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I grew up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the 60s and 70s. One of my favorite

summertime things to do was to visit my Grandparents and my aunt and uncle in
Park Falls. As I got older, I was allowed to stay with my grandparents for about
two weeks every summer. My grandpa, John G. Shepherd, D. C., would load our
tackle boxes and poles into the back of his old station wagon, with its ever-
present eight foot rowboat on top, and off we’d go, sailing down the old rocky
roads of Price County, Wisconsin, country music at full blast (Grandpa was deaf)
to the lake of his choice. When we found a good spot, he’d slide that heavy
rowboat off the top of his car, and walk it down to the bank and just flip it over.
He was around 85 at that time.
We’d fish for crappies and bass on the calm, still waters of the little lakes,
and we’d fish for pike and muskie on the Flambeau River. We always came
home with fish, and sometimes I would even outfish my Grandpa. He taught me
to be still and quiet, and to believe that there was an old muskie right under our
boat, or right over there in that weedbed or under that log, and to wait and he
would come to us. He also used to tell me that if I wasn’t quiet and didn’t catch
fish, he’d have to throw me out of the boat! I caught a 34 inch Muskie one time,
but we had to throw him back. The minimum size we could keep was 36 inches.
Not bad for a 10 year old girl!
Grandpa was a local celebrity at Scully’s, the bait and tackle store downtown.
People trusted him with their health in Park Falls, and he was proud of that. I
remember his office, up a long flight of stairs in a very plain white building
downtown in Park Falls. The pamphlets and book you are about to read were
designed to provide his patients with a little light reading while they waited for
their adjustments. They have been described by my aunt Leta as a mix of
science and theology. But they worked for my Grandpa. He lived life to the
fullest right up to age 101. He was rarely sick even in the last few years of his
life. He enjoyed so many things, and touched so many people in the
Northwoods, by restoring their health, the greatest gift we have been given.
I hope you will take the time to read his words and hear what he had to say. A
lot of his ideas are as valid today as when he wrote them, in the late 1950s and
early 1960s. Please enjoy The Collected Works of John G. Shepherd, D. C.

Ann E. Shepherd-Marin











Behind the Clouds
By J. G. Shepherd, DC

Chiropractors believe in Penicillin and all Miracle Drugs. Have Chiropractors

changed from being drugless? No! What they do believe is that the body is provided
with the machinery to manufacture its own miracle drugs and antibodies for every
occasion and some that man has not yet discovered. This it will do without the side

Have you thought of the human body as a manufacturing plant full of machinery,
motors, tools, vats, storage tanks, mixers, conveyors, grinders, filtering and
measuring devices.

Your body has a circulating heating system. It also has a cooling system.
Scientists have now discovered that body cells can make tiny ice cubes. The body
needs about every thing to operate, and it can make everything it needs.

One gland manufactures sand. There are three sections to it. Why man needs
sand is only our guess. Another gland manufactures nicotine. Why the body needs
nicotine these days is also anyone’s guess. Other glands manufacture enzymes,
antibodies, bile, insulin, adrenaline, saliva, several kinds of oil, several kinds of acids,
and another makes a cleaning fluid for the eyes and nose. Another gland makes
iodine from raw materials. These may not be all the products of the body but they
are important to keep the factory going at top efficiency.

Every muscle in the body is a motor. Some big motors and some small motors.
There is also every kind of a hoist, lift, torque, mixer, and mechanical device known
to engineering science in the human body.

Some things work by mass production like cell production and others are
precision built.

Some people look upon the body through the eyes of chemistry; others look upon
the body as a machine only. Chiropractic sees the human body as both.

A manufacturing plant must have the raw material to put through the processes.
This we call food, water and air. But a manufacturing plant needs lots of power.
Where does the body get this power? The brain supplies all this power for every
muscle, gland, organ and tool. It sends this power over nerves. Sixteen million of
them are in the spinal cord, called the central nervous system. Put end to end these
nerves will reach four times around the earth.
Chiropractic teaches that the brain has Innate intelligence, and creative power
which are the two characteristics of life. It teaches that all functions including blood
circulation is regulated and controlled by the brain through the nervous system.

Most sicknesses are self limited, but when nerve channels are blocked by
subluxation, the functions of the body machinery is disturbed much like when the
power is cut off from the factory. When this happens the body’s resistance to
disease is lowered, following this the person has real hurts and complaints.

The spine is the key to the nervous system for there is no other housing or outlet.
Some time in life most people have accidents that amount to shocks sufficient to
strain ligaments that hold the segments of the spine in their normal position. These
displacements will squeeze or pinch the nerves, disturb function, and lower
resistance so that tissue decays and germs will take over. Germs are the result
rather than the cause of disease.

What then is more logical than Chiropractic service, the purpose of which is to
make the proper adjustment so that power may be restored and the body function
will be resumed, and health then being a natural sequence. “Is it not better to light
one candle than to curse the darkness?” Is it not better to restore power to one
motor than throw a monkey wrench into the machinery?

Chiropractors have something going for them no other profession has. It is God’s
Dynamic Law of Life. Its wisdom knows no bounds. It causes the trees and flowers
to bud. It directs the birds in their virgin flight. From green grass it comes out life
giving milk. From the slime of the sea it springs into living creatures.

Chiropractors do not stimulate or inhibit. They neither add to or take away. They
are dedicated to the task of giving freedom to this dynamic law of life, which is
centered in the nervous system of every human being. It knows best what is wrong
and how to coordinate the nine functions to get sick people well. A pill can not
think, but INNATE can. INNATE is the in-born universal law of life.

Chiropractic and Medicine, both have their place. Both are in the business of
getting sick people well, though miles apart in approach.

For example, Medicine and osteopathy are both based on the theory, blood is the
life of the body. One uses chemistry and the other a physical approach. The heart
and blood receives major consideration.

Blood is not life. Blood can not think. It can not propel itself. It can not
regenerate or reproduce its own cells. It is a vehicle. It is a servant, not the master.

The Chiropractic approach is sound. It works. Its prerequisite is cooperation of

patient. Time is also a factor in getting well.

One disease alone will illustrate the chiropractic approach. Take blood cancer as
you know it. Most cases die in a short time because they do not understand, believe
in, or trust this dynamic law of life to get them well. Chiropractors call this law
INNATE, which is part of the Universal Law of Creation. It knows how to get the
bone marrow to function and build a balanced blood. It makes little difference if it is
mononucleosis or polynucleosis. It knows and cares for the well-being of its own
creation. To most people it is impossible, because they will it so. The impossible
sometimes takes longer.

INNATE needs only a chance. It needs freedom. You and your chiropractor are
the ones that can give INNATE a fighting chance.

Checking once a month is good insurance.

Park Falls, Wisconsin.

Hospitals are filled with people who didn’t understand the functions of their body.
Your family has only four kinds of tissue and nine functions.

#1: Bone tissue acts as a framework, levers, attachments for muscles, and the
marrow produces blood. Blood however is not a tissue. It is not one of the four
tissues. It is not the life of the body. If it were the life of the body, it could think for
the body and itself, and could propel itself. It is a vehicle to convey heat, food and

#2: Muscles move things. The word muscle means motor. Every muscle,
therefore, is a motor and needs nerve power or it moves nothing. The heart and
arteries are all muscle, and normally move 3 ¼ tons of blood every day, and work 103
thousand times a day. Veins are not all muscle.

#3: Epithiel is protective tissue. It is outside skin and inside lining for cavities. It is
important enough to be one of the four tissues.

#4: Nerve tissue is the life of the body because it can propel itself and think for
the body. It comprises the brain and 16 million nerves. It is the directing agency and
communicating system. It compares to the ignition system in your car. Both are the
first to go wrong and should be the first to be corrected. Normal nerve function is
necessary to control the nine functions in your body. If not, trouble follows as night
follows day. The origin can be physical or mental physical. The sensory will tell you in
no uncertain terms. Pain is not a disease and should never be treated as a disease.
Pain is more often a blessing in disguise.

The nine functions are motor, sensory, calorific, assimilative, eliminative,

regenerative, expansive, repair and adaptive.

You may ask, “How do these functions concern a Chiropractor?” Everything!

Even in back trouble one or more of these functions are involved. Chiropractic isn’t
intended to do everything, but when needed to restore functions there is no
substitute for it. X + 2 equals 4 because X means 2. Disease plus normal function
means stepped up body working performance just like replacing dirty spark plugs
with new ones. That is why there is no substitute for Chiropractic in so many so
called incurable diseases.

You alone can be your own worst enemy by erecting a stone wall of prejudice.
The source of nerve energy is always 100% but your material body is always weak and
fallible. Nine months before birth man’s inborn nervous system knew he needed a
back bone for more ways than one, and all of the four tissues and nine functions.

Relax and get the most out of Chiropractic. Happiness is not a lot of hoop-a-la. It
is a state of good feeling. The one is artificial, whereas real happiness is a calm,
assuring, uplifting inspiration. It registers all through the body by way of the nervous
system and is positively beneficial.

Even some kinds of music is physically harmful. It pollutes the air we breathe and
in time can produce major diseases. It has been clinically proven that garden plant
life is always susceptible to music both ways.

