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This was one of the first works I produced after hitting upon the idea that humans were a superorganic species of mammal. I had an 1851 copy of The Mormons : or LatterDay Saints, which I have just discovered was written by Charles Mackay, because we now have lots of copies of this work freely available online, and the original was published without attribution. This availability was not the case in 2002 when I knocked up a copy myself, and then added an ‘eleventh chapter’ expressing my atheist philosophy in relation to this history of Mormonism. There is no point in going to the immense trouble of reproducing my original copy in an updated format, but I thought I might post my commentary to add to my other offerings on Scribd, in case anyone has an interest in following my novel angle on the nature of human nature. This piece therefore offers background on my own development as much as anything else, so it is untouched, as it was left a decade ago, just tiding up appearances in one or two places and turning it into a PDF. We begin with a couple of images from the original work that this commentary relates to, made in 2002, and being a bit wonky.

Howard Hill

Posted to Scribd : Thursday, 16 May 2013

Chapter XI THE INSANITY OF ALL RELIGIONS - THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF FREE THOUGHT - THE OBEDIENCE OF ACADEMIA TO THEOCRACY - THE CORPORATE NATURE OF HUMANS - THE NATURE OF KNOWLEDGE, JUDAISM AND HOMOSEXUALITY - THE TRIUMPH OF PRAGMATISM. All religion is insane, Mormonism is no exception, religion is the peacock's tail of the human animal, flamboyant, up-front, it says what we are, religion is our great flourish. But it is, just like the peacock's tail, completely insane. Imagine if the peacock could contemplate its tail, what might it say as summer comes along and the breeding season kicks in causing hormones to rise so that from behind appears a big emblem of male ego and female desire. 'Hell's teeth, do me a favour, there are tigers about!' Might be the first thought, just before the real rutting juice gets to pump through the vein, pump through the brain, washing out any reservation. Humans no more have the capacity to contemplate their one big flourish than peacocks have to contemplate theirs. It may be said that these last few words from the European continent on the subject of religion are an echo ringing down the ages, that there were sceptics and atheists in ancient Greece and there will of been such people at all times, and will always be. But this continuity is real because I am not a human animal, I am just a part of one animal. You may think a different person to the one who started a book that was begun in 1851 is writing this final chapter in 2002, you are wrong, the same living animal is writing now as was writing then. This work is an English production and I am an English person, my language is the same, bar a few mutations in the code occurring over the century and a half since this animal I am part of last chose to add to this work, my culture is the same, the mind to which I belong is the same. I am a different organic unit, but I am part of the same body. It is the corporate, immortal body, which forms the human animal, the individual is simply like a cell in the physical body of an individual. One cell, or a few, can contemplate the idiocy of religion, just as one cell or a few, like Joseph Smith, can be the seed of a new core of insanity. Original thinkers are necessary to the process of making religion but what really makes the religion are all the people from all walks of life who fall for it, no matter how insane, hook, line and sinker. But they are not falling for anything in truth, this is what they are made to want. Human individuals are not originators, they are followers and they will follow anything that rewards them in accordance with their genetic make-up, just as the bird will wear whatever feathers it is made to wear by its genetic make-up. The more bizarre and insane the better, individuals are not made to think original thoughts, they are the meat and bone of the organism that is the human animal. Thus it is not possible for a human to think about the religion which is the heart of their being anymore than it is for a peacock to think about the grotesque tail that is the essence of their form. Only if all individuals can sit down and think alone and come up with the same answer can it be said to that humans, as individuals, can think about themselves, and we all know this is not possible. One person, or a few in association with a leader, do the thinking, the others fall in line. This is what we evolved to do, this is how society is formed. And the leader does not think original thoughts, they are directed by past thoughts of others.

Academia in the form of science makes a big play of its intellectual uniqueness but this is a sham, our society is a theocracy and our scientific institutions are the cornerstone of the religious elite. Sociologists, sociobiologists, psychiatrists, biologists, the nomenclature is endless, as it must be to fragment reason and protect religion; religion is so mind numbingly idiotic, so easy to disprove conclusively. Proving God does not exist is as easy as proving a human being deprived of water cannot live for a year. So why do the academics not do this? Because the church rules all. If this sad tale of Mormonism's birth does not reveal this then whatever can? The answer to these mysteries is that the human animal is a corporate animal, we have the form of apes, but we share our nature with termites and we build colonies. We so called individuals are just cells within a body, we have different natures that we call personalities, in order that we can coalesce into organs of the corporate entity. Civilised society is founded upon the evolution of the primary caste we call homosexuality which evolved to form an elite organ within the corporate body. The Jewish religion is the current expression of the homosexual legacy in the social form of knowledge about which the corporate body takes shape. Knowledge is genetic information oriented toward the fluid body, the fluid extension of the genetic information composed of DNA which forms our solid body. Judaism is merely the name given to the knowledge derived from early forms of knowledge that gave rise to Western civilisation. Just as Mormonism is just one name of many names given to forms of knowledge derived from Christianity which is itself derived from Judaism which is derived from Babylonian and Sumerian ideology and so on and so forth back into the dimness of our modern origins. Today, the organism is taking shape under the auspices of Judaism with its two pillars of genetic information in the form of Christianity and Islam. All the infighting looks real enough to us, a real expression of antagonism, but nothing could be further from the truth. In our own physical bodies the pull of the muscle on the bone via its ligaments may look like some kind of resistance between the two organs of the one body from the point of view of the ligaments straining to keep the two organs together, but we know from our superior position that this is the healthy operation of the body acting as it should. The equivalent of this healthy action in the individual body is war in the corporate human animal. The attack on Hiroshima looked nasty but it was the healthy act of unification. The tension between India and Pakistan may look dangerous but the prospect of nuclear war is like the prospect of a good meal after a long fast to the human animal for it is war that stitches the organism together. Look at Japan and the West since the spot welding of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - a joy to behold, praise be to Allah. And so my friends we come to the salutary lesson. The Twin Towers of Babylon, otherwise known as the World Trade Centre. A year has passed and the big question on the lips of America was Why? Why us? So now, in the light of the foregoing, do you see? No, of course you do not, you think I am the one who is crazy. If you like you could say that Mormonism is the seed, Israel the flower, September 11th the fruit. But all these things are just part of the natural healthy growth of the human animal, a corporate animal with the amorphous physiognomy of an amoeba, destined to keep expanding across all territories and augmenting itself by the replication of information that builds social structure according to organic need, not rational notions. Hence we have the reason why the knowledge that rules us is pragmatic. Mormonism as undoubtedly insane as it is, shows us the model of the sane persons choice when it comes to survival, it is organisms choice, driven by Darwinian selection, the force of evolution that is master of the universe. I am inclined to take up the stance of the good people of Missouri who hated religious fanaticism. For me Mormonism is an insult to our age, even in this early history we see the

report in Glasgow saying that at that time it was thought appallingly primitive to appeal to God rather then a doctor when ill, and rightly so. Today, unfortunately, the priests are back in power and imposing their witchcraft on us. Christianity has mellowed in its maturity and developed some sophistication and in the process it gives rise to obscenities like Mormonism. Christianity is an insult to the decency of our species. So beware of the prophecy of the good people of Missouri if you love freedom and knowledge, Christianity blotted out civilisation after the blossoming of Greek culture and enlightenment, and Mormonism and more especially Islam, is well on the way to blotting out civilisation again. The Mormon menace is here now, insidious, dangerous, and like a creeping disease impossible to stop where there is no opposition but mindless superstition and prohibition against honest revelation of the true nature of what life is and what is happening. With its new temples and expensive advertising campaigns, and the infiltration of its style of education into our nations fabric its insidious tenets are infusing into our blood stream, slowly, slowly, slowly, and infusing into our flesh and bones and poisoning our great atheist nation of freethinkers and liberal human beings. All living things have to have enemies, and we must know who those enemies are, they are not what is recorded in the ancient Biblical texts, they are the makers of the Biblical texts. The Jewish ideology is the core of the problem and we need to find a way to tackle this slave-maker identity and to eradicate it from our midst so that it might one day, like smallpox, be banished from the Earth and the universe. This the vile oppressors of our freedom and abusers of our society will say is blatant anti-Semitism, such outcries are just another way of silencing the slaves. I have no problem with anyone of any religious background, I just hate religion. But you cannot do away with religion and that is all there is to that. I am not really interested in attacking religion, anymore than I care to try burrowing through the Pennines by sticking the head on it. My objective is to strip bear the veil of the theocracy that manages us and controls us. This is a Jewish theocracy above all else, as is perfectly evident to anyone with the nerve to face the reality. What this power is I cannot quite determine in terms of fine detail. It is not about people, it is about corporate bodies, about the organism we are, it is biological. I believe there are plenty of Jews who will be as interested in my ideas as I am, as much as it baffles me there are people who insist they are Jews even though they are atheists, I have to say I am with the traditional Jews on this one as I cannot see how you can be a Jew and an atheist anymore than I can see how you can be a vegetarian and eat meat, or be a Christian and a scientist. Well I exaggerate, I can provide answers to these curious questions as I can provide answers to all questions, but now is not the time, and here is not the place. Really the point is that the game is up for religion, never mind your multicultural ideology which is designed to leave the Jewish master identity intact along with all its component parts, it is time to move on. To use the knowledge of science to teach us a new trick of self delusion, I guess we have to have one, not me, but everyone else apparently. All the hate, anger, and contempt I have for religion has somewhat dissipated since I recently figured out the solution to the problem of what it is all about. Now, understanding the biological nature of the behaviour it both makes sense and allows me to grasp the nature of the problem in such a way that the personal resentment is taken out of the feelings I have and I can accept the vileness of religion with somewhat more calm and appreciation. The nastiness of religion was always evident to me as it must be to all people who are not entirely enslaved to the mantra of authority, albeit that there are very few people of this kind about. Likewise the excellence of the civilisation to which I belong is somehow bound up with the power of religion and so suggests there is somehow some benefit accruing from mindless

stupidity. But because I am programmed to see things according to the mythological dogma of human divinity through the language I learnt as a baby, just as much as anyone else from my Western culture, I fell into the trap of not being able to put things together correctly and thus I believed that somehow our great Christian civilisation had achieved greatness despite the shadow of primitive ideology that had always striven to hold it back. But this is not the case, the mindlessness of religion is central to the achievement of the highest intellectual goals, sadly, it has to be said. Because, as I am endeavouring to tell you, this means that all our achievements are in the lap of the gods and there is only one divine force and that is brought to light by Darwinism. If we were making great strides in knowledge free from the need for mindless stupidity then the veil of religious ignorance would of fallen to the ground as it was expected to do by many commentators when Darwin unleashed his beautiful idea upon the world and opened our eyes to the glory of existence. But this seemingly would not do, precisely why I cannot pretend to say for sure but it has in general to do with the organisation of organic entities and the need for structure and the fact that there can only be so many brain cells in a body, and there have to be some bowl cells to support the brain. The Mormons as we can see came to the third world districts of our first world territories to entice away the most desperate of creatures from the mining areas of Wales and such like and this is what caused the people of Missouri to bemoan the pathetic state of the emigrants which was no better than that of their slaves. These were new territories and the new Christian sect was following an age old tradition of using the desperate to fill the lowest positions in the social order with a promise of a better future. The same ploy is used today to get our 'bowl cells' from the third world via the sham asylum system to provide slave labour to keep our internal third world society going. But the truth is this is an organic structure and the ideology of Judaism which administers it in all its various manifestations is the social binding agent, the genetic material of the fluid body. So it is not a matter of the evil of religion, or the glories of our liberal rational academic achievements. The whole business is rather more subtle and complex than that. And this little history of Mormon origins is a nice source of thoughts on the subject of how these things work out for real. Religion is at the core of the human organism, it is the corporate identity supreme. It is not necessary for all to share that identity consciously, as with democracy the ruling party, that is the ruling identity, is only the largest minority. Society is all about identity and the ruling identity defines the identity of the human animal because the human animal is always a corporate animal made up of individuals. Of course there can be a coalition of parties, that is identities, which is in effect the nature of the modern strategy of Judaism with its new formula of multiculturalism. Because multiculturalism is just another fascistic religion. In Britain recently we tried to introduce a law to make it illegal to say the sort things I am saying now, to make it a criminal offence to speak the truth about religion. The reason was to protect the minor religions in the multicultural society and this in turn protects the major religions which could otherwise not exert their muscle without revealing the fact that they are in control of society not the face of the politicians who have to be religious to get power. An open atheist set against the church could not become prime minister in this country, nor in America. Religion is always a very ugly thing, even if it takes a rest from it proactive wars of hatred against humanities most precious qualities for a couple of centuries it never loses it deeply offensive and self righteous arrogance to anyone with the humanity to see it. Religion is only the emotional core, providing the biological link with the corporate body much as our emotions provide our biological link with our loved ones. Our loved ones still have a material social structure identifying them, they all tend to live in the same house with us, that is they are our family, or they in some way share an association through the

social structure of work or play. And the same macro, that is large scale structures, bolster the religious identity. The main one is the law which so obviously evolved out of religion, except in the case if Islam which is still in the pre-secularised state of oneness in this respect. Secularisation is described as the recession of religion from the secular scene leaving law behind without the assertion of divine sanction. In truth secularisation is the process of divine sanction becoming so intimately transformed into law that the judicial system can be designated as a separate organ of the body. This process is about the growth of supermassive corporate organisms and it in no way represents the diminution of religious authority and power. It did look like this was the case, that religious authority was fading, but recent history indicates that religion is just as powerful and just as nasty as ever it was. It was perhaps just undergoing a shedding of skin, like a metamorphosis under the influence of the new knowledge of science which fuelled the expansion of the continental (i.e. super-massive) colony toward its true objective of global domination. Now science has born fruit and settled down religion has grown a new cuticle hardened to the new ideology and religion is beamed to the congregation in many forms by 'the eye of the devil' as one Dutch minister (church minister) called it (television) on television last week. There was a deeply religious movie on BBC 2 last night, a Star Trek movie about the return of Voyager 6 in search of its creator when Spoke, the one person who I have ever thought of as a hero, was made to say that pure reason is hollow and without the ability to breach the bonds of sanity we are nothing - must of been made by a Mormon. There was even a laying on of hands by the crew member who later joined with the machine. Since reading this history of the Mormons I keep seeing their influence in American movies. The Postman on Channel 5 last night was all about the kind of fight the Mormons had to put up against the Gentiles, and how they fought evil and how they loved one another, they even sang songs with lyrics "come and get your love." Fortunately I heard this while I was in the bathroom taking a slash so I did not have far to go as I threw up - I am of course joking, I only mentally vomited. Religion, religion, the poison is everywhere making little slaves of everyone. The true colours of religious mentality is shown in the autocratic behaviour of the early Mormons and their latter day soul-brothers who trashed the World Trade Centre, modern fanatics that is. What is almost condensing out of my thoughts as I reproduce and therefore re-read this contemporary account of Mormon origins is a sort of answer to just how this thing came about? Mormonism is of course pure slave Judaism in the grand tradition of Christianity which it models itself upon. Christianity was originally developed in a similar manner by dishonestly plagiarising the work of someone else, in that case the well established pseudo religion of the famous Greek philosopher Epicurus was the source of inspiration for the Jew that created the Christian obscenity and thus transforming the philosophy of freedom into a slave ideology of Judaism. Just as Smith transformed the Manuscript Found into a variety of this original Jewish slave identity implant. But was Smith a Jew? Was Spaulding a Jew? I imagine not, so why did they perform this function for their masters? The answer can only be found by grasping the true nature of the human animal. Individuals like Smith or Spaulding are not human beings, they are cells within a corporate organism, the corporate organism is the human being. And similarly the Jews who are their masters are not individuals either, in fact they are just part of the same 'human being', or organism, in the same way the muscles of your body are part of the same body that you brain is part of. But it is the corporate body of Judaism which is the primary organ of the superorganism to which Smith and Spaulding and all of us in the West belong. Judaism is in other words the brain of the body, the seat of the individuality, the identity, of our colony. This is why the Jews are the masters and they have the special privilege of being the only

culture to of survived from ancient times and of being the object of hatred when alien people they have conquered find the urge to rebel. For although I am describing these things in accordance with a scientific biological rationale the intuitive sense that the Jews are the master race, bolstered by the Jews open assertion that they are the master race, the chosen people, which galls everyone not enslaved by them, just as the arrogance of the Mormons galled people, all makes it easy for the Jews to become the object of hatred. And of course all non-Jews are the slaves of Jews, this is what the symbiotic relation is, so there is every reason for hatred to ensue between these related identities when social forces cause the joint between them to shift or when some of the slave population of cells are not properly programmed, or sufficiently controlled by terror or other normal means of power. In effect these are symbiotic biological relationships between structures of corporate organisms that are taking shape. The likes of Spaulding and Smith act just as the life history of the organism they are part of prompts their own motivation to do, Spaulding was just amusing himself according to his wont and Smith was just acting upon the impulses that opportunity afforded. But the remarkable thing is that such a document as the Manuscript Found should of been made that was sufficient to make an indigenous slave implant specially formulated for America and with a massive emphasis on Zionism. Or that is how it appears upon first thought, but this is because there is so much that is not known upon first thinking about a subject. In fact the Bible seems to of anticipated every possible eventuality in the process of the Jewish rise as the chosen people furthering the spread of God’s power over the earth. Within the Bible is a story to accommodate every eventuality. This is simply the fruit of experience over hundreds if not thousands of years before the Bible was finally produced in the form in which we now know it. As soon as the Americas were discovered the Christian world view was seriously shaken and the church set about patching up the damage by saying that the newly found people were descended from Adam, and it was not long before the lost ten tribes were brought in to account for the mystery. So there was in truth nothing novel about Spaulding’s book, he may of come to the same line of reasoning on his own but if so that is because he drew his knowledge of reality from the same fixed source of information, the Bible. There is nothing essentially good about the moralistic religions. They are simply successful because they evolved according to Darwinian laws of competition. The alien populations of the world, that is to say from a Jewish perspective, who the Jews label Gentiles, that were taken over by the Jewish slave implants of Christianity and Islam were thus empowered and became great themselves. But it is a curious job to try and disentangle what this really means in terms of who we are and what an identity is. The human organism is evidently an immortal entity compared with us individuals and it changes its form and its identity in the same way any growing object does. But somehow, somewhere, all growing objects do have to retain some core identity that is their own. This is what Judaism is. But the next logical question is what is Judaism? Before I get to this I just want to tackle the alien nature of Judaism. The issue is tricky, quite apart from the fact that you are not supposed to even think such things. In our modern world it is fair to say that society is so complex an organic structure, with corporate identities so intertwined and bound up in symbiotic relationships, that in truth there is no alien identity within our society. But in so far as we think in personal terms driven by the theocratic language derived from Judaism itself, the Jews are aliens in a way no one else is; although the familiar occurrence of people shifting to new countries and taking their alien culture within them, as with Islam in Britain, which is supported by the elite, in accordance with the Jewish pattern of emigration, as an enclave existing within a host community is now more common, and in contrast to the support given by the masters to this intrusion is a deep

resentment on the part of the resident slave, or indigenous, population whose interests and identity is thereby corroded. The uniqueness of the Jews however is because of their commitment to Israel and their own peculiar way of preserving their identity without contamination of its inner sanctum while being resident in an entirely alien society. Except that they do not live in entirely alien societies, this is just the point, they follow in the path of military conquest which sows the seed of cultivation in accordance with Judaic ideology that domesticates the resident population and allows the Jews to live within the thus domesticated population according to their own knowledge identity programme which evolved thousands of years ago to act in precisely this way, thus making the Jews into an elite-class identity that forms a diffuse and mobile elite corporate-organ able to exist independently, but that while doing so must be thought of as dormant and awaiting the ripening of the opportunity to invade the alien territories subject to their influence. Islam is of course also entering a prepared territory when it comes to Europe, but Islam is also a slave identity to Judaism and is used in the same way Christianity was to populate areas where pre-civilised populations have been exterminated or where pre-industrialised societies can be overrun by capitalism and war working in partnership. When introduced into Europe by our master-class the purpose is to reinvigorate the slave identity which, in the form of Christianity, was losing its vigour prior to the importation of the younger and more virile slave implant Islam, and which has in consequence enabled the Christian slave elite to reinvigorate itself with an expression of confidence which the human urge to free itself from the yoke of slavery had managed to suppress in the great age of enlightenment blossoming after Darwin released the Origin of Species in 1859. It is the interplay of this relationship between an elite-class colony and those dependant on them that causes war to be an ever present behaviour associated with civilisation which relies upon advanced technology in the hands of the elite-class since obviously it must no be possible to oppose the elite colony under any circumstances. And by the same token the history of the relationship between the Jews and their hosts is a continual cycle of acceptance and rejection reflecting the inevitable consequence of the dynamic of the organic nature of this relationship whereby Jews must exploit their dependants for their to be any point in having them and in time their ability to do this without causing deep resentment runs out. But each cycle empowers and extends the entire corporate mass of master and slave which should be thought of as one colony fused together by the flux of knowledge at the core of which is Judaism. Because the human animal is a corporate animal that has to have one identity made up of a coalition of identities it is inevitable that there will be deviance on the periphery of those that are within the coalition. Furthermore this situation can never change since the corporate body needs a variety of identities in order to give it structure and so their always has to be some outsiders no matter how inclusive society ( the organism) becomes. This is why aliens are imported as immigrants or allowed entry under the ludicrous name of asylum seekers in a country that is already populated by an alien identity that is weakening its grip on the cells of which the body is composed, the aliens act as an identity transfusion. And so we see the growth process of this amorphous superorganism flowing outward according to available territory and the resources to sustain it, and we also recognise in this description a palpitation, a breathing, a digestion, and a excretion. It should be noted that Christianity and Islam are by their very natures alien identities, just as false teeth, as wonderful as I dare say they are, are by their very nature always false. In a book I picked up this week from a charity shop Questions of Our Day, Havelock Ellis, 1936, we get a few words on a hundred questions one of which is number XIII The Jewish Question. Ellis is a mouthpiece for the theocracy, if he were not then he would not be publishing books, obviously. He is a committed Catholic. But he says 'Myself English in the

narrowest sense, the Jew is not more alien to me that the Cornishman or the Irishman, or even many so-called Englishmen, often less so.' (page 37) This is just whispering sweet nothings, using language to preen the cells of the corporate organism to keep them smooth and even and in harmony with the master authority, there is no logic in this argument, it tell us nothing. It comes in the class of organic dynamic I have determined to call polarisation. Yesterday I saw the same use of language to perform of collective linguistic grooming exercise on an ITV morning talk show. The subject was the adoption of children by homosexuals and it was defended by a women in these terms ' no one suggests heroin users, criminals and general misfits and dysfunctional people should not have dependant minors so why should homosexuals not have them' Those were not her exact words and I wondered where she was coming from at first. But it transpired that her argument was that anyone can have a baby and many of them will be the worst possible parents, so why should the social authorities charged with the care of children not hand them over to the care of homosexual and lesbian parents. All I can say is that with friends like this who needs enemies! What Ellis is doing is conforming to the Judaic ideologies built in mode of mind control, that is he is thinking in accordance with the grounding of consciousness in the self. I would say that I too find Irish people more alien than Jews, as individuals, there accent is very different, they live on an island separate from England and they live in a state of permanent civil war where the English State plays piggy-in-the-middle, a situation that existed as much in 1936 as it does in 2002. Meanwhile it is impossible to know a devoted and dedicated Jew is a Jew unless they tell you. But I never think of Irish people as aliens and I never would. The simple reason is that they do not pretend to be something that they are not. An Irishman does not pretend to be an Englishman, an Irishman is always an Irishman living in England, their is no duplicity and they do not seek to infiltrate our social order at the elite level and thus to control our society from the top down to their own 'alien' ends. The Irish do infiltrate our society and circumscribe a portion of it and make it their own, they come here to work as navvies, they built the canals of the eighteenth century, the railways of the nineteenth and they work on the building sites of today. Meanwhile the few Jews I have met I would not know were Jewish unless they told me, they have displayed the most extraordinary devotion to Israel, they may indicate that I should feel the same way, one was a millionaire and their privately educated son was a lawyer and a Tory MP - they themselves had been absolute nothings as youths and became millionaires purely because they were Jews and had access to the power of Jews in this society, as far as I could tell from what I got to know of them. The most recent Jewish man I met was a good man, but with the most weird devotion to his Jewish identity, and he was a scientist and a manager in industry. The point is that an individual Jew, like anyone else, is not likely to appear as an alien, but their culture is alien and it is perfectly right that we should be aware of that and when we can boast the greatest book of all time that promised to be the Bible of Rationalism, a book we could use to rid ourselves of the sub-human theocracy which rules us and enslaves our minds by any means evolution can put at its disposal, we need to recognise that religion is the worst threat to the fulfilment of human potential in this modern age of enlightenment and that Britain should be proud to be in the forefront of the advance of rationalist knowledge. Promoting religion in any form should be a serious criminal offence in any civilised secular nation. What all this comes down to is that it is all right to preserve your identity, in other words to be positive about your own established corporate identity, as long as it conforms to the laws of the State, which primarily means your corporate identity must be centred on a religious ideology, but it is not all right to focus on your national identity or to make your promotion of your identity be grounded in a defence against others the challenge of other identities. This bias is of course essential to the maintenance of an identity which is by its

nature alien. You can be positive about your identity, but not negative about the identity of others. This is basically what a blasphemy law comes down to. You can promote your own ideology, but not attack that of others. This is the problem the Mormons were trying to breach when founding their church, they wanted to be acknowledged as a valid church when everyone regarded them as fraudsters and criminals. This was a case of becoming established. There are many dubious churches around today that the authorities try to proscribe, another great deception heralding from America is scientology and they are using their considerable muscle to break into Europe by using the weapon of choice for corporate criminals, the law. They want to raise funds in Germany, but in Germany the church, the Catholic church that is, actually automatically taxes all wages unless a person opts out! Hell's teeth, can you believe it? I am sure I heard that not so long ago, no, I must of been having a nightmare. I saw a documentary this week, today is 17/07/02, on BBC 1 about how the church of Jehovah’s Witnesses promote child abuse within their social order, the interesting thing was that these sick adherents of the Jewish slave implant appeared to be modelled on Mormonism with it elders and it regulation about needing two witnesses to confirm an offence took place. What we see in this social structure and the manipulation and management of knowledge that shapes the social structure, is a weighted system that supports religion and penalises opposition to religion. The weighting of this system of knowledge management is what is built into Judaism, this is what law is all about and these dynamics are what writing made possible. Remember language evolved to act as the information transmitter that builds social structure, which means the knowledge that language produces that we call culture is the 'genetic' material that informs the shape of the corporate organism. Language is to human society what magnetism is to a bunch of iron filings. With the evolution of a fully fledged writing system able to record all the subtlety of spoken language writing held the potential to become the 'genetic' core of the living organism. That is what the Sumerian people first gave rise, and the Jews are the extant cultural identity that retains this knowledge at the 'genetic' core of their identity which is what makes them the core of the Western civilisation that came into being over five thousand years ago and is still alive today. What I need to do, which I am very conscious of, therefore, is not to criticise religion too passionately, but rather to promote the knowledge I value as pre-eminent above all other knowledge. And that is what I am doing. All my efforts are about the promotion of science, all my arguments rely entirely upon the knowledge arising out of science. My ideas are driven by the absolute certainty that science is the only true source of information able to provide the detail from which to develop a sound knowledge of anything in our advanced information rich society. Science is the only means of not only understanding How? things happen, but it is the only way of knowing Why? anything, of whatever kind, happens, whether we are discussing the most intimate and dynamic actions of a person or any collection of people, or just the flow of heat in a fixed environment. However you cannot support science without undermining religion, and vice versa. Perhaps a new elite can evolve by manipulating scientific knowledge without using religion as the primary means of abusing people and enslaving them, but I must admit I cannot imagine how, the basic method of keeping knowledge secret is standard, but religion serves to provide the ignorant with their very own source of 'knowledge' to keep them quite, that is its real function described in human terms that we are familiar with in a society evolved about the Judaic formula. When religion preaches Creationism it automatically undermines science. These knowledge perverts use all sorts of linguistic excuses, but basically they use their fiscal power to provide good schools and to control the important elite structures in society where well

trained people are employed to allow them to get away with asserting that biological evolution is just a theory and as such no different to Creationism. In turn if you want to provide a scientific account of human society that reduces human beings to the same formula as any other living entity then you must demystify the theocratic authority and therefore no matter what, you are bound to do something like what I have done and reduce the relationships between societies and identities that we fight about, and organise ourselves around all the time, to Darwinian dynamics. The only way science has avoided this so far is by using endless philosophical ploys to make nonsense of the idea of science and to allow the basic principle of religion to remain undisturbed. But as you can see, to offer a sound scientific account of society that competes with religion at its heart, the way theocrats compete with science at its heart by opposing Creationism to evolution, means acknowledging that humans, like any other animals, are organised into hierarchies and that since humans are corporate animals, that means we are organised into hierarchies of corporate identities. The upshot is that the Jews are the master race and thus Hitler's attack on the Jews is, while not excused on a personal level in any sense that makes such behaviour acceptable, at least accounted for in natural terms. But we saw what happened yesterday, 19/06/02, when Mrs Cheri Blair made a most fleeting and innocent comment to the effect that as long as Palestinian youth felt no hope they would go on using themselves as a means of delivering suicide bombs, and this coincident with the worst such attack in six years which claimed twenty lives. She was well hammered for this comment, it being as reasonable a comment as any human any ever made is irrelevant, it annoyed our masters, and they soon let us know. All science is by definition anti-Semitic if it threatens the authority of Judaism over Western civilisation. And as we have seen because of the weighting built into the legal system by the Jews thousands of years ago, long before they began enslaving the world through Christianity and Islam, this practice of telling the truth has long been guarded against. I cannot help being anti-Semitic just by telling the truth. Thus we find that today if we want to tell the truth, according to science, about the nature of human nature, then we are at once in the same position as those ancient Greek philosophers who recognised the Earth went about the Sun, and thus faced execution or banishment for bringing the people's gods into disrepute, which meant undermining the theocracy. We are not allowed to know the truth today, as simple as it is, because this will kill God and destroy the theocracy. Yes the Christian and Moslem theocracy, but it is the Jews who are the focal point of the corporate entity. It is necessary to keep trying to help readers get away from their programming which is delivered by the corporate mind which is theocratic, and Jewish. This requires seeing things in deep time where individuals and history do not exist. Lets look at an example of how this works. Here is a question. What nationality is an American? Easy, American. So, here is another. What nationality were Americans one thousand years ago? Easy, using modern American terminology, Indian. So when did Indians become Americans? They did not, they were exterminated. So, what were the Americans before they became Americans? Easy, English. It is undeniable that American culture has been cast upon an English foundation whatever nationalities have contributed to its formation. So, we can see that before the Americans became American they were English, thus the nationality of the Americans today is English, if you take a deep time perspective of their cultural nature. The point of this exercise is that we can follow this method right back through time linking cultures to their derivatives as far back as we are able to identify cultures. I know nothing about linguistics, unfortunately, but it seems evident that language is used to reveal this type of linkage, as we would expect given that we know language is the genetic material of the corporate body and physical genes can be used to perform the same test of a population’s origins. So the next question is what nationality are the English? We are Jews,

