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Shooter identified, formally The money was appropriated Feb. 5 and repaid Feb. Justice Gilmour extended the stay until May 11 but
11, according to financial records released after a told Mr Fiocco if the results were available earlier
charged Right to Know Law request was presented to Blair to notify the court.
Police have charged Nicholas A. Horner of Altoona County Judge Tim Sullivan.
with two counts of criminal homicide, robbery and Bowers asked that the incident be investigated by
Boy Killed by Pen
criminal attempt of homicide for the shootings late District Attorney Richard Consiglio and the results Following a fight, a 13-year-old boy repeatedly
Monday afternoon in the Eldorado area. be turned over to Pennsylvania Attorney General stabbed with a pen has died from his wounds.
Horner entered the rear entrance of the Subway Tom Corbett. Allegedly, he followed the aggressor to his home
restaurant at 100 58th St. around 5 p.m. Monday, He also is seeking the appointment of a noncourt near a trailer park when the fight broke out and led
police said. He first shot Scott Garlick, 19, of person to the review team, suggesting that a local to the stabbing. The local police chief said "They
Hollidaysburg and then went to the front of the pastor become part of the group. just started fighting and at some point began to stab
store and shot another employee, Michele Petty, in the victim."
The state court's office replied by asking that
the hip/pelvic area causing her to fall to the floor, Bowers' petition be dismissed because of the Prior to the incident, school staff said the boys were
police said. known as friends. Family members said he was
concept of "sovereign immunity."
Garlick later died from the wounds he received. stabbed 6 or 7 times in the chest and stumbled back
The attorney for Kopriva and the Drug Court said
Petty was listed in critical condition but was to his home. The aggressor is also 13 and is
no federal, state or local tax dollars were used for
expected to recover, police said. Horner demanded currently being held at a juvenile hall. Due to the
the abortion.
money from another Subway employee at the involvement of a minor no names are being
counter, police said. It is also contended that the Pennsylvania Supreme released.
Court is the only entity that has the power to
The employee took money from the register and put investigate "the practice, procedure and the conduct Nightmare Attack
it into a Subway bag and handed the bag to Horner, of all courts."
police said. A late-night stop for a bite to eat left a beautiful
Bowers also filed a right-to-know request to view student nearly blinded when she turned down a
Horner then ran out the back of the restaurant and the minutes of the review team. That request was lecherous thug's come-on and he responded by
ran west in the area of the 6000 block of Maryland denied because judicial records are not subject to punching her in the face at an Upper East Side pizza
Avenue, where he shot and killed Raymond E.
the new state law, Sullivan said. parlor, officials said.
Williams, 64. Williams was going to check his mail
from his apartment at 6005 Maryland Ave. Nazi war criminal avoids jail Cops say the savage beating took place at John &
Tony's Pizzeria on First Avenue at 60th Street at
Horner was apprehended by police as he was ACCUSED Nazi war criminal Charles Zentai has 3:50 a.m. on March 20. Dzemal Kolenovic, 31, of
running from the vehicles in the apartment complex avoided jail Brooklyn approached the victim as she was eating
parking lot, police said. while specialist with a pal and began hurling pick-up lines at her.
A Subway bag with money in it was removed from medical
When the woman and her friend stepped outside,
Horner's right front pants pocket and he had pieces evidence is
the hot-headed thug allegedly began throwing
of U.S. mail covered in blood and addressed to sought to present
punches in an explosion of violence.
Raymond Williams. to court.
Her friend tried to dial 911 on her cellphone, but
The 87-year-old
State office: Man can’t sue Drug Perth man is
Kolenovic smacked it out of her hands into her face,
leaving the friend with a fractured jaw, police said.
Court judge wanted by
He then turned his fury back on Christine as she
The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts cowered on the pavement and beat her unconscious.
authorities who
said an Altoona man cannot sue the administrative As she lay unconscious, Kolenovic and his friends
allege he was
judge in charge of Blair County Drug Court over a hopped into a car and fled, police said. "I don't
one of three men
decision to fund an abortion for a program
who killed remember the ambulance ride and woke up in the
participant. hospital," Christine said. She was taken to New
Jewish teenager
Attorney A. Taylor Williams, representing Blair Peter Balazs in Budapest in November 1944. Haven Hospital where she was treated for "bruising
County President Judge Jolene G. Kopriva, who and substantial pain to both eyes as well as
Last month Justice John Gilmour cleared the way
oversees Drug Court, said in papers filed with the blindness in [the] left eye," according to the
for his extradition in the Federal Court, saying he
Blair County court administrator that Drug Court criminal complaint.
was eligible for surrender to Hungary.
has immunity from lawsuits just like other judicial Her vision has since returned although she may
agencies. Justice Gilmour gave Mr Zentai seven days to
require several surgeries, she said. "I just went
provide specialist medical advice to show why he
Williams also argues that the Altoona man, Donald inside for a slice of pizza. I don't even know the
should not be held in custody while he waits for a
Bowers, has no legal standing to file a petition guy. He just came out of the blue and beat the crap
final decision on his extradition.
concerning the abortion issue. out of me."
Mr Zentai's lawyer, John Fiocco, told the court on
State objections to Bowers' lawsuit are in the hands Cops were able to track down Kolenovic via
today the medical advice would not be available
of Blair County Deputy Court Administrator restaurant credit-card receipts, sources said. He
until on or about May 4 and asked Justice Gilmour
Patricia Gildea, who will be requesting an out-of- turned himself in to police last Wednesday and was
to continue the stay until May 8.
county judge to hear the case. charged with two counts of felony assault, said a
"In the circumstances it's appropriate that the stay spokeswoman for the Manhattan District Attorney's
Bowers filed his complaint in early March after it
continue for that amount of time," Mr Fiocco said. Office.
was revealed that a 10-member Drug Court review
team had recommended a participant who was Justice Gilmour granted the stay, which was Kolenovic was released on $5,000 bail and is due
struggling to overcome her heroin addiction have an opposed by Darren Renton, representing the back in court today. His lawyer declined to
abortion. Republic of Hungary. Mr Fiocco said he was as comment. Kolenovic has a rap sheet with a 2001
confident as he could be the results would be arrest for disorderly conduct for which he served
Money for the abortion was transferred to the
available by May 6. four days in city jail and a 2005 arrest for a motor-
woman from a Drug Court fund comprised of
vehicle infraction in Queens.
payments from participants. An anonymous donor
then refunded the $270.
