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Lane Bryant debuts a newly outfitted flagship in New York

Introducing the 2013 Designer Dozen Saks expands to Kazakhstan Retail Design Firm Resource Guide


5 44 COLUMNS 4 6 FROM THE EDITOR VMSD EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Two Minute Tour: Seattle A. 144. VMSD’s 19th annual listing of the industry’s leading design firms.R.E. No. 44 SOLVING THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS 50 RETAIL DESIGN FIRM RESOURCE GUIDE 2013 On the cover Purple acrylic discs hang from the ceiling in Lane Bryant’s PALPABLE AFFLUENCE More photos of Dior’s elegant Rodeo Drive store. A. winners share insights on retail design trends and tribulations. 31 VMSD DESIGNER DOZEN 2013 EAST MEETS WEST 38 ON VMSD. PHOTOGRAPHY: MARK A . COLUMBUS.com S TAY CONNEC TED WITH VMSD ON .com Exclusives in May THIRST QUENCHER ABC Liquor heightens the spirits. New York flagship.Experience Retail Now CONTENTS MAY 2013 Vol. OHIO 2 MAY 2013 | vmsd. drawing customers’ attention to the Cacique brand lingerie on the mezzanine level above. Visual Presentation of the Year awards IRDC 2013: Reviving Retail VMSD welcomes new editor Furniture 10 THE GOODS 58 SHOWROOM 62 SHOWROOM 67 AD INDEX 68 CHECKING OUT Installation Services Hambrecht Oleson Design’s Karen Oleson 24 F E AT U R E S 24 CALIFORNIA COUTURE Dior’s new digs on Rodeo Drive 26 AHEAD OF THE CURVE Lane Bryant’s flagship embraces elegant curves and sensual shapes.R. STEELE PHOTOGRAPHY. This year’s winners redefine creative innovation for the industry.E. Saks Fifth Avenue brings sumptuous splendor to a luxury-expectant Kazakhstan.

com info@dkdisplaycorp.807.0499 www. NY 10001 212.introducing 147 West 25th Street New York.dkdisplaycorp.com BONAVERI SCHLAPPI NEW JOHN NISSEN TAILOR’S NY MD STUDIO EC STUDIO .

Your product’s unexciting. hometown as a place for consumers to immerse themselves in the values of insurance without necessarily buying anything. signage. counters. 21100 Varese. so you have to find something else to get people’s attention.874. Okay. A real. not all that unusual. Clearly.iannelli@stmediagroup. More than one mentioned the new kinds of non-traditional retail – such as medical and financial services – that are applying traditional retail approaches to their businesses. Shoppers can walk in for a quick blood pressure reading or diabetes test. that involves a service clinic inside a grocery store. peace of mind – a vapor. London SALES Publisher U. Michael Bodziner of Gensler told me about a project for another insurer. Not a laptop.. A new generation of designers is now getting ready to take on these challenges. People want to feel they’re actually getting something.kasmenn@stmediagroup. which invite you to compare all your various premiums so you can make the smartest purchase. IL 60076 P: (847) 763-4938 / F: (847) 763-9030 VMSD@halldata. They’ve created a quirky character named Flo and put her – where?? – in a store! A store with shelves.) “Every insurance company tries to make tangible what is essentially an intangible product. graphics.” Shafley mentioned the GEICO commercials. That’s why some of the funniest TV commercials are for insurance.kaufman@stmediagroup. Italy P: +39.com Via G. president of Chute Gerdeman (Columbus.” page 44) talked about how they’re also being forced to cope.” Shafley told me. a new generation of consumers and a headache full of new technology. Rossini 16.com P: 770. a Blue Shield consultant will walk the supermarket with you. ext.com Senior Art Director Kimberly Pegram kim. Wis. (See “American Dream” on page 28 of VMSD’s March 2013 issue.lewis@stmediagroup.578.5144 vmsd@stmediagroup. the store designers I interviewed for my article on the design firm business (“Solving the World’s Problems. Not a shopping app.com | VMSD. put it in a retail setting.com . Similarly. 31) will be celebrated at GlobalShop with a special VIP event hosted by Fleetwood.2050 | F: 513. You can’t get that from Amazon. but I was thinking of the ones for Progressive Insurance. Brian Shafley.S. a changing culture. aisles and a cashwrap.240285 Publishing Assistant Christine Lewis christine. As retail adjusts.421.S. That’s what consumers identify with.donovan@stmediagroup. VMSD’s second annual Designer Dozen winners (see p. / Canada Murray Kasmenn murray. the thinking was that if you want to make an intangible purchase tangible. 4 MAY 2013 | vmsd.2577 Business Development Manager International Patricia Iannelli patricia.com P: 770. Not an iPhone.com Editor at Large Steve Kaufman steve.com Retail has been coping with all kinds of things lately – the economy. OH 45242 P: 513. physical store. “Most insurance companies try to package their product.com New York Editor Eric Feigenbaum European Editor John Ryan.O.com P. But in this case.hagedon@stmediagroup. Ohio).com Assistant Editor Carly Hagedon carly. With insurance. They created what they called “The DreamBank” in the company’s Madison. Box 1060 / Skokie. 399 SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES P.FE FROM THE EDITOR It’s All in Store How non-retail retail is proliferating. boxes of products.0332. talked about the work his firm has done for American Family Insurance. you’re buying emotion. EDITORIAL Managing Editor Robin Donovan robin. 11262 Cornell Park Drive Cincinnati.pegram@stmediagroup. pointing out where the healthy choices are and how to read nutrition and ingredient labels. Blue Shield of California.421. says Bodziner.7834 C O R P O R AT E President Tedd Swormstedt Senior VP Content Steve Duccilli Audience Development Director Christine Baloga Production Coordinator Keri Harper Book Division Director Mark Kissling Reprint Information 800-925-1110.

refrigerated and general merchandise products.S.The System That Sells ™ Trion WonderBar ® ® Frozen Food Oversize Packages Dual Lane Merchandising Cheese and Fresh Pasta Vac-Pack Meat Storewide Applications Maximize Your Merchandising Space. ©2013 Trion Industries. Trion will help you optimize your display space.com www. Easy to install and adjust. 800-444-4665 info@triononline. this complete merchandising system also ensures quick restocking.com Note: Product photography is a simulation of a retail environment and is not meant to imply endorsement by or for any brand or manufacturer.A.TrionOnline. enhance package billboarding. No wonder we’re the industry’s leading manufacturer and supplier. with more than five million trays earning high praise from retailers and shoppers every day! Proudly Made in the U. and reduce shrinkage for a full range of frozen. Toll-Free in U.A.S. . increase sales and cut labor costs—and our products are built to last. ensure product rotation. maximize visibility. Inc. Our revolutionary Tray and WonderBar® Merchandising System is designed and manufactured with the most innovative accessories to increase facings. attract customers.

Creative Director Prophet ERIC FEIGENBAUM Chair of Visual Merchandising LIM College BRYAN GAILEY VP Retail Design Director Arc Worldwide LES HISCOE COO and Executive VP Shawmut Design and Construction DAVID HOGREFE Global Account Director Fitch DAVID KEPRON Owner Retail (r)Evolution KRAIG KESSEL Co-Founder Kraido MIHO KOSHIDO-DOWNEY Creative Director JGA SHARON LESSARD Owner share llc PAOLA MARQUES Partner GH+A DANIEL MONTAÑO Studio Principal. Brand Experience Little ROBYN NOVAK Creative Managing Director FRCH Design Worldwide KEVIN O’DONNELL Founder Thread Collaborative LEE PETERSON Executive VP. Fashion Director and Store Presentation Bergdorf Goodman TRACEY FINGER Senior Manager Retail Creative Apple JASON FLOYD Group Manager. Store Design & Construction Victoria’s Secret Stores Limited Brands DE SIG N/INDUSTR Y CONSU LTANTS MICHAEL BODZINER Principal Gensler PETER BURGOYNE Creative Director CBX JIM CRAWFORD Principal Taberna Retail PETER DIXON Senior Partner. Store Design Nordstrom Inc. LINDA FARGO Senior VP. Store Design and Planning Kohl’s Department Stores STEVEN DERWOED VP. Americas Starbucks Coffee Co.EAB VMSD EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD R E TAI L E R S HELENE ALLAND Store Design Manager The TJX Companies Inc. Global Store Planning & Design Crocs Inc. TIM COX Director. MARTIN PEREZ Store Planning Director Liverpool Department Stores TRACEY PETERS National Visual and Merchandising Manager Holt Renfrew STEPHANIE PICONE VP. Senior Director. North America The Wendy’s Co. HAK KIM Director of Store Design The Children's Place KATHLEEN KINCER Retail Interiors Manager McDonald’s USA JAY KRATZ Architect. Marketing/Visual IZOD Retail KEN PRAY Director. DAWN CLARK VP. Store Design The Kroger Co. TOM BEEBE VP. LEE SVET Manager. DAVID CURTIS Director. Prototype Design & Evolution Walmart BILL SLEETH VP Design. Marketing and Brand Family Christian Stores BETH HARLOR Associate Director – CBDi Design Procter & Gamble JACK HRUSKA Executive VP. Store Environment White House | Black Market JEFFREY KEY Store Environment Manager Store Planning Lowe’s Companies Inc. WW Visual Merchandising Microsoft AMY GARRIGAN VP. Store Design and Merchandising Macy’s Inc. Creative Services HMX Group BEVAN BLOEMENDAAL Senior Director. Global Retail Design Global Hershey Experience TODD TAYLOR Director of Design Darden Restaurants Inc. Creative Services Bloomingdale’s VICTOR JOHNSON Director. GABRIELLE ROSI Senior Design Coordinator Whole Foods Market KEVIN RUEHLE Store Layout. Senior Design Manager Store Design Luxottica Retail DAVID MEYER Design Lead Target DAVID MILNE Director of Design. Creative Services WD Partners RANDY SAUER Principal MulvannyG2 Architecture BRIAN SHAFLEY President Chute Gerdeman DAN STANEK Executive VP Big Red Rooster RANDALL STONE Senior Partner Lippincott JUSTIN WARTELL Managing Director Interbrand Design Forum RACHEL ZSEMBERY Senior Associate Bergmeyer Associates Inc. Creative Services Publix Super Markets MATT DAVISON Director. Global Creative Services Timberland RICK BURBEE Divisional VP Home Design/ Trend Sears Holdings Corp. . JAN TRIBBEY VP.

com . • 9131 Bermudez Street • Pico Rivera. CA 90660 800-927-3383 • www.reeveco.STOCK DISPLAY HARDWARE IN ANY FINISH WE’RE WHAT’S IN STORE Proud member for over 45 years Reeve Store Equipment Co.

most importantly. Communication Technology ADDRESS GROTTINI S.grottini.R. what trends are you seeing that excite you? NICOLA EVOLI CIO Strategy-International Sales Trends can be of excitement. because feedback loops in technology. Research. and it is here to stay. neuroscience. finishes and materials). AREAS OF EXPERTISE Strategy.ITALY CONTACT P +39 071-7591707 F +39 071-9798626 E info@grottini. Branding. For me these are: rebranding. whether we like them or not. Things are changing faster because science is expanding and. There are also some interesting aspects related to a huge trend in small- scale retail. This is the real new business climate. but above all are there to be identified and analyzed. technology merging and added value from visual merchandising (having an ever-growing number of options available with colors. as well as local relevance. To bring all trends together. How has the business climate of the past five years affected the mindset and strategies of store planners? The world is more complex now than it was a decade ago.62017 Porto Recanati MACERATA . The financial storms will pass. . including downsizing and pop-up stores. Traveling worldwide and meeting with so many different cultures helps us profile global trends. I would use the term “consumer-centric” design. Design & Manufacturing.com .com 1 www. Architecture.L.Via Marco Biagi.A D V E R T I S E M E N T Thinking about how retailers approach the design of their stores. 2 . such as store brands adaptive to local communities and different markets. going green.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” I love that. products and related services are what people are waiting for. As Albert Einstein said. Disruptive business designs are successful and leading the way forward. Kazakistan Silvian Heach: Various locations in Italy 2 3 2 knowledge. Business and store planners should consider some fundamental drivers: social. Romania. economic and political. Sales associates are taught an unusual sales philosophy: not to sell but.” Rather.Erzegovina. and its link to radical changes in technology. Ukraine. but never forget the elementary rules of any good store design: What do you like or not like about shopping there? Are products convenient? Are they easy to find? Is the store comfortable and well-lit? Are the display fixtures too tall or too short for typical customers? What would you change about the store to make it more customer-friendly? Complete this sentence: Successful retail design is… rather. Bosnia . “Your job is to understand all of your customers’ needs – some of which they may not even realize they have. 3 . Jordan. Libiya. and the challenge is in understanding how users give meaning to things. store design over the next few years? There is not a single development behind change in store design. In our company. Greece Pizza Italia: Various locations in Italy. environmental.” one training manual says. United Arab Emirates. “You were never trying to close a sale. and networks amplify learning. People do not buy products but meanings. What makes a successful partnership between retailers and design firms? Imagination. we ban words such as “problems.” What single development do you feel has the potential to radically change I would suggest a winning strategy for a successful partnership already experimented with by Apple with great success. leading from the front and setting long-term relationships. Designdriven innovations. et toujours de l'audace. we see opportunities and find inspiration in Georges Danton’s words: "Il nous faut de l'audace. to help customers solve problems. technological. but I am fascinated by the research of Roberto Verganti on the strategy of designdriven innovation.1 Carlo Pazolini: Various locations in Italy. It was about finding solutions for a customer and finding their pain points. Radical innovation of meaning is affecting store design. Kuwait. Georgia. Egypt. taking shopping from a chore to a reinvigorating experience and creating new markets by giving a new meaning to unanswered expectations." Searching for unconventional solutions and new models. Saudia Arabia. USA. Latvia. et encore de l'audace.

