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Frank Shallenberger’s

Vol. 7, No. 6 June 2008

The 3 Biggest Myths

About Osteoporosis
Plus, what you can do to have the bone strength you had years ago!

I see them in my office all the time: thing they’re “supposed” to do to strengthen
women with bones so brittle they could snap. their bones. They’re taking fistfuls of calci-
Yet the astonishing thing is that these um and other supplements. They’re eating
women have not neglected their bones. dairy and soy. They’re doing weight-bearing
On the contrary, they’re doing every- exercise. They’re putting wild yam cream on
their thighs.
Yet despite taking supplements, despite
In this Issue exercising, and sometimes despite trying
Q Some alternative doctors will tell drugs, they’re finding very little improve-
you to avoid prescription osteoporosis ment in their bones. Why?
drugs. But here’s when they can
work miracles ............................ p. 3 I’ve told you about the problems with
calcium supplements in past issues. Next to
Q One of the most popular supplements calcium, women are now falling for what I
on the market can cause cancer and call the 3 Biggest Myths About Osteoporosis.
heart attacks. Here’s how to use it
correctly ...................................... p. 4 Today, I’m going to expose those myths.
But more importantly, I’m going to tell you
Q My secret remedy for preventing how to reverse osteoporosis.
digestion problems — this one
is sure to surprise you................ p. 6 And I do mean reverse. You can literally
regain the bone mass you had 10 or 20 years
Q Do Splenda and other artificial ago. You can do the things you enjoy without
sweeteners contribute to fear of a slip or fall that could land you in a
pancreatic cancer? ...................... p. 8 hospital or nursing home.
So let’s get started …
Coming Next Month
• In the past, I’ve told you how to prevent Myth # 1:
cancer. Now I’m going to tell you what to
do if you already have cancer. You won’t Bone Density Tests Predict Your
read this anywhere else. Chances of Developing Osteoporosis
• The common food additive that causes The truth: Only to a point. You see,
Parkinson’s — you can even find it in
many health foods. bone density is a “statistical test.” The test
looks at the density of your bones, and then
compares that number to the statistics for Another good thing about this test is
someone your age and sex. The problem is that if you begin therapy right away, you’ll
that each person is different. What’s see an improvement in four to six weeks.
“strong” bone for one person isn’t necessari- With bone density tests, it takes a year or
ly the same for another. more to see a difference.
Another weakness of this method is The N-telopeptide test is relatively
that it’s difficult to compare two bone densi- inexpensive, and almost all labs can run it.
ty tests. The technician must aim the X-ray However, a lot of doctors still don’t know
at the exact same spot on the same bone. If about it. And because of that, many doctors
you’re just one-sixteenth of an inch off, you prescribe osteoporosis drugs that their
can get different results even if your overall patients may not need.
bone health hasn’t changed. Which brings us to…
I see this all the time when I look at
prior bone density tests of my new patients. Myth #2:
The tests show that the density went up in
You Should Never
four different places — but also went down
in four different places.
Use Prescription Drugs
The bottom line is that you should take The Truth: Long-term use of prescrip-
your bone density measurements with a tion drugs is dangerous. But over the short-
grain of salt. The test can’t tell you how term, they can be a quick way to build bone
strong your bones are, and the results may tissue.
not be all that accurate. You’ve probably heard about the dan-
Yet most doctors use only bone densi- gers of bisphosphonate drugs like Fosamax,
ty tests to diagnose osteoporosis or Zometa, and Actonel. The most serious dan-
osteopenia. And that’s a shame. There are ger is that these drugs have been linked to a
newer, better ways to truly check the den- bone disease called osteonecrosis of the jaw.
sity and the strength of your bones. The In this condition, the gums and jawbone
problem is, many doctors haven’t even stop generating new tissue. The jawbone
heard of these tests. “dies.” The teeth fall out. Sometimes the
dead or decayed portions of the jawbone
The solution: Ask your doctor to
have to be removed by a surgeon.
run an N-telopeptide test. It’s a urine
test that measures how much bone you’re So why am I saying that these drugs
losing. If N-telopeptide is too high in the are OK to take over the short-term?
urine, it means your rate of bone loss is Because every single case of necrosis of the
too high. And one good thing about this jaw occurred when the person was either
test is that you can do it every few weeks taking the drugs for many years, or was tak-
if you want. ing the more potent versions of the drugs
(which are usually used in chemotherapy).
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tents by xerography, facsimile, or any other means is illegal. suffer the serious side effects.