“As a man thinketh, so is he.” Most of man’s unhappiness is self inflicted. A

negative attitude and fear go hand in hand. “Fear hath torment.” Fear affects blood
pressure. It opens some glands and closes others. The disciples were afraid when
they saw Christ after he arose from the grave. He admonished them, “Fear not.”
Very often we have more to fear from fear itself.

A positive attitude and happiness go hand in hand. Material blessings are not
always necessary for happiness. The very, very rich can be the most miserable
people on earth. In troubles and reverses we can take a positive attitude and take
comfort that it could have been much worse. A rhyme goes like this, “From the day
we are born, till we ride in a hearse, no matter what happens, it might have been
A man complained of his feet until he saw another man that had no feet.

In the nervous system there is a positive dynamic force called INNATE. When this
force has freedom it controls nine functions and therefore is physically beneficial.

Most sick people are more or less tense and do not know it. Most people make
the mistake of taking the physical approach to relax. Hoopy is not happy. Even the
drug approach has a terrible kick back. The mental approach is the proper approach.

One method is to get quiet, breathe slowly and at the same time listen to that still
small voice. Try it. Believe me it works. That still small voice can tell us things we
should know. When fully relaxed the suprarenal glands start putting adrenalin into
the blood stream. It is a powerful heart stimulant and a vasomotor astringent, when
INNATE is in full control.

Your chiropractor needs your cooperation. His work is more effective when the
patient is fully relaxed. Worry and fear are twin sisters. Smile and the world smiles
with you. Mentally relax and your body relaxes. There is extra living to life when
tuned into INNATE force. See your chiropractor regularly. It is your best insurance
for natural health.

MAKE NO MISTAKE! Posture can make or break you in health!

Let us look at the BAD first.

Bad Posture -----

BAD POSTURE can put you in the grave fast or slowly. It weakens the stomach. It
brings on an early heart condition. It makes a boy into an old man before he is a
young man. It contributes to poor blood circulation, a dull mind and a negative
outlook on life. It makes school work unattractive, and the basis for an early
dropout. One tires easily. Poor posture violates nature.

Good Posture -----

GOOD POSTURE practically means your tallest position, poise and balance. Like all
nature your body seeks its balance, as water seeks its own level. It was the was our
creator made us. It takes a weight off our internal vital organs.

Good posture, belly breathing is natural without effort. Observe a healthy animal
or a baby sleeping. Belly breathing massages the internal vital organs 1080 times
every hour. This is healthier than sitting on your heart and liver.

Good posture makes for a longer and a happier life. Old Charley Smith is 133 years
old and is the picture of good posture. At the age of 12 --- 1854 was sold into slavery.
He is the oldest man on social security.

One can attain good posture with effort. The virtue is in the effort. It is in the
effort one develops the ligaments and muscles of the spine, the law of gravity is
pulling us down. If your duties require bending, don’t stoop. Bend at hip joints and
knees. Keep trying and you can’t fail to make good posture.

Good posture can save your life some time in emergency when you need poise
and balance on ice or to move quickly from a fast moving object.

Good appearance is important in every area of our social life. When you see a boy
slumping, shoulders sagging with a hang-dog look as though his best friend had
passed him by. He may have. Whether we realize it or not everyone gives off a
positive or a negative influence.

Good posture is important in sleep. In most cases it is the answer for insomnia.
Man spends one third of his life in bed.
In some cases children are injured which makes good posture difficult. In these
cases professional help is called for.

The best time to start correcting incorrect posture is when young before big
troubles set in. Big troubles nearly always start small.


Park Falls, Wisconsin 54527

CHIROPRACTIC is the discovery of the third dimension of living man put to

practice. Man is the first spiritual by nature, made into a MECHANICAL MACHINE.

Until 1895 doctors treated disease hoping it was self limited, not knowing man
was a machine; like any machine it can get out of adjustment. This was a new
approach to the cause of disease and called for a new approach in practice.

Let us look at the first dimension of man. He is the product of thought. God
created man in His own image just a little lower than angels, but higher than animals.
If God is our Father, we are His sons and daughters. Man was created to reflect
God’s image in intelligence and creativeness. This spiritual dimension D. D. Palmer
called innate intelligence in man which is part of the universal intelligence that
created the world.

Animals have a limited degree of innate and will respond to adjustments. More on
this later. An animal can live on only what God and man provides. Man does not live
by bread alone. When Jesus had fasted forty days he was tempted to turn stones
into bread, he said, “Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that
proceeded out of the mouth of God.”

“WORD of GOD” means communication. INNATE intelligence is our built-in

intercom. Man lives on spiritual nourishment as well as daily bread. INNATE is God’s
gift to man to be self repairing. A man made machine can not repair itself. Man is a
special built machine.

Man was given more INNATE and with it, more responsibility. He was made a free
agent. That is why he can be his own worst enemy. An animal can not have a
positive or negative attitude. Man is a spiritual product from a spiritual producer.
Man is a product of thought. Men can think negatively and feel bigger than their
creator, thus setting up a barricade to INNATE. They try to diagnose themselves;
take this, take that, when the cause and correction is inside rather than outside. An
honest attitude is a positive attitude. Ask a child a question and you are most apt to
get an honest answer. They are so grateful for small favors. That is why Jesus said
to the disciples, “Forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of God.” Man is one third
spiritual by nature and more so when a child. A child is living in a happy world and
we can, too.

One third of man is chemistry. If you don’t believe it, study anatomy, psychology
and pathology. This is the most obvious one third dimension of man.
Chiropractic is the discovery of the missing link in man. Scientists always knew man
had two dimensions, but didn’t know what made him go out of function and get sick.
For a better guess it was the germ or virus theory of the cause of the disease. Sept.
18, 1895 D. D. Palmer discovered that man was a spiritual chemical machine and like
any other machine can get out of adjustment. Man is like a car. Some parts are
more vulnerable that other parts to get out of adjustments. In a car it is more often
the ignition, carburetor, timing, and wheel alignment. In man it is his spine with 48
trunk exits, sacrum and ilia. If the tenth cranial nerve to lungs and stomach is
interfered with, man is in real trouble until adjusted. B. J. Palmer used to say, “To
eat is human --- to digest is divine.”

The question is often asked: What is the relationship between osteopathy and
Chiropractic? It isn’t a close second cousin. Dr. Still believed that by using the
osseous tissues as levers he could stimulate better blood circulation. To him blood
was the lift of the body. Blood is a product of the body. It can not think. It can not
produce itself. The spiritual dimension of man is the life of man. Osteopathy is
physiotherapy. It is a treatment, but in chiropractic it is a treat to get an adjustment.

Every nerve in man’s body can express itself intelligently. Just step on a tack. An
intelligent message will be flashed to your head telling you which foot and what part
of the foot and from there a message with power to just the right motor muscles to
hoist the foot. Man can move mountains and pick rocks off the moon, but he can
not move one finger without nerve energy and intelligence.

In the winter of 1918-1919, 20 million people died of Spanish influenza worldwide.

It started in the army camps. Medicine and vaccinations were freely used. The fear
factor should be considered. Young men were being drafted into service, leaving
crying mothers and sad hearted fathers. Chiropractic was young but we lost only
one patient in every 886 cases. That was 43 times a good as the medical approach.
The fear factor sapped the physical strength from people with a loss of resistance
causing subluxations. Chiropractic opened nerve channels. Recovery was speedy.
This writer was in school at the time and never lost one patient, neither did any other
student. We worked night and day while going to school. My first patient was an
emergency sent out by the school. Three doctors that afternoon had held
consultation of a three year old boy and said he could not live till morning. An
adjustment was given at about 5 p. m. He slept well all night and at 8 a. m. the next
morning was eating breakfast. Case dismissed. Ten days later the father resigned as
president of a meat packing company to take up the study of this new discovery of
the third dimension of man.

Allow me to cite some cases of animal response. An animal must be terribly sick
or the law of self defense takes over. One was a respected shepherd dog dying of
distemper. Six hours after an adjustment he was completely well from all
appearances. There is a living witness to this episode. Case dismissed.
Another dog was apparently paralyzed in the lower back. He could only drag his
hind quarters. The vet thought he was paralyzed. Fifteen minutes after a cervical
adjustment he stood up on all four feet, walked to the door wanting out. The man’s
wife followed him about a block up the alley and back. Case dismissed.

Another animal case was a highly valuable registered calf, that the vet gave up
saying it was a goner. The next morning after an adjustment it was up and from all
appearances was a well calf. Again, case dismissed.

The life principle we call INNATE is in everyone. It works best for us when the
patient is very sick. They are then too sick to set up a negative mental resistance.
We are a free agent and sometimes we think we know too much. Children respond
best before they have set up mental reservations.

In conclusion may we offer some gold nuggets for better health and happiness. If
fear hath torment; sap your physical strength, and produce subluxations, the
opposite will do the reverse. Christ said, “Pray without ceasing.” How can one do
that? Being thankful all the time is a good way to start. Jesus was asked how to
pray. He said, “In this manner pray.” Notice the first part and the last is giving
thanks or glorifying God. Very little is being asked for personally, except for daily
bread; forgiveness and strength to resist evil. He must have had in mind INNATE
intelligence in the words. “Thy kingdom come --- on earth as it is in Heaven.”
Praying need not be vocal. In fact, Jesus frowned on too much vocal praying by the
scribes and Pharisees. He said they “strained at a gnat, but would swallow a camel.”
Praying in secret was best, to your Father which is in “secret, who heareth in secret
and will reward you openly.” Some people may think God is hard of hearing.
Matthew 6:6

Ten lepers came to Jesus for healing, and one came back to glorify him, that was
to give thanks. Jesus asked, “Were there not ten?” We don’t realize how much we
have to be thankful for. Maybe only about one tenth as much.

