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Timetable for Commencement of the Domestic Violence, Crime and

Victims Act, 2004

Section Number Policy Date of Commencement

5-8 Causing or allowing the death of a March 2005
child or vulnerable adult
11 Common assault as an alternative
22-26 Changes to the insanity legislation

28,29 Fine enforcement – disclosure

orders and procedure on breach of
community penalty

58 (part) Amendments and repeals

59 (part) Transitional and transitory
31 Intermittent custody

10(2) Common Assault to be an arrestable July 2005

offence - Northern Ireland
27 Powers of authorised officers
executing warrants
35 - 45 Information to victims of mentally
disordered offenders
58 (part) Amendments and Repeals
(Schedule 10 & 11)
59 (part) Transitional and Transitory
provisions (Schedule 12)
32-34 and 47 & Victims Measures October 2005
Schedule 7 and Code of Practice
54 (part) Victims Commissioner

55 Victims Advisory Panel

2&3 Domestic violence sections, December 2005
changes to the FLA
10(1) - This has Common assault to be an arrestable January 2006 - by
been repealed - offence (England & Wales) SOCPA 2005
as the Section
110 of the SOCPA From 1 January 2006, the existing
Act 2005 replaces arrest provisions under PACE
section 24 of based on the concept of
PACE. seriousness will be replaced by a
simplified approach providing a
constable with the power of arrest
for all offences. The exercise of
the power will be subject to the
constable considering and being
able to show that the arrest is
necessary. A new PACE Code of
Practice (Code G) on Arrest will
be introduced on the 1 January
2006 setting out the necessity
principle in line with section 110
of the Serious Organised Crime
and Police Act 2005.
17-20 Trial by jury of sample counts only Jan 2007
21 Extends to Northern Ireland

30 Prosecution appeals

Grants for assisting Victims,

56 witnesses etc

58 (1) Amendments and repeals

14 Surcharge payable on conviction April 2007

58(1) Minor and consequential


59 Transitional provisions

1 Non mols an arrestable offence - 1 July 2007

changes to the Family Law Act
4 Extension to non -cohabiting 1 July 2007
couples, changes to the FLA


9 Domestic homicide reviews Consultation in June
2006 - implementation
expected by Autumn
12 Restraining orders: England and Delayed - until further
Wales work is carried out.

13 Restraining Orders: Northern Ireland Summer 2007

15 & 16 Surcharge TBC
46 Northern Ireland: Victims of Mentally Consultation expected
disordered persons in September 2007
48-53 Commissioner for Victims and TBC
57 CICA Right to recover Summer 2007

Schedules Policy Date of Commencement

1 Modification of sections 17-20 for NI Jan 2007

2 Supervision orders on insanity and March 2005

fitness to plead
3 Unfitness to stand trial and insanity: March 2005
courts martial
4 Powers of authorised officers July 2005
executing warrants
5 Breach of community penalty March 2005
6 Intermittent custody March 2005
7 Investigations by Parliamentary October 2005
10 (part) Minor and consequential March, July, December
amendments 2005
April 2007

11 (part) Repeals
12 Transitional and transitory March, July 2005
April 2007

8 Commissioner for Victims and TBC

9 Authorities within the TBC
Commissioner's remit

N.B. The forthcoming commencement dates listed above are only a

provisional guide and may be subject to amendments