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May be you are wondering now what Am I doing wrong with the law of attraction !! !

why it is not working for me !!! What do I have to do to get the results!!! Here it comes : Physical Reality is like the cinema screen, to change it, it is as simple as pu tting a new film in the projector and the picture on the screen will change auto matically. ((( Reality is what within your consciousness ))) ((( Reality is what within your consciousness ))) ((( Reality is what within your consciousness ))) .. Don't fight the old picture just put another film ( Thought ) in the project or ( Your Consciousness ) then act on that thought, and watch everything around you turns into magic . yes (insert the new software into the system) . and the o ld picture will disappear and vanish by itself, it cannot exist anymore. Thank you all my friends and all the best ------------------Breathe and let it all go. Whatever you are holding onto. An argument, guilt, wo rry or anything that is making you feel not so good. Let it all GO NOW! Deep bre ath in, and slowly breathe out. Now focus on something that fills your mind with love to help you shift from this kind of thinking. Each time you start to get attached to those unwanted thoughts, take a deep bre ath in and out consciously knowing you ARE changing your reality to the experien ce you are co creating in your life NOW. Now go about your day feeling empowered knowing you can unplug from anything th at no longer serves your soul. You are a blessing, live each day with freedom within to embrace each unfolding day loving everything. -------------------------When you are in your Vortex of loving all that you are creating, the drama of ot hers stays clear of you. Even if you hear another run someone down, your vortex protection you have practiced should keep you there. The only time you can pop out of your peaceful reality is when you allow yourse lf to pop out of your Vortex and forget that you don't need to be in this negati ve old thinking habit you once lived and have slipped back to. Remember you have a choice what you focus on and you are responsible for your o wn reality. Keep in your vortex and grow will find others will be attracted to the path you tread. -------------------I so prefer the company of happy people that believe in magic... And magical peo ple that believe in happy. Listen to your dreams. Follow your heart. Do what you love. Enjoy life. Expect m iracles. Believe in magic. ________________________ Sending out lots of Love, Light & Positive Healing Energy with many Blessings to all.:-)? --------------------

" I command all negative energy to leave my space and Divine Love and Grace to b e put in its place." -------------------------BRINGING IN THE LIGHT (GOLD or WHITE LIGHT) (10 MINUTE BEGINNERS MEDITATION) Find a quiet place. Sit under a tree, lie on your bed or sit in your car. Make s ure your spine is straight. It doesnt matter where you are the light is always with you. Close your eyes and ask God to surround you with his love and healing light. See your self surrounded and immersed in a bubble of white light. Slowly take a minimum of TEN deep breaths filling your lungs to capacity and HOL D until you need to exhale. Deep breathing helps you enter into an altered state of consciousness and helps you relax. Deep breathing is very important and is a n essential component to helping you connect to your soul getting the most out o f your meditations. Visualize a gold or white ball of light above your head. This is where your God self resides! Do not allow yourself to get hung up on the specifics of visualiza tion. Whatever you visualize is what is right for you. State your intention OUT LOUD: I ASK AND INTEND TO CONNECT WITH MY GOD SELF AND RECEIVE THE PRESENCE OF GODS HEALI NG LIGHT. See the light of your God self entering and filling the top of your head, moving down your face, neck, shoulders, arms, heart, stomach, pelvis, legs and out you r feet into the Earth. Observe yourself filled with Gods light and bask in it for as long as you like. Focus on the light, releasing all thoughts. Allow yourself to just BE. The longer you allow yourself to meditate the more relaxed you will become and the more likely you will be able to access a very positive mental state of Alpha and Theta brain waves. If you have areas in your physical body that need additional healing, you can fo cus your consciousness in that area filling it with additional light intending i t to be healed. When you are ready, give thanks to God for sharing his/her love and healing ligh t. -----------------------