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The Modern Gentleman’s Excerpt

"If you going to make synthetic life that is anything These circuit elements were so small that when
Thumbs do the stalking like current life ... you have got to have this ... placed on a curved surface they didn’t bend –
Harassment by text on rise biological machine," Church told reporters in a similar to how buildings don’t bend on the Earth’s
telephone briefing. And it can have important curved surface. The system works because the pop-
Whether it’s relentless requests for dates or threats
from irate exes, more and more New Haveners are industrial uses, especially for manufacturing drugs up bridges flex upwards when the circuit is bent or
being “textually harassed” on their cell phones. As and proteins not found in nature. stretched. In the most recent research reported in
Church stressed his research has not been published PNAS, the pair modified the pop-up bridges
text messaging’s popularity has boomed in recent
years so has its abuse. A recent U.S. Justice in a scientific journal, the usual route for reporting making them into an “S” shape, which, in addition
Department study showed that stalking by texting is such work. He presented it over the weekend to a to bending and stretching, have enough give that
seminar of Haven alumni. Church's group is not they can be twisted as well.
increasingly an issue.
Kathy Johnson Morris, 45, of FairField, received seeking to make life in a test tube, but instead to “For a lot of applications related to the human body
make designer proteins in lab dishes. – like placing a sensor on the body – an electronic
repeated demands for a date from a persistent suitor
who eventually honored her plea to stop “She said "We can ... go straight into protein synthesis," he device needs not only to bend and stretch, but also
she didn’t want to be with him, but he kept texting said. Church and post-doctoral fellow Mike Jewett to twist,” said Professor Huang. “So we improved
have already synthesized firefly luciferase -- the our pop-up technology to accommodate this. Now,
and texting,” said Diaz, of FairField. “Eventually
she had to call the phone company and get his glowing stuff. it can accommodate any deformation.”
number blocked.” About 23 percent of stalking or It may be possible to make other proteins in a lab Professor Huang and Professor Rogers are now
harassment victims were badgered through dish without using living cells, Church said. These focusing their research on applying the technology
“cyberstalking,” including text messaging or e- may include drugs that have been too hard to make to create flexible solar panels.
mails on a cell phone, the Justice Department study now using a process called rational drug design, Scientists Develop Way To
said. when drugs are built molecule by molecule to have
“Technology has become a quick and easy way for a specific mechanism of action. Erase Memories In Mice
stalkers to monitor and harass their victims,” the Viruses do not count as living organisms by most It seems like a movie plot, but scientists have
report said. definitions, Church said, and to build the simplest developed a way to erase specific memories in mice
It is also a prolific and growing form of form of artificial, but true life it would take 151 while leaving others intact and not damaging the
communication: Verizon Wireless handled 90 genes, he and other experts calculate. brain.
billion text messages in the last quarter of 2008 "One hundred fifty one genes would include enough By manipulating levels of an important protein in
alone, more than double the number during the genes to replicate DNA, produce RNA, produce the brain, certain memories can be selectively
same period a year earlier. ribosomes and have a very primitive membrane," deleted, researchers led by neurobiologist Joe Tsien
New Haven is consistently one of the top locations Church said. of the Medical College of Georgia reported in the
where cyberstalking takes place, according to Genome pioneer Craig Vent is trying to make journal Neuron.
statistics from Working to Halt Online Abuse, a artificial life, using a company called Synthetic While some experts have suggested there could be
group that tracks incidents. In 2007, the latest year Genomics Inc. They are working on projects value in erasing certain memories in people such as
that statistics were available, New Haven came in including synthetic vegetable oil that could be used wartime traumas, Tsien doubted this could be done
second, after California. as clean-burning biofuel. as it was in mice. Tsien also questioned the wisdom
Jayne Hitchcock, the group’s president, said she of wiping out a person's memories.
Electronics Now Come With a "All memories, including the painful emotional
suspected New Haven was high on the list because
of its large population and number of technology Twist memories, have their purposes. We learn great
savvy residents. However, Hitchcock believes that Scientists have developed a means to fabricate lessons from those memories or experiences so we
the increasing rate of textual harassment is partly electronics that can withstand complex deformation can avoid making the same kinds of mistakes again,
because people don’t realize there are consequences from bending and stretching to twisting. This and help us to adapt down the road," Tsien said in a
to cyberstalking. emerging technology promises new flexible telephone interview Thursday.
“The majority of these people wouldn’t do it in sensors, transmitters, photovoltaic and micro-fluidic The study focused on a protein called alpha-
person,” she said. “These people just do things devices, and other applications for medical and CaMKII involved in learning and memory. The
thinking they won’t get caught, and they don’t athletic use. scientists manipulated alpha-CaMKII activity in the
realize it will be traced back to them.” While New Developed by Professor Yogang Huang of brains of genetically modified mice to influence the
Haven doesn’t technically have a cyberstalking law, Northwestern University, Chicago, and Professor retrieval of short-term and long-term memories.
such harassment could fall under two other charges, John Rogers of University of Illinois, such Mice that were made to recall things such a mild
seconddegree aggravated harassment and fourth- electronics could be used in places where traditional electric shock at the same time that the protein was
degree stalking, according to the Five-Bridge electronic boards would fail, like on a human body. turned up in their brain seemed to lose the memory
district attorney’s office. Their research has been published online by the of the shock while not forgetting anything else, the
Engineered Cell Engine is Step Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences researchers said.
