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14. 05. 2013.

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STAAD.Pro Aluminum Design [FAQ]

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When I try to do an aluminum design, I get a message "ALUMINUM CODE IS NOT SUPPORTED"What's going on?
The American Aluminum code is not one of the codes available with the standard STAAD.Pro package. It is an add-on item, and costs additional money. If you have not specifically purchased this additional code, you will not be able to access this code at run-time. If you are not sure whether your installed copy of STAAD.Pro is supposed to contain this code, you can do the following. From the Start button, select Programs - STAAD.Pro 2001 - License Administrator. In the Window which comes up, select Tasks - Query License System - Check Active Licensing system. You will get a message similar to "Current active copy protection system is Hasp" Click on OK. Another window will come up with 2 buttons - Check and Cancel. Click on Check. A set of information will appear in the background window. Look for a category called "Lock supports following STAAD components". Check whether ALUMINUM(US) is one of the components in that list. If it is not in that list, it means the lock supplied to you does not support that code. If it does indicate that you have the ALUMINUM code, do the following. Close down the License Administrator program. From the Analyze menu, select Run Analysis. In the "Select Analysis Engine" dialog box, tick the option "Change Design Codes' , and select US+ALUMINUM. Click on the Save button. Then, click on Run Analysis. If there are no errors in your input file, you should get a successful run.

While performing design per the US Aluminum code, I encounter an error message - **PRODUCT NAME COULD 1/2

14. 05. 2013.

STAAD.Pro Aluminum Design [FAQ] - Structural Analysis and Design Wiki - Structural Analysis and Design - Be Communities by Bentley

NOT BE MATCHED.** - What does it mean?

In the US Aluminium design, the allowable stresses on members are dependent on the following: ALLOY PRODUCT Type ALCLAD WELD Type STRUCTURE Type THICKNESS of the various components of the cross section The program uses all of the above parameters to look up the allowable stresses from a Table which one may find in the Aluminum Design Manual. If it cannot find a matching combination, it tries to come up with the best guess as to which of the above parameters is responsible for the lack of "match". In the above message, the program determines the PRODUCT type to be the one causing the problem.

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