because the territory where we came into being was taken over by the Romans and repopulated with pseudo Jews as a consequence of their influence, albeit after the military wing of the Roman conquest collapsed and only the foundations of theocratic Holy Roman Empire remained. So what nationality are Jews? They are Sumerians. The Sumerians established the first true civilisation as we know it, that is the same civilisation, the same living organic organism, that we are part of today. What nationality were the Sumerians. With the Sumerians we come to an extinct social form, and as the originators of the civilised 'fluid-genetic code', that is the knowledge and culture that makes our social form what it is, the trail of culture’s fluid­code runs out. Now we need to pick up the connection with the biological genetic code that resides in the cells of our individual bodies in the form of DNA. The Sumerians then were homosexuals, for the object of the sterile male on male love match is to form of means of creating a caste, a corporate-organ dedicated to being an elite strata. And the Jews have inherited that authority down the ages and become the extant elite corporate-organ as outlined above. In this overview individuals count for nothing, we are solely concerned with corporate identities and how they have evolved. Underlying cultural forms providing corporate identity are the physiological forms which we must assume were the corporate identities that guided the social structure of our precursor Homo forms, the Homo Erectus that used sophisticated tools and fire and was obviously a radical departure from any other species of animal ever to of existed before, but not nearly as sophisticated as ourselves because they relied upon naked skin and other physiological features to delineate in and out social groupings, and as such had not yet developed the powerful imagination based on fully symbolic speech that marks Homo Sapiens out and allows us to become a fully colonial species able to form complex colonies and extend out manipulation over the physical environment accordingly. Racial physiology is therefore rendered a residual attribute of prehuman form in the same way the coccyx is the remnant of our tailed ape ancestry and the appendix is likewise left from a time when we chewed more plant matter. The issue of importance here is that racial physiology still has a considerable impact upon our sense of self and is therefore in a stage of transitional decay or redundancy and this is a sign that it was of primary importance in the penultimate human form. The human form must always be taken to refer to the current leading form, and in us the primary mode of creating identity is cultural and this is founded upon the evolution of our linguistic physiology. Coming bang up to the active edge of evolutionary change in humans where information is at this moment undergoing reformation and being rewritten, we can see that cultural identity has relied upon the emotionally supported mythological form of knowledge that creates an infinite variety of cultural forms to serve the same purpose as racial forms, but with added potential due the flexibility of this kind of knowledge which enables a variety of racial forms to be included in one corporate identity, thus superseding racial form as a primary medium of corporate identity. The emphasis upon cultural identity has stood us in good stead since our kind evolved some 100,000 years ago, myths have become increasingly sophisticated and colonies have thereby become ever more powerful. But now, we are on the verge of breaking a new barrier with a revolutionary form of knowledge that is truly absolute, its roots go back to Ancient Greek times but it is only in modern times that the potential to create an absolutely uniform conception of what we are that can serve to bind all humanity into one corporate form, all it awaits is someone to recognise this and to want to say it. Today, 20/06/02, I received a copy of the booklet Where Do We Come From? produced by Channel 5 to go with the documentary series of this name just screened this year. It does not say much, and it indicates that science is dominated by religion for it completely fails to recognise the evolutionary history as I have given it and sticks closely to the Biblical

story of special creation based on individual purpose and not evolutionary mechanisms. Even so this is done unwittingly, so the information they provide is still valid, it is just misread because they are looking through the wrong mental prism because their minds have been incorporated, socialised, or programmed, according to what you want to say, by the mind of the theocracy that rules us. On page three we are told that humans share 98.4% of their genes with chimpanzees. And it took eight million years for this 1.6% difference to accumulate. I seem to recall that we share 40% of our genes with bananas, or was that 70%? Either way the point is that we need to have it in mind just what genes are. Genes are composed of DNA, this material allows a code to be created that instructs organic matter how to create living forms. DNA is the foundation of all life, it exists in all living things on this planet. It is the basic script of the language of life and it is stored in the nucleus of the cellular unit of our bodies. Others have described our bodies as colonial organisms, I do not know who, some biologist, and this makes sense if you think of the cell as the individual. The language we use acts as the genetic material of the fluid form that creates social structure, the sum of which establishes the corporate body within which we are but a cell. The attributes of language that inform our behaviour and exist within our brains in the form of knowledge, and in our social environment in the form of culture, are the information store that builds the corporate animal. This information is stored primarily in the language we speak and the culture it supports that in turn supports the language. This swift overview of our Western colony’s life cycle indicates how this cultural medium evolves and is stored within a linguistic code at the heart of which is the Jewish cultural formula which is what empowers Jewish culture which is carried in those individuals who are programmed as Jews. The idea of a mental prism is mysterious so let me help you understand how this works. It is not about intelligence, it is about how your brain is programmed, although there are additional factors to consider about individual form. But basically think of the trick image that changes its shape. The most popular version of this visual trick today is the coloured picture that hides a 3-D image, but this is not as good an analogy for the conceptual inversion I have in mind. I have a picture that is black and white, in the middle of a square is a black shape with a waist that looks like a vase. But as you look at it it can suddenly switch to being the image of an old women with a hooked nose and whichever image you see you just cannot see the other one at the same time, it is one or the other and it just leaps upon you. Very good and most amusing. But this is how the conceptualisation works that tricks us unto seeing life as dependant upon God as the figurehead of a mythology controlled by an elite of priests as front men, today we call them politicians, acting for the true masters behind the scenes. Grasp my argument and suddenly you just will not be able to think how you did not see it all along, suddenly the power of God becomes the biological power of the colony and all things make sense. It is perfectly obvious that this is the case, that culture evolves independently of our physiology. It is therefore only this evolution of culture that can explain advanced social forms existing in contrast to primitive social forms where the very first generation of a stoneage people exposed to an advanced technology can instantly become as able at using that technology on an individual level as any individuals who are part of the advanced society. Thus as soon as the stone-age people of New Guinea were exposed to Western culture in the mid-twentieth century the next generation of natives produced individuals able to benefit from the opportunities that were offered them to acquire the new knowledge. Obviously all that was evolving to support the advanced social structures was the knowledge transmitted via the cells of the organism that this knowledge programmed. The same can be said of physical evolution which is why Richard Dawkins spoke of the selfish gene. Extending this

thought we can produce the valid but odd seeming notion of selfish knowledge. Thus the science of nuclear fission just steamed ahead producing itself with total disregard for the impact it was bound to have upon the organic forms it translated itself through. When we speak of letting the genie out of the bottle so that knowledge once revealed cannot then be unrevealed it is this power of knowledge to drive us that we are sensing. But of course where social knowledge is concerned the genie can be put back in the bottle. The Greek knowledge that the earth went about the sun was put back in the bottle by the Jewish mythologists who rule our society today, and they today are exerting every fibre of their bodies and minds to get Darwinism back into a container at this present time, and unless we completely annihilate all trace of religious power on the earth, they will succeed. And so we come to a practical application of exactly what I am talking about. Continuing on page three we are told that humans are uniquely capable in any environment on earth. The physical changes to our form that have made us what we are occurred in the last 200,000 ( as you can see I would dispute the simplicity of this statement because of the logic of my argument suggests a more sensible notion of our evolutionary progress covering a greater length of time) are so superficial as to be irrelevant to this adaptability. Well you don’t say! Doesn’t irrelevance this tell us something ? These physical changes have nothing to do with our adaptation to the physical environment, they are a response to the social environment! In fact they are features of our social environment, like the peacock’s tail, as I mentioned at the outset, only different because we are a colonial species, race is not a sexual signal, it is a corporate signature of identity. It is the evolution of our social environment that has everything to do with our adaptation to the physical environment. So at every turn this archaeology professor, Clive Gamble, simply interprets everything he sees in precisely the wrong way, he can see only the individual as set out in Judaism, derived from Sumerianism, derived from homosexuality and so on. But now science has become so powerful that all it needs is one person who has not the slightest respect for authority as a divine right to determine truth, and they can reject this view that fails to explain the how and why of anything, and thus see the same information through the direct reception of the information itself and thus see the simple truth. Race has nothing to do with the physical environment directly, other than the fact that as a territorial marker, race uses the body’s physiological responses to obtain a social ‘colour’ for purely social purposes that make no difference to our species adaptability to the challenges of the physical environment. Our adaptability to the physical environment developed its power based on the next great evolutionary step, the ability to generate cultural mediums of corporate identity made up of fluid-genetic material consisting of knowledge formed of linguistic components stored in the nucleuses of the cells of the corporate organism. This is how our oversized brains were paid for in the energy equation, by evolving a true corporate physiology where we formed one mind based on language we could add the power of our brains according to an exponential factor. This made it possible for us to create a super-mortal mind, and therefore body, by passing on cultural knowledge that allowed us to exploit physical environments vastly more efficiently that any other living creatures had since the ants wised up one hundred million years ago. For our kind, physiological racism is the last baton of evolutionary advance, for us cultural racism is the primary mover, the current carrier of the baton of corporate identity, but I am trying to bin that one and point out that science is offering us a far more potent baton for the future - come take it from me. I see this professor Gamble is a specialist in Neanderthals and he has given us the old line once again in this most recent publication I refer to above that states that, as with all things pertaining to human evolution, we are such an impenetrable mystery we know nothing. Why did Neanderthals disappear 15,000 years after Homo Sapiens arrived on the terrain that

the Neanderthals were specially adapted to occupy? As I mentioned above, the Europeans exterminated the indigenous population of North America, and while this was done with a sense of supreme arrogance, the fact is this process of gradual replacement was an inevitable consequence of one superior form of corporate organism meeting one less highly evolved. The Indians simple had a more simple organic structure and could not compete with European society. The situation in Europe 40,000 years ago was the same, only more sharply pronounced because the contrast was between two species whose organic nature differed not only in relation to their behavioural complexity but also at the level of physiological sophistication. The only thing we need bear in mind when thinking about human evolution is that humans are a corporate species and the one consistent feature of our evolution is this corporate nature and the degree to which it is expressed down the ages by the various forms that have existed whether that be five million, fifty thousand, or five hundred years ago. These historical facts are simply the product of our organic physiology and the way it constantly evolves toward ever more intense means of expressing its corporate identity and form, and therefore realising the greatest expression of what we call power. Major corporate criminals use the fluid-genetic mechanism of law by making law. Individual, or minor corporate criminals, use the same mechanism, the organic mechanism of law, by breaking it. Energy is used to make law, thereby providing a means to extract energy from the organisation of the corporate body, so we have an investment of energy to create work by allowing us to use that investment in some other manner in the same way we build power stations by a great expense of energy to allow us to release energy in another form to create work in forms which vary from doing the hoovering to driving a train. Meanwhile the criminal, so called by the law makers, intercepts that energy cycle. This relationship of judicial and criminal behaviour to the legal component of the knowledge element of the corporate organism reveals the biophysics of law. The nature of law is that of a genetic information package that creates social structure by making social bonds. All organic bonds involve energy input, making law for the control of human behaviour exploits the energy potential latent in the relatively unorganized population. The corporate nature of humans justifies the idea that the individual, by being dedicated to a corporate purpose upon which they depend, but of which they have no true conception, is a true organic robot. Thus the legal system can be thought of as the operating manual for the exploitation of the robotic potential of humans in a production environment such as the civilised environment is. But the robot nature came first, the evolution of agriculture and industry was an inevitable consequence of this robotic organism’s evolution. And of course the coming of robotic law enforcers in the form of speed cameras designed to milk energy directly from people in the ordinary course of their daily activities is a considerable evolutionary advancement upon the strictly biological means that nature evolved when it created the human brain with the linguistic equipment that allows it to be programmed to release its energy potential from a central point. Law therefore is about exploiting energy by making bonds; or indeed, by breaking them. This creative process, like all creative process has to have a cycle of decay built into it, all cycles of decay are natural and healthy and essential to the regeneration of matter and form in the process that we call evolution. This leads ultimately to the conclusion that the sociologist Durkheim came to that crime is a sign of a healthy society. The breaking of the bonds established by linguistic laws, that is based on corporate genetic information, releases the energy that language has built up as a charge within a population by constraining behaviour. So for example if you force people to pay tax then you create an energy potential that anyone can operate around by being able to circumvent that law, and the law provides

legal loopholes for people to do this, too many for me to consider here, and then there are the outright tax dodgers. So breaking laws releases the energy potential of the social bonds. These bonds therefore need reinforcing to be effective and this is what leads to the actual evolution of the corporate bodies super-mortal organic structures - the judiciary, the colleges, the courts, the prisons and so on, that are occupied by the mortal cells. There is no morality involved here, only the simple laws of the flow of energy, the expression of morality is just one facet of the means by which the flow of energy is channelled through the corporate organism, polarised that is, morality is another element of the fluid-genetic substance, that is the linguistic genetic substance. Substance? Information is non-substantial, but information builds substantial structures and so we can think of information mediums as substantial entities. A spot of ink turned into a word gains no substance but is transformed into a element of information bearing substance. Money is clearly a primary organ of the corporate body in a complex civilised organism, its perfectly fluid material nature, money itself being worthless, is imparted by the central authority reposited in the elite organs demand for this abstract commodity. Hence Mormon, Christian, Jewish, Moslem funds are directed toward making social structures, primary to this is the making of laws, which enables more energy to be extracted from the human population which leads to the augmentation of social structure that enhances this process and creates of its own accord central systems of control such as monarchies, states, banks, corporations. In the meantime people can break into these bonds acting as molecular components either integrated into the structure, such as church leaders or charities or schools, or as individuals with a less integrated operational status, fraudsters, thieves, con-artists, users. But all participants are fully functional elements of the system keeping the flow of energy in motion. Hence whether a law maker or a law breaker, both can be thought of as criminals, that is users of the mechanism of law, from a scientific, biological, non-theocratic perspective. What follows from this is that we do not have laws determined by reason, they are driven by biological, that is Darwinian forces. This accounts for the highly suspect form of laws from a rational point of view. Bear in mind a rational point of view is by definition intellectual and ideal, it is the conception of an ideal that results from a reasoned examination of anything. Reality meanwhile, is not determined by logical reason based on a preconceived ideal such as the conception of what is right, honest or fair. How can anyone in any semblance of justice apply the same laws to someone from a deprived background as a person from a comfortable home? Clearly the only way this insanity can be justified is by arguing that moral fibre is a facet of the person, but once you start down this insane road to madness you must continually provide idiotic ideas to bolster the basic mad premise, that all are equal before the law and the law gives justice for all, by adding one stupid fallacy to another. So having said moral fibre is integral, you then need to say we can all display moral integrity and we must be held responsible if we do not. But the actual foundation for the logic behind this insanity is somewhat different. Does Nature have premises upon which its action is based, a form of preconceived notion? Yes, these we call the laws of physics and they are played out through the forms of matter that take shape as a consequence of those laws. These laws of physics are based on the transmission of energy through matter and the forms that evolve must reflect the balance of the energy transfers that are made. Our own laws are driven by the same universal laws of matter and our social institutions like banks can be thought of as organic equivalents making up the human corporate form, of the various electronic components we use to boost or otherwise control electric power in our machines.

So it is social power that is deciding moral behaviour. Children use to be hung for stealing a loaf a bread, how many children from rich homes engaged in this kind of behaviour, none because they all were made of higher moral fibre! And today, who are the joy riders that steal our cars? Teenagers from the posh neighbourhoods? Or kids from the estates where people have less of all that is desirable in their lives and more of all that is unwelcome? Posh kids steal cars too, but usually they take their parents car without permission, and when they trash it Daddy foots the bill. The differences that exists between people that are accounted for in terms of moral fibre are real, and despite what I have just said they are not based on social deprivation, they are based on character, to some extent. But these immoral characters are a feature of our evolved nature, they form one cell type of the corporate organism and they are evenly distributed through the corporate body at all levels of society. The only difference between the immoral constitution who ends up in prison and the one that ends up in Parliament is that one had one background and one had another. In other words it is neither fibre nor family, but an interaction between the two. And in truth we are all made of immoral fibre, inclined to do evil, as the religious like to call it, which is why religion can flourish, because that is what the corporate body requires - tension. So it is not that delinquency is a maladjusted response to society, on the contrary, it is the assumption of holiness that is abnormal. The trials and tribulations of the first Mormons recorded in the book reproduced here are terrible, but the manner of death of a convict in an American prison today is also terrible. The truth is that the Mormons were delinquents, this account shows they were even led by an out and out criminal, but all religion is criminal in its nature but it forms people into a coalition that sets itself beyond the power of others and then assumes to call itself perfect. We can admire the consequences, indeed we must, because the hard work and fine achievements are their to be seen. But in the end, the core of all religion is rotten because it is based on a self serving deception and the fact is that if a church did not empower an individual they would no more follow it that any criminal would ever do anything. We can see that the religious fraud is functional in purely Darwinian terms and this is why it prevails, it is also why apart from the greatest triumphs it also leads to most appalling calamities, hence we have a direct answer to the Christian’s dilemma Why does a loving God allow misery? From my rational analysis of law linked to Darwinian biology you can see how the madness of Theocratic ideology that runs our world feeds down through everything. This is how the social environment comes to be the Darwinian environment of evolutionary change, and how ideology (mythology, religion, politics) comes to be the core of the competition, and knowledge the basic weapon of hierarchical status. It also shows how law, finance and religion and all facets of culture combine to constitute the character of the corporate animal and thus to constitute what I call the Theocratic authority that rules us all and penetrates us as we are socialised, and thereby gives us our minds along with their power and character of thought. The above argument not only indicates one facet of the organic nature of law, as an element of knowledge, it also indicates the organic nature of money. Money as an organic structure of the fluid-body, that is the corporate body, is the blood of the organism. The flavour of the money in use is akin to the blood types we are familiar with, and as such the denomination is fundamental to the identity of the organism, and hence the sentiments expressed when money changes its linguistic identity. Always bearing in mind that it is language that is the genetic material of the corporate form and language creates the form of the social organism so if we start to use francs instead of pounds we know the social structures have changed and so has the nature of the corporate identity to which we belong. Never mind the Euro, in a couple of centuries it will be the Glob, the currency of a Global organism’s energy flow. See how the author, thinker, and would be philosopher reflects the

pre-occupations of their time. As the third millennium of the great Christian fraud beckons Globisation is the be all and end all of every thought about human society today; we all fear it, we all know we are being globbed right now, but we all know that there is nothing we can do about it. The force of Judaism is driving us on remorselessly even if it is now rendered into the linguistic form of multiculturalism. The only way to stop being globbed is to exterminate the globbers, but compared to a master globber all most of us know how to do is slobber and giggle away at comic images of ourselves like Mr Blobby. Elsewhere I have considered the organic nature of rights as a facet of law which makes them akin to a gene within a genome, the corporate genome of the fluid-body being all the knowledge extant within that body, or society. Thus do not think of the law just in terms of crime, it also acts in a very different way to create rights that create another structure of corporate identity and form, which is also grounded ultimately in the genetics of the solidbody. Thus much law is based on the growth process written into the solid-body’s gene code, which is then represented in the fluid-body gene code in the form of age defined rights and obligations, other genetically solid-body based fluid-body rights are gender defined. The knowledge genome of the fluid-body can be broken up into chromosomes but I am not in a position to indicate how this should be done, I have enough to do just trying to figure out how to get anyone to pay attention to this next phase of human enlightenment of the self, the effort of pinning down the details will be the work of generations to follow. Whoever makes the world conscious of this idea I am seeking to promote will be the next great genius acknowledged by the world with the benefit of hindsight, for what I am relating now is the truth and the final truth of the human race, it is the oneness of self knowledge that befits the global colony that is fast coming into being that needs religion to fall into place in history alongside its kin ideology, racism. So whether I manage to get the attention of people by explaining sufficiently how these things work or not someone at some time will, when the world is ready and the elite are able to move on without losing control of the slaves. Returning to the nature of Judaism. The best answer I can give to this, from a purely biological point of view, is homosexuality. I mean no offence by this, what I mean is that it is from the evolution of the physiological form of homosexuality as a true caste that the civilised society was enabled to evolve and without this core identity it still could not exist today. But my assumption is that homosexuality became significant in this way a long time ago, perhaps it is associated with the evolution of the white skinned corporate identity which is so radical a change from the usual manner in which human colonies distinguished themselves via their racial identities. So I am saying it is not Judaism that is the core of our Western civilisation but homosexuality. But since this effect may of begun to influence social forms as long as thirty thousand or more years ago, when we see people disappearing into secluded sanctuaries for clearly ideological reasons where they left beautiful cave paintings, then if you follow my argument you will realise that humans produce knowledge that supports their own identity and as the homosexual evolved to become an elite caste so it evolved knowledge that created social structure that supported its numerically inferior position and alien type of behaviour. We have to associate different ideas with different types of humans, so the social hierarchy in humans is established not by banging horns on the head but banging heads together metaphorically by using them to create ideas that serve the self and can ally others in that self centred process of knowledge fabrication. This in turn provided a social environment in which other oddities could gain a foothold on the principle of the new knowledge and if you leap forward to the Jewish idea that life is sacred then we get the culmination of this knowledge form. And thus I am saying the knowledge which is embraced by Judaism goes back to the these early physiological roots. This is of course how

we link knowledge as the genetic substance of the fluid human body with DNA as the genetic substance of the solid human body. Something which the great Edward O. Wilson simply could not envisage in his weak and rather hopeless attempt to create a science of sociobiology which purported to be the great synthesis that took Darwinism to its limit, but which in fact did nothing of the kind simply because its exponent lacked the genius to achieve this goal. His work is nonetheless an excellent donkey for others with a better intellect to ride upon to a true destination. The above paragraph is a very swift introduction to a difficult idea, it is begging for ridicule, but I am here offering the fruits of a brain storming style of synthesis arising from the realisation that humans are a corporate animal. This idea concerning the role of the male on male caste is therefore loosely presented because I have no means of taking it further, but it has to be offered as an idea because it makes sense as a proposition. Apart from this, coming to the current form of our colony, I would say the identity that captured power by being the first to use written language to construct a corporate identity is Judaism’s actual source of power in the modern civilised world, and therefore this is the nature of Judaism, a corporate organism based on writing instead of speech The fictional account that became the substance of the Book of Mormon was in terms of its immediate time and location just a fluke creation, its falling into the hands of a petty criminal was likewise another fluke of timing, and the cherry on the pie of chance that leads to all the worst disasters in life, the meeting up with a self righteous egotist named Rigdon who was without the least comprehension of the meaning of the word truth, was a natural conclusion to this particularly human tragedy. But all these chance events, as understood by our severely limited self consciousness, are simply the natural processes arising out of the composition of a corporate human body. This evolution of knowledge via these forms and events can be likened precisely to the evolution of our plague diseases from the diseases of the animals which we domesticated, that is formed a symbiotic relationship with, some eight or nine thousand years ago. The sheep and pigs and so on became part of our social structure, our organic corporate body, and from there a million chance events of association took place each day and one or two coincided that stuck to each other and narrowed the field of chance until a new human disease specially formed to infest us evolved according to its own information package. The same thing was happening in America as Smith himself says. The anonymous author of this first history of the Mormons says that there is no need to use the words of others to investigate the Mormons in a full manner as they say enough about themselves for others to be able to judge them. And even now one hundred and fifty years on when we can prove God does not exist and explain the evolution of Judaism and Mormonism in purely biological terms we only need turn to the words of Smith to trace the biological conditions which led to the evolution of Mormonism through the medium of Joseph Smith himself. He was living in a melting pot of social ideas where a new organism was trying to take root and all sorts of varieties of the one permitted dogma were competing for dominance and the people pushing this competition were all rogues. Smith learnt from those around him and it was merely a matter of chance the coming together of this little 'genetic' packets of information in such a way that they could knit together into a stable combination and then start to replicate in a manner in which knowledge is supposed to replicate in the brains of the cells of which the corporate body is composed. How the idiocy of Smith's ideas could work is a baffling thing on the face of it but Christianity itself is sheer idiocy and the entire population was drawn from the corporate body programmed to belief in such nonsense and yet not well programmed, that is not actually

educated, these were simple lower order units of the corporate entity, muscle and bone awaiting directions. It should be clear from what I am saying that knowledge is a human product oriented toward the interest of the physiological type of the individual. By the word product I do not mean that which all people will be inclined to think of. I mean in the sense of an essence which exudes from human beings as say scent disperses from a flower, or sap seeps from a tree. This is why ideologies evolve as corporate forms of the personalities, and why Nietzsche noted the obvious fact that philosophers simply devise schemes that vindicate and support their own personal interests. An important question is how do successful corporate ideologies become established. This is what the formation of religion is all about. Knowledge of a rational sort is however not of this 'motivated' kind, it is neutral, just as a piece of land or other resource is neutral, it is open for anyone to possess it or exploit it, or for a person to exploit it in a variety of ways. This indicates the sort of mechanistic relationship that exists between rational knowledge and ideological knowledge; human organisation is all about possession, or control, of knowledge. As one ideological model gains ground it causes others to arise following the same model, thus a form of knowledge, or species of knowledge, evolves. This evolutionary process does not always proceed in a precisely symbiotic manner such as we see existing between Judaism and Christianity where Christianity evolved, in the hands of the Romans, to be become an alien identity implant imposed upon non-Jews after the Romans had exterminated the indigenous authority system and its associated beliefs. Christian slave societies then continued the 'evangelistic' process of ethnic cleansing and extermination thus opening up territories for the occupation of the elite identity of Jews. America is of course entirely dedicated to the promotion of Judaism, and is in all but name a Jewish slave state, as all of Europe has been for centuries, but America is the seat of power for the Jews today. It must not be forgotten that Islam is just as much a slave identity imposed by the Jewish corporate identity upon the world. Again, this must not be thought of in personal terms, we are not humans, we are part of a human organism, that organism is Jewish at its core in terms of its cultural identity, and homosexual in terms of its physiological identity. This essence of human, this knowledge, is exuded for a purpose, it binds individuals into an amorphous mass with an internal structure, and an external form delineated by the physical environment and the potential for its occupation in accordance with the knowledge excretion which is binding the human organism together. The human produced external environment is an exoskeleton within which the human aggregate mammal lives. Knowledge is ‘beamed’ out from, and received by, the living components of the organism constantly as a polarising force, whether in the form of speech, of all kinds, music, visual stimuli, or the internal ‘chatter’ of the inner voice that is called thinking. Thinking is merely the operation of the corporate mind ticking over within the unit. From this it is evident that the excrescence of knowledge must have certain attributes suited to its purpose, it must bind, and it must engender an organic structure that supports this binding. Just as the substance of a spiders web must do likewise, and the manner in which the spider uses that sticky substance must be directed by an information routine that exploits the product of its organism. Thus human knowledge more than anything else is evolved to bind humans into collective forms. This binding attribute is exactly what we see operating in the daily affairs of our society and in a broad view of our societies development. Always in the end the objectives of expansion and territorial conquest combined with an urge to reinforce identity is expressed by the leading knowledge that gives us our identity. This

knowledge is first and foremost in the form of religion but it has other major facets to it of a physiological form, and there is an environmental element in that we occupy a territory and identify ourselves with it, indeed when racial physiology was pre-eminent our corporate identity was taken from the physical territory we, or our preceding species, occupied. And then there are the so-called secular elements of the social knowledge package which are really just religion wrapped up in a secondary form. It can be seen from this description of human nature in operation why we have all the social forms of conflict and politics that we do including war, terrorism, legal sanctions forcing us to have open borders and to welcome aliens with primitive and deeply offensive ideologies and all sorts of other odd social circumstances. And why we live as a form of cattle managed by a tiny elite with entirely opposite values and personal interests to the 'beasts' that most of us are, since ultimately the elite, the 'farmers' of the territory and its livestock are somehow guided by a motivation that drives them toward an ever more intense expression of corporate identity and superorganism form. There is no limit to this ambition expressed through the elite, and the appearance of corporate capitalism is the most upfront evidence of that. Capitalism is today the modern equivalent of warfare, advancing the Western civilisation’s access to territory so its Jewish ideology can impregnate and implant the alien populations that the Jews need according to their evolved cultural, that is corporategenetic, make-up. A deeply offensive thing to say about the Jews, when expressed in Jewish terminology, but of course I am not judging any Jewish individual for this human behaviour expressed most perfectly in the culture that they are programmed with, I am just describing the biological nature of the human species. Most of us who think ourselves lucky to earn enough to buy a few beers now and then wonder why people with hundreds of millions of pounds want more, and more, and more. Now you know, it is a different kind of programming, and these elite are of a different kind than we are, whether or not their actual religious identity is Jew, Christian or Muslim or whether they actually have the homosexual identity itself, whatever these conscious elements of identity underlying these witting elements are, it is the unwitting forces of human nature that are the real pain in the butt. I have to say that transcribing the lengthy quotations of the brothers during their trial and tribulations in Missouri became very nauseating. Undoubtedly these events were traumatic but you have to ignore this detail that provokes sympathy and keep in the forefront of your mind the fact that this man Smith joined with another, Rigdon, who stole a book and between them they deliberately set about foisting a deranged charade on the public. And so as Smith sits in jail, a victim of state organised oppression, and bleats about God's vengeance and his holy rights he is really displaying the most sickening attributes it is possible for any human to display. If your mind simply does not work like that of a Smith or the sort of human that is loves the kind of false knowledge he promoted it is virtually impossible to comprehend what is going on. The author offers us a brief comment to the effect that Smith must have lived his charade so completely that he came to believe it. OK, but how? Not only how does an individual like this come to exist, but why does an animal exist that displays this kind of attribute amongst its population routinely, and, as we can see from the ultimate success of the Mormon criminals, so routinely is this bizarre behaviour that it is the true route to ultimate power? I will tell you one of the best sources of such individuals, people who live in a state of fantasy as a matter of course. Within the care system where young people are looked after by corporate authority because their circumstances in the community are broken down for one reason or another. Here you can experience the fantastical, not to say fanatical, mind set of Smith as a matter of routine. Not all youngsters in such circumstances display this twisted

thinking but a good percentage do, and it is only by getting use to such people that you can come to see this sort of thinking as normal in some circumstances. It can be understood as a form of escapism or over compensation for a crushed ego, or an expression f a particular innate inclination to be so self centred. From an understanding that the total self generation of reality from the individual outwards is often a product of certain types of early nurturing experience, nurturing that is disorganised and tends to undermine the sense of meaningful connection with society and the accepted reality of normal behaviour thus producing youths who are maladjusted to society, we can make the next necessary step. This maladjusted mind set is prevalent in certain circumstances, but, as ever when dealing with human traits, the trait can be part of the genetic make up of an individual and be expressed regardless of the social environment. Some people just have an overwhelming inclination to lie, to put it crudely, and to manipulate others and to fantasise in such a way that they make reality rather then meet reality. And what is most important is that many people like this sort of captivating individual, people enjoy fantasy and often prefer it to reality which is why ideas explaining archaeology from a ludicrous point of view often prove immensely popular with people who would not otherwise be in the least bit interested in archaeology. Reading Von Daniken is easier than reading Darwin because Daniken is acting like a doctor taking over an element of a person’s own responsibility for themselves, in this case not due to the frailty of illness that requires a person to trust another sometimes, here the person’s responsibility for their own intellectual effort is taken over as they are given a dose of a nice and easy explanation for complex events on a plate that says some other super beings were responsible for all that we are. This is easy to swallow for people who prefer the self centred myth that supports their slot in life to the uncompromising truth thus allowing them to go about their mindless lives supported by the tightly bound band of unwittingness which makes a corporate species possible. Darwin on the other hand demands that a person makes a sincere effort on all sorts of levels to appreciate knowledge that is essentially alien to the kind of knowledge that is generally made available to people in societies of past ages. Clearly the disjointed attitudes of individuals are not in themselves enough to create a major phenomenon such as the establishment of a new creed or variety thereof, this requires a large receptor population who welcome the fantasy. It has to be understood that the fantasies of the maladjusted are not aimless, far from it, they are seeking to compensate for what is missing in their experience of life, most fundamentally the sense of worth, they are seeking to make themselves out to be something special, to boost their egos. And this behaviour is not manifested only by the maladjusted, it is not only the product of a poor social environment. From this we can begin to understand better why Smith was so dedicated to his perverted ideas even in his most desperate moments. He had created a being that was immense, the entire body of the Mormon church was in effect the sum of Joseph Smith, he possessed all those who adhered to his policy. He was able to take on the mantle of being God’s representative on earth, and it was real as long as others made it so by acknowledging it was so. We are made real by others, that is our nature, that is what follows from a recognition that we are a corporate species. I have spent all by life trying to figure out what the nature of our society was, I am as much of a loner as it is possible to be, but as soon as I succeeded I realised the effort was pointless unless I communicated it to others so that they could know what I wish someone else had told me. In other words I am only made real by communicating with others. As long as Smith’s followers stroked his ego he loved and cherished them, if they rubbed him up the wrong way he turned on them with evil vengeance. I did enjoy one or two sentences of his drivel from within prison where he says what kind of people should be guarded against and therein he describes himself nicely. You can admonish an honest man but not a rogue - how true, and as we can see whenever any of the gang of

criminals under his command broke with him he, or one of his cohorts, had plenty to say against them. This condemnation of the very kind of people the early Mormon’s were themselves is a recurring theme and it is a classic defence mechanism of the wily liar and rogue - anything you say about me, I just use to describe you. But you can never fully unravel these human behaviours if you stick to the Jewish ideology of individuality and history which after all is exactly what Smith is working with to create his extended body and inflated ego. The ideas that are at the root of Judaism which put the human individual on a pedestal and thus make history paramount over the forces of nature are by no means unreasonable, but in themselves, taken at face value, these religious notions are evidently absurd. People are but animals, and no matter how smart they become, in their own estimation, there is no getting away from the fact that they evolved. So, what does this mean? It means that up to a point many things in life will make sense if we look at them as the actions of individuals but in the end sense will disappear unless we recognise we have come to the boundary where nature takes over what we are doing and is in control of us. When we look at the rise of a new ideology we see nature in action and we can recognise this only by recognising the nature of human animals. By recognising that humans are a colonial species, a superorganism that forms colonies, all this strange behaviour that we see recorded in this book, and that we know is at the core of all human societies, makes sense. People like Smith become essential to act as seed-egos about which an ego centred sense of self can grow by drawing in others to form an extended body based upon the original seed. It is like seeding a cloud to make rain. And one seed links to another. Thus in this analogy the original cloud is Sumerian civilisation and in the modern era that cloud is Judaism, it seeded Christianity, and within this last portion of the cloud Smith acted as a new grain of substance about which a new focus of condensation of identity could form. While this may be just an analogy at the most basic level of physics and the laws of matter the analogy must be a perfect likeness, human society must conform to a pattern of energy distribution just as the cloud must. This in effect creates one superego consisting of many individuals who have been taken over by the idea that originated from one person. It must be remembered that such social forces do have to be powered by resources, that is to say they must be fed, which is why religion promotes war, and why new forms of Judaism were arising in a newly occupied territory to take advantage of the energy resources that had been made freshly available to this ideological organism. Well, I am enjoying writing this but as I begin to get on to this subject I feel the need to go deeper into it and this is not the place. You can at least see where I am coming from and how I account for these human social behaviours and collective movements from a biological standpoint. It is interesting to see in Rigdon's representation to the State legislator how the law in a Christian country allows a mass body to invade a territory where it can coalesce under one closed identity and thus oppress all the locals or indigenous populations who are not thus organised into an equivalently empowered confederacy of identity. The basic principle operating here is that of a union of workers or a business consortium. Corporate capitalism is the perfection of this religious system. But sticking to the religious field of human competition the same fact of coalescence for gain is obvious in Britain today where Moslems coalesce into tight knit groups where they can take an area over and ensconce themselves without losing their identity. Clearly these laws supporting the infiltration of aliens come from Roman law which is rooted in Jewish religious law and this style of legislation is intended to allow just this effect so that a fragmented indigenous population can be infiltrated and thereby abused by an alien population which empowers the ruling elite which remains the one constant identity within the mosaic of extant populations.

