Battlecruiser Millenium Gold Edition Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ by Kasey Chang released August 18, 2003 Table

of contents 0 Introduction 1 Battlecruiser Millennium General Info 2 Starting a Career 3 Commander on the Bridge 4 Primary Systems 5 Secondary Systems 6 Defensive and Offensive Systems 7 Flight Dynamics and Navigation 8 Personnel Operations 9 Security Operations 10 Emergency Operations 11 Docked Operations 12 Advanced Operations 13 Not in Manual: Cargo / Inventory 14 Not in Manual: Money 15 Not in Manual: Emergency Ops 16 Not In Manual: Career Questions 17 Tips and Tactics 0 Introduction

This section is for "what the FAQ is about" and things like that. Feel free to skip this section. If you like the FAQ, please send me a dollar. :-) See [0.3] This FAQ is about Battlecruiser Millennium Gold Edition, though most of the information should also cover Battlecruiser Millennium and Battlecruiser 3000 as well.



There doesn't seem to be any FAQ for this fun little game, so here it comes. This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. Not that you really need a manual to play this little gem. This USG only covers the PC Version, which is the only one that exists. Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM and XCOM2: TFTD FAQ's, among others. 0.2 TERMS OF DISTRIBUTION

This document is copyrighted by Kuo-Sheng "Kasey" Chang (c) 2003, all rights reserved excepted as noted above in the disclaimer section. This document is available FREE of charge subjected to the following conditions: 1)This notice and author's name must accompany all copies of this document: "Battlecruiser Millennium Gold Edition Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ" is copyrighted (c) 2003 by Kasey K.S. Chang, all rights reserved except as noted in the disclaimer." 2)This document must NOT be modified in any form or manner without prior permission of the author with the following exception: if you wish to convert this document to a different file format or archive format, with no change to the content, then no permission is needed. 2a) In case you can't read, that means TXT only. No banners, no HTML borders, no cutting up into multiple pages to get you more banner hits, and esp. no adding your site name to the site list. [Small exception: a "small" toolbar with no banners embedded is okay. See IGN or Neoseeker for examples.] 3)No charge other than "reasonable" compensation should charged for its distribution. Free is preferred, of course. Sale of this information is expressly prohibited. If you see any one selling this guide, contact me (see below). 4)If you used material from this, PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE the source, else it is plagiarism. 5)The author hereby grants all games-related websites the right to archive and link to this document to share among the game fandom, provided that all above restrictions are followed. Sidenote: The above conditions are known as a statutory contract. If you meet them, then you are entitled to the rights I give you in 5), i.e. archive and display this document on your website. If you don't follow them, then you did not meet the statutory contract conditions, and therefore

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Derek Smart.7 HISTORY 18-AUG-2003 Initial release 1 1. Some editing was done with Editpad (editpadclassic. To contact me. Driver. Starfleet Command Volume II. Mr. Previously. The information compiled in this USG has been gathered independently through the author's efforts except where noted otherwise. was a great resource. This is "military phonetics" or "aeronautical phonetics" in case you're wondering. Monopoly Tycoon. simply read the first letter off each word except for the numbers and the punctuation. A lot of the information was summarized from various suggestions and posts from the official BC Forum at http://www. so I kept doing it. MW3 Expansion Pack. Wing Commander 4. I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for XCOM. Mechwarrior 3. .com. see 0. Wing Commander 2. Lots of people like what I did. It's too complex for you any This document was produced on Microsoft Word 97. This USG is not endorsed or authorized by Derek Smart. Mechwarrior 4. and a few others.00. 0. Fallout Tactics. Wing Commander 3. and thus information listed here may NOT apply fully to earlier versions. Contributors are too numerous to list. I'll point you to his website. DS9: The Fallen. Warlords: Battlecry. As for the history of it. Wing Commander.5 THE AUTHOR I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the ones I find don't cover what I want to see. DS9: Dominion War. 0. XCOM2:TFTD.To decipher this. 0. Privateer.01 release. The head designer/programer. Dungeon Siege. Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed.4 above.1 Battlecruiser Millennium General Info THE MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: Can you send me the game (or portions thereof)? A: No. V1. or Dreamcatcher Games.6 DISCLAIMER / COPYRIGHT INFORMATION Derek Smart created Battlecruiser series. 3000 AD. Spycraft. 688(I) Hunter/Killer. The Sting!. Terranova.3000ad. This document is based on the BCM Gold Eidtion. Mechwarrior 4: Black Knight.

right now just called Battlecruiser Online. expect to see the MMOG version. Finally. Q: Can you send me the map? A: It's in the appendix. from spare parts to illegal items * dozens of different missiles and mines. either in space or on ground * galaxy with HUNDREDS of planets. board enemy ships. Q: The manual seems to be missing a lot of things. Derek Smart back then was talking about a game where you can do everything..Q: Can you send me the install code? A: That's a part of the game. AND in the game. and after that.. though the game was started in. and more * marines that patrol your ship against intruders. * pilot anything from ground vehicles to shuttles and fighters to cruisers and carriers * command dozens of different ships.. AND on the keycard. Q: Can you tell me how to play the game? A: Read the manual.. Q: Can you send me the keycard? A: That's a part of the game. fighter pilot. so see above. such as. please. land on planets and moons. DOZENS of star systems. 1998. All the big name companies turned him down. and so on * zoom from the planet surface all the way out to space * mine planets and moons for minerals to be sold * trade items at various starbases. from unarmed freighters to battlecruisers and carriers * shuttles that collect cargo. It's VERY long but it's worth it. Q: Can you send me the manual? A: That's a part of the game. and THOUSANDS OF SHIPS * have careers as ship commander.. BC is THAT old. one company . land on planets * ships that fly differently. A: That's why there's the appendix. deliver items. 1. even orbit to surface bombardment weapons * join any of the dozen different factions in the galaxy * jump outside and look at your world in FIRST-PERSON.. so see above. so see above. Q: Is there going to be a sequel? A: Battlecruiser Generations is being worked on.. That's right.. 1993. have different upgrade paths. or space marine * advanced AI driven by neural net technology * and much more Would you have believed him? I would show some reservation myself.2 BATTLECRUISER HISTORY Battlecruiser 3000 AD was first released in.

