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Mogadishu University ‫جامعة مقديشو‬

Faculty of Nursing

2009 Profile
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Profile of the Faculty of Nursing

Somalia has been suffering severely from the atrocities of the civil war since 1990 in
which thousands of human lives were lost, properties destroyed and national
institutions entirely leveled to the ground. Among the most affected institutions were
hospitals, private and public clinics, and educational institutions such as Somali
National University- Faculty of Medicine, High Institute of Nursing and Health
Technical Institutes.

Furthermore, during this destructive civil war, many medical personnel were either
brutally murdered, displaced, migrated abroad, or retired and the remaining practicing
health professionals need re-training. This difficult situation caused severe break down
of the vital health delivery system, in particular those designated to serve the most
vulnerable groups.

During this prolonged civil war, an acute shortage of trained health personnel was felt
in all regions of the country. UN agencies, local and international NGO’s had been
trying to offer very limited health services and short training programs in their specific
areas of interest. Establishing health personnel training Institute was not among their
priorities. However, this present scenario fell far short to cover the real need for
qualified nurses in Somalia.

The continued civil war has seen the deteriorating state of the health care system and a
dire need to replace the short term strategies to get human resource in form of nurses to
a permanent solution. It is against such a background that the faculty of Nursing of
Mogadishu University was born.

Mogadishu University is a private and non-profit institution of higher education

established in Mogadishu in 1996. It has been planning to deal with the severe need for
sustainable community owned health institution in Somalia. The faculty of nursing is
just but one among many faculties under the umbrella of MU

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing

Establishment of the Faculty of Nursing

The faculty of nursing was born out of the need to upgrade and increase the capacity of
the high institute of nursing. The institute of nursing under the auspices of the
Mogadishu University was established in the academic year 2000/2001.

Currently, the Faculty of Nursing is located in the new campus of Mogadishu

University in the capital city. It is easily accessible by the public transport and it’s about
one kilometer from the outskirts of the city. This makes it convenient for both the
students and the teaching staff.

Faculty of Nursing envisions its
students to be transformed into
professional nurses who will be
leaders in general and nursing
education to become adept with
the relevant state-of-the-art
nursing care and technology to
individuals, families,
communities, society, and the
whole world.

The mission of the faculty Nursing
is to be a leader in providing
excellence in undergraduate and
graduate nursing education with
distinction in nursing practice,
scholarship, and service to the
community by providing effective
and efficient service to the
community through a quality multi-
faceted nursing education program.

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing

Core Values
 Employee Focus: we care encourage personal growth and recognize accomplishments
by others.
 Student Focus: To encourage our
students to succeed and embrace
lifelong learning.
 Quality: We provide exceptional
education and promote continuous
quality improvement through
 Teamwork: We achieve our greatest
success by working together as a
learning organization.
Philosophy of Nursing
The faculty believes that no family or society can live a healthy life, while threatened
by disease, ill health or unexplained death. Thus fundamental aspect of the nursing role
is important to society.
The essence of nursing involves communication, critical thinking, collaboration, caring,
education, advocacy, ethical behavior, and
a commitment to life-long learning.
Nurses practice in a variety of roles and
settings where nursing roles are
determined by education and appropriate
Nurses must be knowledgeable about and
health issues in order to assume an active
role in promoting health and influencing
healthcare delivery. Nursing faculty
values professional growth and
opportunities to make contributions to the profession through academic study,
research, and political action. Service to the profession, university, and community is
highly valued by the faculty.

