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Frank Shallenberger’s

Vol. 7, No. 4 April 2008

Slam the Brakes on Aging, Part 2

In last month’s issue, I showed you how this, many doctors believe that free radical
decreased cellular energy production is the molecules cause aging.
cause of all aging and degenerative diseases. Well, I’d like to take it a step further.
I told you about an innovative test that Yes, free radicals can cause cell damage. And
measures your biological age by measuring yes, this cell damage can cause your cells to
how well the cells of your body produce ener- produce less energy. But here’s something
gy. And I told you about all the things that even more important: lower cell energy caus-
can damage your cells’ mitochondria, affect- es free radicals!
ing your energy production and causing you
to age. When your mitochondria work efficient-
ly, they don’t produce very many free radi-
One of the things we talked about last cals. But when the mitochondria are dam-
month is the effect of free radicals. As you aged, they produce a lot of free radicals. It’s
know, free radicals are highly reactive mole- very similar to a car engine. As the car
cules that can damage the cells. Because of engine works less efficiently, you get more
pollution coming from the exhaust.
In this Issue So when you have mitochondrial damage
you get more free radicals … which cause
Q How men can dramatically decrease
more mitochondrial damage … which causes
their risk for cancer, heart disease,
diabetes, and memory loss ........ p. 4 still more free radicals. It’s a vicious circle.

Q A powerful extract that can stop How to Stop Free Radicals in

diabetes and cancer — and when Their Tracks
you should never take it ............ p. 6
For years, you’ve been told that the best
Q If you have shoulder pain, here’s way to quench free radicals is by taking
how to stop the inflammation antioxidants like selenium, vitamins C and
and reduce your pain ................ p. 8
E, beta-carotene, and alpha lipoic acid. It’s
good advice, except for one problem: antioxi-
Coming Next Month dants don’t stop the aging process!
• Suffering from stomach pains, gas, In fact, dozens of animal studies have
bloating, or any other digestion problem?
I’ll show you how to get permanent relief been done on antioxidants. And not one sin-
once and for all. gle study has ever found that taking them
can stop or even slow down aging.
• If dust, mold, or a number of other irritants
bother your eyes, you have to avoid this Why? Because antioxidants don’t directly
drug. Instead, try this simple, over-the- attack free radicals; antioxidant enzymes do.
counter remedy.
These enzymes include catylase, glu-
tathione peroxidase, and SOD (superoxide But that still doesn’t answer the big
dismutase). When these antioxidant question, which is: How can we make more
enzymes come into contact with a free radi- energy? The answer is:
cal molecule, they neutralize it so that it
doesn’t cause damage to your cells. Fuel (carbs and/or fats) +
Unfortunately, every time an antioxidant Oxygen = Energy
enzyme comes in touch with a free radical, it We’ll talk about fats and carbs in a
becomes weakened or even de-activated. That moment, but let’s talk about oxygen first.
means it can’t quench another free radical Why? Because you can have the best nutri-
until something re-activates it. And that tion in the world, and you’ll still age if your
something is the antioxidant nutrients. These body isn’t processing oxygen properly. In
include antioxidants like vitamins C and E, fact, an article in the New England Journal
beta-carotene, selenium, and lipoic acid. of Medicine concluded that the biggest dif-
The bottom line: taking antioxidants is ference between a 25-year-old and a 75-year-
not enough. You also have to increase the old is in how their bodies use oxygen.
level of antioxidant enzymes.
So How Do You Get
Now here’s the problem: Antioxidant
enzymes are produced by the mitochondria.
the Cells Oxygenated?
So when your mitochondria are not working One way to get more oxygen into your
efficiently, they make fewer antioxidant cells is through oxygen therapies, like ozone
enzymes. At the same time, they’re making therapy or intravenous hydrogen peroxide.
more free radicals. Thus, decreased energy But the cheapest, easiest, and most practical
production leads to a deadly combination – way is through moderate aerobic exercise.
increased free radical formation with
I’ve showed you in past issues how
decreased antioxidant enzyme production.
many people don’t get enough exercise and
So the answer to the problem is to how others get too much exercise. Both
increase energy production. The answer cases will have a negative effect on your
once again is energy. The more energy your ability to produce energy. This is why some
mitochondria produce, the more antioxidant people who exercise a lot are tired all the
enzymes your body makes! time. And it’s also why people who don’t
It’s a self-perpetuating cycle. Your cells exercise feel sluggish. They simply don’t
make more energy …which creates fewer produce enough energy.
free radicals and more antioxidant enzymes However, if you can get the right
… this protects you from the long-term amount of exercise, you will greatly optimize
effects of free radical damage, which leads to your energy production. And greater energy
youthful energy production even as you production results in less aging. In fact,
grow much older … and so on. hundreds of studies show that exercise can
slow or even stop most diseases. People who
Real Cures (ISSN 1062-4163) is published monthly by
exercise properly have lower rates of heart
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eral comments on health, nutrition, and medicine. Readers It’s all about interval training.
are advised to consult with their own physician before
implementing any health idea they read about, whether Interval training means that you exer-
here or in any other publication. Copyright © 2008 by
Soundview Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved. cise at different levels for different rates of
Unauthorized reproduction of this newsletter or its con- time. The program I tell my patients to fol-
tents by xerography, facsimile, or any other means is illegal.
low is very simple. The first level is simply