. It was a major disaster. while the lawsuit is pending. Most magazines gave this game some extremely bad ratings. The game didn't sell that well either. Derek then sued Take 2 for breach of contract. which started out as an expansion to Battlecruiser Millennium. back then a lot of the features in the above list are missing. This time around. and multiplayer support. and he chose to self-publish the title. . including a new terrain engine. As a result. decided to help Derek Smart publish the game. while he worked on the 2. as Take 2 simply cannot support the game (having no experience with it) and refuse to. Still. The game was released in beta form (that required at least 2 more months of work) without Derek's consent. see this website: http://www. A lot of people saw the potential in the game. and people are still using 386's and 33 MHz is considered fast. the only distributor that will carry it was Electronic Boutique (and the website. mainly due to the bugs. who is better known for adventure games. By this time. Derek then started working on Battlecruiser People wanted multiplayer support NOW. That generated enough interest to entice Interplay into a publishing deal for "V2. Mr. including EBX). even as the original publisher basically left it to die. This version is now available free on the 3000ad.0 version. The result is a game that is unplayable out of the box. For a definitive take on the history.0 Developer's Version".loonygames. It is supposed to have better multiplayer support as well as DX9 graphics engine and 3D positional sound engine. As a demonstration. and it was included on many game magazine demo CD's. it was released as a "budget" title.0 was published by Interplay. but eventually grew into its own product. Battlecruiser Millennium Gold Edition. he released the latest "original" version FREE. The final version is V2. plus many other enhancements. Smart continued to release patches and add new features. the game was ported to 32-bit Windows (Win 95 to be exact). After protracted legal struggle. Smart continued to support the game. so Derek decided to do another release. when things work right. The next version became known as Battlecruiser Millennium. and STILL buggy throughout.27/guest/ Mr. probably due to the complexity and freeform nature of the game. Of course. but has several new features. Mr.. The game actually sold relatively well in Europe. as there is a lot of freedom.09. using only PART of Derek's code. but again. this is YEARS ago. when DOS is the operating system of choice. Mr. DreamCatcher. Smart has had enough with the various publishers.called Take 2 Interactive decided to try him. It continues to add new features and fix bugs. Derek had to do his own support. Remember. Derek managed to get his game's publishing rights back. first-person modes. which uses BCM's main program kernel. Smart continues to work on the game. BC3K 2.

4 HOW DOES THE GAME PLAY? The game can almost be described as 'Grand Theft Auto in Space' in first person. the next release due in late 2003 1.So just we get the terminology straight: BC = Battlecruiser. the original title. usually the series BC3K = Battlecruiser 3000 AD. Minimum Requirements: ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú WIN 98SE/ME/2K/XP (with all service packs) DirectX 8. released in 1996 BC3KV2 = Battlecruiser 3000AD V2.0.3 BATTLECRUISER MILLENNIUM HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS From the official website.. DSL etc) connection 1. It offers you TOTAL freedom to do what you want . released in 1999 BCM = Battlecruiser Millennium.1b or higher Pentium II 300Mhz or AMD K6-2 350Mhz processor 64 MB RAM (128MB minimum for WIN 2K/XP) 16MB DirectX 8 compliant 3D graphics card 16Bit DirectX 8 compliant sound card 8X CDROM or DVD-ROM 500MB uncompressed hard drive disk space Microsoft compatible mouse Recommended Requirements ú Pentium III 500Mhz or equivalent AMD processor ú 128 MB RAM ú 32MB DirectX 8 compliant 3D graphics card with TnL ú DirectX 8 compliant joystick Ultimate Requirements ú ú ú ú ú WIN 2K/XP (with all service packs) Pentium III 1Ghz or equivalent AMD processor 128 MB RAM 64MB DirectX 8 graphics card with TnL & pixel+vertex shader DirectX 8 or higher compliant joystick Multiplayer Requirements ú Client requires 56K or broadband modem ú Server requires LAN or broadband (cable. released in early 2003 BCG = Battlecruiser Generations.. released in 2001 BCMG = Battlecruiser Millennium Gold Edition.

If you REALLY have a the galaxy of many different star systems. Just keep waiting. Even your crew does things automatically. Though new patches are released periodically fixing various problems and adding gameplay enhancements. Patches and other things are being worked on DAILY. Chances are. and after a while the game should return to normal speed. 1. and various other enhancements. The Gold Edition added full multiplayer. You can even transfer your alter ego (avatar) from the ship to a shuttle or a fighter. equipment.6 DOES IT HAVE MULTIPLAYER? Yes BCMG sure does. careers. The current patch is V1. 1. and move around like a space marine. upgrades. Join an existing server and play in the . All these features are in the SAME GAME..01. If you find that boring. alignments. It's too big to be included in the FAQ. Or jump out and look around in first person. or land via a shuttle or the whole ship) and drive around on the ground.00. and you have a game of unparalleled freedom. in a galaxy that contains dozens of systems and hundreds of planets and moons (and you can LAND and explore most of them!). You should check the official website at http://www. from mining to trading. and you are responsible for safeguarding your sector against any and all threats. 2 fighter pilot careers. when LOTS of missiles were launched. just a lot of things to process. During a BIG battle..5 BUGS AND FIXES This FAQ only discusses the BCMG (Battlecruiser Millennium Gold Edition). 2003. other than survival. The fixes are listed in each release as a "version control file". there is no objective. first-person careers as marines (3 separate types). and so on and so forth. If they are hungry. and pilot that instead. factions. try the advanced campaign mode (ACM) where you must accomplish several missions in strict time limits. Grand Theft Auto 3 doesn't even come CLOSE to what this game can offer.. even upgrading your ship. ship choices. AND use your weapons in first person. In "roam" mode. download the latest patch and try it. and one more thing... If they are too tired. they will go to their quarters and sleep. Jump out of your ship in space. dated June 02. so only BCMG patches are for updates. each with their own objectives. with ships moving around you. trades. Add this to multiple starting points. Transfer to a ground vehicle (use the transporter. Oh. This is NOT a bug.3000ad. from shooting to repairing.. The universe is alive. they will go find food. the game may slow down significantly. it'll fix your specific problem.