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing

The Main Objectives of the Faculty

As one of MU Faculties, the faculty of nursing is working to attain the mission and the
institution-wide goals by adherence to its policies and standards. The following are the
main objectives of faculty of Nursing:

1. To produce highly qualified nurses capable of delivering appropriate health services

to the community and compliant to the ethics of the profession.
2. To upgrade the skills and knowledge of health professionals by conducting various
short term training programs,
refresher courses, workshops and
3. To promote among the students
the culture of peace and self-
reliance, respect for human rights
and the good values of the society.
4. Show leadership role ability in
planning, implementing,
monitoring and evaluating
individual and community health
and nursing care.
5. Serve as a change agent by
initiating and organizing activities
aimed at preventing occurrence of disease and promoting awareness among
individuals, groups and community.
6. Collaborate actively with other professional organizations for the improvement of
nursing profession and well being of citizens.
7. Demonstrate ability in utilizing research findings to improve nursing care quality in
all levels; individuals, family and community.
8. Accept personal responsibility and accountability for nursing practice and maintain
proper code of conducts and Nursing ethics nationally and internationally.
9. Participate in health assessment to individual patients or community, screening, case
finding and management of common health problems and injuries.
10. Undertake health education programs aimed at improving unhealthy attitudes of the
individuals and community and maintain safe and healthy environment.
11. Promote evidence based nursing care practice.

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing

Special Features

1. It is a private non-profit institution under the auspices of Mogadishu University.

2. English is the language of instruction.
3. Offers Bachelor degree in General
nursing on a four-year program.
4. Each academic year consists of
two semesters (20
5. Students are given the
opportunity to learn Arabic
language during the course.

Admission Requirements
Original secondary school certificate (4 years) and priority will be given those with high
marks in scientific subjects. In
addition one should have:

1. Birth certificate
2. Certificate of good conduct
3. File with application letter
4. Pass written exam and oral
5. Pass English language
written & oral entrance
examination at least with
60% marks.
6. Not more than 25 years of age.
7. Pregnancy is not allowed during the whole course of the Institute.

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing

Exams & Tests

1. The pass mark for each subject is
2. Three exams take place in each
semester as follows:
a. First exam: the first two
months-marked out of 20%
b. Second exam: the next
months –marked out of 20%
c. Third exam: at the end of the
semester-marked out of 60%
3. If a student fails in four subjects or
more he/she will repeat the
4. If he/she fails in three or less subjects/semester he/she will be given one more
chance to be re-examined.
5. The student will be eligible for the next semester only after passing all subjects (no
carry over of subject is allowed).

The Library
Special library for the Faculty of Nursing
was established in September 2000, which
has 2000 books and publications. Most of
these books are textbooks for students and
references for tutors.

Enrolment & Fees

1. Expected enrolment in each year is 80 students.
2. Registration fee is $20.
3. Academic fee of $450 per year.

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing

Calendar for the Academic Year 2007/2008

Semesters Beginning Ending

Semester 1 01Sept. 2007 13 Jan. 2008

Mid-term 14 Jan. 2008 2 Feb. 2008

Semester 2 O3 Feb. 2008 30 Jun.2008

Summer Semester O1 July. 2008 31 July.2008
Summer Vacation 01 Aug. 2008 31 Aug.2008

Annual Vacation:
The Faculty annual leave is a one-month vacation per year.

a. Male Nurse students-white trousers and white shirts.
b. Female Nurse students-white gown, white shirts and white head cover

Faculty of Nursing Alumni

The faculty of nursing has seen its alumni grow in leaps and bounds. Through their
success the faculty has been able to contribute immensely to capacity building both in
upgrading of diploma nurses and also the success of the Bachelor of Science in nursing
graduates. The alumni is spread all over the world with the majority finding jobs within
Somalia and being of much needed help to the population. The following just
highlights but a few of the cases:

 Some graduates are undertaking their post-graduate studies in different countries

such as Kenya, India, Malaysia, England, China.
 Some graduates are working in hospitals abroad ( KSA, UAE, Qatar, Syria and UK).
 Most graduates serve their communities by working in hospitals, clinics and health
institutions in different regions of Somalia e.g.

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing

The Role of the Faculty of Nursing in Somalia

Faculty of Nursing has very important in role in serving the community and
contributing to the development of health sector in Somalia.