In order to fight the evil of Mormonism it was necessary for the good people of Missouri to form into a company of criminals which means they were forced to break the law. The same requirement is made of English people today who would like to defend their country from the obscenity of Islam which is an insult to our nation and all our Western values, but which is the vital source of manpower for the elite who manage our colony for their own purposes, purposes which are formed by a conception different to the ordinary people of the society. And central to this alien way of thinking is, of course, Judaism, which gave rise to the alien slave implant we call Christianity and, in another form, Islam. This was the real strength of Mormonism, its moronic basis was no more an obscene insult to human intelligence and decency than that of Christianity or Judaism, but it had a function, to knit together a group that would be a unified force acting under the authority of Judaism, something which is made perfectly clear by its dogma which freely conflates being a Mormon with being a Jew and sees the cause of Zionism and Mormonism as one. Hence Mormonism is the seed of September 11th. Which reminds me of the little entry I read earlier today in a The Fontana Dictionary of Modern Thinkers 1983 edition where the German Oswald Spengler is noted as having recognised that cultures arise from a seed and grow. The mother plant in the case of Mormonism was Christianity, but the parent species is Judaism. Without Mormonism you could not of had September 11th. That is the price we all pay for the seemingly inescapable need for mindless stupidity to be the focal point of social organisation. We are supposed to support the underdog. From prison Smith noted this transformation in the public attitude was taking place. Today we are told we should feel great pity for the poor suffering refugees who have spent more money than any English person could hope to earn in a life time to get to Britain and who have to live as slaves and work likewise for years in consequence. Or they are in terrible jeopardy in their own countries so they are fighting the evil they face by coming here to sign on the dole. Surely we must all recognise it is necessary for us to give up our British way of live and become subject to Moslem law over the next couple of centuries so these people can find a home where they can preserve their culture and traditions in safety. Well, you may detect that I am not entirely taken in by such brain dead drivel. The cruelties that the Smith freaks suffered were terrible, and they were entirely self inflicted, they should of been outlawed by State law, we should have laws in Britain today to make it illegal to promote Mormonism in way shape or form, just as we do other evils like selling heroin. Although no one in their right mind would ever suggest that heroin could even begin to compare with Mormonism as a force for evil in society. Naturally when I speak of Mormonism in this way I take it for granted that people will recognise this includes Christianity, Judaism and Islam and all the other shades of subhuman mindless evil that have evolved to enslave humanity and destroy the purpose of living and the very planet we live upon. Harsh words. But this a war we are engaged in, these religions have not gained total domination of the world for nothing, they are utterly inhuman and totally incapable of any form of decency as illustrated perfectly by this contemporary history of Mormonism which we in the West can so easily relate to today in relation to the way we are controlled and manipulated by our religious masters. I do not like being a slave, I do not like living as a slave, but that is what I am when I know the truth about life and society but am forbidden to speak it by religious authorities. The complaint Rigdon makes is undoubtedly perfectly valid. But the conclusion is that there should of been laws in place to suppress all forms of religious congregation, and there should be today. Religious freedom is the antithesis of freedom, it is like the idea of only coming alive after you die, and the Christians even managed to sell that madness. Of course we all must give up some personal freedom and acknowledge a

collective authority in order to have any freedom worthy of the name, but I do not consider the mindless drivel of Judaism the key to furnishing this social ideal. If all religion were outlawed decent people would not be driven to protect themselves from the insidious effect of invasive religious sects that are driven by fanaticism and protected by the law, in a cruel and illegal fashion. But of course, the whole point of my argument about the nature of human nature and the nature of knowledge and law and Judaism and religion in general, is to show that all these factors are natural Darwinian factors and knowledge is the terrain in which Darwinian competition takes place between the super massive conglomerates of human form, and so you can not rationalise your way out of these cultural situations by expounding ideals, nature does not give a toss about ideals. In his appeal to the Pennsylvania representatives Rigdon reveals his linguistic abilities that we would expect of one whose trade is publishing. His tact and intelligence was obscured in the earlier quote when the author belittled him for his pathetic insulting manner of presentation and language. On page 70 of this scanned copy of the original book we see a man who knows the power of the written word and just how to use it. This gives us our first clue as to the real man behind the message. This suggests Rigdon is the equivalent of Paul in relation to Christianity and the real master criminal behind the whole affair. Some one somewhere had to of had the idea to cook up the Mormon sham, just as someone somewhere had to have the idea to cook up the Christian sham. In both cases the creator was working from a recipe book of shams, the source code being Judaism, and their extraordinary success shows they were in some special respect a well trained chef equipped for the job. Remember, Jesus did not create Christianity anymore than Spaulding created Mormonism. Both these individuals were the victims of criminals and perverts of the lowest kind, which is self evident in the product. Following up this line of reasoning we can assume that the method both Paul and Rigdon used to create a new identity implant from an extant pattern, must of been the same method that in another, unknown person’s hands, produced the pattern in a less sophisticated form at some prior date by the same process. In other words we can say of religion that it was ‘invented’, like fire, or the wheel, by some anonymous humans many times, many generations ago. Each round of replication will involve some mutation into a different form and the degree of mutation will effect the exact nature of the form. Judaism had once worshipped a number of gods and the effort to make one God ascendant was not a natural process in the sense that it just happened, people of the day had to make an immense effort to attack those who worshipped the old plurality and to support the new theocratic form. This is reminiscent of the Egyptian monotheist pharaoh who failed to gain the support of his priesthood and thus failed to make Egypt undergo the transition to a monotheistic state. Perhaps this is what ultimately lost Egypt its position as the focal point of the civilised world's society, and led to it falling by the wayside thus opening up the way to the priests of Judaism to take on the mantel of elite order of the civilised world. But these are mighty tricky things to just ponder on and pretend to make any worthwhile statements about. Once again I ask you to recognise that I am ‘brain storming’ on the basis of the novel idea that humans are a corporate species when I get down the detailed consequences for our understanding of ourselves and our history. This process of knowledge fabrication is central to human society. Moses must of been a forerunner of Paul and Smith, another natural deviant with an in built inclination to fabricate lies in order to manipulate people and thus aggrandise himself and gain social power with a compulsive desire to be glorified, which is achieved by extending his ego to consume that of all those who will succumb to his influence. This inclination must go back to the evolution of our species equipped with the ability for complex speech and an inclination to be

deceived for socially functional purposes. I think it makes sense to suggest this characteristic connects with the evolution of homosexuality with its flamboyant, artistic, narcissistic, egotistical, gregarious, intelligent, bitchy, jealous, resentful, arrogant, and generally energetic and creative attributes. But certainly these deviant characteristics are not exclusive to homosexuals, just typical of them. What I am characterising as criminals and deviants are the greatest heroes of our culture and these leaders of humanity openly declare their belief in lying to the mass of people in order to control them. From Plato to Winston Churchill these great men assert people must be deceived for their own good. I recoil at so vile an idea, but that does not mean it is not a valid belief, in a certain context, and that context is precisely the one that makes us a corporate species and exploits our specifically human qualities. Rigdon was a man who knew the value of the written word. Since, in at least some small measure, I too consider I myself know the value of the written word as a powerful tool in social affairs I can sense this knowledge in Rigdon's manner, only I can see that he thought to use this immense power in an altogether different way to the way I would think of using it. Except that in his address to the Pennsylvania representatives he is using this power in precisely the way I would use it in a similar position. He was the one who first saw the Manuscript Found, who recognised it had potential, and who stole it. He had it for some years before he got together with Smith, and it is obvious America was a cauldron of fanaticism at that time, just as it is today in fact. The Americans appear to have a screw permanently loose, and to be damned proud of it! It is their national characteristic. I met a bright, pleasant lad, who was working behind a bar in popular restaurant down south twenty years ago. His mother was some sort of campaign manager for the president. He, in common with her, believed there was a bloke from Africa who carried the marks of Jesus' crucifixion on the palm of his hands. I later learnt that this man, Hilee Silassy ( how it sounds, who knows how it is spelt?) was some kind of born again black Jesus. I could not believe this youth was standing in front of me saying this garbage to me, and whatever I said made no impression on this intelligent, happy, pleasant, all round American boy. And that is just one example of the kind. Of course you only need turn the TV on anytime to see some nutter like Oprah Winfrey preaching this kind of evil rubbish, and promoting weak mindedness, and I recall seeing an English girl on television, on Blind Date maybe, saying that this American witch doctor was her hero, so it is not an exclusively American disease. Sick, a sick world. Religion, the epitome of all that is evil, dressed up as all that is good. Like a slick conartist in a fine suit, if you have eyes for the suit that is. To me all such garments are woven from a mysterious substance that leave me with the power of X-ray vision. You see a sweat talking, compassionate, intelligent women doing all she can to help people find joy, love and happiness. I see a nasty, manipulative, self centred, deceitful, lying, evil witch whose sole object is to masturbate herself in public by gaining power through association with the ideology of slavery through association with the master whom she obeys irrespective of the evil the theocracy is responsible for in terms of false knowledge shielding real military and economic power. Hey, makes sense to me, I am just saying I cannot help seeing the reality. It is what is generally called having a bad attitude, being blind to the deception makes for perfect slaves and equates to a good attitude. Nature made us all to be good slaves, save a few erratics which just swish about serving a purpose here and there like antibodies awaiting a crisis but for the most part being superfluous to everyday objectives of the body’s functioning. I am just an airbag waiting for an accident. Hello its happened. Time to inflate. With Hilee Silassy in mind I see in a report today on CNN, 16/06/02, a new Catholic Saint has been created. This man, Padre Pio, had the stigmata of Christ, for which he was denounced by the Vatican as a fraud, accused of making the marks by using acid on his hands. It is said that he became popular by taking 1.2 million confessions. His stigmata

began to show in 1918. To become a Saint you have to perform two miracles after you are dead. The one he did that led to his beatification was the curing of a women who was bleeding from the neck. CNN went into this in detail but I could not be bothered watching the full account. The second was the saving of an eight year old boy with meningitis. So, there you go, eat you heart out Joe Smith, you were just one in a long line of nutters. We can all appreciate the insanity of the Mormon religion, unless it happens to be the colour of our particular insanity. But this little snippet of current collective idiocy indicates that this madness is the standard form of pseudo Judaism, and presumably has always been. We can even see in both cases how the theocracy castigates these criminally minded perverts during their lifetimes but canonises them once they are dead and out of harms way. This is so that individuals cannot use the power that the church’s sanction would give them which can only be vested in dead people because its actual location is the institution, the structure of the corporate body that is above all else the corporate body. This is a good lesson in the way the corporate authority of the animal ruled under the Jewish theology is managed. The noted sociologist Durkheim, a French Jew, observed that crime was a sign of a healthy society and that if crime did not exist in society it would have to be invented. Of course the process of instigating laws is all about defining criminals for society to exercise its coercive forces against in order to define its integrity. Here, in the demented religious forms, we can see how the role of the criminal functions in relation to the corporate organism which defines the criminal by means of the knowledge that defines the animal, that is to say that gives the animal its identity, Jew, Christian, Muslim, etc., etc. You cannot let the individual get carried away and obtain acknowledged power under the auspices of Judaism during their lifetime, but certainly you need them to try! It is the criminals efforts to obtain personal power through the manipulation of the creed that invigorates the animal, without this input the established authority of Judaism operating via its slave ideology would be ineffective. These deviants are particularly important in whipping up and satisfying the passions of the mass of underprivileged in the social body. A huge amount of energy has to be infused into the corporate animal in order for it to retain its coherence, and that energy needs to be channelled, or polarised, in some manner or other, that both requires and creates an overarching authority, if it is to retain its influence. In the solid body that ‘authority’ comes in the form of a hub of the central nervous system, the brain. In the fluid-body it comes in the form of a hub at the centre of the central nervous system that we call government but which is in truth the church, or theocracy. The Muslim theocratic code tries to duck this notion of a central hub by saying there is no church, but this is irrelevant because the central power in all extant societies is a theocracy, except perhaps China, I do not know, the Chinese seem to be the only civilised country on earth, they recognise that religion is an obscenity and rightly imprison people for preaching Christianity. This theocracy is an organic phenomenon, just as an idea is, an idea can only exist in a living human, and this is the nature of a theocracy. There are stable elements to this organic system, but it appears that these wild elements I call perverse and criminal are extremely important. They presumably act like particularly strong nerve impulses shooting through a body in response to particularly demanding circumstances. Once the individual figurehead is dead they can be incorporated into the established framework of the organism, and, especially in the case of Mormonism, we can see just how effective this process is, although entirely deviant and deranged and despised at the outset, in building social structure in accordance with the Jewish autocracy established two thousand years ago and going back far longer than that to the origin and birth of the organism we, as individuals, form just a minuscule transient unit thereof. This description sounds like an account of the fixing of a memory. During our waking day we constantly process masses of information but only some is retained as a

memory, and very little is retained as a memory we can speak of years a later. Some means of turning these pulses of stimulation into fixed memories must exist. And perhaps the evolution of knowledge is exactly like this, a church is the ultimate expression of an organic memory, and in this account of Joseph Smith’s life we can see of what these memories are made. In terms of the real world I am talking all kinds of nonsense here. The wisdom lies therein, like fruit in current bun. I caught part of an ITV programme called Whose Right is it Anyway? last night, Sunday 21/07/02, which had a philosopher, a theologian and Richard Dawkins discussing ethics and human nature. Dawkins had not the faintest notion of what evolution is all about. He did not use the word altruism but he described the act and said it is this sacrifice of one for an unrelated other that is so hard for a Darwinian to explain. He said no evolutionist is strictly deterministic! The man might as well be a priest instead of the number one antagonist of religion. This is pure idiocy. It is not for a scientist to question reality, we know every minute detail of humanity evolved and in no sense cannot of evolved, so therefore we must be subject to an absolutely strict determinism, all life forms must conform to the laws of physics to do with the exchange of energy between substances must if it is puzzling, which it is not anyway, then a scientist must address their own ignorance not question the reality of reality according to the ideas of some stupid, nasty mythology. Dawkins kept drivelling on about the opportunity to do good, to become more tolerant - of homosexuality for example - in other words he made out humans were unique as life forms, even after saying their were billions of species and at first sight it seemed unlikely humans could be any different. The man is an out and out theist. Religion is simply the next thing after racism, and science is the next thing after religion, the one must seek to destroy its predecessor, that is the Darwinian way, it is the only the way. Of course as the leading evolutionary scientist in a theocratic organism Dawkins is a potent means of defence for religion against science. He remarked that most of the audience would be religious, so this programme was presumably designed for broadcast on a Sunday evening with a religious audience in mind. A further remark of great interest made by Dawkins while asserting that people had the power to go against the grain of evolution by being ‘good’ was that progress could be seen to be made because we all now acknowledge that slavery is wrong. This is complete and utter bullshit. What else can you call it? As you can see throughout my far superior analysis that I am presenting here, the mechanism of slavery as a behaviour has to do with the nature of the corporate identity and the form of the organism it produces. The only reason that today the elite happen to make much of slavery being bad is that they are finished with the particular form of the lower order controlling device that we apply the theocratic word ‘slavery’ to, for now. If science were free to develop its own linguistic form, free from theocratic control, it would also apply the word slavery to Christianity, just as it does when the same techniques of control are observed in use in ant society as we see used in the management of Christianity by humans. The elite today have a far superior mechanism in place to that of a crude, physically managed, behavioural control. They have a well domesticated population of people who are blissfully content in their mindless ignorance through being raised with a slave identity implant, namely Christianity and Islam, to compliment that slave implant of Judaism. Even Judaism is a slave implant in fact, it just happens to be the core of the elite organ of the fluid-body. Just as even the brain is a dependant organ of the solid-body even though it is the elite organ acting as the hub of the whole solid-body. I am trying to give voice to an exasperation with religion, a warranted exasperation when you look at the nature of the beast. But you may as well rant at the weather, or try and

turn back the tides, as try and eradicate religion by argument. Although having said that argument is the only way you can even hope to defeat religion since religion is knowledge and knowledge is information, whether true or false, and like must counter like. As I keep saying we evolved to be religious, it is the way in which we form the true form of our species which is corporate. But is it the only way of forming a corporate body, is it possible to form a conscious corporate body? I doubt it because these things are in the hands of evolution and an unwitting collection of individuals will always represent a more unified and therefore more powerful corporate entity than a conscious corporate body. What is more there appears to be an onionlike layered effect to the entire universe that causes each layer to be subject to some overarching force resident in the next layer of which they have no, and can have no final awareness. If you did achieve ultimate consciousness you would know this god, but that simply defines God as the next mystery, or the ultimate mystery, whether you are an insect or a super-human. Thus God is just a force, a directing force that herds all that lies under one material form toward a set point, in other words a force that directs the behaviour of a living form. In this sense religion is itself God for it is the force that guides corporate behaviour unwittingly according to Darwinism while pretending to be something else. The pretence is what makes a discrete elite exist separate from the rest of the same species so that the superorganism can form an organic structure in which the religious elite act like a distinct form, that is a new layer of the onion directing the next layer that is established by virtue of the elite form’s evolution. This is form taking shape according to the laws of fractal geometry, where form spirals into itself with an infinite capacity to add layers of complexity. So we can supplant the idiocy of religion with the wisdom of science, but we must suspect that there will be something else to know beyond this level of magnificent wisdom. Religion can be proscribed, it often is, in a selective fashion. A state can be secular and simply do nothing to support religion and just ensure that religion is disempowered by outlawing religious education and advertising on television and such like. But as we live in a theocracy then trying to achieve this sort of civilised law is like trying to get rid of the House of Lords, you need the Lords to vote for their own abolition and it is a tricky problem how to get around this defence. Of course the theocracy rules all aspects of government and so there is simply no way of even beginning to suppress the theocracy, quite the reverse is taking place at the present time as the theocracy is openly working to extend its grip on society. On page 84 of this copy there appears a remark from Smith taken from a letter in which he says he was gifted to bring forth ' the renewal of the everlasting covenant, and for the gathering of Israel in the last days '. This is a remarkable comment because it transpires, with the benefit of hindsight, that Mormonism has become a force to be reckoned with and can be taken as an example of the renewal of the Jewish mandate over the newly occupied territories of America in the aftermath of the wave of Christian invaders. European adventurers sowed the seed of destruction and the Christian emigrants reaped the harvest, always remembering that the Jews are the landlords in this scenario. As I have already observed Mormonism was the seed, the seed of Israel - Zionism's realisation , and hence the seed of September 11th. The seed that caused the twin symbols of capitalism to be built and the same twin symbols of Judaism, on another level appreciation, to be knocked. The subjection of America to the Jewish slave implant is undoubtedly central to the gathering in the last days which can be interpreted as the globalisation process due to reach fulfilment in the course of this Millenium under the power and authority of the Jews. Bush may call Sharon to the White House, but it is Sharon who says what will and what will not happen and there is nothing that America can do about this because the American's are the slaves of the

Jews because their population, and therefore their core identity, was drawn from the Christian, Jewish slave territories, and has been augmented continually from the same source ever since, Mormonism being the prime example of this process in action. It is no accident that the Jews are immensely powerful in America, their programming instructs them to orient themselves in this way, and they have, with marvellous results, as ever. I noted with interest the comments of the theologian in last night’s programme with Dawkins, that Paul, the criminal deviant who fabricated the Christian mythology, was a typical nutter. A Jew who asserted the second coming was nigh. So this ‘second coming’ nonsense seems to be crucial to this replication of a slave implant. It seems to be the voice of expansion, that drives growth, and expands the core identity into other populations and territories. In fact we know from our own experience that the second coming is always an imminent theme. It must just simmer in the population as a function of the theocracy, the mind that is, and just boil over whenever circumstances offer it the opportunity, when there is a chance for the organism to grow. This second coming mantra must be the piece of fluidgenetic code built into the Jewish ideology that sets the organism pulsating. Or one of them. And this piece of ‘knowledge’ does relate to the impulse to expand, that is what ‘the second coming’ is effectively saying. The Messiah is about to appear again to spread the original Jewish message from God that made the Jewish body what it is. This can only mean a further phase of growth. In this sense any movement that has at its core the ‘knowledge’ of the imminence of the second coming is a self fulfilling prophecy, just as the belief of the Incas that the gods would come in the form of white men was a self fulfilling prophecy. Had they taken on board what they did in fact see, that the Spanish were just ordinary people, they could of acted accordingly towards them. The root to power is always to let a person’s imagination do its worst, which is why the quite ones are indeed ‘always the worst’, because they let the imagination stew. On page 75 of this scanned copy Rigdon refers to the role of the church in fomenting the revolutionary movement to establish independence from Britain. He says they sought no political preference as their reward, they only sort to promote this goal out of their inborn status as near perfect human beings who loved freedom. Notice the contrast with the way Smith speaks of the priesthood as though they were the scum of the earth whom he has been sent to purge from his generation - typical low life human beings these Mormons, like all priests of whatever class. These religious professionals acting as promoters of revolution accepted no preferment, so what was their motive? There was no ulterior motive - yeah, get real! But what was it? Just twenty years after the revolution succeeded up comes the Mormon obscenity, fabricated by a churchman. A new Jewish slave implant designed on location specially for the newly 'liberated' colonies. Curiouser and curiouser. But this is Darwinian evolution in action. It is not, as it sounds, an example of the machinations and scheming of people. No one in Europe in 1400 could of planned the Jewish occupation of a new continent by means of the pseudo Jewish slave implant called Christianity. They could of predicted it as a general principle if, like me, they had figured out the true nature of human nature and life in general, but then I had the benefit of coming after Darwin, a fairly crucial precursor to my insights. This result, the Jewish command of the new territories is built into the implant at all levels of the corporate hierarchy, the master (Jewish), the middle order (Christian), and the lower order (Moslem). The implant is the identity component used for the socialisation of individual cells of the organism, we know the knowledge exists, that is we are conscious of the implant as knowledge, this knowledge is the genetic programme that controls the form and behaviour of the corporate human organism via the control of all its individual

components. This underlying functionality we are not ordinarily aware of and only the growth of our corporate form has made it possible for us to acquire a body supporting a mind that is able to become conscious of these deep time attributes of our own corporate self. This is corporate self-consciousness coming into being not long after the revolution in human self consciousness that took place about the time that Darwin was working and the decades following. Cranks and criminals like Freud got in on the act and perverted true knowledge into some bizarre mystical form by applying the rule of Judaic language to the new knowledge that was becoming available in the form of raw information. But this is just part of the process of enlightenment. On page 82 Moses’ prophecy regarding the destruction of the city (Jerusalem as it turned out), and Jesus’ comment that Moses had anticipated his coming, and the dispersal of the Jews also prophesied by Moses, are mentioned by Smith. This puts me in mind of the situation in America when the Mormon Jewish slave implant was created because while we can easily examine the social environment in which the Mormon implant arose we have more difficulty in applying the same real-time detail to the thinking of the criminal-minded knowledge-perverts who fabricated the Christian heresy. But Smith's reference to Moses’ prophesy and the events which led to a bloke called Jesus becoming the core of a new slave implant sheds some light on the thinking process that must of been the same even in those distant times. The question is why did Paul fabricate Jesus' divinity, what formed the basis of his thinking and motivated his actions? We can guess that social events caused a problem and Paul's new story line was so constructed as to provide a medium for Jewish ideology to survive the destruction of the Jewish state that was under threat at that time. Society then was in flux. There was a social environment guiding this process two thousand years ago just as there was two hundred years ago in America. Just as Smith took every step by treading in the footprints of the knowledge-perverts who had led the way, so Paul did the same. And as I have just remarked while reviewing this commentary on Mormon history according to Darwinism, the formula of a second coming is a standard piece of code that must of been established as the Judaic code evolved its form via the experience of people during the rise of a civilised social environment in the Eastern Mediterranean regions. I speak continuously of the Jewish slave implant. In doing so I am using the theological language that controls all our 'minds' and directs the manner in which we think and speak. Just by using English I am forced to speak in this manner, continually implying that individuals have some sort of freedom of action and independent purpose in relation to these wider social consequences of human behaviour, even though suggesting such freedom exists is an obvious absurdity. The theological form of speech earths the consciousness in the self and makes us unaware of the evolutionary force controlling the social elements I am discussing here and that this history of Mormonism records. The consequence of this channelled reasoning is a void in our awareness that can be filled by the nonsense of religious dogma, and hence the reason I call this mode of linguistic communication theological. It is the basis of the theocracy's power and it is the core of their thinking, and insisting upon speaking in this way is what makes it possible for them to control the thoughts and reasoning of the mass of people. It is also by devising philosophies that use this theological mode of thinking that religious mythologies are able to fabricate perverse schemes of false knowledge that suppress the truth. All this is perfectly natural and is precisely what language evolved to achieve, to allow us to form one corporate mind. The best way to do this is by making people prone to a blinkered conception of reality that can be socially manipulated instinctively just as social manipulation occurs in any other species. The point of reminding you of the biological nature of these processes that are evident in the Jewish slave implant is to say that Christianity has evolved into an alien identity

implant. This much is utterly undeniable. Clearly Christianity has advanced across territories following a process of conquest that we would call ethnic cleansing, and often following the imposition of an alien military authority, so that an alien identity wherein a Jew is worshipped as God has supplanted less complex corporate, that is cultural, identities. By the simple device of saying people worshipped Jesus, the fact that they came to worship a Jew, which is the real cultural identity we need to be interested in here, is completely avoided. This works because it is made out, by means of earthing consciousness in the self, that Jesus is something new and no more a part of Judaism than America is a part of the culture that founded its modern human population. But as we can see from current affairs, quite apart from the fact that both populations speak the same language, when Bush nods Blair farts, when Bush farts, Blair nods. They are two ends of a rocking horse. And so are the nations these leaders represent. And so is Judaism and Christianity, and so they have always been. In the process Christianity has come to serve as a slave maker implant because the source of its origin has remained pure, that is Judaism, and been able to enter formerly alien territories that would never have tolerated them, where they could proceed to subsist according to their managerial style of programming that is what makes them the master identity, or the farmers of the domesticated sub-hierarchy. I am speaking of these things from a point within the organism that has been growing for two thousand years. That is some one hundred generations, or cellular cycles of replication, since this corporate genetic code first mutated from its parent form. A phase of growth that included a great deal of actual growth across physical territory, and a great deal of consolidation has taken place within the infiltrated and occupied territories. This a process that is still ongoing but which does not include expansion across unoccupied territories anymore. Almost all the worlds land mass is now occupied by human organisms programmed according to the Jewish identity code and the global institutions that are being established are of course entirely Jewish in their nature as are all the laws and regulations that control Western civilisation. This is why, when it suits them, only Israel and America can break all human laws with impunity from the perspective of Western civilisation’s retaliation. Christianity was not created as a slave identity any more than Mormonism was, it was a by-product of a life form interacting according to its nature with the social and physical environment in which it found itself. We have seen how circumstances created Mormonism, and from this we can get some idea how circumstances will of prompted the conception, birth and growth of Christianity. It was not created as a slave implant, but this is what it became, turning all non-Jews who became subject to it into a subordinate class of Jew or a pseudo Jew. But since we know all corporate identities that can be classified as Jewish in some sense are really colonial organisms then we can see that if one such organism gives rise to a suborder of itself then the two are part of one organic body, so the sub-order extends the primary colony by means of an extended organic structure. Just like parents having children. Using theological, that is emotive language, I call this extension a slave class, but it is not really, it is merely what I have here revealed it to be, a extension of the corporate organism. If we learn from observations of slave maker ant species that the effect of this evolutionary process operating in species whose individuals are evolved to support a true corporate form, where individuals are but organic robots so made as to support the higher purpose of a collective unity, then we can see that the colonial identity that evolves to be the master loses certain abilities to sustain itself and becomes entirely dependant upon the slave orders, just as Israel and the Jews are upon American and other Christian and Muslim corporate structures within the super massive organism of which the Jewish identity is the core. And so we can understand the extreme resistance to any threat to their elite position that such a master class would wish to exert, and be naturally able to exert. When