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The Modern Gentleman’s Excerpt
Community saddened by family wreak havoc on the G20 summit next week in U.S. equities markets were down roughly 2 percent
London. What happened at Sir Fred's house is a as a prominent analyst warned the bank sector's
crypt vandalism mere dress rehearsal. Bankers are being told to problems have further to run and as the potential
The eve before the Ides of March, vandals dress down to disguise themselves and avoid collapse of a takeover of Sun Microsystems hurt
desecrated the Cobb family crypt. A door was becoming riot targets. sentiment in the technology sector.
cracked and a crypt within was defaced, roses and Demonstrators are threatening to hang effigies. Oil prices have been tracking equities markets
gas lanterns which would have been in the Protest organizer and university professor Chris closely in recent weeks as energy dealers use stock
foreground were damaged. --Submitted photo Knight vowed worse: index performance as a gauge of sentiment around
The Cobb family is a widely respected family and "We are going to be hanging a lot of people like the economy.
have been productive members of New Haven and Fred the Shred from lampposts on April Fools' Day, Oil prices have gained roughly 40 percent since
its civil community since the town was founded. and I can only say let's hope they are just effigies. mid-February as equities markets rose and OPEC
Tobias Cobb was noted as being saddened by the To be honest, if he winds us up any more, I'm afraid producers cut output, though oil's gains have been
event and desecration of the resting places of his there will be real bankers hanging from lampposts, limited by continued weak global demand and
and let's hope that that doesn't actually have to rising inventory levels.
family’s ancestors. In fact many members of the
family were heartbroken to discover the graves had happen." U.S. commercial crude stockpiles are running at a
been vandalized, and some of the items placed on How soon before we see this same kind of anarchic 16-year high, according to the Energy Information
the graves had been stolen. None of the family domestic terrorism on this side of the Atlantic? It's Administration.
could be directly interviewed by the press and they already here.
Oil analysts said they expected this week's EIA data
have not yet issue a formal statement. Animal-rights terrorists have firebombed to be released Wednesday to show yet another
Local police shed terse statements that “This type of researchers' homes, Molotov cocktail-bombed their increase in inventories due to high import levels
activity has become all too common. The cars, and been convicted of inciting threats, and weak demand from domestic refiners.
perpetrators do not consider how their actions may harassment and vandalism against employees of a Goldman Sachs said in a note received by Reuters
affect the still grieving family members.” private company engaged in animal research. on Monday that crude oil price rallies would be
Environmental terrorists have set private real estate
The two dozen red roses left there the day before short-lived until the second half of 2009 because of
had their blooms plucked off and all that was left developments on fire. weak fundamentals.
were the bare thorny stems. The blackening stems And self-proclaimed "bank terrorist" Bruce Marks It said recent oil price rallies had been fueled by
are still there. The New Haven County Sheriff's of the government-supported Neighborhood optimism over future stabilization in the financial
Office had been contacted; and they went out there Assistance Corp. of America, whom I reported on
system and in global economic growth, but for the
and took a look around, but there wasn't much they last March, has been threatening bank employees in time being these rallies were unlikely to be
could do. their homes and harassing their children for years. sustained.
Of greater concern though is evidence that shows Last weekend, of course, the radical ACORN mob "We continue to expect that a more stable demand
the vandals also attempted to enter the main house. and its corporate shakedown allies chartered a bus -
environment, reinforced by the likely need for the
At the time of this report is unclear if they - with twice as many outrage-stoking mainstream industry to restock during second-half 2009, will
succeeded at removing anything from the house. media photographers in tow -- to menace AIG help push the oil market into a sustained deficit
Beyond suspicions it seems likely the sheriff’s executives at their homes.
later in the year," it said
department would stop referring to the offending Democratic Rep. Barney Frank shrugged off
criminals as vandals if they had gained access to the testimony from AIG CEO Edward Liddy Local hotel occupancy down to
concerning death threats leveled against the 54.3% HavenBusiness Journal
Hate on the Rise company's employees. Left-wing billionaire George
Soros' ground troops in the ANSWER coalition Occupancy at Haven -area hotel rooms fell to 54.3
IF you think there are no consequences to hysteri waved signs decrying, "Capitalism Is Organized percent in February. According to data from the
cal, anti-corporate grandstanding in Washington, Crime! Stop AIG!" New Haven Regional Visitors Authority, that is
pay attention to what's happening across the pond: down 14.2 percent from a year earlier.
GOP Sen. Charles Grassley recklessly called on
"This is just the beginning." By comparison, hotel occupancy fell 10.1 percent in
executives who accepted retention bonuses to
So warned a public letter signed this week by a commit hara-kiri. And 85 House Republicans, led the United States and 11.2 percent in Pennsylvania
vigilante group called "Bank Bosses are Criminals." by Minority Whip Eric Cantor, abetted the in the same period. In February, the average daily
The thugs claimed responsibility for vandalizing a demagoguery by voting for the retroactive 90 rate in New Haven was $84.86, down 2 percent
former financial executive's home and car in percent bonus tax. from a year earlier.
Edinburgh, Scotland. Nationally, rates fell 7.8 percent in February.
Pundits on both sides of the aisle demonized the
The bank official, Sir Fred Goodwin, had been business people whose sin was continuing to work Haven-market revenue per available room was
excoriated by UK politicians for refusing to give up for a company that accepted taxpayer funding from $46.04 in February, down 15.9 percent from the
company pension benefits dubbed "obscene," Chicken Littles in Washington who forked it over same month in 2008.
