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21 – 23 May 2013
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A business conference, only different

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The 2013 storyline

Creative answers to commercial questions

This immersive three-day event is designed to inspire right and left brain thinking through a smorgasbord of non-traditional experiences, including multimedia conferences by worldclass speakers, engaging exhibitions, collaborative workshops, a creativity boot camp and evening festivities. It all happens in an unconventional innovation village, designed specifically to enhance the C2-MTL experience. Curated by international creative agency Sid Lee, in collaboration with founding partner Cirque du Soleil and content & media partner Fast Company, C2-MTL brings together the brightest and most influential minds across countries and industries. From black-clad creatives to tie-wearing executives, participants unite in an innovative, immersive, and wildly creative environment designed to spark collaboration and inspire solutions to business challenges.

Creativity is everybody’s business —
Creativity means thinking differently, regardless of industry, role, or era. It means being a game-changer; seeing an opportunity that no one else has seen. And then making it happen. In 2013, C2-MTL explores creativity in a wide range of industries, from aerospace and banking to architecture and retail. Participants will walk away with an understanding of how to transform ideas into innovation, based on some of the most successful case studies from around the world.

Set in the creative hotbed of Montréal, C2-MTL is a new kind of annual global conference. One that explores the relationship between commerce and creativity, and its potential to redefine business.

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Leave space in your suitcase.

New contacts. New ideas. New ways to make things happen. We pack it all in at C2-MTL.

From speaker talks to discussions with fellow attendees, new ideas are sprouting everywhere at C2-MTL. Be prepared to head home with your pockets full of knowledge and a few epiphanies.


Ideas are great but they’re not worth much if nobody brings them to fruition. Get all fired up, then work on turning your inspiration into concrete initiatives with C2-MTL’s full roster of workshops.

Experimentation Connections

In order to come up with creative answers to your commercial questions, you need quality people with whom you can share and implement ideas. Meet potential business partners, mentors, and new friends at C2-MTL.

Join a conversation with the world’s most inspiring game-changers —
C2-MTL brings you the best and brightest from a wide range of industries. Scan our list of speakers and you’ll quickly see that creativity comes in all shapes and sizes.

Sir Richard Branson
Founder, Virgin Group Presented by Sid Lee

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Iconic entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson shares the know-how gleaned from a lifetime of risk-taking and radical diversification, underscoring the true meaning of “business venture.” Sir Richard has also set the challenge for this year’s creative boot camp and will discuss the results on stage.

Philippe Starck
Architect and Designer Presented by Newad

The Renaissance Man
Philippe Starck shares his creative process and defends the intelligence of usefulness.

Synapse-firing topics are guaranteed to motivate and inspire. What’s more, C2-MTL breaks the mold of traditional conferences by customizing the way content is delivered.

Nicole Piasecki

Vice President, Business Development & Strategic Integration, Commercial Airplanes, Boeing

Innovation Takes Flight
Nicole Piasecki shares her insights on strategy and the future of aviation. She deconstructs the process of developing innovative solutions at a time when environmental concerns and oil prices are reshaping the landscape of commercial aviation.

Fred Dust

Partner, IDEO Presented by Astral

Business by Design
Fred Dust explains the essence of design thinking, argues that we should all think like designers, and highlights inspiring cases of creative thinking across a range of industries.

Elle Macpherson

Founder and Creative Director, Elle Macpherson Intimates and The Body and Executive Producer and Host, “Britain’s Next Top Model”

Bobbi Brown

Founder and CCO, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

The Foundation of Success
Bobbi Brown discusses the origin of her creative spark and entrepreneurial spirit, and how these can continue to thrive within a larger organization.

The Body and The Brains
Elle Macpherson presents the innovative business model behind her Intimates range and her successful UK-based television shows.

Stephan Ouaknine
Founder and CEO, Inerjys

Chris Bangle

Powering a Better Tomorrow
Stephan Ouaknine shakes our pre-conceived notions on energy sources and the way we interact with our environment, and argues there are more efficient and innovative ways forward, primarily through new cleantech financing models and investment approaches.

Designer, Former Chief of Design, BMW Group Presented by Ubisoft

It’s Not Personal,   It’s Business
Chris Bangle, credited for taking the BMW, the Mini and the Rolls-Royce into the 21st century, explains the essential relationship between design and the objects that surround us.

John Mackey

Co-Founder and CEO, Whole Foods Presented by Laurentian Bank

Arkadi Kuhlmann
Founding CEO, ING Direct

The Culture of Conscious Capitalism
John Mackey explains the success of  the Whole Foods chain, from a vision of operating with a higher sense   of purpose to a belief in a decentralized management system and complete transparency with employees.

