoppe"sTextbooK, oMginally published by the Youth
!ntemationai Party (Yipple), is still a classicmust-have lor American youth,

Drugs -- Use and Manufacture

• alter the name indicates an inactive page
• Crystal Metl1 (Issue # 60, # 48)
• Ecstasy(Issue # 59, # 64)
• LSD (Issue # 51, # 45)
• Marijuana(Issue # 56,# 45)
• Miscellaneous Rave Drugs (Issue # 59)
• MUShrooms- (Issue # 53, # 47)
• Nalline' (Issue # 45)
• Nutmeg' (Issue # 54, # 45)
• Overdose Treatments (Issue # 54)
• Peyote" (issue # 53, # 50)
• Special K(lssue # S9)

Explosives - Use and Manufacture

• Ammonium Tri-Iodide (Issue # 38)
• Anthrax Threats (NEW!)
• Anti-Freeze Gelatin Explosive" (Issue # 55)
• Aspirin ?Iastique- (Issue # 56)
• Biological Weapons(NEWI)
• Chemical Explosive BOUie (issue # 39)
• Chemical Fire Bottle (Issue #39)
• Dry Ice Bomb' (Issue # 63)
• Electric Igniter" (Issue # 65)
• Exploding Drugs (Issue #67)
• Green Goddess' (Issue # 8)
• M-80s (Issue # 61/
• Mercury FulmInate (Issue # 61, # 56)
• Molotov Cocktails (Issue # 39)
• Nitnc Acid" (Issue # 57)
• Nllrogen Trichloride (Issue # 61)
• NuclearWeapons (Issues #73 and 74)
• Picric Acid" (Issue # 48)
• Pipe 60mbs (issue It 43, It 75)
• E-! Pipe Bomb (Issue # 63, # 43)
• ADX (Issue # 58, Issue 1/ 37)
• Tear Gas" (Issue # 54)
• Timer Delays' (Issue It 66)
• Water Ignited" (Issue I< 38)
• Works Bomb (Issue It 63, It 63)
JC.o01- 005758
• Feral, Rex. Hit Man: A Tedlnical Manual For Independent Contractors
• FlIlSter, Uncle. Secrets of Methllmphetamine Manufacture: Including Recipes for Mdll, Ecstac)
and Other Psychedelic Amphetemines
• Gottlieb. Adam. TIle Art lind Science of Cooking WIth Cannabis: The Most Effective Methods
of Pr/fPllrlng Food & Drink With Marijuana. Hashish & Hash all
• Harber, David. Guerilla's Arsenal: Advanced Techniques For MakIng Explosives And Time
Delay Bombs
• Nimble, Jack B. The Construction and Operation of Clandestine Drug Laboratories
• Powell, William. TIle Anarchist Cookbook
• l'losenthal, Ed. Marijuana Grower's HandbOOk: The Indoor High Yield Guide
• US Gov!. Middle Eastern Terrorist Bomb Designs

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00 you want to share your bomb and drug formulas? E·mall us at chemlst@overth",

In 1998, the Utopian Anarchist Party surprised even/one but those in the know by winning more than 4,200
votes " the ·county· primary and by defeating twa of our opponents (one of wham, Kermlt8umett. was later
'appointed' to the SChool board seat in a clear extra-legal vlotatlon 01 tne people's will)! ThIS elecllon, we're
gearing up to do much. much more. This sight wili be the official anarchistcampaign page, and will carry
official statements from candidates and key organize,s on a variety of issues, as well as news. poll results,
and mora!

The Adventures of

Who is Pyro·girl? Well, she's only the hottest girl around. The Adventures of Pyro-girl is the diaryof a fourteen
year old girl with a slight problem -. fire rules her life! Track her adventures as she's lockedup as psycho,
runs awayfrom home, burns down a cop's house, and travelsfhrough the DC ghetto. How will It end? Will
she be okay? Read it here now, or subscribe to UAPlor a monthly update.

Fascinated by lire? Learn more about yourself herel

Contact everyone's favorite pyro here at

Read an Interview with another young. disturbed teenage girl here at:
I Was A Teenage Psychiatric Prisoner

JC-001· 005759
April 21, 1999 -- CNNIABC Radlo Denver -- 8ill Whi:e Defe~ds School Shooters,
Cusses Out Morning Radio Hosts
• March 2a, 1999 -- CSS Char_~el ~ DC 11;00 PM News, Anarchi.ts Shown Burni~g
Flags At Anti-War Rally
• February 10, '1999 -- I?ul:;lic Schools Cable; • Public comments' -- .""archist
Calls School Soard ~Tyrants·
• February 3, 1999 -- ~~ights of Freedom Prass Release: ~Who I hate This

• December 23, 1998 -- Mo~tgome=y Gaze~~e: "Burnett Named To School Board~ -

- School Board Appoincee ~OS~ Election To Anarchist
• sept~~er 12, 1998 -- Wash:ngton Pest: n:n this Race, 13 Makes A Crowd:
Smaller Class Sites, School Violence Among Top Concerns~
• August 5, 199B -- Montgomer/ Gazet~e; "Mocher Continues Battle With
schools OVer B~okg~ -- Anarchists Say Students Shouldn'~ 3e Forced To Read
• August 4, 1998 ~- ~~blic Schools Cable: ~?ublic Comme~Cs~ -- Anarc~is~
Tells Schaol To Stop Forcing Students To Read Propaganda
• Apri~, 1998 -- 88.5 FM: Anarchists Challenge Police Officials On An~~­
Gang Prograr:l.
• Januar'/ 22, 1998 -- CNN: Coverage of ~Ban Christiar:s, Not Abor-::'ons"
Anarchists At Rae v Wade 25th ~~~iVar$ar1
• .renuery 24, :997 ..- was:r.:"'~i';r:on PO'S':: "Girl Convicted :n S:aying" -"" ,j'ar:.e
ConVicted Of K~:ling Juve~i:e Psyc~ Pig
• JanUary 21, 1997 -- aa:ti~or2 Sun: DeCosta's Conflicting State~~ncs Pose
Dilemna When Jury Begins De::"'berat~on
• January :6, 1991 -- Bal:imore Sun: T=oubled Teen and Shown lmprovema~:
Just aefore Killi~g, Her Mothe= Tes~i:ies
• ? : , 1997 -- MontgomerJ Jou~al: "?olice Oue Of Line in Crackdown Met~ods
Aga:'nst Teen Drir~king" -- Let::ers To The Editor
• November 27, 1996 -- Capitol News Service -- ~UnivQrsity of Maryland
Student. Lecturing On Ways 'to "K':':1 police"
• July 25, 1996 -- Wash~ngtQn Post, Maryland Page 1 -- ~Runaway ?~oblems;
Parents Anguis~ Over Teens ~o ~ave Fled~ -- Anarchists ~el~~~g R~naways
• July 16, 1996 -- Washington Fost: ~Youch Gets Life In Slaying Of
psychiatric counselor~ Re: ge~ Garris
• r'ebruez-y 15, 1996 -- wa~:::t:nqtor. scee , 1996, Macro page 1 -- ":n::e::::le~
Message prompts Call For St:uden:; Code"
• Dece~er 17, 1995 -- Eal~~mc=e Sun: ~V~olen~ Images Of A ~ovie Drove A
Troubled Teen": In a Few Years Senjamin Ga~r~s Slipped From Prom~sing
Child Ac~or ~o Suicidal Rebel C~arged Wi~~ Murder
• !Jecember 1, 2.995 _... Baltimore Sun: ~Girl PNvided Kn.l.':e, Garris Alleged.':y
• November 30, 1995 Washngton POSt.: "Tea'1 :::ndict~d In K:'lling" Re : Jane
• Novenber 30) :995 Ba:ti~ore Sur.: "HoSp~tal Slaying Providec Dive~sio~:
Tee:: Allegedly Told police C::':""Tte Let Him Escape Wit:~ hi-s Gi.::2.friend"
• October 31, 1995 -- Washingto~ Pas;: "Teen Suspect In co~gelor's S:yi~q
Agress To Excradition In ~a~Jlandn
• October 31, 1995 -- 3al:imere St:n: "Garris Is Returned To Balt.imore
County: Tee!'\. Slay:ng Suspect Is H~ld Wichout Sail"
• October 23, 1995 -"" Washington ?ost: nMar~~un: For Suspect Follows A
Twi5~ed Trail: Police Seek I~spirations of A Violenc culture In Balti~o=e
S:aying~ Re; Jane, Ben and Anarchism
• October 15, 1995 .. ~ Balt:~re S~~; ~A~thcrities Prepare For !nters:ace
Hunt For Teen: FBI Obta~~s Warra~t For Suspect In Slaying Of Hospital