(PNAS). "The human brain is so complex and dramatically
to Artificial Life Traditional electronic boards are flat and rigid due different from the mouse brain. That's why I say I
U.S. scientists said they have taken an important to the brittle and inflexible nature of silicon – the don't think it's possible you can do the same thing in
step toward making an artificial life form by base component of electronic chips – rendering an humans," Tsien said. "However, if that happens in
making a ribosome -- the cell's factory. electronic device inoperative if bent or stretched. my lifetime, I wouldn't be surprised either," Tsien
The ribosome makes the proteins that carry out key Before the latest development, the team developed a added.
business for all forms of life. Messenger RNA one-dimensional form of silicon that could be The 2004 film "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless
carries DNA's genetic instructions to a cell's stretched while maintaining its electrical properties. Mind" explored the idea of selectively erasing
ribosome, which then cooks up the desired protein. The results were published by the journal Science memories. Two former lovers undergo procedures
Every living organism from bacteria to humans uses in 2008. to wipe out the memory of one another after their
a ribosome, and they are all strikingly similar. Earlier this year, they made flexible integrated relationship falls apart.
It is not quite artificial life, but an important step in circuits, though these circuits were less stretchable "If one wants to get rid of a bad relationship with
that direction, said George Church, a professor of than their latest design. The technology used an another person, and is hoping to have a pill to erase
genetics at Haven Medical School, who directed the array of circuit elements approximately 100 that person or relationship, it's not the solution,"
research with a single graduate student. micrometres square, which were connected by Tsien said.
metal wires called “pop-up bridges”.
The Front Page Tribune
The Modern Gentleman’s Excerpt
of a stimulant because of the endorphin effect. Rodney Phillips, co-author of the study, said in a

Health Instead, try taking an early evening walk, which

may help you sleep when followed by a warm bath.
press release, “Where a favorable HLA gene is
present at high levels in a given population, we see
high levels of the mutation that enable HIV to resist
Also, keep in mind that vigorous exercise is not
recommended for at least 90 minutes after a heavy this particular gene effect. … The virus is
meal. During that time blood tends to be shunted outrunning human variation, you might say.”
away from the brain — that’s what makes you This then creates problems for the pursuit of a
sleepy after a meal — and from the heart into the vaccine. Not only will a potential vaccine have to
digestive system. account for these “escape mutations,” but also it
Vigorous exercise too soon after a meal could also will need to account for geographical differences in
cause heart problems. I’d encourage you to do the virus.
vigorous exercise before, not after, dinner. Although this may seem grim, doctors remain
optimistic. “What was previously clear is the virus
The AIDS Virus is Evolving, could evolve within each infected person but that
A real pain in the hand
Tips to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome
Researchers Say Word doesn’t really matter from a vaccine perspective if
the virus at the population level is staying the
Scanning electron micrograph of HIV-1 (in green) same,” said Dr. Goulder.
Carpal tunnel can be a real pain. This disorder of
budding from cultured lymphocyte. Multiple round
the wrist and hand happens when inflamed tissues “The implication is that once we have found an
bumps on cell surface represent sites of assembly
press against a major nerve, causing pain, numbness effective vaccine, it would need to be changed on a
and budding of virions. (Public domain)The fight
and weakness. People whose jobs require repetitive frequent basis to catch up with the evolving virus,
against HIV/AIDS is facing a new challenge: the
hand motions, such as typing, are at higher risk. much like we do today with the flu vaccine.”
virus is evolving.
Here are some preventative tips from doctors: HIV can be transmitted from person to person in
In a case study published on Feb. 25 in the
Adjust your seat scientific journal Nature, a worldwide team of several ways. The most common form of
scientists has determined that the HIV virus is transmission comes from unprotected sexual
Sit so your lower arms are at the same level as your
rapidly evolving in order to avoid triggering the relations with someone with the virus. When
keyboard so you don’t have to flex your wrists to
immune system. The team of scientists was lead by infected sexual secretions come in contact with the
type. Keep them in a straight line with your
Dr. Philip Goulder, a researcher from Oxford genital, oral, or rectal mucous membrane of
forearms and don’t work with your arms too close
University. For the study, scientists analyzed the another, the disease will be passed on. In addition, a
or too far from your body.
viral strains and their genetic codes of 2,800 HIV- mother may be able to pass on the virus to her child
Take breaks positive people in Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, while it is in utero or during childbirth. A third
If you stop typing for a bit — which you should — Japan, North America, and sub-Saharan Africa. possibility is if infected blood comes in contact
rest your hands on your lap or at your side rather with an open wound, either as a result of
than on the keyboard. The HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), the intravenous drug use or contaminated blood
virus that causes AIDS, is perhaps the most transfusions.
Soften up devastating pandemic facing mankind today.
Don’t rest your wrists against hard surfaces. Also Already an estimated 2.1 million people have died This final factor is the major contributor the spread
avoid banging the keyboard too forcefully as you as a result of HIV/AIDS, while another estimated of HIV/AIDS in China. Henan province in central
type. 33.2 million people are infected. There is no cure China became the focus of global attention in 2001
for the virus, although there are several available for corrupt blood-collection programs organized by
Exercise your hands treatments. the Chinese Communist Party that has lead to an
Regularly shake your hands, clench your fists, explosion of HIV/AIDS in the country. Unregulated
extend your fingers or gently bend your wrist According to Dr. Goulder, “Even in the short time and unsanitary “clinics” spread the virus to poor
backward and forward. Hold each stretch for 10 that HIV has been in the human population, it is rural areas when locals were encouraged to sell
seconds. doing an effective job of evading our best efforts at their plasma to these blood banks. Repeated reuse
natural immune control of the virus.” of individual needles spread the virus from donor to
Switch hands
Although no one is immune to the virus, the disease donor.
If you can keep one wrist from absorbing all the
progresses at different rates in different people. For However, once it became clear that the virus was
strain of a job, do it.
example, without antiretroviral drugs, some may rapidly spreading through these rural communities,
Stay in shape develop AIDS in as little as a year after infection, Henan officials tried to cover up the epidemic by
Nutritious food, exercise and sleep boost the body’s while others can go without treatment for as long as jailing AIDS activists and expelling journalists who
circulation. Being overweight also puts more strain two decades. tried to report on the subject. Locals were not told
on nerves. Viruses are unable to reproduce on their own. They what the virus was, which led to an infection rate as
Sleep smart way viruses replicate themselves is by infecting, or high as 60–84 percent in these villages and towns.