"grotesque," "unjustifiable and unacceptable." in a blind frenzy. Washington scribe Mort It declined 17.1 percent in the United States and
The vigilantes were stoked by a former newspaper Kondracke joked about boiling the execs in oil. 13.5 percent in New Haven in the same period.
editor, one Max Hastings, who wrote a diatribe
exhorting citizens to violence: "The time has come
Oil Falls Toward $51, Tracking
to address the entire robber banker culture. Stock Market Reuters
Investment banks have been run not for the benefit
NEW HAVEN—Oil prices fell nearly 3 percent
of society, customers or even shareholders, but
Monday to near $51 a barrel as U.S. stock markets
exclusively for the advantage of the bankers
sputtered on worries over the banking sector and
themselves . . . This is why we must stand outside
the dollar gained against the euro.
their homes throwing rocks through the windows
until they do." U.S. light crude for May delivery fell $1.46 to settle
at $51.05 a barrel. London Brent crude fell $1.23 to
This is no marginal movement. Some 3,000
$52.24 a barrel.
protesters from around the world are expected to
The Front Page Tribune
The Modern Gentleman’s Excerpt
GhostNet: Massive China-Based their malicious code in order to avoid detection by the lead investigator of the show and the publisher
anti-virus software,” the report said. of UFO Magazine, declared definitively that the
Internet Spy Network Unearthed The attackers used “social means” to spread the
Morristown UFO could not have been flares or
On March 29, a Canadian research group unveiled a Trojan. For instance, “contextually relevant emails Chinese lanterns.”
chilling report confirming fears that Chinese are sent to specific targets” and these e-mails, once This was the pair’s main quarry, exposing the
dissident communities have harbored for years—the opened, installed the Trojan on the unsuspecting foolishness of UFO “investigators.” They write,
presence of a vast, unrivaled online spy network user’s computer. “are UFO investigators simply charlatans looking to
that is able to track highly specific data and send it make a quick buck off human gullibility? . . . If a
back to control servers based in China. The Great UFO Hoax of 2009 respected UFO investigator can be easily
If you prefer to keep a little magic in your life—by manipulated and dead wrong on one UFO case, is it
The research was conducted by the Information
Warfare Monitor, a public-private research group which I mean believing in the possibility of possible he’s wrong on most (or all) of them? Do
that comprises researchers from two institutes in UFOs—then read no further. For I am going to tell the networks buy into this nonsense, or are they in it
you about the latest UFO hoax. for the ratings?”
Canada: the SecDev Group, an operational think
tank based in Ottawa, and the Citizen Lab at the Nicely done, guys.
Munk Center for International Studies, University
of Toronto. Marking Wall's Fall by Toppling
Their 53-page report, titled “Tracking ‘GhostNet’: Giant "Dominoes"
Investigating a Cyber Espionage Network,”
BERLIN—Berliners plan to topple a two kilometer-
documents their findings of a global online long chain of giant "dominoes" along the path of
espionage network that relies on cleverly forged e- the wall that once separated communist east from
mails to infect target computers, control them, and
the west, to mark the 20th anniversary of its fall.
then send reports back to control servers, most of "We want to knock over the wall once again," said
which are based in China.
Klaus Wowereit, mayor of Berlin. Assembly of
The group reported that their work started when more than 1,000 styrofoam slabs, each 2.5 meters
they began investigating computers in Tibetan exile (eight feet) high and one meter (three feet) wide, is
centers in Dharmasala, India, for possible beginning this week. At a ceremony on November
compromises. The work they did “led to the You may remember the January sightings of a UFO 9, the day in 1989 on which crowds of east
discovery of insecure, web-based interfaces to four over New Haven, PAa. This event was blogged, Germans swept through the wall and began tearing
control servers” which allowed attackers to control podcasted about, and even captured on video and it down, the slabs will be pushed over. The
compromised machines. has been plastered across YouTube. "dominoes" will be decorated by young people
Scouting these control servers resulted in their It was all a hoax, writes Joe Rudy, who teaches from Berlin and abroad in a myriad different styles.
finding a vast network of compromised computers science and gives private music lessons. He and "I was given the opportunity to paint a map on this
across the world—the report counted “at least 1,295 Chris Russo, who works in sales, says they “intend domino, which is great fun," said Mathieu Chergait,
infected computers in 103 countries.” to continue their quest to spread reason and truth, an exchange student from France as he worked on
one pseudoscience at a time,” the two 20- the slab with two Korean students. Another is
Most interestingly, a large number of compromised somethings were sitting around discussing
computers were extremely high-profile targets: decorated with a design portraying a multicolored
pseudoscience and the many people who believe brick wall being opened with a giant zipper to
close to 30 percent of the compromised computers one or another form of it. “We had always had a
belonged to “ministries of foreign affairs of Iran, represent the ripping down of the barrier that
strong interest in why people were so easily fooled divided the city for three decades. One of the
Bangladesh, Latvia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, by such irrational superstitions as psychic ability, sponsors, the Goethe Institut, said it planned to use
Barbados, and Bhutan; embassies of India, South spiritual mediums, alien abductions, and the like.”
Korea, Indonesia, Romania, Cyprus, Malta, the idea to spread around the world the story about
So they “set out on a mission to help people think how Germany overcame its division peacefully.
Thailand, Taiwan, Portugal, Germany, and rationally and question the credibility of so-called
Pakistan; the ASEAN (Association of Southeast UFO ‘professionals.’” "We want to take the dominoes to many countries,
Asian Nations) Secretariat, SAARC (South Asian especially to those where there is still a division
Association for Regional Cooperation), and the They cooked up a spaceship hoax “to show today, such as Korea, Yemen or Cyprus," said
Asian Development Bank; news organizations; and everyone how unreliable eyewitness accounts are, Hans-Georg Knopp, head of the Goethe Institute.
an unclassified computer located at NATO along with investigators of UFOs.” They used 5 feet
headquarters.” of fishing line to tie flares to each of five 3-foot
helium balloons and launched them from a field on
Leveraging Social Means January 5, 2009. “Once all five balloons were ready
The researchers found that GhostNet spread by for takeoff (with our fingers on the verge of frost
infecting computers with a trojan known as “gh0st bite),” they write, “we struck the 15-minute flares
RAT” that gave the attackers complete control over and released them into the sky in increments of
the infected system. They found that the Trojan was fifteen seconds,” filming the UFOs as they floated
capable of “taking full control of infected away.