JC.o01· 005760
In the processof generation ...
Anti·Flagplaying Pha.'ltasmagoria In Whealon April 24111, 6:00 PM.
Rage Againstthe Machine playing "Millions for Mumla' march in Philadelphia April 241h, neon
Check out Bound •• DC'sonly goth club •• There IS a dressecce •• PrepPies are stopped at the door
DC Punk Rock Radio: CapitOl Radio, 106.7FM. 10:00PM· 1:00 AM Saturdays

• Againsl All Authorily

• All Fall Down .. 1998
• Destroy What Destroys You -- 1997
• Anti·F1ag
• A New Kind Of Army -- 1999
• Their System Doesn't Work For You-- 1999
• Die ForThe Government - 1996
• Atan Teenage Riot
• 60 Second Wipe OUI •• 1999
• Destroy2000 YearsOf Outture" 1999
• Delete Yourself •• 1997
• Future of war·· 1997
• Homegrown
• Act Your Age ··1996
• That'S Susiness •• 1997
• KMFDM (Translated: "No Pity For The Majority")
Warning: For a bunch of anarchists, KMFOM is a prelly wimpy band.
• Adios -1999
• Aetra •• 1996
• Agogo··1998
• KMFDM ··1997
• Glory -·1996
• A Drug AgainstWar - 1993
• Don't Blow Your Top·· 1993
• UAIOE··1993
• What Do You Know, Deutschland?··1993
• Marilyn Manson
• Mechanical Animals •• 1998
• Antl,Chrlst Superstar •• 1996
• Smells Uke Children •• 1995
• PortraitOf An American Family - 1994
• Nine inch Nails
• Perfect Drug •• 1997
• Further Down The Spiral - 1995
• Downward Spiral·· , 994
• Broken .. 1992
• PrettyHate Machine·· 1991
• Rage AgainstThe Machine
• Evil Empire·· 1996
• Rage Against The Machine •• 1992
• SkinnyPuppy
• Too Dark FarK •• 1998
• RemixDysTemper ··1999
• Hymns Of The Warlock (Covers Of Skinny Puppy Songs) .. 1998
• VIVlseclVI .. 1997
• Spasmolytic •• 1996
• Ain't It DeadYet? - 1991 JC·001·005161
• Twelve lnch Anthology - 1990

• Help For Teens in Lockup Schools
• Homegrown -this is a phat ska band. Check cut thslr song "She's Anli·" •• irs about a girl who
shoots up her school. Cool.

Warning! Pornographic! Inappropriate for Minors!

• Horrid Pornography! DO NOT VIEW!

Green Panthers
Deserving oj the<r own section, the Green Panthers are a good group of folk basedout in Ohio and seeking
a separate Stoner horneland. Their paper•• Revolutionary Tokerl Revolutiona~i Times .. is always a good

Lesbian Avengers
Checkout the Lesbian Avengerchapters in:
• Boston
• DC

This is the homepage of the infamous Michigan MilitiaCorps, ona of the largsst militiaorganizalions in ~~e
United Slates, .

FascistINational Socialist
• Thera is a t~eory mat the best way to oppose fasoism is to let peoplesee what il represents.
• While Aryan Rsslstance
• Resistance Records
• National SocialislWhite People's Party (Nazi Parry)
• Stormfront

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• Powell, William. The Anarchist Cookbook
• Harber, DaVid, Guerllla's ArsenaJ: Advanced Techniques For Making Explosives And Time
Delay Bombs
• Harber, David. Anarchist Arsenal: Improved Explosives and Incendiary Techniques
• Scott, L.... Pipe and Fir. Bomb Designs: A Guide For Police Bomb Technleians
• US Army. EOD: improvised Explosives Manual

Interes/ed in Anarelly? Check out thue top AnarchisttilJes:

• Makhno, Nestor. The Struggle Against the State and Other Essays
• Marx, Karl. The Communist Manifesto
• Stlrner, Max. The Ego And Its Own

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This bomb requiresa foot of steel pipe, a baby food jar filled wilh 'ilnegar, a box of baking soda, and many
small, sharp reeks, liKe gravel,
One caps one end of the pipe and pours baking SOda Into the end of It. Sharp rocks are placed on top of the
baking soda, followed by the baby food jar. Now the olheren.d is capped. (Emptyspace In the pipe Is filled as
in tha above examplewithtoilet paperor another sucstanca.)
To use this device, smackthe end of the pipe on herd concrete so that the baby tcod bottle breaks. The
Vinegar and baking soda mix, causing the release 01 gases whichbuild up pressure until an explosion occurs.
it sometimes takes considerable time, but when It goesoff, it hal; been measured to throwfragments as far as
sixty feet. This means thaI one shouldbe very far awayfrom the device and preferably under cover when it
delcnates. If one Is unsure whetheror not me internal reaction has begun,the device shouldbe plaCe<:! in a
safe, isolatedarea and watched.


Works Bomb
Dry lee Bomb
Chemical Explosive Bottle
Chemical Incendiary Bottla
MOlotov Cocktall
Pipe Bomb

JC-001· 005763
To the dismay ot tile police and the media (Washington Post, July 26,1996, page Ai) the UtopianAnarchist
Farty has Initiated a programto assist yeung peopleWho have been abandonedor forced to leave their
homes, It you are young and alone and have nowhere to go, or if yoor parents are trying to lock yeu up or
otherwise abuse you, contact the Utopian Anarchist Partyand we'll do whatever we can to help you,
regardless of state or localla'....., The UAP provides youth support, and doesn1care about the consequences,

Rules for Running

Do vcu know a runaway in the DC are!! who needs help? - CONTACT US!

Rules for Running

Originally published in Utopian Anarchist Party #58, thiS handy list has been featured in local papers such as
the Washington post (July 26, 1996, Page AI,)

• Packing
• Sig Backpack •• no purses or carry bags (you'lIlosa ihern)
• No identification _. caps can't call in what you don't have
• Personal Care •• toothbrush, razors, ceccozarrt, soap, etc,
• Clothes and coar « wear as much as possible, pack exira
• Good shoes/Eloots - you're gonna do a lot of walking
• Gun/Knife •• carry concealed; irs dangerous out there
• Money·· take it and don't rely on pawning valuables
• Drugs •• primarilyfor sale; greal sourceof Income
• Book or two .. yeu'li have iots of free time

• People
• Friends .. picK and choosecarefully
• Boyfriend/Girlfriend •• safe, unless 'they knowbest"
• Parents/SChools/Police .. 100% liars and scum
• Friend's Parents·· yeu'rejust sieeplng aver; don'ttrust them
• Peoplewho want to 'heip' you _. friends or not, don'! trust
• Strangers .. don'ttrust them; robbers, rapists, kidnappers
• Anarchists •• trust us; we put our necks out

• Locations
• NOl your best friend's .. first place they look
• Not a complete stranger's •• rape and kidnapare dangers
• Frnmd of a friend's •• if they're trustworthy, me bestplace
• Abandoned houses •• great places to stay andhide
• Chill spots .- apartments pecpte come and go at; great
• Outdoors •• dependsan weather and distance; maybe
• Underbridgesldrainspouts •• maybe; not the best

JC.001· 005764
• Disguise
• Cut It short or shave it .. better to grow long,but hard to do
• Dye your halr naturalcolors; not obvioUSly dyed

• Grow a beard or shave .. confounds verbal descriptions

• Change clothing stylaiappearance .. easiest big change

• Dodging Cops
• First there will be rUlMrs or 'Ieaos" ••
• mcstly gossip
• Every friend your parents know is a lead
• Let the police exhaustthe leads .. you'll becomea "cold case'
• Avoid your friends .. no new leads
• Don1go to school.. you'll be ca~ht
• Stay local. b~1 out of your neighborhood •• it's 'hot"
• Stay out of public places" malls, stores, the res!
• Emergency
• Cops? Sfay calm .. DON'T PANIC or draw attention
• Is the cop tooklng for you? •• or is this lust a random stop
• Robber, Raplsf, et al... fight, and kill them If you have 10

• Don't
• Go to your best friend's house •• we repeat, it's important
• Deal With the cops In any capacity
• Stay at any plaoemore than one weak, at least for a While
• Let people know where you are or Where you'regoing
Trust others too eaSily

JC.o01· 005765
Member of the Atlantic Anarchist Circle
and the Confederation of Anarchist Youth
ATTENTiON: RAY is no longer an active organization. This page is online lor historic purposes only. CAYis
'also' no longer active.

