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JTrack Newsletter

Issue 1: September 2007

Introduction a comprehensive CD-Rom training package

- available from the PPO Programme Team
JTrack is the single national system for tracking on request.
and managing Prolific and other Priority Offenders
(PPOs). It provides a consistent local and national The JTrack system also now includes
management information tool allowing users, guidance sections covering data entry,
Police Forces, CDRPs, and LCJBs to view and reporting functionality, and user application
compare performance data. and authorisation processes.

Prison data available for PPOs on

Recent developments

In addition to improving the JTrack user

The PPO Programme Team secured a
interface, functionality and user
weekly download from Prison Service IT
administration tools; a number of recent
systems that allows for routine cross
advances include:
reference with JTrack to reveal the location
of PPOs in prison custody and their release
Three-year contract provides stable
future for the system
This functionality is a significant
Following formal tender PA Consulting
development allowing PPO schemes to
Group has been awarded the JTrack
monitor PPO movements within the prison
application support and maintenance
estate through JTrack.
contract for an initial 3 year period from 1
June 2007.
“Power Search” functionality

The length of this contract will provide

New advanced searching functionality
stability and demonstrates commitment to
allows users to quickly identify which PPOs
JTrack as the system underpinning the PPO
in an area:
Are frequent cross-border offenders;
CD-Rom training now available
Are being released from prison in the
The Home Office contract with PA
next 28 days;
Consulting Group continues to include
JTrack training at the PA Consulting Group
Have been convicted this month;
HQ in Victoria.
Have committed an offence, by offence
However, users have expressed concern
type, in the past 3 months – including
that a number of reasons can result in
multiple offence search criteria.
difficulty for some areas to release staff to
attend. To address this we have developed
Secure Email functionality operating together to concentrate their joint
efforts on those individuals identified locally
Authorised individuals can now subscribe to as causing most harm to their communities.
weekly emails from the JTrack system.
There are currently three subscriptions JTrack and Local Area Agreements
available which show PPOs tracked by an
area that are in prison, PPOs being tracked The PPO Programme Team has developed
by an area that have had their prison a specification that will allow for the
details changed (establishment, Home convictions of a sub-cohort of PPOs to be
Detention Curfew eligibility date, or date of tracked in support of Local Area Agreement
release) since the previous week and a list work1.
of all PPOs in an area that are showing as
being in custody but which are showing as
having un-finalised offences.
Future developments
A national database of PPO contacts
Our aim is to continue listening to users and
partner agencies to improve the way JTrack
In addition to details of authorisers and
supports the PPO strategy across schemes,
trainers by area, JTrack now includes
partners and regions. This is a continuing
details of identified police, CPS and
process and we will be using the duration of
probation JTrack contacts by area.
this contract to further ensure JTrack is
more compelling by increasing the local
Alias functionality

Users can now add PPO alias information to

If you would like to suggest developments
to JTrack please contact: jtrack-

Development in progress
In addition to the programme of system
enhancements requested by users, two
major system enhancements are currently
in development.
Access beyond the Criminal Justice
Extranet Website

In recognition of the further benefits that

could be realised by extending JTrack
access beyond Police and CPS users, PA
Consulting Group are currently developing a
gateway that will make JTrack accessible to
Government Secure Intranet (GSI) network
users – including Prisons, Probation, Crown
Courts and Magistrates Courts.

Extending access to these key partners is

expected to strengthen the role of JTrack as
a multi-agency tool for local partners JTrack will continue to be dedicated to
tracking PPOs.