computers, including searching and downloading Media coverage was extensive. A lot of it featured
specific files, and covertly operating attached Paul Hurley, a pilot, and his family, who appeared
devices, including microphones and web cameras.” of several news broadcasts describing the strange
Such complete takeovers would allow the attackers lights they saw in the sky. (For some reason,
to even hear and see events happening on the reporters find pilots’ UFO sightings especially
compromised computers. believable.) Rudy and Russo repeated the
performance four more time, gaining media
The Trojans were obfuscated malware, resulting in
coverage for each. Conspiracy websites and radio
their being difficult to detect in commercial anti-
shows covered the sightings, but “the icing on the
virus and anti-malware programs. “Only 11 of the
cake came when the popular History Channel show
34 anti-virus programs provided by Virus Total
UFO Hunters featured the Morristown UFO as their
recognized the malware embedded in the document.
main story one week,” the duo recall. “Bill Birnes,
Attackers often use executable packers to obfuscate
The Front Page Tribune
The Modern Gentleman’s Excerpt
The i-LIMB Hand system to rate the bizarreness of these dreams. On Institute for Cognitive Science in Lyon, France,
the low end are dreams completely representative of used magnetic pulses to stimulate these areas in two
The worlds first fully articulating and commercially reality – "I am sitting at a table doing some math or people who had undergone double hand transplants.
available bionic hand. physics homework," for instance. Dreams that They found that muscles in the new hands
Touch Bionics is a leading developer of advanced scored a three could happen, but seemed unlikely. responded to the stimulation, suggesting that the
upper-limb prosthetics (ULP). One of the two For example: "A friend is in the backyard of my brain had accepted them
products now commercially available from the house, building a wooden platform atop of 7-foot A previous study showed that stroking a
company, the i-LIMB Hand, is a first-to-market high stilts." The most bizarre dreams that Neuhardt transplanted hand triggers brain activity in the same
prosthetic device with five individually powered recorded had little or no connection with reality: "I
region as in non-amputees, but this is the first
digits. This replacement hand looks and acts like a was stranded on a foreign coastline with a monkey demonstration that the new hand muscles are
real human hand and represents a generational that spoke English and a woman that suddenly actually represented in the brain. "We can see the
advance in bionics and patient care. became small, almost doll-sized. Then I was at
brain directly activating the new transplanted
home." muscles," says Sirigu.
The Touch Bionics i-LIMB Hand was developed
using leading-edge mechanical engineering Dream result Though both patients had been right-handed, the
techniques and is manufactured using high-strength Neuhardt looked up daily geomagnetic activity in left hands were quicker to get this brain space back
plastics. The result is a next-generation prosthetic Perth, Australia – his home at the time. A scale - and regain movement - than the right. In one
device that is lightweight, robust and highly called the k-index and he included only days that patient, the left hand reacquired a "presence" in the
appealing to both patients and healthcare scored on the extremes of this index. The K-index brain after 10 months and the right hand took 26
professionals. quantifies disturbances in the horizontal component months.
The i-LIMB Hand is controlled by a unique, highly of earth's magnetic field indicating the relative
The researchers say this difference may be due to
intuitive control system that uses a traditional two- severity of a geomagnetic storm. This whittled his different brain regions acquiring different degrees
input myoelectric (muscle signal) to open and close dream log down to 66 days of low geomagnetic
of flexibility. Both patients used prosthetic hands
the hand’s life-like fingers. Myoelectric controls activity and 70 days of high activity. Using these before the transplant, using their right prosthetic
utilize the electrical signal generated by the muscles figures, Neuhardt uncovered a statistical correlation more. As a result, the brain regions that had
in the remaining portion of the patient’s limb. This between dream bizarreness and geomagnetic
previously represented their left hands were
signal is picked up by electrodes that sit on the activity, with freakier dreams occurring on days commandeered faster by other parts of the body, a
surface of the skin. Existing users of basic with the least geomagnetic activity. process that taught these brain regions flexibility.
myoelectric prosthetic hands are able to quickly By isolating the geomagnetic wave results Neuhardt This meant that after the hand transplants, it was
adapt to the system and can master the device’s new claims that he can relieve undue suffering from easier for these regions to adapt to receiving signals
functionality within minutes. For new patients, the people are plagued from nightmares. Treatment from the transplanted left hand than it was for those
i-LIMB Hand offers a prosthetic solution that has would consisted of main line psychological regions formerly responsible for the right hand to
never before been available. exposure to dream lucidity exercises and establish a adapt to receiving signals from the right hand
Advanced Design custom resonant wave magnetic field. Heretofore, transplant.
in test trials it has not clear what aspects of the This suggestion should not stop amputees waiting
The modular construction of the i-LIMB Hand treatment were responsible for the success of
means that each individually powered finger can be for a transplant from using prosthetic limbs, says
overcoming nightmares, though the treatment as a Sirigu: "A prosthesis reduces the chronic pain
quickly removed by simply removing one screw. whole was successful.
This means that a prosthetist can easily swap out experienced by patients so we can't ask them to go
fingers that require servicing and patients can return Psychologist Milan Klaus has explored the without."
to their everyday lives after a short clinic visit. application of principles from narrative therapy
Traditional devices would have to be returned to the with Nuehardt’s process reduces the impact not New technology to one day record
manufacturer, often leaving the patient without a only of nightmares during sleep, but also your dreams, read your minds
hand for many weeks. depression, self-mutilation, and other problems in
waking life. Klaus identified during therapeutic ATR, a research institute based in Kyoto, Japan, has
Geomagnetic Nightmare control? conversations that the lessening of distressing developed a technology that is supposed to record
content of dreams, while the application of lucid dreams and thoughts and turn them into images.