We are a part Of the Confederallon of Anarchlsl Youlh. Tr.e confederation started out as a group of 40
YQUng activists in Northampton, MA, but our numbers are increasing every day. If you want to lind Out
how tc get involved, click here.

As we slate in our manifesto, we are committed to making a genuine change in our society. Just
because we are born into an oppressive worlddoesn't mean It has to stay mat way. Only by locking
arms and presenting a real challenge to the status quo wlii we ever see an egalnarian society.

We leel that il is important lor activIstgroups to be empowerirlg and educating to their members. For
thet reason, our group mskes decisions by consensus. We have weekly discussion and reading
groups (oheck out our bibliography), as well as occasional film vlewings and discussions.

We believe that it Is critical for anarchists to be Out in melr communities, talking to peopleand building
connections. For that reason, we have information tablesat local shows where we talk about youth
issues from an anarchistpoinl of view, We are alsoinrtlating a Books 10 Prisoners program in our
area to supply radicallileralure to the prison community, This program Is connected with the Radical
Lending Library that we are Irylng 10 start in Amherst.

Finally, Ihe Pioneer Valleyhas numerous businesses and hangouts that either directly or indirectly
support us, Click here to see a list.
~ you would like to see more anarchistlinks, check out the RAY L;nks Page. And, click here to see our rsal
world address and email contact list.


Because we were brought into a society based on competition, greed, and

exploitation, we have a responsibility to unite to destroy the existing systems
of hierarchy, both intemal and external, that stifle our creativity, freedom and
potentiality. In opposition to this oppressive system, we, as socially aware
youth, have collectively gathered and developed tactics for creating a new
Revolutionary Anarchist Youth (RAY) is a group of radical anti-authoritarian
activists fighting for a society where everyone has basic political, economic
and human rights.
By dismantling capitalism, a classist system based on the exploitation of
human labor as product, and the state, including all govemment bo dies, RAY
envisions the construction of a society based on egalitarian self-governing
communities, confederated together for the benefit of all.
RAY seeks a permanent total transformation regarding politics, culture and
economics. RAY explicitly welcomes diversity of it members and supporters
as it works for the liberation of desire through social responsibility, We are
committed to and rooted in the diverse ethnic and social communities in which
we work.
Waming: "This site maycontainexplicitdescriptions of, or may advocate one or mere of the foltowing: nudity,
satanism, sUicide, sodomy, incest; bestiality, sadomasochism, aduffery, murder, morbidViolence, bad
grammar, or any deviate sexual conductin a violent context, or the use of illegal drugs or alcohol, But then
aga,n, ft maynot. Who knows. "

So..., One way or another, youve found us... Followed tl,e aigUal hoofmarks to the big greenpasture In this
TechnaWastelancf.... Welcome to the Cow, MotherfUcker.
Yeah. You've tound us, But what are you going to do about it now, Rodent?

The future masters of technology

will have to be lighthearted and intelligent.
The machine easily masters the grim and the dumb.
_. Marshall McLuhan, 1969

So behold, the cultural jihad ...

'Those who desire to give up Freedom in Onder to gain Security, will not have,
nor do they deserve, either one.'
-- Thomas Jefferson
Yeah, but are you trUly 'OOWN' with this, you "cyberpunk"?
Do you have the vision?

cDc wants to know.

cDc - Global Domination through Media Saturation

Complete Cult of the Dead Cow Archives

• I Bleed For This?! • We love them, but they hate us.
The score: Gator-l , Jesslca-c, Women. Money. Power Rape, The breakfast of champions.
If we hate you, you don't deserveto know why. Information: bleed@unlx, The Eleverth Hour (617)696-3146

---,-;:::c--:-;--=:--:-:::--------;-;-;:c;-:::-;-------- ---------
-----.--- i Bieed tor This? ...------.......-----------. -···11,26.94··...•...----·-......··----...-------------------#036..
-••• Suicide MethodsAppreciated by Snartblat From ait.suiclde.hollday Heilo,foiks. This Is the serm-tamous
alt.suicidE>,hollday MethodsFile. It contains information on many differentways to take your own life. Some or
them are serious, some of thern are not.
If Wt!J hatayou, you don't deserveto knowWhy, Information:
ftp.elextorg:JpublZinesIIBFTTheEleventh Hour (617]696'3146

The Gothic Sub Culture

Goth USed 10 be a SUbcJassH!callon of punk (dealh rock), All punkfaded, goth beca."l1e a subculture in its own
right, complete with its own graphiC art, literature, music, fashion, etc, 1\ now Contains too manysubgroups to
be easilydefined, The only two things all goths share arethe colour of their clothing andtheir music. Yetthere
are stereotypes that linger", .

Manypeople lead unhappy, unachieved lives, And thars sad, At the core, Goth is aboutmaking depression
andangsta Iifest;lle cneice, and that's art.

Goth as meutal hygiene

Recounting the detailsof your iatest suicide attempt is likelyto make a mainstream person uncomfortable, On
a goodday, you mightget somesympathy, Your goth peers, by contrast will neverfeel sorryfor you, Those
scars on yourwrists are considered partof your pedigree, Why have your mind sanitized by white guys in ties
when you can be With people who think YOU're really cooi?

Goth as Cl)unter.-eultura
1969: The hippiecounter·cultura saw that the world sucked andpromised to change it with love.

1979: Punk culture saw lhatlhe world stillsucked andraised a middlefinger in defiance,

1981; Goths understood all alongt'1e importance of a goodsmoke,

Typical Goth
Age: 12-5Q
Behaviour:suiien and withdrawn around you, happyandcarefree in the company of
Climate:Cool, damp, and dark.
Olet:hors d'oeuvres, cigareltes
tntelligence: strangely above average
Favourite Colour:black
Major:art, literature, languages, psychology
N tu I H b't t· csmetanes, cafes, bookstores, libraries, laboratories, the internet and
a ra a I a .sometimes even _gothclubsi
N t IR .Normern Europe and English-speaking countries, England and Germany
aura ange.are the two cultural fOCI;'
Occupatlon:arlisl, computer-related, literature·reiated, stcdent, clerk
Race:any (but being paleis a big piUS)
FlellgJof':none, any
Orientatlon:none, any, all

JC-001· 005768
The Gothic Sub Culture

There is a huge amount or diversity in the goth scene; very tllW people oonform to tl1e stereotype. 8ek:>w is an
attempt to show some of that diversity. Moral: don't believe in lleneralizatlons about gothS, not even me ones
you read here,

Here are some major groupings, maybe with largergroups heading ll1e list.
• Mod Goth
• attitude: None. They like gotl1s, I guess. Also known as 'week-enders."
• clothes: stuff you can get at a mainstream store, except black,
• Romantio Goth
• attitude: My capacityfor love is certainly greater than this mortal call can bear.
• clothes: Anything with lacs and frills: Edwardian, Victorian, renaissance.
• Mopey Goth
• attitude: Gentle people always perish in an unkind world.
• olothes: rornantlc, mod,
• f.!!i!.!l Goth
• attitude: Gentle people are- excellent tor spanking.
• clothes: leather, PVC, fishnet, chams.
• Goth Geek
• attitude: It's better than being a plain gee!<.
• ck:>thes: mod
• Perky Goth
• al1ltude: Woohool
• clothes: mod, fetish
• Vampire Goth
• attitude: Vampires are cool,
• olotl1es: formal evening wear, romantlo,
• E&llln Goth
• attitude: The occult andlor celtlc religions are 0001.
• claiMS; rornannc, gyps"",
• Ren Fair Goth
• attitude: The Renaissance Fair and "Dungeons and Dragons" are 0001,
• clothes: medieval, renaissance, Scottish.

JC..o01- 005769
The Gothic Sub Culture

AnotherDefinilion of Gothic
Things that are Goth: (XNBO)
• Black clothing and lots of i~11!
• £dgar Alien Poe
• Halloween (goth christmaS,
• Charles Addams
• Graveyards
• C~art=eU5e
• C::'ove ciqs
• Cossacks 1
'l'1Ii.ll.g. ..... ~ Gotl'" (I1Il1!O)

• Marylin M~~son;!!! (~ike you didr.'t already know ehae:}

• Microsoft
.. Sunlight:
• Bunny slippe=s ,Unless ya die c~em black!}
• CalVl.n Klein
• Anychi~g yellow
tOOth Li.ak.,
.. QScnw!
.. Dark Side gf the Net
• ~he alt.gothic and alt,gothic.fashign newsgroups.
• Th, alL.goehic ?&Q
.. The Gothic Home Page
• !:lark Er.1::r' es
• Take a Bite, an awesome goth Zi~e. Issues ~ and ~

Version 3.1A
By PaterCaffin <nospam>
First Releasad 17thMarch, 199i. Last bug·fixedJune 2i. 199i.