—Steve Kaufman For more details. Mich. which was open from September 2012 until February 2013. Even the curtains on the dressing room were held up by metal rings from a leather-stretching apparatus. M ONT R E A L (H A M BA R ). NE W YOR K ( WOLV E R I NE ) TG WOLVERINE .com Decor sourced from antique dealers and flea markets includes an authentic working Wolverine retail sign from the 50s and framed vintage Wolverine advertising images dating back as far as 1916. which suspended hams in a brightly lit glass showcase near the entrance. The store.THE GOODS Edited by Robin Donovan SOLARA HAMBAR The Elements of Visual Three very different types of elements went into the Visual Presentation of the Year awards. industrial ceiling fans and carts. (Rockford.’s Grand Prize for visual merchandising. B PM W. sandals and boots in various styles. sizes and seasons to cover its 1120-square-foot ceiling. 10 MAY 2013 | vmsd. won A. which created a ceiling treatment of more than 6500 discontinued ladies’ shoes. Canada. visit vmsd. leather dryers used as table bases and wall hooks. a restaurant in Montreal’s Hôtele St-James. a shoe store in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. and to Solara. Y V ES L EFEBV R E P H OTO G R AP HE R . Awards of Merit went to Hambar. file cabinets and a time clock from the original tannery.) displayed salvaged equipment from its original tannery around its 1800-square-foot pop-up company store on Elizabeth Street in New York’s NoLIta neighborhood. Among the elements in play were an old parts bin used to showcase boots and hats.E.R. Wolverine Co. sponsored by VMSD as part of the annual Association for Retail Environments design competition for 2013.com L EEZA ST U D I O . MO N T R EAL ( S O L AR A ) .

7 0 3 2 e x t .com . 6 4 5 .c o m mondomannequins.8 6 6 . 31 0 s a l e s@m o n d o m a n n e q u i n s .

March 27. 800 807-7341 chemetal. COM . Pushing away the “stack ’em and scan ’em” mindset that characterized the big-box boom.com MILLION G POI NTSTU DI O / S H U TT E R STOCK . Source: Business Insider. Call or visit to see them all. Iron Merchant is going to be part of the party this year! – for IRDC 2013 in Vancouver. FAST FACT 59 Chemetal introduces 10 new shades for spring. a Toronto retail consultant and author of “The Retail Revival: Reimagining Business for the New Age of Consumerism. N.TG Need new shades? THE GOODS A Retail Revival at IRDC 2013 As planning continues – heads up. COM THE NUMBER OF SHOPPERS PREDICTED TO USE THEIR SMARTPHONES TO SHOWROOM WHILE SHOPPING IN 2013. VMSD is welcoming speaker Doug Stephens.” This former head of retail operations for Benjamin Moore (Montvale.J. 2013 KW E ST / S H U T T E R STOC K .). will tell us why the best days of retail are still to come. Stephens will show how design is at the forefront of new growth in the industry.


expensive visual qualities of solid metal for a fraction of the cost! Forge™ Metal Alternative applies authentic metal laminates to an acrylic substrate while the sides are painted a matching metallic color. lounge-type booth that invites patrons to relax and enjoy a multicolored. lime and lemon.admart. trash or recycling waste were placed near the exit. Inform. Identify. KY 40422 800-354-2102 R I C MAR D ER . created by Horst Design Intl. and will be used as a prototype for additional locations. The shop’s bright interior is punctuated with hues of orange. frozen treat.) went green with a new layout in Long Island. AMI T Y H A R B OR . Brand.pdf 1 2/26/13 4:06 PM Solid Metal Appearance Without The Price! Achieve all of the elegant. Calif. . N. Arrays of eco-centric materials.com • sales@admart. —Carly Hagedon ADM_Apr2013. concrete countertops and renewable cork counters and tabletops were incorporated into the space. such as recycled glass.com 213 West Main Street Danville. renewable laminates. compartmentalized trash areas bearing informative graphics that assist customers in depositing their compost. Signs • Logos • Letters www. Even its LED-lit walls are made from eco-resin.TG THE GOODS A Greener Scoop Tutti Frutti (Fullerton. Our polished and brushed finishes create an upscale look only thought possible with solid metal.. (Cold Spring Harbor. N. In addition.Y. The 1900-square-foot frozen yogurt franchise was transformed into an environmentally friendly setting. N. Y.Y. informal.). and features a low.

Design is process. C O M . The discoveries surreal.Color drawn from nature. A Berkshire Hathaway Company • BEIJING • CHICAGO • DUBAI • GUADALAJARA • HONG KONG • LONDON • LOS ANGELES • MELBOURNE • MEXICO CITY • MIAMI • MONTERREY NEW YORK • RIYADH • SAN FRANCISCO • SHANGHAI • SINGAPORE • SYDNEY W W W. S H A W C O N T R A C T G R O U P. © 2013 Shaw. The results are unpredictable.

S. This book takes readers on a complete visual tour of the establishments that have met the challenge. daring. beating out competitors like T. Maxx. atmosphere. floor plans. While Kohl’s grabbed the most votes overall.com/store . Banana Republic.99 PER SQUARE FOOT LULULEMON’S RECORDED SALES PRIOR TO ITS RECALL OF SEE-THROUGH YOGA PANTS. Nordstrom swept the rankings.00 STAR COMMERCIAL SPACES Alex Sanchez Vidiella Star Commercial Spaces is a complete catalog of some of the world’s most innovative contemporary commercial spaces. March 20.J. and vivid photographs of the most inviting. aerial plans. A multitude of details must be correctly decided upon before the first patron can be seated—making this possibly the most challenging sector within the retail world. Nordstrom was the weighted winner based on votes per location. unique clothing and dressing rooms. ease of finding items. visit stmediabooks. 2013 To order. $50.J. The survey’s response rate was 5 percent. Sources: The Wall Street Journal. this 591page. Featuring the work of renowned architects and interior designers.TG THE GOODS AMERICA’S NEXT TOP RETAILER In an annual survey of more than 4000 consumers conducted by research intelligence firm Market Force (Louisville. Maxx Banana Republic Old Navy Ross Dress for Less Target Walmart Marshalls American Eagle Outfitters Express FAST FACT RETAIL SPACES: RESTAURANTS AND BARS Judy Shephard Restaurant and bar design is full of complexities. return policy. U. merchandise selection.). ANALYSTS PREDICT $60 MILLION IN LOST SALES FOR THE COMPANY. Kohl’s and American Eagle for top marks in service. 2013. The New York Times . and chic establishments around the globe. $39. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Nordstrom Kohl’s Macy’s Dillard’s JCPenney T. comprehensive volume is chock-full of hundreds of full-color illustrations. shoppers named their favorites among 14 fashion retail chains. March 22. Colo. designer lines. Express.

The retailer’s objective can be woven into the design and accompanies their goals so the end result equals a great store design with superior sales.com Long Beach. A well-executed space plan will lead the customers through the store and hold their Success between retailers and design firms is achieved when store designers listen to their retail client’s needs. What makes a successful partnership between retailers and design firms? CONTACT robbie@luongodesign. What single development do you feel has the potential to radically change store design over the next few years? AREAS OF EXPERTISE Retail. Reclaimed and postconsumer materials such as wood from around the world offer limitless design possibilities. we are getting more creative with store designs that offer an interesting end result within a budget. From your perspective. how are retailers approaching the design of their stores in today’s climate? Recycled and reclaimed materials are on the rise.com . Plasma screens have advanced to touch screens and iPads throughout the store.A D V E R T I S E M E N T ROBBIE LUONGO Principal  In Add Minus – New Concept store in Century City. Calif. whether it’s a single location or large roll out. lighting and a captivating design. Proper lighting and location starts at the storefront and moves the customer through the store. This type of technology promotes an elevated level of customer service and sophistication. Successful retail design captivates an audience. Restaurants & Corporate Offices with an emphasis on Branding SERVICES Conceptual Design Design Development Construction Documents Specifications Construction Administration Site Surveys Due Diligence The business climate has changed the way we approach each project. functions and goals. Reclaimed wood offers a wide range of sustainability advantages over new wood and adds character to any space. luongodesign. CA 90814 Made up of three main elements: space planning. creates an open invitation into the store and promises to be unique and deliver an exciting shopping experience that complements the merchandise. Retailers have the same level of expectations with regards to store design but with a reduced budget. Complete this sentence: “Successful retail design is…. The use of recycled glass and acrylic can take on new shapes and forms and can easily be incorporated into the store design.” The advancements in technology that are being integrated into store design and that will continue to play a key role in the future. As store planners. In what retail sectors are you seeing the most interesting design activity? interest long enough to shop the entire store and entice them to become a repeat customer.

2 percent. Hot Spots New variations on the neighborhood store represent one noteworthy trend. Fourth quarter 2012 figures compiled by CoStar Group (Washington.43 nationwide. In the Wallingford neighborhood. “We’re seeing more community-based stores in some non-traditional spots.) put Seattle’s retail vacancy rate at 5. music venue. “People here appreciate good selection and design. compared to $14. according to Joan Insel. SINGLE coat HIGH GLOSS finish for MDF Two Minute Tour: Seattle The Numbers High tech. which is made up of four blocks. movie theatre and gathering place.” notes Telkamp. off the beaten path. retail strategist.” advises Insel. Seattle’s reputation as The Emerald City fits.dvuv. Seattle draws retailers eager to serve a clientele with more discretionary income than most cities its size.665.741. the biggest challenge for retailers is achieving an authentic look that speaks to Seattleites. And it shows: Nordstrom.000.” Telkamp agrees: “Luxury goods do well. but it’s an understated buyer who will mix Target with Hermes or Louis Vuitton. compared with the national average of 6. with most stores in the retail core. In Seattle’s established hubs. drawing energy from newcomers eager to experience its mix of urban culture and outdoor adventure. With a population of 620. whether referencing greenery or greenbacks. but we are also very practical. What’s available is pricey: $17.” she says. which is part of a rejuvenated Scandinavian neighborhood. Seattle is now a high-tech portal. the immediate challenge is finding available and affordable space. Telkamp predicts growth between downtown and the South Lake Union neighborhood. that area is staged for growth. D. who says other popular shopping destinations include Capitol Hill along Broadway and the boutique-friendly Ballard Avenue area.” says Brynn Estelle Telkamp. and not talk down. evo (Seattle) is an example: The snowboarding and apparel shop is also an art gallery.” —Mike Antoniak A NDREW ZA RI V N Y / S H U TT E R STOCK . founding partner and real estate consultant for Seattle-based Real Retail. Whether moving into an established corridor or a new destination. Starbucks and Microsoft all operate from the Seattle area. Still. “Many retailers are interested in this market because our population is relatively young. hip and set between the ocean and mountains. “You really have to try to tap into the culture here. too.5511 Request a Sample www. Continued development may alleviate this as new space becomes available. and the median household income is $60. “business and retail remains concentrated in downtown Seattle.8 percent. More than half of its residents hold at least a bachelor’s degree. With Amazon headquarters launching in the South Lake Union district.com/samples .43 per square foot per year in Seattle.C. COM Contact Us 216.It’s Time to Shine! Introducing UVMax®Gloss UV-cured powder coating for MDF TG THE GOODS A one step. Obstacles and Opportunities. Callison (Seattle). The Pulse Dubbed a “city of neighborhoods” by one mayor. highly educated and well-read.

tripol www.com H+B 174 hudson street new york new york 10013 t 646 613 6900 .hudsonandbroad.

Awards include the best in store planning.rodgerswade. Most recently the editor-in-chief of Long-Term Living. easy vehicle for choice.Amplify your brand experience TG THE GOODS Hail to the Chief We’re excited to welcome Patricia Sheehan. There are other situations that afford opportunities to choose and restore personal control. (Cincinnati). www. 2013 x . and manage the programming activities at VMSD events.56R.” —UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PROFESSOR SCOTT RICK. Sheehan has experience editing business-to-business and design titles with Cleveland publishers Penton Media. architecture. She is a graduate of Bowling Green State University. MAKERS OF FINE FIXTURES & M I L LWOR K $39.WADE Source: Daily Finance . March 27. Questex and Vendome Group. visit www. materials and graphics.95 To order. Sheehan will lead the VMSD editorial team.com 877. visual merchandising. direct the content of VMSD and its e-media products.com/store QUOTE “Shopping is a natural. Restaurant Hospitality and Penton’s Design. Brand environments by Rodgers Wade RW 1 8 5 6 STORES AND RETAIL SPACES 12 The editors of VMSD present the latest collection of award-winning store designs through the winners of the Retail Design Institute’s annual competition. including the International Retail Design Conference. who was recently named VMSD’s editor-inchief by ST Media Group Intl. lighting.stmediabooks. but they may be less tempting and harder to find than the mall. Sheehan previously was editor-in-chief of Hotel Design and the design editor for several Penton titles including Lodging Hospitality. WHOSE COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH REVEALED THAT “RETAIL THERAPY” HAS POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS.