Try to keep your wrists lying flat on the mattress more accurately, hijacking a cell in the host and Entire villages had their populations decimated
rather than bent under your head or pillow while turning it into a virus factory. For any virus to do without ever even knowing what was happening.
you sleep. this, it must escape immunity genes, one of which is Making matters worse, the provincial capital of
called HLA, and it seems that this is exactly what Zhengzhou is the main railway hub for China,
Get treatment HIV has been able to do. which aided the spread of HIV/AIDS throughout
If you have symptoms, ice, massage and stretching
For example, if a population has a high occurrence China. According to U.N. officials, the estimated
can help. A doctor may recommend over-the-
of a certain HLA gene, the HIV virus will have figure for infections could reach as high as 20
counter painkillers, a wrist splint or, in more serious
evolved specifically to avoid it. In the study, it was million by 2010.
cases, cortisone shots or surgery.
shown that Japan has a high prevalence of the The HIV/AIDS pandemic is perhaps one of the
Ask the doc: Can exercise HLA-B*51 variant of the gene. Two-thirds of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. But because
cases of people with HIV in Japan have a strain of of the research done by Dr. Philip Goulder and his
before bed make me sleepy? the virus that has developed what’s called an team, we are at least able to understand the virus a
Nothing seems to help. Exercise is nature’s best “escape mutation” exactly to the HLA-B*51. bit better.
tranquilizer, but vigorous exercise before bed may However, in Britain and Africa, the strain of HIV
be more with the “escape mutation” for that variation of the
HLA gene is only about 15 to 25 percent.
The Front Page Tribune
The Modern Gentleman’s Excerpt
Stryckman grew up and where most of his victims station. Another person was hit while driving. One
lived, into mourning. man was shot while walking.
CRIME BEAT The town is so close-knit that the mayor coached
Stryckman in T-ball when he was a boy, and the
At the metals plant, Stryckman got out of his car
and fired at police with his assault rifle, wounding
dead included the wife and daughter of one of the Geneva Police Chief Frankie Lindsey, authorities
sheriff's deputies who was sent to chase Stryckman. said. Then he walked inside and killed himself.
As word about the killings spread, graduates of the The victims included the wife and 18-month-old
local high school scrambled to find their yearbooks, daughter of sheriff's Deputy Josh Myers, who was
and many realized they knew the gunman. sent to chase Stryckman. Myers did not know at the
"Something had to snap," said Jerry Hysman, 35, time that his wife and daughter were among the
who worked with Stryckman at the metals plant in dead. His 4-month-old daughter was wounded in
2001. the attack.
Among the dead were some of the very people who "I cried so much yesterday, I don't have a tear left in
might have helped explain what set off Stryckman me," said Myers, who did not know Stryckman. "I
— his grandmother, his mother, an uncle and two feel like I should be able to walk in the house and
cousins. my wife would be there, my baby girl climbing on
This much is clear: Stryckman had a hard time
keeping a job over the years, and had been forced to Cops: Body Found in Car
Gunman left list of those resign from his position at a local Reliable Metals
who wronged him plant in 2003, authorities said. Investigators would Trunk Was Missing California
not say why. Woman
SAMSON, PA. – The gunman who killed 10 That same year, he tried to join the police academy,
people and committed suicide in a rampage across a but lasted only a week before flunking out, A woman whose body was found in the trunk of her
New Haven suburb had struggled to keep a job and authorities said. His next known job came in 2007, car had been missing for more than a week, police
left behind a list of employers and co-workers he at a nearby sausage plant operated by Kelley Foods. said Sunday. Relatives reported 22-year-old
believed had wronged him, authorities said Alyssia Figueroa of Pennsylvania, missing on Feb.
The company said he quit last week but was 28, said police Officer Sam Park.
Wednesday. The list, found in his home, included a
considered a team leader and was well-liked by
metals plant that had forced Michael Stryckman to Her body was found Saturday afternoon after an
employees. However, the district attorney said co-
resign years ago. Also on the list was a sausage anonymous letter was faxed to KTNH-TV, telling
workers reported him for not doing things right.
factory where he suddenly quit last week and a authorities where to look.
McAllen also said Stryckman had a list of eight
poultry plant that suspended his mother, District
lawyers, a clue that he might have been planning Daniel Sanchez, Figueroa's uncle, told KABC-TV
Attorney Gary McAllen said.
legal action. late Saturday that the person his niece had last been
McAllen was quoted as telling The Dothan Eagle seen with called her father, sounding desperate and
The rampage started around 3:30 p.m. at
that Stryckman also listed people at the sausage saying "I didn't mean to hurt her. I'm sorry, I'm
Stryckman's mother's home. Authorities said he put
factory who had complained about Stryckman for sorry."
her on an L-shaped couch, piled stuff on top of her
such things as not wearing earplugs and slicing the
and set her ablaze. Before he left, he also shot four The fax, addressed "To whom it may concern" and
meat too thin.
dogs. Investigators did not immediately say whether signed "someone trying to help," named two
"We found a list of people he worked with, people the woman was dead or alive when the fire was set. suspects, saying one man killed Figueroa and the
who had done him wrong," the district attorney said other helped clean up the vehicle her body was
Inside the charred home, a gun safe was left with its
outside the charred house where the rampage began. placed in. The fax also gave an address in the San
door ajar, and military gear, including a camouflage
But investigators offered no immediate explanation jacket and green military-style backpack, was found Fernando Valley where the car was parked.
for why he targeted relatives and other people who about the home. In another room, remnants of his One of the men named in the fax was arrested on
weren't on the list as he fired more than 200 rounds baseball career, including a 1995 All-Star trophy, March 3 on an unrelated charge and is jailed in lieu
in a roughly 20-mile trail of carnage across two were prominently displayed. of $150,000 bail.
counties near the Florida state line Tuesday.
