Vizag is the City of Destiny for Real Estate Investments : Why Visakha.......?

As per the recent survey conducted by the International Environmental Development Organisation, Britain, " out of the fast growing first 100 world cities, 11 cities are in India only, where Visakhapatnam stood 5th place". Surprisingly, our major metros Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore are not in the above 11 rankings. Real Estate Potentiality of Vizag : Today, Vizag is the only South Indian city to have real estate potentiality upto 75 km from the City. Many residential layouts are being developed upto 5km even after Yalamanchili(75km from Maddilapalem bus stand) on Chennai highway(NH-5) and upto 5km after Denkada Junction(80km from Maddilapalem bus stand) on NH-5 towards Srikakulam and upto 5km after S.kota(55km from Maddilapalem bus stand) on Araku highway. There is minimum appreciation of 40% on all real estate investments on Vizag Lands

Hot News....................Vizag VUDA is now M A H A VUDA, extended its jurisdiction from Tuni on NH5 to Amudalavalasa in Srikakulam. Now, it is the biggest Urban Development Authority in INDIA with three districts viz., Visakha Vizianagaram and Srikakulam Invest in Visakha.....the Andhra Goa, Asia's fast growing city... TO BE TRI-CITY BY THE END OF 2012 Knowledge corridor coming up. IT Tower works in the 11 acre plot allotted to Lanco will start in another 45 days. Land prices that have been at low key so far might shoot up now!!! The land adjacent to the main roads between Anakapalli-Anandapuram and BhimliVisakha will be developed as knowledge corridor.Anakapalli- Anandapuram road to become a 4 lane high way and about 5000 acres are to be developed as knowledge corridor. This land will be allotted to HR developement centres,IT parks,educational institutes and similar activities. Though Wipro and TCS are still in planning stages, Sathyam has started construction of its developement centre at the 7 acre plot near TB hospital within city and also construction of its training centre at 50 acre land allotted to it at rishikonda. Government will now allot land to other companies only after assesing activity by the companies to whom they have allotted lands earlier.Presently due to various reasons, activity seems to have started. Goverment has alloted another 100 acres at Rishikonda for the it companies. 50 acres of this land has been given to 13 IT companies. The responsibity to develope infrastructure for this land is given to VUDA. Click Here to Submit Your Queries......!

VISAKHAPATNAM: GREATER VISAKHAPATNAM MUNICIPAL CORPORATION - OKAYED. The city has been selected under National Urban Renewal Mission along with other cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore while Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada are chosen for 'B' category under the same scheme. The cabinet decided to take up at Visakhapatnam an exercise similar to Greater Hyderabad wher it is integrating 12 municipalities and 8 villages into Greater Hyderabad. Visakhapatnam will now be extended to include Gajuwakamunicipality and 32 villages. If done the area will go up to 505 sq.kms from the present 111 Sq.kms. The villages are: Madhurawada Paradesipalem Kommadi Bakkanapalem P.M.Palem Yendada Gudlavanipalem Adivivaram Yellapuvanipalem Vepagunta Purushottamapuram Chinnamushidivada Pulagalipalem Pendurthi Lakshmipuram Porlupalem .Narava .Sativanipalem .Nangi Narpadu Vedula Narava Gangavaram E. Marrip[alem Mantripalem Lankelapalem Desapatrunipalem Duvvada Aganampudi K.T.Nayudipalem Devada Palavalasam Chinnipalem Appikonda. The population under this greater Visakha will be 14.25 lakhs- up from present 9.82 lakhs 14 th June: The chief minister says that the state of Andhra Pradesh has very conjenial atmosphere for growth of IT companies.The government is also doing its best to help in every way. He stresses that IT companies should go to next level cities and Visakhapatnam is ideal as the next IT hub. Govet is doing every thing with in its power to help.

VIZAG IS GOING TO BE THE NEXT IT HUB OF ANDHRA PRADESH!!! Visakhapatnam is going to be the next IT hub in Andhra Pradesh.Goverment has decided to make this alternative hub for IT industry. IT companies are also interested in this city due to various factors like congestion of cities, higher attrition rate in other cities, Lower rents per sft, lower salaries for engineers,

and above all availability of skilled employees due to the presence of large number of Engineering colleges, having an Airport, Seaport, export promotion Zone etc. Govt has allotted 300 acres on Visakha- Bhimli road facing sea. Govt has allotted to SATHYAM 8 acres in the heart of city from TB hospital land adjacent to the national highway. Govt has allotted 7 acres to TCS from same land Govt has allotted 7 acres to WIPRO from same land Govt is finalising construction of IT TOWER in the heart of city. The tenders are going to be finalised soon. Govt is planning another IT TOWER at Endada. Govt is planning to build another HIGHTEK CITY similar to Hyderabad in another 2500 acres near Madhurawada is being considered for locating all organisations, training, colleges etc all exclussively for IT business.It will be IT hub for Visakhapatnam. HSBC has already started its activities 8 months back itself. Sathyam is investing 70 Crores. TCS is investing 100 Crores. Wipro is investing 100 Crores Advantages of Vizag are Necessary transport, communication, travel facilities are there. traffic jams are not yet there. It is the major Sea port for Andhra. Close to many natural resources like iron Ore and coal. Has an export promotion Zone, Air-port Has one of the oldest and established University-Andhra University. Recently large number of Engineering colleges, Medical colleges have come up to provide the much needed skilled, talented and technical, managerial human resources to power the growth engine. Necessary infrastructure like good schools, hotels are there. Upcoming projects in Vizag in the years to come.......that's why it is "The City of Destiny" for realty investments * SEZ in 20,000 acres * Bhabha Atomic Centre in 3000 acres * Eastern Naval Command Centre in 4000 acres * HPCL Expansion * VSEZ New Projects in 200 acres * Pharma City in 2400 acres with Rs.2800 crores investment * Visakhapatnam Steel Plant Expansion in next 3 years upto 5.3 MT capacity * 2900 acres gave been identified and allotted to software companies from Madhurawada to Bhogapuram * Brandix : Garments Factory of Srilanka with Rs.500 crores invesment creating 60,000 jobs * Apparel Park - 145 acres with Rs.70 crores investment creating 20,000 jobs * Gangavaram port development with rs.1400 crores

* Expansion and further development of present Airport * Proposed International airport - place to be identified * 1200 acres Visakhapatnam Beach Resorts Pvt Ltd * 316 acres recently announced Film City for a nice property investment offer, Call 9000250129 or visit

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