ON RE YN OB Shopping For A Better Image? Check Out These Brands.ST OR EF RO NT FR AM IN G EN TR AN CE S CU RTAIN WA LL WI ND OW S K AW NE ER . Reynobond® is a registered trademark and EcoClean™ is a trademark of Alcoa Inc. the answer is “everything. Kawneer’s high-performing product portfolio includes enviable entrances.” So make your first impression count with Kawneer and Reynobond®. durable and easy-to-install aluminum composite panels—available in nearly limitless colors and many attractive finishes—it’s easy to create a dynamic façade customers can’t ignore. stylish windows and dramatic framing and curtain wall systems. What does your storefront say about your brand? In shoppers’ eyes.764. . ©2013 Alcoa. When used with Reynobond’s formable. Call our Corporate Identity Manager at 832.C OM LS MP OS ITE PA NE AL UM IN UM CO LO R PR OG RA MS CO E AT OR RP CU ST OM CO ISH ES DE SIG N LIN E FIN PA NE LS ™ SE LF -C LE AN IN G EC OC LE AN M CO D.0112 to learn more.

content and white noise of the everyday. the only constant in our new world is change itself. We find comfort in Coca-Cola tasting the same in Atlanta or Tbilisi. We have and will become increasingly more comfortable with rapid change. media and architecture? kkarchitect. (1. Up until very recent developments in hand held technology. Media technology in particular has become so ubiquitous and seamless as to be almost an extension of the human mind. If the brand is simple. Soft branding tells more . I am intrigued by how discerning we have become about filtering out what is interesting and memorable from the clutter of images. 2). spectrum of human thought and culture just by tapping our thumbs. In other words. ICSC Best of the Best VIVA Award 2013 and ICSC US Design Development Award 2013 Thinking about how retailers approach the design of their stores what trends are you seeing that excite you? KEVIN KENNON CEO and Design Director Kevin Kennon Architects. Soft branding accepts change as the new constant and. RENDERING BY KEVIN KENNON ARCHITECTS. our culture is rapidly changing how we relate to our environment and to each other. We are fast approaching a time when the very interface of technology will be entirely thought controlled. In fact.. Not only does technology increase our access and make the world more personal. it can appear anywhere at any time and across any medium and is predominantly recognizable by being the same everywhere. most of the world was remote. PC LOCATION New York CONTACT 180 Varick St. PC (3) I am fascinated by how our thinking about brand identity continues to evolve in new and surprising ways. The more technology becomes integrated with thought and kinesthesia the less apparent it becomes. Rapid change has had. Clearly. We are fast approaching a new cultural paradigm in which the world is less remote.A D V E R T I S E M E N T 1 Bloomingdale’s Santa Monica.com The brave new world of transparent technological interfaces requires a radical re-thinking of brand identity. CALIF. until recently. Suite 410 New York. even alien. smaller and far less alien. but it presents us with a greater number of choices across an even greater number of platforms. it also incorporates strategies of repetitive difference. branding has been about creating identity by reinforcing continuity through similarity. NY 10014 P 212-219-1171 E info@kkarchitect. design. the effect is that rapid change is no longer frightening. But our world is shrinking rapidly at an exponential rate. Calif.com So what does this mean for shopping. but is the new norm. For the most part. Understanding that change and anticipating trends is critical to shopping. Ga. hard branding based on repetitive similarity was both reassuring and cross-culturally accessible. instead of only relying on strategies of repetitive similarity. we are fast approaching a condition where the “message is the medium” and the medium is us. Neuroscience is discovering that the human mind is adapting to constantly scan and discern data at rates previously unimagined. The history of the most successful brands like CocaCola derives from easily recognizable imagery along with a compelling and clear story. SANTA ANA. Before we had access to the entire COSTEA PHOTOGRAPHY INC. a strong tendency to create collective anxiety. As technology becomes more ubiquitous and seamless. clear and compelling. We call that hard branding. Hard branding works precisely because it mitigates this anxiety.

2 Bloomingdale’s Costa Mesa, Calif.

nuanced stories that adapt and change depending on different platforms such as interactive digital displays, site-specific architecture or precision targeted individualized marketing. While the future may hold promise for precisely targeted soft branding as the dominant trend, we are not there yet. We live in a world that requires similarity and difference. The genius of Steve Jobs was not that he understood that Apple needed to employ strategies of both hard and soft branding , but that the best way to do this was to make intelligent design itself the brand. I have been fortunate to have worked for many years with Jack Hruska at Bloomingdale’s. To date I have been involved with Jack in the design of over 13 stores including San Francisco, Orlando, Costa Mesa, Palo Alto, Glendale and Santa Monica. Jack and Bloomingdale’s have been way ahead of the curve of understanding the importance of both hard and soft branding. I have enjoyed immensely the collaboration with Jack to create unique stores that are always recognizable yet are distinct and responsive to their individual location. I think anyone looking closely at the historical development of this work over the past 20 years will agree that we have been practicing our own brand of employing intelligent design that marries the urban sophistication of New York to each locations distinctive quality.

3 Glendale Galleria, Glendale, Calif.

Christian Dior recreates its Avenue Montaigne apartment on Rodeo Drive.
By Lauren Mang, Contributing Writer

24 MAY 2013 | vmsd.com

In 2007, Christian Dior honored its 60th anniversary with a grand new Paris flagship, courtesy of American architect Peter Marino, that re-imagined the retail space as a luxury apartment. Now, Dior’s 5000-square-foot Beverly Hills boutique along Rodeo Drive has undergone a similar Marino metamorphosis that resembles its Parisian sibling. That means multiple rooms on the first floor devoted to watches, scarves, smaller leather goods and handbags in the entrance room, while shoes stand out in a sort of sitting area brimming with ample seating and a dramatic, silvery wall tapestry designed by artist Pae White.

Ready-to-wear collections are in a warm, homey salon with a custom fireplace and more seating. Then there’s a separate room for fine jewelry and a private mezzanine-level salon for VIPs. The boutique’s look is equal parts contemporary and classic French, a style that the company notes “reflects the traditional and modern elegance of Dior.” For the contemporary element, Dior commissioned A-list artists such as Claude Lalanne, Rob Wynne and Johnny Swing to design works and installations throughout the rooms, adding to the overall apartment experience. Lalanne furnished the boutique’s entrance area with her circular, silver “ginkgo” bench, shaped to resemble ginkgo leaves. Wynne’s mirrored glass installation swirls on the ceiling above the handbags. And Swing’s avant-garde contribution is a custom couch fashioned entirely from half-dollars welded together atop stainless steel. In a nod to traditional French style, Marino reinterpreted the classic Louis XVI medallion chairs using a slew of fabric patterns and hues. And there is certainly no shortage of M. Dior’s beloved shade of gray. It’s everywhere, from upholstery to carpets to pillows. x


Christian Dior Inc., New York

Peter Marino Architect, New York
For a full list of suppliers, go to vmsd.com.


vmsd.com | MAY 2013


com .26 MAY 2013 | vmsd.

CO LU M BUS. O H I O This page Designers added warmth to Lane Bryant’s overall soft palette with oak accents throughout the store. vmsd. M A RK A . STE E LE PH OTOG RA PH Y. Contributing Writer Lane Bryant’s New York flagship gets a stylish redesign that focuses on outfitting.Ahead of the Curve By Lauren Mang. Splashes of purple — its current brand color — complement the store’s neutral hues.com | MAY 2013 27 .

In Lane Bryant’s latest New York outpost. include a versatile puck Above Glossy white fixtures Left The Cacique intimate with brushed-metal accents were designed with creating outfits in mind.” Trinckler says.” says Chris Trinckler. Those extra lighting perks are also part of the plussize apparel retailer’s strong focus on outfitting. office and evening. of course – are daylight. fabricated in warm oak. Her three lighting options – all dimmable. “is to help our customer put together outfits.” To further advance this goal. “Our goal. 28 MAY 2013 | vmsd. . a nearly 8000-square-foot flagship on 34th Street. “We want [our customer] to shop our store and feel that she is on trend.com apparel and sleepwear collection lives on the store’s mezzanine level where an illuminated lifestyle graphic helps to draw the customer into the space. Trinckler and the in-house design team introduced a completely new fixture assortment throughout the store. Display tables for pants. Clothes are displayed in mass wardrobes that were designed with a solid base (ideal for featuring footwear) and a merchandising end cap for coordinated accessories such as jewelry and hats. (Columbus). director of store planning and design for Charming Shoppes Inc. Lane Bryant’s parent company. The intent is clear: to give guests a sense of how a blouse or skirt will look in a particular environment. a shopper can adjust the fitting room lighting with a simple swipe of her finger on the mirror.

.com | MAY 2013 29 . Calif. at the shopper’s fingertips – just swipe for the desired light.Above Pulling together a stylish gym-ready look calls for fixtures that corral every element from the sports bra to the water bottle into one easy-to-shop area. For a full list of suppliers. Pa. FIXTURES SIGNAGE/GRAPHICS Visual Impulse. City of Industry. “Our target customer is happy. New York MG Concepts. WALLCOVERINGS AND MATERIALS Callison.. which is accessed via a curving grand staircase. The retailer also refined its plus-size mannequins. cabinet surrounds in this denim and pant vignette were created using the same warm oak material that was used for the display tables. Ill. Calif. system on the top that enables the retailer to change out hardware for various visual display arrangements (think torso forms dressed in complementary tops and accessories or T-bar displays). Van Nuys. x PROJECT SOURCE LIST RETAILER/DESIGN Charming Shoppes Inc. go to vmsd. Below To create a cohesive look. plus pull-out shelving underneath for easy access to additional sizes and styles. choosing forms and figures with a modern. Elk Grove Village. DESIGN/ARCHITECTURE MANNEQUINS Patina-V. the Cacique brand will live within all new Lane Bryant locations. vmsd. Going forward.” One such shape fills the shop’s atrium: A grouping of purple acrylic discs suspended from the ceiling pulls the customer’s eye up to the trendy Cacique intimate apparel and sleepwear brand on the mezzanine level. more fashion-forward poses. confident and sexy. the two stores had previously existed in a side-by-side format. Bensalem.” says Trinckler. stylish lines and sensual shapes. pearlescent finish and bolder. This pairing places an entire look. unmentionables and all.com. “And the new store design is a celebration of elegant curves. New York Astek Inc.


Managing Editor TAKE A Our second annual listing of the best and brightest designers brings together young professionals whose ideas are shaping their firms and the industry. Turn the page to meet the 2013 recipients of the second annual VMSD Designer Dozen Awards. Despite stereotypes of a tech-frenzied new generation. from tips for surviving ramped-up deadlines to the importance of maintaining human interaction amidst an explosion of new technology. these up-and-coming creatives are names to watch as they balance the twin demands of quick project deadlines and burgeoning technological options – all while designing everything from fixtures to floor plans. It appears she and the rest of the awardees are up to the task. And new faces in the industry mean new ideas and fresh perspectives.2013 By Robin Donovan.” says Bri DeRolph of Fitch. “More and more consumers are yearning for meaningful human interaction and tactile. one of this year’s winners. analog experiences to balance the digital frenzy. From materials specialists to environmental graphics whizzes to strategic decision-makers. . many of this year’s Designer Dozen say they’re carefully balancing tech and other design touches.

I spent hours training her to use Creative Suite. .” SHONDA MCKINNEYSHORT Age: 35 Senior Designer Macy’s Inc. Luckily. Tween Brands. Cincinnati DOUG BUNKER » Einstein Bros Bagels. Luxottica. with whom she created a concept for the store’s Impulse beauty section along with brand identities for private-label shops in the renovated flagship. Apple. OHIO (D ISNEY ). Cincinnati WHY HER? With a career ranging from Ethan Allen to Federated Department Stores (now Macy’s). AMAN DA BARB OSA . CINCINNAT I SHONDA MCKINNEY-SHORT » “Buy a dilapidated mid-century modern home in need of preservation and lovingly restore it. Taco Bell and more. HOW HE LAUNCHED HIS CAREER: “As a graphic designer coming out of college. MARK A . Zale Corp. COLUM BUS. CINCIN NAT I (B UNKER) .. I shared an office with an architect who helped me adapt my talents into a built environment. I love repurposing and giving worn items new life. Disney Parks and Resorts.2013 DOUG BUNKER Disney Age: 35 Graphic Design Director FRCH. STEE LE PHOTOG RAPHY. DAYTON . In the office. A&W. OHIO ( MCKINN EY-SHORT ). SHE’D: Macy’s 32 MAY 2013 | vmsd..” IF BUDGET WERE NO OBJECT. In turn. Bunker has designed national and international prototypes for McDonald’s. coworkers know him as much for a healthy sense of humor as his mentoring role with co-ops and junior staffers. COURTE SY OF M ACY ’S IN C . environmental graphics and printed collateral. As graphic design director. KFC. ASHLEY F LOYD. Volkswagen. I had little experience reading architectural drawings or using a scale. he’s responsible for branded visual identities.com . Dots PROJECTS: WHY HIM? In his 11 years with FRCH. McKinney-Short was a natural choice for the Macy’s Herald Square redesign team.

has built many displays and installations herself. which means “she stays close to her work and has a penchant for knowing how things work – and why” according to a coworker. including creating lifestyle lounges for Camel and launching Jack Daniels’ Sinatra Select whisky in a duty-free shop at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport. Age: 34 Visual Merchandising and Store Design Manager El Palacio de Hierro. M EXICO CIT Y PROJECTS: M&M’s World. FELIPE GURZA GOMEZ PALACIO » HIS SIGNATURE DESIGN: Housing departments inside one another. This take-charge approach has helped her successfully bring brands to retail. gourmet grocery and sports departments’ design in Interlomas and Villahermosa. Jack Daniels Sinatra Select installation. and retail has to respond. They seem to get faster and faster.” BIGGEST CHALLENGE ON THE JOB: Hilltop Clothes Shop BRI DEROLPH Age: 29 Senior Designer Fitch. “I created a blockplan concept that I call ‘box in a box. HILLTOP CLOT HES SHOP ).” El Palacio de Hierro vmsd. technology. CO URTE SY O F EL PALACIO DE HIERRO. who drives a pick-up truck and is a skilled welder. a co-worker says. luxury gifts.’ which integrates open and closed environments that allow the customer to enjoy the full immersive experience.com | MAY 2013 33 . Ohio FELIPE GURZA GOMEZ PALACIO CO URTE SY O F FITCH. you only have to cut once. Mexico City WHY HIM? The brains behind this department store’s furnishing. Patience is something I am slowly reintroducing myself to and it’s true: If you measure twice. Columbus. Mexico. COLUM BUS. OHIO (D EROLP H. Camel. The stores snagged awards from both the Association for Retail Environments and fashion trend forecaster WGSN in 2012. Sports Authority WHY HER? DeRolph.BRI DEROLPH » “Timelines. Palacio “changed the rules in department store design by driving customer circulation only through great visual presentation” rather than aisles.