humanitarian Jews attack fascist Jews the fascist Jews are merciless and make the Nazis look complete amateurs at evil. When an English Jew helped put a boycott of Israeli academic institutions together as reported this month, July 2002, he received some nasty emails showing this mind set, one said it was a pity he was not born in Germany where he could of been Auschwitzed. No non-Jew, save a Nazi, would dare even think such a thought, not even me, I would not want to. The primary substance of Jewish authority and control is religious and we see all sorts of strange ways in which religious idiocy is supported in the modern world and science is suppressed. The idea of a Zionist plot being behind events like the World Trade Centre attack, as asserted by Arab nations according to reports on CNN at the time, make perfect sense here too. But these are extremely dangerous ideas even to mention, and very difficult to grasp the workings of without falling into the trap of speaking in terms of human conspiracy, which is exactly how the theocracy wants us to speak in order to keep our eye focused on the ball of human purpose and thus keeping us in a position where we are unable to understand the functioning of reality whose ‘purpose’ in respect to our society is controlled via the mystery of knowledge that first evolved in the Sumerian culture over five thousand years ago. It is dangerous to speak of the Jews in these terms because they have a special defence mechanism whereby they can get the slave-masters from the slave-class to categorise slave underlings speaking thus as criminals of the most vile kind, by accusing them of being antiSemitic. This indicates perfectly the slave nature of the Christian to the Jew, the Jew does not even have to fight its own battles, it just emits an alarm call and this fires the master slaves into action. I have no problem with Jews or Judaism, I just do not like it, nothing personal, I just happen to like being a free individual who is free to think without restraint and my practising this lifestyle has led me to see the true nature of Judaism. From this we can understand why the resentment people feel for Jews is so endemic a feature of all societies in which they exist. It is the natural resentment that all people, including Jews no doubt, feel for their masters when times get difficult. We can of course see that any band of aliens, like Moslems in Britain today, or just black skinned people in the West, tend to attract negative attention from the people whom they infiltrate and start to replace. The Mormons represented an alien growth from within. The Jews however have a peculiar quality in relation to this antagonism between indigenous people and aliens. They have the curious ability to be indigenous people that absolutely never become part of the population, but who do become so assimilated that other than their actively revealing their alien identity, the local population would never know they are aliens. It is this special programming of the Jewish identity that somehow explains their important role in creating the pseudo Jewish identity implants that mirror their behaviour and create Judophile social environments in which, notwithstanding periodic outbreaks against them, they can live and thrive. It was Muslims, not Jews who carried out the World Trade Centre attack. But at a deeper level than the acknowledged social identity there is a biological identity which makes the Jew and the Muslim one indistinguishable creature, where both serve the Zionist cause because both are parts of one corporate identity. So when Muslims say the World Trade Centre attack was a Zionist plot they are in a sense correct, because it was carried out by Moslems and Moslems are the dupes of Jews. And we can see perfectly how this attack has been like manna from heaven for the Jews and the Zionist cause of world domination, it has launched a war that is licensed to go on all round the world for decades, not least in the Muslim heartland where the Jews are firmly ensconced. Fall in a quagmire and to resist is to sink further in. And on this understanding the action on the part of the Muslims against the Christians served the Jews. Your legs can no more be separated from who they are as part of

you than your head, but nonetheless there is a difference in the extent to which these components define you. Could the global organism exist without Islam? Yes, just as you could exist if you had your legs amputated. Could the global colony exist without Judaism? I do not know, if my reasoning is correct the answer is definitely no, but I must say that I am unable to really tackle the details of this question because it is a subject that is not open to any reasonable form of examination by me at this time. In other words I just do not know what the real basis of corporate order and power is at the nitty-gritty level of daily action. It relies upon knowledge in all its forms and especially that of the law, and of course the control of wealth, which comes under the rule of law, whether by obeying it or breaching it, or just plain making it, but how this is vested in Judaism it is way beyond me to discover in detail so that I can describe the process by example. It is however self evident that the Jews run Western civilisation and always have, how else could they be the one national identity that never alters or wanes in any way while everyone else, no matter how powerful, just comes and goes. And while all territories are lost, just as Britain is being invaded and lost to alien cultures right now no matter how nicely the process is dressed up as multiculturalism and the enrichment of our society, or excused as a mere continuation of a process that has been going on always. The influx of Islam repeats a process that has happened before, but not on this scale since the Romans let in the Angles and Saxons nearly two thousand years ago. And we know what happened then don't we? The indigenous population was eventually exterminated or expelled and the English nation came into being, transformed into a Jewish slave state. Meanwhile, after a lapse of two thousand years the Jews are recovering the patch of terra firma they once called their nation , and with no small thanks being owed to this slave nation of theirs, not that that they would ever be likely to give thanks, masters do not thank their slaves. When Israel was condemned by some Western powers this year for attacks on civilians the former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Yetanyahoo, said he did not give a toss because while six million Jews were being gassed the rest of the world stood by and did nothing - it is enough to make you wish that were true. And thus we have the answer the so called fascist English historian famously put to a group of Jews, as shown on television a year or so ago, 2000 - 2001. "Why have you been persecuted down the ages?" But which, equally famously, he declined to give an answer to because he said he had no answer to give. Well the answer appears innocently out of the simple revelation that the Jews are the Western civilisations modern day master race. This is not a value judgement, although it is bound to be taken as such by many people, both Jewish and anti-Semitic, it is simply an observation arising out of the biological search for human origins which rests upon the conviction that human being are animals and they evolved just as all other animals did. This does not reflect positively upon the Jews, nor negatively, of its self. But if we were inclined to make those inevitable value judgments, then we must concede that this knowledge reflects as well upon the Jews, as reservoirs of authority and knowledge fundamental to the integrity of what has become the greatest civilisation ever, as it does negatively in that it sets the Jews up as the hidden masters behind the bad things associated with civilisation as well as the good. Crucial to the idea of corporate identity is the idea of 'unwittingness' whereby no one knows the nature of their own identity relative to the biological form of the species. This is why religions have evolved that are based upon a code that imparts the information people need to know to organise themselves while hiding the true nature of the form that code instructs us to create. Thus we get the intuitively derived mythological symbol 'God' evolving according to the same mechanism that applies to all features of any other biological form on

this planet to match what can be rationally determined, that is understood in terms of a causal pattern of development. Thus religion is rational, not in itself, perhaps we should say religion is pseudo rational, which is why it is functional, it is simply not rational in terms of its own nature and form, that of information in the form of knowledge; religion considered as knowledge is irrational. This defines irrational knowledge as hidden knowledge, but that is only so if the hidden knowledge is functional. Therefore rationality must be a perspective taken from a detached position, which is the ideal scientific position. If you are acting methodically, according to a causal pattern but not being rational, as people do when engaged in mythological ceremonies, then you must be being functional. If you are being rational then you are not being functional because these two opposite states of mind, rational versus irrational, are orientated toward two different forms of behaviour. Thus you can be enthusiastic about two teams of people kicking a ball past each other, and play the game, or you can be dispassionate and observe the ethological function of this animal behaviour. Can you do both? Maybe, but if you can mix these two perspectives with one brain in respect to sport, can you do the same in respect of religion? Can you be a devout theist and accept all that I am saying here? The degree of unwittingness is a debatable point, but one I am not going to get into here. I have enjoyed reproducing this history for a variety of reasons, it is interesting, it shows as well as anything ever could the shear ugliness of vileness of all religion and the true nature of this disgusting human behaviour. And I like preserving an otherwise old book that might otherwise simply disappear, and making it available for people for free, to enjoy as I have enjoyed it. But it has to be said that the lengthy quotations from the Mormon literature have been an trial to reproduce with their turgid repetition of sycophantic drivel about the Lord God and other such obscenity. It reminds me of a book I have in my possession The Spirit and Structure of German Fascism by Robert Brady 1937 which gives a 'careful and detailed analysis of Fascist institutions in Germany'. In the acknowledgements the author thanks a Miss Zoglin for her efforts in reading 'sheaves of turgid, on the surface endlessly contradictory, and at all times heartbreaking literature.' Indeed, and no doubt. Unfortunately I did not have a Miss Zog to help out. But then the mass of mush was only minor relative to the task I refer to. As anyone must know who has ever spent the smallest time reading the Bible, or any other religious literature, the term heartrending is surely the one that springs to mind as one thinks of the mind numbing idiocy of the human beings that revel in such stuff and the sick consequences for all humanity of the fact that it is the very people who do relish in such nasty material that have come to rule the world in the name of the so called meek, by which we should understand weak, pathetic and down right evil.

Crime There has to be a major reason why crime is such a big part of our culture. The continual presentation of scenarios consisting of crime versus justice applying to every conceivable aspect of life, is perhaps made most intimate by the American culture in which suing people for any action that has negative consequences rather than accepting responsibility for yourself, which shows this is all about the individual versus the corporate body. Real crime is virtually non-existent, but we are bombarded with images of crime in all forms of the media constantly so that we live in a virtual world of crime where the negative consequences are non-existent but the positive consequences of conformity to the state and a

sense of need for autocratic authority is set to maximum. The theocracy must do all it can to make people live with a sense of fear ever present in the background, and it does this via the medium of television and the media in general. This is like an individual living in a jungle and needing to be constantly weary of being eaten. As individual humans we do not have any such need, because we are not the animal, this state of awareness is shifted to the corporate dimension and this is why we see this mode of awareness generated in the way that we do. So while crime is virtually non-existent we are living in an environment where the only real dangers are the threat of being labelled a criminal by acting against the infinite mass of judicial constraints that are devised to make a compact fluid-body by polarising individuals into a rigid mental structure. 'Real crime' is an idea that had to be created as part of the Judeo ideology of individuality that made history a way of ‘seeing’ corporate events. Prior to civilised societies there was no legally defined criminal, that is outsider, the outsider was defined by their physical appearance. Within the group there were no outsiders as a matter of routine, there were outer forces existing within the 'world' that the group had ways of dealing with through their ideology. Judaism is a culture and identity based on the use of written language. Since language evolved to create one corporate mind and body, making language the foundation of human corporate nature, the evolution of a structural form of language in a non-living medium radically altered the nature of the society that could evolve. This suggests that writing evolved and created civilisation, whereas the historical account, the one we are use to, would have it the other way around, that the foundation of civilised life in the form of agriculture and a stable way of exploiting the niche environment through domesticated plants and animals led to social complexity and an elaborate hierarchy of specialists which found a need for record keeping to manage the social fabric that was the basis of their power. Or, to take the matter further back, the individual farmers needed to trade the material 'wealth' their new way of living meant they necessarily had and this required record keeping of some kind. The conception that you need to have in mind here is the 'baton of change'. This is a way of conceiving how evolutionary change takes place. The various forms a living entity takes over the course of time are batons of transference whereby the evolutionary process progresses according to the specific form’s underlying nature in the overall form of life. Thus the entire biomass is a form of corporate entity made up of a complex web of interrelationships. Within its own form, that of the mammal, which it shares with many other species, the human animal is a corporate species, its evolution to our current form with the powers of speech in particular, established our corporate physiology. Events like the coming of agriculture were a baton on route to a radical new release of potential built up within the genome of the species by prior changes in the physiology of the individuals making up the corporate body. With that release further forms, new batons, evolved to carry the process of growth along in accordance with the genetic foundations fixed in the genome. Writing was one of the batons that came after domestication. From writing flowed further organic structures in accordance with the nature of the baton, with writing that is. Since writing is a form of speech fixed in time then writing could perform the objectives of speech and these are directed at the management of social interaction and the structuring of social relationships and hierarchies. Ordinary speech has retained its primitive function where it is used primarily as a medium of social interchange at a personal level where what is said is non-meaningful but rather comfort orientated. In other words much of what we say is about social grooming. This why so much of what we say is rubbish, chit chat, and simply intended to comfort, flatter, or gain desired effects. And also why in a more formal way, why we have the concept of being politically correct in what we say, and the idea that some things we might want to

say, that might be very rational and perfectly true, label us a dangerous criminals engaged in behaviour that threatens the well being of the corporate body. Hence talking nonsense about God is good, while condemning nonsense about God is evil. But all this is central to the nature of Judaism and its offshoot identities, and it is all based on writing, writing is responsible for the way we see things, the way we think, it has altered our mode of expression and therefore the way we are able to see things. The bedrock of this change of attitude is the earthing of consciousness in the individual as indicated by the mass of content we find in the media, the media being the modern equivalent of the time when all there was was writing. The core of the new perspective is the individual, writing made possible the evolution of the history and individuals, and especially the toing and froing between individuals in the battle between individual and State embodied in the idea of crime, and that between states, in acts of war. It is true that the Book of Mormon is no more a fraud than the New Testament or the Koran. And Smith no more of a fraudster than Jesus, Paul or Mohammed, and to that extent they are all equally prophets of deception. We should take note of the connection between the fraudulent replication of knowledge and the creation of slave identities. This naturally occurring behaviour of the human organism displays the mechanism whereby pseudo Judaic identity-implants evolve their pattern so that they can be replicated amongst the human biomass living within territories devastated by the military force associated with Judaism, that of the Western civilisation, and thus be incorporated within the corporate body in the intimate manner that is essential to a fully corporate species. This allows the Jewish corporate organism to extend itself through the alien - Gentile - population thus setting up a symbiotic relationship which in respect to the Christian slave implant can be thought of as domesticating the alien colonial population but which overall actually has the effect of creating a single, united, super-massive, integrated corporate organism on a par with that of the slave maker ants whose secrets we so enjoy seeing revealed on television. Viewed via the mental prism of Judaism, which earths our consciousness in the self, the world view we get of this society controlled via the instinctive practice of knowledge replication through fraudulent imitation and mass transmission to a disempowered population, that is a population whose sense of identity has been shattered by destroying its elite structure, either by war, or other means such as the unsettled situation amongst the replacement population in America after the territory had been taken from the natives, we would look upon these biological effects controlled purely by genetics and the forces of Darwinian evolution in terms of individual human purposes and the history of human effort, so that, driven by the Jewish world view, we would see the Jews as masters seeking to spread their ideology across the globe by force of arms and indoctrination in order to be the masters of earth and to make all non-Jews their slaves. Of course this would be a ridiculous interpretation of the facts, the Jews are slaves to evolution just as much as the rest of us. The slave maker ants, unable even to feed themselves without their captive population, cannot choose to forego slave raids without signing their own death warrant, and the Jews cannot decide to give up seeking to operate as masters of society without simply causing their corporate identity to disappear from the earth just as so many other identities have been made to do by the progress of the Jew’s identity over the millennia. That is how the human colony grows and evolves. On the subject of Smith's motivation which is discussed after his death, it was suggested he had such a terrible time as a prophet he would surely of given up his deception

unless he had believed it in some strange manner himself. I have already indicated that when you meet people from a particularly deprived background you find the tendency to fantasise exists along with all the other most incredible, and scary, attributes of human nature in abundance. In other words to judge this behaviour on the part of Smith from the perspective of normal rational behaviour is absurd, it has to be accepted that there are different personality types and that different social environments always produce extreme, delinquent forms, that show this kind of behaviour where the drive toward fantasy, even at the expense of a masochistic death-wish like life style, is nonetheless the natural way to go. Page 123. It is interesting to see the unabashed recognition that capitalism is central to the organisation of 'gatherings' driven by the modern slave implant which focuses on work and industry. Capitalism is central to Jewish authority, along with the written word, the grounding of consciousness in the individual, and the earthing of the collective consciousness in the sense of history. In former times Jews were known as infamous misers, the theocracy had established for them the sole right to act as usurers within Christian slave societies; this is the link with capitalism in times past when capitalism as such did not exist. It is also interesting to see that the Englishman chosen by the BBC to teach us our history at the current time, Schama, is a Jew. I see he is to give a lecture on 'history on television', which is bound not to be in the least bit worth watching; although I wonder if he will tell us what the roots of history are, or even if he knows? These roots are of course biological and they are the core of Judaism. That core is the knowledge that constructs the corporate organism consisting of Jews, Christians and Moslems, and that generates the Judaic power arising out of that knowledge package - the corporate genome in fact. I should just correct the dismissal of Schama’s history, it will not be worth watching for itself, but it is always a good exercise to take a peek at the work of people you know have a fixed agenda antagonistic to your own. Still, I did not watch it. And I am not antagonistic to this historian simply because he is a Jew, I have watched some of his programmes, but it goes without saying that once you have discovered the role of Judaism in Western society you are bound to see in any representations of it the flaw which is designed to keep the slaves disorientated and thus ignorant, and hence blissfully enslaved. It is as if Judaism is the perfection of the Platonist ideal that the masses must be lied to for their own good. It is interesting to wonder exactly what driving force is behind the impending change in our gambling laws which being forced upon us by the lawyers who have decided to turn one of our great traditional sea side resorts into a Las Vegas style gambling centre to act as a sort of nipple connected to the population of the North West with its massive centres of population which have an immense amount of human energy locked up in them just waiting to be tapped by drawing off any free floating money, that is money not connected by a fixed wire to the theocratic state’s machinery dedicated to the family life support system - utilities, housing, and supermarkets in other words. These North West England population centres have a special meaning to the Mormon slave organ of America because, as we can see from this first account of the origin of this Jewish slave implant, this was a favourite recruiting ground from the outset. Their continued affection for this area has been demonstrated by the Temple they have forced on the area only a few years ago by manipulating the two social levers of wealth and law that are built in features of the Jewish ideology which enable certain kinds of organic colonies to thrive and be used by the appropriate, matching, theocratic elite. Here we see the manner in which capitalism is linked to religion for although the Mormons naturally spoke of the purity of the Christian dogma, saying how evil the worship of money was, and a sin and all that, they have found a nice little earner in running what are examples of the most 'sinful' of enterprises known to the world, Casinos. And now they have decided

to force Britain to be subject to this form of population farming we are powerless to defend ourselves against this slave slave-maker of Judaism. All fascinating stuff, I am sure you agree. Page 124 Note the implicit statement that this body will only support a secular authority which is committed to the defence of religious autocracy. This form of political theocracy is so evident in American and British politics today where the disgrace of primitive religious ignorance is in your face constantly. Page 128. The reference to the money milked from the poor in small increments to produce a great edifice in the form of the Temple is interesting. This indicates the function of such corporate enterprise, which is a question we wonder at when we look back on societies that have left behind huge monuments that look impressive but make us wonder why they went to all that bother, they astound us, but few other clues as to the enterprise and motivation behind them exist, we might think of Stonehenge, but there are many others. This reference to milking the poor, put in the context of my scientific analysis of modern human behaviour reveals the solution. It relates to the need for such a focus of effort and the sort of ideas that support the creation of such structures, and the role the structures have in supporting the ideas which lead to their creation. Thus even without written language, that we know of, we know these latent civilisations, which lasted for millennia and spread across large areas of Europe one core ideology whose focus of reverence is revealed in the commonality of their stone monuments, were highly sophisticated with priestly castes leading them who must of been repositories of special knowledge central to the integrity of their elaborate social structure. Much of the social hierarchy and regulation we have today must of been in place in a simple form, they were ripe and ready for conquest by a more highly developed colony functioning upon the same lines, one empowered by writing which had unleashed a further evolutionary cycle of information creating powerful social structures accordingly. As ever in life, information builds structure, structure expresses information. Information and structure are one and the same thing, distinguished by the life form’s power to sense. We call these things by various names, I like nature and form, you could say essence and substance, spirit and being. These things are the foundation of the sense of duality. The priestly caste is literally a memory bank within the corporate brain. In a colonial species the whole organism serves the function of a brain since it stores and manages received information throughout. And what is a brain, in the usual sense? Just a collection of cells amassed together in common form with a common purpose, all communicating with one another and operating toward the primary task of managing information for the whole body thus information makes form, form embodies information. In this sense the entire Jewish culture is the knot of the corporate central nervous system of our colony. And the memory banks, that is the information stores, of any mechanism are central to its being, as with a computer that so nearly imitates our organic machinery, the hard drive and RAM are the key features at the heart of the job. The Temple is an object of focus and as such the physical representation of the corporate identity made manifest for all to see and to know, and to know they have contributed to, or their forebears have done. This tells us why Stonehenge was built five thousand years ago by engaging in the extraordinary effort of shifting massive stones from quarries in the West of these islands to the cleared expanses of the southern upland. Or equally well this reveals why people in South America created the amazing sacred city of Machu Picchu in the remote Andes mountain peaks. Or why humans have this instinctive

behaviour of corporate endeavour, expressed through mass co-operation aimed at abstract goals, programmed into their genes giving them what we call their religious nature. It is because they are a true and fully corporate organism. I find that in the course of reading this history once again, in order to reproduce it, I have an answer to a question about the Mormons today which has often puzzled me. There are a good number of programmes about Egyptian archaeology and a very curious fact that impinges upon my mind when I watch them is that they so often credit the archaeologists with a professorship at a Great Salt Lake university - Brigham Young University if my memory serves rightly. So I have asked myself why this is, why are the Mormons fascinated with Egyptian archaeology? And here we find the answer, it was all part of Smith and Rigdon’s original scam. The fake hieroglyphs were a central feature, you will notice a number of references are made to Egypt, in one place in particular Smith mentions the retrieval of information about the ancient Israelites appearing from the tombs two thousand years after burial - this is what the latter day Mormon academics are seeking in the deserts of Egypt bloody nutters! Poor old Egypt, it attracts the deranged elite like flies to a dung heap. What can you say about this? It seems to be a kind of major insanity. How can people base their supposedly intellectual work on the ideas of a common criminal who only had one motive in life driving his intellectual efforts, to defraud people. I remember the maddest story of all about the Mormons was that they have computers buried in the mountains upon which they have the records of all dead people who were not assigned to some other faith officially. These people being as it were bureaucratic floaters, the Mormons claim them from the past and declare them Mormons. So it appears after death I am to be a Mormon! I forget the logic behind this insanity, not to say obscenity, I guess it is the bloated success of the fraudster writ large. But where did this house of madmen (and women) get this particularly nuance of their insanity from one wonders. The description of the marble font in the account of Colonel Kane that was so sacred that the unwitting heroes who tried to exterminate this terrible creed in its infancy used it as a latrine suggests that they had some odd ideas imbedded within the identity implant woven for them by Smith and Rigdon from the basic Jewish slave implant. More than this I cannot say, but there is evidently going to be some rational explanation for this particular piece of abstract fluid-gene content. Actually I thought I noticed vague hints once or twice relating to this bizarre way of boosting a congregation while reading but I did not bother to explore the point, enough is a enough! Clearly if humans are a corporate species, as I maintain, there can be no difference between the way any attribute of any life form takes shape, and how any attribute of humans takes shape. This means, to put it bluntly, that whatever Darwinian forces drove the shape of the peacock’s tail also drove the shape of the Post Office Tower, or the Apollo spacecraft, or the dish mob you happen to use. We would maintain that we determine the form of these material objects, that is the fundamental principle of Judaism integrated into our science, earthing our consciousness in the self and blinding us to the corporate identity which is the means by which we can see our real self and connect with the rest of life, just as the Ionian Greeks sort to do before the mythological knowledge perverts started to sell knowledge out to the highest bidder and gave rise to the philosophical form that has plagued humanity ever since. Well, we do not control anything. This means that whatever laws of evolution made the pattern of the birds feathers also must operate to make the well developed pattern of abstract images we find in human society. Since writing this paragraph I have read in a 1930’s account of anthropology’s history by a Oxford man, Casson, that Pitt-Rivers noted that the idea of evolution as applied to living forms could be extended to material forms from an examination of prehistoric artefacts which showed progress and decay in their

workmanship, which indicates to me a growth and decay of information controlling form, information we call knowledge. This idea was later also noted to apply to human institutions by a man called Tylor, an observation which is central to my whole assertion that we are a corporate animal. Unfortunately intellectual advance ended abruptly at this point. The next great thinker was Frazer and he spiked anthropology’s cannon by bringing religion into the account without making the conclusion I have made and tying everything into one grand biological scheme. Knowledge is the substance of which the mind is composed, we know it through the language that makes it, and it is the substance of the ‘peacock’s tail’ of humanity. I have said religion is the peacock’s tail, and so are abstract creations, but this is the whole point, knowledge is the genetic substance of all corporate creativity. Why does the peacock create a harmonious pattern in the shape of its tail feathers? Why not a great lump of chaotic feathers? The sole object is to allow the male to impress the female and prove his worthiness for her attention. But everywhere we find complexity rendered in well ordered forms. There has to be a reason for this, and through the art of the scientist we know that matter itself is ordered with a precision that forces structure on all forms, whether visual, or sensual as in the reception of a wave pattern intended to act as a mating call. So harmony is written into the structure of matter. This is the basis of information. Information is order, order delivers information. Form is the representation of order in the transmission of information. The ability to write a coherent script relies upon a structured foundation - letters, all with fixed attributes and neatly reproduced, and so on - and this necessarily leads to a harmonious product; the more harmonious the finer the product, and in the case of the peacock, the fitter the form, and the bird that has it. But in terms of knowledge the question is what is driving the final form. If it is the physical environment then harmony should reflect this, the vehicle made in the wind tunnel, the bridge made with a fine arch. However, if knowledge is directed at the social environment it need only reflect the harmony required of the finest social order. We can see from the account of the Mormons that this is exactly what the knowledge that defines them enables them to achieve in practice, if we accept the account at face value. Thus the wisdom, the knowledge, stored in the Bible supports a social structure which delivers harmony and is in itself harmonious, and therefore beautiful, to those who accept it. But, the fact remains that it is not true, it is created in the final analysis in the Darwinian mill of life and it therefore cannot have the perfection in reality that is has within its own sense of itself. Which is like saying only a fellow peacock can appreciate the beauty and order of a peacock’s tail; leaving us aside from this observation. There is little more that one can say about this, it is only right that the religions of the world should be acknowledged for the beauty and harmony that they deliver and embrace, but unfortunately the beauty and harmony of the Aztec and Inca religion, or the Roman entertainment of the amphitheatre, is equal to that of any other religion or collective entertainment, except different, in the same way that the beauty of the peacock’s plumage and that of the robin’s are equally beautiful from the only criteria that counts, that of the birds, or the people, that make it. This is why, while we all can see the dead culture of the Romans or the Incas is vile in part, but only the likes of myself can see that Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and the rest, are also vile in part. What is the harm in them? Well, where do you want me to begin, for me the beginning and the end of the answer to this is simply that they are false ideologies, accept this and like me you will need no more than this, unless you have no real sense of morality at all. We might reflect here on the words of Dawkins I noted above where he said that nature is vicious and people have the chance to be ‘good’. This is a pure value judgement, and entirely unjust. The corollary to my condemning what is the perfection of good in our

theocratic society, that is religion, as evil, can be matched by also reversing the other cornerstone of this false arrogance, that nature is supposed to be evil. Nature is not evil, nature is good, if it were not then there would be no beauty, no pleasure, no life as we delight in it. This is not an either or option, the two elements of this disgusting argument are one, the argument is a sin against life itself, if you do not feel scalding water on your skin, then you will not feel another’s touch, good and bad go together. The only domain in which you can have meaningful good and bad is in that of human society where we have laid down values and set them up as things to mark positive and things to mark negative. Clearly it is good to tell the truth, and bad to promote lies. But here we see that nature takes charge and empowers the liar and alienates the honest person, so our judgmental values and nature’s ways mix like oil and water, you cannot bring nature into an equation like this, and you cannot remove nature form the absolute control of human society, so therefore if there is anything good about human society, then there is that much good about nature. Nature puts maximum effort into causing animals to value their own even as she does so by making this valuation reach maximum expression when it is at the expense of a non-self. Thus instead of recognising the need of the lion cub when the lioness launches an attack on its faun the antelope flees and selfishly tries to save its own young at the expense of the other’s. Only in human society do we sacrifice our own interests for those of another and allow our children to be raised as poverty stricken morons in order to support a few who are raised as lords, thus to the likes of Dawkins we show the perfection of human goodness by this behaviour. But in truth this is simply because we are literally all one body and the sacrifice of millions for the sake of thousands represents the operation of nature’s munificence in composing one body from many bodies. 25th June 2002. Last night’s speech from Bush was reported today. The people of Israel were delighted, the reporter said the Jews may as well of written it themselves - well what do you know? Sharon set out Israel’s requirements a couple of weeks ago, and from that moment on we knew exactly what the anticipated opinion of America would be when set out by Bush. And according to the BBC’s Washington correspondent the Americans were very pleased with his speech too, although I am always incredulous when these people make this routine journalistic comment about what a population thinks - what are they trying to suggest? That there is only one mind per community! Still, anyway you cut it, Israel is the tail that wags the dog. And if you pay attention to what I am saying here you will be able to understand how this corporate behaviour occurs. Put simply the Jewish identity creates the mass of cells that form the brain, or as we would say in theological language which earths consciousness in the self, the elite. This brain exists within the body which is composed of units, or cells, programmed by the modified Jewish identity implant we call Christianity, in all its various disguises. Thus it is the brain, within which exists the purpose, which defines the mind, which is making the body weave and wiggle to order. We are very lucky to have an astute record of the state of the human fauna midway between the formulation of the Jewish identity and its first major split into a slave, or symbiotic form; these two words, slave/symbiotic, may be used alternatively in this context according to whether you want to use purposeful theological language or disinterested scientific language. ‘So listen to what I have to say and profit by my researches. I am telling you what I have seen myself and what reliable men have told to me. What I give you are plain facts, not theories or assumptions. The world is a mosaic of strange peoples.

All of them are human beings. We are told that man emerged from the animals and became just a better kind of animal than most. But Greeks are not the only men in the world. There are some who have not yet wholly emerged from the animal stage. It is our duty to look at the more backward examples so that we too may move forwards and not be surpassed by some other people who will soon look on us as we do on the savage Scythian or the murderous Anthropophagi.’ This is a truly remarkable statement from the Ancient Greek historian Herodotus. His picture of men forming a mosaic across the landscape is a perfect representation of exactly what we would expect the state of play to be at the time when the consolidating cultural identities were evolving to amalgamate these distinct human colonies into confederations thus forming the complex colonies which were the forerunners of our impending global society. Underlying this development of corporate identity had to be social structures able to support the unification and this is where the evolution of the state as we know it came from with its structures imbedded in religious ideology that defined identity in such a way individuals could, and would buy into it. Today we see these things clearly but still the masters upon whom the process relies seek to pervert truth in order to retain power based on the knowledge that has made our complex civilisation possible thus far. Hence we can see in the words of a leading knowledge pervert of the recent past how our masters contrive to have their cake and eat it. ‘The Christian, and the Christian society, are called to live to the service of God and of the world. But Christian belief and practice create around themselves a kind of specialized department of culture, interests and behaviour, and this can constitute ‘religion’. Forms of worship, sacred books, sacred buildings, the arts and crafts connected with them, professional functionaries from acolyte to archbishop, the technical terms, the pious moods, attitudes and phrases, all these, in their lay as well as their clerical forms, make up the professional culture of Christianity. ( Sacred and Secular, Arthur Michael Ramsey, 1966, page 48.) Whether they have the title of Archbishop of Canterbury or the title of Bin Laden they are just common criminals in the context of the truth. And just like the delinquent youth Jo Smith, such people are never at a loss for some deviant means of twisting language and deceiving the multitude of people who only want to be fed and watered, and do not give a toss about anything beyond their own sweet comforts, making them perfect material for the naturally gifted, criminally minded individual, who could not give a hoot for anything but themselves and their associated interests. This is exactly as evolution has ordained it should be, for by this means corporate forms can be fashioned. Just compare these quotes, one from the beginning of human enlightenment full of intelligence and power, the other from the mindless snivelling book of sycophancy that immediately sort to corrupt such simple wisdom when it returned in our age, and turn it to the benefit of wild brute nature. C’est la vie. What Ramsey was doing here was providing a retort to the popular refrain of many in the age of waning support for the Christian slave-dogma which declared that while the message of Christ was beyond reproach with all its talk of love it was the church, and thus established religion, that they hated and despised. So naturally the artful salesman gets right on the job and reassures the punter that while the message arrives in the package of officialdom ruled by the theocracy it is nonetheless just as the non-existent source intended it to be - bla, bla, bla, bla - blagged.