Rebel with a Cause
Arkadi Kuhlmann, known as the rebel CEO of the banking industry, shares the philosophy behind ING Direct’s game-changing approach to consumer relationships.

Blake Mycoskie

Founder and CEO, TOMS Presented by Claudine & Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation

Tom Gentile

President and CEO, GE Healthcare Systems

Healthier Business
Tom Gentile delves into what sits at the core of innovation: a desire to improve processes and outcomes. He discusses GE’s culture of innovation and the future orientations of its healthcare division as well as how to build, maintain, sustain and foster innovation.

Walking the Walk
Blake Mycoskie reveals the story behind the success of TOMS shoes and the avant-garde business model that involves giving away his product.

Neri Oxman

Designer and Director, Mediated Matter group, MIT Media Lab Presented by La Presse

The Future is Bright
Neri Oxman shares her ground-breaking work, giving a glimpse of the MIT Media Lab’s future projects, and delves into what is possible when you mix art and science.

From state-of-the-art multimedia talks to collaborative workshops and fly-on-wall conversation series, each presentation has its own unique and relevant twist.

Previous C2-MTL speakers from :  Walt Disney Company  Twitter  IBM  Google  Fast Company  AOL Huffington Post Media Group  DreamWorks Animation  and more...

Will Travis

President and Senior Partner, Sid Lee USA

Land of the Brave
With a unique combination of worldwide cultural, creative and commercial experience, Will Travis shares his insightful brand knowledge over a whole spectrum of industries and shows how an appetite for pushing boundaries and facing fear are crucial in today’s creative world.

Andy Nulman
Growing Wings

President, Just For Laughs

Andy Nulman breaks the boundaries of a conference, metaphorically and physically, and argues that true creativity cannot exist without the willingness to fail spectacularly.

Who’s walking the talk? —
Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business of 2013 will be celebrated at C2-MTL. The issue lists 100 of the most influential and surprising executives, artists, and trailblazers crafting our culture and our future. In sessions such as “Cabinet of Creativities” Fast Company will explore the breadth of new ideas and new pursuits at play in our business landscape. Written for and about the most progressive business leaders, Fast Company inspires readers to think beyond traditional boundaries, lead conversations and create the future of business.

100 Most Creative People in Business of 2013


Listing the unmissable —
3 days of creative answers to commercial questions

Tuesday, May 21st

Wednesday, May 22nd
Morning Meet-Ups Unveiling of C2-MTL ’s “Creative answers to commercial questions” competition winner

Thursday, May 23rd
Morning Meet-Ups


The Future Is Bright
Presented by La Presse

Neri Oxman

Rebel with a Cause

Arkadi Kuhlmann

Opening Morning Meet-up

Exploration Time Fast Company’s Cabinet of Creativities Fast Company celebrates 100 Most Creative People in Business 2013
Meet Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business” Lunch

Exploration Time Andy Nulman

Business by Design
Presented by Astral

Fred Dust

Growing Wings

Land of the Brave

Will Travis

“Meet Your Concierge” Networking Lunch

“Montréal scene” Lunch


Healthier Business

Tom Gentile

Powering a Better Tomorrow

Stephan Ouaknine

A Conversation with Fast Company

Innovation Takes Flight

Nicole Piasecki Chris Bangle

The Foundation of Success

Bobbi Brown

The Body and The Brains

Elle Macpherson

It’s Not Personal It’s Business
Presented by Ubisoft

Exploration Time Blake Mycoskie

Exploration Time John Mackey

Exploration Time Boot Camp Results Sir Richard Branson

Walking the Walk

The Culture of Conscious Capitalism
Presented by Laurentian Bank

Presented by Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation

The Renaissance Man
Presented by Newad

Philippe Starck

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
Presented by Sid Lee


Exploration Time

Icebreaker Cocktail

Happy Hour: Networking Activities

Happy Hour: Networking Activities

Enjoy a workshop & networking session, short film, interactive exhibit or simply take a break!

Opening Ceremony by Cirque du Soleil

Soirée Discover

Soirée Connect

Soirée Celebrate

A brimming cup of creativity —
C2-MTL presents you creativity like you’ve never experienced it before. Interactive and immersive, C2-MTL champions participation. Our exciting speakers are only the first layer of content; you will spend your day moving between collaborative workshops, crowd-sourced panels, conversations, connections, interactive installations, and engaging exhibitions. Our goal is to overwhelm you, in a good way.