Looking for an explanation for recurring nightmares dream treatment had marked therapeutic benefits. The subject’s brain is scanned with MRI scanners
of leaving the house without your trousers on or while looking at still images showing simple figures
losing your teeth? New research suggests you can Brain renews link to transplanted and letters in black, white and grey. The system
blame the Earth's magnetic field, rather than a then tries to reproduce what the subject sees
repressed childhood. Cole Neuhardt, a psychologist hands visually.
formerly at the Center for Space Medicine in A FINDING that hand transplants are eventually
Berlin, Germany, found a correlation between the The scientists involved in the project are also
"accepted" by the brain is raising hopes that thinking about using the technology to let us use
bizarreness of his dreams, recorded over eight amputees may be able to recover full movement in
years, and extremes in local geomagnetic activity. our gadgets by our thoughts alone, effectively doing
their new limbs. Surprisingly, there are also hints
Other studies have tied low geomagnetic activity to away with keyboard and buttons. The ATR is the
that in right-handed people, the left hand is same lab that helped Honda build its brain machine
increases in the production of the melatonin, a accepted sooner.
potent hormone that helps set the body's circadian interface, which lets users control the Honda Robot
clock. So, based on anecdotal evidence that In the brain, particular areas of the motor cortex Asimo by thoughts alone.
develop links to different parts of the body. If
melatonin supplements used as a sleeping aid can
cause off-kilter dreams, Neuhardt wondered sensory input from a limb ceases as a result of
whether local magnetic fields could induce the amputation, the corresponding part of the brain
initially goes unused. To stop prime real estate
same effects.
going to waste, the brain then starts to rewire itself -
Bizarreness barometer so that in a region once dominated by an amputated
Between 1990 and 1997, he kept meticulous hand, the face and upper arm, say, start to "creep
records of his nightly reveries, amassing a total in".
2387 written accounts during his teenage years. "I To find out if a transplanted hand can reclaim these
always wanted to do science with them," he says. brain regions, Angela Sirigu and colleagues at the
For the study, he devised a five-point scoring
The Front Page Tribune
The Modern Gentleman’s Excerpt
THE RACIAL EUGENIC reported the famine under his own name in the The Bloodlust of Karl Marx
Manchester Guardian.
AGENDA Duranty denounced Gareth Jones in the New Haven
Let us consider a few of Marx and Engels’
The Useful Idiots Times. In a piece he wrote he described the
situation under the title "Russians Hungry, But Not On peaceful Movements: "May the devil take
In 1917 Vladimir Lenin was the principle leader of Starving" as follows: “There appears from a British these people’s movements, especially when they are
the Bolshevik Russian Communist Party when it source a big scare story in the American press about ‘peaceful.’"
overthrew Tsar Nicholas II and seized power. Lenin famine in the Soviet Union, with 'thousands already On Terrorism: “There is only one way in which
became the Chairman of the Communist leadership dead and millions menaced by death from the murderous death agonies of the old society and
promising land, freedom, and prosperity for all. starvation.’" the bloody birth throes of the new society can be
It didn’t take long for the peasants that gave the In an August 24, 1933 article in the New Haven shortened, simplified, and concentrated, and that
needed muscle for the revolution to realize they had Times, he claimed "any report of a famine is today way is revolutionary terrorism.”
been lied to and used. an exaggeration or malignant propaganda." On Dictatorships: “Every provisional political
In the following years many rejected the communist Muggeridge, who had secretly been in Ukraine for set-up following a revolution requires a
rule and a peasant revolt led to an all-out civil war. The Guardian, later called Duranty "the greatest liar dictatorship, and an energetic dictatorship at that.”
Lenin saw the need for a crackdown that history I have met in journalism." On Democrats: "Those dogs of democrats and
calls “The Red Terror.” An estimated 9 million
It wasn’t until decades later before the first serious liberal riff-raff will see that we're the only chaps
people died under Lenin’s iron fist. Furthermore, who haven't been stultified by the ghastly period of
socialist ideology led to collective farming policies scholarly study of the Ukrainian famine was
written. It was spearheaded by Robert Conquest of peace."
and the seizure of crops that caused a famine
leading to over 10 million pointless deaths. the Hoover Institution, always identified in left On Authoritarianism: "Revolution is certainly the
leaning circles as "right-wing." Yet when the most authoritarian thing there is; it is the act
Under the iron fist of Joseph Stalin things only got Soviets' own statistics on the deaths during the whereby one part of the population imposes its will
worse. With the world watching, how did people of famine were finally released, under Mikhail upon the other part by means of rifles, bayonets,
the time feel about this hyper-violent form of Gorbachev, they showed that the actual deaths and cannon"
government? Astonishingly enough, many believers exceeded even the millions estimated by Prof.
in Karl Marx’s creation of socialism/communism On the Russian Soviets: "In the Russian
denied the deaths ever happened. vocabulary there is no such word as honor."
At the center of the controversy were the very
As unbelievable as it may sound, a staggering On Equality: “I used the expression "modern
policies of the communist movement and its
number of western, so-called intellectuals claimed mythology" to describe the goddesses of "Justice,
methods of eliminating its enemies through
that communism aims for nothing more than a Freedom, Equality, etc."
peaceful utopia where everyone lives in peace and On the Chinese: “It would seem as though history
harmony. Peaceful Casualties had first to make this whole people drunk before it
While it is true the ultimate “goal” of the movement One would have to be slightly less than could rouse them out of their hereditary stupidity."
was a peaceful utopian outcome, many never ask compassionate, if one was obsessed with violence. On Racial Genocide: “In Central Europe only
how the Proletariat deals with those that don’t For millennia humankind has attempted to find Germans, Hungarians, and Poles counted as bearers
accept their elitist leadership or how to achieve that ways of resolving conflict with peace but has often of progress. The rest must go. The chief mission of
utopian outcome. Obviously the stage of the resorted to war. Peace is truly a noble aspiration. all other races and peoples, large and small, is to
“Violent Revolution,” professed as a prerequisite to perish in the revolutionary holocaust."