1300 nutripaks (you have 1500. This is a FULL STARSHIP SIMULATOR with a living universe. there is a $10 rebate form in BCMG box for you. When you think you got enough experience and has upgraded to a decent ship. extra vacuum paks. it is also full of information that is needed for you to understand the game. They are also EXTREMELY hard to kill by yourself. do the fighting. There was one planned.. which is a very safe spot to be.. ship commander. and pick a super cruiser. So don't even try until you know what you're doing. While it is LONG and TEDIOUS. that will bring the net cost of BCMG down to about $25 if you have never tried the BC series before. . then go further out. It's embarrassing and wastes a lot of time. read the manual. My first suggestion is for you to stay put in Sol sector. "what do I do in this game?" The freedom is so complete. You won't *do* much. sell off extra stuff you don't need. You should now have plenty of starting capital.8 MISC. They are quite capable of killing a ship in about 5 seconds. like mines (unload them from the tubes).server's galaxy. EVER. but the features have been rolled into the next version. 1. but soon. but at least you won't die. maybe not all at once.. My first suggestion is. buy up all the expensive items that you can at GalcomHQ. Second. and thus will not have any expansion packs. not you. While carriers are more fun. A cruiser goes into direct combat more often. BEFORE you get into weapons range. etc. INFORMATION If you already own Battlecruiser Millennium. the fighters. 1. Third. Do NOT attack hostile star stations.9 BEGINNER'S GUIDE One of the most often asked question by newbie is. Next version will be Battlecruiser Generations. Those have extremely high amount of firepower. Start a Roam mode campaign. You WILL need to know EVERYTHING. As you can often find BCM for about $5.7 EXPANSION PACKS? SEQUELS? RELATED TITLES? BCMG is the latest of the series. And a super cruiser is more powerful and more likely to survive. First thing to do is to buy at least 1500 units of Radine. You don't want to run out of fuel.. where the next ship you run into may be piloted by a human! 1. so you have 2500 total. and you only need 200 or so for your crew). near GalcomHQ. most people are UTTERLY LOST as to what to do.

cloakable ships. you can try one of the hybrid carriers (some fighters. and see how you do in this galaxy. Q: What is the difference between roam and ACM? A: ACM makes you responsible for a sector and give you strict time limits on accomplishing some missions. I see the Logistix screen. but still main guns). 3 Commander on the Bridge Please look over section 3. and who they consider as enemies and friends. After that..You'll sell them elsewhere for profit. Now what? A: Before you leave. Wraith station has inflation level of 30%. while GalcomHQ has inflation of 0%. Use up all the money that you can. You can ignore any enemies you encounter on the way as you will probably outrun them. Now buy all the upgrades that your ship needs (shields. When you are more experienced. you can try as the Insurgents. Q: What ship should I choose? A: For newbies. Q: I'm in my ship now.. and armor) and stock up on STS missiles. and less things to manage. Q: What do I start out as? A: The default choice. is fine. engines.. Later. in Sirus system (just "southeast" of Sol system). so you should make about 30% profit on most items you sell here. or fleet carriers (up to 8 fighters). and sell ALL your spare parts. Galcom / Terran Military. 2 Starting a Career Please see section 2. take over star stations. and maybe ALL the FAQs here. reactor. go to TRADCOM and buy at LEAST 1500 units of . Fifth. I recommend a super cruiser. Go kill some enemies. dock at the Wraith station. Fourth. repeat the trading run until you have 20 to 30 million credits. so it's more of a "direct" shooter. Q: What is the REAL difference between the factions? A: The factions mainly differ in the equipment they have access to and starting positions. Sell all your mines too as you will probably never use them and they are worth a lot (you may need to unload them from the launch tubes first). have your navigation officer plot a course to Lyrius. Pick spare parts would probably be best. But you should REALLY read the whole manual at least once. like Warmonger. Go there (just turn on autopilot). It doesn't have cloak or fighters.0 of your manual.0 in your manual "Starting a career". or any of the other factions and alignments. it's up to you. or try the pilot/marine careers. Go back to GalcomHQ and buy more goodies..

