Clean, Compact and Organized

which are both on hidden retractable reels. located under the lower dust cover. • The medical-grade battery. powers the whole system when in transport. while the bedside clinician can conduct data entry on the ProBook off to the side. Monitors are available in 22”. with six wheels and side handles for safe transport and effortless steering from room-to-room. . • Antimicrobial split worktop allows for left or right-handed paperwork. • The pan. zoom video-conferencing camera can be controlled by a remote clinician. The FirstExam™ modernizes the look and design of telemedicine systems by enclosing all the video conferencing. • The station work surface. the first company to integrate video conferencing equipment and medical peripherals into one portable system. • Included laptop computer can be concealed and locked under the work surface when not in use. tilt. • The only exterior cables are the cord that powers the entire station and the CAT-5 internet cable. • The monitor can be swiveled left or right during a patient/remote provider discussion. All painted metal surfaces are also treated with an antimicrobial coating. It has its own surgeprotector and is safe to run in oxygen-rich environments. 27” or the Cisco EX60 Teleconferencing System. storage compartments and battery dust cover contain antimicrobial material for easier maintenance of hygiene. which also eliminates the need for a separate computer keyboard.Clean. takes the platform to the next level by housing and storing all equipment within one highly organized station. • Medical peripherals and associated cables are enclosed by lockable bins for easy access and secure storage. compact & organized GlobalMed. The other monitor is on the ProBook laptop. medical equipment and respective cables in compartments out-of-site but still within easy reach of the clinician. as only one monitor is needed for video-conferencing. • The station has a small footprint. • Entire system is ultra-stable and maneuverable.

USB Otoscope. saving and forwarding visible light images. • Recommended: ClearProbe ultrasound probes. Teleprimary Care • Needed: TotalExam 2 Camera.Versatile for your specific needs The FirstExam™ can be equipped with your choice of medical devices to be contained within the peripheral bins. . Recommended system setups • Medical devices can include GlobalMed’s TotalExam™ 2 examination camera. and a variety of USB scopes and ultrasound probes in order to integrate into a facility’s specific needs. Telecardiology • Needed: Stethoscope. The system is available with user-selected hardware or software codec for compatibility with legacy systems. Telestroke care in the Emergency Department • Needed: ProBook & codec. • Optional: 12-Lead EKG. • Recommeded: CapSure Telestroke Software. ProBook and/or codec. The FirstExam Station fits well in small. ophthalmoscope. ProBook and codec. Below are examples of settings where the station could be used. • CapSure Telestroke software is also available for assisting physicians in assessing potential stroke patients. rural. stethoscope. 17” 15” • HP ProBook laptop computer is available with 15” or 17” screens and has a tether lock for security. 12-Lead EKG. specialty exam rooms and physician offices where space is tight. • CapSure® Image Automation is available for use in collecting. spirometer. Telepsychiatry Evaluations • Needed: codec.

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