Multimedia conferences Collaboration & networking Conceptual spaces Engaging exhibitions Evolving content Creativity Boot Camp Evening festivities

Conversation: meet the speakers
The Conversation series will dissect the concepts expounded by headline speakers, who will join the conversation at the end of the session: Fred Dust Chris Bangle Blake Mycoskie Nicole Piasecki Tom Gentile John Mackey Neri Oxman Stephan Ouaknine Andy Nulman Will Travis

Workshops at C2-MTL: Deconstructing the conversation
For the 2013 edition, we are recasting the conversation, moving it off the stage and into small discussion groups. Attendees will be able to choose from a wide range of workshops to explore the topics featured on stage and put creative processes to the test.

Creation: the creative process experiment
Participants in the Creation workshops will actively experiment with creative processes presented by some of the best in the business. Cirque du Soleil Co-creation Thought in motion HEC MosaiC Working with ideas Bring your own issue McGill IPLAI The enchanted island Sid Lee Refining ideas

Collaboration: round tables and micro think tanks
The Collaboration workshops will be facilitated by columnists from local and international news outlets and some of the industry’s sharpest consultants: Fast Company La Presse PwC SAP Loto-Québec

For more information:
www.C2MTL.com/en/ the-experience/workshops *Reserve workshops early as space is limited. Registration begins March 2013.

Networking at C2-MTL —
An assigned concierge extraordinaire dedicated to setting up business meetings and making connections for you

C2-MTL gives you everything you need to network the way you want, from custom-made environments and events designed facilitate interaction to structured networking opportunities:

Ordinary is for every other day of the year: Meet the concierges extraordinaires —
As part of the C2-MTL experience, a Concierge Extraordinaire is assigned to each attendee to ensure that no B2B or networking opportunity is overlooked.

Themed morning meet-ups, group lunches and dinners in Montréal’s best restaurants Settings where you can meet and connect, including yoga classes by the Lachine canal, sunset bike rides to Habitat 67 and walks to nearby Atwater Market Full schedule of workshops Visits to Montréal’s creative hubs

These eager staff members will help you find your way, make scheduling suggestions, and most of all, help you make the right connections.

The C2-MTL customer service experience is presented by the Laurentian Bank, which has been actively supporting the Concierges Extraordinaire initiative. The Laurentian Bank is proud to have backed the C2-MTL team throughout the process of creating a personalized, dedicated customer experience.

The sun never sets on bright ideas —

Wednesday May 22nd

Now that we’ve broken the ice, evening #2 is dedicated to meeting, bonding, and deepening connections. Participants could be invited to a variety of spaces in an evolving timeframe, or playfully asked to mingle in unexpected groups. What’s more, we’ll be celebrating Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business of 2013, key for networking opportunities.

When the lights go down, enjoy some welldeserved down time with fun festivities including surprise experiences, parties à la Montréal, live entertainment and more.

Thursday May 23rd

On the final evening, we will celebrate the community and our collective achievements. This is a celebration in the truest sense of the word, where we mingle, dance, play, and showcase some of the world’s greatest creative talents.

Discover Tuesday May 21st
The first evening is a community-wide ‘reset’ moment. Unexpected performances and atmosphere encourage everyone to willingly lose their bearings and be transported elsewhere. Your Cirque du Soleil hosts will delight you with an exceptional opening ceremony.

The Venue
C2-MTL 2013 will be held in and around Arsenal, a former home to a shipbuilding operation founded in 1846 on the Lachine Canal, and recently converted into a stunning hub for contemporary art and inspired events.

Where commerce and creativity collide —

Montréal is a bustling and accessible destination, boasting a unique blend of North American vibrancy and European culture. The city’s innumerable industries are at the forefront of innovation in sectors as varied as film and biopharmaceuticals, with top-tier companies like Autodesk and Ubisoft setting up shop here to tap into the city’s impressive local talent and limitless creative potential. Montréal is also home to some of the best festivals, events and artists in the world including the International Jazz Festival, Just for Laughs, the Grand Prix du Canada, Arcade Fire and Cirque du Soleil. What’s more, foodies are delighted thanks to thousands of world-class restaurants serving every kind of cuisine, from cuttingedge Quebecois to Japanese, Lebanese and Ethiopian. C2-MTL was inspired by the city itself, reflecting its unique and internationally celebrated reputation as a multicultural, creative, and dynamic destination.

Arsenal is located in an up-andcoming neighborhood just 5 minutes from downtown Montréal. We’re confident you’ll agree, it’s the perfect setting for out-ofthe-box thinking.

Arsenal 2020, William St. Montréal (Qc) H3J 1R8 Canada

It takes a village
Unconventional ideas deserve to be explored in unconventional spaces. The C2-MTL Innovation Village is a setting specifically designed as an immersive experience, one that incites attendees to participate, connect and celebrate the link between creativity and business.

A little help from our friends —
We are thrilled to see past partners and new faces join the growing C2-MTL family.
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