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— 1—
Foods That Heal
“Let food be your medicine.” Those words tumors cells’ ability to burn carbohydrates by
were spoken 2,300 years ago by Hippocrates, as much as 75%. This forced the cancer cells
the Father of Medicine. And now modern sci- into a fat-burning mode.
ence is confirming the healing power of foods, The result? As expected, the avocado extract
by putting them through the rigors of scientific stopped the growth rate of the cancer cells.
testing. Next, the researchers gave the same
I’ve seen this healing power in my own extract to lab animals with cancer. They used a
clinic. Almost every day I find that putting dose of 1.7 mg of extract for every gram of
high-grade fuel into your body will help you body weight, and they gave it to the animals
run longer, cleaner, and healthier than any- for only five days. To their delight, they found
thing else. There aren’t any imitations that that the growth rate of the tumors was
work as well. But there are some great ways to reduced by at least 65%, and as much as 79%.
fight even major diseases simply by eating the This is a truly remarkable finding!
right food. Let me show you... The purified extract that they used con-
tained a substance found in high levels in the
This Powerful Food Lowers avocado called d-mannoheptulose.
Blood Sugar and Fights Cancer
Researchers at the University of
You may have read in my other special California at Los Angeles tried using
reports about the best way to avoid getting d-mannoheptulose on a line of prostate cancer
cancer – make sure that your cells are burning cells. These cancer cells were “androgen-inde-
fat for energy instead of carbohydrates pendent.” That means that they grow inde-
(sugar/glucose). Although all cells can burn pendently of whether or not they are exposed
either fat or carbohydrates for energy, healthy to the hormone testosterone. These are the
cells prefer to burn fat. most difficult kind of prostate cancers to treat.
Cancer cells, on the other hand, burn The researchers found that the avocado extract
sugar. This is a major reason cancer is such a caused the cancer cells to stop growing.
problem today – everyone eats too many carbo- Based on these studies, there’s good rea-
hydrates and sugars. son to believe that regularly taking avocado
The best way to prevent cancer or to stop extract is a great way to prevent cancer. It can
cancer from growing is to greatly reduce your help prevent the shift from fat to carbohydrate
carbohydrate intake, eliminate your sugar metabolism. And it works even better if you
intake, exercise properly, get plenty of sleep, use it with the other treatments I mentioned
take the right supplements and hormones, and earlier. But there’s more....
don’t stress out. All of these activities force
your cells — even cancer cells — to burn fat As Good As It Is,
instead of glucose. Never Take It When...
But that’s not all you can do. One of the It also looks like taking the extract is an
most intriguing, new ways to shift the body excellent idea for people who have had cancer
into a fat-burning mode comes from one of my in the past or are currently battling cancer.
favorite foods. However, this comes with one caveat: Don’t
Way back in 1995, researchers from the take this extract if you’re getting chemotherapy!
Department of Biochemistry at Oxford Ironically, arresting the growth of cancer
University in Britain discovered the cancer- cells is about the last thing you want to do if
fighting abilities of the avocado. First, they you’re on chemo. With chemo you want the
added an extract from the avocado plant cancer cells’ growth rate to increase, not
(Persea americana) to tumor cells in a test decrease. Let me explain.
tube. They found that the extract inhibited the All cells including cancer cells go through
a life cycle. The final part of this cycle, which tain other nutrients that are designed for fat
we call mitosis, is where the cell divides into loss. This makes complete sense. Since the
two daughter cells. And the only time the effect of d-mannoheptulose is to increase fat
cancer cell is vulnerable to chemotherapy metabolism, this is great for those who need to
is during mitosis — when the cell is actually drop some weight.
dividing. If you don’t need to lose weight, look for
So to make the tumor most vulnerable an avocado extract powder. These products will
to the chemo, you need to have as many cells work for most people. My only complaint with
dividing at the time of the treatment. Anything them is that they don’t always list exactly how
that slows down the cells’ cycle (decreasing much d-mannoheptulose is contained in the
the growth rate of the cancer) will cause a powder. If you buy some that doesn’t have the
lower percentage of the cells to be in this amount listed, contact the manufacturer and
vulnerable stage. ask. You should be able to find their contact
That’s why taking a substance like avoca- information on the Internet.