A poet (unknown) expressed my feeling.

“I’ve never seen God,

But I know how I feel;
It’s people like you,
Who make Him so real.

My God is no stranger,
He’s happy and gay;
And he don’t ask me,
To weep when I pray.
I wish I could meet him,
More often than I do;
I would, if there were
More people like you.”

An atheistic surgeon said in all his operating he had never seen a man’s soul.
Neither has a man seen a thought, yet man is the product of thought.

Chiropractic is the only health science that takes into account all three dimensions
of man. Man has a built-in repair and reshaping system. A man-made machine does
not have these. An animal can not make a wheelbarrow and man is not allowed to
make a living sparrow.

The cause and correction of disease is found inside of man rather than outside

Your body is a beautiful DIVINE, CHEMICAL MACHINE. It can be misused; abused

and like any machine can get out of adjustment.

Park Falls, Wisconsin 54552


MARCH 1960


Price -- $1.00
We dedicate to that big fellow, and to the discovery of the law of Continuity which
made it possible for this writer to overcome an incurable disease over forty five
years ago, and also to those early pioneers who dared to challenge custom,
ignorance, and prejudice; and also to the twenty some thousand doctors in the field
still challenging the same forces.

Knowledge is Power

Ignorance goes the way

Of least resistance.
An aeroplane rises & lands
The best against the wind.

It is not our purpose to make this a text book for doctors. Rather, it is our
purpose to address lay people using their language, that they may be able to
understand this new law, which carries a new approach to the disease problem.

The need for this new approach is greater than ever. It has been said that one half
of the world is sick today, and the other one half will be sick tomorrow. In
Milwaukee, Wisconsin alone this year the Community Chest drive for funds will
represent fifty three disease (or charity) organizations.

To many people this book will be revealing. To some it will open new pages to a
book of hope. To some it will lift the clouds that obscure truth, logic, and a common
sense approach to a happy life, free of untold troubles.

To some it will mean nothing, for some WILL not read, and some WILL not

To those who read we hope you get much and after finding this new approach
satisfactory, will have gained a working knowledge, and be able to explain to others.

To make things clear we shall introduce terms used, so you will get a clear
understanding of what we mean. Some of these are the “New Approach”, “Law of
Continuity”, “The Big Fellow”, “Bi-Polar” and “Abstract Force”.

There is a reason for all things. The reason for the automobile was to get you
there faster and with less discomfort. Chiropractic has the same reason for its
existence. It is to get you well faster and with less discomfort. The horse and buggy
had its limitations. This was true no matter how dolled up the horse or if the buggy
was fitted with rubber tires. As you will see, Chiropractic is a brand new approach to
disease. It approaches from the hind side instead of the front side. It approaches
from a positive cause side instead of a negative result side of sickness. It approaches
from PRODUCER side instead of product side.

The law of continuity is a new law much like Newton’s law of gravity. It means
that life is renewed in regular succession. Twenty years later when Dr. Crile
confirmed this new law he described it like a process from one pole to another pole,
and called it the “Bi-polar process of living processes.”

The nervous system is Bi-polar (two halves). It is concentrated at one end of the
body in the brain and dispersed to the rest of the body. Everything in the world is bi-
polar. This earth has two poles; a north and a south pole. It also has two
hemispheres. It is made up of two substances, land and water. There are night and
day. A molecule has two opposing forces. The sexes are male and female. The
human body has two halves. There is a right and a left side to the brain, spinal cord,
heart, lungs, arm, legs, and all of the muscles.

Going into the deeper side of living man we find he is B-polar in another aspect.
He is material, and also immaterial. He is what you see and what you can’t see. He is
composed of a visible part and an invisible part.

A dead man is all material. He is all there materially. Materially and concretely
there is nothing missing; but living man is what you see and what you don’t see.
Material eyes alone will not see, and material ears alone will not hear.

Balance is the important thing. All nature seeks a balance. Until this Law of
Continuity was discovered, there was never a suggestions of a practical way of
balancing material and immaterial man. It was discovered that it was what you don’t
see that is the controlling factor in balancing the two halves of the body. It is the
invisible man in living man that is the positive force. This we call the Big Fellow.
Materialists give attention and importance to visible man. This new Law recognizes
importance of the invisible side of man, because invisible man is the Producer and
visible man is only the product of the Producer. When balance is established and
maintained all is well. When balance is lost trouble begins.

This is such a big subject and yet so simple a child can understand it. Most all
apparently complicated things are simple when the working principles are
understood. To make this subject simple, we hardly know where to begin.

We will use the term “abstract force” often. Any force can be in the nature of two
kinds. Energy can be concrete or abstract. Concrete energy is what you see.
Abstract energy is what you can’t see. There is no way of telling where abstract
energy is until it expresses itself in motion. You see a wire. The wire itself is
concrete. Is that wire dead or alive with electrical energy? Motion is the only way to
determine if it is alive. An electrical gauge will register motion if it is alive.

When we use the term “horse and buggy” we mean the product more than
producer. You give more importance to the visible man than you do to invisible man.
You think more of the wire than the purpose for which the wire was made. In using
this term we have no reference to any professional group. It has reference only to
individual thinking patterns. Thinking changes everything, “as a man thinketh, so is

We distinguish between inborn mind and educated mind. One is producer, and
the other is product. The inborn mind we call the Big Fellow, because it is the
producer of educated mind. The educated mind is blank at birth and needs
educating and improving. The Big Fellow needs no improving. It is the PRODUCER
of body and mind. The educated mind is blank at birth and is subject to physical
limitations. The Big Fellow is not subject to physical body or educated mind.

If you are a horse and buggy person, dyed in the wool, you will say, “I don’t want
to learn anything new if it will change my pattern of thinking.” If you have an open
mind these explanations will help to better understand this new law of continuity.

Innate Mind Educated Mind

Producer Product

Body Educated Body -

Product Voluntary Muscle Motion

The more man knows about disease, without knowing the cause thereof, the more
he is mystified and confounded. There are two sides to any thing and any question.
Surgery is a science. “The operation was a success, but the patient died.” The
operation itself was scientifically correct, but considering the patient and his life, it
could be an incorrect scientific procedure.

When scientists are confounded it confounds the whole world. It is the blind
leading the blind. Looking for the germ that causes disease is like looking for a
needle in a hay stack. As scientists concoct germs and viruses to counteract germs
and viruses, America’s solution for the disease problem becomes more confusing
each year. It is much like the Forestry Department which according to common
knowledge imported the black fly from Europe to kill off the army tent worm.
Instead of having one pest we now have two. It is not unusual to see an epidemic of
hepatitis, polio and rheumatic fever after a free school inoculation program. It is
searching for cause in effect. It is a procedure of disregarding the invisible in the
visible man.

The term DISEASE GERM is correct. Notice that disease qualifies germ. It is more
correct to say disease causes germs. Disease means the opposite of EASE. In
DISEASE, resistance is low and the flood gates to germs are opened wide. Dr.
Palmer once said, “If the germ theory of disease was correct there would not be a
living person left on earth to believe it.“

To understand disease and its cause one must understand health and its source.
It is our purpose herein to point out the source of all life and health, and the spark
gap connecting invisible with visible man.

The old Chinese proverb says this, “He that has health has hope. He that has hope
has everything.” This proverb sounds beautiful but it is a wrong thinking pattern. In
this, health is the producer of hope; whereas hope is the producer and health is the
product. If health is producer of hope, once you would lose health you would have
no hope. Hope is something you can have in poor health, as well as good health,
because you can have knowledge and knowledge is power which can give courage
to find what way a law of health is being violated.

We have promised to give you a look behind the clouds, let us first take a look
toward the clouds. If one is to see behind the clouds he must first know where they
are before he can see behind them.

To see clouds he must look UP, not down. If he does not look UP he does not see
clouds, much less see behind them. Therefore, it resolves itself into the manner or
direction in which a person is seeing. If man looks down he sees only the material. If
he looks up he sees higher things. It has been said that more people look down than
up. Watch a crowd of people and their line of vision is limited to about twelve to
fifteen feet.

The clouds are not so heavy, because they are largely illusionary; or sometimes
self made or imagined. Clouds are not stationary, clouds move. If one is looking
down when he should be looking up he will not see beyond them.

It is so easy to look down. It is so easy to see what you see. Economic and
material interests keep people so busy, and keep them from seeing UP. Economic
interests promote and materialists theory in health matters, because misery likes
company for one thing; and for the reason it is easier to go with the crowd. It is the
economic and material interest that keep people in fear and trembling, by disease
and health drives for research purposes. It frightens people to know scientists have
not found the answers or they would not be RE-SEARCHING. This year in Milwaukee,
Wisconsin there are fifty-three disease organizations making demands on people for
funds. These organizations use fear techniques like the National Foundation for
Infantile Paralysis using the Poster Girl in magazines and on T.V., and the heart fund
drive for funds promotes fear and makes people heart conscious. They promote
check-ups and a CHECK.