For which ships can use artifacts. when you go for LONG distances into enemy territory. 3. then retry the order. bring more fuel (the maximum your tank fits. Without Radine your ship is DEAD in space. Also power on shields (if not already on). In general. Then set about 34 marines on SEARCH mode immediately so they'll patrol the ship for intruders. Q: Did the trading and such. Then just keep switching the groups so you always have 4 or so marines on patrol.1 FLIGHT CREW Please see [8] for more information about your crew. but the shuttle just circles the objective but never got closer than a certain amount. see the HTML appendix. you get this screen whenever you dock at a base. If that still doesn't work. i. consider spending your remaining credits on just about anything. Before you leave. etc.. Now what? A: If you log off the computer. never send anyone with . then send them to search. Keep 4 more prepped so you can set them to search immediately should more intruders arrive. Q: Okay.2 SUPPORT CRAFTS heard all the jokes about him. A: If your ship cannot mount one of the artifacts. Order it to halt. 2500 is sufficient for now. Logoff sends you on your way into space. combat officer. you should end up at the "starbase" screen with login / logoff buttons. Q: Why don't I have a research officer (RO)? It says "absent" and I have only 8 officers.. flight engineer. I'm in space. but preferably weapons and spare parts. and send somebody (marine. whatever). Q: I told my shuttle to retrieve/tow something. while send the ones searching to rest or prep. Incidentally. Login takes you back into the system. Later.Radine (your nuke reactor fuel) so you have total of at least 2500. "interesting" is the source of plenty of jokes. Set 3-4 more "prep for combat".e. Also get more plutonium (shield fuel). a different shuttle. thus you don't have one. to prevent intruders taking one of your shuttles. Anything I should do first? A: Get into the habit of turn OFF power to launch control.) to one of the shuttles (probably SC1). you don't need an RO. You can trade them to other stations. the guy in charge of known to make some. It'll take about 15 minutes or so for them to be ready. You will need a shuttle to fly around almost at all times. like 10000 or more).. He's been tactical decisions and 3. Why? A: Your pilot's AI is too low to accomplish the rendezvous. Things are quiet so far. Q: Who is Resnig? I've A: Paul Resnig is your the marines.. When the marines prepped for combat are ready (their status will say 'READY' instead of 'ACTIVE' in about 15 minutes). As you won't travel too far. bring it back and send in someone else (a different pilot. so send some of your officers to take a nap (off duty).

Q: But why is a GSV-xxx only like 150K. Preferred level is like 25% or higher. and OC ASSET. Q: I gave the shuttle waypoints.AI less than 15% to pilot a shuttle. fighter. and is a blank shell that's not usable without extensive preparation (that must be done by a base/station). maybe next update. Q: I issued some waypoint orders through TacOps to my shuttle. Q: I still can't launch it! A: Did you allocate power to the launch controls? Q: How do I replace a lost shuttle. Why did my shuttle never stops moving. subject to availability of course. but it's not moving! A: Are you sure you launched it? Q: I can't launch it! A: Does the shuttle have at least one crew member (as pilot)? (status button should turn green). where as OC ASSET means you get a vehicle appropriate for you and ready to go. 4 Primary Systems Please look over section 4.25 M? A: That GSV-xxx is packed in shipping crates.. order HALT on the last waypoint (add a waypoint if you need to). and immediately came back to the ship? I want it to stay! A: The "RTB" (return to base) order after last waypoint is implied. Mining Drone. respectively. This is in the manual errata. maybe next update. FIGHTER ASSET.. or ground vehicle? A: You can buy them as SC ASSET.1 Defensive and Offensive Systems PRIMARY WEAPONS SYSTEM Q: What is the damage power of one of the "main guns" at 100% . 5 Secondary Systems Nothing yet. Q: My shuttle won't land! It just buzzes all around me! A: Did you allocate power to the launch controls? Without it the landing systems won't work.0 of your manual. If you want it to wait on the ground. Nothing yet.. where as OC ASSET is like 1. mining drone.. 6 6.

at lower power the turrets fire a more shots. Thus. it shoots fewer but more powerful shots. 6. each shot is 100 damage. esp. like 20% or 30%. Q: When should I change the power level? A: When fighting smaller enemies. power down PWS to 50% or even 30%.2 PASSIVE TARGET ACQUISITION SYSTEM Q: What exactly does this system do? A: It's your secondary turrets in an automatic defensive network. set it to 100%. it should be automatic.power? A: At full power. Then when you're close enough. like a machine gun or a hose. At higher power. However. fighters and such. whatever missile of the same type will be loaded. computer will automatically launch the missiles when the target is in range. Q: What does adjusting the power level do? A: The lower the power level. Against ships. 6. This will allow you to shoot faster (more shots) but each shot is weaker. the faster the turrets recharge and shoot the second bolt. Q: How many turrets does my ship have? A: See the appendix for the ship's stats. Q: Why can't I hit ODS or a marine with PWS? A: ODS is only a dozen or so meters long and marine even smaller. but PWS shots dissipate over distance. Against fighters. Q: When should I adjust the power levels? A: 50% is a good general usage. You can't control them. Else. consider setting it lower.4 MISSILE LAUNCH SYSTEMS Q: How do I reload the launch tubes for the missiles? A: If you have enough in inventory. A: It allows you to "prelock" targets for your missiles. nor would you need to. Q: How many main guns does my ship have? A: See the appendix for the ship's stats. 6. FATAL will fire ALL FATAL-designated missiles that are within the launch envelope and have a valid lock. (In other . Q: When should I use this? A: When you don't have time to worry about locking and firing multiple missiles.3 FAST TARGET ACQUISITION AND LOCK (FATAL) Q: What exactly does this system do? I don't quite understand the manual. Your guns are a bit too big to hit something that small. PTAS will fire at the most appropriate target(s) in range (closest or largest). additional missiles must be designated manually.