Introduction to Version 3.1

Thanks for taking an interest in Goth.Code 113.1. To keepup·to-date on new versions.and their location (as
weil as where they're rntrrorsc) The Goth. Code was initiaily inspireo by The TWlr'lk
Code andother gaynesbianlbi signature codes (whioh in theirturn were inspired by the legendary Hanky
Codes). II also uses a few greatly customised versions ot portions ot Robert Hayden's Geek Code v2.0.
A significant bug-tix to v3.0 occurred on Maroh t ith 199i where the Household Status beginning code prefix
"W had to be altered to "FI" (now Residency status) as "h" (Hawkishness) and "H" (Heigh/) were pre·existing.
The more recent bug·fix to 3.' A on June 27, 199i, saw the sections using the 1·9 scale having ail elements
filkld in artermonumantal popular request It shouldn't affectany COdes or coded results,

JC-001- 005110
The Gothic Sub Culture


The Dominicn at the Oark Sinner

If Is said that in a lifetime man crestes

a series or grievous sins. Yat only once will
he commit tfla unto,givab/e sin, the dark sin.
You have entered upon the Dominion, may God
hava mercy on your soul.

The Dominion has been createdIn deflance of those who seektc inhibitthe free thinking and free will of
others. This page is not intended to be used as a guide to highersplrtual/morat stMding, but rather lust an
uncensored informational and expansion page. l do not take responsibBity for actions that you take of your
own free will that may haw originated wirnin lhe contents of my page. I sineereiy hopethat if you cemeaway
wi!l1 anything, whether from pictures, links,or file information, you come awaywith the uMarsta"ding that as
an Individual tt is peninentthat you tree yourself from the controlling chains cf government, society, and
organized religion,

The Dominion of the Dark Sinnerhasn't always gone by this name. It has severaldifferentnames to different
people. For myseif tt startsd lcnq ago. I would write stories and poelly about the dark lonliness within myself.
those darK thoughts that only come to an individual late at night. Thosethoughts, stories, and poems slowly
evolved helping to create who I am, and the way I lookout upon life. So you might say, The Dominion ot the
Dark Sinner, is the place where eachone of us goeswhen were feeling lonely, depressed, sulcldal....because
we are told that such thoughts as those are true sinsand thatwe should nsver allow ourselves to sink so low.

Goth.Code 3,1 GoEn6SMa3Ph3 TJtPYyu6 PSINaSa 8415zcP\Sr).Y3 V6s M'l

ZPuGoM'1hTel C6m A23· n4 b55 H195g6T??91 F mNalNI3@Z4# waTv5 r381
p53565Rd D77! h7(PPeSa> sM9n SSWy k7SmDsF'pRWT N0892WH RsS LusC05

So many secrets...
So many lies". Wilen will the weeping end?
Perna.os when we Ireeour minds...
Societyjests at simpJiclty...
HOwever simplicity is the key to life...
Somecall It mdividualism...
I'll caN II a weballies...
For tile thing that makes an individual...
Is the aro01Jflt of secrets and lies...
We've loki.
-Dark Sinner

JC.QD1- 005771
The Gothic Sub CUlture

Well welcome to my humble domain child of darknesll. Where shall I begin•." was born In sin
and thus I shall die in pIllrpetual sin? No, no that is not suitable, pIllrhaps I shalllnvita you to See inlo
the darkness of my soul, and all of lhe inunity lhlll exists within my mind. That would be too simple,
my 1I1e should only be open to those Who Iruly understand what the darkness Is about..,

Sitting In darkness, with my lone candle burning low to the Wick, I pender the dark questiens
that oltan plague uS of the darkness...death, suicide. the sweet alluring smell ef 1ear•.,dark
romanticism. What is it about the death that Is so fascinellng? Is it the seductive beauty ot the
unknewn, the complete peaee!!\aIls achieved, or being veld of all the pain that is experienced

The deadly dance of suicide, hew far te push lhat intlmala thrill of walldng the fine line. Have
yeu never experienced thls...walklnglhe fine line between death and 111emplck up the razor, go ahead,
feel the coolness 01 the steel, the Intense rush 01anxiety...

"There is nothlngalss left out Ihere for you. EverythIng m"anll nOlhing now. There isn't
anything worth holding on to. You are alen,,; emply; eeld. It feels like someone is surgically removing
an antlra portion of your body Without anesthetic. No one knows the pain you are going through -
sure you may be able to talk to people who sympathlta with similar life experiences, but it Is not the
exact peln you are goiflg Ihrough. You cannot even bare to be by yoursslf, with yourself - you hale

Oh, the pain the pain, my heatt sunsrs pain.

A flower. the sun and a love all In vain.
I need the strength. the scent and certain love
I give mysell. my heart to thy. my cressec dove.

Away. away to fertile pastures did thee lly.

And in sorrowfully emotions did I cry,
With that flight my fruiness life's end has past
I end it now, with love 01 my dove until the last.

Jason Ford- September' 995

So vou danced with death ehh? I hope you are beginning to understand fully what the
"darkness" Is all about. There is more though.,the "darkness" is also e lonely secluded private place.
Within the loneliness you discover Who and what you are, along with the horror that only your mind
can craate. A friend of mine once said, "put down that Steven King novel, the trllll horror Is the one
you create within yourself."

JC·001· 005772
The Gothic Sub Culture

So you think yoUI' IJJl outcast from the pack huh.•a lone wo" of sorts_.

Tha Lone Wolf

The path1walkis dark. desolate. lonely...

I was oncecalled the 'lone wolf",
Now I truly ~now what i\ means,
It is strength, Indlvlduailsm,
It Is the powerto walk alone along the long
trails of life.

My memories are my food,

They are my salvation,
But what will become 01 me when they are
ouR and faded?
WlJI my fortification for life end?

But now',s the present,

The darkshadows are my home.
I cannot oear to walkin the sunnymainstream
of life.
Happiness 1$ a luxury I cannot afford.
t wal~ alone. andto those BEWAflE!

t have everything you want,

But taKe caution, for my path Is brutal.
Few survive!
I am the Lone Wolll!!
Hearken my howl at the moon,
For it is the cry of suffering,

Dark Sinner· February 11. 1994

Links dedicated itS Alternative Sites from fhe Gothic Culture

• Anarchv ·A nice anarohypage which shows the truecolors.
• Anarchyfor AnVbody •This is a great page if your just getting Into anarchy andwant to know what it's
all about. (No, ifs not about smashing skulls;
• Anarchism and Revolution ·Againthis Is another great anarchy information page.
• Cuit of the Dead Cow·A greatpage full of excellent fiies.
• Locutus' Anarchist Phreaker Page ·Pretty self explanltory don't you thh~k?
• Portland AnarchistWeb Page -This page is good fa' keeping up an currentevents in the anarchy

Jc..o01.00 5773
The Gothic Sub Culture

• High Times
• Mmd's HJgh


The following are excerpts from the classified secncn of Ihe Gay Gothic Web Page It crosses all
demographics Including, but not limited to age. sex or Iocabon.

15 year old Goth boy lOOking to meet otl'1er Gotn peopie my same age, gay or not.
~urlY brow" hair (dyed blacK...obvtousty) about efoot. olue eyes, skinny. Like In Sarasota,
Florid". Visit mv page. My

Mentally ill 5' 9" goth from Southeast Michigan wanting to moot my match, I'm 19, a
poHilcal acuvist In the IRTAFA, and can be Seen lurking around Birmingham, Royal Oak and
i"-nn Arbor. I play bass and do my best to write songs. I'm looking for someone who shares an
cbsesstve Interest in music (Joy Division, Chameleons. Cemsat Angels, Swans, Skinny
Puppy. Jon Cale, Nice and many many more). anc le~lst politics. Somewhat younger Is okay,
but please not too much older. Dcn't be warded off mough, I'm open minded and will date
more based on personality matCh than anything else, E-mail

Hi. I'm Gregg... I live in Clearwater, Florida and I'm a BI male. My musical tastes range from
Metal {JudaS Priest, Manson, Early Melallicaj to Goth (Bauhaus, Sw~chblade Symphony,
Early SOM) to industrial, etc, etc, ad Infinitum. l'rn looking tor a friendship right now. with a
ean (15,16) around the lampalclearwater~argo area. I'm 15, 6'3" and 250Ibs ... You
~an reach me at Ihegloomcookie@ho\!T!