do extract, which slows down cell growth, will References:
make a cancer more resistant to chemotherapy
and radiation. So be sure not to take anything Board, Mary, Alison Colquhoun and Eric A. Newsholme,
“High Km Glucose-phosphorylating (Glucokinase) Activities
that slows down cancer growth while you’re in a Range of Tumor Cell Lines and Inhibition of Rates of
actively getting cancer treatment. It will inter- Tumor Growth by the Specific Enzyme Inhibitor
Mannoheptulose.” Cancer Research, 55, 3278-3285, August 1,
fere with it. 1995.Lu, Q.Y., et al. “Inhibition of prostate cancer cell
Of course, once the course of treatment is growth by an avocado extract: role of lipid-soluble bioactive
substances.” Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry,
over, then it makes complete sense to take d- 2005;16(1):23-30.
mannoheptulose both as a preventive, and just
in case some cancer remains. It just might slow Get Rid of Irritable Bowel
the growth rate down to the point that it stops
Syndrome by Eating Something
growing altogether.
Most People Throw Away
One final note on chemotherapy treat-
ments: While the avocado extract will slow Most people who have Irritable Bowel
down tumor growth, there is an easy way to Syndrome are still looking for a solution. Their
make a tumor grow. All you need to do is take doctor may prescribe drugs for it. But these
antioxidants. They speed up the growth rate of treat the symptoms, not the cause. And most
cancers. And by doing this, they make them supplements do the same thing. But I’ve got
much more sensitive to the killing effects of some good news for you — I have a cure.
chemotherapy. It comes from one of my favorite foods —
That’s why I advise patients who are get- the artichoke. But it’s not the part you eat. It’s
ting chemotherapy to take a healthy dose of the leaf.
antioxidants during their treatment. The same In one study, a group of patients with
is also true for people getting radiation therapy. IBS took capsules of artichoke leaf extract
for six weeks. The results? It significantly
Helps Control Blood Sugar Too reduced the severity of all of their symptoms.
One other potential problem to consider is An amazing 96% of the patients rated arti-
that since d-mannoheptulose alters carbohy- choke leaf as better than or at least equal to
drate metabolism, it might also alter blood the medications their doctor gave them. But
sugar levels in diabetics. So anyone with dia- with none of the side effects! I’ve found that
betes should be sure to let their physician know when combined with an anti-yeast program,
that they intend to take the supplement. They artichoke leaf never fails to cure even the
may very likely find that their need for medica- worst cases of IBS.
tion will decrease — a good problem to have. Another study looked at the effects of arti-
Currently, d-mannoheptulose is available choke leaf in 553 people with different kinds of
in two different products. You can easily find it gastrointestinal symptoms. The average age of
in supplements. However, these often will con- the patients was 54.7 years. Each person had
suffered for about three years prior to taking

— 3—
the artichoke leaf. The average period of use Proof That Wine Is
was only 43.5 days. Heart Healthy
The researchers found some striking
results. They discovered: A study from researchers at the
University of Palermo, Italy looked at the well-
• 71% of those complaining of constipa- known connection between wine consumption
tion found relief
and risk of heart disease.