People are getting heart conscious. The heart is a product not the PRODUCER. It
would be better for a heart TUNE UP rather than a heart check up to see if is has
broken down, only to be told to pamper it; take it easy and learn to live with it. A
heart check up is like taking your car to a garage for a check up only to be told that
the motor had broken down. “We can’t put a new motor in it. Just take it easy and
learn to live with it.” You would pay your bill and say, “Thanks, no more check ups
for me, I want a motor tune up.” A check up is something like checking to see if the
horse was stolen. It would be better to put a lock on the barn door before the horse
was stolen.

A little over fifty years ago this writer had a check up at one of the biggest and
best hospitals in the Midwest. He was told that he had an incurable disease of the
kidneys; that it was similar to consumption in the last stages. He was advised there
was nothing that could be done. Their advice was for him to go home and join some
good church, that he could not expect to live more than three months. There are
some things that belong to Caesar and some things that belong to the Big Fellow,
and a practical application.

When something is wrong with the product it should be evident that PRODUCER
IS BEING HANDICAPPED in some way. It is not evident to some because they do not
recognize PRODUCER in a practical manner, with a practical approach.

The clouds will open up if one keeps looking up. Then will one see, that to have a
PRODUCT, there must be by necessity a PRODUCER. That for a visible man to
express motion there must be an invisible force. You can push the button, but if
there is no invisible force the lights will not go on, or the motor will not hum.

How many of you know there is not one but six abstract energies in living man.
There are six of these invisible energies. All six energies are abstract in nature.

The dictionary describes energy as a power capable of performing work. These

six energies are capable of and are designed to do separate and distinct work in and
for the body.

We will compare it to a home. In the home we find there are six energies. Heat
energy warms the house when it gets cold. Electrical energy operates lights, T.V.,
phone, radio, thermostats, and motors, etc. Chemical energy is meat, flour and
potatoes. Intermolecular energy expands by cell division. Gravitational energy has
to do with weight. Some things need weight and others need lightness. A stove
needs to be iron and a pillow needs to be light. The sixth energy is the important
energy for it is human energy. Fuel will not put itself in the furnace. Food or
chemical energy will not cook itself. Human energy is the Big Fellow in that home.

The human body is likewise operated by six energies. They are similar to those
above, except that the Big Fellow is also an abstract force called inborn Intelligent
energy. The five energies are power to perform work, but have no intelligence to
control themselves.

As human energy is the PRODUCER of the house which becomes the home, in just
that sense the BIG FELLOW is the PRODUCER of the human body that becomes the
home of this BIG FELLOW.

Nine months before birth this inborn intelligent energy says, “I am what I am. I
will build a human house as a machine. A machine that will get stronger by use. It
will rust quicker than it will wear out. I will delegate to it an educated brain with
some of my intelligence, creative ability, and some of my authority. But I will not
give him all authority, for it will be my PRODUCT, along with the body.”

This INNATE or inborn force said, “I will need only two elements to build that
body. I will need water, and dust to make two hundred and eight bones, hair, nails,
organs, muscles, glands, arteries, and nerves.” In nine months it had that body
breathing air, crying, taking food and eliminating. In six more years it had that body
going to school so that educated mind could be improved. In twenty more years it
had that body grown up, married, raising a family, and taking a full man’s job at
factory or on the farm. And now that body begins to think he is the BIG FELLOW. If
he gets a headache he takes an aspirin or worse to knock himself out. If he gets a
sore throat he has part of his throat cut out.
A fellow doesn’t know there are five energies in his body that must be controlled
every minute by that intelligent BIG FELLOW or trouble begins.

It is like a five string instrument. Those strings cannot play music by themselves.
It takes the musician to delicately touch those strings, sometimes only one and
sometimes all strings at one time.

This is what confounds scientists how those five subordinate strings can play
chords or dischords. It depends on control of a master intelligence getting through
to those strings. Dischords can run into the hundreds depending on combinations of
strings uncontrolled. This explains why there are as many diseases. If heat energy
alone is uncontrolled, it would be a much different sickness than if heat energy and
electrical energy and chemical energy were all three in combination running wild and
out of control.

Scientists analyze the material in sick and well man. They fail to recognize these
six invisible forces in man in any way that has a practical application. Theology sees
man as soul and body, but stops short of a practical approach.

It is our purpose to briefly discuss these six energies in the living body of man; and
the new law of Continuity which provides a natural and a practical approach to most

Because scientists do not recognize these six energies they are like a man lost.
They start with germs and viruses, go around in a circle and come back to where
they started - to germs and viruses. Our new approach starts with the positive side
of living man. This is PRODUCER side of living man. Material man, along with germs
is the PRODUCT side of man, therefore, it is the negative side of man.

Heat energy has warmed many a home. Out of control, it has destroyed many a
home. It has cooked many a good meal and it has burned human lives. It has made
steam and moved trains. Out of control it has killed many firemen and engineers.
Heat cannot control itself.

All fever diseases are classed as febrile diseases, such as flu, polio, typhoid fever,
pneumonia, etc. The Big Fellow probably doesn’t use names for disease. Diagnosis
is a name conferred upon a group of symptoms by man. The Big Fellow doesn’t give
a hoot about what man calls a disease. It will correct the condition that brings about
fever it its control energy can get through and bring the wild energy back into
control. Chiropractors do not correct the condition that causes fever. They correct
the road block and allow innate inborn nerve energy to correct the condition.

The spine is the only mountain pass where concrete rock slides can interfere with
the BIG FELLOW getting energy through. The spine is the only exit for the nervous
system. Broken bones and ruptures are something different than disease.

When heat energy goes wild and out of control it is much like a fire, the sooner
the Big Fellow can bring it into control, the better. Therefore, the logical thing to do
is to correct that concrete road block.

What do horse and buggy people do in fever diseases? If you are a horse and
buggy person you may think what can I do to stop fever, instead of thinking of what
is stopping the Big Fellow from correcting the condition. You may think of little bugs
instead of big back-bone road blocks hindering the Big Fellow from controlling the
furnace by way of the nervous system. You may think about taking something
terribly hot inside to drive the heat outside. When the Big Fellow is given freedom of
the nervous system it can direct the production of the right kind and amount of
Miracle anti-bodies to destroy all bad bugs. This defense mechanism is its alone.
Were it not for this defense mechanism the human race would have been destroyed
long ago by bugs and viruses.

The 1918-1919 flu epidemic put Chiropractic to its greatest test. It was early in the
history of this still young science. In 1902, sixteen years before this test, there was
only one school of Chiropractic in the world, with four students and one teacher.
Sixteen years after these meager beginnings, that school had one thousand eight
hundred and eighty-two students; and there were other Chiropractic schools in the
country. The Chiropractic record shows they lost only one case in every eight
hundred and eighty-six flu patients. In some cities, one in nine patients of the flu
epidemic died. Chiropractors did forty-nine times as well as one negative approach
and twenty-four times as well as another negative approach to this fever disease.

Chiropractors did not fight germs. They reason it is better to light one candle than
to curse the darkness. They released producer energy. They reason that a motor
will do its best work under a certain temperature. The same is true in the human
body. Who would know better than the PRODUCER what temperature the
PRODUCT needs to be at all times? The Big Fellow doesn’t have to use hot packs to
cook the outside, to warm the inside; nor does it freeze outside to cool off inside.

Disease is something like darkness. We cannot fight darkness. Light will dispel
darkness, but darkness will not put one candle out. It doesn’t work that way. Light
is positive. Darkness is negative. Darkness comes in because of the absence of light.
Inborn nerve energy is a positive force. It is the intelligent PRODUCER force.
Disease cannot affect INBORN intelligence, but the inborn Big Fellow can bring lost
energies back into control, correcting the conditions that brings about fevers and
diseases. A Chiropractor corrects cause. The Big Fellow corrects conditions.

Chemical energy is so well known that it is a required subject in high school and
college. Chemicals are a necessity in the body. They can be useful or harmful.

More has been written about chemical energy in the body than any other energy.
For centuries it has been studied with a view of balancing it. In every disease of the
body, chemical energy is affected in some way or another.

Much more could be said on this subject but it will serve no purpose since our
desire is to show how subjective it is to Inborn NERVE intelligence.

We wish to show how impossible it is to control chemical balance from outside in.
It must be controlled by the Big Fellow or Inborn Intelligence; from the inside
outward. From outside inward is the wrong circuit

You may have taken Chiropractic for granted. You may not know that the
discovery of the law of Continuity was the discovery of life’s cycle. Until September
18, 1895, there was no knowledge of how to get chemical energy to re-establish
itself, once disease was present. Of all places the spine was found to be the key,
where road blocks could be set up to interfere with a natural process of keeping the
body functioning as well as balancing chemistry.

The spine does not make disease, but it is the factor that can cause a tightness
that hinders inborn mental energy from dispatching orders to five subjective

Why isn’t the outside-in approach to chemical unbalance a correct procedure? A

chemical may be needed yet, what control do you have over its acceptance,
rejection, or elimination? Suppose you think you are too full of destructive
chemicals, and you decide to take a physic. Does the physic, physic the bowels or do
the bowels physic the physic? If bowels are too paralyzed dynamite will not move
them. You can not physic a dead man. If there had been no slight paralysis of
bowels, elimination would not have been delayed. It is intelligence in the body that
decides that the physic is a foreign and dangerous element and should not be
allowed to remain there. It will rob Peter to pay Paul by taking liquids from the body
to wash out dangerous chemicals.