SAN F R ANCISCO ( TAY LOR ) AIMEE TAYLOR “Walmart. Marmot retail prototype Wilkes Bashford WHY HER: Skilled at computer-generated 3D visualization. she led concept design during the United/Continental airlines merger. Wilkes Bashford. ALISSA TRIBELLI » Age: 29 Gensler. ( WALM AR T ). . Responsible for retail and customer experience design.”  BIGGEST CHALLENGE ON THE JOB: 34 MAY 2013 | vmsd. Our work helped them move from ‘Always low prices’ to ‘Save money.”  AIMEE TAYLOR » “Articulating a company’s brand in a subtle way. E STO PHOTOG RAP HICS INC . San Francisco International Airport. New York PROJECTS: Red Robin. created environmental graphics for Walmart and crafted a multi-format shop concept for Samsung. United Airlines. N. Hyatt. Taylor is also the firm’s in-office expert regarding trends and techniques in materials and architectural finishes. ALBERT VE CERKA . San Francisco Designer/Associate PROJECTS: Sephora.’ so helping the world’s biggest retailer bring its brand promise to life was particularly inspiring. SAN FRANCISCO ( WILKE S BASHFO RD).” PROJECT SHE’S PROUD OF: . dispersing the shape like a fine powder. Blue Shield store. she helped create “a 16-foot-tall graphic of the Sephora flame that essentially ‘exploded’ the graphic. MAT THEW M ILLMAN . Walmart. CO URTESY OF G EN SLER .2013 ALISSA TRIBELLI Walmart Age: 31 Partner Lippincott. Y. For a recent Sephora project in New York’s Meatpacking District. Samsung WHY HER? Tribelli climbed the ladder at Lippincott. moving from design intern to partner in just seven years.’ We often say ‘the experience is your brand. M AM ARONECK . NE W YORK ( TRIBE LLI) . Live better. and using spatial and visual elements in concert with graphics rather than relying on graphic collateral to tell the brand story.com CO URTESY OF LIPPIN COT T.

representing the firm to current and potential clients and working alongside the team to create designs from Samsung’s flagship in Korea to prototypes for Fazoli’s and New Balance.CHAD NIEHAUS » PROJECT HE’S PROUD OF: “In partnership with E-Mart. Whole Foods. Columbus. we developed Molly’s Pet Shop. JCPenney. New Balance. Niehaus helps direct a team of 25 designers at WD. Ohio PROJECTS: Neiman Marcus. Columbus. Her work ranges from design for international department store Neiman Marcus to an 850-square-foot restaurant. MARK A .com | MAY 2013 35 . NE IMAN M ARC US) FAITH BARTRUG Age: 34 Owner Faith Bartrug Design. with full build-out in three months. E-Mart Traders. OHIO (BART RUG . window displays and retail designs for Neiman Marcus. E-Mart. Mark Pi’s koko WHY HER: Our only nominee with her own design firm. a warehouse-style grocer. Fazoli’s. OHIO ( N IEHAUS). Ohio PROJECTS: Starbucks. renderings. Samsung. CO LUMB US. Shinsegae WHY HIM? A branded environments designer whose background is in product development.” CHAD NIEHAUS Age: 34 Creative Director WD Partners. social networking and more. New Balance CO URTESY OF WD PARTN ER S. koko. which sell electronics – that’s a total of 144. business development. OHIO (NEW BALANCE). COLUM B US. FAITH BARTRUG » ON HER DESK NOW: Neiman Marcus Ideas for new collection launches. Heinen’s. inside Columbus’ Nationwide Children’s Hospital. vmsd. but also her own marketing. where she’s involved in trend forecasting and creating renderings for in-house design. Walmart. and E-Matrix. ST EELE PHOTOGR AP HY. Boons Apothecary. Bartrug has garnered the respect of her clients and peers for handling not only design projects. Traders Warehouse.000 square feet of retail space. CO URTESY OF FAITH BART RUG . COLUM BUS.

and was instrumental in the modernization and rebranding of McDonald’s USA interiors. this design star created a two-story anchor restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip. She currently oversees design guidelines for the visual environments at Supervalu stores. Eden Prairie. system. Seattle WHY HER: During her time as a project designer at McDonald’s USA.S.com . WHY HER? After studying interior and environmental design – and gaining experience in everything from sculpture to glassworking – at the Cleveland Institute of Art.. Store Experience Supervalu. SEAT TLE (KIR SCHMAN .” IF BUDGET WERE NO OBJECT. From the hard signage to soft signage and overall decor aesthetic. it all flows nicely as one cohesive branded environment. CHICAG O ( DUALE. SHE’D: McDonald’s 36 MAY 2013 | vmsd. CO URTESY OF LISA KIR SCHM AN. M CDON ALD‘S) LISA KIRSCHMAN » “Design a pop-up store for every new product launch. creating the only in-house portfolio design that was rolled out to the U. Minn. SUPERVALU) .” LISA KIRSCHMAN Age: 27 Design Manager Starbucks Coffee Co.2013 ASHLEY DUALE Age: 27 Interior Designer. Duale launched a design career. unexpected experience that breaks out from the traditional concept of the brand. and added consistency and impact to interior design concepts for Jewel Osco. Cub Foods and Star Market. MARTI N KON OPACKI. Supervalu ASHLEY DUALE » PROJECT SHE’S PROUD OF: “Unifying brand language for Save-A-Lot. It allows you to create a unique.

” a coworker says. AT &T ). G REG P R EM RU. full-time post.” IF BUDGET WERE NO OBJECT.com | MAY 2013 37 . while your avatar on a life-sized monitor tries on a few pairs of jeans that you just saw in the window.” according to a coworker.” Pride rose through the ranks at Callison. GROTON. skilled consultants and top-tier clients. Kid’s Cavern WHY HIM? MITCH PRIDE » FAVORITE JOB PERK: “All the people I work with. such as Raise the Roost and the Seattle Design Jam. Cannondale prototype (Cycling Sports Group) WHY HER? Haviland joined Bergmeyer after wowing bosses at a small boutique firm in Sausalito. SEAT T LE (P R ID E. she’s making a name for herself with “exceptional graphic communication skills. AT&T CHR IS ED EN. Calif. where she gained experience in specialty and department store design. M ASS.. Spanx. beginning as an intern before earning a master’s degree in architecture from Cornell University. I have the benefit of working with a talented group of designers. Boston PROJECTS: Lord & Taylor. and continuing with his current. It takes a diverse team to get a project out the door successfully.MITCH PRIDE Age: 27 Associate Callison. Her talents have touched projects from redesigning Lord & Taylor in Boston to prototype design for a cycling sports retail environment. These days. SHE’D: SONJA HAVILAND Age: 31 Senior Designer Bergmeyer Associates Inc. It would be fantastic to lean back and relax sipping bubbly. (HAVILAND. and Callison has a great collaborative environment. “He is the person design leads want involved in their project. SAS Shoes.. x Lord & Taylor vmsd. Seattle PROJECTS: AT&T. LORD & TAY LOR ) SONJA HAVILAND » “Create an in-shop retail experience where you don’t have to dread trying on a pair of jeans. He’s recently organized and led Callison teams in local design competitions.

” The 91. is now the ninth-largest in the world. With flights into the country routinely filled with passengers carrying Saks Fifth Avenue shopping bags. Its three floors of luxury retail space blend Kazakstan’s local flavor – including textiles. . (Short Hills. According to design principal Karen Oleson. This Eurasian country.000-square-foot-store opened last October in the Esentai Mall in Almaty. Kazakhstan’s biggest city. lighting levels and material selection. With its abundance of natural resources – such as metals.com This page For its new Kazakhstan store. once part of the Soviet Union. artwork and sculpture – with Fifth Avenue standards. N. the young country lacked a major luxury retailer – until now. “The design solution represents both a respect for the culture and people of Kazakhstan and the design intelligence of Saks. the company knew the time was right to expand its brand to this nation. minerals and oil – it is the economic heart of Central Asia. To begin establishing its brand in this corner of the globe.) provided their Kazakh partners with an educational tour of New York retail environments and an introduction to various Saks Fifth Avenue guidelines. 38 MAY 2013 | vmsd. Saks Inc.J. Despite the growth in personal income among Kazakhstan residents in recent years.EAST MEETS WEST By Eric Feigenbaum. Saks Fifth Avenue translated its American elegance into a Eurasian environment with branded visual imagery and departments that are defined by panels of sandblasted mirror. New York Editor Saks opens in Almaty with the flavor of Kazakhstan and a taste of New York. including ceiling heights. (New York) and the team at Hambrecht Oleson Design Inc.


provides the appropriate level of ambient light.S. the Kazakhstan store has many similarities with our stores in the U. Right The expansive cosmetics and fragrance area features an interactive multi-brand presentation and dedicated Chanel and Dior brand shops.Above The shoe department – a variation on the New York flagship’s huge installation – is defined by surface textures. a grouping of crystal clouds suspended 27 feet from the ceiling evokes the ever-present clouds hovering above the mountains surrounding Almaty. customers are drawn to the store by a silver mosaic wall that serves as a backdrop for the highly recognizable Saks square logo.” From entrances on the three mall levels. senior vp of international business ventures. “But unlike our U.S. layouts.com .’ which are freestanding mono-brand shops that have entry from the mall as well as the Saks store. this store includes four ‘tunnel stores. “While adjusting for local market requirements. A basket weave lighting plan. with alternating straight bar fixtures. luxurious seating and the familiar Murano glass bubble chandelier. Dancing above the well. Shoppers are led through an expansive two-bay cosmetics department by a serpentine ceiling treatment highlighted by illuminated crystal strands suspended from oval shapes. The focal point of the environment is a dramatic three-level escalator well visible from any point within the store. 40 MAY 2013 | vmsd.” says Saks’ David Pilnick..

. The open eatery is bordered by string curtains and appointed with sleek black stone counters. While the floor plan is open. New York FURNITURE Design Within Reach. A splash of patterned Kazakh fabric on the columns and bright jewel-toned seating are strong local references. New York Neenas. New York Seven Continents. Istanbul MANNEQUINS/FORMS AND PROPS Adel Rootstein. bronze beads for men’s departments. New York Michael Taylor. x PROJECT SUPPLIERS RETAILER Saks Inc. New York DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE Hambrecht Oleson Design Inc. New York Moooi. Below Kazakhstan’s Saks Café wraps around the open escalator. Almaty. Mexico City Orsep. The Saks Café on the third level surrounding the escalator well provides dramatic views to floors below. New York Dekor Studio. N. the signature department launched in the New York flagship in 2007. go to vmsd. modern and retro furniture and colorful custom area rugs.com | MAY 2013 41 . Toronto Silvestri. they’re another example of East meets West in this onceremote corner of the world. Minneapolis Arteriors Home. Los Angeles DECORATIVE LIGHTING Line. The gates to the club are evocative of the inner workings of a clock. jewel-toned seating and Kazakh patterned fabric. New York Boyd Lighting. Up the escalator is 10022 Shoe. FIXTURES Orsep. The same Murano glass bubble chandelier found in the Fifth Avenue store highlights the residential furniture and textural feel of the department. New York Blu-Dot. VIP shopping clubs are an important part of the store. each family of businesses is delineated by these see-through walls – strands of crystal beads in women’s areas.J. New York AtelierD3. It features contemporary black stone counters. a black mirror and white wood floors. Istanbul For a full list of suppliers. New York Pucci. Suspended strands of beads are the common thread that ties the environment together. Kazakhstan Bright Group. too.com.Right The men’s department is differentiated by hanging bronze bead panels. vmsd.. Designed by a Kazakh artist. all in a setting of luxurious ebony wood. The men’s area has its own mall entrance and its club is complete with a bar and flat-screen TV. Short Hills.