but that's for another section.11] (and yes. turn off the tractors. You can also upgrade the reactor and engines. only other STS missiles will be used in reloads) It just takes a little time. FC. Q: How do I unload the launch tubes for the missiles? (So I can sell them or something?) A: Tactical / Loadout. and select upgrade. Q: What upgrades are compatible with my ship? A: See C:\Program Files\DreamCatcher\3000AD\Battlecruiser Millennium Gold\docs\appendix\upgrades. like a shuttle. if you have STS missiles loaded.1 Flight Dynamics and Navigation INTER/INTRA SYSTEM TRAVEL . You will need to turn the shields back on later. and shields can be upgraded. ARMOR.5 MINE LAUNCH SYSTEMS Nothing yet. 6.7 HULL. Tractor beam won't work with shields on. Q: But I still need to tow something. Though if you're under attack. the shuttle wouldn't survive very long. 7 7.8 TRACTOR BEAM SYSTEM Q: Why do my shields go to 0 when I engage tractor beam? A: That's the way it works. Then you'll need to assign the crew to complete the task. AND I need shields! A: Send someone else to do it. SC. Then select the component. This may be useful in certain situations. 6. right? A: Right. 6. you MUST undock from the station first).words.6 CLOAKING SYSTEM Nothing yet. NOTE: You can cut the tractor by raising shields. then select the appropriate craft (CC. Q: How do I upgrade my ship? A: See manual appendix section [7. or OC). Enemy ships are smart enough to pick on easy kills. You can re-dock with the station and let them work on it after the initial task is completed. AND SHIELD SYSTEMS Q: Hull/Armor can be upgraded.html 6. If you want shields. and vice versa.

moon. then pick the item out of the list of items that's categorized. then pick one of the jump locations: jump gate.html . Crashing into the gate will prevent you from jumping as well. Make sure your HJ engines are fully charged. Q: I was at the jump gate. and engage HJ when ready. Q: I can't jump! It's not working! A: Hyperspace engine must recharge after each use. Most are under 2000 kph. try using hyperspace jump. Q: What are the two different modes of autopilot (A/P) any way? A: The "green" mode is the regular one. comet. flux field.html Q: But I want the ship to go REALLY REALLY fast! A: If you have a destination set. Q: How do I make the hyperspace engine recharge faster? A: You can't. While in hyperspace you'll pass right THROUGH planets and moons. where the ship will perform actions as specified in TacOps. Q: Can you be more specific? A: Click on the ship icon (right side). C:\Program Files\DreamCatcher\3000AD\Battlecruiser Millennium Gold\docs\appendix\appendix. A/P will simply move at the destination at best possible speed. Q:Ack! I'm flying right at a planet! A:Don't worry about it. but I flew straight THROUGH it and I didn't jump! A: If your NO is not on the bridge. such as station. it simply takes the ship "there". Else you won't jump. The recharge rate is a part of the ship specifications at C:\Program Files\DreamCatcher\3000AD\Battlecruiser Millennium Gold\docs\appendix\appendix. planet. You can do this in Tacops or the Bridgeviewer. you must keep the gate targeted for the jump to work.Q: How do I go somewhere? A: Easiest way is order the ship to set course for a particular "landmark". Q: But I'm STILL not moving! A: Did you turn on the A/P? (autopilot) Q: But I don't want to use autopilot! A: Align on the heading then manually engage hyperspace jump. and so on. or wormhole. Pick "fly to". and have a valid target. If your A/P was set. Q: What is the ship's top speed without hyperspace jump? A: See your manual appendix for specific ship's stats. Q: How do I go to another star system? A: Order the ship to JUMP TO. jump point. The Red/Orange one is the "A/I" mode. Your ship will fly there and jump. Q: Why is my ship moving so slowly? A: Each ship has a different top speed in normal space. which should pop up with a long list of commands.

If you crash into side of the gate you won't go through. each with more moons and bases and such. you need to go through Pluto / Sol. Go in. Must go THROUGH the gate. you can also set intrasystem waypoints. Treas / AC. Q: How do you get A: Go through the (not visible). Q: What is "region . and you go out the corresponding gate in the other end. However. The intragalactic waypoints are the ones you plot in the Navitron computer. 7. Usually also require the gate to be targeted. Jupiter has 4 other regions. However. Just beware that saboteurs want to steal those first.3 DOCKING PROCEDURES . If you are adventurous.. and so on. here's a summary. by using the WAYPOINT menu at the bottom. no way to know which one. Go in and appear on the other end.NOTE: One of the "artifacts" can give you instant jumps. and intrasystem waypoints. just touch the general region and you're suddenly on the other side. Tranis / AC. jump gate: artificial point-to-point travel. Centris / Alpha Centauri. Q: What is the difference between jump gates. or the skill of your to another star system or planet then? jump points (looks like jump gates). like between planet and the moon. Maximum speed is limited to c.. A: If the nav officer is not on the bridge. give it a try. Say you want to fly from Earth / Sol to Majoris / Alpha Majora. Some of these need navigation (astrogation?) officer. much less between star systems! Q: Why can't I plot a course in Navitron computer? I keep clicking but nothing happens.2 WAYPOINT SYSTEM There are two types of waypoints: intragalactic waypoints. No physical gate. the Navitron is useless.X" any way? A: Those lead to "sub-regions" of the map. For example. planet to the jump gate. wormholes. Arima / Tau Ceti and Xylan / Tau Ceti. and flux fields? A: Try the manual. wormhole: natural point to point travel. it takes a while to go from planet to planet. and not all ships are compatible with artifacts. wormholes flux field (not visible). Even at that speed. Each of those systems are waypoints on your journey. which exist on the Tacops 3D map (which is fully 3D and rotate-able and zoomable). 7. flux field: randomly drop you into one of the multiple exits. Q: What's the difference between hyperspace jump and jump gates/wormholes any way? A: Hyperspace jump is for INTRA system travel.