• 68% of those with persistent gas You may have heard that this connection
(flatulence) improved
was due to resveratrol, a component of wine
• 72% of those who regularly experienced that protects the heart and arteries. But these
loss of appetite found improvement using researchers found that there’s much more to
artichoke leaf extract wine than just resveratrol. Drinking wine
• 76% had their intestinal cramps relieved exerts many other protective effects. It
• 88% of those with frequent nausea and improves the cholesterol levels. It decreases the
vomiting improved tendency of the blood to form the abnormal
Artichoke leaf was also effective in a dou- clotting that leads to strokes. And it improves
ble-blind study of people with indigestion from the way the cells, including the cells of the
various causes. But it was particularly helpful heart and arteries, use oxygen.
to those with indigestion caused from insuffi- Because of this last effect, drinking wine
cient bile. This is common in people who have can truly be said to be an anti-aging treatment.
had their gallbladder removed. But that’s not all the researchers found. Just
Most people know that the herb milk like aspirin, wine decreases the way platelets
thistle (silymarin) is an excellent tonic for the stick together. I’d much rather take a glass of
liver. But you may not know that artichoke wine than an aspirin any day.
leaf is just as effective. Just like milk thistle, And lastly, wine improves what is known
it protects and regenerates the liver, and as endothelial function. Endothelial cells are
completely protects it from potentially deadly the cells that line your arteries and capillaries.
doses of many toxins. It even protects the These cells regulate and balance blood flow and
liver from the damage caused by the excessive circulation. They do so by either relaxing and
use of alcohol. increasing blood flow, or by vasoconstricting
Fortunately, you don’t actually have to eat and decreasing flow.
the leaf to get its benefits. The best way to Wine helps these cells to relax and vasodi-
take artichoke leaf is in capsules of the extract. late. This causes increased blood flow and
You can buy the capsules at any health food decreased blood pressure.
store. The label should say that the extract is Of course, these benefits are greatly
standardized to contain 15-18% caffeoylquiinic enhanced with a Mediterranean-type diet. But
acids (also called chlorogenic acid) and/or 2-5% there’s more to good health than just eating
cynarin. Many researchers feel that the cynar- right — you have to drink right, too.
in component is what is primarily responsible
for its many benefits.
Caimi, G., C. Carollo, and R. Lo Presti. “Wine and endothe-
The usual dose is from 200-400 mg of the lial function,” Drugs Exp Clin Res, 2003;29(5-6):235-42.
extract taken three times per day. Start with
the higher dose, and decrease after you’ve seen The Fruit That Fights
maximum improvement. And remember that
Lung Disease
unlike drugs, herbs do not always work fast. It
might very well take four to six weeks to see A new study gives people with asthma
the best results. or lung disease a natural way to battle their
References: illness.
Dolby- Toews, V. “Finally, indigestion relief.” The study of 2,500 Welsh men between News. 3(14), 2000. the ages of 45-59 found that eating apples
Gebhardt, R. “Antidyspeptic and lipid-lowering effects of improves breathing capacity. The researchers
artichoke leaf extract,” Journal for General Medicine, 1996. divided the men into groups depending on

— 4—
their height and weight and how many apples The first one is a bioflavonoid that you
they ate. They took into account the calories may have heard about. It’s called lutein and it
the men ate, and whether or not any of them protects the pigment in your eyes. Lutein pro-
smoked or exercised. Then the researchers tects the macular pigment in two ways: It
measured the amount of air that each man was absorbs harmful blue light from the sun’s rays,
able to exhale in one second. and it neutralizes harmful free radicals.
The result? The men who ate five apples But how much lutein do you need? A
or more per week were able to exhale 138 milli- study in the Journal of the American Medical
liters more air than those who ate no apples. Association wanted to find out for sure. The
The researchers concluded that eating apples researchers in the study tracked people’s lutein
decreased the amount of obstructions found in consumption and then broke the group down
the lung and bronchial passages. Other into five equal groups, or quintiles.
research backs up this finding. They found that the people in the highest
Another study, again in England, looked quintile were 43% less likely to develop macu-
at the dietary habits of 1,500 adults over one lar degeneration.
year. People who ate at least two apples per Now here’s the best part: To eat as much
week had a 22-32% less chance of having an lutein as the people in the highest quintile, all
asthma attack than those eating fewer than you need is a measly six grams of lutein a day!
two apples. You can get that by eating a single serving of
There are several reasons for the apple’s dark leafy green vegetables (especially
protective effect on the lungs and the bronchial spinach). You can also get lutein in kiwi fruit,
tubes. For one, apples have a high content of grapes, orange juice, zucchini (or vegetable
the bioflavonoid nutrient called quercetin. marrow), and different kinds of squash.
