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Redesign Plan

Product Name:
Dry Soda co.

Target Group:
Target audience is young adults about 17-35. A soda that you can enjoy that is low in calories

Brief History:
Dry soda. A interesting concept, as a young mother, the founder wanted something she and her family could both enjoy. Not high in sugar or have tons of calories. She began by preparing the drink in her home, educating herself about how to make beveradges. After help from the family, the product was decided to launch. With the help of designers, they launched the first flavors: Lavender, Kumquat, Lemongrass and Rhubarb. In the beginning, Dry Soda was only offered in the finest resturants, but now its come down to a level where it can be offered in a grocery store. They watned to introduce a soda that was all natural, low in sugar and easy to enjoy. The soda became prefect to enjoy for any occasion.

Big Idea:
The product will look more class. There is a difference of how it would be shown in a resturant vs. in a grocery store. Creating something that looks like it belongs in a hotel, but is still apeasing for those who go to night-clubs or drink it for a formal college event. The products view is to be an affordable up-scale product, that shows the class, but keeps with the price. It can be enjoyed at a picnic, or you can take it to a fancy hotel where they only serve the best. The product is being pushed to be avaliable to everyone, but it looks a little basic for its up-scale reuptation that is being put on onto the market. With the new design being created by the designing team, we will bring our product to the next level and show what we are wanting to advertise. You can have even a nice soda for a decent price, nothing too expensive and explain that it is healtheir than other sodas.

Style Guide
Orange CMYK: 5, 63, 87, 0 RGB: 233, 124, 60 Pantone: 7413 C Hex: #e97c3c
Sunflower Yellow CMYK: 3, 7, 60, 0 RBG: 250, 227, 131 Pantone: 1215 C Hex: fae383

Fonts: Marketing
Lily UPC Bold Aparajita regular The body copy for Aparajita should be around 10-14 points depending on the size of the documents. Most regular documents will be 10pts or 12pts. Headings (Lily UPC Bold) will be around 24pts to 36pts in regular formats. Will need to increase size for such things as posters.

Style Guide
Logo is usually black. Depending upon the flavor of the soda in the bottle, on the bottle design we will match the color of the flavor of soda to add class to the packaging. Most will stay black to show difference between our store stock and the stock sold to those in hotels, and other such high end places.

Package Flat Design

Product Photos