The technique of the arch-conman on this occasion is eternal and the primary method of Theology, which employs the art of separating processes from the forms they create. Dividing nature and form. The information I am producing here is revealed in script, what this technique of knowledge filtration used by the knowledge pervert involves is akin to separating the script from the message and making out that the message has no material origin, i.e. separating nature from form. Thus the process is made out to be an irrelevant medium of the message, suggesting there is a pure message and the writer of these words which claim the process he uses upon which the delivery of the message relies, controls the purity of that message, but due to imperfect humanity, of which he is a part, he is unable to deliver it without the medium of an imperfect form. Thus all form is rendered an imperfect medium of the message, whether it be the written word, or the human being, or human institutions, and thus we have the ultimate division between matter and spirit, where all things earthly are tainted and marred, and only the ephemeral is divine and perfect. This is the reduction of human intelligence to the basest animal form. Sorry I cannot put this more simply, the sense is there, just pick it apart slowly. In the case above the social structure, what in scientific terms should be thought of as the exoskeleton of the corporate body, is the irrelevant medium according to the archconman’s artful manipulation of knowledge. However this is not the nature of existence, both the social structure of society and the more specific artefact of writing are entities in themselves and they are part of reality not merely neutral mediums between perfect and immaterial divine beings. You may as well say the claws of a lion as opposed to the hoofs of a zebra are merely mediums of the respective animal’s particular relationship to terra firma, but we know differently, both are deadly weapons, but each is just an element of a whole form and the integral product of a unified process leading to these distinct forms which together play an interlocking part in a living environment and thereby make that environment what it is just as much as the environment makes them what they are. So I am in effect, here, likening the linguistic message to the organs of defence and attack possessed by respective species. How you use your gift of speech expresses the nature of the social power that you have, that is the connections with the corporate body that your self is associated with within the human social order. Mind, composed of information in the accumulated form of knowledge, constitutes the Darwinian environment of humans at the highest level of competition between competing bodies of humans. The medium of the tussle is language, and this is precisely what we see revealed in the powerful ruse where process is split from form in a very sophisticated manner so the medium of creation is made irrelevant in order that a substitute can be inserted to take the place of this natural force of nature to become a force in the hands of the humans who deliver the false message of alienation. In other words we are talking here about the fashioning of intellectual tools made of knowledge which allow a colony to be controlled. The substitution here, in this example, consists of the church institutions which having been foisted upon people, and being blatantly corrupt and twisted at the best of times, the masters of the ruse then decide to reverse the disassociation that they first used to empower themselves, to suit the exigency of difficult times. Thus the mechanism of alienation and dissociation is used in the space left vacant by decoupling nature from form, allowing a knowledge tool to be wound up like a spring by using this mechanism alternately to suit the purpose of the knowledge pervert seeking power over society in accordance with the Darwinian process that creates the corporate organism. Sometimes people are alienated from reality by the dogma that focuses purpose on the self, other times the product of the power channelled into the religious institutions of the theocracy is dissociated from the alienating process that made it come into being, when the need arises. It is the usual thing, when things are good those responsible sing their own praises, when things

are bad those still responsible back off sharply and sigh about the imponderable workings of it all. These mechanisms are fundamental to Jewish mythology and social power. It is an evolved behaviour however and should not be thought of as a malign conspiracy, which is why the arch-conman is, or was, probably, in real life, a genuinely decent person, he was just an organic robot like Mr Blair, Mr. Bush, Mr Sharon, Mr Arrafat, Mr Bin Laden, Mr Martin McGuinness etc., etc., all are but unwitting dupes of the process that makes humans beings the corporate animals they are. And look what we have now, the tradition of imposing master dualists determined to pervert reason without the least concern for human decency goes on with vengeance. Rowan Williams, what a joke, this man is so disgusting he is prepared to fight for the right to impose the Jewish slave implant on innocent children, the most criminal act any human can inflict upon a child, sick! The news readers sat and announced the appointment of this horrible man with complete mindless obedience indicating they would read anything that was put in front of them without the least indication it is insane. ‘And here is the weather, plum pudding plopping on most places, except in the north where gravy dripping is likely to prevail .....’ They actually said this week, last of July 2002, when announcing this man’s appointment as the Archbishop of Canterbury, that he was theologically orthodox but socially liberal. You could of praised Adolf Hitler on the same basis by saying he was determined to benefit society by promoting good modern transport and health policies, while be firmly attached to a traditional sense of national identity. This Williams, apart from his vile support for faith schools, which is utterly inexcusable in anyone who can be counted amongst civilised humanity, supports supposedly progressive ideas such as ordaining homosexual priests, but, too bad for me to allow myself to try and express my contempt for, he believes in the virgin birth - I tell you, we may as well give up and commit mass suicide now, the modern age is fucked, you can kiss it goodbye. Ah well, nice to see humans are living up to all I say they are. Virgin birth, I wonder what that is all about, I have never paid much attention to that hummmmmmm............... So both knowledge and social structure are organic phenomenon, respectively they are the genetic component, and its product, bearing on the human species. The genetic information that splits these two in our consciousness is the key to the Jewish mythology which creates a new kind of social authority based on culture in preference to form, that is religion in preference to race. The basic mechanism involves the separation of nature from form leaving the nature of identity, so important to a truly corporate species, to be delineated according to principles detached from physical criteria. There is no shame for the theologian about this rejection of fact in favour of religious authority. Smith refers to a statement in the Bible, which I did not note at the time of reading this history, where factual knowledge is said not to be the way to the truth and to knowing the real nature of existence, and I am sure all theologians would affirm this total rejection of scientific knowledge as a means of knowing ultimate reality even today. There is a twisted kind of sense in this because as my whole argument makes plain false knowledge is functional and therefore it can be the most effective means of advancing social evolution in accordance with the Darwinian principles that apply to any living thing. The question is do we want to evolve uncontrollably at the behest of wild nature or do we wish to understand the process that has created us and try to harness it to our intelligence? ‘The newly organised Christian church was not an organisation likely to foster independent inquiry as to the nature of the material universe. The hypothesis of a spherical earth, proved and accepted by the Greeks, and the Ptolemaic system that

depended upon it, were hardly to be reconciled with the Book of Genesis and the Mosaic Cosmogony. St. Basil, one of the more learned of the Early Fathers, deliberately contrasts the views of the scientists with those which it is his duty to teach. ‘There is no reason’ he says, ‘why I should call our cosmogony less valuable because Moses, the servant of God, has said nothing about the shape of the earth, and because he has not stated that the earth’s circumference is 18,000 stades!’ (This estimate was that of a Greek scientist.) (The Discovery of Man, Stanley Casson, 1939, page 85) And so, crucially, and rather astoundingly, this pattern of knowledge formation that separates out nature from form is exactly the pattern of knowledge formation that Darwin’s theory of evolution conforms to, and that my account of evolution corrects by bringing into the field of scientific consideration the nature of humanity as well as its form, thus revealing the organic as opposed to the divine nature of our kind. So was Darwin a conspirator seeking to take the sting out of the new scientific knowledge that threatened to destroy the theology he was committed to as a young man? I suppose this is possible. He could of been acting consciously in this respect, or there is another explanation. He was selected, rather to his surprise for the trip around the world looking at nature’s bounty on the ship the Beagle. And so he could of been the unwitting pawn of men who knew what they were about and were desperate to short circuit the knowledge that threatened to bring down Judaism once and for all. But I prefer to stick to an understanding of these events more in keeping with my argument that knowledge controls human behaviour down to the finest detail and that we evolved to conform to the principle of unwittingness that is inherent in all life systems, and that the process of enlightenment via true knowledge which is, when applied to the discovery of man, as Casson notes, one of discovering self consciousness, is really that process of expanding human consciousness by pushing back the influence of unwittingness. I recognise that we are left in a curious situation compared with that in which we live now, in terms of how we feel about ourselves, if we uniformly start to think in accordance with what I am saying reality is. I have no problem as an individual living with this idea that we are a normal biological species and every detail of society has an organic explanation, but not only am I parasitic upon the community in terms of work, it can be argued that I am likewise in terms of attitude of mind. In other words while everyone else plays there part in sustaining the illusion that allows us to ‘blow up our bubble’ and maintain a miraculous effort toward civilised living, the likes of myself sit back and snipes. That of course is how knowledge progresses, I must say if there is one thing about this age I live in, my generation at least, it is the plebe who has the key to leisure that use to belong to the aristocracy, then transferred to the middle order, and is now left to no one - all must be busy. And this process of intensifying effort to keep everyone busy as our government seek to copy the Russian Communist plan and guarantee everyone has a job in the future, lets face it there is not much point in having slaves if all they do is lounge about while you work, is indicative of the ever increasingly claustrophobic world we live in. Regulation, of any kind increases the compactness of the body, and thus allows its mass to grow, and that is the true purpose of all regulation from a biologically functional perspective. Thus bring in speed cameras, call them cash cows or whatever, hit people for drinking and driving, that is, attack people who have committed not crime and are simply behaving normally, and it makes the density of the system able to increase, and that is precisely what has happened on our roads, and that is what makes these regulations organically functional and why they come into being. Such laws are not about safety, no one in authority gives a toss about safety, they could save

more lives every week than are killed on the roads in a year by simply ensuring hospitals are cleaned properly, but this facet of the organisms system is not an element of the corporate form that needs that sort of intensification of density in order for the elite to better farm the corporate organism and allow it to continue to expand and grow in real terms. The roads are the arteries of energy and thus power, the hospitals are the guts leading to the bowls where a certain messiness is to be expected. As the population increases and state authority knits together and becomes more efficient at incorporating all individuals where will the free floater come from? Bearing in mind what I have just said about our sense of our place in the universe I will go on to say how I think it must be. What my ideas depend on is a depth of sound knowledge, this gives us is a clear sense of our situation as a species and for us, in our current situation, this is extremely important. We have exploded upon the scene. We cannot continue to progress by the same primitive method of war and indoctrination that has been the mechanism to date, if we do we will end as we have begun, conforming precisely to the energy curve of an explosion, like a bright flare we will disappear as soon as we have appeared. But this planet can support us for millions of years. Millions of years! Think about that. You want something to think about that will blow your mind then spend the next year letting that idea filter into your brain. Imagine the race of humanity that can sit back and party on the day ninety five thousand years from now when the they, that is we, reckon, more or less, the civilised age began. All we can do is reflect upon the extraordinary, and measly, five thousand years since the Sumerians set the pattern, and we have already exploded nuclear weapons and practically exterminated all life on earth not to our conscious liking. The fact is folks, we need a new outlook, and we will have to adopt one sometime or the future is not something I care to speculate upon. This is where the space age comes into its own. Because recognising our real place in the great big beautiful universe will otherwise tend to stunt our enthusiasm and make us feel trapped. But we can see nicely from the Pacific island populations that we humans will push the corporate competition routine to its limit left to our own devices, and in effect that kind of behaviour is exactly what we are seeing played out in the confines of the eastern Mediterranean now between the Jews and the Moslems; except it has wider, global aspects to it. The whole world will continue like this for the next thousand years becoming ever more increasingly locked into the global organism based on Judaism and corporate power that has created the Western civilisation that dominates the world. I think we can do better but to do so we do need a fundamental change of perspective, instead of looking at yesterday’s news in order to inform today’s action we need to look at the whole of the past in order to anticipate a bright future. Blimey, imagine if the human species had been around for one million years, in our form, and that the achievements in knowledge and material progress we have made thus far were intact and had been built upon. What more is there to know? seems to be the attitude to judge from the authors of finite ideas of knowledge and progress, The End of History, The End of Science! Idiots. This is the old way, it is about fixing power today. Do not let these intellectual fascists keep you down, believe in a future, there is, and will always be something more to know, as long as you believe it you can find it. I revile the idea of holding beliefs, but it seems even I have my moments, and this is one belief I find I never lose. What we draw from the absolute proof that God does not exist and the removal of the illusion which has sustained the authority at the centre of Western civilisation for five thousand years and given us our sense of purpose, which is simply expansion, which is all gone in a puff of self consciousness, is that all along all we have ever had is each other. Everything we do is made worthwhile, on a day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute basis, only by sharing it with another person, this goes for the good and the bad, as we call them.

This fact encapsulates the real physical nature of our species and our own conscious, personal view, of ourselves too. But we all know this anyway don’t we? The cosy feeling of togetherness is, in the final analysis, the pinnacle of our lives. Because of the nature of our kind, which has caused us to evolve into different kinds of human individual to serve the requirements of the corporate body there are some peculiar ways in which this need for others is expressed that looks like the exact opposite of what it is, but as ever this misrepresentation is a product of slanted comprehension driven by misrepresentation on the part of those organs of the corporate body who have the role of sustaining the corporate mind, and do so by presenting the theological dogma which is focused on the self. These theological dogmas reflect this corporate physiology and our psychology too, thus creating a corporate psychology that is divided between masses of people by the distinct bio-cultural identities that have evolved to create the super massive super-organism. Hence the Christian creed which emphasises Love to the exclusion of all else as the basis of existence forces the units so programmed to exaggerate their natural sense of the one reason for existence, the need of the self for another, and others, in order for the self to be fulfilled. An attribute we all have which is based on our deep and intense emotions. Christianity corrals this particular attribute of human nature. Judaism emphasises another attribute, being the chosen ones. This is another fundamental attribute of the species for it reflects the need for social hierarchy that is imperative to all animals. The need we have for another in order to realise ourselves is universal attribute of our species need to belong set in the context of the need for structure in the organism that accounts for the existence of contrary expressions of this characteristic need which, through the emphasis of Christian dogma, has come to be seen as the existence of good and evil. What this means is that evil is the same as good, from a biological, functional point of view. It is perfectly evident that the person who kidnaps, tortures, rapes and kills someone is expressing a need for company! It is an awful lot of trouble to go otherwise. In perverse moments, reflecting on the obscene suggestion that a homosexual telling you he fancies you is flattering, a familiar piece of gay bullshit propaganda, I have thought well, if that is the case, how much more flattering is it for a women who is captured, raped and murdered, hell, the man who does such a thing is putting his life on the line for the pleasure of taking her just once. Still, as amusing as this thought is, in a black sort of way, I am not a big fan of talking bullshit at the best of times; it only encourages the knowledge perverts. The emotional element of our inter-dependency that is made the basis of the Christian slave identity is therefore short-circuited in many people, and this is a natural consequences of either their innate personality and, or, the particular process of socialisation they have undergone. When short circuited the result is aberrant behaviour, or what is officially considered aberrant, but which is in fact a thoroughgoing undercurrent of our society. What this really means is that there are two norms but only one is publicly sanctioned, and this means the two flow together, each dependant upon the other. By thinking in this way we can see how the array of personality types coalescing into behavioural affinities in the everyday world that constitute the organs of the corporate body, enable the mere presence of information in the form of knowledge, culture, or personality, to create social phenomenon so that we get the broad generalities of elite-slave, shepherd-sheep, sadist-masochist, and so on. This complexity is a feature of large complex societies that are able to sustain the varieties of behaviour. It is in just these societies where conditions of anonymity and alienation can develop and it can become difficult to sustain deep rooted and genuine emotional attachments between people. And from this discussion we can see why many of the ailments of the personality should come about and be so common place in our world. And what do the powers that be do? They have their bio-mechanics prescribe downers, anti-depressants

manufactured by the theocracy’s control centres which function like the endocrine system of the solid-body, to suppress the natural impulses of individuals, and under the pressure of these pills millions of people live out their lives in conformity to the theocracy’s imposition of what live should be, and ‘is’. However estranged from the warm passion of affection, togetherness, and companionship, the need remains the same in essence, in terms of its functional reason for being which is based on the bare faced nature of our species, our corporate nature that makes us one organic body. Clearly if Jews, Christians and Moslems form one organic body there must be such distinctions as I am discussing here, psychological distinctions, in the distribution of the attributes of human nature embodied in the knowledge that creates the corporate human form, because in the end the unifying bond between this distinct cultural identities can only be mental, in whatever form, knowledge and personality type and psychological status, in other words the true substance of the corporate form is mind. The preceding paragraphs suggest some form of structured mechanism is driving the varieties of psychological phenomena, thus making them real products of the human intellect even when the last thing you would expect the human mind to come up with when left to its own devices would be the sort of crazy ideas that seem to have taken hold in the home grown version of American Judaism, Mormonism that is. The link between religion and psychopathic behaviour is that without the human disposition toward ‘bad’ insanity you could not have ‘good’ insanity. But as I keep pointing out, all religions have this exotic nature, they are driven from within, as it were, by their own source of ‘inspiration’. The source of inspiration is an information entity, just like a physical organic gene composed of DNA except in the case of religion the equivalent resource is linguistic and takes advantage of the wave modulation capacity of matter rather than the attributes of chemical combination to radiate itself as a communicative message of fabrication. This means of information replication, wave form that is, is closer to the method of creation that is bound up in light that informs matter how to turn into a living medium able to absorb its energy. Speech is just one means of radiating energy when looked at in this manner which is based upon scientific knowledge. Apologists for Judaism may say that the answer to the Big Questions does not lie in science. But they are wrong, it does. It seems to me that if the Mormons want an interesting subject for archaeological investigation they could take out their records of the long march to California and see if they can find any of the bones of the people that were, according to Kane, strung out all along the way like a row of beads. Or maybe get the Time Team to try and find the foundations of their Nauvoo Temple. At least it would keep them busy for a while and stop them destroying Egyptian antiquity in the name of insanity. I did not begin this exercise with a review in mind, but I have found myself more and more drawn into using this earliest of histories of the Mormon Jewish slave implant as a case study as it has slowly dawned upon me that this book makes such a perfect instrument tailor made for the task. If only some erstwhile Greek observer of Jerusalem two millennia ago had thought to take notes on the extraordinary events taking place that led to the original form of the slave implant that is used on many us today. Except the question must be asked, would the forerunner of the two bit criminal Smith of made anything like the impression on the residents of the Near East at that time as Smith did upon our kin not so long ago? I doubt it, it was after all just a scam foisted upon humanity by a bloke called Paul, no more and no less a rogue than Rigdon no doubt, and equally contemptible. I do not intend to fall into a full scale analysis of this history, it is useful as a medium through which to indicate some of my thinking on the way in which our corporate nature

functions, and some simple commentary also seems worthwhile in order to display that I am not an enemy of anyone, I am a friend of humanity. I recognise the role of religion as an animal attribute, and despite my outrageous blasphemy by cursing these saintly criminals, their frauds, and their dumb sheep, I recognise there has to be some positive way to move forward toward a new human dispensation where we are not so dependant upon knowledge perverts and frauds for our holier than thou ideals. Two things I have just read I want to comment on. Kane says that apart from anything else the story of the Mormons demonstrates just how functional in material terms the devotion of a Christian dogma is to a community. And this is of course so. The big question has always had to be, since people began to apply a degree of scientific reasoning to the subject ‘How do we account for the power of religion?’ The answer is perfectly simple, but unfortunately we have been led up blind alleys with our attention always focused on the theological logic which sets form apart from nature so that, for example, as a consequence a man like Durkheim said that power rested with society and when people worshipped they were praising their society. This is a completely idiotic thing to say since it is evident it fails to move us on one jot in terms of understanding our animal nature. The source of power has to be animalistic not humanistic or else we get no further than the stuff and nonsense that is locked up in the Jewish elite code in the Bible which substitutes the real power of the organic colony for the God of the Jews that we are all forced to worship or face extermination. But there it is, the focus of the individual upon a corporate identity is inherent in our evolved nature, the more perfect the ideology or knowledge that delivers that result the more powerful the corporate organism and thus the individual that exists as part of it. But it does have to be said that this cultural medium of identity fabrication that was the baton of evolutionary change that took over from racial physiology could only ignite with the coming of a knowledge based society, in other words one where humans relied upon their knowledge for their subsistence, in other words this form of identity could only come into being once a society had taken to farming because it was then that a form of understanding could be built upon the manner in which such a society lived, and that, when all is said and done, is exactly what Judaism is, a mythology based upon the human way subsisting. Secondly. The footnote that records the destruction of the Temple is an interesting point to consider. My position on religion is that it is very interesting, I like to read about old myths and religious ideas and I love to look at the work of archaeologists and other academics that study all aspects of human culture, and I adore artefacts of all kinds. When I read Sir Leonard Woolly’s account of his excavations of Ur and the part where an ancient temple was unearthed which had evidently been one of the first architectural masterpieces of our species, and it was discovered that it had been razed to the ground and the artefacts smashed I thought Why? Why do people have to destroy these things? I imagined that the masters of the temples had been masters of the people who overthrew them and so hatred played a part, but we can see from so fresh an account of these primitive human corporate behaviours as we have here that the problem with the artefacts is that they are part of the living body of the organism and by destroying these exoskeletal objects within which the living cells of the organism exist and create their functioning unity you stand more chance of killing the monster. And this basic principle is why I express such hatred of religion as a living thing today. It is all very well to read about apes mounting children in the theatre in the capital of the greatest ancient empire for the entertainment of the elite, this is history. Likewise the ripping out of hearts from living people in the Central American religions. But to have debased and vile ideologies in the form of Judaism and its slave ideologies alive and well today and ruling the world this is too much to take. These things have to be sent on their way

if humanity is ever to stand any chance of creating a world fit for dogs to live in, never mind humans. And so, reluctantly, especially in the light of the terrible desecration of the one thousand year old statues in Afghanistan by the Jewish slave units, the Al Qaida branch of the Holy Ghost, just shortly before they attacked the temple of God’s son in New York, I have to say that as long as these thoroughly repugnant and primitive ideologies are alive and well, we must regard these religious sites as parts of their corporate body and just as we wish to exterminate all remnants of these terrible blights on humanity so we must recognise the full nature of these beasts, and of course it is not just churches and temples and mosques we need to eradicate, but all the structures of corporate capitalism upon which their power depends. Well, we have to do this if we ever want to be anything more than wild beasts whipped around by vicious nature. The way to do this has however to be by the means that I am applying, by opposing their knowledge with a more potent and powerful knowledge. You cannot wage a war against Judaism, you need to rot it from the inside out and thus supplant the cells within its structures and take over those structures. That is how evolution of the corporate human species has always progressed right from the very beginning when the Semitic people simply appeared to fuse with their Sumerian masters and to take over their social structures lock stock and barrel. It is the only way, and no matter what we think of the slave implants that control us by reducing us to moronic robot idiots, the result, in terms of toys to play with, is nifty and we need to get into outer space if we are to fulfil our destiny and keep on rockin, which means we need bigger and better Mechano sets for the robots to travel in.

Note page 106, (scanned version), Joe's comments on the law - nice.

I am in the habit of drawing on the books that I am currently reading as I am writing, naturally I tend to choose books to read that have some bearing on my current focus of attention. The best book I bought last week, from Oxfam for £1, was the one by Casson already drawn from. I came across a section today which tried to suggest just how shocking the discovery of America was to the Theocracy. We think the ideas of Copernicus were the most disturbing revelation to shatter the old lies of the Christian establishment but the derivation of humans from Adam was a key element of the dogma of the institutional charlatans, and of course the supposed fall of man centred upon this fact. What is interesting about this is the actual form of the Mormon deception which in effect was tailor made to address just this problem, that is to incorporate the Americas into the Jewish mythology and so into the corporate organism that is Judaism and the Western civilisation we are all part of. In 1512 the Vatican said the people in the new continent of America were also all descendants of Adam, and so it is very interesting that the newly adapted Jewish mythology that became ascendant in America reflected precisely this concern. What is especially interesting about this is that it suggests the whole process was a deliberately managed effort on the part of the theocracy to create a new form of the Christian ideology especially adapted for the new territories. This would mean that the supposedly rational explanation for the origin of Mormonism was in fact a double deception foisted upon the public to give them a rational explanation that could be controlled as a secondary aspect of the central fraud. This does seem an extraordinarily conspiratorial effort to go to. But the fact is that all these ideologies are utterly idiotic, starting from the original Jewish mythology right the way through the old and new testament, and the Koran, and so some very clever people must have

devoted themselves consciously to the management of this deception down the ages. Faced with the problems of the Renaissance, as discussed by Casson, the Theocracy had to adapt, it tried to bury its head in the sand and simply maintain its authority by shear arrogance and might, but when all else failed there clearly were no limits it would not go to. I believe even the two world wars could of been engineered in order to allow the continual growth of the Jewish corporate body, but having said that, while this global growth is evidently the direct result, I still remain firmly convinced these results are driven purely by nature through the medium of linguistic knowledge, and as such unwittingness rules human involvement in these events. I find it very difficult to imagine quite how the actual perpetrators of such a fraudulent scheme as that carried out by Smith and Rigdon could of managed it if the real players are thought to be the actual religious authorities behind the social scene, just as with the one I suggest took place with Darwin in much the same way. The answer is to get in touch with how knowledge programmes human behaviour, so that people are ready and waiting to do their duty toward the service of the Theocracy, or God, as they term it, the Mafia, as I would have it. These things can simply grow in a social environment that is fertile ground for some such thing to happen. If we think of the automatons that read the news, looking all pretty and intelligent, or just intelligent, and who will read whatever rot is put in front of them without any show of reflection on the substance of the message, then we can see that these people are mere machines and thus someone somewhere behind the scenes must be pulling the strings and deciding upon what messages to deliver to the slaves and what is news. So the structure is there to manipulate society, it is simply a matter of ensuring your people are the ones in a position to pull the levers. It was only Magellan’s completion of a circumnavigation of the world in 1522 that finally put the nail in the coffin of the die hard divines who wanted to stick to the Biblical lies that said the world was flat. This gives us an indication of just what lovers of truth and humanity have to do to get these criminals to give up the basis of their power over the ‘sheep’ people of the world who, like them, care about one thing and one thing only, their own self centred interests. This is how far you have to go to crush the lies of the church. So what do we lovers of truth have to do to put the nail in God’s coffin once and for all and ensure this terrible evil never again raises its ugly head? Well, I am doing my bit, all you have to do is be a lover of truth, and to pay attention. Today, 28/06/02. I bought a book from a market stall for the phenomenal price of £4, its a good job I’ve given up drinking. Obviously I have only had half an hour to read At Home in the Universe by Stuart Kauffman, 1995, but then that is all I normally spend reading a book if I do not decide to read it all. My quick scan prior to purchase made me shy away as it seemed to be just one more bit of drivel undermining Darwin, but I decided I had to check out the argument and bought it. Going to the last chapter I thought would provide me with the essence of the argument without getting involved in all sorts of contorted reasoning of a kind I have no mind for. What is interesting is that this book, after a fashion, is perhaps the one edging nearest to my own idea of humanity as a corporate species of any I have read. The author does not know this, and would refute the idea I think, his last word seems to be a plea for the good old days of religious ignorance when he invokes spirituality and reverence. Mind you the nail for this book would of been the recommendation on the back cover from Stephen Gould if I had noticed it. Na! - only kiddin, one thing about me is that I am no bigot, I love to read the words of the people I despise as much as those of the people adore, words is words and if you want to understand madness or address it then you have to at least look at. Working on the assumption that one is allowed to make brief quotes from copyright works for

the purposes of criticism or comment I will give you the paragraph that I think reveals the intuitive searching for the knowledge I am here providing. ‘We lack a theory of how the elements of our public lives link into webs of elements that act on one another and transform one another. We call these transformations "history." Hence with all the accidents of history, biological and human, one must engage in a renewed debate: Is there a place for law in the historical sciences? Can we find lawlike patterns—cultural, economic, and otherwise—such as subcritical and supracritical behaviour, or patterns of speciation and extinction? We had best attempt to understand such processes, for the global civilization is fast upon us. We will live through its birth, ready or not. (Page 299) I trust it is evident how this quote is very much in the same vein as my area of concern. Public lives linking into webs of elements that act on one another is a radically different form of speech to the one I use and is to my mind extremely obscure. But then since this is practically the only piece of the work I have read I guess that is my fault. However Kauffman obligingly provides a translation of his own personal language when he say that ‘we’, presumably meaning the rest of the English speaking world other than himself, call these human interactions history. Now, with the benefit of this clarification, we can see how he is trying to tackle the problem I deal with but falls into the same old trap that every other human being before me has fallen into, he thinks there is a difference between biological and human history. Big mistake, and when all is said and done a completely facile one that really ought to warrant a ten year old a good clip around the ear for errant stupidity, never mind anyone else. I admit we switch from DNA controlled ‘accidents of history’ to linguistically sustained ‘accidents’, but even though I only recently grasped this point I always knew that if evolution was at all true than it was absolutely true and therefore if I got as far as Kauffman in my reasoning I would not of been determined at all cost to stick to the Biblical theory of existence that says humans are a special creation somehow lifted clear of the forces that impose themselves upon the rest of the universe. And lets face it, apart from the support for the idea derived from of our accidental social standing against the self interest of others, in other words the evidence of our own hierarchical status system, there is simply no reason to see ourselves as so divine a phenomenon in the context of the universe. The following two questions in the above quote are expressed in Kauffman speak and therefore cannot readily be understood by those who are not inducted into his sphere of influence. But taking the thrust of these questions we can approve most heartily even in the midst of our confusion. And we can see that if anyone has questions such as these then they only need come to and download my two offerings to find that we can indeed reduce history to biology and therefore to the usual laws of science, and that all we had to do was to recognise and acknowledge the true nature of human nature, that nature being corporate, and from this all else would flow. What is most critical in relation to these questions is making the link between the DNA information chain of the solid-body and the linguistic information chain of the fluid-body to form one continuous process and one complete organism that allows us to reduce the modern forces of human society to biological phenomenon. Which, lets face it, is one hell of a relief, for what sane human being would want to be held accountable for the sum of human behaviour as recorded in the book of historical accidents?