However, there are those that have sought to seize
a Utopian state by Marx, was overlooked by these power covertly and surrounded themselves with
people. Unfortunately, many became victims of the All in all, socialism/communism is not what many
peaceful and well intentioned people in order to think that it is. Even if one doesn’t consider the
very leaders they helped prop up.
conceal their intentions. Unfortunately, these pawns beliefs or pretexts of this “Blood Cult” but only
As Lenin and later Stalin heard what these western of the power hungry are often discarded as soon as considers its record in history, one can conclude
communist sympathizers and journalists had to say, conveniently possible. communism truly is a way of life that must be cast
they referred to these ill-informed but helpful do Consider the promises of Chairman Mao to the so- off to the annals of history.
gooders as what can be translated from Russian as
called liberated people. Democracy for all, land, Lying seems to be its strongest weapon—lying
“Useful Idiots.” Walter Duranty was possibly the freedom, etc. To this day none of these promises
most famous of these Useful… people. about its intentions as well as denial of its record.
have been fulfilled, yet the fact of over 80 million Take for instance the audacious statement by Marx
A Great Liar victims of this hyper-violent party of communism when he said, "All I know is that I am not a
has not been adequately understood. The violence Marxist." Truly the bolder the lie, the more people
Duranty worked for the New Haven Times and in continues with the most current victims of the
1921 received his coveted job at the Moscow seem to strain at challenging it. However, these lies
CCP’s anger being Falun Gong practitioners must be brought to light.
bureau where he worked for twenty years. In the
entire time he spent in the Soviet Union not a single So how do such atrocities continue to be committed In the history of the social engineers for population
negative report was made against the communist on innocent civilians to this day? Does communism control and the desired Scientific Dictatorship, not
state, or against communism, for that matter. In stand for freedom, peacefulness, and democracy? all were useful idiots that were being lied to. Some
addition, he denied the most horrendous atrocities Does it desire equality for all with the elimination were the liars holding the puppet strings. Consider
of the Soviets, including that of the famine. He of the classes? this quote from Margaret Sanger, the founder of
denied it ever happened and assured westerners As a point of reference, the violent nature of the Planned Parenthood, in 1939, “We don't want the
abroad that something like that never would. Communist Manifesto was never a secret to the word to go out that we want to exterminate the
In 1932, reports of famine in Ukraine started world, as it has been in circulation since 1849. Negro population.”
appearing throughout the western media. Journalists However, many don’t realize, or chose not to read,
such as Gareth Jones of The Times and Malcolm the published thoughts of Karl Marx and Fredrick
Muggeridge of The Guardian attempted to inform Engels that express their lust for violence… nor do
the rest of the world of what was happening. Both many realize the stunning number of Marx and
men defied travel restrictions and secretly went to Engels' followers who share their bloodlust.
view conditions in Ukraine to get their story. In the
spring of 1933, Jones left the Soviet Union and
The Front Page Tribune
The Modern Gentleman’s Excerpt
Hospital gains ER director with Its necessary for her to run a tight ship being a short Her extensive training includes Cardiology and
hop skip and a jump from the enigmatic and Trauma expertise from Harvard University;
fund raising Expertise. vaguely notorious Twilight Junction. She has been Women’s Health and Care at John Hopkins
Dr. Eveleen Hadlee is a quiet yet strong leader. She the head of the Emergency Room department of the University, and Psychology of High Emotion
projects the calm risk taking reserve any good Advanced New Kismet Hospital (ANKH) in New Workplaces also from Harvard University. Dr.
Haven, Pennsylvania, for the past 7 years. By her Hadlee is one of the East Coast’s foremost
doctor must have but an ER doctor requires. She
shapes the intent of my conversation with her initiative she has remodeled most of the buildings authorities on Emergency Room technique from
without even trying, and it takes a good amount of and its administrative practices. She also serves as staffing to care for patients and advanced medical
director of the Haven Advancing Life Outreach procedures.
this reporters reserve keeping her on topic -
essentially herself. (HALO) program and is an adjunct for the Biology
department at Marietta College.
It turns out that this is all Dr. Hadlee has ever done
or has ever considered doing … she’s one of those Although I have to keep my sources tight to my
vest I can tell you I’ve seen the good doctor out of
honest to goodness altruistic types we read about
but never believe. Not that I’m looking to set her the taupe colored hallowed hallways of the major
up for a fall. After one conversation I can say I’m medical unit. Beyond the angel of mercy
requirements of her profession and found her to be
honestly hopeful that if I ever need the kind of care
she doles out that I’ll have the good sense to go to no less ethical in her pursuits.
her hospital.
The Front Page Tribune
The Modern Gentleman’s Excerpt
Cemetery Wedding? The committee last month signed off on the drop-in center or shelter. In some cases, it's
couple's request despite concerns about the impossible. Or it can require many months of
New Haven, PA. - It's not the traditional "till death appropriateness of the setting for the occasion. work—of checking in and chatting, of free lunches,
do us part," but David O'Reily and Lily Travis of coaxing and reminding.
Frank Burrows, head of the New Haven Historical
believe getting hitched in a graveyard is just By now, Ragu and Watson know many of the
Society, though, vows to introduce a measure to
thinking outside the box. people living around Three Rivers Stadium. "A
make O'Reily-Travis nuptials are the last among
This April, the couple expects to pledge their this town's tombstones. "Once the horse is out of homeless person isn't actually homeless," Watson
undying love among the remains of this cities the barn, you have to have an ordinance," he said. says. "He has a territory he travels in—for lack of a
ancestors at the Jack Hill cemetery, even though better word, a migratory path. They know the good
But Travis said she and O'Reily have respect for the soup kitchens, the ones that are so-so. They know
those who approved the request are dead set against
living and the dead. when the good clothes come in. It's a way of life."
seeing it become a trend.