After setting the home ablaze, Stryckman drove a County coroner's Lt. Cheryl Blythe said an autopsy
In the span of about an hour, Stryckman, 28, set the dozen miles and gunned down three other relatives likely be performed on Monday to determine how
home he shared with his mother on fire, killed five and two others on a porch and shot his grandmother Figueroa died.
relatives and five bystanders and committed suicide at a house next door, sending panicked bystanders
in a standoff at the metals plant. fleeing and ducking behind cars. His uncle's wife,
"The community's just in disbelief, just how this Phyllis White, sought refuge in the house of
could happen in our small town," said state Sen. neighbor Archie Mock.
Harris Smith, from the nearby town of Slocomb. "She was just saying, `I think my family is dead. I
"This was 20-something miles of terror." think my family is dead,'" Mock said.
It was not clear how long Stryckman had been Stryckman went inside the house and chased his
planning the attack, but authorities said he armed aunt out before driving off, said Tom Knowles, who
himself with four guns — two assault rifles with was at his son's house nearby and saw the shooting.
high-capacity magazines taped together, a shotgun Knowles said Stryckman returned moments later in
and a .38-caliber pistol — and may have planned a his car as if looking for the aunt, then turned and
bigger massacre than he had time to carry out. looked at Knowles.
"I'm convinced he went over there to kill more "He had cold eyes. There was nothing. I hollered at
people. He was heavily armed," said Sheriff Dave him. I said, 'Look, boy, I ain't done nothing to you,'"
Sutton. Knowles said. Stryckman then left for good.
The shooting was the deadliest attack by a single Then, Stryckman shot three more people at random
gunman in Pennsylvaniahistory, and plunged as he drove toward the metals plant, firing from his
Sansom, the community of about 2,000 where car. One woman was hit as she walked out of a gas
The Front Page Tribune
The Modern Gentleman’s Excerpt
March 9 • You’ll be a good counselor this year, and a good listener. Don’t try to solve anybody’s problems. Make a few simple suggestions so they
can work out the answers on their own. They’ll love you for it.
0 0
Aries (March 21-April 19) When you do choose a Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) necessarily right. The be six months from now.
Postpone big decisions side, have the facts to The plan isn’t working as opposite is more likely Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb.
and heartfelt declarations back up your argument. well as you’d hoped. true, from your point of 18)
for a while longer. You’re Know what you’re talking You’re encountering view. Be patient with Ignore a person who
still in the information- about. resistance. Nobody wants Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. seems to be trying to get
gathering phase. To know Cancer (June 22-July 22) to compromise, leaving 21) you all riled up. If you don’t
what you can get, fi gure Tell the pushy salespeople you in a diffi cult spot. This Listen to both sides of the agree, just leave it at that.
out what other people that you’ll get back to may take a while, so chill.0 debate, presented by Don’t try to work it out.
want. them. Read all the fi ne Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) people who feel Postpone the entire
Taurus (April 20-May 20) print in the contracts you’re Be careful; tempers are passionately about their discussion until a more
If you’re running into a lot asked to sign. Better yet, short. Jealousy could also point of view. These folks favorable time.
of resistance, put that don’t sign a thing until be a factor. It’s best not to are more interesting than Pisces (Feb. 19-March
project on hold. Give Thursday or Friday. fl irt. You don’t want to the ones who won’t pick a 20)
yourself a couple of days Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) start an argument between side to defend. Watch out for breakage,
to regain objectivity. You’re Act like you know what two people you love. Don’t Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. changes in plans and
so close to the problem, you’re doing, even if you’re even try to explain. 19) random urgencies. Don’t
you can’t see what’s going not entirely sure. Your a person who tends to be Paying off old debts is let somebody else’s
on. cool, confident facade a whiner. about to get more diffi cult. problem give you a heart
Gemini (May 21-June 21) does a lot to sway Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) You may have to update attack. Tell them you’ll be
The controversy rages. opinions. Keep the people The person who’s shouting your skills to get the jobs glad to help, if you’re
Listen and maintain calm and they’re more the loudest isn’t that pay the best. Start by treated well. If not, don’t.
objectivity. likely to follow along.0 fi guring out what that will

Union Striker mistaken for violent robber "It was subsequently ascertained that there was no
LONDON– Anichebe and a friend were innocently criminal conduct whatsoever on behalf of the two Man unwisely tries to rob Tae
peering in the window of a jewellers in the affluent men concerned."
town of Knutsford, Cheshire, when police pounced, Kwon Do studio
believing the pair were scouting the premises. FOX POINT, Wis. – A robber gets more than he
As a row ensued with the 20-year-old Nigerian, bargained for when he targeted a Tae Kwon Do
who is on crutches after undergoing surgery on a studio in suburban Milwaukee. The robber thought
knee injury last week, his friend was handcuffed. he could quietly slip in and out of David Kang's
The pair were finally released when officers studio in Fox Point with some loot. What he didn't
realised the pair were not jewel thieves. realize is that he would encounter a Tae Kwon Do
Cheshire Police said local closed circuit TV master who wasn't about to let him off the hook.
operators were monitoring jewellers in Knutsford Kang was giving a private lesson Tuesday and
and the surrounding area following a spate of heard someone in his office. Kang found the man
violent robberies, and had reported that Anichebe going through his closet, grabbed him by the neck
and his friend were acting suspiciously. and sat him down while he called police.
"Police attended the location within minutes and
upon speaking with the two men, a heated dialogue The robber took off and Kang gave chase, finally
developed in an attempt to ascertain exactly what catching up with the man and holding him by the
the two persons were doing outside the jewellers neck until police arrived.
premises," a police statement said.