exercising at a low level for three to five of fruit (especially berries), as long as you
minutes. The level of exertion should be low don’t overdo it. In general, I tell patients to
enough that you could easily have a conver- avoid fruits altogether for the first three
sation without having to hesitate from weeks on the plan. After that they can have
breathlessness. Then exercise for one to two as many berries as they want, and one or
minutes at the point where you’re on the two pieces of whole fruit per week. Be sure to
verge of being out of breath. (This is called avoid fruit juice — it is way too high in sugar.
the aerobic zone.) Stress Management: Believe it or
After you’ve gone for one or two min- not, you can have a great exercise and diet
utes at this rate, then go for 30 seconds as program and still kill your energy produc-
hard as you can. (This is called the anaero- tion by living a stressful life.
bic zone.) I have a patient who’s a great illustra-
After 30 seconds, go back to the low tion of this. She’s 63 years old, and for sev-
level for three to five minutes. This is the eral years she had the biological age of a 42-
recovery zone. It can be a simple walking year-old. Then, one day she came into my
pace or, maybe, a little faster. Then repeat clinic and her Bio-Energy scores had
this cycle as many times as you like, up to dropped by 40%! We were shocked.
40 minutes. That’s all there is to it. Any I asked her about her diet and exercise.
harder or longer and you begin to negatively Everything was perfect. Then I asked her
affect your energy production. if she had made any changes in her life.
The Rest of the Plan She told me her mother was dying of
Alzheimer’s and had moved in with her. The
Moderate exercise is the best anti-aging stress of caring for her mom was affecting
treatment available. But it’s not the only her ability to produce energy in a negative
thing you can do to stop the aging process way. It was wearing her out and ultimately
and avoid disease. There are three other aging her.
areas you need to look at in order to achieve Situations like this are almost impossi-
your optimum energy production. They are: ble to avoid. So you have to develop stress
diet, supplements, and stress management. management techniques, such as making
Let’s talk about each of these… sure you get enough sleep, proper exercise,
Diet: I’ve told you in other articles and limiting your intake of coffee and alco-
about the importance of having a metabo- hol. You also have to develop other ways
lism that burns fat, not glucose. Burning to handle stress, which I outlined in detail
fat is the cleanest, most efficient way for the October 2007 issue. I urge you to read
your body to make energy. that issue.
The best way to have a fat-burning Supplements: By supplements, I’m
metabolism is to avoid carbohydrates, espe- referring to vitamins, minerals, amino acids,
cially grains and sugars. There’s no secret herbs, and other nutrients. But I’m also
formula to follow. No tricky diet plan. Just referring to certain hormones. You see, one
stop eating the high-carb foods, especially of the things that happens as you age is that
refined carbs! your glands don’t produce as many hor-
What should you eat? As far as I’m mones as they used to.
concerned, you can eat as much good meat These can be sex hormones, like testos-
(i.e., grass-fed beef, fish, free-range chicken, terone or estrogen. Or they could be other
etc.) and organic vegetables as you want. hormones like cortisol, thyroid hormone,
You should make the bulk of your diet con- melatonin, or DHEA.
sist of the non-starchy vegetables and The only way to know for sure if you’re
legumes. You can also eat a minimal amount deficient in any of these is to be evaluated