"We're not going to do anything stupid or horrible. On a recent Friday afternoon, Watson and Ragu
The wedding wouldn't be out of character for
O'Reilly, 27, a computer expert for a financial
We just want to have a wedding," she said. pull up in front of the 73rd station. Watson grabs a
company by day and rehabber of old hearses by "Some of the ladies I work with said, `Are you bag of bagels smeared with peanut butter and they
night. crazy? Why would you get married in a cemetery?' head inside. It used to be easy to find homeless
Does it matter where we get married, just as long as people here. All you had to do was walk down the
The graveyard, he said, just has a certain tranquility steps and you'd see people leaning against the walls
we get married, in a place we find beautiful
and thriftiness for nuptials the young couple insists or sitting on the ground. "There were usually 12 to
surrounded by those who we love?"
will be small, private and traditional — except for 20 men and women sitting here. This is the spot for
the bagpipes, O'Reily's refurbished hearse and the Local landmark destroyed in users," Ragu says, pointing to the wall. Then he
throng of eternally silent witnesses. gestures back up toward the stairs. "The steps is
"People are going to think how they want. I don't
mysterious fire. usually drinkers." Today, the station is empty save
actively try to convince people that my interests are St. Bart’s was a beautiful church once. for subway riders scurrying by. About all the
normal or logical," O'Reilly said. "I'm not a freak or missing people, Ragu says, "It sets us back because
A small country affair that serviced the community we lose our contacts. We have to see the same
Satan worshipper or cult member. It just goes with at the turn of the century. As the city grew it saw
our theme." people over and over to build trust." Ragu and
less use until its use was discontinued 50 years ago. Watson have lost track of many clients over the last
Deep down, the couple said, it just seemed right. It has since been declared a Historical Landmark month.
but due to budget problems renovation and
O'Reily and Travis, became an item not long after One of these people was a woman named Mary,
restoration continually were put on hold. All that is
they met in October 2005 at a Halloween party who they had been talking to for months. Every
moot now, the old church was set ablaze sometime
where Travis, 21, was set up as to be O'Reily's blind time they saw her, she was in the same spot, seated
around March 16th presumably around 2 am.
date. O'Reily showed up in a retooled hearse that on a box in the station, smoking a cigarette. She
caught Travis' eye. Due to the church’s remote location the damage told them she was in her fifties, but they suspect
was extensive before firefighters were able to put she's at least 70. Many times they invited her to St.
"I wanted a ride in it, but I chickened out at the last
out the blaze. Peter's Place, a drop-in center on West 23rd Street,
minute," she said.
which caters to people over 55. "Of course I'll
By their first date weeks later, on New Year's Eve, The Ghosts of Eden Station come," Mary always said. But she never showed
Travis knew O'Reily was the one. Not long Every weekday, Ken Watson and Mike Ragu drive up. They figured if they kept talking to her,
afterward, she quit her factory job, moved out of the around the city in a red van, distributing bagels and eventually she would give in. That was, until
Overton Docks and in with O'Reily. several weeks ago, when they made their usual
sandwiches. Much of the time they work
O'Reily proposed last June, affixing to the side of underground— in Eden Station, and in the nearby rounds and discovered Mary was gone.
the 1965 hearse — which the two call "Edgar" — a subway stations. They target the people who are After looking around the 73rd station and finding
plate with a simple message: "Will you marry me?" most distrustful of the system, the ones who would nobody they know, Watson and Ragu leave, cross
Seconds later, the ring slid onto a crying Travis' rather sleep on the streets than in a shelter. Watson Seventh Avenue, and head down the escalator into
finger. and Ragu make an unlikely team. Ragu, a 25-year- Eden Station. The dozen or so people who used to
She received Edgar as an engagement gift and had old Greenhills native, has a bachelor's from the sit along the perimeter of the Amtrak waiting area
University of Haven. Watson, 57, is a former are not around. Even the three old ladies who were
only one stipulation: The wedding had to be
outside, in a gazebo. Her worries were laid to rest telephone company employee who has been living a fixture here, always standing near the Eighth
while she and O'Reily drove to her dad's house. in a shelter ever since a fire destroyed his Islin Avenue and 33rd Street exit, have disappeared.
home. Both men work in jeans and T-shirts. After an hour underground, Watson and Ragu give
While traveling along the Interstate, Patterson
spotted a gazebo on a hilltop, only to find it was in Watson wears a gray braid down his back and a up looking for familiar faces. Still carrying a full
a graveyard. No worries. replica of a drive chain from a '52 Harley around bag of bagels, they head up the stairs to the exit.
his wrist. They get back in their van and take off for Bryant
"The view was just gorgeous," she said. "I said, Park. Later in the afternoon, they discover a former
`This is where I want to get married.'" The gazebo Eden Station resident sitting on a foldout chair at
is going to be the centerpiece with guest seating the corner of 34th Street and Fifth Avenue. Noel,
forming interlocked rings around the couple as they 62, is the leader of a loose band of street
swear their vows. vagabonds. They take ease and rely upon the
When the couple called last fall for permission to protection of numbers as they also have noticed the
use the Jack Hill cemetery, which dates to the Civil recent disappearances. However unlike the
War, City Clerk Jo Ann Hoehne told them the local missing ones they don’t stay in one place for too
cemetery committee would have to decide. long. Noel, a self made educated philosopher, says
it’s the same old migratory patterns for today’s
"When I spoke to them, they were just a normal
gypsies family.
young couple who wanted to have a wedding Employed by the Partnership for the Homeless,
someplace they thought was nice and serene for a Ragu and Watson help people get what they need—
very small, intimate wedding," Hoehne said. "They a shower, a free pair of pants, an application for an
weren't any cult group or anything like that." apartment. But it isn't easy to convince somebody
who's been living on the streets for years to go to a
The Front Page Tribune
The Modern Gentleman’s Excerpt
Fred T. LeCrone Jr. returned to Buffalo and was promoted to sergeant
major in the Reserve unit.
May 19, 1961 - April 4, 2009 Mr. Stahl was separated in May 1977 after 30 years
Fred T. LeCrone Jr., 47, LeCrone Road, Altoona maxi-mum allowable service under regulations
RR 6, died Saturday morning in Berkeley Springs, adopted that year but re-entered the service in 1978
W.Va., as the result of an automobile accident. as operation sergeant major in Headquarters 221st
Engineer Group, New Haven National Guard. He
He was born in Altoona, son of the late Fred T. Sr.
and Gail (Yeager) LeCrone. His parents were retired in 1985 and was immediately commissioned
tragically killed in the same accident. as a captain in the 4th Brigade, New Haven Guard,
with primary duties as chief instructor, Branch
Surviving are two sisters: Suzanne LeCrone of School 5, Officer Candidate School, New Haven
Altoona and Sharon LeCrone Payne of Bedford, National Guard.