JC·001. 005774
The Gothic Sub Culture

am a bl-sexcal female, living in porterville ea. andi really want 10 find a gothic temale/male
e fool aroundwith It anyoneis interested, i am 14, and kind of gothic, and wouid love to
at to know you, my e-mai! address is janniferstigall@holmaiLcom. hope to hear from you

Hi, ifs Wandyhere, I'm a 27 year old, goth wannabe (sad but truef) nailingfrom
Christcl1urcll, New Zealand, My interests ate t.ovecraft, Poe. Clark Ashton
Flmllh,Goya,Francis Bacon,Pre-Raphellte all, all generally, Surrealism, etc...ifl'm a goth at
II, I'm a Lrterallygolh, it SUCh a thing exists, Though yOll may be pleased to know that I'm
errlbiyfond 01 Dead Can Dance, have discovered BauhaUS (whoO-MOI) and my Xmas
preparations Involved making wreaths out of blackcrepe Paper, Anyhoo, If you want 10 taik
lIerartygolh, drop me a line. I'm notlooklng lor anybody (yeah, righ!!), but if you bear any
esemctance to Gillian Anderson, have a fetish for grey-eYed girls with specs (that'sspecs,
rot pees) and live iocally I could paintyour pertrait andgenerally worship you a la Ooriao
k;ray or DalilGala, DidO nyou look iike Alan Rickman, Or Vincent Price, even, (Please note:
he ycung Vincent PriCe.) Pleasebring me somegothy cheerat

Hello. my name is Anastasia, ar'td I am Iookll\g for a cute goth bol/girL.1 am 15 years ot
!age, currentlyIving in Maryland, I am mainlylooking for friendships, but relationships will do
ust fine. -Smlles- I lovegothic fashion. as well as the beautiful music: London after Midnight,
;Switchblade Symphony, Siouxsleand much more, I ammoving to the San Fran area over the
~ummer, and hope to meet new peopietnere....Please speak with
~e, ...,XvVelvetXv@aol,com

Hello... am a late bioomlngguy (WaS married, 2 kids late 30s before with
Ia guy, now divorced, gay, out, slogle) very 11110 goth, varnpiras, and dark culture,
PSychologisl, many gcth and friends, inleresls are veryeclectic·· omnivorous reader, most all
music (bauhaus, morrissey, old smnhs, dead can dance, smashing pumpkins, kern, and
!'nUCh eise - Cherry popping daddies to old metal. Classical to rib ... very Intomost
!everything (spirituality, religion, exploring intellectual things.. love ohatting with most anyone,
ery open and willing to help anyone sorting Ihlngs out., love email, masquarace (Play
verythlng trom Dark Ages to Cam to Changel) life, epistemology, do freelance writing,
poetry, eating out, outoocrs. and open to learning mUCh more. Older i get me less I know,
Have high energy, 2 wonderful kjds who are veryaccepting 01 me being gay (18 yo son and
14 yr old daughter) and glad to chat with most anyone. !'reUykinky, eclectic, and lots01
pintua: stuff (done I ching since high school, tarot, runes, wantmru my Lavey stage In
ollege, exploredcomparative religions, andstill learning. Corephilosophy: only Ihing which
makes senseIs ""Iping people, Aryway, giad IC share, email or relate, help out or just chat it
ou ate interested. Here Is a pic of me (and my daughter) from last Masquerade
arne.. email IS and Ica is 17612371, Peace,

JC-001· 005775
The Anti-Jock Page is DOWN!

Here is the UNCUT and UNEDITED mirror site I put up
after a few mirror sites got taken down by their own
servers for either the violation of the policy or political
reason. I am doing this to let people open their minds
and judge for themselves. The site contains MATURE
CONTENT, so if you are easily offended, then LEAVE!
This is what the MEDIA doesn't want you to see -- totally
uncut and uncensored in its original form. I assume you
take responsibility when you click on the mirror link I
provide. Consider yourself warned!

The Deja News post turned out to be a cruel

HOAX! Matt Drudge have been fooled again!
This is for reference only, disregard the
message as authentic!
Not much news here, but here'S the link to a Deja News post exactlyas Mat! Drudge says, This is qurte

Thanks to DeeImplemenllor providing the link!

Here are the amusing links 10 the web sitesmistaken for the real trench coat marla web site.•.the reality is,
mat site has been taxen downby the order ot the FBt. There you go,
Victim site #1
Victim site lt2

JC.o01· 005776
Jock Haters Around the World
This sitehas been acceSSed times by [ockbashers

Anti-Jock Links
The liMit MlhJocka page on Ihe netlll :Theres net a 101 here now, bUlllivel1 some ",edit

Jock Byrge,,; A well-de$erved fete for all jocks!!

The Spoil Sports Page: Probably the mosl well-written anti-lock PlIge I have seen

A Fleally Funnv Anti-Jocks Paoe: Hllariousl!!

Men Jokes: Ctlenge it to "Jock Jokes". and it makes a 101 more sense!!

Jocks Aren'I Gods •.. : A new anti-jock PlIlle

Anti-Trendy Links
The AntI-Elite Page: Bl\Slcally, tile anti-popUlar crowd page

The AntI-Sports Page: Yesl!!! Very cool, and very truel!

Another AntI-Sports Page; I havent read Ihis one yet. but lt Jooks cool

Oeformography's Anti-Prep Page: What else can I say?? Tha name sez it ell

People who hate jocks

Stroman's Generallnformetlon: Stre is the man!!

OeadJecks' Page: A very active anti-jock

Jc..o01- 005777
Devoid's H()use 0' Crap: My homepage
This Is A List Of Individuals Whom I Loath And Oespise Beyond Beille. I've Rated Each Member Of This ust
On A Scale Of 1To 10.Ten Baing I HateThemThe Most, One Being I HateThem !he Least.

If You Find That Your Name Is On This List, GO TO HELL!!!

Brad Fink m 9.99
Kaki Tustlar 9.$
Josh Fishman 10
Louise Gross m 10
Adam 8erl<ely 7.5
Julian Prolmanm 8.75
Jason Bovia 8.5
Elizabeth Louis 9.25
Anyone For Nuclear Power 9
Rebecea Kramer 9
ElanorGreenberg 10
Liam Gallagher 8
The President Of Starbucks 10
Neal Biscar 10

All of the aforementioned individuals are goingto die slowlyard gruesomely at the handsof this guy:
htlp:llwww.besl.coml-reicheldevinfoplth8.htm web page fOT the list above

The 10 Commadments ofGuns 'n' Roses

1) Thou shaft not solo In key to the song
2) Thou 'halt nat 'ing withatu inhaling helium first
J) Thou ,halJ hate people oj different TaU' than thou
4) Thou ,hall iiek MTV, asses
5) Tbou. shall aCr all cool
6) Thou 'hall think your all cool
7) Thou shall bUl<her heavy metal
8) Thou 'hall hate the coolest guy ever (KmCabain)
9) Thou ,hall make .'detalliea look bad by touring with them
10) Thou shalt s""k

JC.001· 005778
I hat. a lot of lhlngs
I hale a lot of people mat ere lama
I Ill<. 10 hate sruff
Cau... then Icoe't ha"" to Iry and mal<e
I hate teachers
I hato school
I hate the cheerleaders
And anyone who's ccct
I ha.. the o~I""
I hate the Quad
Don't waane leam nothing
I wantto b•• slOb

Ifs cool 10 hate

lrs cool to hata
I don't like nothing and I like that fme
IUking .omothlng'. just a waste of timo}
It's coot to hate
It's 0001 to hate
I don't Ilk_ nOthing and III'e that line
(Liking something'. iust a waste of lime)
1 eco't !ike nothing and like that fme
(liking something's iusta waste of time}
Yeah I hate everythIng
l even hate you too
So 1001< you

I'm atways thinking bad

I never have nothin9 goOd to say
I'd rathertear tl'11ng$ dQwn
Thanbuild tham up
It's easier thatway
I hat. me io<:ks
And I hate 111_ ge.ks
I hate the trendiiii$
But 1also hate the freaks
I hat. Dr. Mal1<lns
And Muscle 1""9
I'm only happy when l'rn in misery