One Test Every Man Must Get to bohydrate intake will eliminate this terrible
Help Prevent Cancer, Heart
But what if you’re not overweight? In this
Disease, and Diabetes case the mirror doesn’t help, and the only way
I’ve written about metabolic syndrome for to identify it is by examining laboratory tests,
years. And yet, many people still don’t know such as fasting insulin, glucose, and blood fat
how dangerous it is. Metabolic syndrome levels.
destroys more lives than any other single imbal- So how can you prevent metabolic syn-
ance. It causes diabetes, cancer, heart disease, drome from occurring in a man who is not over-
senility, weakness, and hypertension. weight? In this case, weight loss is not an
option. Recent research is helping solve this
The easiest way to diagnose metabolic syn-
drome is to stand in front of the mirror. If you
have metabolic syndrome, you’ll have fat gain In a recent study researchers followed 950
men who did not have metabolic syndrome.
that’s limited to the abdominal area. People
They took blood tests to determine the partici-
with this problem typically have minimal fat
pants’ SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin)
accumulation in other areas. and testosterone (male sex hormone) levels.
Any man who is overweight either has They also questioned the patients regarding
metabolic syndrome or is on the way to getting signs of decreased testosterone. This might
it. The same is true for 70% of overweight include depression, decreased sex drive, forget-
women. In most cases, simply losing the excess fulness, and musculo-skeletal aches. They then
weight by exercising regularly and limiting car- followed these men over the next 20 years to see

by a doctor who is familiar with anti-aging Does It Really Work?

medicine and natural hormone replacement
therapy. You can find one near you by going So there you have it — the greatest
to strategy for stopping the aging and disease
process. It can help you add years to your
Apart from hormones and vitamins, I
life. But, more importantly, it can help you
suggest you take a good full-spectrum multi-
live those years with vibrancy.
vitamin/mineral. My favorite is a product I
developed myself called QuickStart. I told you earlier how well it worked
for me. But I’m not alone. Thousands of my
QuickStart contains 11 vitamins and
patients have gone through the protocol. We
11 minerals … plus green superfoods, high-
give them a Bio-Energy test, put them on
quality whey protein, concentrated fiber,
the protocol, and then test them again six
and several herbs that support detoxifica-
months later. And time after time, those
tion and a strong immune system. In fact,
people who follow the protocol see an im-
one scoop of QuickStart powder provides as
provement. Their bodies actually grow younger.
many nutrients as you would find in 30
large tablets! Will It Work for You?
But you don’t have to choke down any
tablets; all you have to do is mix a scoop into The answer is yes. Obviously, not
a glass of water and drink it. I take everyone will respond in the same way.
QuickStart every morning, and so do most We’ve seen the numbers vary from patient
of my patients. And they rave about it. (If to patient. Much of it depends on your
you’re interested in trying QuickStart, call genetics. I’ve had patients with great genes
1-800-728-2288.) who increase their mitochondrial efficiency
by 100% in just three months. I’ve also had

