National Community Safety Plan 20 0 6 -20 0 9


Crime in general and violent crime in particular are falling. So is the fear of crime. But they all remain too high. If we are to make our communities still safer, everyone – from the heart of national government, through regional and local partners, right through to neighbourhoods and the people who live in them – must play their part. The National Community Safety Plan (NCSP), published in November 2005, will help us do this.

A new approach to community safety
The NCSP sets out the Government’s community safety priorities for 20062009. It outlines a new approach to community safety and aims to manage a coherent community safety programme across Government, providing people working in the field with a clear view of overall priorities.

Putting people at the heart of community safety
Communities are at the heart of the Plan. The Plan underlines the need for citizens to be active in helping to identify community safety priorities for their neighbourhoods and to work with key agencies to make sure they are tackled. Strong and active voluntary and community groups make a vital contribution to community safety.

NCSP themes
The NCSP is built around 5 themes: I Making communities stronger and more effective I Further reducing crime and anti-social behaviour I Creating safer environments I Protecting the public and building confidence I Improving people’s lives, so they are less likely to commit offences or re-offend. The NCSP incorporates the National Policing Plan 2006-2009 which sets out the Home Secretary's key priorities for police forces and authorities.

The vital role of local partners
The NCSP signals the beginning of a new way of working on community safety, with much closer collaboration between central government and local agencies in the setting of priorities and the development of new policies and initiatives. Many of these agencies work together as local partnerships on a range of matters such as health, children’s issues, employment, and environmental issues as well as policing, drugs prevention, crime, and anti-social behaviour. This enables them to bring holistic approaches to local problems and deliver what is important to local people.

The National Community Safety Plan 2006-2009 is available online at: The Government departments contributing to the NCSP are: Department for Constitutional Affairs Department for Culture Media and Sport Department for Education and Skills Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Department of Health Department of Trade and Industry Department for Transport Department for Work and Pensions Home Office HM Treasury Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

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