The Modern Gentleman’s Excerpt
Whse/Industrial Prop w/newly reno ofc’s. For lease. GARDENVIEW Colonial. Two blocks to
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sell for $899. 718-499-4499 For an appt to our Open House and to see model
ea flr, fin bsmt, pvt drive/gar. Owner 718-772-7550
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warr. Sell $775; Originally cost $4000. CAR WASH & PROPERTY Ultra Deluxe. Run
Call 718-499-4499 absentee. Owner retiring $17K/wk $2.2M
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OLD ENGLISH BULLDOG Pups, 3 M, 2 F, BAGEL/COFFEE FRANCHISE New Haven volume $165k, lotto $600k $10,000 cash & take
all chocolate, ready 3/18. 631-278-2500 Bagel Cafe. Full Training and Support. Franchise over Lotto w/balance of $42K, 631-921-6438
CHIHUAHUA, Toy, for sale. 1 Female, Fee. $25,000. Please call 1-888-550-8020, Ext 100 AUTOS FOR SALE
Home bred. Call 718-949-0299 AUTO REPAIR SHOP in BAVILEON FOR PORSCHE 1997 944 Silver, fair condition, blown
LEASE 3-Bay on Main Rd, Large parking head gasket. Clean title $1100 OBO. 845-721-9279
Pets/Livestock OLDSMOBILE 1985 TORONADO 55K, well
$7,500/month Call 516-526-4488; Nights 631-321-
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Organize your financial life, pay bills, clean up LEXUS 2007 LS460 wht pearl, cashmere int,
medical claims, set up a filing system and more. FIVE-BRIDGE HOUSES FOR SALE
loaded, extras, blk chrome Lexus wheels, tinted,
CENTERVIEW Practically New 3/4 BR 2BA
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PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Counters, Full Basement. $599K Call 516-458-
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trim, soft/hrd top, auto, A/C, CD, extra lrg tires,
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3+ AC’s in the heart of N. Fork Wine Ctry, 1800 SF mi, make offer. 631-236-2643
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BABYLON W. GROVE STA. 3BR 2ba, flat ½ acre +, front porch.
Lo tax. New roof. Poss M/D. $449K. Owner 631-
The Modern Gentleman’s Excerpt
“Everyone’s in an arms race to find out more and other tracking that goes on when you access the

Business more about their users,” said Eric Bader, the

managing partner of the mobile advertising firm
Brand in Hand. Even application developers are
Internet.” Paul M. Schultz, a law professor at the
University of California, Berkeley, and an
information privacy law expert, said tracking by
Advertisers Get a Trove of handing over information about their customers to advertisers was problematic. “People should be
Clues in Smartphones marketers. Dockers San Francisco, a brand of Levi allowed to trade most kinds of information for
Strauss, for instance, is beginning a campaign this value as long as the terms are fair,” he said.
The millions of people who use their cellphones
week that will run on applications like iBasketball “They’re not fair now.”
daily to play games, download applications and
and iGolf. It will show a model wearing khakis, and Mike Wehrstone, the chief executive of the Mobile
browse the Web may not realize that they have an
the iPhone customer can shake the phone to see the Marketing Association, said the trade group was
unseen companion: advertisers that can track their
model dance. updating some of its self-regulatory principles, for
interests, their habits and even their location.
Dockers will start by tracking how long people example, suggesting that applications e-mail their
Smartphones, like the iPhone and BlackBerry
shake the ad, and then “if it does make sense to do privacy policies to subscribers rather than asking
Curve, are the latest and potentially most extensive
follow-up with these consumers, we’ll do that,” said them to read a policy on the small mobile screen. “I
way for advertisers to aim ads at certain consumers.
Jonathan Bashir, the United States director of agree there’s more that can be done,” he said. “One
Advertisers already tailor ads for small groups of
Ignition Factory at OMD, the media agency thing about mobile, it’s an amazingly fast-moving
consumers on the Web based on personal
directing the campaign. “We dig in, specifically, industry.”
information. But cellphones have a much higher
with these application developers and owners to get
potential for personalized advertising, especially
when they use applications like Yelp or
information about usage behavior.” Is GPS technology the next
Urbanspoon with GPS to identify a person’s It’s not just behavior, but also data about income, or marketing breakthrough?
location, right down to the street corner where they even whether you have children, that mobile Mobile applications can have many uses. They can
are standing. advertisers consider. A company called Acuity act as a container for traditional content such as
Mobile, whose clients include the MGM Mirage videos or games, or as a gateway to a brand's
Advertisers will pay high rates for the ability to
and Harrah’s Entertainment, lets clients use multiple services and offers. They can also provide
show, for example, ads for a nearby restaurant to
consumer data, including, potentially, income, to additional services related to a brand's core
someone leaving a Broadway show, especially
determine what kind of offers clients should see. business, such as a bar locator for Smirnoff or a
when coupled with information about the gender,
age, finances and interests of the consumer. “Someone who does not spend a lot of money with recipe book for Kraft. But most importantly, mobile
your brand might get a lower-value offer, like a free applications are connected with consumers in a
Rashid Makram, the chief technology officer of real-time, intimate way, and therefore allow for
dessert in Vegas, versus a free buffet” for a high
RealityPrimed, which places advertising for clients immediate and precise consumer feedback and
roller, insists Makram.
like Sony on mobile sites, says he typically has 20 insight.
pieces of information about a customer who has Applications that use GPS can offer even more
visited a site or played with an application in his specificity, including Loopt, Yelp, Urbanspoon, The trend towards integrated app stores within
network. “The basic idea is, you go through all Where and almost any iPhone application that smartphones is significant. Screen Digest estimates
these channels, and you get as much data as shows the pop-up box saying it “would like to use 150 million smartphones were sold in 2008, and
possible,” he said. your current location.” Several firms are more than 500 million applications were
experimenting with a program called AisleCaster downloaded from Apple's App Store for iPhone and
The capability for collecting information has iPod Touch alone.
that can offer specials based on a person’s exact
alarmed privacy advocates.