Let us consider Blood Cancer. This is a disease of the blood, where the white cells
outnumber the red cells. White cells are the fighters. They are our defense
mechanism. By the way, many scientists are discovering the dangers of penicillin,
finding it encourages production of too many mononuclear white cells. This is called
mononucleosis, or possible the first stage of leukemia, which is blood cancer.

Leucocytes or white blood cells are defense mechanism. It is the was department
or police force of the body to fight foreign elements, or cope with local enemies.

If you keep putting foreign elements into your body to create a large
appropriation to build a bigger standing army in peace time for future use than the
economy will stand, it overbalances the economy. The over sized defense
mechanism becomes too great a burden for the body’s economy, and starts eating
the body out of house and home. One POISON can upset more of nature’s balance
than a hundred men can put back in balance.

How does vaccination work? It is a virus foreign element not presently needed in
the body. The general idea is for future protection. A poison is anything introduced
into the body that body cannot make use of at that time. Vaccine is something the
defense mechanism must battle to keep it from destroying the body. This develops
a larger defense mechanism. Vaccination could cause a large number of cancers,
especially blood cancer. It is like having too big an army and not enough people, like
too many warriors and not enough Indians, or too many cops and not enough
robbers. The Big Fellow is the only one that understands how to keep things
balanced, and understands how big an army is needed. If emergency comes, the Big
Fellow knows how and when to raise a larger army. If this were not true the body
could not take care of the vaccines given to man. All material has limitations. The
visible man is material so he is limited. Man can unbalance nature, and bring about
cancer and his own destruction.

The Chiropractic approach is but a practical application, not a cure-all. Some times
it is like a fire department which is called too late to save the building. Disease gives
plenty of warnings, but you may be one of those who are annoyed by warnings and
take aspirin or worse to quiet the warnings. Pain is a blessing in disguise, if you know
enough to look for conditions causing it. If no pain what would man do; or what
would happen to him if there is no warning? Aspirin is like attacking a man that
warns you your house is on fire. It is like the dog that bites the stick that hit him. It is
like knocking the clock off the wall when the alarm goes off. Maybe you are one of
those who heard about Chiropractic, and maybe a few years back had good service
by it; but this trouble you now have is different, and you don’t think Chiropractic
could handle this condition.

Is it better to look and correct the cause, so the condition can be corrected than a
lot of delay and destruction upsetting nature’s balance?

You or no educated man built your wonderful body. Does a man who rides in a
car know as much about that car as the PRODUCER of that car? It was the Big Fellow
who produced your body. It gives the warning. It is the only one that can correct
the condition. The Chiropractor is the only one who can correct cause. Sometimes
accidents happen which are good instead of bad, which corrects the cause, but why
take a chance?

The Big Fellow’s headquarters is in the brain which extends down into the spine
about two inches. It was it which PRODUCED every hair in your head and every bit of
chemistry in your body. It is all wise or it could not build such a perfect and
wonderful walking talking machine. If the Big Fellow is ALL wise; and its products so
perfect, why disease? It is like a man who is wise enough to perfect an electric
lighting system. It works for a time perfectly. All at once no light, because no
abstract force going through. A tiny wire in the light bulb is broken. If the Big
abstract energy does not get through, life to that degree stops and dies-ease takes

Chiropractic is the only science that gives recognition to the invisible in the visible
man, together with a natural and a working art and science to correct cause.

Electric energy is well known. Perhaps you do not realize the human body
generates its own electrical energy. Dr. George Washington Crile carried on
hundreds of experiments, both live and separate. He and his staff of scientists
experimented on all five subjective energies. It will serve to purpose to burden you
with his report of his findings except to say that he confirmed the bi-polar theory or
living Processes. He did, however keep muscles in motion for a time with man
generated electrical energy.

Muscles are motors and motors need electrical energy. Too much or too little of
anything makes for trouble. Most any good thing can be over done, or under done.
Our purpose is to show how important it is for the controlling factor to be on hand at
all times. Will you admit that the brain is that controlling factor? This fact is taken for
granted to the point where it isn’t taken seriously.

Electric energy must not be confused with nerve energy. Both are invisible
energies. One is intelligent and the other has no intelligence. Electric energy has no
concern for human welfare. It will only go the was of least resistance.

When electrical energy alone goes out of control it will register one disease. That
disease is the charley horse. This is a more serious disease than most people think.
A heart attack is a charley horse of muscles of coronary artery or muscles of the
heart. How often a man is feeling fairly good five minutes before a heart attack. All
at once coronary muscles charley-horse. They tighten up and not enough blood
carrying oxygen gets to the heart muscles. A short breath and man falls over with a
heart attack. Every man has warnings before this, but he has been brushing them
aside with aspirin or worse. He may have thought it was just a stomach upset that
would get all right by itself. The Chiropractic adjustment is the correct answer, for it
releases nerve energy which will re-establish electric energy control and open the
coronary artery, so oxygen can get to the heart. But why will people wait for a heart
attack to learn that Chiropractic is beneficial?

Asthma is a charley horse of muscles of bronchial tubes. Muscles tighten to where

the patient can’t get air through the tubes.

Colitis and constipation are a charley horse of muscles of the large intestine. Ileitis
is a chronic state of charley horse of muscles in the lower three-fifths of the small
intestines. President Eisenhower had an operation to make an opening. This
operation is called an iliostomy. That is the expensive way to learn the result of
disregarding nature’s warnings.
Migraine headache is produced by a charley horse of pyloric valve muscle of
stomach. This brings a delayed action of contents leaving stomach. Contents of
stomach become sour, and acids overflow into blood stream and into the circle of
willis in brain. This misery is a result of charley horse of a muscle a t lower end of the

The beginning of hemorrhoids is a charley horse of rectal muscles. This

sometimes can end in cancer if is persists for a long time. Early stages of prostate
trouble is a charley horse of those muscles.

Stuttering and stammering is a charley horse of vocal muscles. Crossed eyes are a
charley horse of the eyeball muscles. Any muscle of the body can charley horse,
why? The answer is simple if one understands plain lines of truth. “A child can
understand, and a wayfaring man need not err therein”.

You may have had a charley horse in one leg muscle. Why not in both muscles?
An old negro came to work one morning, limping on one leg. The boss asked him
what was wrong. The old negro said, “Boss, I’s got rheumatiz in my right leg.” The
boss said, “Any man that gets as old as you are can expect to have rheumatiz.” The
old negro said, “Now boss! It ain’t old age, ‘cause my left leg is just as old as my right

Many people think Chiropractic and it’s approach may be good for back troubles,
but hesitate to use it for other troubles. This is where you make a grave mistake. Try
it first and see if it can work for all diseases. The principles are the same for all
diseases. Names are confusing and mean nothing to that Big Fellow. All it requires is
free passage over nerve channels and it will carry out the great act of controlling
body energies more than is conceivable by educated mind of man.


Who would think this energy uncontrolled has to do with cancers and tumors in
the body. If the right combination of this and other energies are out of control, the
result is growths of some kind in the body.

We have seen well established cases of cancer clear up with the Chiropractic
approach. It is only in early stages that any hope can be offered. This is true of many

Gravitational energy is a mighty force for good or evil. It depends on whether it is

controlled or not. Dropsy, milk leg, and elephantiasis are examples where this
energy has lost contact with the Big Fellow.

The giraffe’s head is twelve feet from his heart. His heart has no trouble pumping
blood up hill twelve feet. When he lowers his head to drink, he lowers it eighteen
feet. A staff of heart scientists have gone to Africa to study the animal and his heart.
They wish to learn if this animal holds any heart secrets that will be of use to man.
These little fellows with big P.H.D.’s and other letters will no doubt see what they
see and make something out of it. They will not see the invisible hemisphere of that
giraffe. They will see the PRODUCT, but not the producer. It is what we don’t see,
more than what we do see in living man that calls for recognition and a practical
approach. The Chiropractor or patient need not know what energy is out of control.
It would be of no value to either one to know, because it would not help correct the
cause. The Big Fellow stands ready to control the five energies, but cause must be


Nerves or nerve fibres are a visible part of man. They are physical as any bone, or
muscle in the body. They are constructed more delicately because they convey
thought force which is ore delicate than any other abstract energy.

The nervous system has two poles. It is compact at one end, and scattered at the
other end. It is estimated that man has one hundred thousand miles of nerves. This
is a distance of, or equal to, four times around the world. It is also estimated there
are sixteen million nerve fibres leaving the spine.

Nerves carry an invisible force that needs no educating or improvement. Without

either it managed the creation of a wonderful walkie-talkie machine. Chiropractic
was the first, and still is the only science recognizing the two minds. They are the
Inborn mind and educated mind. Chiropractic is the only science that gives full
recognition to the master mind. At least it is the only science which has recognized it
to the point of developing a philosophy, science and art in a practical working

Inborn, or the master nerve energy is the PRODUCER of the house that we live in.
We have Ego. Ego is allowed to draw upon a little of the master’s intelligence, and
authority, but not all. Ego is dumb nine months before birth and very much so for
many months afterwards. Ego only knows what was told to it, and half of that can
be wrong or half-true. Yet Ego thinks it is very smart.