Quercetin acts like an anti-inflammatory and But that’s not the only nutrient you need
anti-allergic medication in the body. It inhibits to fight macular degeneration. I also recom-
histamine and leukotriene. These are pro- mend you take daily doses of bilberry extract
inflammatory molecules that create the vaso- (400-600 mg — standardized to contain 25%
constriction and broncho-constriction that anthocyanidins), vitamin E (400 units), zeaxan-
cause asthma attacks. thin (1-2 mg), and zinc (50-100 mg).
But that’s not all. Did you know that All of these nutrients can help you pre-
there are over 450 different nutrients in one vent most cases of macular degeneration. They
fresh apple? That means just about every won’t work for everyone, but they are definitely
nutrient you can think of is found in an apple. worth a try.
The Cocktail Party Mixer That
Blechman, S., et al. “Eating apples may make breathing eas-
ier,” Muscular Development 37(5):35, 2000.
Helps Your Eyesight
Quillin, P. Immunopower - Full spectrum nutritional protec- Studies show that a popular party drink
tion. 1999, Nutrition Times Press, Inc. Box 130789, can cut your risk of macular degeneration in
Carlsbad, CA 92013. half! A study of 3,072 adults with macular
Shaheen, S.O., et al. American Journal of Respiratory and changes showed that moderate red wine con-
Critical Care Medicine. sumption may offer some protection against
the development or progression of macular
Before You Try Any Treatment degeneration.
for Macular Degeneration, Try Red wine is high in flavonoids, such as
These Nutrients quercetin, rutin, and resveratrol. These
If your ophthalmologist says you have flavonoids have powerful antioxidant activity.
macular degeneration, he may want you to This is important because damage from oxida-
start taking drugs or some type of expensive tive stress is thought to contribute to the devel-
therapy. Don’t do it! Instead, try these nutri- opment of macular degeneration. Dark berries,
ents that work miracles for some people with such as blueberries, blackberries, and dark
macular degeneration. cherries, are high in flavonoids as well.

— 5—
How to Eat Fish Without people over 50 have unhealthy amounts of
Poisoning Yourself With Mercury methyl mercury.
So what does all this methyl mercury do?
You may know that fish is great for your
First of all, it crosses the placenta. It also
health. But you also may know that eating too
crosses into breast milk. The tolerance for any
much fish can be hazardous. Even mainstream
toxin depends upon the weight and detoxifying
publications have caught on to the fact that the
ability of the person being exposed. Therefore,
world’s fish supply is tainted with mercury. But
children and especially infants and are at a
there’s one thing the media hasn’t told you.
greater risk for toxicity.
There’s a very simple way to eat fish without
poisoning yourself. Researchers have found significant abnor-
malities in the brain function of children whose
The Journal of the American Medical
mothers ate too much fish during their preg-
Association recently published an article enti-
nancy. The authors of this study concluded
tled, “Fish intake, contaminants, and human
that even low exposure to methyl mercury can
health.” In the article, the authors noted the
decrease a child’s brain function.
many dangers of methyl mercury. Methyl mer-
cury is formed from inorganic mercury, which But children aren’t the only people that
is common in the environment. need to be concerned about methyl mercury.