Myth #3 density by 7% in the first year, by 12% after
two years, and by 15% after three years!
Hormone Therapy Is Dangerous
Yes, that’s new bone! Natural proges-
The (Surprising) Truth: You’ve seen terone can help you rebuild the bone you’ve
all the news stories about how hormone already lost. And natural estrogen is just as
replacement therapy can increase your risk important.
of heart disease and cancer. But here’s what
You see, progesterone stimulates cells
those stories fail to mention: All these dan-
called osteoblasts. These cells build bone.
gers come from synthetic hormones, not
Estrogen, on the other hand, slows the
natural ones.
activity of cells called osteoclasts. These cells
You probably know that Premarin, the break down bone. Osteoblasts and osteoclasts
most commonly prescribed estrogen, comes work together to keep your bones healthy.
from horses. (The name “Premarin” actual-
When you don’t have these hormones,
ly stands for “Pregnant Mare Urine.”)
this process of renewing and rebuilding
Indeed, Premarin contains over 49 different
doesn’t happen. With nothing to slow them
horse estrogens, not one of which is natural-
down, the osteoclasts break down old bone
ly found in humans. Of course it’s going to
tissue quickly. And the osteoblasts don’t pro-
cause problems when humans take it!
duce new bone tissue. The inevitable result
And as bad as Premarin is, it’s not is osteoporosis.
nearly as bad as Provera, the synthetic prog-
esterone (progestin) doctors prescribed for What to Do if Your Hormone
years. In fact, the oft-quoted HRT studies Levels Are Low
show that women who took Premarin alone
didn’t fare that badly. It’s when they added To find out your estrogen and proges-
Provera that their rates of cancer and heart terone levels, find a doctor who uses bio-
disease skyrocketed! identical hormones. You can find one at
Yes, Provera is dangerous. I never pre-
scribe it for my patients. But natural hor- When you visit the doctor, he’ll give
mones are different. There’s never been a you a saliva test to determine your hormone
study to show any kind of danger from levels. This test will tell you if you’re defi-
them. In fact, the opposite is true. Studies cient in estrogen, progesterone, and/or
show that they actually help prevent breast testosterone. (Yes, women’s bodies produce
cancer. testosterone, too.)
If the test determines that any of your
The Truth About Natural hormones are deficient, your doctor can set
Hormones up an individualized hormone replacement
plan for you. I do this for my patients, and it
Unlike synthetic hormones, natural
works far better than a one-size-fits-all plan.
hormones are structurally identical to the
hormones that we produce in our own bod- How to Reverse Osteoporosis
ies. That’s why we refer to them as “bio- Even Faster
identical” hormones. These hormones exact-
ly mimic what your body produces on its I hope that you’re now convinced that
own (or used to produce on its own). The higher levels of hormones are the only way
chemical reactions are the same. to reverse osteoporosis. But now let me
I’ve seen them work miracles on my show you my secrets for supercharging your
patients. My colleagues have seen the same osteoporosis regimen.
thing. And studies prove our experience. In First, take a look at your diet. I
fact, clinical studies have shown that supple- know that’s not sexy. But it’s vital to good
mental natural progesterone increases bone

This Supplement Causes Cancer cancer and heart attacks!
and Heart Attacks We know that calcium supplements
I’ve been telling anyone who would listen suppress vitamin D formation. When you
for the past 13 years to avoid taking a popular combine this with the fact that low levels of
supplement. That’s right — there’s a supple- vitamin D cause cancer, and the fact that
ment that’s extremely dangerous. But no one those with the highest calcium intake have
wants to listen. the highest incidence of cancer (all published
I’ve pointed out that study after study information), you see the connection.
shows that you don’t need to take this sup- Calcium supplements may cause cancer!
plement. Very few people in this country are We’ll have more on this in future issues.
deficient. And the prestigious Women’s And, since calcium does not go to the
Health Initiative study shows definitively bones, where does it go? Several studies have
that taking this supplement does absolutely shown that it goes just where you don’t want
nothing to improve the strength of bones. it to go — to your arteries. But does anyone
By now, I’m sure you know that I’m listen? I hope so, but most people seem to
talking about calcium. And the news about think I’m crazy for doubting the wonderful
calcium is getting even worse. It now “benefits” of calcium supplements. Now
appears that the supplement might cause maybe they’ll listen.