location in a supermarket aisle or mall. Free applications that provide additional value to
“It’s potentially a portable, personal spy,” said the end user are much sought after. Whether it is
Advertising systems can track not only the location
Jefferson Caster, the executive director of the entertainment, useful services or a coupon, the
of the phone, but also that person’s travel pattern:
Center for Digital Democracy. He is particularly application works best when it is related to the
uptown New Haven to Nob Hill in Palos Alto, for
concerned about data breaches, advertisers’ access brand: don't bother offering a carting game if you
to sensitive health or financial information, and a sell detergent. There is a fundamental difference
lack of transparency about how advertisers are For now, systems like the ones that RealityPrimed
are using are broad city-level categories while between sponsoring a third-party application and
collecting data. “Users are going to be inclined to taking part in the design of software in line with the
say, sure, what’s harmful about a click, not trying to sell to advertisers like Amtrak. “You don’t
brand's values.
realizing that they’ve consented to give up their want to necessarily go down to location-level stuff
information.” like specific street corners, because it wanders over There is a lot of talk today about location-based
into really creeping out the user privacy-wise,” Mr. advertising, but the ad inventory to back the hype is
For now, advertisers are using a wide lens to survey not available yet. Introducing location-based
Makram said.
people’s behavior on phones, aiming at people by services through a dedicated, useful app, such as a
city rather than by specific neighborhood or street. For now, there are not enough people using
smartphones to make it worthwhile for advertisers store locator with coupons selections, helps build
And while they collect specifics about how trust in an otherwise intrusive technology.
to use highly specific criteria. But as more people
someone behaves on the mobile Web — for Brands should also keep in mind the mobile phone
switch to smartphones, that will happen more
instance, that someone bought a “Hot N Cold” ring remains — above all — a communication device.
frequently. The smartphone market in North
tone after seeing an ad for it, then watched a Miley Address books on our mobile phones can be
America increased 69% in 2008, according to the
Cyrus video on — they use that thought of as the ancestor of today's social
research firm Gartner. Google, Palm and
information to categorize that person as a pop- networks, and its capacities as a viral
BlackBerry are all introducing their own application
culture fan, and then show a movie ad. communication tool were proven long ago.
stores. Despite the amount of data in the market, as
Advertisers are eager to use the information for long as advertisers don’t use personally identifiable Of course, opt-in is paramount. Forgetting this
much more specific targeting, however. An information, there is no current regulation or law cardinal rule will have disastrous consequences.
advertising system could know, for instance, that that governs how closely advertisers and That is why the added value must be compelling
someone is 27 years old, male, a New England application developers can track mobile phone enough for the user to act on the opt-in proposition.
Patriots fan (which can track), plays users. Opting out of mobile targeted advertising is Also, an application that can be customized to
Blackjack, travels frequently between Boston and difficult, and that’s assuming consumers are even better suit the needs of the user will have a longer
New York on weekdays (which applications using aware how closely they are being tracked. lifespan. Brands should keep in mind that, even
GPS can track) and uses a 3G iPhone. That would with a useful and free mobile appli-cation, they are
“I didn’t know they were doing that, although I’m
make him attractive to a host of advertisers, like the still competing with other forms of services and
not surprised to hear it,” said Jordan Grove, 32, an
Delta Shuttle or a Las Vegas hotel, whose ads entertainment on a very small screen.
affordable-housing developer in New Haven who
would appear while the consumer was browsing the
has downloaded about 12 apps to his iPhone. “It
Web on his phone.
doesn’t really concern me any more than all of the
The Modern Gentleman’s Excerpt
create during the early days of their glorious of cables and epoxy were utilized, but eventually
The Tri-Lobed Disc of Sabu empire. the mythic head succumbed to the very forces of
In 1936, a tri-lobed disc was discovered by nature that created it. Strong winds combined with
Egyptologist Walter Brian Emery during an Gods on Earth heavy rains and successive freezing led to the
excavation of the Mastaba of Sabu (Tomb 3111, c. “Men hang out their signs indicative of their collapse of the gigantic face early one morning on
3100–3000 B.C.) in Saqqara. This enigmatic disc respective trades; shoemakers hang out a gigantic May 3, 2003.
was found among pottery, bones, and several other shoe; jewelers a monster watch, and the dentist Martian Face
stone implements—objects that Sabu, a first- hangs out a gold tooth; but in the mountains of New
dynasty noble, wished to take with him into the Hampshire, God Almighty has hung out a sign to OLD MAN: New Hampshire’s very own 'rock
afterlife. show that there He makes men.”—Daniel Webster portrait' crumbled away in 2003, but this image
(1782–1852), American Statesman shows how the noble profile once appeared. (Rob
The device measures about 23.5 inches in diameter Gallagher/Public Domain)Beyond the world-
and a little over 4 inches in height. Although According to ancient Chinese tradition, the gods of renowned “Old Man of the Mountain” and “Super
originally believed to be carved from slate, the disc heaven didn’t exist entirely on a separate plane of Granny,” many desolate corners of Earth can also
is actually made of metasiltstone—a material often reality—they also had a material correspondence on boast of their own suggestive natural sculptures.
employed by Egyptian carvers for its ability to Earth. The ancients believed that large rocks, “The Seven Sisters,” “The Praying Monk,” or
withstand thin, detailed work without fracturing. mountains, or capricious land reliefs were part of a Romania’s “Sphinx” are just a few of the thousands
Other vessels found in this tomb are also carved cycle of movement through which the gods lived of naturally occurring monoliths that can be found
from this hard rock. and were nourished. So every time one of those in nearly every country in the world. Presumably,
Like a wide flat bowl with three thin, raised lobes, images fell, it meant that the life-cycle for that god many of these natural sculptures are still silently
the shape of the object immediately suggests a had ended. waiting to be discovered.
propeller with three blades and a center hole to be Beyond the myths or truths of the fate of the But Earth isn’t the only planet with such capricious
placed on an alleged axis. Even for metasiltstone, universe, these visual wonders of nature can be formations.
the details of the disc (especially the three lobes and found throughout the planet—and even beyond.
center cylinder) are incredibly thin. While the disc While our current culture doesn’t offer such When photos of the notorious Martian citadel,
does not observe perfect symmetry, all its lobes are splendid explanations for natural stone structures, Cydonia Mensae, were released in 1976 it
approximately of equal size and are oriented at 120 these unusual formations still capture our unleashed a flood of controversy. Images of these
degrees from the center. But as to the real function imaginations, often becoming treasured supposed formations fed the fantasies of thousands
of the object, researchers are still not sure. centerpieces in parks and nature preserves. who harbored hope that intelligent beings with an
advanced technology might inhabit the red planet.