Several studies have also indicated that it’s
When a volcano explodes, it releases mer-
toxic to the heart, and can cause heart attacks
cury into the atmosphere. The same thing hap-
in adults.
pens when electric plants burn coal, or when
waste companies incinerate waste. There are And this is where it really gets interest-
numerous industrial processes that release ing. In addition to mercury, fish also contain
mercury into the air. Rain then brings the inor- two wonderful fats. One is eicosapentaenoic
ganic mercury from the atmosphere into lakes acid (EPA) and the other docosapentaenoic acid
and oceans. There it’s converted by bacterial (DHA). These fats are so effective at improving
activity into methyl mercury. both neurological and cardiovascular function,
that the damage done by the methyl mercury
Methyl mercury is very toxic. Unlike inor-
is somewhat offset by the benefit of the fats. So
ganic mercury, your body absorbs it easily in
much so, that the authors of this study con-
the digestive tract, and then transports it into
cluded that “the benefits of fish intake exceed
tissues. Plants, such as algae, plankton, and
the potential risks.” But let me take this one
other foods that fish feed on also absorb the
step further.
methyl mercury. So when you eat fish, you're
also eating all of the methyl mercury that the Why eat any methyl mercury at all? It
fish has eaten. can’t be good for you. Why not just have your
fish and eat it too? This is what I advise my
The amount of methyl mercury found in
patients to do — unless they're pregnant. I tell
fish depends on how long the fish lives. Older
my pregnant patients to avoid fish completely.
fish have more methyl mercury than their
The risks just aren’t worth it. You can get
younger cousins because they have more time
enough mercury-free EPA and DHA in gel-
to accumulate the mercury.
caps, such as those sold with Healthy Resolve
It also depends on how predatory the fish (800-728-2288).
is. Highly predatory fish accumulate more
But I tell all of my other patients to eat all
methyl mercury because they eat more.
the fish they want. But when they do, I tell
Longer-living, larger predators, such as sword-
them to take DMSA at the same time.
fish and shark, have the highest levels of
methyl mercury. Smaller or shorter-lived fish, DMSA (dimercaptosuccinic acid) is a natu-
such as shellfish and salmon, have only 1/20th rally occurring substance that chelates mercu-
as much. ry. This means that it binds to mercury, and
does not allow it to be absorbed in the intestinal
The more fish you eat, especially if you
tract. It also binds any mercury that’s already
eat the ones with the highest levels, the more
in the body and takes it out in the urine.
methyl mercury your body will amass. The
longer you live, the more you will store. Many DMSA is extremely effective both at stop-

— 6—
ping mercury absorption, and removing mercu- one to two drinks per day. Coffee and alcohol
ry from the body. And it's entirely safe when in small amounts such as these act as stimu-
you take it in recommended doses. An adult lants to the body, and in that sense can be ben-
can very safely take up to 1,500 mg per week. eficial. Excessive intake, however results in a
Whenever I eat fish, I haul out my little sup- suppressive effect on the body. Remember the
plement case and take three 100 mg capsules Arndt-Schultz Principle, which applies to all
of DMSA before the meal. And then I can for- substances: in small enough doses any sub-
get about mercury and enjoy my meal. stance will act as a stimulant, in larger doses
DMSA capsules are available at most the same substance can be supportive, and in
health foods stores. large enough doses any substance will be sup-
pressive. Viewed from this angle, it’s not so
References much what you take into your system that is
Mozaffarian D, Rimm EB. Fish intake, contaminants, and important, but how much. This means there
human health. JAMA, October 18, 2006. Vol. 296, No 15. are no bad foods, only bad doses!
(6) Milk is just such a food. Because it has
The Best Foods for been ruined by homogenation and pasteuriza-
Healthy Digestion tion, milk even in small amounts often leads to
allergies, and in larger amounts is sure to
If you have digestion problems, here are a cause bowel and liver problems. Yes it has a lot
few quick tidbits that might help you. If you of calcium, but it has no fiber, and you can get
need more help, please see my special report more calcium per gram weight from spinach
How to Knock Out Digestive Problems Once and other vegetables than you can from milk.