Pa., and Jacksonville, Fla.; and a nephew, Cody
Payne, all of Bedford, Pa. and Jacksonville, Fla.. He was promoted to major with secondary duty as
communications/ electronics officer of the brigade.
He was preceded in death by his cousin, Scott A. He retired as a brigadier general, State Reserve List,
Gunder. He was affectionally known by his nieces in 1996, with 38 years of federal military service
and nephews, whom he dearly loved, as Ni Chan. and 45 years of state military service.
He was a very active family man who will be sadly
Mr. Stahl also was a commissioner with the Boy
He was a member of Grace United Methodist
Church. Mr. LeCrone was employed as a Japanese Surviving is his wife of 56 years, the former Ruth
translator in Nara, Japan, for 20 years. M. Hodson.
Services will be at 4 p. m. Sunday in Kaiser Funeral Willem Kolff
He volunteered annually for Habitat for Humanity,
toured with Up With People, with whom he Home, 1950 Whitehaven Road, Grand Island.
After the war, “Pim” Kolff emigrated to the US,
performed on the 1986 Super Bowl halftime show, Wealthy Industrialist Dead at the working first in Cleveland, Ohio, and then as
was a past member of Altoona Community Theater director of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering
and was active in the Kobe Union Church in Japan. age of 62. at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. From
Mr. LeCrone was a 1979 graduate of Altoona Area Gregor Petrovich was found dead in his home on the start he pursued his dream of creating an
High School and a graduate of the Art Institute of March 7th. Petrovich is survived by his wife Illana artificial heart. In 1982 at Utah he succeeded,
Pittsburgh and Penn State University. and his two sons Mikhail and Yuri. Petrovich was leading the team that implanted an artificial heart in
the head of Petrov textiles and of the Odessa retired dentist Barney Clark. Such was Kolff’s
He was an avid photographer and informational
holding company. He was a long standing member modesty that he allowed the heart to be named the
technological expert and enjoyed various activities,
of the community of New Haven and has been Jarvik-7 after Robert Jarvik, one of the students
including adventure sports such as scuba diving and
influential in a variety of community based who had helped him perfect it.
water skiing.
initiatives around the city. The breakthrough was hugely controversial at the
Friends will be received from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m.
He was found by his wife Illana who as of yet has time – even many doctors felt it was unethical.
today, April 7, 2009, at Mauk & Yates Funeral
refused commentary saying only that she wishes to Criticism grew when Clark died after 112 days. Yet
Home Inc., Juniata. A funeral service will be held at
be allowed to mourn in peace. Petrovich was buried the artificial heart became a significant bridge to the
11 a.m. Wednesday, April 8, 2009, at Grace United
in a private ceremony which included family and a transplantation of human hearts.
Methodist Church, 1422 Fourth St., Altoona, the
Rev. Sharon A. Ludrowsky officiating. few close friends. At Utah, Kolff also pioneered, along with William
Dobelle, an artificial eye, stimulating points of the
At the family's request, floral gifts may be ordered Dutchman who turned Nazi debris brain to give some light to blind people; and an
from Sunrise Floral and Gifts, Altoona, 943-3111
into a dialysis machine artificial ear, stimulating the acoustic nerve. Neither
Robert M. Stahl, retired brigadier has yet proved commercially viable.
It was 1941. Willem Kolff, a young doctor, had
watched in horror as the Nazis invaded his native Yet after creating one of the first prosthetic arms,
general in National Guard Netherlands yet he refused to let the occupation Kolff said: “Our artificial arm is so good that it can
Oct. 22, 1925—March 19, 2009 stop his pioneering work on a new medical peel an orange, so strong it can crack a nut. It can
Robert M. Stahl of Grand Island, a retired brigadier invention. move very fast, but when it comes close to your
general in the National Guard, died Thursday in mouth it goes slowly suddenly, because otherwise
In a cramped hospital room he was building the
Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital, Amherst. He you would knock your teeth out.”
world’s first kidney dialysis machine and he was
was 83. doing it with the most extraordinary collection of Kolff was inducted into the US National Inventors
Born in Buffalo, he began his military service in the materials foraged from a war-torn countryside. Hall of Fame in 1985. He was nominated for a
Army Air Forces in 1943. An aviation cadet, he was There were parts from a downed Luftwaffe fighter Nobel Prize several times, latterly in 2003 for the
a flight officer assigned as a B-29 flight engineer at aircraft and from the radiator of an abandoned Ford physiology or medicine award. In 2002, he received
the end of World War II. car. There were orange juice tins, an enamel the prestigious Albert Lasker Award for Clinical
bathtub, a wooden drum and thin, artificial sausage Medical Research for inventing the artificial
Six months after he returned from overseas, he re- skins. kidney.
entered the service as a second lieutenant, heavy
weapons platoon leader, in the 74th Infantry The strange prototype would one day save the lives Kolff was still “tinkering” until shortly before his
Regiment, New Haven Guard. of millions. Kolff himself, an inventive genius who death. It was because she finally lost patience with
has died at the age of 97, would go on to become his “constant tinkering”, that he and his wife of 63
In November 1953, Mr. Stahl entered the Marine the driving force behind the first artificial heart as years divorced in 2000, when he was 89. She died
Corps Reserve and reverted to enlisted rank as a well as a man-made eye, an artificial ear and one of in 2005.
master sergeant, assuming first sergeant duties. the first sophisticated prosthetic arms. He never
After serving active duty as a drill instructor at Kolff is survived by four sons and a daughter.
patented any of his inventions because he believed
Parris Island, S. C., and in Washington, D. C., he they should benefit all mankind, not one individual.