and change the orders at that waypoint to do the appropriate stuff (probably "halt"). thus no fighters and no pilots. Q: Uh. Q: My autopilot won't fly any closer. you need to assign someone to drive it. If that's the case. how do I do that? A: Use TacOps (ALT-S) computer.Q: How do I dock to a star station? A: Get within 0. What is the difference? A: Marines that are ACTIVE are simply alive. Q: My marines are ACTIVE or READY. not the ship! A: Then issue the order to the shuttle (SCx). A: You must also have the star station targeted. A: Some times the A/P stops at about the 35 km mark. Q: Why aren't the system engineers dispatched automatically for repairs? A: Your CE (chief engineer) needs AI level of 35 or higher to do that.. and hit the appropriate key to dock. Marines that have been through "Prep for Combat" show "READY". First is the "entry" waypoint. it's not working. you don't need a research officer (RO). Q: Why don't I see any pilots? A: You're probably not commanding a carrier. The combat .4 ORBITAL AND PLANETFALL PROCEDURES Q: How do I land on a planet? A: Issue the craft 2 waypoints. See appendix. with orders to "proceed to next". including your AE. the flight engineers.html Q: Why don't I see a Research Officer? A: If you ship cannot mount an artifact. Q: If I don't have any pilots. See "upgrades" to see if you can use an artifact. who will fly the shuttles? A: Any of the crew can do it. and so on. Q: I tried to drive an OC. but it shows as "unmanned" A: Again. not the CC (command craft). Q: I want my shuttle to land. the marines. fly manually (turn off A/P) to the station.5 km.. Add another waypoint. 7. Q: Uh. 8 Personnel Operations Q: What does each of the officers do again? A: See appendix: C:\Program Files\DreamCatcher\3000AD\Battlecruiser Millennium Gold\docs\appendix\crew.

. and prep the marines ahead of time. Or life support went out on that section of the ship (due to damage or bad power allocation). Finally. you can clone him or her back to life. etc. you should prep the marines first before sending them out to patrol your ship. or the section of the ship where the crew is at suffered damage. Can I get a replacement? A: If it's one of your department officers. consume a nutripak. but they'll lose any of the AI gains since the beginning of the game. Give them a little time. . If it's replaceable crew like engineers and marines and so on. and your cloning module is working.. fresh as a daisy.." Q: How do I reduce fatigue level of crew? A: You can let them rest ("off duty"). and eventually die. and they will recuperate. or volatile chemicals/minerals in the cargo bays. If medibay is active. just recruit new ones from the next star station you dock to (subject to availability.. and return to their job. If the passage way is damaged between his position and destination and there is no way through they won't move either. Q: I lost _____. Hunger level of 500 means the guy is hungry enough to go look for food in the galley and ignore his job. Hunger level of 900 means the guy is starving to death and will lose health. the crew member will automatically move to the galley. Q: My crewmember is wounded. like turboshaft. order the crewmember to go to Medibay. or radiation. If you have enough nutripaks in your cargo hold. Q: What does the fatigue level mean? A: Green means completely effective. According to the manual. maybe a little tired". they heal faster in medibay. prep for combat uses up 1 combat pak per prep and about 15 minutes. corridor. Red means "I'm about to fall over. How to heal him/her? A: If Medical Officer is on duty and has AI of 15% or higher.. you can send the crew to medibay and be treated. Q: How does a crewmember get wounded any way? A: Intruder in the area. If a medic or medical officer is on duty they will perform the necessary actions on the wounded crewmember when s/he arrives. the crew may not wish to leave his/her position yet.. Q: I ordered _____ to go to medibay but s/he doesn't move! A: If the person is too tired to move they won't move. she will automatically dispatch medics to roam the ship looking for wounded crew and heal them and/or take them to medibay. I'm going to bed.effectiveness is quite different between the states. However. So whenever possible. Q: I ordered _____ to go to ______ but s/he is not there yet! A: The crew member must actually MOVE through the intervening locations. or infection/disease. of course).. Yellow means "normal.. They'll eventually starve and start losing health. See "ship operations" for a list of ship locations. Keep those in stock. If you don't have any. Else. Q: What is hunger level? What are nutripaks? A: Hunger level indicates how hungry a person is. marine and intruder fight in the area (or nearby).

. Q: So what do I do? A: SHUT DOWN launch control ASAP. it's "fore" / "mid" / "aft". Each ship has a limit on how much crew it needs. either by transporter. as cloak prevents the transporter from working (both ways). Send marines to medibay and detention hold. there's probably a cloaked ship nearby. and does NOT prevent the use of transporters).. how do I shut down launch control? A: Go to Logistix / Power and turn off its power. Prisoners in the detention hold may escape (esp. Basically. Q: Any other way of dealing with intruders? A: Your marines on search duty will find them and kill/capture them. Or you can dock with a star station. no. That essentially locks the bay doors and no shuttle can enter or leave. Here's another: if you see your screens crackle with short burst of static. actually). but will likely take casualties.Q: Can I recruit more crew members as standby? A: Unfortunately. Star station security will sweep your ship and put any intruders into your detention hold as prisoners. are not listed. (In BC. etc. and/or to steal nice items from your ship and escape.) and start prepping the others. Q: Where do Intruders come from any way? A: They may sneak onboard while you are docked at a station. but can be inferred. Q: How do I prevent intruders from getting onboard any way? A: You really can't. There may also be cloaked ships about (and may have beamed intruders onboard your ship!) Go to PERSCAN and see how many. Hit retro rockets or after burner and start zig-zaging. Q: So what do I do with the prisoners? A: Dock with a star station (with prisoners already in the detention holds) to get some EP bonus. SAS light should be flashing. Different ships have slightly different layouts. Another possibility is one of the prisoners escaped. and set ALL prepped marines to search (I hope you already have them PREPed. Q: Uh.. Or a cloaked ship may beam intruders onboard. shields stop weapons only. when power was lost to that area). Q: What do intruders want? A: They want to KILL YOU (your AE. or in one of your shuttles. 9 Security Operations Q: Why is my ship at yellow alert when I don't see any enemy ships? A: You have intruder(s) onboard. fore corridor deck 1. Q: Is there a full list of ship locations? A: Most locations are listed on page 80 of the manual. One suggestion is to periodically cloak (if you have cloak). The "inbetween" locations like turboshaft.