A further swift glance and I see the words sub and supracritical are central to the work, it appears these are the author’s way of handling the inescapable duality we see in the nature of existence, pretty much as I create my two dualistic labels arising from my corporate idea giving us the solid and fluid-bodies. The beauty of my dualism is that it is a unity, the solid and fluid bodies are one, just as the blood and bone of our solid bodies are one while nonetheless requiring us to use two terms of description. Kauffman creates these two terms of criticality therefore, I assume, as a reflection of the particular mode of analysis he has adopted. But how complex, how involved, how mysterious, how boring and routine, and all the same old same old. My idea is simple, it smacks you in the face, from five year old twidge to fifty year old genius the ability to grasp fully and immediately the idea I am expressing is right there - in your face! It is simple, we are a colonial species, a corporate animal in which the individual is but a unit, the equivalent of a cell. And from this all the following arguments flow about the role of knowledge as the bonding agent of the corporate body and hence the need for humans to have an immensely powerful brain in order to form the link in this modulated-energy maintained information medium, while the individual’s actual capacity for intelligence is strictly limited to a grasp of whatever the sum of the modulated message is. The consequence of this power is a seemingly immense intelligence resulting in a seemingly infinite capacity for mindless stupidity, and this is exactly what we would expect of such an arrangement. Just as every part of one of our many fabulous machines each has to do its bit perfectly, that is, it must ‘know the message’, in order to give rise to the sum that is a perfect car, plane, computer, or whatever. In our case, as human individuals we simply have to know our relationship to the knowledge, ‘the message’, and the result is a magnificent society, depending upon the what the message is. Religion allows this magnificence to come into being, and this is the real reason that despite religion’s madness compared to reality, down the ages, the leading authorities have periodically sort to wipe out all real knowledge, as in Egypt around 600 when the Alexandrian library was destroyed wilfully by the order of the Caliphate, and in China in 213 BC when the Emperor decided he would like to destroy all history. And in the meantime the ruling theocracy has always sort to keep a lid on knowledge, whether in the days of Greece and battle between the heliocentric versus the geocentric model of the solar system, or today in the battle between the homocentric versus the biocentric model of society. Admittedly no one has yet presented a biocentric model of society, and that is just the point, it is suppressed, but I have made my own, and here it is. The brain therefore is like a sophisticated piece of mechanical hardware, but no matter how sophisticated the hardware, a piece of papyrus parchment or a laser disc, the function is identical and the actual intelligence value of the item is the same. The item, paper or memory device, is simply a medium of the message, the item itself has no distinct quality of intelligence just because of the different capacity it has to handle information. The same applies to the human brain. It is just a means of handling information, and like a piece of paper the information inscribed upon it can be intelligent or stupid. Just like the message on our infamous newsreader’s lips. Essentially this is the nature of each of our brains as individuals, but it is the accumulated wisdom of the brains of humanity down the ages that comes to be passed on and inscribed in our individual living brains. Knowledge is accumulated information. A genome is therefore ‘knowledge’. But we use the theocratic word ‘knowledge’ as a means of distinguishing a feature of ourselves from a general feature of the universe as part of the way in which we keep an unwitting sense of purpose by only seeing our self importance. Knowledge therefore is accumulated linguistic information, in the corporate sense, and the wisdom of experience in the personal sense. A person who hates what I am saying will try to impugn my use of the term knowledge as stuff

existing only in books, and as such basically limited, while asserting true knowledge is that which a person has by way of experience and is something that cannot be put into books. This is a perfect theological ruse to undermine the truth, focusing as it does on the primary importance of the individual to the exclusion of the corporate body as a real entity. And this is a ruse that will be used automatically by a person so inclined in an absolutely nontheological context, which is why I say the theocracy is the corporate mind and it pervades all of our beings, thus giving us what you might call our soul, unfortunately. But the truth is that the individual is the illusion, like it or not, there is only the corporate body and this is why to all intents and purposes if it is not in a book, or at least capable of being put in a book, then it is scarcely worth calling knowledge. However, this basic attribute of being a bio-mechanical device for inscribing information never alters, and so the accumulated body of information, knowledge, can therefore also have the same degree of variation at the corporate level as we see at the individual level, it can be clever or stupid, and it can be true or false. This explains why so many people are inclined to be sheep, or submissive, or mindless, according to how you want to think of it, and why some are still required to be the opposite of this disposition, and why these two contrasts become mixed up within us all. But clearly in a set up like this what is really required is linkage. The power of the objective, that is the structure that information gives rise to, is determined by the ability to create a uniform connection between the information handling devices, that is the brains that make up a population of brains, and therefore one super-brain, that sustains the corporate mind, the corporate mind being the theocracy, and what theologians are probably referring to, unwittingly, when they speak of spirituality. The objective of the human brain is always the same, to sustain a corporate mind. Clearly then the nature of the knowledge passing into brains and between them over time will evolve according to this objective, and we can see this nicely demonstrated in this account of Mormon history which shows them above all as a united body bonded by the childishly absurd variant on the ancient, but equally absurd, knowledge form we call Christianity. But these silly variants on corporate knowledge formulas are based on a firm foundation, the Bible, within which is encoded the formula for organising complex associations of human beings, which is the ultimate function of the brains role as a medium of creating uniformity. Hence we see mentioned one direct example of this, the keeping of the Sabbath, a trait we are told the Mormons adopted from the Jewish mythology and which Kane says is one of the most excellent dictates of the Egypto-Mosaic law package. My account of the duality is more philosophical in nature, I am merely presenting the fruits of clever cogitation based on the efforts of scientists, and central to my thinking is the knowledge of myth that we call religion which is the knowledge of the inner environment. Regardless of how each observer chooses to represent the duality that all considered observation forces us to take note of, I would say that what this duality is, is the inner and outer environment that comes into being with the appearance of life which gives matter the attribute of sensation. Life has a quality that non-living matter does not have, it creates complexity based upon the environment it comes from, and the moment it comes into being it adds to that environment. Thus life finds itself the focal point of two distinct environments from its own perspective, of which it is itself one of the two. This means that life experiences by virtue of its own existence the sensation of something coming out of nothing, which is the most basic dilemma of philosophy because evidently where there is nothing something cannot be, and, to invoke Parmenides, something cannot come from nothing. What allows the illusion of something coming from nothing to be experienced is the appearance of awareness, that is to say the appearance of life itself - I think, but I am happy to admit that even I prefer to leave this tangle to its own devices. I am really only concerned with the eradication of

myth, and the advancement of science and the building of a society in accordance with this objective. The response of living forms to their contribution to the overall environment can be thought of as life taking cognisance of itself, that is life becoming self conscious. In which case we can say the very first organic elements that could evolve in response to their environment and replicate, were self conscious. Thus life and consciousness are one and this unity of quality that does not alter no matter how things possessing it are empowered takes us back to where I just began with the assertion that whatever the medium the message is the same, the message gets more complex, and therefore the medium does too, but throughout the message is just one eternal, infinite force, one energy, delivering one message - grow. From the outset life has therefore had an inner and outer environment to take account of, and this has culminated in us, in the duality we see whenever we try to understand reality. Now this may not seem to be what we are thinking of when we note the duality embodied in our corporate form where we contrast the individual with the collective, but it is all part of the same fundamental split between life and non-life that came into being when life first appeared on this planet; and the same applies to life anywhere in the universe. Life can be taken to mean the creation of a perceptual duality, if you want. I have not thought that last point through and will not do so now as my portions of sliced pig are cooking for breakfast, but it seems an obvious conclusion to draw, still you can check it yourselves. There are two environments from the organic entities points of view, duality is the nature of life therefore. The inner environment is biological and social, and causes the genetic code to spiral in on itself in the search for competitive novelty in the manner of a fractal pattern that can pick up any minute part of itself and create a whole new pattern from that starting point. The outer environment is an ever present influence on the creative process but these two are in effect poles or foci between which the information flux that creates the life form vibrates to and fro. The life-form is therefore a pendulum through which the underlying process receives its feedback on the total environment. As life evolves it goes through pulsating cycles of expansion toward a form adapted to the outer environment and a contraction toward a form adapted to the inner environment which is the sum of its own form’s presence in the total environment. The inner environment is not therefore physically distinct from the outer environment, what makes it an inner environment is that to those who share a common nature this portion of the outer environment is unique to them. So this can be likened to the experience of a group of people who alone can enter a certain space, this is a common phenomenon in society, the city of Mecca that only believers can enter for example, inner sanctums of religious edifices are often exclusive, and even if we can enter churches freely we are not likely to unless we are believers. And just the all male preserve of pub or club represent a secular form of this biological phenomenon. The people who are included in these access arrangements are part of the total environment, but there is an inner social environment that only they know. Thus through the exercise of knowledge to create social distinctions the very mechanism of evolution that is fundamental to the origin of life is brought to bear on human society and this is how knowledge is made to act as the medium of social evolution in a perfectly organic manner wherein the individuals are but unwitting mediums of the message. This is a feature of life, every species is an inner sanctum of life to itself, and the special qualities it has empower it in its own specific way and from this we can assume that this is why the human behaviour of creating sacred space, from pub bars to subterranean caverns decorated with mammoths, comes from. This is exactly what we should expect to find if culture in the form of knowledge has taken over from physiology in the form of racial identity as the medium of differentiating types of competing humans. And so we see how an idea, or an attribute like racial physiology, or homosexuality, or knowledge, once they have evolved can spiral in on themselves and display an infinite

capacity to replicate the same pattern of inner sanctum appearing then expanding, appearing, then expanding - Sumerian culture becomes Judaism, becomes Christianity, becomes Islam, becomes Mormonism and an infinite variety of other species of ideology. Adaptation to the non-social environment creates the forms we associate with Darwinian evolution, the forms we can see. Which is why his idea is attached purely to the origins of our physical form and associated with living ape relatives and fossil skeletons. Meanwhile we wonder how these always perfectly adapted forms come into being. It is evident that for this to happen there must be a cyclical process shifting between two poles, otherwise we would never get discrete forms, we would always see an array of intermediate links. As life evolves there is a gradual accumulation of genetic novelty accumulating within the inner sanctum of the species form, thus there is a range of variation with the species. The increasing variety amounts to an ever increasing pressure of information forced into the genome of the species which is perhaps reflected in the form of the individuals but more especially in their behaviour perhaps. This process is an accumulation of potential, and when it finally results in a distinct form, in terms of physical attributes and, or unique behavioural attributes, the pressure is released at a crucial moment in a crescendo when the capacity of the new form to dominate others is suddenly realised. Thus the inner sanctum erupts into the outer environment and begins to feed on and consume those who are of its former kind who still exist within the confines of the inner sanctum. This is why there always appear only perfectly adapted functional forms. In this process of building potential the resulting eruption is not explosive in our eyes, it is gradual and therefore to us barely discernible unless we have a clear knowledge of our history; which is no doubt why our masters like to wipe the slate clean from time to time. This process is always ongoing and because of our particular phase of international change toward a global society right now it can be easily seen taking place in Britain, not to say Europe, today with the influx of Moslems. There will be no revolution, or violence. We have already had that - remember the two wars my granddaddy and my parents fought in, how can we forget, it is all our masters seem to want to put on tele nowadays. Our identity is being replaced from within as one inner sanctum replaces the contents of another. A point will be reached when Mr Blair’s dream will come true of there being the first Moslem prime minister and suddenly our current identity which has already begun to die will be dead, and a few more centuries and the transition will be complete. One inner sanctum will of replaced another and life will of advanced so that where there was knowledge and freedom, there will ignorance and misery, just as happened when Greek culture was wiped out and the Jewish slave implant took hold of the European population and exterminated any value human life had for a thousand years. We are fighting tooth and nail to claw our way to this glorious goal and without men like Tony Blair and Rowan Williams, and all the people who make them the powerful agents of such change that they are, these glorious prospects would simply be beyond our reach - another age of blind darkness never to be seem again, ‘Oh, no, but I hate the light, Gollum, Gollum.’ Now we must bear in mind that this is a deep time process and when I talk about the gradual increase of the pressure of variation building up in the genome of a species I am thinking in terms of a million years or more, and when I am thinking of an explosion of potential I am thinking of a debris scatter somewhere between that of a bomb going of and a supernova occurring. Thus we can think, in relation to ourselves, that at some point a there will of been linguistic species of Homo, say Homo Erectus, which relative to us was probably semi-corporate in its nature, where its corporate identity was supported by physiological means so that it had a naked appearance in order to give it a plastic outer form that could take the mark of the environment associated with the territory it occupied as the marker of its group, and it will of formed small groups rather than the true super colonies we form.

Additional to the environmental stamp of identity further differentiation would of occurred between these small colonial units due simply to their enclosed breeding units, that is to say their inner sanctums. It is said that such bands interbred, and this will of been so, thus a form of prehuman supper colony will of existed, but this only reaffirms the idea that racially defined colonies will of formed a breeding population making the colony the unit of identity and corporate form even for Homo Erectus. Such inter breeding will of been kept within recognised limits of affinity which will of been racial. At some point there will of been boundaries between racial types that were not breached by inter-breeding even though there were social relations of some sort, good = trade, bad = warfare, both = functional Meanwhile these animals will of been possessed of an extraordinarily well developed and powerful capacity for communication relative to any other animal that has ever existed apart from ourselves, their descendants. They must of had language, they had fire, which indicates their exceptional nature. Speech will of reinforced the inner sphere of their corporate identity, over time these animals spiralled in upon this inner sanctum via a route provided by the information accumulated by means of the organs of speech which were therefore driven to evolve further by the pressures within the inner sanctum of the species social environment. We must remember when we think of this that the most important organ of speech is not the mouth parts and voice box and such like, but the unseen elements that constitute the most important parts of our individual brains. Recognising the cyclical nature of the evolutionary process involving a build up of potential followed by release and a further build up, allows us to see why in the interval between our kind exiting the inner sanctum of their forebears and bursting upon the scene as full blown colonial forms with the dawn of civilisation, all there is to show for their new found genius was the magnificence of some of their art work hidden away in the sanctuary of a few underground caverns, a strange anomaly that without my explanation can only make us wonder why an animal evolved according to Darwinian ideas to paint pretty pictures on a cave wall! Had one of Von Daniken’s mates thoughtlessly dropped a video camera overboard while passing overhead, and the early humans taken advantage of it, we would see that there was much that they were doing of immense importance that leaves no trace. We can see that in the natural time lapse of life that meant until the Christians were able to get to grips with the situation and make an art of ethnic cleansing under the spiritual leadership of their dedicated missionaries, different colonies could race away with a new knowledge package while others carried on blissfully unaware of the new god in town, and human society did make use of the new fangled linguistic brain box for all sorts neat tricks even without the main game coming into effect as agriculture. The enhancement of the cultural component of their corporate self that language created based upon the accumulation of knowledge, empowered the corporate body, and so individual colonies with an ever increasing capacity inherent in their groups ability to express this linguistic information of corporate identity will of been more and more successful. This success will of manifested itself in the ability to manipulate ideas through speech, singing, art and story telling. Eventually the accumulation of the potential for these behaviours must of accumulated over the course of a million years until some groups simply found themselves the possessors of gifts that burst the damn of the Homo Erectus form and unleashed a flood of potential based upon individuals which were fully corporate in their nature, as represented by their capacity for fully modern speech driven by a powerful imagination that could support one corporate mind as the cultural medium of corporate identity. Now at this point, which occurred in Africa some 100, 000 years ago, the dam had only just burst, and so the next fifty thousand years prior to the appearance of fine art represents the explosion of this potential scattering its Homo Sapien debris wide and far across the territories of the earth. A further wave of potential has rippled outwards since

artful humans first made their mark on the landscape and pushed the only other extant Homo species into extinction, and a new ripple burst upon the scene with the coming of agriculture and the foundation of civilisation, and that in turn has proceeded to push those left wallowing in the inner sanctum the agriculturists left behind into extinction. This latest ripple I think is due to further spiralling down within the potential of the corporate form. Two features of modern humans seem pertinent to this latest ripple, white skinned forms, maybe of some relevance, I do not know, they do seem a radical break from black skinned forms but the question is what important features underlie this change of appearance, is it just another racial ploy? I am inclined to think there is more to it than that, an appalling thing to hint at I know, but science is science, and I don’t mean to suggest white skin is of major significance, according to Casson the ancients recognised four basic skin colours, white, black, yellow and red. But the other extremely peculiar and very important development is homosexuality, and this could well represent the descent into the potential of the Homo Sapien genome that has made farming and civilisation possible, meaning that we need a new name for our species not as the mediums of intelligence but as the carriers of homosexuality, thus Homo Homo. So instead of saying no matter what our differences we are all one species, that is we are all Homo Sapiens, the intelligent Man, we can say we are all Homo Homos, the Man who likes to fuck himself. I don’t know, it has a certain ring to it, but what d’yu think, groovy? will it catch on? I doubt it somehow. I have got to stop watching that David Dickenson on Bargain Hunt. So when an animal evolved with the fully fledged capacity for cultural behaviour some 100,000 years ago this potential had to unleash itself in some realised form, at this stage it was just a DNA based product, the release of the potential contained with that product created a new inner environment, a cultural environment, at that starting point this was an essentially vacant environment waiting to be occupied by the accumulation of information in the form of knowledge, which would accumulate as the animal expanded its biomass. Of course this knowledge is going to accumulate within the increasing biomass of the human animal we are concerned with understanding at this moment. As this happened information would feedback upon the form which delivered that cultural, linguistically driven behaviour, and thus continue to release the potential of cultural behaviour which would be reflected in the evolving form of the animal. It is as if the potential of biological evolution is being milked by this pulsating process so that behaviour becomes the expression of form, but both form and behaviour are entirely identical in that they are evolved attributes of biological Darwinian evolution, both being subject to precisely the same dynamics of control albeit operated by different mechanisms according to the medium of information transmission, biochemical in the case of DNA, linguistic in the case of human social behaviour. The vacant cultural inner environment would fill up with colonies according to the opportunities offered by the outer environment, each colony representing an inner sanctum of knowledge distinct in some way from each other although each with much in common because they were of the same species. These various colonies would interact and in doing so they would form a Darwinian population of competing organisms. Thus knowledge is made into an attribute of an animal that can evolve in precisely the same manner the pattern of a bird’s feathers evolve as driven by the inner sanctum of their species interactions. And thus humans evolve as corporate animals in which the individual is not an animal, but only a part of an animal and hence we get God, and all the Jo Smiths and Tony Blairs of this world who think they are God’s personal messenger or errand boy. This particular phase of our evolution where we turned back in on ourselves and spiralled down into the inner environment of cultural behaviour, is that which has become

known to us as the phase of history controlled by us, where suddenly we developed the capacity to take charge of our own evolution and biological evolution lost its grip upon us. But this is facile and arrogant, or it would be if it were not actually the way that Darwinian evolution has exploited this capacity for cultural behaviour by enabling an elite to take control of what we all are supposed to think so that a hierarchical structure could develop which all life-forms rely upon for the creation of social structure. So Kauffman is behaving like all those who have gone before him, he is separating the process from the form that the process produces and exists within, and in his search for complexity he is creating simplicity, but sadly not of explanation, just of misunderstanding. Once again then, it should be clear that for life to progress through a series of forms that at all times are perfect in themselves but that come from, and lead to, radically different forms in a series of related, discrete, intermediate, perfect forms, the underlying process of transformation has to go through such a cycle as I have described involving an accumulation of potential that is then released. A pulsating cycle where form is the changing baton carrying changing process according to an unchanging objective of growth. The only way this can happen is if the process acts like the motion of a form acting like a pendulum swinging between two opposing foci of attraction and influence existing within one universal system. Two points of attraction within one unity, that unity is the energy of expansion traced back by physicists to the Big Bang. From this reasoning I get the idea that each broad life form - mollusc, insect, mammal, represents in its general body form the cusp at which a major release of potential was reached in the capacity of life as whole to exist on this planet. What then ensued is a fractal display of the infinite variety of form residing within each basic body plan as the plan shatters in a explosion of genomic potential which crystallises upon contact with each new micro environment the basic body plan comes in contact with, within which it can apply the qualities of its inner sanctum’s information resources. It is in this explosion of accumulated potential that Kauffman’s tendency toward order resides, it is a potential that has been accumulated, it does not just appear randomly or from nowhere - if that is what he says, it looks like that is what he is implying, but as I say I have not read his book, so I had best not assume too much. But it seems evident he is making a distinction between the proactive Darwinian force of natural selection and the seemingly unaccountable tendency for order to come out of random events, somewhat acknowledging the point I made above about the beauty that occurs spontaneously in nature that must rely upon some underlying order. But in terms of life’s symmetry we can account for this in a proactive way by recognising that the process of natural selection we see expressed in the form of living things, acts upon the gradual and unseen step by step accumulation of potential built up in the manner of an ordered accumulation of naturally selected, unseen attributes, hidden with the nature of the forms we find dominating our consciousness. So the attributes of a mollusc say, have been laid down by a gradual accumulation of attributes which has formed a generally applicable body plan which can then go out and conquer the world and in the process the release of its potential is seen as a release of hidden order that has already been built up by a long and careful process of evolution, and this original accumulation of order had to produce symmetry in order to produce forms that were functional just as we in turn in our creative enterprises cannot help producing beauty and order when we seek to perform our needs efficiently. You cannot produce, for example, a good bridge of any advanced form without producing something beautiful. This is about an economy of energy. So complexity most succinctly put is an expression of energy harmoniously resonating through mass. A beautiful form is therefore a harmonious expression of the energy that it embodies, and by beautiful I mean a

form that has qualities of symmetry not one that is necessarily attractive to the eyes of us humans. As this cascade of potential loses its pent-up energy of genetic information over a vast length of time a new animal kingdom becomes an established part of the environment. In this process of dispersion of the products of accumulated genetic potential about the earth’s environments proceeds, and the basic body plan adapts to itself as part of the biosphere, this basic body form - mollusc, mammal, insect - settles into opposing kinds we call species that set up their own niche environments where the close proximity of identical kinds has spawned a close competition and so we get primary mammal kinds like sheep and predatory mammal kinds like cats. These forms consisting of one body plan taking opposing routes toward energy acquisition is the open display of the fractal pattern that results from the genetic information spiralling in on itself and thus extracting a maximum of potential from its new found qualities of organic form. Within these self sustaining and self exploiting ecosystems the potential qualities of the basic form are forced to separate out as if by a kind of centrifugal process. The swing of the pendulum back toward the inner social environment, and in this case the far deeper inner body plan environment underlying all species of one broad type, has its own ultimate peak object of potential energy release beyond which the pendulum can go no further. The limit of maximum internal self expression of potential is the evolution of a corporate form. So within each broad new body plan - mollusc, insect, mammal - the forces unleashing potential will always head directly toward the creation of a corporate form as the maximum available expression of potential inherent within that body plan. In molluscs we have corals which form the great reefs of the world that we are striving with all our might to exterminate. In insects we see ants which sadly, thus far, the housewife has been left the task of single-handedly exterminating on her own, and consequently we know how sorrowful are our attempts at extermination here, the only good news on the horizon is that where some of the finest colonial forms do exist we are making great progress and by the time the current generation is all growed up, God willing, there will be no forests bigger than a patch of pubescent pubic hairs left standing on the planet to house our rivals for the title of the most ferocious corporate species on planet earth. Termites are another fine example, and there is an excellent work by an obscure boar on the subject of The Soul of the White Ant which is a curious and delightful item for the advocate of human corporate nature. Once again, for some unknown reason that completely baffles me, no real progress has been made in the extermination of this life form, in fact in some parts of the world they seem to be doing a good job of eating us out of house and home, literally! And it may well be that they are behind the plot to bring about global warming so they can get their little chompers on our more northerly architectural heritage. Its us or them, either the rest of life goes or we do, or that seems to be the plan anyway. And so, finally, this is the reason why our kind has evolved as the pinnacle of mammalian body form after some sixty five million years of the release of potential since this basic form came into existence in the tiny frame of the little mouse-like tree shrew. Therefore our human nature can be traced back to this first mammalian form and the ever increasing adaptation of the mammalian class leading to a corporate body plan as expressed in our physical and behavioural form, which represents the release of the inner potential of the basic mammalian body plan. And from the recognition that we can thus trace our own form back to the original mammal on the basis of the deep time understanding of organic processes described here, the whole history of life on earth can be expressed in terms of this concept of the ever increasing realisation of self awareness.

Using Kauffman’s questions as a staging post for our ideas we can see that we can easily recognise laws applying to the science of history, for, once we have recognised the true nature of human nature we can see that what we call history is just an extension of what we call biology. But clearly, and quite obviously, since the nature of science and scientifically determined laws is that they arise from a detached observation of reality, we must absolutely recognise the nature of ourselves in accordance with this scientific perspective before we can in any way seek to determine scientific laws of this all embracing kind that apply to ourselves. As obvious as this is, it is clearly something which not only have we failed to do, we have strove to fail to do. It is evident from my deep time analysis of evolutionary processes that life processes have a cyclical rhythm. The presence of cyclical processes as a feature of the elements of the natural environment is commonplace, the water cycle that brings water from the sea to be deposited upon the land and returned to the see via rivers is a simple one occurring on a relatively short time scale. The carbon cycle which involves carbon being taken from the atmosphere and incorporated into the substance of organic life forms and then eventually returned to the atmosphere upon death and decay is a more sophisticated piece of knowledge that could not be recognised until modern science evolved, and it involves a deep time scale which must be quite variable. Obviously the passage of an element through stages of combination with other elements or stages of physical composition, is not the same kind of cycle as that which involves an accumulation of genetic information in a species, but a rhythm in the dynamic process is something these different types of cycles possess. In life, because of its special characteristics the cycle is creative, that is accumulative, and this acquisitive attribute exists because living matter captures energy from the sun in the act of organising matter into living matter. Thus the raw element of constancy in the cycle of organic process, that which goes in at one end and comes out at the other unchanged, is energy. This energy is drawn from the sun for the most part even though we know that the sun is not essential to the existence of living matter. It may be that at some time in the future the distinction between matter and living matter will evaporate at this level of understanding universal processes, but I do not think we have cracked that knowledge barrier yet. This very process of energy captivation is a form of ‘knowledge’ acquisition if we follow the logic of my argument that knowledge is genetic information and therefore genetic information is knowledge. This whole idea then takes us back to the origin of life and allows us to equate the moment life came into being with the moment knowledge snapped into existence from a time when information acquisition did not exist on this planet. This is just another way of saying that life is consciousness, which I said earlier. Processes occurred prior to life coming into being but they followed a fixed pattern obeying the physicists laws of combination. Given water and a source of energy plus a chemical soup the physical laws of combination could reach a stage of complexity where the resulting combinations occurring in a mechanistic response to energy availability could ‘learn’ by acquiring elements giving structures, and hence forms, that would seek energy, that is become proactive and thus no longer simply be mechanistically passive. And at the same time we can see that this brings into being the primary duality of life, the existence in one space and time of two attributes that we see as a duality, the attributes of nature and form. Coming up to the present where we think we are perfectly free from mechanistic processes, I am seeking to say the opposite is the case, we are entirely deterministic in every aspect of our behaviour, it follows that at the opposite end of the evolutionary scale when life began some four billion years ago we could say this was the beginning of free will, if we want to shake up our ideas and see things with a more wholesome detached perspective.

I have represented the evolutionary process in terms of a relay race in which a baton is passed down the generations. The point of this representation is to allow for a change of forms while retaining a continuity of nature. This idea arises from the realisation that from the outset of our evolutionary line’s split away from the ape line we must of been headed for a corporate form. How do these two conceptions of the evolutionary process work together then? Well of course these are just two expressions of the one process, evolution, viewed from different degrees of proximity. The cyclical process is a description of the general nature of evolution based on the nature of life itself which upon coming into existence engenders the duality of the inner and outer environments. But as we turn our attention to the more specific attributes of ourselves we can recognise specific traits that need to be placed within this cyclical scheme of things. Having defined the process as one that is forcefully driving a form of ape toward a true corporate mammalian body form we then need to follow the course of the physical transformations taking place as the process progresses. Thus we connect one form, the racial form, with another, obviously related, but nonetheless distinct form, the culturally adaptive form, and in this way the attribute of race as the embodiment of the corporate identity becomes a baton of the process which is transferred to the attribute of perfect linguistic skill as the succeeding baton of corporate identity. We still find the old baton remaining in the race as the new one comes up to speed, but gradually racial physiology recedes in importance over the course of tens of thousands of years, or in evolutionary terms, in a blink of an eye. Thus the baton is to a form what the cycle is to it’s nature. And so here we see the appearance of law which should assist in an evaluation of the portion of our evolution that we have come to think of as history. Taking a highly close up view of our organism, through the electron microscope of sociology as it were, we find the cyclical dynamic still present and highly charged, acting as the dynamic flux of our conscious social lives. Thus we constantly speak of cycles in the economy with high and low inflation, high and low unemployment, recession and good times, it has become a catch phrase of the head priest, Tony Blair, to speak of no return to the Tory ways and days of boom and bust, so prevalent is this tendency to swing to and fro. And in every other sphere of our social life the same cyclical appearance makes itself felt, in the shift toward liberalisation and back to reactionary ideas, from socialism to conservatism, from secular emphasis to religious revival. But likewise there is nonetheless a continual transformation in the form of society as these behavioural swings ebb and flow according to seemingly eternal patterns of the knowledge flux. Hence we may be shifting toward a society where people just appear as slaves in the hands of autocratic masters once again due to the immense wealth, power, and centralised authority of corporate enterprise. But in the meantime no matter what else you say no one is going to speak of the old days when no one had running water or there was a communal lavatory in the backyard, the organism has moved up a notch and those days are gone as long as the organism remains in a state of growth. Materially we have moved on. But then again someone on television only this week was looking at the new terminology for slum housing of the future, that is affordable housing, and pointing out how today’s offering was more poky than 1960’s housing and a retrograde step, so even here , in our material living standards the pendulum is swinging backwards again. The reason being there is no point in having a slave class and then treating them like free people, and capitalism is all about making slaves of free people because it is the powerhouse of the theocracy. The changes in society that promised so much and whose praises are sung so highly still by their devotees, feminism, for example, these too create permanent shifts in the social structure but yet fail to deliver the utopia that they appeared to in the manner that the wrongs they are said to right are made out to be the root of all that is bad. Various consequences arise, women find they have to work whether they want

to or not, and if they want to be housewives or mothers devoted to the home this option no longer exists. And when we do get a female prime minister you just end up wishing Hitler had won the war so we might of avoided the tragedy. Meanwhile, in a report on the news yesterday, 28/06/02, we are told 20% of women over forty have no kids and are glad of it, and the average age for having a first baby is 29, and that if this trend continues we are in deep shit. Why? Because our social, that is behavioural form, is connected directly to our physical form which is rooted in our DNA, and our biology reacts to this change in our behaviour, women stop having kids in order to ‘become men’ but damn it if men will not do their bit and start having kids! Something will have to give, the government can change its policy and this will be seen as people controlling their evolution, but that is a very superficial interpretation, the government will be adjusting its management of knowledge in order to comply with the dictates of nature. We can of course develop new knowledge so powerful that we make the primitive means of gestating embryos in the bodies of living adults as redundant as such a repugnant idea ought to be. And then all women can become men and there will simply be no need to have gametes and eggs, or the female forms that only ever existed to enable males to regenerate themselves and get the housework done. And thus at last Homo Homo can truly realise its latent potential. Now, returning to my central area of interest, knowledge, and especially religion, what about here? I have just noted that we do see shifts here in the influence of ideas on society in the short term, and obviously we see larger cycles of influence of the same kind acting in the long term, or else there could not be dark ages and renaissances. And so all is reduced to science and sociobiology. Watching the BBC 1 Panorama programme last night, 30/06/02, on the current house price boom, during which they took us through the programmes made over the decades on the ups and downs in the same, I was powerfully aware of a cyclical movement of boom and bust rippling as it were though a steady rise in value over time. This over all rise can be put in terms of inflation, but what is inflation in terms of the life system of the corporate organism growth. We feed a child and it defecates, but as it grows it is fed more and even though it gives out in response to intake, it augments itself. Once physical growth has ended the adult proceeds to replicate its own physical form and so the process of ‘feeding’ is extended into the corporate domain, via work, where it acquires access to the means of feeding its progeny. But over and above this cellular growth, in our post agricultural phase individuals have come to acquire material mass to the themselves in the same manner as an organism feeding, thus actual land becomes the same thing as food, one stage removed. Thus humans consume land, in a manner of speaking, and build exostructures as extensions of their bodies related to this land they have consumed and made a part of their personal organism, and so houses and towns comes into being. Today this has developed into a well organised complex system where the intake of energy is symbolised by money. The adult feeds - earns, and defecates spends. But, the better fed adult hopes over time to accumulate excess ‘fat’ in a process that mimics bodily growth, and thereby to augment themselves. In actual fact however this exofeeding is a corporate activity and its true effect can only be seen by observing the entire society, and here, whether or not an individual accumulates wealth to themselves, the society over all is augmented and so we get growth that we recognise in purposeful theological language as inflation and progress. I have made it a matter of dogma that if we are a corporate species and societies are organisms with integrity distinct from one another, until one global society should take shape, then every aspect of our society is part of the organic body and the infrastructure of society is an exoskeleton, and the behaviours associated with these structures are the physiological processes of the corporate body. From this extreme point of view there should be some way