and for All. Children do not need milk at all. This is a
(1) Mornings are the most important time common misconception. Children who avoid
of the day regarding detoxification, and as such milk will have bones just as strong as their
should emphasize high nutrient and fiber milk-drinking friends, and will avoid all the
intake. In addition, eat at least three servings problems associated with milk ingestion, such
of vegetables, and at least one fresh salad every as chronic ear infections. Dr. Frank Orski,
day. Since each vegetable has its own particu- Director of the Department of Pediatrics at
lar nutrient pattern, it’s a good idea to eat a Johns Hopkins Hospital points out that the use
variety of different kinds. of milk in children leads to diarrhea, constipa-
(2) Make sure you get enough lean protein tion, anemia, skin rashes, ear infections, and
and that you avoid the high glycemic carbohy- hyperactivity.
drates. How well you are doing in this regard (7) Avoid sodas, sugars, sweets, fast food,
can be determined by Bio-Energy Testing. and junk food like the plague. Talk about
(3) Another very important thing to industrialized waste!! When cooking, it’s a
remember is that many studies have conclu- good idea to use Pam, lecithin, olive oil, or but-
sively shown that overeating will shorten your ter. Avoid deep fried foods, and instead, learn
lifespan substantially. It is important to eat to lightly sauté the foods in a little olive oil and
only as much as is needed to satisfy hunger. butter. Never, ever use margarine, shortening,
hydrogenated, or partially hydrogenated oils!!!
4) As a general rule, make sure to limit
These manmade industrial wastes have been
your coffee intake to 4 oz. of organic coffee per
shown to be immune suppressive. Recent pub-
day. Several of the markets carry organic cof-
lications have also demonstrated that these
fee. The reason is that too much coffee is very
artificial trans fatty acids actually damage the
hard on the liver, leading to allergies and vari-
inner walls of the arteries contributing to car-
ous digestive and bowel disorders. Not only
diovascular disease, and also are toxic to the
that, but excessive coffee will also cause osteo-
most fundamental aspects of energy production.
porosis by creating an acid condition in the tis-
Carefully read ingredients labels, and avoid all
sues. Osteoporosis occurs because the body
foods that contain these poisons. It has been
responds to the acid challenge by pulling calci-
estimated by some researchers that it takes
um off the bones to buffer the acid.
about nine months to completely rid your body
(5) For the same reasons, limit alcohol to of these toxic fats after you have ingested them.

— 7—
(8) Here's another news flash: fruit juice is tried putting my patients on low-fat diets dia-
not a health food. Drink fruit juice only spar- betes, I just didn’t see any results. Instead, I
ingly, as a treat. Why? Because it has no fiber, saw a lot of negatives. Almost none of them
and is high in sugar. Did you know that a lost weight. Their blood sugar control didn’t
glass of most fruit juices contains as much improve. And the vast majority of them com-
sugar as a coke? plained of fatigue, poor immunity, insomnia,
(9) Eat sweets in the form of a dessert and many other health problems.
(i.e., after a meal). Avoid sweets, breads, fruit,
cookies, etc. on an empty stomach. By eating Low-fat diets = low-energy diets
them after a meal you will dilute their sugar That’s when it hit me that fat isn’t the
effect with the other foods already in your problem. It’s the solution. As I mentioned ear-
stomach. This is a good time to eat some fruit. lier, your metabolism works best when it’s
Whole fruit makes an excellent dessert. It burning fat. Limiting your intake of fat deprives
is sweet and has valuable fiber and nutrient your cells of fuel they need to produce energy.
content. But I needed proof. So I started looking at
(10) In general, keep your breakfast and the diets of my patients. Of the patients who
lunch on the light side, and make supper the came to me with diabetes, heart disease, and
biggest meal of the day. There may be some eating disorders, literally none of them ate a
exceptions to this rule in persons who have high-fat diet. That’s right — none!
very physical jobs. One reason is that when you’re on a high-
(11) Here is an important rule: avoid fat diet, it’s almost impossible to overeat.
going to sleep for at least three hours after sup- Another reason, as I mentioned, is that fat
per. Lie down and rest if you will, but don't go is the preferred source of energy.
to sleep. You cannot fully digest your foods
while you sleep, and this will ultimately lead to And, unlike carbohydrates, which contribute
increased toxicity, and weight gain. Three nothing to the structure and composition of the
hours is enough time for your body to digest body, fat makes up the membranes of our cells.