It'scool to hale
IfseoollO hate
I don't like nothing and lUke that fine
{Uking something's just a waste of time)
IfS Coal to hate
Ifs ccoi to hate
I don't like nothingand lUke that tine
(Uking sometning's just a waste ot time)
I don't like nothingand like that fine
(liking somelhing'. iust a wasta of time)
V.ah I hale everything
I even hale you lao
So f'Jck you

I'll cut you dewn and give you lip

Beingpositive's 30 unhip
!'11 cut you down cause I'm a fool
Seing poslUve's 50 uncool

I hate Ihe tacks

Annd \ hat. the g".,ks
I hale the trendles
!llJt I a1.0 hate tho froaks
I hat. your band JC.o01.00 5779
And I hate TV
I'm only happywhen I'm in my mJsery
if you dont like il, well...uyoo know what to do.

anything i dont like---SUCKS

JC·001· 005780
• Home Page, ~ttp:llmembers.aql.comlrebdomine

In Chat Room. the person mustflll out !helollawlng information before they begin "chatting". These
are Eric Harris' Information panels:

Screen Name: tcarsss

Member Name: Trench CoatMalia In da House!!!
Location: Littleton, Co;orado
Sex: Male
Hobbles: Preparln' for the big april 20l! You'll all be sorry lhat day!
Computers: Packard Sell
Personal Ouots: 'I'll cail a fig newton cookie II 1want'
Screen Name: Rebdomlne

Member Name: RES

Location: Littleton.
SIrthdate: slebzehn
Sex: Male Status: nash.
Hobbles: making tun of youpeople.
Computers: cow.
Occupation: senior at CHS andthe rest is still unpublished.
Personal Quote: its fun being schizophrenic.
Screen Name: Rebldomakr

Member Name: ERIC HARRIS

Location: Litueton, CO USA
SIrthdate: Be
Sex: Male
MarITal Status: Single
Hobbies: professional doom and oocmz, creator. meeting beautiful ternalee. being cool.
Computers: pentlum75, Smegs of RAM, SOOI'\ will be better"."".
Occupanon: part-time workerat a fireworks stand 11'\ CO, and DOOMING the hell out of my computer!(pJaying
doom, a Jot)
Personal Quota: when in doubt, pull it out.Iccrnputsrs)«...Shut up and shoot 1t.·..-OuitWhining, it's lust a !lash
wounc- ...KiII EmAALLLL!!!1
Also rumored, !he following sereen names;

JC-001- 005781

These are Ihe symbols of Anarchy. However, this does not mean they are MILITANT anarchists. They
simply represent that they are anti-system.

These 3 symbols represent the MlllT ANT

Anarchist groups.



The symbol abov.. [s for Gotl1ics.

Tne Image on the right is [n regards to

Committing suicide.

The image on the left Is the coverof an album

That correseoncs wrth the Hate is Cool poem.

..._" ........ ,'"
CUN i INUATION I :;~;~~_., I ;;;w~.
Co«:tIl«::itlg(;:;,oc a~ No

CONTROL # 2159

- ~yCl<a:<d
RtM!'!'IIJ"fYI; -...
''', ,S_N_ I
Dela'iplion I
Serial No.
I V"'"


e 0 deer s ong th the official files were in the hands of R·1 Security officers.
3he 0 me e would be three files. Her file, the highschool file and the administration file. She went on
o say she thought Eric had taken the suspension well as he had continued to talk with her after he returnee
to school.

Ms. Mikesei! told me on the day of the incident she was in the office and when she realized the seriousness
of the problem she and along with other students and office personnel left the school through the art area.
She said he heard gun fire and explosions but did not see anyone who participated in the attack on the

Witness information:

Christine Mikesell
5551 Morning Glory Ln.
Littleton. Colorado 80123
ph 795·1945




JC-001· 005185
"_"9_ 5

JC.o01· 005786

Unit Nom. SupeMSOt klitlalJ and 0 . .

b l 877'11 "

JC.o01· 005787
Reportin@- A~ty Reporting Qffiter Case Report No
Connecting C., ~rt No.- VictimName Originai Report DlUt: Thi. Report
COLUMBINE as. 7-12-99
C .tiM x IIMURDER Offense SWU$~ Open X Bx.:qllio!lldly Ctcwd 0 Recommend Case: Review 0

bc_lficad()ll o Ctet.m by Amst 0 Unfollndod 0 Closure Q

~ I QlWl!lty I Bnnd N&mll I Dddiptil:ln I Serill No

S...., I~~ I ~ed

On 7-12-99. at approximately 0918 hours. I contacted witness Pierceby telephone at her residence. I asked her to provide any
additional information as to what she mayhaveseen or heardon 4-20-99. She indicated she was in a workroom. running a Lax
fur a parentof a student whenthe Dean of Students. PeterHorvath, camein and said tocall 9-\-1. She said he had. very worried
.ok on his face. She saidshe had gone to the counseling officeat that time and met with otherstaff members in the office. She
saidshortly after that time the fire alarmsoundedand as a resultshe and other faculty members exited through the north doors.
near the art department. She said she was unsure of what was goingon at the time and continuednorth. walking towards the
ClementParkarea. She said she was directed by policeofficers to runaway from the buildingat which time she did. She said
she wentto the intersection of Bowlesand Pierce and was directed '0 the Columbine Library, whereother faculty and students
were gathering. She said she did no' really have any idea as to the status of this incidentuntil she had got homeand had seen
what was happening on television. She saidshe did no' see or heat any gunshots or explosions during the entire incident. Did
notsee any fireor smokein the area,andwhenquestioned. did no' haveany priorknowledge of the groupcalledthe TrenchCoat
Mafia. WitnessPierce could not provide any further information.

Disposition Open

JC.o01- 005788

Offictr Signatun': Unit Number AssignedTQ

P'i" i
Ie t 'J... ro !'='T 07, " 'I! of i
0IUOINAl. IN\'ESl'TG,,TOR VlC1"TM SEttVlCES ASAn 4198' JCSDfl674

JC-001· 005189
Page__ 01 _ Pages Case No. _
Denver Police Department
, J <Last, first. Middle tnmall _ Makmu Statement ~
(f;,,~ S C/, /( e. , «1a:r c&j .::r o
hvsid8n Stutift Ad~S
C;§:? C
VI u.J
e; Ie:

I:l PerSon adytsed
Zip Cad.
,<;'01'3 'f
Resic.noe Photte i I~$ln.$$ Pbo~ $ocial Sto,sritv No.
Date of Birth i Serial No,
I"in I $i' I -<.f 5' '7 " 1"3 0 "' ;'1 2-'1407 :n,9-.,t, -G. 20))
&u,iMa Street Addrc5$
(;2.0 ( $,
fJ1"12.4'" C ott- 5+. c~t-".."" ,r- h n-ISt~ Zlp COd.
~ t /2. '3
OffloZ ~S/2'17'~A~h j
Serial No. 1 ~_
7;;1-/ '2 -, -99
IOlti - ':;"/1-
Conetrflii ' an incident oceutl1ng at: Location wbent statement taken:

Summary of Statement.

..j)~ ~ ~ tt ~~&4:A4./

.j~~' ~r ~ ~~,~
~ w..J ,~~ ~. ~-./. ~.-ZV-<-I-b

JC-001· 005790

Ttme Statement Compl$ted

Signature of Person Making Statement

D>l'J 36£ tRev 2£95)

• 0 600 •
dJU.4-- /~ ~ . ..J-.~,a~/ ,yu.;e ~ -fi....-
~~.-Zi.,/ ~ ~~

I have read the foragoing statement end the facts comained therein are true to the b""t of my knowledge and belief. I
do not maintain that it contains aUof the facta or detsibJ of the inc/tiMt, but onlY those tr ,-- _ h. . . ,u";"" I have been
JC-001- 005791
<-! I 2C I
liiii""" - - 0 AM
,;). , :)C cr'PM
lim« Statement Completed
One_ of _.....:......:._P"lles
Page ...;,._ CasoNo.

Denver Police Department


- . . (Last. Flnl, Mlddl4ln~iall
lacn""tta. Anthnny
55G E. Iliff
I Denver
Zip Code
( ) Same
I ~Us1n"7 Ptlone
S"'ief_No. 08le oI111rtl\lSerial No.
BulMesa Street Addrns City County Stele Zipcoo.