whether or not they developed metabolic syn- your insulin levels are over 10 mU/I, you are on
drome. your way to metabolic syndrome.
They found that the lower the partici- The same is true if your SHBG and/or
pant’s level of SHBG and testosterone, the testosterone levels are in the bottom 25% of the
greater their likelihood for developing metabolic normal range. Even if you’re not in this bottom
syndrome. This was definitely true for over- range, any of the symptoms of testosterone defi-
weight men, but it was even truer for non-obese ciency, such as depression, decreased sex drive,
men. The lower the levels of SHBG and testos- forgetfulness, and musculoskeletal aches, could
terone, and the higher the occurrence of low mean you’re on your way to metabolic syn-
testosterone symptoms, the more likely a man drome. By preventing metabolic syndrome, you
is to develop metabolic syndrome. will dramatically decrease your risk for every
More importantly, the researchers con- disease of aging, including cancer, heart disease,
cluded, “Low SHBG and/or AD [androgen defi- diabetes, weakness, and senility.
ciency = symptoms of decreased testosterone If you are headed toward metabolic syn-
levels] may provide early warning signs for car-
drome and you’re not obese, make sure you’re
diovascular risk and an opportunity for early
getting plenty of exercise and eating lots of veg-
intervention in non-obese men.”
etables and proteins.
So men, do yourself a favor. Here’s what
Reference: Kupelian V., S.T. Page, et al. “Low sex hormone-bind-
you need to do even if you’re not overweight: ing globulin, total testosterone, and symptomatic androgen defi-
Instead of just looking at your cholesterol each ciency are associated with development of the metabolic syn-
year, have your doctor also check your fasting drome in nonobese men.” J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2006
insulin levels, SHBG, and testosterone levels. If March;91(3):843-50.

people with terrible genetics who see So regardless of your condition, get
increases of 10%, 20%, or 30% in that same started now. You can find doctors trained in
three-month period. Bio-Energy Testing by visiting my website
Chronological age also comes into play. ( or by
If you start the program before age 50, like I calling 866-376-0610. Q
did, you can see a dramatic turnaround. But References:
if you start after the age of 70, you may Speakman JR, Talbot DA, et al. “Uncoupled and surviving: indi-
vidual mice with high metabolism have greater mitochondrial
already have some permanent damage to uncoupling and live longer.” Aging Cell. 2004 Jun;3(3):87-95.
organs and tissues that cannot be fixed. But
Trifunovic A, Wredenberg A, et al. “Premature aging in mice
even then, you will most likely see some expressing defective mitochondrial DNA polymerase.” Nature.
improvement. 2004 May 27;429(6990):417.

This Powerful Extract Lowers Blood

Sugar and Fights Cancer
In the past, I’ve told you the best way Cancer cells, on the other hand, burn
to avoid getting cancer – make sure that sugar. This is a major reason cancer is such
your cells are burning fat for energy instead a problem today – everyone eats too many
of carbohydrates (sugar/glucose). Although carbohydrates and sugars.
all cells can burn either fat or carbohydrates The best way to prevent cancer or to
for energy, healthy cells prefer to burn fat. stop cancer from growing is to greatly

