GE 198 Undergraduate Research Manuscripts Adaption of the ISO 19152 Standards – The Land Administration Domain Model, Perspective

of the Local Government Unit A Case Study of Makati City

By Kenneth A. Quisado 2006-30734 And Miguel R. Carreon 2005-12473

Submitted to the Department of Geodetic Engineering College of Engineering University of the Philippines

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the Degree of Bachelor of Science In Geodetic Engineering

April 2013

Local Government Unit. It will support the automation and integration of publicly available land records and information. perspective of the LGU taking into account its relationship with the Land Registration Authority (LRA) and Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). legal and geographic).e. can be integrated into the model? What is/are the benefit/s of the development of the model? These are the questions that will be addressed in the paper. This will be organized using information found in cadastral maps and other related documents classified into packages. Department of Environment and Natural Resources 2|Page .The model will be made simple as possible for practical purposes but will still consider the different sides of LAS (i. The model will display the relationships that exist within the current system.Abstract What LADM classes are included and what are not included? What classes. One of the most relevant tools is a software application built on top of a data model. retrieve and tract easily as the need arises. The development of a Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) based on the perspective of a Local Government Unit (LGU) will be a core. With such model. information can be shared with other government offices as well as the requesting public as quickly as possible and documents and data can be sort. Keywords: Land Administration Systems. Land Registration Authority. The paper focuses on the application of ISO 19152 Standards. Land Administration Domain Model. ISO 19152. not mentioned in LADM if any. data to include and how to structure this. The data model is the core. administrative.

Ma. Dr. for giving an amount of his time and effort to address our queries with regards to the Local Assessor’s Office. for his continued effort to help us finish our research. Engr.         3|Page . Dr. Louie Balicanta. Then we thank:  Engr. for giving us time to focus on our research. Our research would not have been made possible without his valuable assistance. restrictions and responsibilities when it comes to owning or claiming a land parcel. Investigator at the Legal Affairs Department of the Land Registration Authority. for the continued guidance and support he had given us throughout the extent of our research. support and advice to press on in our research. for giving us insights about the cadastral project done in the Municipality of Baras. Engr. Jorge Solomon.Acknowledgement First and foremost. for their help in referring us to people that can assist us in our data gathering and for their insights regarding the study. DENR-NCR for permitting us to take pictures of documents needed to supply in the model. our thesis adviser. Atty. Associate Scientist at PHIVOLCS. Engr. Our families and friends who are always there to support us. For giving us additional time to finalize our research in lieu of our thesis defense. Reynaldo Baldon. Local Assessment and Operations Officer IV of the Makati Assessor’s Office. Joseph Rommel Erice. our thesis instructor. Leonila Baustista. Frederick Alcones and wife Jalin. Ariel Blanco. for their constant encouragement. for providing us valuable information on different kinds of rights. and guidance throughout the duration of the thesis. we would like to thank the Lord for giving us strength – physically and mentally. For giving us needed documents that were used in building the model. Rizal and for sharing us their data for the research.

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