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Performance Appraisals are not only meant for accessing an employee’s performance and using it to hand over the burden of project failure on his shoulders. Machine. Who does performance appraisals? For whom should the performance appraisals be done? What should be accessed? When to do performance appraisals? How to do performance appraisals? Where to do performance appraisals? For answering all these questions I will be concentrating more on IT industry as it is one of the industries where appraisal I consider is toughest job and attrition rate in this industry is very high compared to any other industry which makes the appraisal process and its importance more critical. Money and Method. In this research paper I will be concentrating first on some of the basic question like why performance appraisals are important. Human Resource department is not only responsible for hiring and firing employees but they are one of the keys which help and assist each and every employee may be at any level to be beneficial for the organization. which are as Man. It could also be used for accessing an employee performance levels. After this I will try to cover process of appraisal and a case where what actions an supervisor should take if an employee is underperforming from both employees and organizations point of view. This is the reason which makes Human Resource Department as one of the very important departments of any organization. At the end of the paper I will give my own conclusions for the case. Human Resource is the Key factor which helps or assists every organization to achieve the optimal utilization of these resources. These are the five most important parameters which I think are important for any organization. Usually performance appraisals are done by immediate supervisors of an employee but there are cases where the employee is not happy with his or her appraisal this is when human resource managers come into pictures.Introduction An organization is composed of five Ms. Every organization must maintain all these five parameters and their optimal utilization is the key aspect for which the companies are thriving. It is rather meant for and also used to analyze and find the reasons for employee’s <Course Code> <Course Name> . The appraisal is a tool which helps human resource department to manage or motivate their employee to be more productive. Material.

So that the organization’s growth is not hampered instead it is further instead strengthened. The Appraisal process step wise is as under Objectives of Performance Appraisal Establish Job Expectations Design an Appraisal Program Appraise Performance Performance Interview Archive Appraisal Data Use Appraisal Data for Appropriate Purposes Source: Human Resource Management by K Aswathappa Page No: 243 The above figure shows the step wise process involved in execution of a performance and appraisal.underperformance causes and try to resolve them. Every performance appraisal has two ways of looking at it. <Course Code> <Course Name> 3 . One is how employees who are being appraised look and perceives from it and how the organization looks at the performance.

As the perfection can not be measured so the quality is given rating usually as satisfactory. It depends upon what we are rating. In IT industry because of bigger margins this factor is not much considered or given weight age <Course Code> <Course Name> 4 . • Earlier feedback is essential: A supervisor must be vigilant enough to give earlier feed back to employees regarding their performance rather than waiting for appraisal process to start as the purpose of appraisal for organization is to improve employee’s performance and motivate other to do so. Quality is the degree to which a job is executed by an employee to perfection. Timeliness: The degree to which a particular job is completed in time line so that it is giving extra time for other dependent jobs and the resource could release and work on other projects. • Time of promotion: This is the most important time for each and every employee. Cost Effectiveness: The degree to which organizational resources are utilized. Also for an organization promotion time is very crucial as promotions in a way are fulfilling their demand for man power internally. Every employee is looking for this time period and the ratings given to them in their performance at this time matters most for them as it will affect their promotion. The purpose of this appraisal is to diagnose the level of understanding achieved by the new joiner regarding his work and organization as a whole. exemplary. The appraisal always is thought in conjunction with rating system as the rating is one of the toughest tasks to perform. The other reason is also accessing the performance of the employee for his confirmation to the position he or she is hired for. good etc.The performance appraisal could have following reasons or the purpose of it • New employees: Whenever a new employee enters an organization he or she is on probation period and after completion of the period the employee undergoes a performance appraisal process. In performance appraisal following things are rated Quality: It could not be rated numerically so some mathematical model for rating quality is necessary. Quantity: This is something which could be easily measured and thus could be easily rated mathematically.

