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Free things for your classes

FLASHCARDS – Fantastic website for FREE flashcards about
anything - great for creating your own
personalised flashcards and word cards - flashcards for primary school
vocabulary – clothes, the body, jobs, school, the playground, shops and places, sea
and zoo animals. Includes wordcards for those teachers working at word level. - for pictures to make into flashcards - great pictures - this is an excellent page for downloading flashcards and
art and crafts. You need to register for the good stuff but it is free! - a beautiful website with flashcards, stories and activities - excellent website for flashcards and printables in colour - some free classroom flashcards.
The rest you have to pay for - Excellent website with flashcards and storycards.
You have to pay for some but they are very cheap. fantastic photos - fantastic photos on all subjects - fantastic flashcards

organised by subjects. – great free videos, pictures and noises
POSTERS - where I found the
Posters for Primary. It talks about a pricelist but then I didn’t have to pay for them. - some free classroom posters

FREE FONTS - fantastic fonts – for some downloadable programmes to help teachers
resource. Check the topics marked BGFL to hear teachers and children speaking. - An award-winning school

website for everything about British culture and life in a UK primary school.

FOR IDEAS AND WORKSHEETS has a Spanish version - good section on arts & crafts Spot’s official website – check the
Planning documents for Buildings, Festivals. Minibeasts, Ourselves, Toys and
Transport - excellent site - good section on curriculum
planning - Great songs for classroom
routines - lesson plans organised under
‘Áreas’ or topics just about everything for the under fives – for teachers of children with Special Needs

SONGS - excellent website with songs for teaching
anything! – lots of new, original
stories - you can downlod karaoke versions of many pop songs
from this site. You have to pay for this but it might be worth it for an end of term


STORIES - audio
stories in American English - same website as above but the
story section - excellent animated
stories - ideas to use with Eric Carle stories - more ideas for Carle books – storybooks on-line Bigbooks to download - easy printable books with
versions in Spanish. Includes lesson plans. - an excellent website with great ideas and links to other
storytelling webpages or - download
stories and audio version - download stories and audio version
Check these pages out: -
everything for Little Red Riding Hood. This is the first in a series of units of work
for primary teachers. - listen and follow
LRRH on this page - similar materials for
on the same website: - with activities about some

FOR YOUR ENGLISH - watch programmes for teachers and classes given by
British teachers – for videos for you to watch or download for the
For the pronunciation of subject specific words, look them up on: - find out
the pronunciation of any word - great articles about teaching - an excellent website with lots of links – online encyclopedia
Exercises for your own English - some very good articles about teaching for
you to read.