The Secret of the Universe in a Nut Shell

By John Paily

We the humans and our mind that is enquiring into the universe is central to the universe. The Knowledge or Light we seek seems be central to everything. Universe seems to be static what gets birth, evolves and involutes seems to be knowledge or Light. History and spiritual science of the ancient speaks a fact that we the humans knew everything about nature. We were given the dominion of His Kingdom. It appears that this knowledge was lost, when temples of knowledge were infiltered by material centered minds. Evil minds emerged in temples of knowledge that began to rule people and amass wealth in the name of the unseen Spirit God that creates and sustains. The truth and reality seems to exist well written in eastern spiritual scriptures [Vedas and its extensions] in a very logical manner. But when it deteriorated Truth emerged in west. When Jesus manifested He condemned the occupants of spiritual world. He gave a call to spread Good News and transform peoples heart and illuminate their mind. Yet the evil minds entered institution that formed around Christ. They resisted people from seeking the Spirit and Knowledge or Truth. It seated the Spirit of Christ back in temples and began to amass wealth in the name of unseen Spirit. When modern science came into existence, the west was being ruled with iron hands by the Church and was engaged in amassing wealth keeping people in darkness treating them as slaves. Early Scientist were persecuted by the church. They made compromise with the evils in Church. They carefully sliced spirit/soul/ mind and material body and left the spirit/soul/mind to spiritualist and built their edifice assuming matter is the reality. Their intent was true. But they seemed to have gone wrong in the

fundamental assumption. I am not sure this assumption existed with early scientist. I believe they chose it deliberately as platform. But later it became psyched into temples of science. When Einstein proved that matter is spirit enfolded, a key break through was achieved. This means before matter is Spirit. The laws of spirit or energy world is the great impediment for modern science to understand the universe sensibly. The first law implies that nothing is created or destroyed, everything is transformed. Second law states that matter looses spirit or energy in motion. The second law of spirit has led to concepts like Big Bang , Black hole, parallel world, dark matter and so on and has made comprehension of universe complex. These complexities will dissolve into simplicity, revealing God and the spiritual truth of nature , when we discover the Parallel Space-Time and New Force that opposes the gravity of the material world . This is explored in the presentation " From Half Knowledge to Whole Truth" in a simple manner. After reading it if you think there is substance in it , give me a helping hand to viral it to the world. The earth and the whole world is in critical state of transformation. Only Truth can facilitate the Transformation smoothly. The more we delay greater would be the destruction from the four forces of nature. Stand back to observe the instability in every realm of human interest. Earth and her forces are unstable and violent. Human mind at individual and collective levels are unstable and is taking self- destructive paths, health of individual and society is decreasing, there is instability and lack of space for growth in economic realm. Answers to all of them exist in Awakening to Truth - it can liberate Humanity and take us to Golden Age. Please help to awaken the world Date - 16/05/2013