The effects are NOT instantaneous. Q: What are Vacpacks for? A: That's the vacuum suit and necessary stuff for EVA work. they use up 1 combat kit each. Your crew will automatically take some. Else. Q: What is Radine used for? A: That's fuel for your nuclear reactor. Every shuttle should need a couple for EVA work. In the Medibay.10 Emergency Operations 11 Docked Operations 12 Advanced Operations 13 NOT IN MANUAL: Cargo / Inventory Q: What are Combat Paks for? A: When you order your marines to "prep for combat". Q: What is Plutonium used for? A: That's fuel for your shields. as 2 are issued to everybody. Thus. To keep your shields up. you . however. you can use medpak on yourself. it is necessary to keep them supplied. NOTE: When in first-person mode. you can choose to "heal" somebody by clicking on the person. When a crew's "hunger level" reaches over 500. your primary source of power. and click on "heal" button. When you get advanced reactors with lower fuel consumption. they will leave their post to get some food (at the galley). they will be fighting with their bare hands! The preparation takes about 15 minutes. Q: What are Nutripacks for? A: That's "food" for the crew. will only go to eat during off-duty hours. Q: What are medpacks used for? A: Quick healing of somebody who is injured. Keep it ABOVE 2000 at all times. That consumes 1 medpack per attempt. preferably 10000 or more if you go on long trips. Some. so don't use more than one. you may be able to reduce the fuel reserve amount. then come back to work. so you need only about 150 or so. It takes a while for the crew to be hungry.

sell them at a high inflation station is best. See manual appendix C:\Program Files\DreamCatcher\3000AD\Battlecruiser Millennium Gold\docs\appendix\lbases. Q: How do I unload some missiles from the tubes so I can sell them (and presumably replace them with better ones)? A: Tactical / Loadout / select craft to unload. unless you upgrade to bigger shielding. Usage is pretty low. turn on video. . please see Manual Appendix section [7. 14 NOT IN MANUAL: Money Q: How do I make money? A: There are three ways to actively make money in BCM: mine for minerals and trade them.need it. As for how. You need to unload them into the ship's cargo hold. and UNLOAD the drone. Q: I have retrieved my mining drone full of minerals. The drones will roam the landscape and collect minerals. figure 250 to 500 units should be sufficient. Q: My shuttle has some cargo onboard and I want to sell it but I can't find it. and kill/capture hostiles for bounties/loot. Where are they? A: Go to Tactical / Loadout / shuttle / drones. trade items from station to station. which also lowers the plutonium consumption per unit of protection. send a shuttle over to retrieve them. Q: What is Iridium used for? A: Iridium powers the cloaking system. You can also unload mines and/or probes this way. and select the drone. Where's the cargo? A: Go to Tactical / Loadout / shuttle and UNLOAD the cargo into your ship's cargo bay(s). On the other hand.20] Q: How do I tell how well the mining is going? A: Use Tactical / Loadout / SC / # / Drone. the prices for minerals are pretty stable. So unless you HAVE a cloaking system. then do so. Where are the minerals? A: They are still in the shuttle's cargo hold.21] and/or [7. You can also see detailed loadout (how much of each) by using the Tacops computer.1 MINING Q: How do I mine for minerals? A: Deploy a mining drone on a planet or moon using a shuttle. When they're full. Q: I retrieved the drone with the minerals and the shuttle has docked. 14. It is also quite valuable. you don't need it. Q: Where do I sell the collected minerals? A: In general.html for a list of star stations and their "base" inflation rate. and pick the one you wish to know more about. and you'll read how full they are (as a percentage). THEN you will find the cargo.

I should locate a low-inflation station. Some stations specialize in a particular area. and/or REACTOR REPAIR KIT that can generate good profits. capturing hostile ships will make you some money. . you should be able to avoid most enemies. AD.. See HTML Appendix. Sell what you don't need at Majoris / Alpha Majora. the more profit you should generate. you want to take cargo from the low inflation stations to the high inflation stations. buy up its specialties. 14. in only 2 jumps. Run to stations and buy up things to fill up your hold (SC's cargo hold. 14. and sell all non-HT items at 10% surcharge (since it's imported).html Q: What are all those HT. and all that? A: Difference specialties. taking into account the "specialty" bonus. same as a ship's cargo bay). For example. A station specializing in HT will sell HT at 10% discount off their "general" rate (which is base rate plus inflation). your SC is extremely weak and easily destroyed. So don't run to hostile environments with it. Another suggested route is to Saron / Sarien / Alpha Canis. thus actual profit is not guaranteed. Or you can go from Pluto / Sol to Lyrius / Sirius.3 BOUNTY HUNTING Q: How do I make money as "bounty hunter"? A: In general..Q: How do I speed up the mining process? A: Mine a system/planet/moon with higher mineral density (you learn this by docking at a station and look at INFO) screen. while Moon-2/ Lyrius / Sirius is 11% or so.2 TRADING Q: How do I make money trading? A: In general. Your SC moves faster. Obviously. Saron has TRELLIS. If you have enough capital to get started. Listing them all would simply be too long. and do your trading in a SC. HULL REPAIR KIT. and sell the stuff there? A: Exactly! Q: What are some good trade routes? A: One suggested route is GalcomHQ / Earth / Sol to Wraith / Lyrius / Sirius. then find a high-inflation station that specialize in something else. Q: Any other trading suggestions? A: One of the suggested methods is leave your CC next to GalcomHQ. If you do it in a shuttle you can go even faster. that the ACTUAL amount of inflation WILL vary somewhat. Q: So to exploit the difference. without any drones or OC. which has cheap stuff. The list of bases is in C:\Program Files\DreamCatcher\3000AD\Battlecruiser Millennium Gold\docs\appendix\lbases. That's about 20% difference.. and about 30% difference. Launch Bases (the link given above) for explanations.. Each moon/planet will be slightly different. Beware. then take your CC somewhere to sell off the stuff. It's only 3 jumps. With that speed. Moon/Earth/Sol is only 1%. is 5000 units. The more expensive the item. which has about 50% difference.