the meal. Research shows that when cells become dis-
eased or poisoned, it first occurs in these mem-
(12) The last rule is my personal favorite, branes. Unhealthy cell membranes severely
and it goes like this: Feel free to break all the impair the cell’s ability to produce energy.
above rules once a week (except the hydro-
genated fat rule). Let's face it. A healthy body Our nervous system and brain are almost
is equipped to deal with a toxic situation peri- completely made up of fat. Fat is the building
odically, and besides it give us something block for cortisol, DHEA, and the sex hor-
different to look forward to! On this happy mones. Fats also make up prostaglandins,
note, I will congratulate you on completing the which are essential for proper immune func-
dietary part of this anti-aging and detoxifica- tion, the cardiovascular system, and the heal-
tion program. ing process after an injury.
So fats are a vital part of a healthy body.
The World’s Best Energy Food But they have to be healthy fats. Notice I said
“healthy fats.”
You’ve undoubtedly heard that fat is bad
Healthy fats include monounsaturated
for you. The message is so pervasive, everyone
fats, such as olive oil and coconut oil. They also
believes it. Walk through the grocery store and
include animal fats, as long as the animals are
you'll see low-fat this and fat-free that. But they
not fed grain. This includes fish, lamb, free-
have it all wrong. You don’t have to avoid fat!
range chicken, grass-fed cows, and eggs that
This may surprise you. After all, experts come from free-range chickens.
far and wide have scorned dietary fat. They
claim it causes everything from arterial plaque, Frequently Asked Questions
high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and
diabetes! Q. Have you heard about a fruit called
But it’s just not true! Years ago, when I mangosteen? — Joni M., Surprise, AZ

— 8—
Dear Joni, an “in vitro” test. In vitro tests are often inter-
The mangosteen fruit is very common in esting. But most of the time, they have
the Orient. They call it the “Queen of Fruits.” absolutely no meaning for the non-test tube
I regularly visit the orient to give lectures, world. I looked for published studies on the use
and I see mangosteens at virtually every of mangosteen juice in actual people who had
fruit vendor. cancer. But there aren’t any. Not one.
Here in the U.S., however, mangosteen is The long and the short of mangosteen
more than just the Queen of Fruits. Here it’s juice is that it’s overpriced and over-touted. If
the queen of multilevel marketing. you like to drink it for its taste, that's fine. But
These marketing companies tell you man- if you're looking at it as a miracle health drink,
gosteen is supposedly much higher than ordi- save your money.
nary foods in several antioxidants. This is just Q. I have heard about the success of Goji
not true. No reputable research has shown Juice. What is your opinion? — Wes V.K.,
that mangosteen fruit contains even the via e-mail
antioxidant levels of the average orange. And
this should not be too surprising. In fruit, the Dear Wes,
antioxidant qualities come from pigment, and Gogi juice is another one of the “Super
mangosteen is white. It has almost no pigment. Juices” that are so widely promoted these days
In fact, the only thing mangosteen seems to be by multi-level marketing companies. I would
really high in is price. like to believe that these juices were more than
Another problem is that the commercial just a very nutritional form of snake oil. But,
mangosteen juice that's being sold isn’t pure. unfortunately, they have no nutritional value
It’s diluted with other juices. I’ve yet to see a over just eating healthy foods. And they're
mangosteen juice that is even close to 100% much more expensive.
mangosteen. Most are less than 50% Additionally, there are no reputable clini-
mangosteen. cal trials proving that they do what the sellers
To be fair, I should mention that there are say they can do. That being said, I will tell you
several studies that used mangosteen juice in what I tell all my patients when asked this sort
test-tube experiments. Most of these are some of question. Try it out, and let me know what
variation of pouring some juice on top of a cul- happens. If it works, email me and let me
ture of cancer cells and noting that they don't know. So far I have not had one patient get
grow as fast. This type of experiment is called back to me.

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