The Ego can listen to a small voice but it is so smart that it likes to follow the
crowd, and believe all advertising and propaganda, not questioning its source,
purpose or consequences.

Man is one animal who has the privilege of listening to that still small voice. One
thing it tells him is that cleanliness is next to Godliness. It tells him not to let birds
build nests in his hair. Not to allow body lice to stay with him. Not to allow bed bugs
to sleep with him. Ego tells man not to worry about bed bugs and innoculate into his
clean inside body a filthy outside cow pus. This is contrary to every law of
cleanliness. Small pox has disappeared where man gets rid of the bed bug. It still is
a terrible disease among Indians of Canada and Mexicans in Mexico in spite of
vaccination. One doctor in Texas devoted his entire professional career in research
proving that the bed bug was the carrier of small pox. This theory was not so
popular with the vaccine manufacturers at that time, and received no publicity.

We desire to be practical, or this book will have lost its purpose; therefore, we
emphasize that the spine is the key to the nervous system. The spine is the spark
gap, wherein life hangs by a thread. It consists of twenty-four movable joints that
make a flexible housing for the greatest life line in the body.

The fact that it is flexible makes it vulnerable for subluxation. There are four weak
places in the spine. The very top and the very lower end, and two weak places in the
middle. Of these four weak places the upper two vertebrae in the neck is the
weakest. There are reasons for this fact. Besides this point being the weakest place
in the spine, it can do more serious damage here when subluxated. It is because the
brain is not confined to the skull, but extends down into the spine below the border
of the second vertebra, called the axis. This part of the brain is the bulb.

The upper two vertebrae have no stop braces that other vertebrae have. There
are two intervertebral discs that are missing. This is to allow more flexibility. These
two vertebrae are required to do more flexing, turning and rotating than all of the
remainder of the spine. These vertebrae are smaller, and the only irregular
vertebrae in description. They are subject to more snaps, jerks and strains than all
other vertebrae. Poor posture is a terrific strain on muscles and ligaments holding
these vertebrae in proper place. Shoveling sand and snow will snap the neck each
time the sand or snow leaves the shovel, if not properly done. There is a shock each
time. If the shock goes up it has no place to go when it hit’s the skull. It must stop
suddenly and backlash in these two vertebrae. What happens? The man has charley
horse of the heart muscles or lower back muscles, and possibly other places, but he
notices heart pains or lower back pains first. This can happen in bowling or golfing
or many other ways.

How should one shovel sand or snow? It can be fun and a harmless exercise if one
allows those shocks to ground themselves. If one is shoveling right handed, he
should relax so his left hip will go in the direction of the shovel. This way the shock
grounds itself and no harm is done.

Sitting and standing should be one’s tallest position, then the head will balance on
the vertebrae without straining muscles to hold the head up. The democrat says,
“There is a right way and the republican way.” Try the right way and feel a lot
better. Good posture allows invisible nerve energy more freedom to get through to
visible man.

This invisible Big Fellow has characteristics that border on the divine, because of
his wisdom and ability to build a walkie-talkie machine out of dust and water, and to
control five energies and nine functions of that machine. The Big Fellow controls
nine primary functions besides the five abstract energies.
It is time the PRODUCER received consideration in the care of the PRODUCT!


For all practical purposes we have covered the working principles of this new
approach to man’s dis-eases. We feel that those principles are so elementary they
do not need summing up. We do, however, want to answer four questions:
1. Do benefits from this new approach carry with it a moral obligation to tell others?
2. Is Chiropractic a religion?
3. Is Chiropractic based on a new law?
4. Does health have a price tag?


The most natural thing for anyone who went the founds and found only one
approach that gave him help, that he would feel his moral obligation to tell others.
This is shockingly not true.

People do not appreciate what they do not see. They do not appreciate help if
they do not understand the working principle.

Ten sick men came to a doctor. They each had an incurable disease called leprosy.
They came to this great healer and asked to be healed. As he knew human
weaknesses, he knew that only one out of the ten would express his gratitude. Sure
enough, only one returned. Chiropractors know that only one out of ten patients
that get wonderful help appreciate it enough to tell others. A year later nine out of
ten people will have forgotten and when troubles come they will go for an aspirin or
worse. When their troubles get too bad they may remember, and come back, after a
lot of damage has been done. If health comes easy he will forget easily. Many learn
the hard way. “Experience” is the best teacher. It should be for it costs more that

You who feel a moral obligation to tell others will meet with the same
percentages. Nine out of ten you tell will not appreciate it. Of those that do heed
your advice and get results only about one out of ten will thank you for telling them.
Knowing this does not lessen our moral obligation. To be forewarned is to be
forearmed. It therefore behooves every one to know the working principles of this
great science. It is the human element in people to want to know how and who,
otherwise it is luck that gets them well.

By virtue of all that is logical, reasonable, and proven, you do have a moral
obligation to tell others, whether they are grateful or not. For those that do heed
will have been saved heart aches, suffering and in some cases it is a satisfaction to
know you will have been saved from a premature death.

Knowing people it is a challenge to you to learn to challenge ignorance, prejudice

and entrenched custom. Knowledge is power and the effective weapon. Once you
appreciate that living man is both visible and invisible, you will see how important is
the fellow you don’t see. We bury the visible man but we don’t bury the invisible

Knowledge is power! Knowledge is the effective weapon we can use against

ignorance. With this knowledge you cannot miss against ignorance. Prejudice and
ignorance together are harder to overcome.

With this knowledge you can expect happiness because you will not fear polio, the
European flu, blood cancer or other dread dis-eases; and you will escape the costly
unnecessary time spent in hospitals.

Knowing and feeling your obligation to tell others, will cause you to give more
attention to your own life and health. Every good work has compensation in one
way or another.

By no stretch of the imagination is Chiropractic a religion. The human body is the

temple of the Inborn mind, which is the producer of its own temple. We do not
therefore build temples, nor do we pray to it. We respect the invisible PRODUCER of
the human temple for his wisdom to control five subjective energies and nine
primary functions, but that is all. Every living person is the temple of this Big Fellow.
It foregoes the necessity of other temples to it. Religion is for the creator of the

What you take for granted and may call NATURE, Chiropractors have an
explanation. Chiropractors know every physical function is directed by Invisible
force and wisdom of it borders on the divine. That is why B. J. Palmer once said, “To
eat is human, to digest is divine.”

Man is one animal allowed to listen to that “still small voice”. Man is one animal
allowed to draw upon the Big Fellow’s knowledge.

To pray to it would reverse the circuit. The circuit is from top down - not from
bottom up. It would look silly for man to try to improve the PRODUCER, or to ask
favors of PRODUCER, when from all evidence PRODUCER is more interested in
PRODUCT than product can be in itself. Where would the human race end if
PRODUCER allowed PRODUCT to dictate or ask favors?

Theology recognizes in man a soul, a spirit; but falls short of anything practical.
Until Chiropractic, there was that missing link. Chiropractic shows man the missing
life line by discovering the missing link. When physical body and physical mind are
controlled by the invisible, the highest form of divinity is expressed. If Ego is in
command anything can happen and is seldom right or good.

The monkey is man’s nearest likeness. He comes up to a river and wants to cross
over. The monkey must find a ready-made vine to swing across. Man comes up to a
river or a big lake where there is no vine. A vine would not reach across, and man
cannot jump as far as a monkey. Man is allowed to draw upon the source of all
knowledge. It tells him to build a boat or bridge and all men can cross over. A man
falls off a staging while building a bridge or boat, and breaks his leg the same as the
monkey did. Man has someone pull his leg bones straight, binds them with sticks,
and makes himself some crutches. The monkey swings on a vine and almost breaks
his neck. This paralyzes the monkey. There are no broken bones, but it puts a
squeeze on that part of the brain extending down into the spine. The monkey
doesn’t know what to do. The other monkeys don’t know what to do. It is just too
bad for the monkey. Man falls and nearly breaks his neck, in the same way and
manner. It also paralyzes the man. Does man know what to do? Most do not. Here
we are stumped for words. It took one thousand eight hundred and ninety five
years after Christ for just one man to know what to do in this case. A Negro was
deaf for eighteen years. He was the first to allow himself to be “unparalyzed”. At
least ninety percent of the paralyzed people haven’t learned what to do.

Finally, one man drew upon the source of all knowledge and found the spine was
the key to the nervous system.
Chiropractic is not a religion. It is a philosophy, science and an art of things
natural, and a system of adjusting the segments of the spine, by hand only, to
correct the cause of disease.


History unfolds itself slowly. Until the year fourteen hundred and ninety-two,
people believed the world was flat. One man, to prove that the earth was round,
sailed across the ocean and discovered America. In sixteen fifty, or just one hundred
and fifty years after Columbus discovered America, all except one man believed that
man’s blood stood still. It was Dr. Harvey who believed blood circulated. It nearly
cost him his life, for other doctors wanted to kill him. A Frenchman by the name of
Pasteur lived from eighteen twenty-two to eighteen ninety-five and discovered

On September 18, 1895, D. D. Palmer announced he had discovered a new law, the
cycle of life. We call it the law of continuity. About twenty years later, Dr. George
Washington Crile, of Columbia University confirmed it by calling it the Bi-polar
process of living processes.