reduce your carbohydrate intake, eliminate cancer cells into a fat-burning mode.
your sugar intake, exercise properly, get The result? As expected, the avocado
plenty of sleep, take the right supplements extract stopped the growth rate of the can-
and hormones, and don’t stress out. All of cer cells.
these activities force your cells – even cancer
cells – to burn fat instead of glucose. Next, the researchers gave the same
extract to lab animals with cancer. They
But that’s not all you can do. One of used a dose of 1.7 mg of extract for every
the most intriguing, new ways to shift the gram of body weight, and they gave it to
body into a fat-burning mode comes from the animals for only five days. To their
one of my favorite foods. delight, they found that the growth rate of
Way back in 1995, researchers from the the tumors was reduced by at least 65%,
Department of Biochemistry at Oxford and as much as 79%. This is a truly remark-
University in Britain discovered the cancer- able finding!
fighting abilities of the avocado. First, they The purified extract that they used
added an extract from the avocado plant contained a substance found in high levels
(Persea americana) to tumor cells in a test in the avocado called d-mannoheptulose.
tube. They found that the extract inhibited
the tumors cells’ ability to burn carbohy- Researchers at the University of
drates by as much as 75%. This forced the California at Los Angeles tried using d-
mannoheptulose on a line of prostate cancer
cells. These cancer cells were “androgen-
independent.” That means that they grow
Mark These Dates: independently of whether or not they are
Fighting Disease and Pain in Reno exposed to the hormone testosterone. These
are the most difficult kind of prostate can-
Dr. Shallenberger will be presenting his
cers to treat. The researchers found that the
seminar for doctors and interested scientists
and lay people on the use of ozone in medi- avocado extract caused the cancer cells to
cine on April 11-13, in Reno, NV. He will be stop growing.
teaching doctors how to use ozone therapy Based on these studies, there’s good
to combat chronic disease, and will also be reason to believe that regularly taking avo-
offering a full day's training on how to use cado extract is a great way to prevent can-
Prolozone Therapy®. Prolozone Therapy® cer. It can help prevent the shift from fat to
is a revolutionary new way to cure chronic carbohydrate metabolism. And it works even
back, neck, shoulder, and joint diseases that
better is you use it with the other treatments
Dr. Shallenberger has invented and pio-
neered. You can learn more about this I mentioned earlier. But there’s more….
course at
It’s Not Just a Preventive As
Fighting Aging In Orlando Good As It Is, Never Take It
Dr. Shallenberger has been invited to be a When…
guest speaker at the 16th Annual American
Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine It also looks like taking the extract is
International Congress in Orlando, FL on an excellent idea for people who have had
April 25-27, 2008. Dr. Shallenberger will be cancer in the past or are currently battling
reporting on his research using a method he cancer. However, this comes with one
has developed to evaluate mitochondrial caveat: Don’t take this extract if you’re get-
function in his patients, and to determine ting chemotherapy!
their biological age. The title of his talk is,
“Mitochondrial Functional Analysis — A Ironically, arresting the growth of
New Method For Assessing Anti-Aging cancer cells is about the last thing you want
Strategies.” to do if you’re on chemo. With chemo you
want the cancer cells’ growth rate to

increase, not decrease. Let me explain. same is also true for people getting radiation
All cells including cancer cells go therapy.
through a life cycle. The final part of this Helps Control Blood Sugar Too
cycle, which we call mitosis, is where the
cell divides into two daughter cells. And the One other potential problem to consid-
only time the cancer cell is vulnerable to er is that since d-mannoheptulose alters
chemotherapy is during mitosis — when the carbohydrate metabolism, it might also
cell is actually dividing. alter blood sugar levels in diabetics. So any-
So to make the tumor one with diabetes should be
most vulnerable to the sure to let their physician
chemo, you need to have They found that the know that they intend to
as many cells dividing at take the supplement. They
extract inhibited the may very likely find that
the time of the treatment. tumors cells’ ability
Anything that slows down their need for medication
the cells’ cycle (decreasing
to burn carbohydrates will decrease – a good prob-
the growth rate of the by as much as 75%. lem to have.
cancer) will cause a lower This forced the Currently, d-mannohep-
percentage of the cells cancer cells into tulose is available in two
to be in this vulnerable a fat-burning mode. different products. You can
stage. The result? As expect- easily find it in supplements.
That’s why taking a ed, the avocado extract However, these often will
substance like avocado contain other nutrients that
stopped the growth rate
extract, which slows down are designed for fat loss.
of the cancer cells. This makes complete sense.
cell growth, will make a
cancer more resistant to Since the effect of d-manno-
chemotherapy and radia- heptulose is to increase fat
tion. So be sure not to take anything that metabolism, this is great for those who need
slows down cancer growth while you’re to drop some weight.
actively getting cancer treatment. It will If you don’t need to lose weight, look
interfere with it. for an avocado extract powder. These prod-
Of course, once the course of treat- ucts will work for most people. My only
ment is over, then it makes complete sense complaint with them is that they don’t
to take d-mannopheptulose both as a pre- always list exactly how much d-mannohep-
ventive, and just in case some cancer tulose is contained in the powder. If you buy
remains. It just might slow the growth some that doesn’t have the amount listed,
rate down to the point that it stops growing contact the manufacturer and ask. You
altogether. should be able to find their contact informa-
tion on the Internet. Q
One final note on chemotherapy treat-
ments: While the avocado extract will slow References:
down tumor growth, there is an easy way to Board, Mary, Alison Colquhoun and Eric A. Newsholme, “High
make a tumor grow. All you need to do is Km Glucose-phosphorylating (Glucokinase) Activities in a
Range of Tumor Cell Lines and Inhibition of Rates of Tumor
take antioxidants. They speed up the growth Growth by the Specific Enzyme Inhibitor Mannoheptulose.”
rate of cancers. And by doing this, they Cancer Research, 55, 3278-3285, August 1, 1995.
make them much more sensitive to the Lu, Q.Y., et al. “Inhibition of prostate cancer cell growth by an
killing effects of chemotherapy. avocado extract: role of lipid-soluble bioactive substances.”
Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, 2005;16(1):23-30.
So patients who are getting chemother-
apy are well advised to take a healthy dose of
antioxidants during their treatment. The