The following outlines the extent of the role of the faculty in contributing to the
development of health sector and helping the needy IDPs populations:

 Capacity Building of the Staffs in Hospitals & Health Facilities:

Since its establishment, the faculty provides continuous training to the staff and nursing
in the hospital and health facilities in Mogadishu and surrounding areas.

 Capacity Building Programs to TBSs (Traditional Birth Attendants):

The faculty offers packages of trainings, seminars and workshops to TBAs (traditional
birth attendants) on delivery, sterilization, and prevention of STIs. Midwives from the
different districts in Mogadishu and IDPs populations in Mogadishu and surrounding
areas participate in this training program.

 Mother & Child Educational Care (MCEC) Project:

MCEC Project is developmental

project aims the development of
Somali mother and child through
targeted educational and health
care activities with a special focus
on eradicating the practice of
female genital mutilation (FGM).

MCEC is implemented by the

Faculty of Nursing of Mogadishu
University (MU) in cooperation
with the Norwegian Nursing
Association (NoNA.

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing

 Health Education Programs:

The students of the faculty offer continuous health education programs to raise the
awareness of the people on various topics including (psychiatric & mental health,
HIV/Aids, nutrition, breast feeding, prevention of FGM, sanitation, water safety etc).

The faculty lecturers and students also visit primary and secondary schools in the city
to give the students health education,
knowledge and counseling.

 Eye Cataract Extraction Campaign

The faculty actively participates in eye

cataract extraction campaign in Somalia
in cooperation with the hospitals
Kikuyu Eye Unit in Kenya and Arafat
in Mogadishu.

 The Faculty Provides Free Maternity Services to IDPs Families:

The midwifery department of the faculty provides the poor families in IDPs in
Mogadishu free maternity service.

 Local Balance Diet Demonstration Program:

The students of the faculty organize

annually demonstration program of
locally available foods (balanced diet) to
explain the nutrition value of the local
balanced food. The program gives special
consideration to the IDPs families to raise
their awareness on using affordable local
balanced diets to prevent malnutrition.

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing

 The Faculty Participates in the Relief Efforts:

The faculty participates effectively in the relief efforts of the Victims of Floods & Watery
Diarrhea in southern Somalia.

The faculty organizes and sends groups of

nurse students to participate in the

Students in all faculties of the university

including the faculty of nursing donate
amounts of money to buy the essential
drugs and other necessary relief materials
to relief the affected areas.

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing


The faculty of nursing has mainly survived the bottlenecks in its administration mainly
because of the following:

1. Facilities: The faculty of nursing is equipped with facilities that enable it to dissipate
nursing knowledge well. It has a state of the art building with ample space that
accommodates enough students. The faculty has all required materials for training
and teaching, enough facilities and capacity such as equipment, manpower, centers
which are able to provide different services.
2. Experience: The faculty has ten years of experience in the field of Nursing and
community health. The faculty has already graduated six batches. With such
experience that the faculty boasts of contributing immensely to improving the lives
of the community at large.
3. Wide Public Support: The faculty of nursing enjoys a very wide public support
given the fact that it has given back to the same society as highlighted above. It’s
every Childs dream in Mogadishu to join the faculty of nursing unfortunately due to
space it can only accommodate as much. It continues to nurture a good relationship
with the community.
4. International Recognized Curriculum: The University has an international
recognized curriculum that prepares the students to be competent and competitive
anywhere in this world. The curriculum of the faculty was developed in conjunction
with a number of internationally recognized institutions like AMREF (African
Medical & Research Foundation), American……………… for authentication,
Harstad Nursing College in Norway. To be able to merge with the culture and
expectations of the local communities and make the nursing relevant it also
consulted and shared the curriculum adapted by the former Somali Nursing
5. Strong Social Network & Teaching Hospitals: The University has a strong social
network with the most hospitals providing avenues for our student’s practical work
for example.
6. Great Number Of Highly Qualified Graduates: who are well trained and have the
required ability for providing health services anywhere in the world.
7. Highly Qualified Staff: The faculty has qualified staff including (doctors, lecturers,
trainers, midwifery and administration).