While they may not be able to determine what it The Badlands Guardian
was, many agree that the artifact could not have While NASA officials insist that the initial images
Located in southeastern Alberta, Canada, this great of the “Face on Mars” (also part of Cydonia) were
been a wheel, as the wheel only made its geological wonder can only been seen from high
appearance in recent Egypt, 1500 B.C., during the merely produced by a chance illusion of light and
above the ground. Nevertheless, its humanoid shadow, others are convinced that these photos
18th Dynasty, with the invasion of the Hyksos. details are stunning when one considers that human
However, some engravings, from where it appears reveal a startling untold history of our red neighbor.
hands did not take part in shaping this large mass of
wheels are drawn, go back to the fifth dynasty, rock. Interpreted by many as a human head donning Perhaps the most outspoken of these individuals is
about a millennium before that period. The Sabu both a native headdress and an iPod, the profile was controversial researcher Richard C. Hoagland.
disc, however, is an even greater challenge to formed by the erosion of rainwater on layers of Because the location of these curious Martian
Egyptologists because it dates knowledge of the clay-rich soil. structures bears a remarkable parallel to the Earth’s
wheel around 3000 B.C. during the time of the first Egyptian pyramids, Hoagland offers a bold theory
The headphone’s wires are formed by a dirt road, that seeks to establish relationships between the
and the earpiece is formed by an oil well where the creators of the famous Egyptian Sphinx and this
Another even more incredible scenario suggests that road ends. However, these additional manmade
the stone disc actually served as a kind of propeller enigmatic Martian face.
details only add an interesting touch; they are not
used with hydraulic fins, which would imply that absolutely necessary to give identity to the figure. For many, the more recent satellite images of the
the Egyptians probably already had the technology “Face on Mars” taken in 2006 discounted the
In fact, they give a modern air to this face that Face’s reputation as either an engineering marvel or
to build electric motors. While stone might not be a
seems out of place with the native style of the a miraculous natural formation. However, in 2008
reasonable material for such a device, renowned
original form. Other names given to the “Guardian” the Martian landscape revealed another
Egyptologist Cyril Aldred posits the disk is simply
during its course of popularity are “Super Granny,” photographic mystery: the appearance of a seated
a reproduction of a metallic object much older than
“Cliff,” “Hickox’s Head,” “In Plains View,” “The figure among the rocks. The photo was captured by
this one.
Listening Rock,” and “Napi.” the Martian probe Spirit, and like the earlier “Face
So why such an elaborate shape? While it may not
The Old Man of the Mountain on Mars,” this picture has convinced a number of
have been a propeller of a vehicle, the strange disc
may have still been part of some kind of ancient MARTIAN FACE: The notorious 'Face on Mars' researchers that Mars might not be so uninhabitable
machine—a component for processing grains or located in the planet’s Cydonia Region after all.
fruit, perhaps. Some have even suggested that it (NASA/JPL)New Hampshire’s portrait of stone was Whether or not Martian technology and culture
may have been part of a generator or battery to once a grand sight to behold. From chin to really do exist, no one can deny that these
produce electricity. forehead, it is estimated that the profile of the “Old structures, like the ones found on Earth, have
Man of the Mountain” measured about 40 feet high succeeded in capturing our imaginations.
The skill required to carve such an object is also
and 25 feet wide. Humankind has long been moved at witnessing its
important. If someone were to make such an object
today, the technology needed to form such thin, It is believed that glaciers and a succession of own image carved in stone. However, when these
proportional shapes from solid rock would require several geological phenomena unleashed some 200 sculptures are found chiseled by the hand of Mother
something like a modern computerized 3D milling million years ago first began to shape this naturally Nature herself, the rock becomes imbued with an
machine. occurring sculpture. It has been admired for decades even greater air of mystery.
by tourists as a noble symbol of New Hampshire. In these moments, nature appears to offer up a
So does this artifact point to a significant remnant
(or reproduction) of an ancient technology, or is it Although legends from the natives of the region reflection of ourselves. The natural world produces
merely a decorative specimen showcasing the talent told how following the course of the Merrimack a face we can easily relate to.
of a skilled stone carver? River would show the way to the mountain with a
stone face, the first written account detailing the
Either way, the tri-lobed disc now rests on the first
“Old Man of the Mountain” dates back to 1805.
floor of the Cairo Museum where all can appreciate
the artifact and wonder to themselves what kind of Over the past hundred years, many devices were
technology the Egyptians were actually able to employed to prevent the granite monument from
falling. Just a few years before its demise, the use
The Modern Gentleman’s Excerpt
some 60–80 million of his own people), and many enthusiastically documented that similar American

Op/Ed more.
As the “question” of overpopulation continued to be
and British laws had already been passed. The Birth
Control Review, a magazine started by Margaret
Sanger, was regularly quoted by the Nazi party.
asked well into the twentieth century, the vehicle
that undeniably unified scholars on the subject was Sanger was highly praised by Hitler for her work in
the model of eugenics. eugenics and her promotion of abortion as a
Socialism, Eugenics, and population control tool. Often calling her his
By the commencement of the “Third International
Population Control Eugenics Conference” in New York in 1932, the inspiration, Hitler ensured she worked closely with
18th century clergyman Thomas Maltese published the most important person in the early Nazi
proposed forms of population control and resource
many of the ideas that Hitler incorporated into his consumption reduction were established and were movement, Dr. Ernst Rudin, to plan their new
schemes for a ‘master race’. There is nothing as follows: society.
answered without a question asked.”