The discovery of new laws changes procedures, and results. The discovery of the
fact of the world being round instead of flat opened navigation, trade channels, new
continents and an exchange of knowledge. The discovery that blood circulated
stated a wild and popular assumption that disease was in the blood. This started a
popular practice of bleeding sick people. This was called blood-letting. This practice
continued for nearly two hundred fifty years. When this writer was a lad, it was just
then being replaced by herbs and physics for all diseases. We can still taste caster oil
and salts.

When Pasteur discovered germs, he started a wild assumption that germs were
the cause of disease, instead of being the result of disease. Many people, knowing
the germ theory no longer holds water, now switch to viruses. This can mean
anything or nothing to them, so long as it sounds mysterious. A virus is defined as
being a morbid poison that is the medium for communicating infectious diseases.
Many viruses of diseases will pass through the finest known filters, so how can we be
sure that all serums are harmless?

Blood-letting killed our first President when he had a cold. Physicing proved not
to be the answer. Fighting germs has failed. It is like fighting darkness. There is only
one way to fight darkness and that is by using a positive force. Light will dispel
darkness, but darkness cannot put a candle out because the circuit is wrong. Light is
positive and darkness is negative. That is why B. J. Palmer once said, “It is better to
light one candle than to curse the darkness.” Life force is positive. Disease force is
negative. Disease will take over only in the absence of life’s force. Chiropractic is the
positive approach.

We have mentioned the progress of history, to show how slowly it unfolds itself.
An old Negro minister once said, “the world do move”. He said it in the conviction
that most people didn’t think it did move, for the reason that it moved very slowly.
Horse and buggy folks are reluctant to five up the horse and buggy. They will even
try rubber tires on the buggy, first.

Before the discovery of Chiropractic, man knew that living man had a soul or spirit.
This knowledge had no practical meaning, for there was still a missing link that tied
the invisible man to the visible man.

The materialists see only visible man in relation to disease problems. Christian
Scientists see only the spirit or mind in relation to disease problems. To the former,
you are all body and no mind. To the latter, you are all mind and no body. To the
Chiropractor, you are both mind and body. Both positive and negative. To him you
are both Producer and Product. Chiropractic was responsible for the discovery of
the first and only law that gives a simple and a practical solution to the disease
problem. Chiropractic is the first and only science to justly evaluate the importance
of the invisible Big Fellow, which you don’t see operating the fellow you do see.

Chiropractic discovered the law of continuity which denies the law of reflex.
Reflex means a body function can take place unrelated to the Inborn, master brain.
It is easy for people to believe in reflex, as it was easy for them to believe that the
world was flat, because it looked flat to their limited vision.

The discovery of this law changes procedure. It points to a practical solution to

the disease problem by dealing with the cause rather than effect (disease itself). It
points to the back side instead of a front side.

A subluxation is the violation of a law. It is not always true that you violated a law.
A pure accident may cut the line of nerve flow and a law of life is violated, and
sickness or death must follow.

Health cannot be bought at any price at any market. Health is a result of certain
conditions met. Insurance companies cannot insure your health. They can only
pacify you with a check.

Does health have a value tag? This is different gain. It varies with each individual
who puts his own value on his health. Some people have a million dollars worth of
health and spend it like a ten cent piece.

There is one way you might take an invoice on your health, by the use of insurance
tables. How much will you take for each extremity, or vital organ and do without

One arm……………..$500.00
The other arm……….$500.00
One eye………………$500.00
The other eye………..$500.00
One leg………………$500.00
The other leg…………$500.00

We have not listed all important parts of the body. Possibly you would not take
fifteen hundred dollars for both eyes, and do without them. You make a list and
value things higher than an insurance company does. It might surprise you to find
how much your good health is worth.

Aside from an accident, the potential of good health forces are yours for free, by
right of heritage; but you must see that those forces are not hindered from
expressing themselves.

Choose a competent Chiropractor and keep checked regularly. It is poor economy

to skimp on Chiropractic adjustments. It costs less to use Chiropractic service
regularly for you save it in costly hospital bills, and loss of pay check.

No two Chiropractors will use exactly the same procedure. No two women will
use exactly the same procedure in washing dishes, or making pies, but if the dishes
get clean and the pies are good, it makes little difference. If the Chiropractor
releases the invisible force to express itself in the visible, the result is health in due

In the American Weekly of the Milwaukee Sentinel of October 6, 1957, in the

article on Eleanor Roosevelt Today by Nanette Kutner, it quotes Eleanor Roosevelt
as saying, “There are things I do regularly; a once a month visit to the dentist, the
Chiropractor and the Chiropodist.”

The author’s urge to write this book is the conviction that not one person in one
hundred years realizes the magnitude of natural health energy bottled up in his or
her innate intelligent brain and nervous system. It needs no urging or stimulating. It
requires only free passage, over free nerve channels, to express HEALTH.

Dear reader, if you can grasp the BIGNESS of innate, you will have the key to
health, and happiness as it has proved to be in the author’s life and millions of
USPS 421-780 * Volume 90 * Number 29 Thursday, July 19, 1990
Section b
“The only newspaper in the world working for Park Falls”