Ofllc« ,eking S!llt_ SerIal He. lllete TIme

Conc4Iming en iocid_ OCCurring at: I lccetioo_ _ ent token;
CCl"",bino HI"" SchOOl otlocilM ; _""'Bulldl""
Summary of Statement: While having lunch with Capt. DIManna and Lt. Vena this eIata. A conversation and talk
nf the Columbine High shooting incident, cause<! me to recall an incident during 1IIe episode. While clearing the
initial rooms Of1IIeHigh school, I remembered a short conversation with a hostage which was found to be
hiding In the school main office. She stated to me that she was the assistant principal Of the SChool. I
Immediately began to debrief her in regard to the suspects. The b~ time I tailced to her she was in a state of
shock and very friegthened. I asked her If she knew any of the suspects. Sha said yes. "One was Ned, I don't
know his last name", That was the last that I seen of her. I can't explain Why this escaped me and during the
conversation I ....called the incident. I was advised by Capt. DiMannato contact the homicide bureau and to
make this addltionsl statement. I contacte<! Sgt. Priest and advised him and related the information.

I h... nod rheI",.gning _ement and the1 - contained thmin lUff true t. the best 01my km>w/Ug< I1Jld belief. 1 ....1m _ . t/l11t it
CORlttim all'lthe 1_ or detaib 0[Ihe incitlltRl, hlit ""Iy these 1- itboutwhkh 1.... "en "'ked.


~!liL AM

o PM

JC-001- 005792


May 27. 1999 STATE OF COLORADO 99·7625


Progress Iav, GaryQyman Jefferson County

I. On May26. 1999 (per lead no.3300)I internewed Dr.MariaResc!lke (Ed D.),(DOB'041742), 6830
wiedview Circle.Parker. CO W134, (303)841-5968. (CHS voice-awl);(303) 982-4407. The interview
took place at Columbine High School (CHS)in <he administnltlve offices, afterapproval to enter the crime
scene was givon by Chris Andtisl, JCSO. AI", presenr during the inlllrView, asrequested by Dr. Reschke,
was Ms. Robbie Herrera, vicam advocate fromthe Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance(COVA),
(03) 861-1160,

2. Dr. Rescllke bas beenemployed as an Assistant Pnncipalat CHSfrom 19ao-present. During that period
she bas assumed venousresponsibilities in thatcapacity. Duringthe prese'" school year, she basbeen the
activitiesdirector at CHS. The priorschool year.she was not workingin the school, but was on a
rempomry assignment to the Jefferson County School Dismcr for a reacbet recrusrreer project. As such.
she was unfamiliar with eitherEricHarris or Dylan Klebold as CHSstudents. untilafter <he April 20m
shooting, and any information she basaboutthemsbe has learned fromtalking withotherstaffwho were
familiar with them. Dr. Reschke wasalso not familiar withany associates of Harris and Klebold, nor had
she beard of the "TrenchCoatMafia".

3. Dr. Reschke said that the two Deans at CHSwhowould havedealt with any disciplinary problems would
havebeen Ms. Chris Mikesell or Mr. PeterHorvath. Shelenmedthat last year, M! HotVarb hedpteviously
mer with the parents of Harris and K1ebold after the two students bed been arrested andplaced on coon
probedon afterbreaking into. van.Mr.Horvath hadreiaed to her that be felt that EricHarris was"on the
edge of (losing) cecrrot''. Dr.!lesc!lke bas no information regarding anydisciplirery actions taken against
Harris, Klebcld or any of rneirassociates by CHS (i.e. suspensions).

4 Dr Reschke first Identified 00 the anached floor planmap the location of bet office. and thoseadi=t to
hers (Asst. Principal Karen Studenka next to bet, Principal DeAngelis down the corridor. . . .""'" that
comer,and acrossthel1all from him isPeter Horvath's office. Tbesecretary outside betdoor was Susan

5 Regarding the eventsof April20, 1999, Dr. Reschke sald that shearrived at CHS at approximarely 7 am,
and worked in her office all roomingpreparingfor graduation ceremonies. for whichshe was responsible.
At about9:30 am. a femalejournalism student(name unknown) anne to beroffice to interview her
regarding"senior pranks". such as what type of thingshave been done in thepast. wharis acceptable V5.
unacceptable, etc. Shegotno indication fromthe srudenr thntshehedanyprior knowledge regarding the
events which were to talt.e placelater,

6. Dr. Reschke said that the usualprocedure at CHS duringlunch is foras many adminiseadve staff as
available to he in the cafeteria to supervise students Shehedjust gotten offof the phonewithtnescnool
nursewhensbe heard the II 10bellring. Shewas preparing to faxa document and then leave for the
cafeteria wnen she bearda lot of noise outside heroffice, which door was closed andthe blinds drawn, She
described the noise as "a lot of commotion. like a fight" Sheopened herdoorand observed a lot of people,
bothstudenrs and staff.running pesther office and down the adjacent corridor lust then. ChrisMikesell
ran by. and in an excited/frightened voice, toldher to "getdown", Sbebelieves thatMikesell thenron

JC.O{)1· 005793

7. Dr. Reschke stated that it wasobvious thelsomething big was occurring. but she was uncertain wba1 it
was. The firstthings thelcame'0 ber lI\indwere thateitherit wasa senior prank, or that Mikesell was in
dacger, possibly being pursued by a student seeking revenge fora dlsclplirully action.

8. Dr, Reschke, veryfrightened, immediately closed end locked her door,kept theblinds drawn, andbid
bebind a chairandsmall cart in thecomer of her office nearest thedoor. Shecouldcontinue to hear the
tlllIIlpting of foms!epS in thehallway outside her office. andrecalls that shortly thereafter the fire alarm
also begea to sound. Dr, Reschke estimated thatapproximately 15minutes later, with theexception of the
fire alarm, it was quiet outside. Shethenheardpeople entertheoffice area outside herdoor. possibly
through the hallway, although sbe Is uncertain about theirroute.

9. Dr. Reschke stated that she beard at leasttwo, and possibly three people (males) talk:utg outside heroffice,
although for the mosr part their voices were Dot disti;1ct. and theywere notvoices familiar to her. She is not
familiar with guns. but laid she began to hear wnatshebelieved 10 he gunshots in the outeroffice area
These were described asrwo distinct types of sounds.a loud bbet or "boom", endthe othernotas loud.
Shecannotrecall anyrapidtire,During theensuing s.ooting.shecouldhear. nearbywindow shatter, the
sounds of shelving and other large things being knocked over. and additional gunshots. At no point did she
bear anyone scream.

10, Outside herdoor, Dr. Reschke beard oneof theindividuals sarcastically say,"On. I really like football"
Shethen heard a large "<rash" and gucsbors in the vicinity of hersecretary's (SUS"" White) office. She
speculated that she might have heard them destroying White's computer, which had a Denver Bronco's
screensaver (She later learned that Susan White and Sid Keanng werebiding in thePeter Horvath's office,
witich is behind hersandacross fromMr. DeAngelis' office), Dr, Reschke laid that while hearing the
voice,outside. see gotthe impressioo that they were "malting fun of stuff"wbile theydestroyed It, like
common vandalism,

1L Dr Reschke heard continued gunfire outside her office, and additional _tlled conversation, She beard
them go to the office nextto her's (Karen Studeoka, who wasnotin when this started), andtty thedoor
andkickie Theythen cameto ber door, attempted to openthe locked door, and possibly kicked itas I><ill,
Shethen heard one of themsay,"Come 00. we have to go",and tltioks she heardthemrun down the
corridor. She recalls bearing a lot of noise which sounded like gunshots, bur is nOE certain that is whatit
was. Dr. Reschke never heard eitherof the individuals talking useany names when referring to eachother

12. Dr, Reschke saidthatafterthe scooers laft the area, she began to heat phones ringing, including her OWO,
Alonepoint she answered, and thecaller, not idenMed,asked if this wasColumbine High Scbool.
Concerned thatthegunmen were possibly calling to see who was ill the scbool. shehungup thepbone
without talking. Thiscontinued fear is what kept her fromattempting to make any callsoutside,

13, After approximately two hours. shehad not heard anyone else in theouter office. but wasstill uncertain
wh81 was happening, or if thegunmen were stillnearby. ShegO! up and looked through herdoorblinds,
which gave a viewdirectly to Pierce St. at the crossing light. and she sawa marked pollee cat, Sbe also
sawa malecrouched outside mewindow. dressed completely in black. Since 'he hadnot seenanyof the
gu=. 'he did notknow if that person wasa gunman or police officer. so sheelected to remain hidden in

14 She also beard two muffled voices nearby, SU)1Dg something like, "I'm not going tolet you go Out there by
yourself" Shebelieves fromlatertalking to her staffthst it could havebeen Mr DeAngelis andJoe
Marshall, a PE teacher. She thought she then heard movement inthe nearby corridor. butdoes notknow
where they went.

