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Two Weeks Hands on Training on

VLSI Design & Verification

About the Training:

The training aims to cover basic to advanced concepts of VLSI Design and Verification with Verilog, System
Verilog, System C and C/C++. The training covers from digital design concepts to advanced RTL design and
verification technologies. During this course, you will gain valuable hands-on experience, which provides a
practical foundation for creating synthesizable RTL code and creating verification environment based on
System Verilog and C/C++ with proper design flow.
The focus of this training is completely based on the current market requirement in the semiconductor

Fundamental to Intermediate

Basic digital design knowledge

Skills Gained:
 Advanced Digital Design, Timing Analysis, State Machines, Memory Devices, RISC & CISC architecture
 CPLD and FPGA Architecture, ASIC Design Flow
 Basics of Synthesis, HDL for Synthesis and Advanced Synthesis Concepts
 Verilog Language for Hardware Design and Logic Synthesis, Design Flow with Verilog
 The File-IO and PLI concepts
 Functional Verification Flow & Terminologies, Verilog Testbench for Simulation
 An Introduction to System C/C/C++ based Hardware Modeling
 A mini Project for Testbench Modeling with C & Verilog
 Design & Verification Methodology with System Verilog
 Understanding the complete Project Execution Cycles

Who Should Attend?

Engineers who want to learn advanced VLSI design and verification concepts.

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Bangalore – 560010

Phone: +91. 80. 23146816

Schedule Plan:

Day Topic of Discussion Self Study

Day 1 Advanced Digital Design,  Digital Electronics
Verilog Introduction with basic  Combinational & Sequential
examples, Circuits
State Machines,
Memory Devices

Day 2 RISC & CISC architecture,  Microprocessors

CPLD and FPGA architecture,  Programmable Logic devices
ASIC design flow,  Any Book on Verilog
HDL Coding Guidelines

Day 3 Basics of synthesis,  Any Book on Verilog

Timing Analysis,  Timing Analysis Fundamentals
HDL for synthesis and advanced
synthesis concepts

Day 4 Verilog for hardware design and  Any Book on Verilog

logic Synthesis,
Design Flow with Verilog,
Tasks and Functions,
Timing Controls,

Day 5 State Machine Coding,  Any Book on Verilog

The File-IO and PLI concepts,
Discussion on Coding Exercises

Day 6 Functional Verification flow  Verification Methodology

Verilog testbench for simulation  Any Book on Verilog

Day 7 System C/C/C++ based Hardware  Any Book on C/C++

Modeling  Any Book on System C

Day 8 A Mini project for Testbench  Articles A-1, A-2, A-3

modeling with C & Verilog

Day 9 A Mini project for Testbench  Verification Methodology

modeling with C & Verilog -  Any Book on Verilog

Day 10 Design & Verification methodology  Any Book on System Verilog

with System Verilog,
Basic Exercises on System Verilog,
Understanding the complete project
execution cycles