Zappos and Fab. They must be executed seamlessly within the store design and. We believe the successful use of these features above all must provide entertainment value. And perhaps we can say this because we’re untraditional retail designers. This is really where the role of the retail designer is critical – technology should be transparent to the guest and used to enhance their interaction with the brand or product without needlessly overloading their senses. they must be appropriate for the brand and product mix. Retailers should always ask: Does this feature build a lasting connection to the product or create a positive consumer experience that drives loyalty and sales? Our approach to retail design is a classic example of how we bring entertainment into the mix to create unforgettable shopping experiences that people want to return to again and again – allowing them to spend more time and money with the brand. How has the business climate of the past five years affected the mindset and strategies of store planners? the current challenges in retail. With so many choices at consumers’ fingertips. brick-and-mortar retail must do a better job at responding to these global shifts. which are turning the marketplace on its head. With rapidly evolving technology and ever increasing market saturation.com It’s much too simple of a view to say that recession alone is to blame for  Hershey's Times Square . we’re naturally tuned-in to the increasing use of technology and interactivity within stores.com Since RHETROACTIVE was born as a boutique lab within an entertainment design firm. what trends are you seeing that excite you?  Daily Juice Prototype Store AREAS OF EXPERTISE Brand Strategy Consulting Design Architecture Digital Engagement Experience Strategy Interior Environments Master Planning Visual Communication OFFICE LOCATIONS Los Angeles San Francisco CONTACT 542 S San Vicente Blvd. CA 90048 T: (310) 362-3280 E: info@rhetroactive. Why should people leave their house and visit your store when they can buy an item more easily (and likely more cheaply) online? We believe rhetroactive.A D V E R T I S E M E N T STEVE TROWBRIDGE & TIM RHEAULT Co-Founders and Principals Thinking about how retailers approach the design of their stores. Los Angeles. consumers have unlimited access to products through companies like Amazon. of course.com. but we believe the industry seems ripe for significant disruption and innovation.

effective and emotional way. sound. we carefully develop a plan that communicates and reinforces the brand message in a subtle. those are often the highest-selling products at stores that offer them.the answer is quite simple: To have a meaningful. We believe this is done through storytelling. What makes a successful partnership between retailers and design firms?  Oakley Concept Store With RHETROACTIVE. memorable interaction with the brand in person that they can’t necessarily have at home. is stronger customer loyalty and brand reinforcement. What do you want your consumers to think and feel once they’ve left your store? The experience you create for them during their visit will likely create that first impression and often lasts a lifetime. . Brands and retailers alike will have to consider products exclusive to specific locations. more personal connections to your brand or products. Retail outlets will become less about rows and rows of products and more about creating exciting. inspiring and emotionallyengaging. It should be well-designed to not only provide customers who know what they want a great experience. Lastly. what it means and how it is perceived by its core customers. People will come to a store if they can’t get a product anywhere else. Then. through this one-on-one idiom. The result. sight.  Despicable Me Exit Retail What single development do you feel has the potential to radically change store design over the next few years? The further streamlining of the supply chain is really going to affect how people shop for products. touch and even smell.” Exciting. We tend to ignore the more traditional commercial approaches and instead try to create entertaining guest experiences. emotionally engaging vignettes that get consumers deeply engaged with their products. As a result. Complete this sentence: “Successful retail design is…. the stores. Creating memorable moments through storytelling is key to connecting your customers with all of your products. while it communicates and reinforces the brand message. Whether it’s store-in-store or pop-up retail. the product mix is key. The experiences we create affect consumers through all of their senses. providing deeper. but enough of an adventure to introduce guests to products and services they didn’t know they wanted. Consider products that are custom or branded exclusively to each location. We also believe brands and retailers will have to get more involved in the retail space together. it takes a client who isn’t risk-adverse and wants to try new things. Companies worried about online sites and “showrooming” will have to rethink their stores and create retail environments that are “must-see” experiences. taste. leaving an everlasting impression and building higher customer loyalty. brands and retailers alike will have to deliver great environments that surround their products to keep people immersed in their messaging. We approach branding as a kind of journey. accomplished in a way that no other advertising method or medium can offer. retail centers and restaurants we’ve designed have attained some of the highest revenues per square foot in the world. we study the brand. The retail spaces we create are conceived from the guests’ point of view – we take them on an unforgettable journey that engages them on an emotional level.

com pal at Gensler (San Francisco).) “Today. and maybe more budget. COLU M B US . which designed the Hudson Grace and Wilkes Bashford stores in San Francisco.” says Michael Bodziner.). princi44 MAY 2013 | vmsd. modern technology. in their categories. Editor at Large The winning projects in this year’s Association of Retail Environments Store Design Awards represented noteworthy innovation. it has to be a holistic conversation about everything that space represents. but they were also asked to make strategic contributions. merchandise and space planning. as well. W EST H O L LYWO O D. Still valued for their design abilities and architectural skills. SOLVING THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS Award-winning design firms talk about today’s special challenges. By Steve Kaufman.” says Charles Sparks of Charles Sparks + Co. and consulting firms must adapt. brand development and support and shopper psychology. Some of the winning designers tell us that the biggest changes include: CO N S O L IDAT IN G S PAC ES “One overarching business initiative today is retailers being careful about the size of their stores. It represents a changing era for the design firm industry. Ill. The winning design firms may have had more of a license to innovate.R. (Westchester. “In order to have a conversation with a retail client these days. design.” Cultural and economic changes in the world are forcing shifts in retail.E. YA S U M ATS U MOTO PH OTO GRA PH Y. creativity and problem-solving. . too. ST E EL E PHOTOG RAPH Y IN C . signage and fixtures. (Both locations won Outstanding Merit awards from A. firms must also be conversant with green building. we can’t only talk about the design. who designed the Neiman Marcus store M ARK A . OH IO ( A A RO N B ROT H ER S ) . C A LI F.A A RO N B ROT H ER S . TOKYO ( RA LPH LAU REN ) . international cultures.

expansion plans and renovation plans. Texas.” IN T ER N AT IO N AL EXPAN S IO N “After the recession began. with downsized stores. thus. “It plans to have five different specialty stores in New York eventually. “Localization is really important. it’s experimenting with smaller concepts – a specialty climbing store in the Meatpacking District and a surf store on The Bowery. behavioral trends and human behavior – to do the research that informs the retail strategy. which designed the Ralph Lauren store in Stockholm. like Walnut Creek and Charlotte.com | MAY 2013 45 . for one.000 square feet on three levels. “But that created special challenges. “We need to know pop culture. N. three-level store Sparks designed for the retailer in 1999 at the Willow Bend shopping center in Plano.in Walnut Creek. STO C K H O LM. but I just want to go to the store to shop. Michael Neumann Architecture (MNA. is working with Patagonia on two specialty stores in New York.” says Gensler’s Bodziner. there was a big push by American brands to Asia and those parts of Europe identified as good markets.. creating opportunities for consumers to share their experiences and insights with one another on digital – and actual – bulletin boards. Calif..” The recently opened Walnut Creek store is 85.” To know that. has had a new perspective during the slowdown: greater emphasis on controlling costs. “Instead of the general merchandise store Patagonia already has in New York. S WE E D E N vmsd. everyone involved is being asked to do some homework. but not for most. Bodziner says.” U N DER STAN DIN G T HE CO N SU M ER P S YC HE Downsizing won’t work if the project isn’t aimed directly at the local consumer. The challenge is figuring out what makes people say.000-square-foot. the grand prize winner in the department store category.” R A L P H L AUR EN. “I can order it online. They’re expanding into secondary markets. “Potato stamp roll-outs may work for some retailers. as opposed to the 180.C.” says firm principal Jeff Rudy.” says MNA’s Michael Neumann.” Gensler has recently designed stores for The North Face that have a community feel. an Outstanding Merit winner in its category. “Neiman Marcus. New York).

courtesy of the Internet. “We used to be hired by the retailer’s director of real estate or store design. “It seems every brief or RFP we get requires an omni-channel solution. “It’s become a critical component.com “Everyone is trying to solve the riddle of multichannel. Prada. helped the company create a retail prototype for ColorPlus.” he says. like: How do you supplement the digital information shoppers have already downloaded before they come into your store? How do you make the transaction as mobile.” says Brian Shafley.” DEAL IN G W IT H T HE N EW T EC HN O LO G Y HUDS ON GRACE. “It allows us to offer that digital component. M AT T H E W M I LLM A N PHOTOG RAPH Y. from a technology integration standpoint.S. too. there’s an overriding aesthetic that doesn’t try to mimic the local vernacular. to improve the customer experience?’” Shafley says Chute Gerdeman began hiring people who understand research and consumer analysis. CAL IF. “we have to interpret the brands in a three-dimensional space to create a real-life embodiment of the brand. Now. which won a category Grand Prize Award for its Aaron Rents art-supply store in West Hollywood. . “Every brand wants an identifiable design.” says Gensler’s Bodziner. ‘What do you have in your toolbox. and we have to be more conversant with business analytics and productivity modeling. approach wouldn’t have worked there. “You have to look at the envelope you’re given and know where you are and how to fit that identity in. direct and efficient as possible? How do you give the sales associates the hand-held tools to service the customer? It’s all how the design firm business is having to evolve in the second decade of the 21st Century. Its Stockholm neighbors include the likes of Montblanc. the designer chose a historic building a block from the harbor in downtown Stockholm. SAN FR A N CISCO In the case of Ralph Lauren. has been swept up by international expansion. “we have 42 locations around the world.” Bodziner says.” says MNA’s Rudy. Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Its team in Shanghai helped introduce The North Face to China.” “We have a director of digital experience who is an integrated part of our team. with whom MNA has been working for 17 years. we’re hired by the ceo’s. “The American consumer is interested in outdoor sports. SAN F RAN CI SCO . an Indian version of a Banana Republic-type store.” For Ralph Lauren’s first Scandinavian flagship.” says MNA principal Barbara Laskey Weinreich. The Chinese customer likes the fashion aspects of the merchandise.” says Laskey Weinreich. So a U.Gensler’s business. Ohio). India. staffed with people on the ground we can tap into for local cultures and trends. president of Chute Gerdeman (Columbus. “It’s a different market. Every client asks.” The strategy would address questions design firms of the 90s never had to ask.” A Gensler office in Bangalore.” says Bodziner. “Lauren always looks for architectural distinction and adjacencies to other high-end retailers. Calif. Though American brands are recognizable around the world. “So. 46 MAY 2013 | vmsd. not only as part of store design but also as part of the overall retail strategy and the customer service element.

There’s even an available spinning bag carousel that engages consumers to speed checkout even more.687. and cut costs. The POS and monitor mounts and check-writing stand can be tailored to meet your needs. One More Reason Why We’re A Fixture In America’s Best Stores. The last thing you want a checkout to do is to test the patience of your customers or the stamina of your staff.com A Fixture In America’s Best Stores ©2013 Leggett & Platt . the scanner cabinet and register stand are ergonomically designed to reduce employee fatigue and back injuries. The units even simplify any possible adjustments to cut labor costs.Checkouts that reduce waiting time for consumers and wasting time for employees. Both are customizable. It begins with your choice of durable all-metal or handsome wood construction. Scan code for more information www.leggettsfg. That’s why Leggett offers belted and beltless checkouts designed to last longer. So. Plus.4921 to learn all about Leggett checkouts. They’re what your customers have been waiting for. contact us now at 847. speed transactions.

OAK PAR K .. New York 48 MAY 2013 | vmsd. ( 1) . (4 ) . E.E. H OLLYWOOD. Carrefour Laval. R ..R . Architect of Record: Niles Bolton Associates. E . New York 3 HARDLINE SPECIALTY STORE UP TO 3000 SQ FT TELUS G2. ( 3) . Ill.. Laval. DESIGN AWARDS 2013 GRAND PRIZE STORE OF THE YEAR 1 3 2 4 1 HARDLINE SPECIALTY STORE 7501-25. Walnut Creek. I L L . Atlanta Design: Charles Sparks + Co.A . New York Architect: TPG Architecture. FL A . Broadway Plaza. H O L LYWO O D. Toronto 2 DEPARTMENT STORE Neiman Marcus.. R .com COU RT E SY OF A . Madison Avenue. Westchester. E . CO U R T ES Y O F A . R . CO U R T ES Y OF A . 4 SOFTLINE SPECIALTY STORE UP TO 3000 SQ FT Belstaff USA. FL A . H O LLY WOOD. New York Design: Tiffany & Co. .. ( 2) . New York Design: Studio Solfield Inc. FLA .000 SQ FT Tiffany & Co. Calif. Canada Design: Figure3. CH A RLI E MAYE R P H OTO GRAP H Y. SoHo. .

N. Project Management: plajer & franz studio. Design. New York Design: BKLYN Dry Goods. Quebec City. A-F RA ME STU D I O I N C . Brooklyn. Skidmore. TOK YO (6 ) .Y. HI ROY U KI ORI H A RA .com | MAY 2013 GRAND PRIZE 49 . New York Design: Burdifilek. Toronto 6 SOFTLINE SPECIALTY STORE 3001-7500 SQ FT Puma. Quebec City. NEW YO RK (5 ) . Osaka. Bourgeois/Lechasseur Architectes. Tokyo Architect. Owings & Merrill LLP. Quebec City.000 SQ FT vmsd. 7 SOFTLINE SPECIALTY STORE 7501-25.000 SQ FT Joe Fresh. Japan Architect: MD Associates. . Montreal x 8 SPECIALTY STORE OVER 25. MO N T R E A L (8 ) 5 7 6 8 5 SOFTLINE SPECIALTY STORE UP TO 3000 SQ FT Wolverine Company Store. Berlin Prémont Harley-Davidson. Canada Architect: Consortium: DMG Architecture. Canada Design: Optima Design.BPM W. Canada. ST ÉPH AN E B R Ü G G ER PH OTO G R APH E D ’ARC H I T EC T U R E. Fifth Avenue. New York Architect: Callison. New York. NoLIta. TO RO N TO ( 7) .