health. Here are a few things to focus on: D is actually a hormone, so you can see why
• Make sure you don’t drink a lot of it’s so important for your bones. It’s so
soft drinks or coffee. These will leach calci- important that a deficiency makes you more
um from your bones. likely to suffer stress or hip fractures, or
other crippling bone injuries. Without
• You also need to make sure you’re enough vitamin D, once-healthy bones
eating a lot of protein and vegetables. This become thin and brittle. Worse, even thick
way you’re sure to eat plenty of the trace bones can become so soft, they bend and
minerals that are so important to bone break as easily as thinner bones!
health. These include zinc, boron, calcium,
magnesium, etc. Notice I list calcium here. Vitamin D is stimulated by sunlight, so
While you don’t need as much of it as most people in Northern climates usually don’t
doctors say you do, you still need a little. get enough. In fact, several studies out of
And you’ll get plenty from a diet rich in pro- England show very clearly that during the
tein and vegetables. winter, serum vitamin D levels are one-fifth
what they are in the summer. And fair-
Next, add the right supplements. skinned, thin, blue-eyed Scandinavian types
statistically get more osteoporosis than
Some patients are particularly low in dark-skinned types.
zinc and need to take an extra supplement. I
recommend 15 mg of zinc picolinate daily. I used to think that people living in
sunny climates didn’t have to worry about
In fact, the only supplements young their vitamin D levels. But every patient
people (premenopausal) need to take are zinc, that I test for vitamin D, regardless of
vitamin C (500 mg daily), and vitamin D. where they live, is deficient. So I tell all of
Vitamin D is critical. I’ve already my patients to start with 5,000 IU of D3 per
showed you why. But there’s more. Vitamin day during the winter. Start taking it around

A study published just this last even worse. The researchers found that heart
February (2008) revealed some stunning attack wasn’t the only problem. It turned out
news about calcium. Women (and probably that there were 101 cases of strokes or deaths
men) who take calcium supplements are in the calcium women, versus 54 in the placebo
more than twice as likely to have heart group. Not only did calcium supplements cause
attacks than those who leave the stuff alone. twice as many heart attacks, but they also
The study was a prospective, randomized, caused twice as many strokes and deaths. I call
controlled study. That’s the most convincing that astounding!
kind. The researchers studied 1,471 post- So please, if all of the other studies out
menopausal women, none of whom were taking there about the dangers of calcium supplements
calcium supplements. The average age was 74. haven’t yet convinced you to stay away from
They randomly assigned 732 of them to take them, please let this one get through. A modest
calcium supplements. The other 739 received amount of calcium is fine (less than 500 mg
placebo pills. They then followed these women daily) — the amount that you get in your diet,
over the next five years to see the results. The or in herbal supplements. But please avoid cal-
results are startling. cium pills.
In the placebo group, 14 women had heart Bolland MJ, Barber PA, et al. Vascular events in healthy older
attacks, compared to 31 women in the calcium women receiving calcium supplementation: randomized con-
group. The use of calcium supplements more trolled trial. British Medical Journal. 2008 Feb 2;336(7638):262-
than doubled the heart attack rate. But it gets 6. Epub 2008 Jan 15.

Thanksgiving and go until tax day (April 15). break most often — the hips and back
Make sure you’re taking vitamin D3, — are strong. The best way to do this
not the inferior vitamin D2, which is found is with a gentle program of a weight-
in most grocery stores and pharmacies. bearing exercise. It doesn’t have to be
Vitamin D2 is a synthetic vitamin — and much. Women who exercise by walking fast
synthetics aren’t effective. for only one hour, three times per week can
increase their spinal bone density by 4.4%
If you’re going through menopause or per year.
if you’ve already gone through it, you also
need to take vitamin K1. Vitamin K1 Even 30 minutes of walking three
reduces the rate of calcium loss from the times a week will yield results. I recommend
bones by activating the hormone calcitonin. walking outside in the sunlight to stimulate
Calcitonin de-activates osteoclasts, the cells the production of vitamin D. However, on a
that break down bone. Even small amounts day when that’s not possible, walking on a
of vitamin K1 can make an enormous differ- treadmill, in the mall, or even on a small
ence. For example, just 1 mg of vitamin exercise trampoline will be just as effective.
K1 per day reduces the loss of bone calcium The trampoline is my favorite piece of
by 35-50%. Larger doses have an even indoor exercise equipment for osteoporosis.
greater effect. When you land on it, it gives your bones a
Vitamin K is a fat-soluble molecule. So slight compression, which is a good form of
if you’re on a low-fat diet, you may not be stress that builds your bones. After you go
getting enough. Additionally, vitamin K is down on the trampoline, it shoots you up,
most commonly found in green vegetables, giving you a second compression. You get
and most people don’t include enough green more bang for your buck if you’re running
vegetables in their diets. in place on the trampoline instead of run-
ning in place on the floor.
Finally, make sure the bones that