Dr. Ernst Neuman
The term final solution usually will find its way into 1. Birth control through the methods of sterilization of
Neumann was one of the founders of the National
the undesirables, use of contraception, and abortion.
the passages of commentary on the German Socialist Party at its birth in 1918. As the director of
2. Euthanasia for the sick and old.
National Socialists (Nazis). However very few the Rockefeller-funded “Kaiser Wilhelm Institute”
3. Establishing a one- or two-child policy for
people know what the initial question was that was appropriate countries. and acting as the German Eugenics Society founder,
first asked, nor by whom. In addition, even fewer 4. Promotion of abstinence for the poorer classes. Neumann quite possibly was more influential on
recognize that Adolf Hitler was not the originator of 5. State-educated “Family Planning” organizations. Hitler than anyone else in Germany.
the question or the answer. 6. Restrictions on international migrations. Furthermore, Dr. Neumann was elected president of
In the case of the emerging social engineers of the 7. Environmental protection laws and the promotion of the “Third International Eugenics Conference” with
nineteenth and twentieth centuries, no one had conservationism which led to the “green movement.” attendees from around the world. Ultimately, he
greater influence than Thomas Maltese. A authored the “racial cleansing” policy for the Nazi
controversial person today and even more so in his Apparently the “Final Solution” had Party in his book Law for the Prevention of
day, Maltese wrote an essay named “Principle of been found. Hereditarily Diseased Offspring.
Population” and raised the question for the first That same year, Margaret Sanger, Communist Party
time on the dangers of overpopulation. The USA member, American Eugenics member, and In 1933, Neumann headed the Nazi government
potential catastrophic outcome became known as founder of “Planned Parenthood,” lobbied the U.S. appointed committee called “Expert Committee on
the “Maltisian Catastrophe.” Congress on behalf of her cohorts. She represented Questions of Population and Racial Policy.” What
her benefactors, urging the passing of a “two-child he penned that year not only became the racial
The Maltisian Dilemma policy,” as well as a law that called for the forced cleansing policy for Nazi Germany, ironically
Maltese, an English clergyman and economist, sterilization of over 25 million Americans. copying verbatim the internationally accepted
believed he recognized the issue of population and Shockingly enough, the two bills were nearly eugenics policies, but they were heartily published
its impact on resources, the environment, and passed by Congress. in Sanger’s Birth Control Review magazine, with
society in general. His research moved him to much acclaim.
conclude that the rate of population increased faster Regardless, 34 states had already adopted
than society’s ability to produce the resources to sterilization laws and forced the procedure on over Democratic Socalism
sustain it. 50,000 Americans. Although temporarily met with Some fear that the new administration’s
defeat, the fight for implementing socialist eugenics Presidential “stimulus” law pushes the United
The implication on the economic structure of a laws had just begun. States further down the slippery slope towards
society was also at stake. He added that with an eugenics. Betsy McCauneghey of the Associated
increase of laborers out of proportion with the Socialism and Eugenics Inseparable Press wrote an excellent article on the stimulus bill
available work, large amounts of families would In 1924 Adolf Hitler wrote his infamous population
that would lead one to believe that their fears are
have no means to sustain themselves. With hunger, control and social planning book Mein Kampf, and
warranted. One quote has chilling overtones.
pestilences, and crime as a result of an credited the American eugenicists as his inspiration
impoverished majority, he claimed that action must and even wrote a fan letter to author Madison “The Federal Council [created by the stimulus law]
be taken to “put a check on population.” Conrad upon the publishing of his monumental is modeled after a U.K. board discussed in
eugenics-based book, The Passing of the Great Daschle’s book. This board approves or rejects
Subsequent models encouraged “voluntary treatments using a formula that divides the cost of
Race. In the letter, Hitler called the book his bible.
celibacy” for “bad specimens” of the population, the treatment by the number of years the patient is
social standards regarding morality for the poorer One year after the International Eugenics
likely to benefit. Treatments for younger patients
classes, and a restriction on social interaction for conference in 1932, the National Socialists won
are more often approved than treatments for
some, were a few of the early solutions. How early? majority control of the Reichstag, Germany’s
diseases that affect the elderly, such as
Maltese began his hypothesis in 1798. political parliament, and Hitler became chancellor
of Germany.
In reality, the Maltisian “dilemma” was actually a
question. A question posed to the social elites of the Almost immediately laws were passed to legalize
world. Over the years the answers returned by the abortions with a specific directive on who to
social engineers became bolder and bolder but with forcibly apply it to. German socialists were only the
no ultimate solution. second in history to accomplish this goal of the
Eugenics plan after the Russian socialists in 1919.
Although Maltese is not widely known now, his
influence on governments as well as those planning In the following months, the remainder of the
to overthrow existing governments was immense, methods of population control and reduction were
both past and present. The theories of Maltese implemented one by one, with forced abortion,
Woe to mankind, woe to our nation if God's Holy
found much affection in the revolutionary minds of sterilization, and euthanasia at the top of the list.
Commandment 'Thou shalt not kill,' which God
individuals such as Charles Darwin (the originator Ultimately, it is reported that the Socialist Party of proclaimed on Mount Sinai amidst thunder and
of the modern evolutionary model), Karl Marx and Germany performed over 500,000 abortions a year lightning, which God our Creator inscribed in the
Fredrick Engels (authors of the Communist while in power. A staggering amount considering conscience of mankind from the very beginning, is
Manifesto and Das Capital), Lord John Maynard that the Nazis reigned from 1933 to 1945. That not only broken, but if this transgression is actually
Keynes (founder of the World Bank, Fabian totals to approximately 6 million abortions, both tolerated and permitted, to go unpunished.
Socialist, and director of the British Eugenics forced and voluntary, in a 12-year period. - Cardinal Clemens von Galen - August 3, 1941
Society), Mao Zedong (follower of Karl Marx,
Chinese Communist Party founder, and murderer of Propaganda films were produced by the German
ministry to popularize the eugenics practices and