Chairs of Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships Chairs of Youth Offending Team Steering/Management Boards 27 September 2004

This letter is being copied to the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Association of Police Authorities, Chairs of Local Criminal Justice Boards and Government Offices for the Regions

FURTHER GUIDANCE FOR THE PROLIFIC AND OTHER PRIORITY OFFENDER STRATEGY: PREVENT AND DETER We are pleased to be able to attach with this letter the guidance paper on the Prevent and Deter strand of the Prolific and Other Priority Offender Strategy. Guidance on the Catch and Convict strand of the programme was issued on 6 July, and on the Rehabilitate and Resettle strand on 8 September. The principal aim of the Prevent and Deter strand of the programme is to prevent young offenders who are on the cusp of prolific offending from becoming the prolific and other priority offenders of the future. The clear objective is to ensure that there are robust arrangements in every CDRP area to provide: • • • identification of those most at risk of becoming the prolific offenders of the future; interventions that are appropriate to meet the needs of this target group; outcomes – which will prevent continued offending amongst this group.

The guidance sets out the key roles of CDRPs and Youth Offending Teams in putting these arrangements into place. Specifically it asks each CDRP, having regard both to the attached guidance and to the intended reforms of children and young peoples’ services following the Green Paper “Every Child Matters”, to:• • draw up plans to have the key elements of their local Prevent and Deter programme in place by the end of November 2004; and ensure full implementation of these plans alongside the other strands of the Prolific and other Priority Offender strategy by the beginning of February 2005.

Government Offices stand ready to provide support and advice to CDRPs on the work to be done to ensure that they have robust plans in place within these timescales. This is the third, and final, guidance note on the implementation of the three main strands of the Prolific and Other Priority Offender programme but in no sense is it the least important. On the contrary, while the two earlier sets of guidance are directed to those who are already prolific offenders this strand seeks to deter those young people who are on the cusp of becoming prolific offenders from actually doing so. Nothing can be of greater importance both in their interests and the interests of society as a whole. We jointly commend the guidance to you and would ask for your wholehearted support in putting it into place. If you have specific questions on this guidance, please contact Kevin White in the Implementation Team –

LEIGH LEWIS Permanent Secretary for Crime, Policing, Counter Terrorism and Delivery, Home Office

ELLIE ROY Chief Executive, Youth Justice Board for England and Wales

DAVID NORMINGTON CB Permanent Secretary, Department for Education and Skills