15, At or about2.00p.m; Dr, Reschke againbeard voices and noises outside heroffice. described as "men
talking inrough language", aodshe was nor certain if the gunmen had returned, Comments shebadbearrl
were "I don't lfke thi, fucking corridor". andreferences to theneedtosecureher office andtheonenext to

JC.o01. 0057~4
her.She heart! them try her doorl<nob, lea'" and do thesamewiIb the next office. They !hen returned to
hers, at whicb time they brolol our heromoo window. Dr. Rescbke said 11m at tbat poilll" tbougb! tlJey
were going to kill me". She saidshe lookedunderthecbair and cartwhitb !be was biding behind. did IlCt
disclose her lO<:ation, and couldonly see bJacl< bootsand pants. The man !hen =ed fut1bet into the
olllce and sawher there. Hepointed bis weapon at her, at wroch time she idenrilj,.j herself as "Dr.
Rescbke and Ibis is my om",,". They idetttil!Ald themseh-es as police, led herou' tllrougllthe il'ont of !he
scbooL and she was taloln to !hepolice command post. While there she provided a brief writtenstlt.em<:llt
to officers. and was then allowed to leave.

JC-001· 005795
. I~ .jI
~ 'tl @

~ c .4J
I l~ .4J
III I~ l~
. l~
. I

• I;


JC..o01· 005797
1=-& l.u 1'1,", A • bAl' .5"1 '< I ~
:rCSO .Ii 9:q. 1''' 't-S'"
" ._ _.0'_ _
e-No. _
Denver Police Department
f!""'. ,~ MoJd"ll S t a _~
/ (.." A-N '" (,,1; '5-r e-..p i'tM t E o OfrlCV Wrtnea 0 Plr:sci1~

'(f'Ni=:.:r k'ose ~4
Lf"'l ~ c. ""o...
IS,(Y'o 21pQlde

R "I ... PhtoM


I\- It II.

aQ tl V./M::J)
'V'f/. - S .
C , ~.$:'"'

Social St:¢Jrit¥ No,
in~ ~(,-

" '2. 7
!Location white stahment

tOlN1~ ~1-1! sri'~No.

2Ip l:ade

1130 Hour>

" .........""<1ot,ue
SuI1tlnlrl of Slab_It::

511_"~'; Is A K',.JlSS7nI.l7e T."..,.,.~~ ~-<. ::r~S.N ~""t

se rro 0 ... $0 A,..t.o Js ~ A-r !+ow, <: w'~ N I;;fU _ .s:thE ' t:n:::'I)

'-G' eN+.;; /'J'a7 14-7 eO ....... ""$iNe' ~ t.ll.. . ~b'f IX ~ /i-(31N.7

0) IN <?l/I.:. $, f~ I " ~

5,,-vAAJl'tlJ1e W4.:, f", T""", B.. . 5,""',..'55 ~IC.: 1,;IJt+,~J.j Is A-r "7_-

.s: O'\{"7 it ~ o,c ,4 If.:l.-'- V- ~ :::rJ S 7 (.;:.'lq S7 (J f' 7"<+e ~'-' -rIN...,.,. 57

I have read t!Ht ~ _tanent _ t!Ht _ CIJIltJIined thetein are true to the best of my _ _dge and belief. I
do /lOt trlIt1m1IItl that it _ltaias: sI (1/ me fBt:lS or detJIils of the incident, but only tho"" fat:t8 about which I bev« baen

__1----1-- JC-001· 005798

.... GAM

omiilsiii.i.iiiiii,• ••
Ti'F.... ji;CGiOiliIiidc;;;;;ijiiijiii [J PM Slgn.tture of PeiSOii MMina Statement

Ol'll 366 Ul<N, 21951

Page _ _ 01_ _ Case ,, -

f:;"/-.r"1iLl'r-AI Qe r) NT lI.... S"'" '" t5.n.(t::N I:f3 ~ ~

f2.H:.1;i'"71:!'K./ ,q /;;i'm P7'1'
SIl_"(AN'AIa~ I~ ~aoL70-0 ~(\"'1A7 "2-0 I)A/I(.N~W'N S-r",0/;j1V13
~ ? I)tv~r-JD~ I<?'>'l-Qlf'u>(S ~'7' L: 7i<~ (~'- -r'1.+1I>V
£~, Of I~ "'N A- e'-A-S5.e(>~ ifrl-t.... 7.'. 11 ~ 4--; 7(-n::
;;.,..,......, I-f I:!"A-S'7 ~ or Tr+e ~. $', L.--.l4-N 4", <£ tf",~ t:.e NT ; !'IV 11:-1...
£t'ti' ( 0 .. p" p S ' , (f"K'YV .5c"Ve>c..+t. o " e e o-m ::," -ri+>"17 S~

tt:rr>4 •tJ 10 C!.....a s ~ 4..0 f/-t:;.7<::!'"!. ~"'<7 ( Cl 11\ IN'" 7 (:i'S ce-o T H-<;-
c. ervvr S "'" 7 C'"" 7 *t,: Ll ,.., ,4.s 5 ,LO U">v'\ ~ (~-vl 61-< A-.o. <:> iZ
:;:;-,. <.I

-z;; '(>+e bv.-r::; lOGO w~" -r ~ 9

~ 6/1 (;+<i' ~t:.J"'b -r
/...A:t <b T~ 5.n--t1A/+vt-'1

J:?~,rlc.'+$6' fi..r.o ,q '81£ 1"'1+"1 Bl.M.';: F::I:-'T:..."7A-<-.JhlJ u'-.<.. L-","'c~ G ~ IN

T~ ;B"s{f'J~$5> th-f-1<:Le.

$:1 ....." I\-<VA-t. e Del li'S tJ<rr /Z-.Jaw -r;;~ s,-, s. f> Io'C-7S V, <:... ' "!, "" 5 0 ~ AN7

I have flUJd the foregoing stnement and the facts contained therein are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I
do not maintain thet it contains an
of the facts or derails Qf the incident, but only those facts ebout which I have been

I I JC..o01 .. 005799
- - """l54iO - - 0 AM

time Statement Completad 0 PM Signature of Person Making Stattment
Flk"" I/'lll· bN- ":>7'11'1
T~S,," '79 - 7C"·:!.
l),N - 1'!3( .
<::;-rt::'!'I~I 15" <;; It." Il-N 46 Go
\ ' \' , , ! If!
, ! , i:
! l l i I

I ' i i : "'~ i ( •
, i
i ~ ..../ / I
i -.~' ~/I' I ;:::.~ , : ( ,) IX .....
, :':
" ' I :l>
, I I' I ' ;;; ;; I '
t. " l ; J I; i I
-: i I I
-J. ' i , , '

i I '-J' '''-V , \ '" J, ' s

iii Il 1 , i. I ,

,~: ...-....., I :/"""'.. '.:-.J , I

! 1 , I if I ,
i : ~ ! :.' i i 'I ! : ; r . i

i 1 I I x ,~ IfXl I " ! I , I \ ' , r : :

, i ! i
, i 1 ' ! i : : i :
: ! i , i I !: I I ! , I ' ! ! j

I " , Y:::."\ I """I H I IA I I i

! I , !( -e ! : ,
1 i , I , \ I I 1 Ii I ' , i i ,

I I I ! i ! ! I I, ! I I I I ; ,
I 1 I I ; !!; i: j I I j ; I I r i
M' ; : .: I i I !~ I ; : .

I I , l , I ; ( ". i I , I -


i i , ,, ! j I ! i ~rcn : i ! I! ii' i i I , i i
1"-'" , ,
I ~ I : i : ! I I ! iii I I I !
, I ' ' i ~Ni i (t! 1 ; ,

; , '
Ii' i i I : i l I i ! I j I I I,-c'
, 1
, 1 • I I '
t ii<-- I , I I ' '
I '-..,./ 'I I I ,v
1- '/"""'-' ,
I ,I i..,:'\, ' ,....: I '/ ' I
: .---....1 I
i ~l ,1/1' ,II
1 I I ,:./' I i I
,~­ ; 1 " I: I , i JC.o01·005800
~';. i I I: 1 T
i i i ' I

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