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Elementary Grades
Math, Chess, and Puzzles Contest

Feeling your mind unchallenged and brain underutilized? This is a unique opportunity to challenge your math ability as
well as your mental mind. This one-of-its-kind math contest is especially designed for children from grade 1 to grade 7
to have an opportunity to test their intellectual acuity on an array of mental activities including math computing
problems, chess puzzles and mazes, and IQ puzzles. This is a very exceptional, all round and high-order thinking
mental exercise opportunity. There are no other math contests in the world similar to this one!

Fee: Canadian $25 per student, not refundable.

Registration deadline: Seats are limited so please register by August 31, 2013. All participants must register in

Registration: On line at or go to Ho Math Chess Learning Centre, 5707 Balsam Street,
Vancouver to register in person.

Contest Time: Saturday, September 14, 2013 from 10 a.m. – 12 noon, door opens at 9:30 a.m.

Contest location: Ho Math Chess Learning Centre, 5707 Balsam Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Awards: Every participant will receive a Ho Math Chess Teaching Set as a gift (value $15.00). Top three of each
grade will be awarded with trophies.

Sample problems: To get a feel of what you’ll be up against, a few sample problems are provided on the web at

Organizer and Sponsor: Vancouver Ho Math Chess Learning Centre headquarters

For further information please phone Frank at 604-263-4321 or Amanda at 604-781-3688 or visit


合題競賽.是一個腦力與數學能力綜合的考驗. 非常有趣又有挑戰性.所有參賽者可獲得何數棋谜

报名:8月31日前在 線上報名或亲至何數棋谜 5707 Balsam Street,
競賽日期:9月14日,2013, 上午10点至中午12点. 上午9:30开始上班.
競賽地點: Ho Math Chess Learning Centre, 5707 Balsam Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
競賽詳細情形請上網 或電詢何老師 (普通話) 604-263-4321, 604-781-3688.
3-D Sudoku Towers

Unequal Sudoku

Making Fence

Amandaho Moving Dots Puzzle ™

Frankho ChessMaze (走何数棋谜宫)

Frankho ChessDoku (何数棋算独)

Sudoku (数独)

Triple Loyd (A: Checkmate, B: Stalemate, C: Mate in one)
' ´ ÷ ´ ´l
´ = ´ ´ l
´ ´ ´ ´ ´l
·´ ´ ´´ l
´ ´´ ´l
·´ ´ ´ ´ l
· ´ ´ ´ ´l
´ ´ ´ ´ l


If you are interested in helping the contest, please send Ho Math Chess an email to


Ho Math Chess retains the right, in Ho Math Chess' sole discretion, to use contest's
winners' names and grades for any marketing, public relations, or advertising purpose
deems appropriate. Test site can be changed by Ho Math Chess and all participants will
be notified in advance. All contests problems are the property of Ho Math Chess.

In the event of ties, a game of stacking up the pieces of Ho Math Chess Training Set will
be used to decide the winner of trophy. Registration fees are not refundable and the
decision of final winners rests with Ho Math Chess. Ho Math Chess is only responsible
for running the contest and parents or guardians must look after the well-being of
children during the course of the contest.

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