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Executive summary: This case study is about Al Jazeera Company (channel) that tries to build its own bridge through the American nation using its different tools. This paper addresses the case study and tries to find some solution or small gaps that could capture the American nation interest and hence makes Al jazeera channel not only one of the greatest channel news in the Arab nation but also one of the greatest channels worldwide competing with BBC. . Will Al Jazeera channel be able to settle down into the American nation or will it face great difficulties that will make it consider its situation. CNN and many more.

com/aboutus/ Bibliography: Al . About us. (2012.aljazeera. English case about osama bin ladel http://www.aljazeera.Abstract: Abstract Category: Title: Globalizing a company Al.Jazeera case study This case study is trying to address the movement or the globalization of alJazeera company or channel into the American nation Through the case I will be trying to dig out some solutions and ways in which it will support the Jazeera channel with the American nation although the American nation has some direct attitudes with al Jazeera Abstract: channel in a way or another For example some of them say that this channel always supports the Arab nation and this thing doesn’t suit the Americans in any ways The other thing could be related to the incident happened by Osama bin ladle who is responsible for all the fear Americans have towards the Arab nation nowadays. Aljazeera. Retrieved from Aljazeera: http://www. April 16).


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And there comes a moment when we need to focus that inner fire so that our life will have some meaning. Not just fire for burning. And the great secret that the divine energy revealed to the world was fire. we want everything at once and cannot control the energy we have been given. . But. And this is exactly what Al-Jazzera channel need to do is to focus all their energy and marketing communication strategy in order to build up a way to catch the American nation attention and slowly disintegrates the bad picture from the population image. When we are born.Introduction: Like the sun life spreads its light in all directions. if we want to make a fire. but the fire that transforms wheat into bread. we have to focus all the sun rays on one spot. In our journey through we will be addressing they possible ways that could help al jazeera rise up through its mission of fully globalization.

.AL-JAZZERA Does a man who spend years preparing to climb the highest mountain in the world feel defeated when. To sum up. only two major factors needs to be changed Time and the image of how America sees Al Jazzera. I will make it to the top. Moreover. Now we all know that the incident of Osama bin ladle is a major factor that disturbed the image in the eyes of America. one day. its one of the major factors that America new about the Arab nation more in depth but of course in a bad picture. he discover that nature has cloaked the summit in storm clouds? The man says to the mountain: you don’t want me this time. Meanwhile. Day by day it will face great difficulties that will slow down its mission but one day everything will change and it will be much easier to encounter. These simple words by Paulo Coelho can best describe the full form of AL. on reaching that mountain. you’ll still be here waiting for me.jazeera channel trying to encounter the American nation. but the weather will change and.

“Al Jazeera” is Arabic for “the peninsula. most notably Saudi Arabia. Al. with Saudi money. and Al Jazeera was born.” The network is heavily funded by Qatar’s royal family. His aim was to transform Qatar into a Persian Gulf version of Switzerland. In 1995 Qatar’s Crown Prince Hamad bin Khalifa overthrew his father and immediately set to reforming the country’s media and governance. and peninsular nation jutting into the Persian Gulf from Saudi Arabia’s eastern midsection. hired 120 of them. The network is based in Doha.JAZEERA ENGLISH: Al Jazeera’s English-language network went on the air in November 2006. Boycotts and pressure from other Arab regimes. Qatar’s emir swooped in. So would open up the emirate’s media. The Saudis soon discovered that the BBC’s independence wasn’t what they were paying for. An Arab version of CNN would attain both objectives. leaving 250 BBC-trained journalists unemployed. keeps advertisers away and prevents the station from becoming self-sufficient. Qatar. the small Arab. The BBC in 1994 had started just such a station in Qatar. The venture dissolved.HISTORY OF Al –JAZEERA Luck played a big role in Al Jazeera’s creation and expansion. He thought good publicity would help. .