Bradenton. NYX Liverpool.. Reebok Outlet Store. Mexico. The Fresh Market..apiplus.com www. Croatia DND= Did Not Disclose api (+) Architecture Workshop Inc. these listings stand to show that the demand for design firms is picking up. Toronto Fresh & Easy.com 717-632-5688 jrrawinc@aol. Souvenirs Shop.bigredrooster. The Bullet Hole + Junction. Mérida. Ariz.com. Calif.000 SnackBox at Times Square. Mexico Mayflower Massage. Gettysburg College Bookstore.com +385 1 60 64 034 info@brigada. New York. Portland.4 million 1. Taste of Brazil. The Wine Loft. Big Red Rooster $3. Md. From Mexico to Croatia to England.800 Brigada DND N/A 40. Croatia 250.000 $150. Lush. Oxford Casino – Holiday Design 2012. Centro. Slovenia. $4.mx 860-941-4611 asyoulikeitdesignllc@hotmail. New York. La. Tvoy Dom Stoes. Fla.brigada.architectureworkshopinc. New York.com 813-281-9299 jromero@apiplus. Mesa.Retail Design Firm Resource Guide Now in its 19th year.amorarch.C.hagedon@stmediagroup. Ky.arquitectos-interiores. VMSD’s Retail Design Firm Resource Guide offers you a detailed. Boston Columbus. multiple locations. Arquitectos Interiores S.000 38 22 (tie) N/A 50. Pa. N. Mass. Mexico. Croatia. Club Monaco.vpweb. Bellísima.000 DND Super One Foods.bkaarchitects. go-to resource for your next project.com 614-255-0200 aspiess@bigredrooster. Design firms interested in participating next year should contact assistant editor Carly Hagedon at carly. Zagreb. $240. including fees where applicable. compiled by reported total retail design fees from participating companies.hr 100. Mass. Boston. Carencro. multiple locations Wellesley Toyota.com www. Puerto Rico Tampa.hr www. Pa. Tele2 Store Concept.com. ft.com www.com www. Mérida. American Apparel. Information for the VMSD Retail Design Firm Resource Guide. AORS Inc. Puerto Rico Ontario.. Mexico New London.000 50 MAY 2013 | vmsd. Brokula&Ž. Lake Buena Vista. Croatia. 787-758-1126 cvillalon@aldivi.com www.com 909-923-6434 speterson@amorarch. was provided by individual firms and has not been verified by VMSD magazine.alvarezdiazvillalon. Each listing provides contact information in addition to several notable retail projects the firm worked on in 2012.. Potbelly Sandwich Works.com www..2 million $26 million 6 DND BKA Architects Inc. Gettysburg College.bergmeyer.000 35 San Juan.. Mérida. Discover the right design firm for your vision or browse the various stores and installations completed throughout the past year.4 million 20 434.asyoulikeitdesignllc.) Projects Álvarez-Díaz & Villalón Amor Architectural Corp. Design Firm Retail design fees/2012 Rank Location Contact information Retail space designed/2012 (sq.P. Maine.com 508-583-5603 dseibert@bkaarchs. Check out the Rankings by Design Fees chart on page 54.Y. Fifth Avenue.com . Sunglass Hut Reflexion Kiosk. GMMM. Russia. Fla. Gettysburg. Zagreb. Gettysburg.com. Oxford. Zara. Ridge Hill.com www.mx 4000 www. This year’s listings show a noticeable increase in both firm fees and submissions from companies abroad – a sign of positive growth in retail design throughout 2012. Jim Beam Global Innovation Center. Wantz Chevrolet. Conn.com www. San German.7 million DND Hanover. Wellesley. Naples.com 939-969-3553 angelriverasoto@gmail. Danbury. Taneytown.. As You Like It Design LLC Bergmeyer Associates Inc.7 million 15 1. Fla. Clermont.. Pa. Lord & Taylor. Pula.000 DND N/A +52 999-946-7486 contacto@arquitectos-interiores.com 54. Maine TD Bank. Fla.000 DND N/A $6.com 617-542-1025 ajohnson@bergmeyer. Staples. FedEx $50 million 4 500. Conn. Ohio Brockton. multiple locations.

D. Mass. Anthropologie.2 million Core Cowan + Associates CP&Associates/ Architects & Planners Davis Wince Ltd. ft. multiple locations.cowanandassociates.5 million 11 4.000 DND N/A New York Fort Lauderdale.com www. Macy’s – City Creek Center.com www. True Religion Brand. Neiman Marcus.com 816-474-1360. CityTarget.J.com 415-433-3700 michael_bodziner@gensler.csparksco.com 954-636-8257 info@equilibriuminteriors. Jamaica & Marisule.8 million 12 9.com 612-547-1300 twilliams@cmarch.527 $1. Veracruz. Virginia Beach.fdgnyc. Kingston.000 DND= Did Not Disclose vmsd.5 million 21 825. Selfridges.com www. Eric Monroe Architecture LLC Fitch Fitzpatrick International Group FRCH Design Worldwide Gensler DND N/A 26 (tie) 36 (tie) 29 95.cp-assoc.greenroomretail. New York. Aaron Brothers. Lone Tree. haley. Rapid City.D. Raleigh.) Projects Bruce And Tom (BAT) Charles Sparks + Co.chipmandesignarch. Vanbach Women’s Store.com www. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store. Columbus. & Seattle Ecco Shoe Stores. Managua. Mass. multiple locations.uk 508-458-4545 lperry@group7design.. Barnes Museum Shop. Beechmont. Ohio DND Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers.000 CMA $11. D. S.2 million 526.equilibriuminteriors. Walmart.com 614-436-0100 pmcintosh@cowanandassociates. New York. Easton Town Center. Ill. Ohio 415-512-9281 karen@bruceandtom. national. Jeff Banks.com www.com www.2 million 18 745. multiple locations Wasabi Modern Japanese Cuisine.. Meijer.com www.fitch. Midwest region Great Glam.9 million Green Room $3. Seattle.000 $13.eoarch. Domino’s.gensler. Salt Lake City.Y. Nu Skin Spark Centre. New York. Calif. Nicaragua Liverpool Veracruz. Fla.com +44 121 200 2828 sam@grr.com www. EOA (Elmslie Osler Architect) Equilibrium Interior Design Inc. Lucia. England Milford.com 614-469-1001 gnauman@chutegerdeman. Mo.000 32 500. Houston. Holocaust Memorial Museum Shop. Tampa.com 513-241-3000 info@frch.000 34 San Francisco Westchester.com 708-449-4030 hventi@csparksco. Ohio Kansas City. The Zipper Denim Store. Cincinnati San Francisco Atlanta Birmingham.net 100.net www.000 121.669 Group 7 Design Inc..3 million $45. Fla. Chipman Design Architecture Chris Rossi Studio $525.4 million $70..D.com www. Wilkes Bashford. Blackheart. Rapid City.. Wis. N. Nike House of Innovation.co..com www. Pa. St. Ohio Minneapolis Washington.ericmonroearchitecture. S. N.group7design. Wayne. Washington.greenbergfarrow.frch. multiple locations. DND 118.000 39 18. TopShop. Macy’s Herald Square 2nd Floor. 301 cpatterson@cp-assoc. London.daviswince. Phoenix.net www.com 404-601-4000 hthompson@greenbergfarrow.cmarch. Ill. Free People.2 million 7 22 (tie) N/A 3. La Curacao. 32.4 million* 84. Calif. R. Va. London. Natick.8 million 9 4. S. Calif. American Family Insurance DreamBank.000 37 7500 $120. Hershey.coredc. multiple locations.. national.000 DND N/A DND $650.000 $20.com www.chrisrossistudio. Madison. Los Angeles. Glendale & Irvine.000 Chute Gerdeman $6. San Francisco Whole Foods Market.eu www.C. N. San Francisco & Los Angeles.C.com | MAY 2013 51 .. Poland Street. Philadelphia Ulta Beauty. Worthington. London Courts. U.000 $2 million 1.com 212-989-0652 mail@eoarch. Washington.com 614-785-0505 fwhite@daviswince. Tampa. Berwyn. Bare Escentuals.com www. Ohio Southampton. Fla. Rapid City. Rogers.com www. Ill. SmartPak. Des Plaines. Colo.. William Patterson University Bookstore. S. Columbus.3 million $235. Santa Monica.com 202-466-6116 marketing@coredc.com www. Ark. Chicago.com www. DSW.. London. Calphalon Outlet.com 605-787-0710 eric@ericmonroearchitecture. ext. national.4 million 1 DND GreenbergFarrow $23.000 $170. Walnut Creek. Hershey’s Kisses Chocolate World. Tampa. a.. Mexico.S. Columbus. Gant. D. Oklahoma City DND Seeley Men’s Store.C. Columbus. Café at Seven Hills.D..com www. Santa Monica & West Hollywood.com 941-504-7583 cr@chrisrossistudio. Ohio. Rapid City.Design Firm Retail design fees/2012 Rank Location Contact information Retail space designed/2012 (sq. Bank of Georgetown. Ohio. Warwick. Powell..com 917-647-2256 figl@optonline.. Buffalo Wild Wings. Australia FYE. Washington. Gap Inc. Calif. Cru Cellars.com www..chutegerdeman.D.I. Orlando.000 41 12. Las Vegas. Fla.C.000 Bubbles Beauty.com 847-298-6900 info@chipmandesignarch. D. Ann Summers. $3.bruceandtom.com 614-885-3453 info@fitch. Victoria’s Secret Pink. Dream Dry.C.

Calif.gruskingroup.pena@jacobs. Cleveland 7. multiple locations American Girl.inreality. Ga.kingrs. global.com 770-953-1500 client. N.com.com 603-644-0077 sales@image4. Fort Thomas. Aventura. Wells Fargo. national. Vancouver.000 DND Dayton.. Omega Watches.Y. Mo.jerrybirnbach. Taste Wine Bar.. multiple locations McCormick World of Flavors.com www. Best Buy. Mich. Kehrs Mill Schnucks Ballwin. multiple locations. Austin. New York Timberland. multiple locations.com www.lodadesign. Jared. Sleep Number.. San Francisco Maryland Heights.com 415-500-3334 kraig@kraido.9 million 24 2 million DND N/A New York 45. Club Monaco. Ohio Pasadena.000 Somers.com www. Lord & Taylor.. Ore.) Design Firm Retail design fees/2012 Rank Location Contact information Projects Gruskin Group Harris Welker Architects Hennessey Design Herschman Architects Inc. N.kraido.interbranddesignforum.000 $3 million 6 million $6. Santo Domingo. China Dick’s Sporting Goods. Franklin. N. King Retail Solutions KLH Engineers $1 million 250..services@inreality.C. St. Miami. 259 mariof@lodadesign. N. Pa..000 $1. Jencen Architecture Jerry Birnbach & Associates JGA Inc.5 million $15. Baltimore. Cat Cora Gourmet Market – Salt Lake City Airport. Papyrus – Yorkdale Shopping Center. Rudsak – Dix30.000 $235.com 859-442-8050 jtavernelli@klhengrs.com www. multiple locations.1 million 30 1. Pa. Verizon Wireless. national.com 646-350-3305 mhowley@lxddesign. Scamp & Scoundrel.com 314-434-8898 jak@kdginc. Xsensor kiosk. Ky. Honda/Acura. Barstow. Austin. PishPosh Baby. Mesquite. Ore. Texas Burberry – Michigan Avenue flagship. Fla. Texas. Chili’s.com www.com 937-439-4400 retail@interbrand. King of Prussia. Calif. Los Angeles.8 million 27 São Paulo 260.hennessylighting. Mass.S. Image 4 $4.J.com www.com 800-533-2796 dana. São Paulo DND= Did Not Disclose DND N/A 3500 DND N/A 750. Brossard.jencen. multiple locations. Lindt corporate headquarters and experimental environment. Washington.com www.herschmanarchitects. Zumba Immersive POS.kdginc.. Mo.. U.com 248-355-0890 info@jga. Texas Portland. Kroger. Southfield. ft.com ..com www. Nebraska Furniture Mart. N. Tiffany & Co.6 million $3 million 340.com 216-223-3200 fmargulies@herschmanarchitects. Minn.com 216-781-0131 jrussell@jencen.. Fla. La Cadena Supermarket.H. Nashville. Joann Fabric & Craft Store. Orlando Simmons in-store presence. Toronto.THE DESIGN FIRM ISSUE: RESOURCE GUIDE Retail space designed/2012 (sq. Eugene. Salt Lake City Gucci-Beverly Center. Denver Nike.9 million 525. Brazil. Louis Aeropostale & PS by Aeropostale.lxddesign. Fresh St. Ill. Edina. Texas.000 InReality Interbrand Design Forum Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.louisandpartners. Macau.com www.. Model Drug.. D. Kay Jewelers – Willow Lake Crossing.image4.000 Verizon Wireless Union Station window sculpture & signage. Conoco Fuel Station – Denver International Airport. Kingsburg. Paramus.jacobs.. Texas. Calif. Les Galeries de la Capitale. Calif.. multiple locations Michael Hill Jewelers.com 55 11 3088 5212 info@mauricioqueiroz. ext.com 514-382-0571. Chicago. Ohio 400. Mercy Medical Center Gift Shop.8 million 19 Springfield.jga.H. Etna Home Store. JCPenney prototype vendor shop.J. Canada. Ardene. N. Market. Warner Robins. multiple locations Viva Day Spa. Whole Foods Market.com 512-329-5998 swelker@harriswelkerarchitects.com 412-243-3430 slami@lamigrubb.com www. Calif.harriswelkerarchitects. Tenn. Huntington Beach.J.com www.br www. multiple locations.7 million Kraido Kuhlmann Design Group Inc. Monroeville. Pittsburgh 125. Nextel. Tenn.fisch@kingrs.com 330-659-3161 bchurchill@louisandpartners. Indianapolis. Southdale Center Mall Renovation.lamigrubb.mauricioqueiroz. Cleveland Manchester.000 $6. multiple locations Lids Locker Room at Super Bowl XLVI.com.. Houston Alon Brands. Propel Fuels.com www. Austin. Oakbrook. Denny’s. Lynnfield. Chicago.5 million 13. Tempur-Pedic SEC.000 52 MAY 2013 | vmsd.5 million 10 23 (tie) 36 (tie) 14 23 (tie) 16 7. Fullerton.klhengrs.000 $8 million 13 31 (tie) 31 (tie) N/A 7 million $1 million 300. Gucci – Madison Avenue.000 $2.com www. Northeast WIC Clinic. Austin. Boca Raton. Longchamp – King of Prussia Mall. Quebec City. multiple locations. Dominican Republic.5 million DND N/A 891. Lakewood. Chicago. Stratham.com 888-358-6368 sean@hennessylighting.000 DND N/A Montreal 8465 DND N/A Akron.com www.com www. Toronto.. Dallas. Atlanta 973-376-4411 kgruskin@gruskingroup. Recife.com www.com www.com www.br 325. Lami Grubb Architects LP L x D Design Consultancy LODA Design Louis+Partners Design Mauricio Queiroz – Design de Consumo $1.com 817-222-8675 sam. São Paulo & Rio de Janeiro. CVS Pharmacy.com www. Verizon Wireless Displays for RadioShack. rue21.com 212-986-9866 info@jerrybirnbach. Canada O’Charley’s.

