Catholic Charities Connections Program Adult Volunteer Autobiography 1. Content: Specific areas to cover are listed below.

You are not limited to the questions listed, but may include any information that you feel might be helpful in making the best possible match for you. a. Talk about your early life, what you were like as a child, where you were born and raised, happy times, sad or difficult times, etc. b. Describe your parents, include your past and current relationship with them. c. Which parent are you closest to and why? d. How does /did your family express caring? e. If you have siblings, please describe your past and present relationship with them. f. What forms of discipline are acceptable to you? g. Describe your educational background, including favorite and least liked teachers and subjects. h. Describe your hobbies and your interest. 2. You may either hand write or type the autobiography. 3. The length of the autobiography should be at least 2 pages, but not limited to 2 pages. You may choose to write more, depending on what it takes to answer the questions and provide a clear picture of you. 4. This autobiography is meant to help me get to know you better, and to facilitate making the best match possible. It is not meant to be an exercise in writing, therefore, please don’t feel overwhelmed by it. Please send this to me as soon as possible. Thank you,

Jeanette Nadonley Connections Program

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