Dr. Shepherd ‘still sharp at palpation’ at

age 100
By George Tresnak
Of the Park Falls Herald

PARK FALLS -- Most people who dare to think about reaching 100 years
of age hope their memories will still be intact at that age.
Dr. J. G. Shepherd, Park Falls Chiropractor, is celebrating his 100th
birthday today (Thursday, July 19). Not only is his memory intact, but he
still is a practicing chiropractor.
He has a padded chair and treatment table in his present “office” at Park
Place, and he sees up to 5 patients a day.
He said that many patients in one day is rare for him, and he usually
“adjusts” only 2 or 3 a day. That number is much lower than when he
practiced full time here and elsewhere in Wisconsin, but he considers it
important to continue to be available as needed. He said making people well,
especially in what he describes as “miracle cases,” has been his greatest
satisfaction in life.
He said he is “still sharp on palpation,” as defined by diagnosis by touch,
and he is determined to continue practicing so long as he is able.
He has learned to pace himself and not take on too much in one day. He
may make a diagnosis one day, but feel he is not sufficiently rested to do the
actual “adjustment.” If that’s the case, he will ask the patient to return in a
day or 2.
His daughter, retired teacher Leta Gerber, uses the word “hyperactivity”
to describe his energy. Gerber said her father’s “hyperactivity” has been one
of his lifetime characteristics. His energy level remains so high that she
decided to organize a party and open house to celebrate his 100th birthday,
confident that he could handle such a potentially tiring event. The event is
set for Sunday, July 22, at Park Place.
Dr. Shepherd’s energy, combined with need during such difficult times as
the Great Depression, led him into overlapping occupations, and a series of
moves with his family.
The moves took them out of Wisconsin from time to time, but Dr.
Shepherd said a homesickness for Wisconsin always brought them back.
That love of Wisconsin led Dr. Shepherd on a search for someplace within the
state where he could make a living for his family. That’s how they found
Park Falls, where Dr. Shepherd combined the practice of chiropractic with
sign-painting skills that he had acquired elsewhere to make ends meet for
the family.
Had it not been for his wife, the late Lillien Shepherd, he may never have
taken time from his work for recreation. She was skilled at fishing,
especially for muskie, and introduced him to the sport. He found that he
liked fishing so much that he took all the time he could spare from his
chiropractic practice, sign painting and other tasks in order to fish.
He frequently refers to his many years as a very short span of time,
during which he enjoyed many blessings.
He counts his wife, Lillien, who died a year and a half ago, and their three
children as his most cherished blessings. His other children are Jim,
employed at St. Croix in Park Falls, and Bill, who followed in his father’s
footsteps and became a chiropractor. Bill now has a practice at Oshkosh.
Dr. Shepherd recounted an earlier time of sadness in his life, during a
first marriage before his happier years with Lillien and his children. He said
his first wife wanted a family and assumed that he was the cause of their
inability to have children. The problem resulted in the break-up of their
marriage, and he now is sure that if he had known what he learned later
about treatment, he could have provided a remedy for his first wife that
would have enabled them to have children.
He is sure because of his many successes with patients, including his
treatment and cure of Lillien, who was suffering from a serious arthritic
condition during her first pregnancy. He and Lillien were married May 17,
1924. Dr. Shepherd recalled that she was suffering from the after-effects of
rheumatic fever which she had contracted as a child, and they had moved to
Oakland, CA, to avoid the severe winter. Dr. Shepherd took a job as a
painter at a sign shop, and Lillien began seeing a medical doctor there.
He described Lillien’s condition as inflammatory arthritis, and recalled
that her condition continued to worsen as her delivery date drew near. He
said the medical doctor finally gave up, and suggested that he try his own
remedy. “In those days medical doctors believed more in chiropractic than
they do now,” Dr. Shepherd explained.
He said he rented a small cabin, carried Lillien there, and began spinal
adjustment treatments. The medical doctor examined her after several of the
treatments, and told Dr. Shepherd, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it,
because everything‘s getting better.” Their first son, Jim, was born that Jan.
20, and in the spring, the Shepherds moved back to Wisconsin.
Dr. Shepherd said he had about 100 “miracle cures” during what he called
“my short life.” One was the cure of a 3 year-old boy suffering from a severe
and often-fatal influenza that swept the country during about 1917 and 1918.
He said he had signed a promissory note for $300 to receive chiropractic
training in Wichita, and “paid for that while going to school by adjusting
people on the outside.”
Both chiropractors and medical doctors were treating people for influenza
at the time, and Dr. Shepherd recalled that he already had treated several
such cases when he was called to treat the boy. “I don’t know what the
medical doctors were doing, but they lost one out of every 19. We lost one out
of 286 cases by adjustment,” he said.
Dr. Shepherd said that according to three Wichita medical doctors, the boy
“couldn’t possibly live until morning.” For lack of a more delicate way to
describe what happened, Dr. Shepherd said he no more than touched the
boy’s back when the boy disgorged a quantity of phlegm. The next day he
was as good as new. “Almost all of my cases got well overnight by
adjustment,” he said.
Dr. Shepherd said his first “miracle cure” in Park Falls occurred after a
woman brought him a letter from Madison General Hospital concerning her
daughter, who was a patient at the hospital. He recalled that the purpose of
the letter was to inform the woman that her daughter’s condition was
terminal, and to ask whether she wanted her daughter to die at the hospital
or at home.
He described the daughter’s condition as “TB of the spine.” He assured the
woman that if she brought her daughter home, he would attempt to treat her.
He said that after two months of his treatment, “she started going out with
the boys.” She got married a short time later, and had children, Dr.
Shepherd said.
He said he subscribes to the philosophy of a renowned chiropractic school
founder, D. D. Palmer. He said Palmer believed chiropractic treatment was
by some innate quality “dished out with a little bit of divinity” that everyone
He said the process is basically one of touch, or palpation, and spinal
adjustment. His own training in Wichita was at a school called “Darling and
Darling”, which he said “was run by a medical doctor and a horse doctor.” He
said the name “Darling and Darling” were for the veterinarian and his wife.
He recalled that the medical doctor member of the school was an elderly man
who “taught a little bit of anatomy.”
Dr. Shepherd said he didn’t know where the operators of the school had
received their training, or “if they got any training at all.”
According to Dr. Shepherd, a movement occurred in the chiropractic field
in 1945 that affected him and all other practitioners, whether or not they
subscribed to the change in treatment philosophy that it promoted. He said
the movement, called “dynamic chiropractic,” caused a damaging division
among chiropractors. “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” he said.
Dr. Shepherd said the movement was caused by a “Frenchman in Canada”
who promoted a heavy piece of treatment equipment as a major chiropractic
innovation. But, according to Dr. Shepherd, the movement was due to
politics rather than discovery. He said politics have no more place in
chiropractic practice than do “wood ticks or bear ticks.”
He described the piece of equipment as an adjustable “high-low table”
that cost between $2,000 and $3,000. It was promoted as a necessity in
chiropractic treatment, for treatment not possible “with hands only”. He
became curious enough about the equipment to give it a try, and acquired
one of the tables when he opened a chiropractic office in New Richmond. He
still laughs about his first attempt to use the table, which had a “spring lift”
that he still hadn’t figured out how to operate before he tried it with a
patient. The attempt could have resulted in his financial ruin through a
lawsuit, but instead brought about one of his “miracle cures”. This time he
was completely baffled by the cure.
He said a woman came in with an inflammation the size of a football in
her upper stomach area. Dr. Shepherd said he didn’t know whether the
inflammation was a tumor, or due to something else, but he decided to test
the claims that had been made about the new equipment. His intention was
to position the woman on the table and to get on the other side of it in order
to adjust the middle of her back. He said that as he attempted to adjust the
elevation, “a spring came loose and we came crashing down.”
“She fell off one side and I had to ride it down and slide off. When I
looked up, she was coming out of the dressing room. I thought I would be in
court, but nothing happened for several days. After about four weeks, the
lady came back and said, “Here’s $15. I want $15 of those treatments,” he
Dr. Shepherd said he didn’t recognize the woman at first, but then
realized she was the one he had tried to treat with use of the “high-low”
table. He said the reason he didn’t recognize her was that the inflammation
was gone. He said it had disappeared after the fall, but since he hadn’t had
time to do any adjustments, he didn’t know how that possibly could have
happened. He said he also didn’t know what kind of treatments to give her
to satisfy her demand. “I just had to fake it after that,” he said.
It was the only “miracle cure” that occurred without any spinal
adjustment on his part, but the accident did not diminish his faith in
“miracle cures” through adjustment. It only contributed to his feeling that
the approach to treatment that he calls “dynamic chiropractic” places too
much emphasis on equipment. He said equipment may help to cause more
sounds of bones clicking into place during adjustment, but he fears the result
could be over-adjustment in these cases merely to impress the patient with
He remains convinced that palpation and adjustment without elaborate
equipment are the chiropractic basics. Prior to entering the profession, he
acquired a foundation for the belief which he attributes to Palmer in an
element of the divine in chiropractic practice. He served as a Methodist
minister for four years, three in Wisconsin, and one in Kansas. He had a
small church 11 miles west of Wichita at the time he decided to go to
chiropractic school at Wichita. He said at that time there was no required
training to become a minister, and he “just took it up.”
He was born in Curtisville, IN, July 19, 1890. He said both his father and
mother were one-half Irish. Since 2 halves make a whole, that should make
him entirely Irish, he said.
His grandfather on his father’s side came from Ireland, and his father was
schooled for a time in Indiana. His mother’s maiden name was Gates, and
his grandfather on his mother’s side had a flour mill in Indianapolis. Dr.
Shepherd grew up in a family of five children, one girl and four boys, of
which he was the oldest.
Within two months after he started high school, his father went to North
Dakota to homestead and he had to quit school and go to work to help his
mother and the rest of the family until his father was ready to send for them.
He said his father homesteaded 160 acres near Hettinger, and he went to
North Dakota to join his father in 1906. His mother and the rest of the
family joined them in 1907.
He resumed his high school education at Hettinger. He recalled that the
railroad had not yet reached Hettinger at the time the family moved there.
The family decided to move back to Wisconsin after a short time
homesteading, and Dr. Shepherd’s father rented a hog farm and raised corn
and hogs.
“Then my dad bought 40 acres south of Ladysmith. It was all stumps and
stones. He paid $1,000 -- way too much. It was an awful lot of work to get
the stumps and big rocks out,” Dr. Shepherd said.
Not long after that he left home, got married, and began his many moves
to and from Wisconsin. He said his first marriage lasted 7.5 years. One of
his journeys with his first wife was to Utah, where he obtained employment
as a “first aid man” for miners at Salt Air beach near Salt Lake City. He
returned to Wisconsin in 1920 after receiving word from his father that his
mother was terminally ill.
His chiropractic practice in New Richmond was his first. He then started
a chiropractic school, called the “Wisconsin Chiropractic College,” at
Milwaukee. His first marriage had broken up and he met Lillien, who was a
junior high school teacher at Oshkosh.
They decided to go to North Dakota after their marriage, to a place called
Raim, near Hettinger, prior to their move to Oakland, CA.
Following the birth of Jim, their first son, at Oakland, they returned to
Wisconsin in the spring. Their second son, Bill, was born at Chippewa Falls,
where Dr. Shepherd tried to make a living by painting signs. He later moved
his family to Ladysmith, and later decided to go to Florida by way of Kansas.
He, Lillien, Jim and Bill packed a tent and supplies, but didn’t make it
beyond Kansas before deciding to return to Wisconsin.
The Shepherds bought a place in Ladysmith, where their daughter, Leta,
was born in 1927. Dr. Shepherd was short of money, and continued to paint
signs in order to get his chiropractic practice started again.
When Leta was five, he and his family moved to Kennan, where they
stayed for about a year before moving to Park Falls. The move turned out to
be permanent, even though they made some temporary relocations. One of
them was during Leta’s sophomore year in high school, when Dr. Shepherd
worked at a plant in Milwaukee that made bomb casings during World War
II, and Leta attended high school for a time in Milwaukee.
Leta described her father as a “jack of all trades” whose main sideline,
when he wasn’t engaged in chiropractic practice, was sign painting. He
provided chiropractic services mostly during the winter, and did most of his
sign painting during the summer. One of his signs that can still be seen in
downtown Park Falls is the “Studio of Fine Arts” sign next to Scully’s.
Dr. Shepherd said he had an advertising gimmick to get a sign painting
sideline business started wherever he went. He said he would go to a
restaurant, and offer to make free menus for them, if he could retain a space
on the menu to sell advertising. Leta said that despite all that her father
found it necessary to do to support the family, “we always had enough to eat.”
Because of her parents’ love of fishing, the family meals often included
fish. Dr. Shepherd applied his characteristic creativity even to his fishing.
He made his own plugs, and can’t remember how many large muskies he and
Lillien caught with them. He recalled that his biggest muskie, caught at
Schnur’s Lake, measured 51.5 inches.
Dr. Shepherd probably will take advantage of the opportunity Sunday to
tell a few fishing stories at the open house organized by his daughter and
sons. Leta, herself was honored at a party not long ago, but there will be a
considerable difference between her party and the one honoring her father.
Hers was a retirement party. According to the story about Dr. Shepherd and
his family in the centennial book “100 Years on the Flambeau,” he retired in
1985; but he has never really retired. For him, being 100 years old isn’t
sufficient reason to retire.
Compiled in March,
by Ann Marin

The End