2006 Center Football

Core Beliefs • Offense o Double Wing  No Splits  Fullback opens most holes  Motion on 90% of Plays o Run the Ball  Sled Time everyday  No Turnovers  Minimal Penalties o Play Action and Quick Game  Protection First  Simple Reads o No Huddle  Off Season Conditioning  Running Program  Practice everyday o Minimum number of plays that can be run out of each formation o Simple Line Schemes  Well Coached Lineman  Plan for blitz pick up  Blocking backside  Combo Playside  Making TE call every play  Kicking right person on Power  Correctly Blocking Rocket • Defense o 4-2-5 o Pressure Based  Blitzes  Line Stunts  Learn to disguise Blitzes o Multiple Coverages

 3 and man  Learn to disguise Coverages o Fundamentals of Tackling  Base Set of Drills o Prevent the Big Play o Truly Swarming to the Football  Pursuit Drill  Two Whistles in Practice Special Teams o Simple Schemes o All Coaches Coaching Special Teams  Each Coach Designated a position  Pitcher coach, coaches and not the kids o Devote Practice Time  Pre Practice Everyday  Move to Front of Practice  Warm up with Kickoff everyday  Practice Punt Block and Extra Point Everyday o Attacking Special Teams  Punt Block  Onside Kick o Demand Effort from Players  Special Teams Player of the Week Shirts  Special Teams Stickers Off Season Program o Demand Attendance  Point System  Weight Lifting Groups—Peer Accountability o Winter and Spring Weights  Monday through Friday  Have to have certain number of points to be allowed to go to William Jewell  January – May 3:20-4:30 o Summer Program  Monday through Friday  9:30- 12 PM  7 on 7 Tournaments weekends only  NO NIGHT ACTIVITIES  Weights, Conditioning, Play Put In, and 7 on 7 Practice o Summer Camp and William Jewell  Point Requirement to Go to William Jewell  Everyone 9-12 Expected to come to camp

Player Expectations 1. Anyone can come out for football, however depth chart and playing time will be determined by our Point System a. 1 point for everyday of attendance for off-season weights or practice/game of another sport b. 4 Points for pre-William Jewell camp c. 4 Points for Regular Season Practice beginning August 7, if you are late you can only receive 2 points per practice d. 5 Points for playing on Friday Night e. Points missed may be purchased with 1 mile on track=1 point f. Point System will be adjusted for any student who enrolls in Center new for upcoming school year g. Point Requirements i. 75 Points to be able to attend William Jewell and receive T-Shirts and Shorts ii. 100 Points minimum to work with the First Group iii. 100 Points minimum to dress out for First Game iv. Must have 100 points by 3rd Game to continue to remain on Team v. 180 Points for Special Mesh Jersey which will replace Swarm Jersey vi. 250 Points Required to receive a letter vii. Most Points in Season—Wins the Third Annual McD Award 2. Behavior a. Detention= loss of 1 quarter of playing time JV or Varsity b. ISS= loss of 1 game of playing time JV or Varsity c. OSS= loss of 2 games of playing time JV or Varsity d. Any subsequent action after loss of game time, i.e. 2 ISS or 2 OSS the player is off the team 3. Grades a. Grade Checks by Coach Jackson the entire off season—Bi Weekly b. Improvement must be shown on Failing Grades. If the student-athlete fails to show improvement, they will lose the privilege of working out with the team, thus costing them points. c. Any student who fails more than two classes will not be allowed on the team. Summer School will not be an option to “make the grades” to be able to play. 4. Practice a. Be at ALL practices

b. Be ON TIME to ALL practices. Practices will begin at 3:30 for chalk talk and 3:45 on the field and will last to 6:00. Practices during the school year will be Monday through Thursday, including any early dismissal or no school days. c. Any practice that you MUST miss, must be approved by Coach Goltra 816-591-5507—cell. i. Approved missed practice includes: 1. Leaving early to go to church 2. Illness 3. Family Emergency d. Tutoring needs to be arranged to be done in the morning. If a teacher can not do it in the morning, you will need a note from that teacher. e. Going to work is not a reason to miss practice or weights, work your work schedule around football. f. Clubs and other after school activities during season do not take precedent over practice. g. All attendance issues will be directed to Coach Goltra. If attendance becomes an issue, then you will be dismissed from the team. Points for attendance will be kept in the locker room on Poster Board. h. Any misses or tardiness will result in personal time with the one man sled conducted by Coach Goltra.

Coaches Expectations 1. Be at ALL Coaches Meetings. a. First offense warning b. Second offense termination from coaching duties 2. Be at ALL Practices ON TIME, unless regular day job commitments prohibit. a. First offense warning b. Second offense termination from coaching duties. 3. Summer Expectations. a. A summer schedule will be worked out. b. You will be expected to coach during the summer. 1. Each coach will be expected to be at Morning Weights 2 solid weeks a month with the expectation that there will be a minimum of 2 coaches a day at off season football. Off Season will be from 9:30-12:00 Five Days a Week. c. You will be expected to be at all 2 or 3 7 on 7 tournaments on Saturdays. d. All coaches will be expected to attend all of the Summer camp and CMC. The Bottom Line For Coaches 1. LOYALTY 2. Take pride in your work and always work to improve. 3. Always be positive not negative 4. Show up on time, prepared, and ready to go to work 5. Keep high expectations for yourself, demand high expectations of your athletes, and lead by example. 6. Love what you are doing.

How To Be A Good Coach
I. Undeniable Truths (“Nothing great was ever achieved except by those who dared to believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance.”  Don’t have to field the best players to win  Don’t need the best coaches to win  Don’t have to ‘out scheme’ your opponents to win  Don’t have to play perfect to win You do need to expect to win, prepare to win, and have a winning attitude on your team. Coach Discipline and Toughness (Tough times don’t last---tough people do”}  Be intense and demand intensity  Be focused and demand concentration and attention to detail  Coach every snap—nothing is unimportant  Coach physical and mental discipline, expect it and reward those that exhibit it. Coach Intrinsic Motivation—Pride (T-E-A-M “Together Everyone Achieves More)  Build trust in player/coach relationships by being consistent and fair.  Get close to your players  Coach how you would like a son to be coached (TREAT THEM LIKE THEY ARE YOUR OWN)  Communicate with your players—not at them; remember, listening is the most important part of good communication.  Have a vision, share it with them, make it their vision Coach Confidence (Sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.”}  Don’t coach caution into good players  Be organized {meetings and practice}  Have a plan—always  Coach from a high expectation level  Be positive  Confidence comes from consistency  Confused players don’t play well—just cautious Football should be fun (The floggings will continue until morale improves.”)  Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm  Enthusiasm starts with you





 Consider ways to make drills competitive and interesting while getting done what needs to be done  Reward the players that exhibit what you want  Winning is fun---losing is not As coaches we want to continually work to make a winning attitude a habit

Center Yellowjacket Offensive Playbook Sheet Mirror Play:______________ Play:____________________________ Formation:___________ Play #: ____________ Line Scheme: ________

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Player Quarterbac k A B C X Y PST PSG



C BSG BST Notes:

vs 5-4

vs 6-2

vs 4-5



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