Elementary School Counselor A professionally trained and certified school counselor is central to the creation, organization and management

of our comprehensive guidance and counseling programs. An elementary school counselor: • teaches and implements the guidance curriculum to all students • guides small groups. • supports individuals and families during times of crisis. • serves as a resource to consult with teachers, staff and parents regarding special concerns and needs of students. • connects families with community resources. • evaluates and revises the school guidance and counseling program. • participates in professional development.

Dr. Steve Rasmussen Superintendent

Susan Canaga Dir. Of Career & Counseling Services

Elementary School Counselor Mary M. Fry, M.ED. Briarwood Elementary 425.837.5042 FAX 425 837 5037 frym@issaquah.wednet.edu Tuesdays & Thursdays, Some Wednesdays at Briarwood 2009-10

Program Description Our comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program providesmeaningfulgrowth experiences, support and assistance for all members of our Briarwood community.

Our guidance services offer a helping process that focuses on the typical interests, concerns, behaviors and needs of students K-5. We guide the development of age-appropriate skills through a sequential curriculum focusing on educational, social/ emotional and career development. Our school counseling services have an educational base and are of limited scope and duration. Students may speak confidentially about feelings, ideas and behaviors which are affecting their school experience. These services may be provided individually for a short time and are most often offered using a small group format.

Program Components Our program structure provides the means to achieve student goals in the educational, personal/social and career areas. The program includes guidance curriculum, responsive services,

individual planning and system support. Guidance Curriculum provides guidance content in a systematic way to all students through classroom and small group activities. Responsive Services address the immediate needs and concerns of those in our school community. These services are available to students through individual and small group support and to parents and staff through consultation and referral. Individual Student Planning assists studentsinmonitoringand understanding their own educational development. System Support includes activities that establish, maintain and support the total guidance program.

Philosophy Each child in our school is unique, possessing intrinsic personal worth and dignity. We believe that the goal of

education is to maximize each child’s full potential. Therefore, our guidance and counseling program offers support to all students and their families and is a vital part of the educational process here at Briarwood.

Program Rationale Children growing up in today’s world are faced with many common concerns. We believe that all students benefit from assistance in the normal developmental tasks of childhood and that these can be most effectively addressed through a comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program which is an integral part of the overall school curriculum.

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