It provides the ability to combine textures. San Diego 510-865-8663 ellen@mbharch. Charlotte.Design Firm Retail design fees/2012 Rank Location Contact information Retail space designed/2012 (sq. Cornelius..3 million 17 Chicago 1.mbharch. Portland..C. Planning/Design Associates Inc. Lindt & Sprungli.2 million DND N/A 40.) Projects MBH Architects The McKinney Partnership Architects P..com 425-463-1260 nancy. Montalba Architects Inc.3 million 2 130 million $2. Retail Habitats Retail Design rezTark Design Studio RGLA Solutions Inc. Los Angeles Pier 1 Imports.000 $6. Ilori Prototype. Costco Wholesale.. Kennedy Space Center. ft.000 $56.6444 .000 DND 100. Charlotte. IMAGED FLOORING REPOSITIONABLE FLOOR GRAPHICS IMAGED COUNTER/POP DISPLAY MEDIA WATERPROOF. D.rgla. Calif. CityTarget.. Boston.com 513-233-3333 bkratzer@reztark.com 405-360-1400 gward@tmparch. Costa Mesa.C.com www.com 310-828-1100 cristine@montalbaarchitects. New York Finks Jewelers. Duxbury.4 million 28 Cincinnati 520.mulvannyg2.C.com 858-877-8335 sayhello@rehabretaildesign.100 40 45. Calif. Mass.000 $1.com www. Isabel Marant.4 million IMAGED FLOORING G-Floor® for your Hi-Tra c custom G-Floor® Print Media opens a new direction in store design.com 9. Norman.C. MulvannyG2 Architecture Phase Zero Design Inc..550 $68. Planet Beach. $22 million 8 26 (tie) N/A Alameda. Lyndhurst. Wash. Los Angeles.com www.com 847-671-7452 info@rgla. Los Angeles. Create it! G-Floor® Print Media is an impressive way to incorporate the many product lines sold in retail locations.com www.Y.reztark. Don Roberto Jewelers. West Marine. No more working with “what’s available”.ryan@mulvannyg2. Calif. N. Ask today how G-Floor® Print Media can make your message stand out like no others can.com www. OSU Beaver Store. Roseville. Fla. N. Raleigh. Ore. Conn.com 704-537-6595 splanningdesign@cs. N. Old Saybrook.com www.com www. Lebos Western Wear. Calif. Ohio & Rosedale. New York $2 million 750.com www.810.South Coast Plaza. IMAGED FLOORING FOR ANY SIZE PROJECT gfloorgraphic. multiple locations Crayola Flagship Store. Seattle. N.rehabretaildesign.7 million Neiman Marcus. Barbara Bui . Minn..tmparch.phasezerodesign. CityTarget.com • 877. Santa Monica. Walnut Creek.C. N. Manhasset. Washington.C.montalbaarchitects. Los Angeles. Bellevue. patterns and graphics into the retail space. Orvis. Bloomingdale’s Outlet Store Cort Rental Concept.. New York. Stylehaus – The Grove.3 million 25 1. Okla. Stieber’s Sweet Shop. Kennedy Space Center Retail Shop. Levi’s SoHo. multiple locations.com 781-452-7121 jkimball@phasezerodesign. Rangoni Shoes. Calif. Ann Taylor – Prudential Center.

54 MAY 2013 | vmsd. $2 million 1 million * Fees from firms outside the U. National. Denver.) x 22 (tie) Green Room (Birmingham. Dallas. Fla. Target. Toronto Cherry New York – Dream Hotel. Amsterdam Fleetwood.C. Wis.Y. Ohio) Gruskin Group (Springfield. Mich. (Westchester. Matthews. Boston.) 23 (tie) King Retail Solutions (Eugene.com .000 $600. Café Maude.com +31 20 623 3114 info@uxusdesign.THE DESIGN FIRM ISSUE: RESOURCE GUIDE Retail space designed/2012 (sq.smart-associates.zinggdesign.sajo. Wash. Charlotte. N.C.bowen@stantec. ext. Call It Spring. Pa. Hubert White. Minersville. Maine. New York SAJO Consultancy smart associates ltd..(Headquarters) 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Chipman Design Architecture (Des Plaines. Calif. Ohio) GreenbergFarrow (Atlanta) MBH Architects (Alameda.) 23 (tie) Jencen Architecture (Cleveland) 24 25 Lami Grubb Architects LP (Pittsburgh) Phase Zero Design Inc.) smart associates ltd. White’s Harley Davidson. Ann Taylor & Loft.com 514-385-0333. Wis. (Fort Lauderdale.) ** Information for the VMSD Retail Design Firm Resource Guide was provided by individual firms and has not been verified by VMSD magazine.) 26 (tie) Cowan + Associates (Worthington. Middletown.S. (Boston) KLH Engineers (Fort Thomas. (Middletown.com 608-836-1128 markzingg@zinggdesign. Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom. New York Portland.) 26 (tie) Zingg Design Inc. Mass.) 26 (tie) The McKinney Partnership Architects P. Midland.S. London Knoll Showroom. ft. Tate Modern.H.com DND Buffalo Wild Wings. Minneapolis. England) 22 (tie) api (+) (Tampa.com 612-335-8797 smart@smart-associates. (Pasadena. (Southfield. Ill. Fla.studiogaia.) FRCH Design Worldwide (Cincinnati) Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. Pa. Minersville Pharmacy. London.com www.) RSP Architects (Minneapolis) Big Red Rooster (Columbus. Calif. Ohio) Kraido (San Francisco) 36 (tie) CP&Associates/Architects & Planners (Kansas City. (Norman.C. (Ontario.000 33 Minneapolis Redmond.com 212-680-3500 yr@studiogaia.uxusdesign. Texas Le Creuset.com www. London The Kenwood. Mo. multiple locations.) Stantec Architecture (Redmond.) Retail Habitats Retail Design (San Diego) Chris Rossi Studio (Tampa. Lebanon.) BKA Architects Inc.000 Nike Action. N. (Minneapolis) Bruce and Tom (BAT) (San Francisco) Álvarez Díaz & Villalón (San Juan.) Bergmeyer Associates Inc. Kipling – Global Roll-Out. N.com 503-222-7999 inquire@twentyfour7. Okla. DND N/A Montreal 110.com www.com www.) 31 (tie) InReality (Atlanta) 31 (tie) Image 4 (Manchester. Walgreens.D.) AORS Inc.) 32 33 34 35 Fitzpatrick International Group (Southampton. Pa. Calif. Ky. 200. Iowa) CMA (Minneapolis) Herschman Architects Inc.Y. (Powell. Toronto. (Cleveland) JGA Inc.watkinsarchitect. Ark. Texas & Atlanta DND= Did Not Disclose DND N/A 200.) Design Firm Retail design fees/2012 Rank Location Contact information Projects RSP Architects $40 million 5 Minneapolis 612-677-7100 jackie.) RGLA Solutions Inc. JanSport.000 DND N/A DND Watkins Architect DND N/A 26 (tie) 100.000 Stantec Architecture $51 million 3 28 million Studio Gaia DND N/A DND Twenty Four 7 Urban Architectural Group PA Uxus DND N/A 50. Ohio) 27 28 29 30 Mauricio Queiroz – Design de Consumo (São Paulo) rezTark Design Studio (Cincinnati) Davis Wince Ltd. Assistance League Thrift Shop. (Brockton. Minneapolis Victoria’s Secret. Puerto Rico) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Gensler (San Francisco) MulvannyG2 Architecture (Bellevue. Charlotte & Concord. S. (Chicago) Chute Gerdeman (Columbus. Fla.rsparch. (San German.) Charles Sparks + Co.) Amor Architectural Corp.J. are converted to U. Selfridges. dollars using average exchange rates for 2012 reported by the Internal Revenue Service. Ore.. Wash. London.000 Zingg Design Inc. Puerto Rico) Eric Monroe Architecture LLC (Rapid City. 213 vkhoueiry@sajo. N.com www. Mass. Canada & U. Ore. N.stantec.) 37 38 39 40 41 Equilibrium Interior Design Inc.C.. (Duxbury.com www.S.com 425-298-1000.com www. Minneapolis.peacha@rsparch. Bentonville. Walmart Stores. Wash.com 704-841-1899 johnurban@urbanaia.) 36 (tie) Jerry Birnbach & Associates (Somers.com 610-944-5536 jnelis@watkinsarchitect.com www. Crate & Barrel. 425-301-1917 tom.com www.com www. N. Nike Community Store Aaron’s. Chicago.urbanaia.. multiple locations. Jets Pizza.twentyfour7. N. RANKINGS BY DESIGN FEES** Rank Company . Waterford.

We may not show our numbers. Strategy | Shopper | Design | Digital | | Activation www. And when it comes to retail .THAT’S WHAT COUNTS. we can’t share the necessary financials to qualify for VMSD’s list of Top Retail Design Firms (although. energy and creativity. we’re still among the top). So.interbranddesignforum.com 937-439-4400 . but we will show you our experience. a holding company of many of the world’s top creative agencies.We’re part of Omnicom.

. . Localizing big-box stores Community engagement that’s good for business PRESENTING SPONSOR DIAMOND SPONSORS ALPOLIC Materials FLEETWOOD Leggett & Platt SCALA Hans Boodt Mannequins Alcoa Building & Construction Systems .Amerlux.D | FAB . LLC Chippenhook . Pattison Sign Group Inc.578.Visplay SUPPORTING SPONSORS Almax Mannequins USA LLC .OPTO International. Asia and the Middle East Why design is the key to the next great age of retail Get ready to take the driver’s seat.2577 or murray.Unique trends shaping retail in China What it takes to succeed in the world’s fastest growing market Taking a retail brand global Wooing shoppers in Canada. Inc.Grottini Retail Environments JPMA Global.Kingsmen .kasmenn@stmediagroup. contact Murray Kasmenn at 770.Rose Displays FOR SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES.Prism Skylabs .com. EMERALD SPONSORS .ALU . Inc.Rodgers Wade .Mack Studio MONDO Mannequins .

building community and adapting to the changing needs and expectations of shoppers—across the country and around the world. 2013 Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver . NEW THIS YEAR: EVEN EARLIER-BIRD DISCOUNT REGISTER NOW @ irdconline.com International Retail Design Conference September 17-19.PRESENTED BY: The sensory experiences consumers really want New research on in-store likes and dislikes Visual’s new role in retail business strategy Innovative merchandising in the age of showrooming SHOP EXPANDING TO NEW MARKETS? Join us in Vancouver for an IRDC devoted to understanding consumer cultures. translating your brand.

Carnegie carnegiefabrics.). Artek artekfurniture. A trend we’re seeing now is what we refer to as ‘technicolor. Its durable fabric is meant to withstand wear-and-tear.com The Sylki chair is extremely lightweight and is engineered and fabricated from a single sheet of thin. vp of brand strategy and store environment at Art Van Furniture (Warren.” Ellenstein says. recycled metal. Mich.com . furniture trends are shifting toward bright hues and the incorporation of more contemporary styles. muted and very quiet. retain color and repel stains. contemporary look. “There used to be a strong influence of Restoration Hardware where fabrics were natural. casual.com Upholstery rubbing you the wrong way? The Infinity Collection is a plush upholstery line consisting of five patterns.” —Carly Hagedon POD Design pod-design.us Originally designed by the company’s cofounder. She also noted a trend toward clean lines and simple shapes.’ Starting last October. there was a swing toward bold colors and patterns and a rebound away from conservative color palettes to styles that have more life and are more joyful. says Amelia Ellenstein. 58 MAY 2013 | vmsd.VMSD SHOWROOM VS SIT AND STAY AWHILE While conservative color palettes used to dominate retail interiors. rolling into traditional and rustic styles: “You can see a desire for simplicity and the move toward a soft. Alvar Aalto. the smooth-birch Stool 60 is available in a wide variety of unique color combinations from sulfur yellow to light pink to black.