You can also use something called healthy new bone tissue. And they increase
power plates. You stand on them and they the strength of their bones.
vibrate. If you ever attend a health show or Best of all — with every year, their
trade show, you’ll see them there. NASA bones get better and stronger. After years of
uses these for astronauts in space travel to struggling with weak, brittle bones they
keep their bones in shape. There is a lot of now have stronger, healthier bones than
data on them showing that they really work. they did 20 years ago! So get started now!
You can find them on the Internet. Make an appointment with a doctor who
That’s the basic plan for keeping your uses bio-identical hormones. And begin to
bones in great shape. If your hormone levels enjoy strong bones that will stay strong for
are high, this plan will help keep them high the rest of your life!
as you go through menopause. If your hor- One final note: Natural hormones
mone levels are low, you can add these to and exercise will reverse osteoporosis in just
your natural hormone-replacement regimen about every case. But if you have osteoporo-
and it will supercharge the hormones to sis and don’t want to take natural hor-
work even faster. mones, you can still follow the other recom-
Get Started NOW! mendations in this report and see improve-
ment. However, you’ll have to work a lot
As you can see, you can reverse osteo- harder. You’ll have to exercise more, clean
porosis. I’ve seen excellent results using this up your diet completely, and make sure
protocol in every woman (and man) I’ve you’re vigilant about taking all the supple-
treated. It doesn’t matter if they’ve had ments I’ve mentioned. I can’t guarantee
breast cancer or not. In fact, all of my this will reverse osteoporosis. But it will
patients who follow this plan completely likely stop its progression or at least slow
reverse their bone loss. They even build it down. Q

How to Knock Out Digestive

Problems Once and For All, Part 2
Last month, I showed you simple and overgrowth include changes in your stool,
very effective ways to knock out your diges- constipation or diarrhea, bloating, gas, and
tive problems. But those solutions work stomach or intestinal cramps. And sufferers
only if your digestive problems stem from find they can’t eat certain foods.
food sensitivities or infection. These symptoms are similar to symp-
If none of those solutions clears up toms of colitis, IBS, and Crohn’s disease, so
your digestive problem, it’s possible you it’s easy to understand why doctors would
have a serious health issue. At least, that’s misdiagnose it.
what your doctor will tell you. Many doctors If your doctor says you have Crohn’s
will tell patients who don’t respond to treat- disease, but he hasn’t done a biopsy, walk
ment that they have colitis, irritable bowel out of his office and find a new doctor.
syndrome (IBS), or even Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease is a severe autoimmune dis-
While this is true in a few cases, far too order. Your doctor can diagnose it accurately
many doctors jump to these diagnoses with- only with a biopsy. As a result, many cases
out considering one other possible cause of of Crohn’s disease are false diagnoses.
discomfort — a yeast infection called But if someone comes to me and tells
Candida albicans. Symptoms of a candida me their doctor says they have colitis or