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing


1. LIBRARY: The faculty library was established in the year 2000 but the growing
number of students makes it difficult for its maximum usage. It is not only small in
size but also has publications some of which are very old editions and may not
provide much assistance in the modern world. So the faculty library needs
expansion and also upgrading with modern tools of learning like new text books,
internet, medical CDs etc.

2. LABORATORIES: The current labs in the faculty have some equipment but again
the increasing number of students has made it difficult for maximum usage of its
equipment. It needs to be upgraded to meet the increasing demands of its ever
thirsty students.

3. CAPACITY BUILDING OF FACULTY STAFF: One of the most pressing needs is

the need by the university to build its human resource especially the lecturers. This
is important to ensure self sustenance in the field of teaching, research and
mentorship. Over-reliance on foreign lecturers is costly given the ever changing
harsh political climate.

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing

1. Enrolment of Students in the Academic Year 2001- 2009

Batch Girls Boys Total

Batch One 25 21 46
Batch Two 39 33 72
Batch three 52 21 73
Batch Four 61 23 84
Batch Five 57 29 86
Batch Six 61 24 85
Batch Seven 62 28 90
Batch Eight 66 32 96
Batch Nine 73 20 93
Total 496 231 725

Faculty Enrolment
Girls Boys


61 61 62 66 73
52 57
25 21 39 33 29 24 28 32
21 23 20

Batch Batch Batch Batch Batch Batch Six Batch Batch Batch Total
One Two three Four Five Seven Eight Nine

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing

2. Graduate Batches in Faculty of Nursing and their Number

Batch Degree Boys Girls Total

Batch One Diploma 9 7 16
Batch Two Diploma 8 10 18
Batch Three Diploma 11 15 26
Batch Four Bachelor degree 13 15 28
Batch Five Bachelor degree 20 12 32
Batch Six Bachelor degree 12 23 35
Total 73 82 155

Faculty Graduates
Boys Girls



15 13 15
10 11 12 12
9 7 8

Diploma Diploma Diploma Bachelor Bachelor Bachelor

Batch One Batch Two Batch Three Batch Four Batch Five Batch Six Total

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing

4. Employment of the Faculty Graduates

# Nurses
No Centre/Hospital Location Institution

Faculty of Nursing,
1 Mogadishu 5 MU
Mogadishu University

2 Deynile Hospital Mogadishu 10 MSF – France

3 Galkacyo Hospital Galkacyo 13 MSF – Holland

4 Istarlin Hospital Guriceel 8 MSF – Belgium

5 Hudur Hospital Hudur 4 MSF – Belgium

6 Yaqshid Clinics Mogadishu 11 MSF – Spain

7 Hawa Abdi Hospital Lower Shabelle 12

8 Health Training Officers Gedo Region 9

Save the
9 Health Officers Hiran 3
Lower and Middle Juba
10 Health Officers 4

11 Health Professionals Bay & Bakol Regions 9

U.A.E., KSA, U.K., Qatar,

12 International Hospitals 10

13 Health Professionals Mogadishu 27

Total 125

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing


First Year

First Semester
Course No Course Name Theory Practice Credit Hours

5111 General Chemistry/Biochemistry 2 3 3

103 English I 3 - 3
101 Arabic I 3 - 3
5112 Biostatistics 2 - 2
51111 Anatomy & Physiology I 2 3 3
5115 Sociology And Anthropology 2 - 2
105 Islamic Culture & Contemporary Issue 3 - 3
5121 English for Nursing (I) 4 4
5116 G. psychology & Psychology Nsg 2 - 2
TOTAL 29 25