. Have shuttles on standby. What do I do? A: Re-orient your ship so you get SOME power from the solar reactors. please see the appendix C:\Program Files\DreamCatcher\3000AD\Battlecruiser Millennium Gold\docs\appendix\ep. Can you save me?" Q: I am out of fuel (radine).. and you need a smart pilot to perform delicate maneuvers such as towing. Beware that shuttles are extremely vulnerable.. Remember to transfer the cargo from the shuttle's cargo hold to the ship's cargo hold! Remember shuttles are vulnerable to enemy fire. and FLY it to the nearest friendly base to buy radine. answer Y(es). Retrieving stuff near a hostile star station is very hazardous to the shuttle's health (and its crew's health as well!).13]. 14.. and transfer the radine to the ship. For the exact amount. (The pod may be empty though) For how to recover cargo pods.. and launch them to "cargo sweep" missions to pick up those pods.4 OTHER SOURCES OF INCOME Q: Any other way to make money? A: You can collect cargo pods that are just spinning in space. and tow it to a base. BEWARE docking at a LEGAL station with contraband onboard results in a violation (and violations CANNOT be erased!) 15 Not in Manual: Emergency Ops Or. When the base asks if you want to deliver the ship. You'll still get the credit for it. or three. then dock to the base. "All right. I'm in a REALLY bad situation here. then "deliver" to the base. BEWARE: While tractor beam is active. see Manual Appendix section [7. tractor it (must be range less than 1 km). and turn on everything again. That's FREE merchandise you can sell. you have NO SHIELDS! Do NOT attempt under hostile conditions! Q: Is there any other way? What if I need to tow multiple ships? A: Send a shuttle (or two. Fly well as earn you experience points (EP).) Have the shuttle "tow" the target. Or you can tow the ship to a friendly base as well. Or send someone else to the shuttle and have HIM tow the ship back. Neutral bases are fine.html Q: How do I capture hostile ships? A: After the ship is disabled. Put your AE into the shuttle. Shut down EVERYTHING except life support (primary AND secondary) and launch control (you should have enough power for that). Any ship that was destroyed has a chance of spewing a cargo pod or two.

so don't worry about it if this is only your first or second time. What do I do? A: Order your ship to halt. Q: Can I reduce violations? Do they "expire" after a while? A: Unfortunately. You can also ride on the hull and use TacOps to order your ship to dock at a station. Try a different moon and/or different system. 16 Not In Manual: Career Questions Q: I belong to GalCom / EarthCom. Q: Help. my ship is crippled. then fly back to it. and try to observe the moon. Q: Help. then zoom to view the unit (should be in the list somewhere). then EXIT the ship. Q: How do I get back inside the CC? A: Look for the "enter craft" key on the keycard (slash). Q: Help. there are intruders near the bridge. What can I do? A: 1) Launch a shuttle (with you in it or someone) and tow the ship to a friendly port 2) Call for a tow if you have no shuttle 3) If you can't even do that (COMMLINK is down). and the CC went elsewhere! A: Use TacOps. or which system it's in. Use medpak on yourself to heal. Go to that system. 17 Tips and Tactics . and won't survive another attack. Tell the shuttle to return after you undock. don't commit any violations. which will also take care of your intruder problem. I took in some cargo pods as loot and when I docked to the station. and my AE is already wounded. I was notified that I had contraband (illegal items) onboard. You can have up to 10. order the CC to halt. Violations cannot be reduced and do NOT expire. then it's time to self-destruct and start over. and hide outside for a while. Q: But what do I do to prevent this from happening? A: Several possibilities: a) Don't pick up cargo pods from enemies who deal in contraband b) Pick up the cargo pods.Q: I forgot where I placed the mining drone. How do I find it? A: You should at least know which moon it's on. So. then get back inside to see if your marines have taken care of your problem. d) Don't dock at "legal" stations while you have contraband onboard. I exited the CC. and I was chalked up with a violation! What do I do? A: You can have up to 10 violations before you got courtmartialed. but inspect them and eject illegal stuff before docking c) Load the contraband in the shuttle and launch the shuttle before you dock. so don't go around making them all over the place. NO. If not. it's not there.

. --THE END-- . (under 200 km. This allows you to pump out more but weaker shots. the ship will often have a shuttle the escapes and goes for the station. By delivering the shuttle.2 CAPTURES Extra Shuttle Loot When you fight hostile ships in a relatively neutral spot (a neutral station nearby. Feel free to submit them via the e-mail address above. turn down your main gun and PTA guns to 50% or even 30%.. However. if you're close enough to the station. and you destroy the hostile ship. 17. increasing possibility of hitting something small like fighters. for example). maybe?) you may be able to tractor the escaping shuttle before it reaches the station as it cannot escape into hyperspace.1 COMBAT Detune weapons when fighting fighters When fighting fighters.17. you gain extra EP and bounty. -------New entries are always welcome.

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