it was confirmation appraisal in which the employee was rated with highest ratings. In the above mentioned three year work period he was appraised thrice. Community Service: Understanding social responsibility and performing or working towards its fulfillment is also and area to be appraised. 2009. This helps in building working healthy environment at office premises. Interpersonal Impact: The degree to which a performer promotes feeling of self-estee. 2006 till May. His performance according to his supervisor was above par and knowledge and understanding of the business requirement was exemplary for new joiners.but today’s market is very competitive and organizations are becoming concerned about this too. After this introduction about the performance appraisal. The appraisal process was on yearly basis. First appraisal was done in January 2007. the steps involved and other aspects associated with it let us take a look at the following case described in short below. The degree to which supervisory assistance is required for the particular employee. The employee had his own aspiration of getting an promotion or working at onsite location for long periods. Before this he was also awarded with the best employee of the year in the project. The case is narrated by the employee himself. It is a case of an IT employee. He was given appropriate gifts and certificates for his performance by the organization. X was working in an IT MNC XYZ Solution from June. where again he was rated with highest rating in the account which was of 250 employees strength. But <Course Code> <Course Name> 5 . goodwill and co-operation among co-workers and subordinates. The second full time appraisal of the employee was conducted in January 2008. Need of Supervision: This is to check how independently the employee could work and handle responsibilities given to him. including appraisal in probation period after which his job was confirmed. Who was working in an IT MNC company in India. The name of the employee (Mr. Case Synopsis Mr. X) and company (XYZ Solutions) both are changed.

The employee finally in couple of months resigned from the company and joined rival organization.because of lack of experience at that time only crossed one year he was suitable for either of the aspirations. His perception for getting promotion has changed." says Mike Fister. In the year 2009 the appraisal ratings of the employee fell down drastically. Analysis Analysis of Employee Perspective It is always healthy for a business and its employee that personal feelings about each other should not get into the way of a business. "Understanding somebody's background always helps illustrate how that person might approach a situation. Employee is also feeling that his colleagues who were more favorable to the supervisor were getting unfair advantage. There are many instances when a employee does not have positive opinion about his or her manager. His appraisal meeting with the manager turned out to become a heated discussion. Same in this case employee feels that the recent conflict between them is now becoming a bottle neck in his promotion. To him promotion is all about buttering the senior leaders and it has no linkage to his performance and capabilities. If this approach is also taken by the employee it would also help him that what his manager want and what he needs to deliver. If the employee is motivated at the time of his under performance he might become an invaluable tool to the organization. The employee can take some extra time to understand the behavior of the supervisor rather than making an instant decision on the situation. but now he takes himself as a part of a crowd of people. His rating was declined by two grades which was acceptable to him. <Course Code> <Course Name> 6 . This was conveyed to him in the appraisal meeting by his supervisor. He feels that he is not being treated properly as his performance in the current year is average and due to this selective perception his excellent past performance is ignored by the senior leader. CEO of Cadence Design Systems and a former senior vice president of the Enterprise Platforms Group at Intel. Earlier he used to feel that he has a one-on-one relationship with your boss.

is enough to relieve frustration and make it possible for the frustrated individual to advance to a problem-solving frame of mind. however. to express them to a concerned and understanding listener. On the contrary. or "listening with understanding". Conflict is encountered in two general forms. We can see that in many organization professional counselors on the staff. and the fact that it deliberately avoids the manager-counselor's diagnosing and interpreting emotional problems. No one has ever been harmed by being listened to sympathetically and understandingly. Before this situation will expand its reach. At other times. this approach has helped many people to cope with problems that were interfering with their effectiveness on the job. Personal conflict refers to an individual's inner workings and personality problems. <Course Code> <Course Name> 7 . better able to cope with a personal difficulty that is affecting his work adversely. senior leaders should take adequate steps to prevent the consequences. There can be more direct and more diagnostic ways that might be used in appropriate circumstances. lies in its simplicity.Conflict sometimes has a destructive effect on the individuals and groups involved. Nondirective counseling. given some training. which would call for special psychological training. There are cases when personal conflict leads to frustration and loss of efficiency. conflict can increase the capacity of those affected to deal with problems. its effectiveness. however. Analysis of organization’s perspective In this particular case the conflict between employee and manager can create negativity in the other staff members too which is not a healthy sign for the organization. counseling may prove to be an effective remedy. and therefore it can be used as a motivating force toward innovation and change. The nondirective approach is one effective way for managers to deal with frustrated subordinates and co-workers. is little more than being a good listener — something every manager should be. managers may be able to perform this function. The great strength of the nondirective. Sometimes the simple process of being able to vent one's feelings — that is.

