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Gautam Chaudhury

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Human Resource Management

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Mr. Gautam Chaudhury is an India-based HR specialist with over 25 years' of experience in various Industrial sector & has worked across national and international platforms in the United States and India . Gautam has substantive experience working in multicultural environments with diverse population groups, with experience spanning Healthcare Industries, Real estate, Mining Industries, Manufacturing Industries Financial Institutions, in India.

Gautam has extensive experience with leading international agencies including, Government, NGO’s, MNC’s and project assignments. Gautam is a Rotary Foundation Goodwill Ambassadorial scholar to USA during 1990-93.He has done ELS course from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio, USA & a Post Graduate in Management from Xavier’s Institute, Ranchi with specialization in Personnel Management & Industrial Relation. He was a visiting faculty for more than 15 years in an accredited Management College in India teaching assignments included in OB & PPM subject area. He has done ELS course from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA Specific Skills and Areas of Expertise • • • • • HR expertise : strategy development and Management of HR issues; Qualitative Research: design and implementation of HR research such as needs assessments, pre-testing; impact and end-term evaluations; communication trends, systems and policies;
Assisting with the development and implementation of strategic staffing models including monitoring and tracking employee movement Training: Developing, managing and monitoring the performance of multi-skilled work force and conceptualizing need-based training programs to enhance their efficiency & productivity Supervising the development and maintenance of HRIS in the organization to facilitate flow of communication and information sharing Modifying the Performance Management System to make the organization performance

driven and ensure that the value of fairness is achieved to the extent possible. Experience in development and implementation of PMS is required communication and
information sharing

• • • • •

Improving the work culture of the organization as a whole Competency mapping and using these competencies for recruitment. Improving recruitment quality through suitable methods ,models for a better fit. Has a hand on experience in HR initiatives and strategy implementation.

Experience in review of structure and job descriptions

Gautam’s expertise is focused in the area of Recruitment, where he has designed the Recruitment systems and strategies to curb attritions in Health care Industries. In addition he has worked on a broader range of HR issues & challenges in health care Industries, health systems, and interpersonal communication, using a variety of approaches including NLP.

Achievements Include
• • • • • • • • • Experience in policy formulation for HR activities like manpower planning, recruitment & selection and performance management Deft in maintaining harmonious industrial relations among management and workers through efficient administration and resolution of employees’ grievances Developing, managing and monitoring the performance of multi-skilled work force and conceptualizing need-based training programs to enhance their efficiency & productivity Designing training modules; evaluating the effectiveness of training programmes by constantly developing & implementing pre and post assessment tools Ensuring prompt resolution of employee grievances to maintain cordial managementemployee relations and achieve dedication by the workers Managing the administration of performance management programme, including periodic performance reviews and appraisals for all staff members Determining manpower requirements and implementing systems to recruit right personnel for right job; managing employee contracts and responsible for wage / salary administration Appearing before courts / tribunals / regulatory authorities for resolving critical issues / disputes and ensuring compliance with statutory obligations Negotiating and amicably settling disputes with the Union and maintaining discipline & harmonious working environment across all employee levels

Gautam has contributed articles to HR challenges & publications and online sites, including that of the HR Initiative. he has presented at several international conferences on a range of issues such as the impact of HR interventions for Productivity; and policies relating to HR systems and management in developing countries. HE is a member of the Linkdin, NIPM, Rotary foundation alumni.

Gautam holds an M.B.A. degree in HR from the Ashland University at Ohio, USA and a Post Graduate Degree in Personnel Management & Industrial Relation from Xavier’s

Institute Ranchi, India, is fluent in English and three Indian languages, with limited fluency in Japanese, Italian, and German languages. Contact details: Mr. Gautam Chaudhury Expert-HRM,SHSRC,Gujarat India 00919099075178 00919937044148

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