Q. I have heard about the success of called benfotiamine. You can buy it a I recommend you
Goji Juice. What is your opinion? —
Wes V.K., via e-mail take 150 mg every eight hours.

Dear Wes, Q. I recently fell on my shoulder and

Gogi juice is another one of the “Super it continues to hurt. I would appreci-
Juices” that are so widely promoted these ate your thoughts on how to overcome
days by multi-level marketing companies. I the inflammation that just does not
would like to believe that these juices were end. — Greg O., via e-mail
more than just a very nutritional form of
Dear Greg,
snake oil. But, unfortunately, they have no
nutritional value over just eating healthy The best way to treat these problems is
foods. And they’re much more expensive. to have the shoulder joint and/or the
inflamed ligaments or tendons injected with
Additionally, there are no reputable
a combination of vitamin B12, folic acid,
clinical trials proving that they do what the
procaine, a homeopathic mixture called
sellers say they can do. That being said, I
Traumeel, and ozone. You can find a list of
will tell you what I tell all my patients when
doctors I have trained to do this at
asked this sort of question. Try it out, and
let me know what happens. If it works,
email me and let me know. So far I have not If your doctor is interested in learning
had one patient get back to me. this marvelous technique, have him/her
check out my next course at
Q. I have a slight neuropathy in my
Other than that, the best thing you can
feet from too much sugar. I’m control-
ling the sugar content in my diet. What do on your own besides rest and physical
supplements are good for helping the therapy is to try taking an extract of the
sugar levels in my blood? What can herb boswellia. Boswellia reduces inflamma-
help to regenerate the nerves to tion in both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid
reverse the neuropathy? — Dave W., via arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and
e-mail other autoimmune conditions. It does this
by blocking the pro-inflammatory enzyme 5-
Dear Dave, lipoxygenase, also known as 5-LOX. It's sim-
The one nutrient that immediately ilar to some anti-inflammatory drugs in this
comes to my mind is alpha lipoic acid (ALA). way, although it has none of the side effects.
ALA is very effective at controlling blood Start off with 200 mg every eight hours.
sugar, as well as preventing and even revers- Then increase your dosage up to a maxi-
ing neuropathy. mum of 400 mg as needed.
Make sure that your glycohemoglobin
(also known as hemoglobin-A1c) is below
5.8%. To do this, make sure your diet is Got a Question?
perfect, and take 300 mg of ALA every eight Do you have a question for Dr.
hours. Please read my book, The Type 2 Shallenberger? If so, please send it (typed
Diabetes Breakthrough, which you can buy only) to him c/o Soundview Publications,
at all the major bookstores. Everything you P.O. Box 467939, Atlanta, GA 31146-7939 or
need to know about controlling blood sugar While he
naturally is in that book. won’t be able to respond personally, he’ll try
Finally, you should consider taking the to answer as many questions as he can in
synthetic, fat-soluble form of vitamin B1 these pages.