of describing in detail the attributes of society that we normally describe in theological language in scientific language, and the paragraph above does just this. Here we see the usefulness of the idea of applying a basic biological law to our method just as requested by Kauffman. Here is an odd thought, by my standards any way. One powerful cycle impinging upon us Europeans is that of winter and summer. This cannot be considered within the cyclical pattern of behavioural features of our society because it is an environmental factor external to the corporate organism. Furthermore there are parts of the world where there are no such seasons, namely the tropics about the equator. Is this cyclical environment in some way responsible for Europeans being the origin of the modern civilisation with all its wonder and staggering development? People often use to attribute our industriousness to the need we have to work to survive in comparison with other more clement climes. This has always seemed a bit simplistic to me, but I just wondered whether given the nature of life with its cyclical pulsating rhythm underpinning growth could the extreme but well balanced European cycle somehow nurture the physiology of the corporate human organism most favourably, just as the corporate ant physiology seems to be brought to its peak by the opposite seasonless stasis of the tropics? Just a thought in passing. Note - the closing sentence of Kane’s account pleads for the day when the Jews will once again be in possession of Palestine. An expression of the sympathy inculcated in America that are the direct cause of America’s involvement in world affairs in such a way that brought the events of September 11th last to its capital city. And which allow me to point out correctly that America is a slave state of Israel. The coming of Homo Homo as just, light-heartedly, envisaged, brings us nicely to a consideration of central hatcheries. I have never really given this matter any thought, it is perfectly obvious that we do not have a Queen human pumping out eggs to be nurtured into physiologically differentiated castes as distinct as that of insects. But, here’s a thought, shock horror, ‘We’re not insects!’ Aldous Huxley’s brilliant novel Brave New World written in 1932 was in effect a futuristic vision that used his knowledge of biology to apply the idea of humans being raised by a central authority in such a way that strictly defined castes were produced. It has been described as a psychological nightmare scenario, but it was a biological thriller based on life as it is, no one can ever write about something that does not exist. The Star Trek story line includes the Borg as a species with one central mind that is connected directly to the body of each individual in a manner similar to that of a termite nest where the queen’s moods are transmitted through the colony in an instant by chemical messages. But what do you think language is? What do you think the BBC or CNN is? OK humans do not use hormones to communicate emotional states, we communicate using electromagnetic wavelengths of light and modulated vibrations resonating molecules in the atmosphere, or something like that. Our entire physiology is built around the orientation toward exploiting the communicative value of these energetic media, this is why we see and hear so well. In other words being vastly different physiologically nature was required to take a different route toward creating a corporate species when working with mammals than when working with insects or molluscs. And these various artistic considerations on the subject indicate just how easy it is to see our vast and densely populated societies, with their highly organised and rigid hierarchical systems of elite versus worker, in terms of a corporate organism. The trick used in these works of fiction however is similar to that used in the creation of religious myth, a story is overstated and from the resulting sharp contrast we are

mad to feel unique and alienated from the rest of nature. This is how Judaism separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom and it is also the way the Star Trek stories, originally created by a Jew, who therefore underwent the elite-making socialisation process, in the case of the Borg, contrasts our freedom loving, independent minded, emotional, rather then mechanical, human selves, with the limited rigidly mechanistic Borg. And thus we feel glad that at least we are not like them. But in fact when we look at the Jews or Moslems, or Christians, or Hindus or so on ad infinitum we see that we are as rigid and mindless as a piston engine in one important respect, that of our identity. Where we are free to express ourselves is in the meaningless field of art, and, where physics and good engineering practice allows it, in craft. Hence we see the Mormons despite displaying the fundamental quality of mind numbing stupidity such as would make a gnat look like a genius in their central attribute of intelligence that makes them identifiable as Mormons, in all other respects, show the usual brilliance of human intelligence. They are the perfect organic robots, supremely intelligent in their machinery, that is in their brain capacity, while being utterly moronic in themselves as independent beings. Just like a computer, fanatically powerful and ‘clever’ in itself, but totally incapable of anything without a controller. I watched the last half of a BBC programme about animal communication last night that I recorded this July, hosted by Charlotte Oenbroek (A guess, her name was not credited at the end), in which she said that ants were fixed into a perfectly rigid system, describing ants as organic robots. But of course no animal, including ants, are locked into a rigidly deterministic form of social behaviour more than we are, the only reason we do not see this is that we are only aware of our individual self interest, we are isolated within the corporate body and the role of religion is to ensure this isolation exists, hence the importance of religion. When people were ruled by racial physiology they were not aware of their racial physiology as anything special, it was so real it went unnoticed, and all the remaining races of the most primitive kind quizzed by anthropologists from Africa to Terra del Fuego seem to have but one name for themselves as a result ‘The people’. On a BBC 2 programme on TV right now, 30/06/02 19:57:08, about GM crops I just saw someone, called Rifkin I think, say that while we may have a biological renaissance as a result of this technology we could get a ‘brave new world’. Of course he, along with the rest of humanity bar me, does not realise we already have a system of caste creation but that at the moment it is controlled by Darwinian biology, we being the unwitting operators, just as all other life forms are, within their respective domains, unwitting operators of the actions they perform that are beyond their intentional objectives - hence plants unwittingly created an oxygen rich atmosphere in which animals could come into being and munch their way through the vegetables that made the existence of animals possible, which is why they are called vegetables, because they are so stupid; but we are no better. All that the ability to engage in genetic modification does is to bring all life forms into the usual field of human expertise in a new way, and if we apply this to humans, as we have already done in the process of domestication, that is what Christians and Moslems are, the domesticated livestock of Jews, then all we are doing is continuing as we have always done. I find the prospect of raising individuals in the manner of bees in a hive abhorrent, but not all that much more so than Christianity. The central key here is ensuring the individuals do not know their own nature, as it is in Christianity and Islam, and quite possibly Judaism, the only difference in this latter case is that the Judaic identity carries the elite-maker code, but there is no reason to think the Jews are actually any more conscious of their nature as masters than their slaves are, as I have pointed out this is a symbiotic relationship, these distinct but similar identities form one true organism. The idea of unwittingness of identity was nicely portrayed in the futuristic movie of the cop who hunts androids, Bladerunner, where the android girl has

a fake history implanted into her brain, and she displays the ability to cry when she finds out, and what is better, given how drop dead gorgeous she is, the ability to make herself feel better by shagging. Of course we already have all that methodology in place with the history of our fight for freedom and our great British Empire and so on and so forth, but in truth, of course, it is all a sham cooked up spontaneously by the elite who happen to of evolved to fulfil this particular administrative function of the organism. This is why periodically the master wipes the history slate clean to begin a new programme. What is the truth then? Simple, we are cells within a corporate organism, always have been, and always will be. If GM scares you, there is bad news, the fright comes from wiping the mist from the surface of a mirror you have been staring straight into all along. So that in actual fact in the context of history books are the polished surface of the mirror, the wiping of the slate of history is akin to white washing the mirror. As ever things are spoken of arse about face in history which makes these books sound like a poor sort of mirror, but if books contain accounts of events then they contain truth to the person who looks upon them properly, this is what makes books dangerous. I was criticised just yesterday for acting as if all knowledge comes from books, nothing could be further from the truth, but my protagonist was not someone to bother taking seriously, he is a dedicated enemy in his attitude. But even such nasty remarks, nasty because they are not considered but merely reflect a shallow criticism of superficial aspects of behaviour observed, prompt a useful thought about the nature of knowledge and how we know what we know and the role of books in that account, something Charlotte took notice of in her programme. And the fact is that we do indeed, in conformity to our own mammalian physiology, create a strictly controlled caste system via a process of regeneration of units that can be compared point for point with that of insects. The founders of our civilisation, the Sumerians, established the triadic caste levels that we still have today that we call upper, middle and lower class, or on a global scale we speak of first and third world which leaves you wondering where the second is, but as you can see with the G8 summit in Canada at the moment these are the true first world countries, the other members of the first world economy that do not qualify as first order first world because they are not massive enough are in effect the second order. The third world is what it is because it clearly does not have the first world economy and life style that we are, supposedly, so keen to share with all, but which in truth biology will not permit us to share because the Sumerian society that we are still in essence, must have a triadic hierarchical system at its heart. I am sure, just the other day, I spotted a reference to the idea that hierarchy was outmoded in our modern global society which is headed for uniformity, and this general line is taken by Kauffman but I cannot see the statement that hierarchy is outmoded in his book now and so I cannot be sure where it came from. This completely fails to understand the true nature of human nature and to recognise that there is a triadic biological hierarchy of castes and the increasing uniformity of the world, which from an individual perspective is surely a terrible nightmare, is not eradicating this biological quality, that would be like evolving away from proneness to lung cancer by evolving away from having lungs. All that is happening is that as the corporate organism under the Jewish theocracy takes over all the territories of the world the extent of uniformity increases, to be more efficient productively is the goal of the elite who manage society, and necessary in order to create that one organic body. Meanwhile the triadic structure expands and so it is possible at this stage to quell uneasiness with the usual deceitful elite propaganda and general, unwittingly provided misinformation. Such unwitting information providers exist due to the theocratic mind programming that forces intellectual robots to see the world according to the theological self centred model instead of the biological disinterested model revealed by science, and so it is proposed that this terrible homogenisation of culture is a

good thing because it is going to remove the hierarchical social structure, it is not, it is just expanding in such a way that from our first world perspective, stuck like molecules in the molecular framework of the structure, it looks this way, and only a thousand years of observation will reveal the truth, which is that we cannot exist without a hierarchical structure - who is going to empty the bins and sweep the streets? So to speak. What this idea expressed by Kauffman is doing is repeating the same mantra about an end to history and an end to science mentioned before, in order to stop people being inquisitive about the true nature of society, thus he is a valuable academic fulfilling the role of an academic in the theocracy by maintaining the boundary of unwittingness unwittingly. We do not have a queen pumping out eggs. But we do have specially defined areas of the corporate organism where socialisation takes place that will guarantee that we get alpha, beta and gamma units. You try growing up on a council estate and becoming a member of the elite. It may of been done, according to some representations of the physiology of society, but I would dispute such details, and the general picture is the one that counts. You may accept, mindlessly, the idea that we have private schools where people pay because they want to express parental choice, but this is self evidently complete and utter bullshit if ever there were any. The alternative scenario is that it is the malicious elite seeking to protect their own interests, and this appeals to me rather more I must confess, but it falls into the same purposeful trap. The fact is we cannot escape these behavioural responses to life because we are a corporate organism and it is by developing these physiological structures of the corporate body that civilisation has been evolved and we cannot walk away from this. And for the most part it works, there are blurred areas, but that is the nature of the game called life. It does not matter how we as individuals interact with social structures, whether we have vouchers or scholarships to enable some irregularity in the flow of individuals from population source to organ, or whatever, all that matters is that these structures exist and do so eternally; and they do. Page 164, reference to the ‘hive’ nicely fits in with the use of this history to illustrate the corporate nature of human nature. Page 171, parents will be held accountable by the Lord. This is interesting given the case last month (today is 01/07/02), where a women was sent to prison because her daughters failed to attend school. See how Biblical law is secularised. We are programmed by the theocracy’s academic servants to think that society has been secularised in the sense that the theocracy no longer rules us, this is of course a ploy, all it means is that the Biblical law has been translated into a judicial authority slightly distant from the direct control of the church, but essentially the church still rules in the manner that is nicely revealed in this blatant case of church law being mimicked by the current efforts to address current, and obviously perennial, problems of livestock management. I am not saying this mechanism is wrong, only trying to indicate the true nature of secularisation, and the true nature of authority, in our society. I am not judging in this case, I am observing and describing. The adoration of knowledge indicated here in the insistence upon forcing children to undergo social programming is fascinating, one wonders if this did not inform the original knowledge perverts who formulated Judaism, giving them so powerful a source of social governance. It is seems to me some terrible calamity ensued from the meeting of the Greek love of knowledge with the Jewish love of power and the abuse of knowledge. Of course as we know the criminal always leads the rest of society in the use of modern technology, knowledge is power and we see the sickening use of an astute awareness of truth by the knowledge perverts of today who have the social power to corrupt children’s minds with the

teaching of Creationism with the hearty approval of vile individuals like Tony Blair who are of course the lowest of the low amongst human kind; if, that is, you are a lover of truth and honesty, but it has to be said, where most people are concerned, who gives a shit about that! I am, most definitely, judging this behaviour. It is sickening to see such people taking an interest in the most precious thing on earth since they can only have one object in mind, to twist and pervert it to their own ends in accordance with the dictates, revealed by the example of Mormonism, of what they choose to call their sacred religion. I caught the tail end of a piece on Newsnight on BBC 2 last night, 01/07/02, about ‘Intelligent Design’, which, in this context is like saying ‘Gentle Brutality’ or ‘Loving Rape’ or ‘Big Smallness’. The Americans are the sickest sub-human sad bastards on earth, they no longer teach Darwinism, the state funds religious indoctrination via a voucher system, they supply their masters, Israel, with billions of dollars worth of military aid each year. I think it is time we went to war with them to free the poor fuckers! They are obviously not capable of freeing themselves and we should feel responsible since, by the look of the emigration details of the original Mormons, we spawned them by supplying them with all our nutters. What is even sadder of course, is that we would lose, and so the Americans would lose too, they would fight with everything at their disposal to prevent us from freeing them and to ensure they could continue to draw the free remnants of the world into their abject state of slavery. We are fucked, and this is only the beginning, hold your breath or don’t, it won’t be long before a new Dark Age dawns; the horizon is dimming before our eyes. Page 180, Zion is established in the land. In America that is. And what is Zion? The intended land of the Jews. Page 184. There is a repeated theme of communism referred to in this account. This nicely reveals how Marxism evolved before Marx, and in effect all Marx did was to translate a current social ideology growing out of the social environment of the time into the usual form of Judaic mythology by emphasising the historical perspective that is a cornerstone of Judaism. What is most fascinating is that it was this Jewish version of a contemporary movement that came to the fore and created mayhem and has come down to us today as the most potent form of secular theology of the modern era. The lesson here is to do with the assimilation of knowledge achieved according to a powerful formula that somehow prevents the truth from becoming known whenever knowledge threatens to evolve beyond the idiocy of the ancient Jews. Thus society is prevented from advancing beyond the grip of the Jewish elite organ of the corporate body, thereby destroying the ancient civilisation of the Sumerians which the forefathers of Judaism translated into its own dogma so long ago. This is the trick above all others that one has to be aware of in any attempt to move society forward beyond this most tenacious of primitive sub-human corporate identities. In speaking of Marx’ works in these terms it is essential to emphasise once again that this behaviour on the part of individuals is not a conspiracy. This type of activity arises purely and simply because of the way humans have evolved to be linguistic, an attribute which gives humans the characteristic whereby they are programmed by their culture in a process sociologists call socialisation. Culture is as much an evolved component of the animal as any other item of physiology, it is therefore an evolved behavioural routine that directs the thinking processes of all individuals, some more directly, some less, but all are obliged to go with the flow whether by following it or by fighting it. I may be attacking religion with all my might, but I can only succeed in furthering the well being of the corporate theocracy or fail to do anything, because all there is is the corporate theocracy. I am not looking for a perfect goal, I am just doing what comes naturally, and I have no notion of a

perfect outcome such as the pathetic ideas of Marx offered by foretelling the ascendancy of the proles, or that of the Christian fathers who portrayed a vision of a coming state of bliss on earth. Sad, very sad people, and all the more so because exactly the opposite is the true objective, and, as we can now see with the benefit of hindsight, the outcome. Indeed to allow it to be said that this kind of collective behaviour, whereby an intellectual, or inspired, or otherwise exceptionally motivated individual, such Karl Marx or Joseph Smith, act as sources for new linguistic programmes that are absorbed by a multitude of suitably prepared individuals, to be called a conspiracy is to describe such social phenomenon through the prism of Judaism, or in more general terms, through the personal orientation which is common to people by way of their nature, but which is most finely fashioned into an ideology in Judaism. Thus the last thing I want anyone to think is that I mean such statements to be in any way personal. I am describing biological phenomena in a strictly scientific manner. Something you will never catch scientists doing in respect to this subject, they would never dare, or get they opportunity to do even if they did dare.

Page 185. They will impact on the affairs of the world for a hundred generations! Do not say in a thousand years time when this vile people rule the earth that you were not warned. It has happened before, and it will happen again.

Page 179. Notice how by drawing money in this way, call it donations or tithing or whatever, a Church, which begins with the organic substance of a corporate animal by coalescing about an ideological formula, then takes on the nature of a state. This is how a theocracy is automatically incorporated into the heart of a society just as a grain of sand is into a pearl, and this is why today I can state accurately that we live in a theocracy which is recognisable in the form of our identity, the openly avowed religious form of our British identity today, which no one may breach without courting trouble, is the religion of multiculturalism. There is a later reference to the church and state being combined under the Mormons, one must imagine that the origin of the state lay in the Church of the Sumerians and it has always been something of a vague arrangement whereby the state has always managed to develop satellite institutions of the Church that could be thought secular. We pretend we live in a secular state, and it does appear so until you tackle the nature of our social form without reservation. Appearances in this case are skin deep and this is why religion so easily extrudes itself into the political domain and even the force of science is like a skin of damp paper wrapped around the inner core of our organism’s religious body. The Mormons may appear to parasitize the organisation of the state which organises the mechanics of society that allowed them to develop a state like apparatus and structure. But this can be understood not to be the case if we recognise that the existence of religious authority is the core of the animal identity of a civilised corporate body. The state does not only tolerate this kind of development, it enshrines it in its constitution, as in the case of America. If the state was not essentially a mechanism supporting a theocratic structure it would not adopt this stance for it could separate itself from religion if that were the desire of the elite who have their hands on the task of farming society, and who know what underpins their mechanistic authority.

Page 191, the familiar assertion that atheism is simply negative, unlike theism which is positive. It was my firm believe that it was possible to positively prove God does not exist

that drove me on to discover the proof that I present in my demystification of Jewish mysticism which is translated into the language of science in the proper context of biology. The idea that humans are a corporate animal is positive and demonstrable and matches perfectly the myths of Judaism just as the idea of a manatee matches the idea of the mermaid myths of deranged sailors looking for an excuse to engage in bestial bounties. Page 194. As I read through this account of the ‘The Pratt’ I am wondering what to make of it. The great effort that I am engaged in in working out the true nature of human nature is one of trying to gain a valid deep time perspective. There is no instrument that can help with this initially for it is a philosophical perspective, obviously the expansion of our understanding of knowledge by the scientific techniques based upon investigative instruments which supports a powerful sense of deep time both forward and back is the foundation of this capacity for a confident sense of deep time applied to the view of knowledge. In other words good and true philosophy should take nothing away from any science, it should synthesise the sum of all science and thus add something that pure science cannot readily produce by means of its own analytical method. Science constitutes the ‘parts’ of knowledge, good and sound philosophy may constitute the whole, science then is about the process of knowledge formation, philosophy is the form. I am not a scientist, I offer you an attempt to construct the form that science allows us to see, but which as yet is not seen. When reading this history of the fabrication of the Mormon fraud, which is a nice example of the creation of an identity implant able to serve the purpose of growing a corporate organism, or an extension of one already in existence, we feel well supplied with details, and the main trick is to learn to collapse all history into one coherent pattern of consecutive growth, that is to link these details into a fluid process with an unbroken line of pressure passing through the fluid it acts upon, which is the human population it affects. The effort to engage in this conceptual process of linkage between details which removes the individuality of human purpose negates the idea of close attention to detail. But suddenly here we are presented with an opportunity to go over the study again with new insight. I have already mentioned that I am inclined to think not in terms of conspiracy but of evolved disposition. But whatever the disposition of people as animals, and as a finely tuned and programmed social element of a corporate organism, individuals do have a limited degree of self awareness and some small requirement for motivated action within that tiny sphere of the self. Thus while the Sumerian ideology as evolved into the Jewish identity implant is the driving force, pushing through the fluid of humanity, the creation of a new version of the basic programme suited to the new territory and times arising with the invasion of America by the Jewish slaves, had to of involved some conscious deception in the form of minor knowledge vortexes occurring due to the rush of people into a relatively unoccupied territory. This contemporary historical account up until now only hinted at this, we were told in some detail how the fraud took its course, and how it was said to have come about by a curious series of coincidences occurring in a suitable social environment to fuel such a fraud. I said I still thought it odd that this whole scheme should of just come along and proved so successful, but I accept this process of development because I use it myself when attempting to get my knowledge of life together, you just wait for something, you do not know what, but you know you will know it when you see it. All you need is a goal, the corporate goal in our society is the promotion of Jewish mastery of the earth as written into their implant, and thus indirectly into their slave implants Christianity and Islam. How this corporate objective is to be achieved no one knows, but when they see something they need, they know it - that is what being programmed means.

But suddenly, with Pratt’s belated account which appears to fit in so nicely with a Biblical source the game appears to be up. Here we see the tiny element forethought that went into the scheme, or possibly it is just the tiny portion of programming that just looks like forethought, that is indicative of how the programming works in detail. So now I want to refer you to the point I was making about detail. The original story is spread over a series of years, but remember we are talking about real people who got up every day and took a meal, and did their business, and talked, and did everything we do, and they picked through every second of the days that are telescoped into years in this account. At that time in Britain, and presumably in America, it was normal for the Bible to be the only book anyone read. They read it from cover to cover, and when they finished it, they started again. ‘Up to fifty years ago the Bible was regularly read in nearly all middle-class families in England and Scotland. It was read day by day, chapter by chapter, from Genesis to Revelation ; and when the last chapter of Revelation was finished, the reader turned back and began at the first in Genesis once more. This practice, once universal, has now almost disappeared in large centres, but is still to be found among dwellers in small country towns and villages. (The Christian Hell, by Hypatia Bradlaugh Bonner, 1913, page 1.) They knew this work well, and it would of been no great feat to recognise as they supped ale, and laughed themselves silly about exploiting Spaulding’s creative work in such a way that its explanatory account would tie in in some pathetic way with the prophetic elements of the Bible. It is easy when you read a book to insert tiny elements into it to make a huge impact on the interpretation that can be drawn and yet to keep that insertion so subtle it simply goes unnoticed. It is the equivalent of marking a deck of cards, the trick is to pick a tiny piece of the elaborate pattern and blank it in such a way you can see it without squinting while no one is likely to see it even if they look closely, it can be done, believe me. This helps us provide a more acceptable account of the actual process of fabrication since I do not like the idea of bringing Spaulding into the scam, as I have been suggesting might be considered. What we have here is the clever doctoring of the story, and its accommodation to the Bible and the role of the ‘Prophet’ as worked out in the plans of the conmen; but only worked out one small step at a time. It should be said that I do not mean to imply by this effort to understand the stupid and facile arguments in the Bible, or the Book of Mormon, that the actual accounts are worthy of an attempt at understanding on their own terms, I would as soon try and learn the meaning of my leavings on a piece of bog-roll after a particularly rough night on the piss. But it is decidedly worthwhile to try and unravel the details of the manner in which this classic criminal fraternity gave rise to a divine body as a matter of ethological interest in our subject, the human animal, and their manner of behaving socially. I just got to the bit about Anthon. He could not of been involved in the plot. On the other hand it was certain he could not read the scrawl he was shown because it did not say anything! So it will of been possible to predict this outcome. However I do not care to imagine that such a ploy was anticipated. But it does go to show what a bottomless pit of bullshit the Bible is, providing an endless source of rubbish to meet every occasion the criminally minded deviant should ever think to encounter - just follow the book and it will deliver you from the grip of truth like a bar of wet soap in a warm bath - the harder the honest person squeezes the faster the Saint ejects. The Bible is of course not huge for no reason, and the problem faced by fraudsters who wish to model themselves on Judaism today is the same as it was three thousand years ago, the Bible is in effect a guide to the perversion of

knowledge and the deception, and thereby the domestication, of human individuals; who, once they have had their head chopped off, their indigenous elite destroyed that is, are just waiting to be corralled into a new pen. It is like a book of husbandry for would be gods. Is it really necessary for me to be so vile in my condemnation of theology and its apparatus? Certainly not, nonetheless I have tried to restrain my natural inclination to curse and use colourful expressions of contempt. But the nation is a-fire with sporting fever, World Cup is mercifully over, and Wimbledon is in session. We near Manchester, are subject to the misfortune of hosting the Commonwealth Games imminently, and while I loath sport in general, unless its Anna Cornickover or her replacement Miss Hantlickallover doing the ball smacking, I acknowledge the call for a little show of passion in the things we are passionate about. Well I am passionate about truth-knowledge-science, and you can take my intense expressions in that light. It is possible I am blaspheming in places, I do hope so, I recognise our theocracy retains statutes prohibiting this form of criticism of its evil lying ideology, but what the hell. Dormant statutes awaiting the day the elite’s full blown evil can be resurrected into the pure light of day and cast a black shadow on our minds once again. Creationism, or if we are to get use to a new term of knowledge perversion, Intelligent Design, is an obscenity and a blasphemy against the inheritance of all humanity and the accumulated knowledge which is the core of their being and the privilege of everyone to know. Anyone who would actively support the propagation of these disgusting corruptions of science can only be considered diabolical by the civilised pocket of the human species which I know is out there somewhere cowering in terror of multiculturalism and capitalism. If the theocratic fascists want to go to war with science then so be it. Science has to lose in an all out battle because that is how nature ordained it, but knowledge does gradually accumulate and if we could get beyond the Zionist mechanism of corporate growth established by the development of the Sumerian mythology we might be able to form a global colony that has an organically based identity a conceptual step beyond the racist physiological, or the pseudo racist mythological form. The Newsnight programme a couple of nights ago included the remark from an American teacher that the teaching profession was wilting before the corrupt forces of evil that are at the disposal of the Churches, and they simply found it too hard to fight this sickness. Well buck up folks, take the fight to them. Form a political party with the express intent to eradicate, by legal and democratic means, all forms of religion through legal sanctions. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity must be outlawed and eradicated from the face of the earth if humanity is ever to know peace and civilised society. Remember it is not the winning that matters, but the taking part; and we are talking about life here people, not a bloody game of football! Get the Bastards!! Page 196. Debating the merits of the proof regarding what a so called prophet from the Bible said is ridiculous, the Bible itself is a most contemptible piece of contrived and malicious rubbish. This is like comparing the veracity of two compulsive liars in order to determine the truth. It is not possible to have a mystical precognition of the truth, or in other words the future. An intelligent anticipation, even one that is sound but intuitively sensed, but whose causal sequence is not consciously understood, is another matter. For example ancient people could practice good husbandry without knowing how their efforts were rewarded with wonderful results, and the powerful awareness of this mysterious ‘gift’ is more than likely the source of the mental outlook that informed the knowledge that comes to fruition in Judaic mythology and the disposition of people to acknowledge Judaic knowledge,

and hence the power it mysteriously incorporated. The mythology mirrored the mystery of reality in the human experience of life. Page 197. In this piece by Pratt we have references to the Bible’s denunciation of science, if we extrapolate to what we would take to be the perfection of the wisdom of people to mean. It is especially interesting to compare this with the demands for all the works of science to be brought to the Mormon Holy city of Salt Lake. They want the benefits of science to give them material power but they want to be able to say what reality is without reference to science when it comes to society. This is typical of the most severely maladjusted personality, they act toward others in a callous manner and then resent the same behaviour coming back at them. Thus a thief who robs others freely is likely to be the most passionate in their intolerance of the thieving of others when it is their property that is stolen. The deviant gets around the problem by using different words for the different agents of an action. Thus stealing from the Indians would be a work of God, while stealing from a Christian would be a work of the devil. Israel bombs an apartment block full of children and innocent people in the dead of night and carries out an act of justice, Hamas bombs a university full of its own young people and friends from other countries and commits a heinous act of terror. Words, words, words. It was not only in the beginning that there was the Word, it is all there is in the end most of the time. It is of interest to note how these Jewish programmed ideologies value the power of knowledge while using their command of knowledge to pervert it to their own social ends. This is exactly what an animal capable of exuding knowledge evolved to achieve, and so this attribute of Judaism is exactly as it should be, for all that it is loathsome to me. Page 198. It has to be said that in the light of modern history that has unfolded since these words were written the predictions are most extraordinary. Of course I do not mean to hint at prophesy, such an idea is plain sick and utterly degenerate. But this book, the Bible and its derivatives, is anything but sick and degenerate to most people in the West, it is the guide book of the Jews and their slaves. If this prediction means anything therefore it means that we see here the immense power of ideology to form the mind and purpose of the corporate human animal and to give it its immortal purpose. The pressure acting through the fluid-body. And of course this bodes extremely ill for all humanity, as Judaism has always done, pogroms are not an erratic insane behaviour arising for no reason, all behaviour has a functional explanation. The oppressed people subject to this elite theocracy know all too well what Jews are in reality, as is shown by my use of science to understand modern society and our recent past. Not that I like to find excuses for the Nazis or their behaviour toward the Jews, but I do like to understand the sociobiological dynamics behind these so called historical events. Evolution has certainly created a very odd and exceptional creature in our kind, a great deal more odd and exceptional than anyone has hitherto suspected. Truth is always stranger then fiction. And the reason for that is that fiction serves to keep people simple. I myself have made a prediction of the most monumental standing, and it is one that is certain to be true - the next great person in Western history which marks the expansion of human self consciousness following in the footsteps of Newton and Darwin, has to the one who demonstrates convincingly that humans are a fully corporate species of mammal, the mammalian equivalent of colonial insects like ants and termites. This prediction follows logically and inevitably from the ideas I am relating to you now, and is an outcome that can be seen by me as readily as Mendeleev could see the future discoveries of physics once he had ‘seen’ the bare bones of the periodic table. The immense power of the knowledge fixed