IBS, I’ll first treat them for a yeast over- offered by Advanced Bionutritionals. Please
growth. And for most patients, this works. call 800-728-2288 for more information.
So how do you treat a chronic yeast In addition, I tell people to take the
overgrowth? There’s no standard regimen capsule form of saccaromyces buoulardii – a
recommended for a chronic yeast over- beneficial yeast. Take four capsules twice a
growth, because it’s not a recognized med- day for six weeks.
ical condition. That’s why your doctor will This three-step program is so effective
often overlook it. If your doctor does suspect that any symptoms should be completely
candida is an issue, he’ll probably prescribe cleared up within two weeks.
a long-term regimen of oral antifungals,
along with changes in your diet. Even Better Than a Cure —
Unfortunately, the solutions offered Prevention
by most alternative-minded doctors don’t
work very fast. Solutions such as garlic Of course, one thing that’s better than
and caprylic acid can take months to kill curing chronic gastric distress is keeping it
the yeast. from ever happening. And there’s one pre-
ventative that works against all the issues
But you can easily kill the yeast in just I’ve discussed in this report: the regular
two to three weeks. It might take a bit ingestion of coconut oil.
longer to ensure the yeast will stay away
once it’s gone, but it’s nothing like the Coconut oil? You may have heard that
months other natural remedies require to “tropical oils” are bad for your health
clear up the problem. And it’s a whole lot because they contain triglycerides.
easier than a lifetime commitment to “man- Well, the truth is that coconut oil con-
age” the colitis or IBS that you probably tains something called medium-chain
don’t even have! triglycerides. These aren’t the same as the
The first step is to eliminate all carbo- unhealthy triglycerides, which are long-
hydrates. And I mean literally no starches, chain fatty acids.
sugars, grains, beans, or fruits for the first Study after study has proven the
two weeks. This is tough at first. But you’ll health benefits of the medium-chain triglyc-
eventually get used to it. And since it’s for erides found in coconut oil.
only two weeks, most patients can make it. For example, coconut oil has anti-
The second step is to take a prescrip- microbial and anti-viral properties. It kills
tion antifungal — either Nystatin or both Candida albicans and helicobacter
Diflucan. I recommend these antifungals for pylori. Coconut oil also contributes to heal-
two reasons: They’re completely safe and ing of the stomach lining.
they work quickly. Diflucan wipes out the Worried that your heart may suffer for
yeast in two weeks — Nystatin requires an your stomach’s good? Don’t be. Medium-
extra week to do the job. And they’re both chain triglycerides lower the risk of both
so safe. In fact, you’re more likely to have atherosclerosis and heart disease. And they
an adverse reaction to a vitamin! Most doc- have no negative impact on cholesterol levels.
tors will gladly give you a prescription for
these drugs. And most insurance will cover So, if you don’t already suffer from
the cost according to your prescription drug stomach trouble, now you know a simple
coverage. and safe way to prevent it.
Your final step is to re-promote normal But if it’s too late for prevention, there’s
bacteria that will permanently hold the still no need to suffer with chronic gastric
yeast in check. I give people a high-quality, distress. Relief can be simple, inexpensive,
multi-strain lactobacillus supplement. One of and permanent. You just have to know how
my favorites is Advanced Probiotic Formula to find and treat its root causes.

Q. Do Splenda or other artificial — for now. Neuroblastomas can behave
strangely. Sometimes the cells die without
sweeteners contribute to pancreatic
cancer? — Vicky C., via e-mail any cause and the tumor disappears. This is
part of a normal process known as pro-
Dear Vicky, grammed cell death (apoptosis), the normal
process that occurs when cells die. This is
According to most studies, artificial much more common in very young infants,
sweeteners are completely safe when taken such as your grandson, than in older chil-
in normal amounts. Researchers have given dren. So there’s reason for hope.
all of them, including aspartame, to animals
in doses that far exceed what you would But these cancers can do something
normally use. And they’ve never shown that else that is rather strange. The cells can
any of them cause problems for humans. mature spontaneously to normal ganglion
cells and stop dividing. This causes the
Early studies on saccharin showed an tumor to become benign (non-cancerous).
increase in bladder cancer in rats with very So, it makes good sense to watch as long as
high doses. Other studies have suggested an possible to see if this is going to happen.
increase in leukemia and lymphoma in mice
and rats from aspartame. Happily enough, If it doesn’t, there’s still reason for
however, when researchers applied the hope. Every child with neuroblastoma can
results of the studies to human cancer be treated. The type of treatment used
development, they discovered that this was depends on the stage of the cancer and the
a problem for rats and mice only. child’s age. Treatments include surgery,
chemotherapy, and/or radiation therapy.
In one study of half a million people, Doctors may combine two or all three of
there was no more cancer in aspartame users these treatments for some children.
than in those who avoided the sweetener.
And many of the aspartame users drank If my child had this disease, I would
excessive amounts of soda sweetened with it. have a consultation at the Burzinski Clinic
in Houston, Texas. This clinic follows the
Still, most of these sweeteners are guidelines of Dr. Stanislaw Burzinski, who
either chemicals or processed foods with has been a revolutionary force in the battle
additives. So I’m not a big fan of them. against cancer, particularly childhood
While they don’t appear to cause cancer, we cancers of the nervous system (such as
can’t tell for sure what other problems they neuroblastoma). You can contact the clinic
might cause. at or by calling
The only sugar substitute I recommend 713-335-5697.
is Stevia, which you can find at any health But whatever you do, never give up.
food store and on the Internet. You can beat this form of cancer.
Q. My grandson is three months old
and has neuroblastoma on his adrenal Got a Question?
gland. All of the doctors say to do
nothing. Do you believe this is the cor- Do you have a question for Dr.
rect way to go? — Pamela F., via e-mail Shallenberger? If so, please send it (typed
only) to him c/o Soundview Publications,
P.O. Box 467939, Atlanta, GA 31146-7939 or
Dear Pamela, While he
I don’t think “do nothing” is good won’t be able to respond personally, he’ll try
advice for any cancer. However, as far as to answer as many questions as he can in
conventional medicine is concerned, I agree these pages.