Available with matching stools. tightly woven fabric called “Milani. . Its color is infused into the piece and is completely customizable.com Who said contemporary had to be uncomfortable? The Swan Chair comes in a soft. Beaufurn beaufurn. while the Echo Chaise (not pictured) features a contoured back and seat.” which is a blend of viscose and linen and creates an attention-grabbing shine.com Boldly go where no table has gone before.com Seamlessly incorporate seating with Eve modular lounge seating. Link Outdoor linkoutdoor. Silvestri California silvestricalifornia. which accomodates 2-20 people.Fritz Hansen fritzhansen. Fits easily around corners or can be fashioned into booths. The futuristic Synuous Table features a sleek. The line comprises three variations with three adjustable back settings.com Roll out bright spring apparel with the Echo Collection by Douglas Levine. high-polish gel coat.

-wide two-seater. Options include white and highlight yellow powdercoating or copper plating.com Inspired by both welder-wielding robots and tennis ball hoppers. Available in either a black or gray teak finish. 60 MAY 2013 | vmsd.com Looking for a way to showcase your fashion accessories? Geometrics Display Furniture is a simple way to give those unsettled items a much-needed home.VS VMSD SHOWROOM Furniture Source Contract sourcecontract. Blu Dot bludot. Bernstein Display bernsteindisplay. one-seat option as well as a fixed. the Aubrey Arm Chair has a powdercoated aluminum frame and is made from Dura Wood. Coalesse coalesse. ebonystained wooden shelves and drawers and a functional ladder.com .-wide. the Scamp comes in three sizes and various mix-and-match finishes. This lounge chair is available in a 36-in. Curate your collection in a variety of positions and presentations.com Hosu adapts to provide users with two postures in one product. 64-in. convertible.com Lightweight and versatile. Greneker greneker. The Mercantile Library Unit comes in an antique brass finish with a storage console.com Libraries aren’t just for bookworms anymore.

elevations.S IN E L ER S G N RE RA T IE N AN T O IN R O CI L S FL S W R P D CT G U G EN NG AS S O FA IN G R M E S IN TR NI GL NG S PR CIN N O RI PE E I S N D ST TO O AN RD LA NG NN IL R UR PA T E O O L A P I A CU C X T P C S L FA W C BO CS NN PL TE IN N MI TAL AI N G D A I O N T R TI PL IC N L W IG RA YS ET L TI R S E L G TI S A S H LA C I R Y I A E C CR NG ES RIA CU G P S OG E R ES OR D E L L LI ES AS L L AP AC D FL ER ING TA TI TI ATE EX P L C L I E H X I R G A L A LI S M RC M IG E M DS N T M T T L T L L TO A E A E Y N U U S ES N G R E S T R F M SO TIC UC INE RE RE ESI AC M L YS S R AS LIC INE S NA TA ER IS OD EL T R T D L R S P G R M R S S L Y L G R E IA O Y PA LO P TI TE TE R LE AC TIM ER GE CR S G ES SS IN IN THE AB AT A M E N RI LA W W EA VER R E M LI O UR NI O F I S G T FO S XT AN CT L IE EL MM D CU FI L FA L IT P SU FA BIL PA CA Christine Taylor Collection christinetaylorcollection. creating a unique. Tabletop finishes and sizes are customizable. simple look with the Lancaster Collection. Available in custom finishes.3212 Holiday Foliage holidayfoliage.-tall chairs for modular flexibility. customization is available. stained Alder wood. STORES & RETAIL SPACES PACKAGE Package includes: STORES & RETAIL SPACES 10. x stmediabooks. 11 and 12 $ 50 Elevations.holidayimageinc.369. These tables use tensioners as supports. Inc.com/store .com The Convertible Ottoman Seating Group comprises several ottomans that transform into 30-in. www.com Add steampunk flair to your floor with the intriguing Tension Collection. These console and presentation tables incorporate galvanized metals and solid. Shown here in red velvet.com Get a refined.com | 718. industrial look.

you’ll have a pretty successful install. manufacturers and commercial businesses throughout the U. Miller says. While companies differ on exact services offered. site surveys. how quickly they can get there. He adds that smartphones improve on-site problem solving as well: “In the old days. all accessible through a web browser. schedules.VMSD SHOWROOM VS TECHNOLOGY: INSTALLATION’S NEWEST FIXTURE Whether you’re planning a small-scale fixture install or a global rollout. If you can keep those things in mind. enable retailers to be more involved with the process. almost all are integrating technology. WD Partners (Dublin. they can snap a quick picture. “The critical element is communication. grangercci. logistics and fixture installations in North America. a strong team is a must. project managers and installers. says Randall Miller. and offers services to retailers. then generally.com This group of affiliated companies is joined by common ownership.com This installer provides construction services.S. “Anything that has to do with that particular location can be easily brought up on a smartphone or tablet. a tech-driven installation service is likely in your future. shipping manifests.” And whether your installation is technology-driven or not. when it’s supposed to happen and who’s responsible for what.” Smartphones and other technology ease installations by providing real-time updates.” Miller says. “We can see via GPS where our guys are and.” Miller says. Everyone must know what’s supposed to happen. 62 MAY 2013 | vmsd. project management of singletrade work.com . “[WD Partners] has client portals where we keep all communications for a given project: emails. project manager. installers would call from the store and attempt to describe a problem. and abroad. Past work includes special projects for Banana Republic and Walmart. Granger Contracting Company Inc. Ohio). whereas now. More recently. online client portals are becoming the norm as electronic gateways to organized files and project information.” —Carly Hagedon American Installation Companies americaninstallationcompanies. if they’re not on-site.

com Ideas Revealed Pre-Register by June 3rd & Save Onsite Registration is $25 WAVE Divider Screen by LOFTwall . 2013 The Merchandise Mart Chicago NeoCon.June 10–12.

millwork. maintenance. Services include floor planning. Union Installers io-america. This enables the mobilization of a team in most states within 24-48 hours.S. retrofits. G Force Fulfillment Services gforcefulfillment. warehousing and logistics. repairs.com .com Davaco specializes in the management and execution of high-volume programs and includes services such as fixture and graphic installations. some of its installations included 30 new NFL shops.com This installation and finish carpentry company has recently expanded to work with commercial accounts across the U. Microsoft-based reporting and planning surveys. roll-outs. by automating crews nationally and in most major cities.VS VMSD SHOWROOM Installation Services Dynamic Resources driglobal. x 64 MAY 2013 | vmsd. Within the last year.com G Force Fulfillment Services specializes in largescale rollouts. strategic marketing initiatives and gathering information across large retail networks. marketing surveys and design services. Its ClearThread technology makes data available to clients via an online portal. Davaco davacoinc. graphics.com This company’s services include project management. remodels. fixtures. window and visual displays.

www.11] ONTARIO Toronto ALL TEAM GLASS AND MIRROR LTD.12. Regional.REGIONAL DIRECTORY An advertising service for local or regional display and fixturing companies and national companies with local distributors and/or sales offices.5. 10. www.14. (33309).com. Commerce. No.com. Contact: Jack Yang.11. com.com. E: info@pdtintl. Fort Lauderdale. [2.com | MAY 2013 65 . www. Forms Materials Signage & Graphics 15.com.niconatmfg. 800-363-4651. F: 416-745-2692. 702-987-5830.4.com. [C • 12] ILLINOIS Chicago THE SIGN CENTRE 5221 N.B. Guy Dismang. E: vicentv@ niconatmfg. (90404).11.12. [A • International • 6. 3rd Ave. Website: www. 9F-2.com.7] BRITISH COLUMBIA Vancouver EDDIE’S HANG-UP DISPLAY LTD. Contact: Vicent V. 7.com. 16.tw. Contact: Gina Avila [International•6] vmsd. F: 626-333-6547. 14. Contact: Mark Timoll. F: 954-351-9551. [A • 15] NEVADA Las Vegas LAS VEGAS MANNEQUINS 3230 Polaris Avenue. NV (89102).7.10. www. Contact: Lionel Freeman.com. [A • 14] ALPINA MANUFACTURING 3418 N. (91745). Fax: 702838-4463. RD LISTINGS/ADVERTISEMENTS For information and rates for advertising please contact victoria. F: 773286-8799. 66.eddies. P: 626-961-2471.. Fixtures Flooring Furniture Lighting Mannequins. 6. E: thesigncentre@aol.16] FLORIDA Fort Lauderdale PDT INTERNATIONAL 3250 West Commercial Blvd.westmountstorefixtures.tw. Taiwan (104).. F: 800-426-4877. Contact: Norman Vesala.com. 3.com.C • 6. Nan-King E. FL. Local. 5.fastchangeframes. P: 954-533-7240. CO.hangups. E: light@light-creation. F: 604-688-8230. New York. Website: www. Contact: Alison Wainwright. Email: info@lvmannequins. E: sales@fastchangeframes. P: 800-915-2828.15] 1. 60 W.12] ASIA TAIWAN LIGHT CREATION INC..lmidesigns. 800461-8154. F: 800-217-9431. CA (90040). E: info@hangups. E: fixtures@ westmountstorefixtures.9. 11. lvmannequins. 2.10. [C•12] NEW YORK New York City LMI DESIGNS STORE & RESTAURANT DESIGNS 130 Seventh Avenue.8.12.com. [A • 7. Animations Architectural and Building Components Audio/Video Ceilings Design Services Decoratives and Props 8. Pine Dr. ABC- Supplies & Equipment Wallcoverings Security Manufacturer Importer Distributor ARIZONA Flagstaff MANNEQUIN RECOVERY 3008 E. pdtintl.com. Las Vegas. [A • 7. Suite 120. 212-2522152.light-creation. Email: mail@lmidesigns. Sec 2. Allen Gaerber. F: 780-425-8578.com.8. Contact: Bob Dismang. com. P: 780-424-8950. Edmonton (T5H 0S4). P: 928-526-9194. Contact: Robert Lade. [A • 2. 9. P: 323-721-1900. International. (Woodbridge) (L4L 3R7). F: 928-526-8004.com.13.allteamglass.13] City of Industry PATINA-V 15650 Salt Lake Ave.com. 877-433-3437. 281 Hanlan Rd.6. Contact: Nancy Panlener. P: 773-286-4599. [C • 6. National.com The Products & Services Codes and the Business Classification Codes in each listing are defined as follows: CANADA ALBERTA Edmonton WESTMOUNT STORE FIXTURES 8520-106A Ave. F: 323-728-7893.8. com.8. [A. Long (60630).com. Road. 800-561-1951. Suite 21.7. (V5Y 1E4) P: 604-708-3100. www. P:886-2-2561-1280. 12. Fax: 8862-2571-4681. 13.com. Contact: Morry Gaerber. (86004). [A• 8• International] Santa Monica HANG-UPS UNLIMITED 1904 14th St. National.3. Knox Avenue (60641). www. www. NY. P: 310-453-3806. 17.wells@stmediagroup.13] CALIFORNIA City of Commerce NICONAT MFG.8. P: 905851-7711.10. E: allteamglass@allteamglass. Taipei. STORE FIXTURES DISPLAY 2624 Yates Ave. www.

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J. but critical to creating great solutions to our clients’ problems. my most challenging but rewarding “project. It was critical that the store look. especially to Dubai for their luxury goods. creative type. while I developed planning. A lot of people probably think Kazakhstan is a Borat joke. Where in the world has luxury retail been strongest? The Middle East is fascinating. N. For instance. so the potential was tremendous. the two largest cities. What do you do when you’re not designing stores? I have the amazing privilege of raising two teenage boys. but they also build exceptional experience. Affluent customers travel internationally. Jake and Daniel. And. How do the two partners of Hambrecht Oleson keep operating so harmoniously? Early in our careers at Hambrecht Terrel Intl. of course. in the fall of 2008. but the lack of large properties makes it a challenge for larger luxury retail. Ed Hambrecht. The cultural differences and variety of process methods around the world continue to challenge us. listen and then listen some more – a challenge for a very talkative. Steve Hambrecht and I had a common mentor – Steve’s father. it is definitely booming now with over-the-top luxury. forthcoming and transparent. The ups and downs of the retail market certainly affect the ups and downs of the design firms. Why Kazakhstan for Saks Fifth Avenue? Kazakhstan’s citizens have experienced significant personal income growth.. } Savor and appreciate the experience – what an amazing privilege to do what we do (and get paid for it). Abu Dhabi is also developing into a capital of cultural and retail venues. Our mutual respect and appreciation for each other enhance our firm and our friendship. How do you ride those ups and downs? The mix of domestic and international projects has been the key element of our success.CO CHECKING OUT Interview by Steve Kaufman Karen Oleson Working around the world. so they could see how much fun I have. SHORT HILLS. Did you shoot for a Kazakh version of Saks? Actually. x Finding Your Happy Place } Listen. So we have grown together as professionals. Although Dubai’s retail has seen its ups and downs. this designer finds new doors are opening as old ones close.” A great career-mom moment was showing the boys the demoed shoe floor at the Saks New York flagship the night before opening. merchandising and design skills.com JAKE OLESON. the local licensee was bringing Saks Fifth Avenue to this country. 68 MAY 2013 | vmsd. Project management and construction were Steve’s strengths. when many of our domestic projects were put on hold. an opportunity to plan and design a second Saks store in Mexico City suddenly surfaced. } Be honest. the network that connects all of these global opportunities – airports – is full of luxury retail catering to the global traveler. interest and respect. feel and act like Saks – the American version. who treated everyone with great integrity. but luxury retail was limited to small brand shops in pockets of Almaty and Astana. . Brazil is growing in leaps and bounds.


Peter Field Peck for HMSHost . 1 • 888 • CENTIVA Watch the video on YouTube centiva.Our p eo p l e m a ke Ce ntiva .com Flooring created for every step you take.

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