in Jewish mythology, proven over many exacting trials and tribulations to be valid, in other words by practical experiment in the course of the Jews wanderings from one host colony to another, made it easy for them to make predictions which would also follow on logically if they could sustain their dogma and translate it to others as it had been translated to them. This suggests that the origin of the Jews was the same as that of the Christians and Moslems and their various forms, that is they were developed from a previously developed formula for making a slave colony. But the Jews were set up as the original slave colony and thus programmed to see themselves as the master. In which case, Who are the true originators? We can look to the Sumerians who I say ultimately derive their nature from a homosexual caste evolved precisely to fulfil this biological purpose. Such a caste is clearly essential to the forming of a true corporate animal with our physiological make up which does not lend itself to the production of a whale like individual adapted to pump out embryonic babies ready for the moulding process that insect physiology supports. My capacity to predict based on a sound grasp of my subject gives us some idea of just how much the people who fabricated the Jewish mythology knew exactly what they were doing from a purely political, social management perspective, just as I do from a purely rational, scientific perspective. Like the farmers of sheep and grain, the priests did not know how things worked in terms of the process, but they knew by trial and error what the nature of their livestock was by way of the forms they saw resulting from the various actions they took. This taught them how human livestock needed to be handled to achieve the desired result and this gave them their mythology. And from this we can see why the ultimate mechanism of Judaic power is the split between nature and form, because their extremely primitive ideology was developed in circumstances where only forms could act as mediums of knowledge and processes simply could not be known. Thus mythology naturally substituted for the missing knowledge of underlying processes, so that when I come to examine this mythology to understand how knowledge perversion works today I become overwhelmed with a sense of the mechanism of division between form and its underlying process, and the presence of this mechanism appears to indicate some form of planned conspiracy. This notion of a conspiracy is however a consequence of looking at things from back to front in terms of time. I am looking at the end of a process and trying to figure out how it got to be that way by the way it is operating in the end that I can see in action. This is like trying to read a book backwards. Something I often do in a way, or at least I often just dip into them rather than reading them, but you cannot do this with life - or can you? You can if you actually have a book of life that is sufficiently broad in its coverage of the temporal dimension. And such a book is a book of science. From this element of control that the Sumerians established through a substitution of intuitive mythology for the lack of knowledge of the details of underlying processes it was perfectly feasible to anticipate the result actions no matter how far into the future that might be because the mythology was in effect a programme written for an organic robot. This was a world view that knew about the variety of people and the expanse of lands, and knew that the vision of one world under God, that is under Judaism, was a virtually eternal prospect. It is easy to see today, with all the facts before us and with our immensely more powerful knowledge, just what conceptual forces were shaping these people’s thinking and what motivated them. What is so remarkable is that this is of such interest today for their power is still ruling the world and growing steadily by the hour. An awesome, if terrifying thought. Ask what motivates the individuals who cunningly plan and scheme thus, and for an answer all we need do is ask any leader of people who wants a nation for ‘their’ people, or to sustain the authority of a great nation already extant. These leaders are the unwitting ‘pawns’ in the ‘game’. Acting on the rules in the program. But in actual fact, properly described in

accordance with their human nature, they are cells within the body whose specific role is within the organ that is the equivalent to the brain in a solid-body. Page 204. ‘It is the justification of one pious fraud by the allegation of another.’ That says it all about this load of bullshit rhetoric recorded in this section. A further point found here is that belief is what makes religion true. This is excellent, for it is exactly right, religion has immense power and the human attribute of linguistic communication works on precisely the principle that meaning is whatever meaning is taken to be. It is from this evolved natural attribute that religious power derives. It is this abstract attribute of language that makes religion the primary medium of competitive exploitation because the development of religious behaviour has become the medium of hierarchical behaviour in the corporate human animal, this is because culture is the actual form that the linguistic process culminates in, and religion is the core of any culture. Thus language in its relationship to the cultural forms it creates is a process. In any process the form of the medium is completely irrelevant to the end product, to the form it produces, thus forms on one level act as mediums creating forms on further levels within the continuum within which the relevance of the particular process-form duality applies. So in language whether you speak in French or Japanese is irrelevant to whether the result is achieved as long as the human carriers of the code are programmed accordingly. This means that a form at one level is an element of a process at another level. This is why there can be 6,000 different languages which, when all is said and done produce one type of form, the human society. The actual audible form of the language is irrelevant because the form it produces, if it is a successful language, will always be the same. But, not quite the same. Variation in the character of a language structure will produce different social forms which we know as cultures, and these will then compete with one another accordingly. At a point when it becomes significant this differential power will reflect information content encoded in the more complex linguistic code. This is why the language we use creates the corporate mind which is in effect a theocracy which rules society. It is also why once one society has devised a powerful form of mythology, or any other kind of knowledge contributing to a culture, others must follow suit in accordance with the evolutionary principles of the survival of the fittest. An increase in knowledge is encoded in language, this increases linguistic complexity, which increases social growth potential in accordance with the idea expressed earlier regarding the manner in which forms evolve so that eventually a potential reaches a point of release which must be determined by actual survival factors to do with better social organisation for food accumulation or warfare, or such like real advantage, and the resulting social body invades and consumes proximate territories where the old linguistic forms remain in place, thus causing new linguistic forms to take over old. Which is why I speak of theocratic language and Jewish language controlling our minds and our behaviour, and the way we can speak or think, and supporting the hierarchical distinctions between the Jews and the Christians which makes the Jews such prominent intellectuals within our communities. And you can see from this description why language is able to act in the role of fluidDNA creating an integral corporate body with an inner identity distinguished from all other similar bodies. This is because a language acts as a real barrier between people, you either use a language or you do not, this is not so immediately obvious these days because we live in highly advanced complex societies, but here we are seeking to retrieve a sense of what immediately preceded the coming of complex, that is, civilised societies. And in case you are not clear about the idea of power being vested in language let me state plainly that it ought to be evident that you cannot carry out complex co-operative behaviours like farming without

having suitable language to mediate the shared effort and indeed the sharing of the proceeds. The evidence of evolution respecting so complex a skill as flint tool use first described by Pitt-Rivers in the nineteenth century, indicated by signs of gradual progress and eventual decay taking place within one cultural setting, are an indication of the transmission of knowledge and therefore of a language medium sufficiently complex to allow such a process, revealed in the forms, to take place. Form in this case is fossilised process, and fossilised linguistic process at that. So it is possible to detect the bare bones of fossilised language if you approach your subject matter in the correct way with an awareness of exactly what language is. Language is, in the first instance, spoken, but can as we know become a form in its own right as a written medium. And this is where a new level in a process delivering one type of form, in this case human society, opens up a new level in the form that the process in general gives rise to, so that people move from hunter-gather societies into settled agricultural societies as linguistic complexity and the social forms it gives rise to evolve. And to go back to the beginning of this point. 2 + 2 = 4, but if everyone behaved as though 2 + 2 = 5 then to all intents and purposes 2 + 2 would equal 5 and we must suppose we would count 1, 2, 3, 5, 4, ... Or, if everyone says homosexuality is deviant, then it is deviant, simply by virtue of its being declared so. The same applies to drink driving, speeding, not working, being an atheist, a racist, and so on ad infinitum. In the social world humans rule and what their collective authority, always cast linguistically, says, is, simply by virtue of being said, true. Page 205. It is nice to have some thoughts, from the time, about the success of the Mormons and how they arose from the social environment of the time. But the explanation offered here theistic in its nature and implies that people are responsible for their behaviour in these circumstances, which is of course quite ludicrous. People are at best units within a system, they ‘follow their noses’ based simply on the programming lodged in the organ the nose fronts. Smith cannot of known, when just a fifteen year old punk, socialised in a delinquent family, where his only gift was that which is so often the hallmark of a smart-arsed delinquent, the gift of ejecting pure bullshit with stupendous force and venom, or at any later time come to that, that he was dividing the idolatry of the Bible and thus making half its power open to him to steal. This analysis is based entirely upon the power of hindsight which judges from the outcome of a person’s actions, and then implies a positive result was intentional in detail as well as in result. Fraud is fraud, as rape is rape, or murder is murder, other spurious consequences like pregnancy are just an added bonus for the miscreant who likes to invest some emotion into their evil work. In other words an animal, such as a fox does not say to itself that in two hours it will catch a rat one mile away by a stream. It simply wanders and sniffs the air and registers the information it receives from its environment and responds accordingly. Within their own linguistic environment this is all the human animal does, it absorbs the information of its social environment through its linguistic apparatus and responds to what it finds according to the programming it has received, with slight variations decided by certain attributes of its own that we call personality, these are completely irrelevant variations in terms of justifying individual determination of broad social outcomes. Personality attributes are merely statistical variations of a population that exist solely to serve the corporate body within which the cell exists, according to the cell’s conception of itself, independently. Smith was undoubtedly an exceptional member of a subculture within a huge human society composed of ‘normal personalities’ who conformed to the standard programming emitted by the central authority, or ‘pole’ of the community, that had responsibility for emitting the communication that polarised the community into forming an

ordered social structure. The corporate body is required to sustain a ‘delinquent’ element within the body, which it mostly keeps contained in specially segregated organs that the cells know as prisons, this gives it potential to offer varied responses to new circumstances in accordance with the principles recognised by Darwin. Or possibly we should think more of anti-bodies in this case and the need for the body to have cells able to respond to changing circumstances as anti-bodies do by ‘learning’ about invading organisms and then preserving a ‘memory’, hence the existence of inoculation. Opportunistic people are able to fulfil a role like this in society, and since society mostly needs stable cells acting reliably then if it is to have such opportunists it must retain a permanent minor population of opportunists, or what the ‘straights’ call delinquents. On rare occasions the misfit’s function can be seen and the appearance of Smith is a perfect example of this; notice how soon after Smith’s appearance new forces of the most conservative, oppressive, and conformist nature took over the social structure Smith’s criminal behaviour inspired, in order to ensure that the members of the radical new church were absolutely conformists, to the strictest principles of conformity as befits a religious body. Indeed, this would appear to be the driving social force behind the appearance of a new church, the need to re-establish decaying authority, but clearly it is vital that this is only done in name and not in practice, the bird remains the same, it just gets a makeover consisting of a couple of differently coloured plumes - hence the pattern of the peacock’s tail evolves. The new forms are called Mormons instead of Jews, as ‘one shilling’ became ‘five new pence’ - something changed, I suppose, but what? Can you spot the difference, I think Weed knows something, do you children? So there is no forward planing in any human behaviour of any significance in terms of precise detail, and the forward planning there is which is long term, is not in the hands of any conscious individuals, it is in the hands of nature and subject simply to the forces of Darwinian evolution. The British did not plan at anytime to develop a large modern empire, it was a consequence of the social environment that Britain was an integral part of. If Britain becomes a Muslim state in three hundred years time it will not of been because of a plan by the British, although if analysed in five hundred years time there will be histories, at present lost in the future, of leading British Muslims who were accounted responsible for this magnificent leap forward into the dark ages by becoming the first Muslim prime minister and so on, and the account would be told in such a way that it suggests the situation came about because people made it come about. It would be a purely evolutionary consequence of the shift in populations and the transference of corporate identity which could be traced to the British Empire and the feedback of population taking place at the present time, and it would have nothing to do with any avowed intent of the people involved in the process. Except one or two sad and degenerate unwitting traitors like Tony Blair, who simply know no better. Knowledge is a purely genetic substance, exactly as DNA is, only it creates corporate form beyond the direct influence of the DNA structure of the individual body. As I have just explained, language is an information resource that defines an inner organic space as definitely as DNA does, there is leakage between corporate identities defined by language, as there is between individual bodies defined by their genome, but there is no absolute distinction between these two mediums of form, one is at one level of a process, the other is at the next level. We see forward planning stated openly in mythology, the Jews openly declare their elite status and their intention of ruling the world, and each racio-cultural identity derived from this socio-genetic pattern declares the same thing, including Mormonism. Individuals like Smith are not seeking to rule the world, he is long dead and gone, and promoters of religion today like Tony Blair and his cabinet of ministers, are equally just opportunists acting according to their programming. But the sum effect is that the programme revealed in such ‘genetic’ codes as the Bible or the Book of Mormon, do play out

a certain way leading to the social structure of the modern world, even as they themselves predict it through their so called prophets. These genetic codes, that is codes that build living structures, are by definition, self fulfilling prophecies. So there is a combination of consciousness and unwittingness unravelling in human affairs as there is in the affairs of all living things, since all living things have a measure of consciousness in that they sense their environment. In case you are still struggling with this easy point, think of the physical evolution of new species. Clearly one anthropoid form evolved into another until Homo forms arrived and lead to our species. This progression must of been written into the genes of each species. In order to conform to the Judaic account that lodges consciousness in the purposeful self so called scientists have immense difficulty figuring out how humans evolved since humans, unlike all other living things are responsible for their own progress, supposedly. This raises the question when did we switch from being animal to being human and take on this godlike mantel of self determination? Of course we never did, as I have already explained our form was already encapsulated in the original mouse sized mammals which appeared some sixty million years ago, just as the exact form of our modern society was already written into the social formula created by the Sumerian people over five thousand years ago. From the outset of the evolution of mammals there has been one theme playing itself out, to create inner consciousness, that is to create a corporate animal on the new pattern of mammalian form. This push toward inner knowledge is fundamental to all life, it is the inner environment that is one half of the duality balancing the outer environment, it is simple, it is obvious. Thus the production of a third book of Judaism, a further extension of the Bible from the Old and the New to the Late Testament, is portrayed as the work of man by the anonymous author of this earliest history of the Mormons. In fact the Mormons are closer to the truth when they say it was a work of God for it is in fact a work of nature. The third book was an extension of Judaism embracing the New World, the final portion of the globe’s continental land mass available for the expansion of the Jewish organism that was of any great appeal, Australia being interesting but certainly not nearly so full of potential as North America. A book of the kind the Bible is, cultural and composed of the information that constitutes the corporate identity of the organism, just as the racial physiology use to before a Homo species evolved able to create a culturo-racial identity, has the programme within it’s pages that create the exoskeleton of the corporate body within which individuals exist just as termites do unified within an earth mound. The Mormon book extended the Jewish genome to embrace the new territories. Why it is necessary for this manner of growth to be supported by a new arm of the corporate gene is no doubt an extensive subject to cover in detail, but it is not hard to accept that such a situation would require such change. Clearly Christianity and the New Testament was a response of a similar kind in comparative circumstances, where it performed the same biological function when the tapestry of human colonies in the Mediterranean were in a high state of flux two thousand years ago as Rome rose to ascendancy and extended one corporate identity over a region which had hitherto not known such uniform authority on such a scale. This suggests Mormonism is the third layer of Judaism which I have been ascribing to Islam. I have always been aware there was a significant difference between the Judaic character of Islam and that of Christianity since the unification of the Jewish and Christian corporate genomes into one genome delineates Christianity from Islam. But for all that it is difficult to think of Islam and Judaism as being in any meaningful sense different ideologies, or, therefore, truly distinct identities.

However, Mormonism has never attracted my attention in this regard, I read this book some half a dozen years ago, well before I realised the true nature of human nature, nearly two years ago now. So I am only caused to see the potential of Mormonism to act as the third layer of the corporate body from the close attention I have been obliged to give this organ of the Jewish organism as a consequence of the decision to copy this book in order that it might use it to form a basis of a Web site where I could also offer my own work to the world with some sort of excuse for appealing to their interest that might not be sustained by my own imperfect efforts, to express a tricky idea, left to their own devices. Y’gotta suck ‘em in before y’u spit ‘em out - as the actress said to the Bishop. So, returning to a less savoury subject, I now find myself inclined to say Mormonism is simply too young, being all but an embryo. What did I say about our species evolving an individual the size of a whale that simply pumps out embryos that then fill the needs of the organs of the body depending upon how they are nurtured? Well we do not have an example of this here, but we are beginning to approach ideas like this, only society is the giant individual which exudes minor individuals in the form of ‘growths’ composed of many individuals that become embryonic ‘queens’, set to create a new colony in the future - thus the Mormon is a baby Jewish queen awaiting the time when it needs to fly the nest and create a new colony of its own. In this sense the mother organism, Judaism, does pump out endless likenesses of itself to extend its corporate body. Mormonism would only become a third structural element of Judaism in the event that America should become an empire builder on the lines of Rome and Britain, and thus through military oppression open up the territories of the world to the corporate identity of its own making. Mormonism is American Judaism just as Christianity is European Judaism. Clearly another thousand years must pass, or maybe only a couple of hundred by the look of the States today, before we can expect an answer to this question. Hold this space till 3,000 A. D.. But we can see what happened after the Jews fabricated Christianity. I cannot tell you off the top of my head when the two testaments formed one Bible, but the Jews never took the extended version as the basis of their corporate identity anyway. Apparently it was not until the Council of Nicaea in 325 that the Church and State became one under the authority of Roman military prowess, which prowess then promptly, and conveniently, with its purpose served, dissipated and left us with the monstrous evil of Christianity to blight the society of humanity down to our own day. Still, at least they kept the Roman ideal of brutality and slavery alive in one perfect union of mind and spirit. So my point is, obviously, it is not until the Americans have decided to extend their war mongering, not until after they have flexed their muscles, had a few press-ups at the expense of some measly Afghan wedding celebrants, or a couple of drop kicks courtesy of some Iraqi nondescripts, and then, who knows? Let them get the idea there is no resistance, let their masters remind them of the book of Mormon and their obligations to get Judaism into every corner of the world as written into the Bible and as acknowledged in their delightfully vile Declaration of Subservience to ignorance, that they call the perfection of Independence, and we should see some belting fireworks, even better than the ones lighting up the sky at the back of my house three days ago - see, they are here already, who has fireworks in July! The Bible is literally the corporate-genome of the human animal it causes the individuals subject to its ‘knowledge’ to form and to maintain. We might wonder all sorts of things about the relationship between writing and the rise of civilisation, with which it is intimately associated, did writing make civilisation or vice versa? This is too extended a question for me to begin to consider, and it needs careful examination to be set out sensibly. But clearly there has to of been a precursor to books serving the same function in pre-civilised

colonies, and this was culture, in all its forms, which is also supported linguistically in the telling of myth, and knowledge, and the history of the ancestors. But the transition to ‘solidspeech’ which is what a fully syntactic script provides establishes a new entity, and the Bible is that entity, and on it a whole new type of colony can be based. The Bible however was not the first such corporate-genome, far from it, it was the last, the perfected form. The Bible held sway as a medium of corporate identity for a long time, but evolution finally got the better of it because as the power of the organic structure it gave rise to steadily increased new ways of forming these genomes evolved and eventually the privileged position of the Bible was superseded. As long as books had to be written by hand they were always going to be a seriously limited resource, added to which the universal language of the elite which was nowhere a spoken tongue, but one reserved for writing, protected the information held within the Bible. And there is no better example to reveal the consequences of its being opened up to all and sundry than the travesty of stupidity that Joseph Smith performed upon the Bible with the access he had via the common tongue of the general population. We think of all this in terms of history and the action of human purposefulness, well so it is, but so what, over and above our daily actions is an object that is unseen by us as we perform our duties on its behalf. This ‘object’ the Bible encoded under the word ‘God’, it is in fact the colony which we form by our actions. Once printing became established there was a tide of information in other forms than the Bible that the theocracy could not control, the damn had burst. This is an example of a release of built up potential due an increase of information within an organism exactly as I applied to the evolution of new species that must evolve by accumulating responses to the internal environment until a point of release comes in the shape of a newly empowered form still defined within the same species, the species being the form that evolves relative to the outer environment. Thus there are two platforms of evolutionary change in any species, a bit like changing the internal use of a building while keeping the outer form the same. We can see this evolutionary process at work in our own day to day lives right now, fish and chip shops give way to burger bars, high street shops give way to malls, supermarkets replace local providers of staple provisions, public houses are turned into restaurants and family play areas, thus we see the manner in which British society is being transformed into an American society from the inside out by this process. American society is the pattern of the global society, this is both because, and why, the Jews are based their, it is their central position and it is the most powerful nation on earth. The coming of the printed book was just such a newly empowered form of information resource and it has given rise, along with the general flow of information, to a new form of super colony. One based on science and technology, but still the theocracy persists and is able to reabsorb the entire organism because religious knowledge has not been eradicated, and this is because it is the foundation of identity that makes this organism one body and the people with real power know this and ensure Judaism remains the one and only master. Here is a quote referring to the Peyrère’s book :  ‘Opponents of his views were merciless. Fabricus, writing in 1732, says: ‘The profane and impious book ought to have been put out of the way in eternal night. Now, printed in three ways, it has scarcely seen the light but in a moment has flown over the Christian world.’ (Casson, page 117) The world has never been the same since, this period of history marks the dawn of a new way of knowing called science and ever since that time religion and science have been at

war - there can be only one, and that one can only be, and will only be, religion. Sadly!!! All science will do in the end is allow Judaism to take over the world as per its original instructions written in the Bible. Nothing can oppose religion, religion is Darwinism, pure and simple. We are still in the thick of this process of transition from an old form of knowledge to the new, what is actually happening in biological terms is the evolution of a new form of the species. I do not see how an animal can acquire such a radically new form of knowledge and not become a new creature, it happened with the move to agriculture from hunting, we in the West are a different species from those last tribes we found living in the stone age, which is why, in double quick time, they became extinct. The difficulty with this statement is that science does not recognise the true nature of human beings, and recognise therefore that knowledge defines the human form in a biological sense, and so we are not considered a different species on the basis of our corporate lifestyle, but we should be. When humans took up the new way of subsistence called farming it created a new form of the animal. We have never been conscious of this fact because we individuals are the unit of the human species and it is only now, thanks to me, that we are able to see all this clearly and to recognise that it is the sum of individuals socialised with the corporate identity that constitute the unit of the human organism, and that therefore the switch in subsistence method marked the evolution of a new human species which had a different genetic makeup, and a form to match, where knowledge is the conscious front of the genetic package, as compared with the earlier human species we might call Homo wilder as compared to Homo domesticus. Information is information whether it is in the form of energy waves, chemical structure, DNA, or a good bed time story. The generation of masses of new information as a consequence of the realisation of the potential of Homo domesticus is creating a pent-up potential which will give rise to a situation where some catalytic reaction will take place and all the information accumulated in a related but haphazard fashion, will coalesce and condense into one coherent strand, and from this new ‘genome’ a new species will arise, or perhaps I should say a new form of the old species, and the resulting new form will be as radically different from what we have formerly known as ‘civilisation’ as civilisation is from the hunter gather lifestyle. The new form will be somewhat like the social models envisaged by utopian visionaries such as H. G. Wells, or as hinted at in the world of Star Trek’s Mr. Spock. War will no longer be a must have mechanism of growth. Inequality will not be an essential mechanism for generating structure. Therefore rigid unjust hierarchies dependant upon mindless idiocy, written into religious programmes, forced upon immature units by priests and their pseudo-religious counterparts in government, will be outdated; and so on. I wish. I am engaged right now in the act of generating this catalytic programme, a string, or package of information, about which all the information we possess can condense and come into line, and flow coherently to the satisfaction of all. By thus superseding the old genome we will have a new genome suited to the complex global organism we have virtually become, and the intergalactic species we will then be empowered to be. It is suggested that Smith split the Bible in two and by this means he was able to pinch some of its power. But that changes nothing in respect to society, instead this action is in effect merely a process of replication, as I said this is the behaviour of the Judaic queen generating a new queen to meet the needs of a new territory. The coming of science is different. The power of Judaism is doing everything it can to incorporate science into its mythology, hence Intelligent Design and Creationism. But it is overstretched. The problem here is not the division of its own body into like offspring, but the evolution of a new body within its own. This is how one species transforms itself into a new, more potent form, by

accumulating genetic potential in the form of information until such time as a new form can be released, and then there is an inevitable period of conflict between the old and the new, and the new must win. Science must take over from religion as the core of the corporate identity. Even though I say it won’t, you have to have hope. I am giving you the insight that will allow you to achieve this transformation, and then we can unleash the potential of our new form that is embodied in science, and begin a new age. In this way science is no longer a reserve of the specialist, it is open to the artist to offer their emotional and sensual interpretation of the new way of sensing our connection with the universe in accordance with the new enlightenment that extends our self-awareness. This supplantation of the atomic structure of myth with that of science is not an alienating process, it is the exact opposite, this is delivering science to everyone and making everyone part of the knowledge by letting science tell them things about themselves that they cannot know by any other means. Only science can tell people why we exist as we do. If you can say how, you can say why. Some actor in a movie on Channel 5 last night, 02/08/02, about the transference of the mind from one body to another in the quest for eternal life made the appropriate remark that all new knowledge is taken over by the rich and powerful and put to their own use, it is how it has always been and will always be he said. I liked that comment. This description is spot on, here it is given as a reflection expressed in the theocratic language that earths the consciousness in the individual and their purposes. But since this is a continual behaviour and yet all individuals are but moments in the continuum of time then what does this continuity amount to? Answering this question correctly depends upon recognising where the real continuity of wealth and power is enabled to rest in the hands of the same individual. Thus it depends upon the continuity of these things invested in the same identity. That identity in our society is Judaism. That is why early Christianity ruled that in a Christian society the most powerful position in any society where money is used should belong strictly to the Jews, only they could be usurers. This was said to be because such an occupation was vile, which it is, as we all know, but since the Jews were sub-human, this was OK. Its all clever stuff, you have to admit. Sick, but clever, in a sick way. Things have moved on today and there is no such transparent way to see how Judaism retains its power but essentially you have to recognise that much of its dog’s body work in this respect has been transferred to its extended body, to its muscle and fibre and guts, that is to Christianity. The slave ideology has come of age as the body has grown and Christianity can serve Judaism’s purpose accordingly by acting as a repository of its power. And in the real world the smoke of the shaman’s potion that transfers the soul from one body to the next is still in the hands of witch doctors like the new Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams who knows exactly what the means of transference that keeps one body alive at the expense of another by parasitizing new bodies as they are formed, this is why he wants to fight for faith schools - the real smoke-screen of the modern witch doctors craft. The next stage of the development is for Islam to be up and coming, and that is what is happening right now, but we are really only at the beginning of the middle stage in the growth of the third portion of the body, another five centuries is required for this Islamic part of Judaism to grow to maturity. Israel and the Palestinians are working hand in hand in this important work, which, without war, terrorism, and the most intractable bigotry and hatred, would be doomed to failure before it even took its first breath. From the worst evil comes the greatest power. I see I am getting all philosophical now, but after all I am winding down towards my final words on this occasion.

Page 209. Here is an interesting curiosity, the derivation of something from nothing, a human centred version of the mystery of the origin of the universe. Here we see the route by which authority came to reside in the church, it is especially interesting given all the contorted rhetoric we have just been exposed to in the criticism of the other flavours of Christian authority. Page 210. This is like reading the rules of a group of five year olds playing doctors and nurses.

Page 220. This item about a church judging people I find enlightening as to the means by which the originators of the Sumerian codes of social regulation discovered the ‘keys’ to ‘Gods’ laws of regulation of social behaviour that we find in the Bible that are still being translated into new moulds to this day, as indicated by the new Mormon model, new in terms of religious formulas and long lived corporate identities. Not new in their nature. Others may easily conceive of the actual process whereby the dynamics of groups may be learnt and tested and their regulation perfected, but as a natural born rebel and a loner I find such situations a complete mystery. Why do people want to mix in groups? If exposed to them in real life, as a child say, I would just leave the situation or pay no attention, as an adult I would avoid all such horrible social circumstances like the plague, where possible. I watch people on TV now and I have finally learnt, basically by recognising the true nature of humans, that people actually want to be part of a group and enjoy losing their identity to the whims of adoration, with the down side that they hate being rejected. I never knew this, and cannot begin to relate to it. I know all the state propaganda portrays this idea, and encourages it, but I have always thought the state was the enemy and that everyone was always trying to fight their own personal war against its authority, and indeed all authority, except the creeps of course, who are the sycophants of authority or its possessors. Page 223. This touches on the derivation of morals and the laws they give rise to. Morals must be part of the mechanistic requirements of the super-massive organism which is civilisation, and as just noted in reference to the way people learnt how to order human affairs by trial and error long ago, things like clothes and sexual habits will of fallen under the same test. Clothes may be partly for modesty but given the still potent effect of racial physiology in a colony that is evolving about a cultural identity I suspect that what was being achieved by the practice of wearing clothes from a social point of view was not the management of sexual modesty in the first place, but the management of physiologically denoted identity. However once you do cover the body then it follows that nakedness does become licentious by default, and so another round of inward complexity unfolds from this first motive. And the social regulation of identity revolving about a potent sexual focus offers a strong means of control for the makers of corporate regulations. From this realisation we might guess at why societies can swing between liberal and puritanical views respecting these codes of behaviour, such swings represent the influence of different interests in the elite organs of the body. They allow for growth in other words. Thus when a society is shifting away from traditional religious authority as when Protestantism broke from Roman Catholic power we might expect a burst of liberalisation as an expression of freedom at some point. The same applies as Christianity wanes and gives way to the introduction of alien faiths and hence we get the shift of the sixties and seventies toward a permissive society. This allows a new ideological form to be introduced and then the doors of the mind can be closed once again by the elite through renewed moral censure, this pleasure is yet to come in, but the way has been prepared for it

with the state promotion of the multicultural religion which outlaws criticism of alien ideology and culture by indigenous people, either by law, ideally, or by the sheer power of the state and its theocratic structures of control, television, employment, family and so on.

Page 214. For those interested the solution to this problem is that nothing,as discussed here, is information. Information is real but entirely without substance, information is the essence of substance which, in the human animal, takes on the illusion of a substantial quality because of the organs of our linguistic instinct that oblige us to be focused upon information in all that we do, while at the same time not permitting us to be conscious of what the information we are aware of actually is in itself. Our mental physiology takes this form for the same reason we put a silver backing on a glass mirror to separate the backing structure of the mirror from the information capturing element of the structure, that is to say the glass. While the story is immensely more complex in animals it is common sense that some limit has to be put on a system that is so formed as to be receptive, since it is as much a part of the system of information management as that which is the source of information. Information emitters and receptors have to have some component of delimitation that act as receptors and transmitters. Thus the linguistic information we are conscious of is like the image on the surface of an information receptor and our brains, taken all together, are like a mirror that knows the image it captures but does not know the nature of that image, or the nature of itself. This analogy might be likened to the ancient analogy that describes the people stood in the mouth of a cave facing inwards only ever seeing their shadows on the cave wall and never knowing they belong to them. But anyway, this is the solution to the problem of non-substantial reality in a nut shell according to a scientific outlook - non-substantial reality is real, it is information. God is non-substantial because God is knowledge and knowledge is composed entirely of information, especially information of an accumulated and structured kind where God is concerned. God is knowledge, God is the corporate mind, God is the corporate identity. Knowledge can reasonably be thought of as solidified information which is suggestive of why this non-substantial aspect of existence that we experience as living things should take on the appearance of substantial aspects of experience. And this is why knowledge can leave fossil traces in the archaeological record. We can use writing as a ready medium of this non-substantial ‘substance’ that is information. Writing extends the evolutionary process whereby information is enabled to be solidified, that is captured and formed into a usable image appropriate to the organism that writes and reads. Writing is the evolution of a new form pertaining to one continuum of a process where each process solidifies into a form and the new form then becomes a medium of a new process which in turn solidifies into a further form which in its turn becomes the medium in a process leading to another form. This is the accumulative process that ultimately gives rise to new species with a new outer physical form. Writing is virtually non-substantial in comparison to that which it gives the appearance of substance to. The word ‘elephant’ is a tiny trail of highly organised matter relaying the image of a huge piece of organised living substance to the receptor that writing is evolved to communicate with. Of course writing is not just the ink on a page, it is also the organs of mind that allow the ink to be. In effect we, with our brains evolved for language, are the evolutionary precursors of writing. And this way of dealing with these old problems of theology tie in with the new scientific outlook I am trying to promote that says we are in every respect organic entities. Thus writing has become the minute substance of information transference that has evolved

into a tightly compacted unit we call a book, and I say is in reality a corporate-genome, or a portion of a corporate genome. What we think of, in our limited perception, as something coming from nothing is substance coming from information, whether it is from the genes within our bodies cells or from the dogma in our cultural codes, or indeed from the subatomic laws of physics. Where they come from is another story ................

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