In our case we can see this separation as the switching of employee to other department. In this strategy featuring a thorough and frank discussion of the sources and types of conflict and achieving a resolution that is in the best interest of the group. but that may be at the expense of one or all of the conflicting parties. But the situation described could have been handled more intelligently and properly which might have helped organization in retaining the employee and boosting his morale to improve his performance in future. He should have convinced the employee regarding the economic condition and must have used some other motivating factor like if possible raising salary or any other demand like of a holiday which might give him a break from job and when he returns back to work again he is filled with new energy to <Course Code> <Course Name> 8 . Confrontation: It is a type of method to settle down this type of conflict by face to face discussion. But this technique can be better when the interest of the employee is also kept in mind during making any final call. Smoothing: This is a technique which is used by different organization to stresses the achievement of harmony between disputants. Compromise: There are number of instances when one party (employee or supervisor) has to sacrifice some of interest in order to get a solution of the problem.There can be many other ways to handle these types of conflict between supervisor and employee. Dominance: In this technique the decision of the upper management is imposed on the employee. Conclusion After looking at the whole case we could understand that even though the employee’s demand were totally unrealistic but the period in which the employee was demanding was not favorable as all the companies in those time were facing the impact of recession and that might be cause for the organization’s incapability to fulfill the demands. This can not be a good solution when employee is hired on some specific skill and his skill would be of no value in some other department. One thing that the manager should have done earlier is that he should have noticed the performance of employee which was declining that too after being best performer for continuous two years. A few of them are as under Avoidance: In this management strategy separation of the conflicting parties is done.

This case seems to me that because of negligence of manager he has to loose an good performer.concentrate on work. <Course Code> <Course Name> 9 . Manager must have assured him that when the time is adequate and his performance was at par his aspirations will be fulfilled. I feel that managers should be given training about the reasons because of which performance appraisals are performed and how a manager should always be active for an employee’s underperformance and should always try to find and resolve the causes of underperformance.

and Voice.References Book: Human Resource Management By. Delanyo Dovlo HR division. Richard Arvid Johnson (1976). Bergen. Robert Louis Kahn (1966). pp. ghana Steven Ntow HR division. 148–142. ministry of Equity. ministry of health. <Course Code> <Course Name> 10 . New York: Wiley.: Goodyear Pub. Pacific Palisades. Chapter 10 on Appraising and Managing Performance. New York: AMACOM. Book: The social psychology of organizations Daniel Katz. Book: Employment with a Human Face: Balancing Efficiency. Norway. Book: Workplace Wars and How to End Them: Turning Personal Conflict into Productive Teamwork. and Arngrim Hunnes. Co. Norway Book: Management. ministry of health. systems. University of Stavanger. pp.strategyconversions. Klaus Mohn. Edition: Eleventh Edition Book: Human Resource Management By. Edition: Fifth Edition Case Study: Unbundling the Performance Appraisal Process Improvement Team Web link: http://www. ministry of health.. ghana Edith Wellington Health Research unit. Ghana Case Study: Performance appraisal and career opportunities By. Budd. (2004). Norway. By. 18–33. Gary Dessler and Biju Varkkey Chapter 9 on Performance Management and Aappraisal. Ola Kvaløy University of Stavanger. Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. ghana Kenneth Sagoe HR division. K Aswathappa. Calif. John W.pdf Case Study: Staff performance management in reforming health systems. Cornell University Press.. and society : an introduction.

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