Second Semester
Course No Course Name Theory Practice Credit Hours

51112 Anatomy & Physiology II 3 3 4

104 English II 3 - 3
102 Arabic II 3 - 3
51116 First Aid 2 3 3
51158 Parasitology 1 3 2
51120 Nutrition 2 3 3
51118 Fundamental Nursing I 3 3 4
107 Islamic Civilization 2 - 2
5122 English for Nursing II 2 2
5117 Biophysics 2 - 2

TOTAL 38 28

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing

Second Year

Third Semester
Course No Course Name Theory Practice Credit Hours
51119 Fundamental Nursing II 3 3 4
51122 Anatomy And Physiology III 3 3 4
51121 Ethics And Professional Nursing Issues 2 - 2
106 Current Affairs Of The Muslim World 2 - 2
594 English III 2 - 2
588 Arabic III 2 - 2
51114 Pharmacology I 2 3 3
51113 Microbiology 2 3 3
51157 Dental Care 1 3 2

TOTAL 34 24

Fourth Semester

Course No Course Name Theory Practice Credit Hours

51125 Medicine/Medical Nursing I 3 3 4
51128 Surgery/Surgical Nursing I 3 3 4
51150 Advanced Nsg Proc. & Protocols 3 3 4
51132 Maternal Health I 3 3 4
51133 Child Growth And Development 1 3 2
51115 Pharmacology II 2 3 3
51135 Diet therapy 1 3 2
589 Arabic IV 2 - 2
108 Political System in Islam 2 - 2

TOTAL 41 27

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing

Third Year

Fifth Semester
Course No Course Name Theory Practice Credit Hours
51126 Medicine/Medical Nursing II 3 6 5
51129 Surgery/Surgical Nursing II 3 3 4
51139 Maternal Health Nursing II 2 3 3
51137 ENT And Ophthalmology 2 3 3
51136 Pediatrics/Pediatric Nursing I 2 3 3
51142 Psychiatrics-Mental Health I 2 3 3
51147 Epidemiology 1 3 2
51141 Community Health I 1 3 2
590 Arabic V 2 - 2
110 Somali Studies 2 - 2
109 Scientific Research Methodology& Lib 3 - 3
51124 Pharmacology (3) 1 - 1
TOTAL 51 33

Sixth Semester
Course No Course Name Theory Practice Credit Hours
51144 Pediatrics/Pediatric Nursing II 3 3 4
51145 Community Health II 3 3 4
51146 Psychiatrics-Mental Health II 3 3 4
51149 Physiotherapy 1 3 2
51131 Communicable Disease 3 3 4
51161 Maternal Health III 1 3 2
51152 Geriatric Nursing 1 3 2
591 Arabic VI 2 - 2
111 African Studies 2 - 2
114 World Geography 2 - 2
51148 Health Education 1 3 2
51127 Medicine/Medical Nursing III 2 3 3

TOTAL 51 33

Profile of the Faculty of Nursing

Fourth Year

Seventh Semester

Course No Course Name Theory Practice Credit Hours

51153 Critical Care And Nsg Protocols 3 3 4

51162 Community Health III 2 3 3

5118 Nursing Mgt And Leadership I 2 3 3

51154 Nursing Education I 2 3 3

5120 Computer Application + IT I 2 3 3

51156 Nursing Research Methodology 2 3 3

592 Arabic VII 2 - 2

112 Introduction to economics 2 - 2

TOTAL 35 23

Eighth Semester
Course No Course Name Theory Practice Credit Hours
5119 Nursing Mgt And Leadership II 2 3 3
51155 Nursing Education II 2 3 3
51163 Community Health IV 2 6 4
5123 Project Dev. And Presentation 2 3 3
51151 Health Economics 1 2 3
593 Arabic VIII 2 - 2
5124 Computer Application + IT II 2 3 3
113 Introduction to management 2 - 2
51160 Graduation thesis 2 3 3

TOTAL 40 26