Will AlJazeera America be able to take over the American public? Now talking about Al jazeera English it’s already has its own American viewers that are interested but al jazeera wants to change its position from internet to cable tv! Why is that? . Al jazeera is one of the most influential brands in the world. Through the case will be explaining some marketing strategies that could influence the American nation. And this could only be done in two ways the first one is giving it some time and everything will change automatically! And the second one is by trying to changing the way people think towards al-jazeera channel using different marketing strategy and techniques. Described as a terrorist friendly and anti-American channel which famously aired Osama Bin Laden’s speeches. on the other it confronts the Qatari network with a challenge.THE GREAT PLAN: At the start of my case I discussed how al-jazeera could encounter the American nation. MSNBC and Fox. Its brand equity remains high through the whole world but the tv network has been consistently frustrated by its inability to conquer the us market If on one hand the deal brings Al-Jazeera into closer competition with American news channels like CNN. most major cable and satellite television networks in the US have refused to offer Al-Jazeera’s English-language service to their audiences ever since its inception six years ago.

.A research says that American people are used to cable TV. There were no ideological reasons behind the decision to buy Al Gore’s television. They had what we were looking for. Adding to that is the marketing strategy know as the joint venture which involves two companies joining together when they try to globalize or enter a community that is different from the mother community and this market strategy has a great advantage which is dividing the looses if the companies disintegrates but the only minor disadvantage is that the profit gained will be divided on two. By acquiring Current TV. In order to reach a bigger market share we have to buy these kinds of facilities that Current TV already had. For many years. Al-Jazeera will significantly resolve a distribution problem in order to expand the existing distribution footprint in the US. as well as increase our newsgathering and reporting efforts in America. we understood that we could make a positive contribution to the news and information available in and about the US and what we are now announcing will help us achieve that goal.

since the slightest piece of news can result in a war between the different ethnic groups. cultures and backgrounds and that is what makes it very special and difficult to deal with. however.Now jumping to the factors that could encounter or deflect the formation of the Arab news station in the American nation Social Factors The most important issue for any news station is the viewers and the publicity and we all know that the society of the Arab nation is way more different than that of the American nation. Unfortunately. The US can be considered as a group of different ethnicities. Al – Jazzera has its English news station that had its 5th anniversary from two years ago and its well know in the American community and this is one point for them that could help them interact with the American nation The social factors are perhaps the biggest element that will determine Al Jazeera’s success in the US. This will be one of the unfamiliar territories for Al Jazeera since the same problem isn’t as prominent in the Arab world Legal Factors A lot of things have to be taken into consideration when trying to encounter a country like the United States as it is one of the major . having a mix of different cultures can result in the rise of ethnic stereotypes which in turn gives birth to racism. This is a very crucial subject especially in news broadcasting.

this could be partially true but since the incident of osama bin ladel all of the Americans knew about the arab community not in a good picture of course and this could affect to a great extent the interrelation of al jazeera with the American society said faysal zok. in usa most of the Americans don’t know about other countries they only care about themselves and they think that they are the most powerful and no other country could interact with them. Americans culture Relating to culture. Jumping to religion and language both of them are completely different and hence al jazeera has to change its language inorder to coop. when a newly company tries to enter another nation it should take a great care of the rules and regulation about this country and adding to that the social background that was discussed in previous pages should also be taken into consideration as the community would be much different than the mother one. Moreover. .countries that have many rules and regulations and they are very strict in it so any changes outside the laws can cause destruction. Now relating it to the cross cultural analysis arab people should try to interchange their context culture to that of the amiercans inorder to bring a change .

The good tactical stategy which is the joint venture and sticking to the tv cable channel whic most of seventy percent of the American nation uses it where both of a great advantages to Al-Jazeera channel. culture. social and legal issues should be taken into great consideration. marketing strategies. .Conclusion When you try to encounter a country you don’t know you should do a series of steps bounded by a plan that could be strong enough to encounter the sea waves and dodge them with a little or minimum looses. but it is not impossible what i see it can only be a matter of time maybe 3 to 5 years and al jazeera will be one of the greatest companies worldwide. Al jazeera needs to put a large effort in order to bring a change and be able to enter the market community changing the way Americans see it. And in order this to be the end picture an address of the people. To sum up.

aljazeera. English case about osama bin ladel http://www...BILBOGRAPHY: http://www. original source book pg 76 .aljazeera.aljazeera. April 16).com/aboutus/ Al jazeera. Retrieved from Aljazeera: Aljazeera. ( Manuscript found in Accra by panlo al jazeera celebrating their fifth anniversary This video is recently new posted two days ago and got a lot of views describing the action of Osama bin ladle in a funny way http://www.. About us.

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